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Found 145 results

  1. Here is my video for my first song: The lyrics: Livin' A life that nobody wants to Everyone turning away Then comes that someone whom you've been waiting for Now is the time to say "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world Innocent humans Aren't we all? And yet society makes us our biggest flaw To help us redeem our honor and name We look for the ones who share in the pain But be on the lookout for true imitations Or you'll soon find yourself wondering "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world Sometimes you ask yourself, “Why am I here?” That’s when I tell you “Never Fear.” People of worse lives have conquered despair And you, my friend, can too. As long as you live life up to its fullest, You will never have to say "Why weren't you there for me? Where have you been all my life?" Trials and torture No bricks or mortar Can shield me from the world. Basically, I would like to know your thoughts on it, if there is anything I should change, if you have an idea for the music part, etc. As stated in the topic, this is my first one, so i will accept any help I can get. |--(0)--| techno915
  2. Why herro there everypony. I just finished wif composing my first fan music piece, Discordian Chaos, as a tribute to everypony's favorite lord of disharmony. What do you all think?
  3. This is my first fan fiction that I have ever done and here is all of chapter 1 I will add Chapter 2 next week hope you all enjoy Tell me what you think and if you find any mistakes,Thanks.
  4. Ok, as the title suggests, this is my first drawing. This is not only the first drawing I've done of ponies but the first one that i have drawn since i was 12 (nearly 7 years ago now) and even then i only did drawing in art class which were by no means at all good. I attempted to draw this because i was bored: It did not turn out so great, but other than the odd eyes and scale issues (head seems too large and body too small) and the front leg too, what else could i improve on next time i draw, if i ever do again. And please forgive the excessive lines, i don't own an eraser or a pencil sharpener, i was using a bunt pencil :s
  5. Greetings, fellow fiction fanatics! The time has come for myself to embark upon a quest of a lifetime! Into the uncharted territory of... Literature! With that out of the way, I wish to extend my plea out to any seasoned fan fiction writers who would be willing to help me. The picture thus far: This is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction of any kind, however I am no stranger when it comes down to writing stories. If you dub school assignments as any kind of experience, that is. I have my basic idea and am in the stages of creating a basic plot to 'flesh-out' into a story. As evident in the topic title, it will be a fantasy-based novel (this means lots of clashing iron and steel, necromantic magic and a general 'Elder Scrolls' / 'Lord of the Rings' feel) and will involve the elements of harmony (perhaps the creation or the initial discovery). Now with this in mind, the goal I seek of this thread: I would appreciate some friendly advice from seasoned writers or those in anyway involved with the creation of pony fan fiction. What I would be thankful for, would be some guidelines on keeping the story on-track and keeping the viscosity of the plot (not letting it run thin and weak). Plus, I would also like some tips from regular readers. From you I would love some idea of what keeps you interested in a story and also what most intrigues you as far as storyline events go. TL;DR: I need some help writing a fantasy fan fiction. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everypony, recently watching the first episode of MLP, I reflected on how I laughed at certain parts, or felt some other parts were just plain akward. I want to know what were your personal reactions to the first episodes you have watched. What was good and bad about it, and what stood out to you! Be honest please
  7. I'm trying out a different style of drawing, and here's the first thing I made. It took about 30 minutes and I rushed it a little bit, but what do you think? Comments and critiques are welcome. Also, I've never drawn Rarity before, so that was new too.
  8. In your opinion, which do you think came first? The chicken or the egg?
  9. This is my first pony drawing ever, so please give me some constructive criticism.
  10. So yeah i made my first background, partly to test my skills and partly to test my knowledge of the new effects i just recently got. Its mainly just abstract, like a lot of my art is. It still turned out epic IMO.
  11. First time trying to draw a pony, just came up with some idea in a couples seconds and didn't take me too much time. Used Color Pencils and a regular Pencil (very simple) I have no idea what to call him XD (leave suggestions please) I know i messed up the legs and will probably try harder next time hope you guys like it and can help me find ways to improve my drawings!
  12. What do you think? these are my first attempts at human emotions
  13. Hello, Here is my first attempt at pony art, it is of my OC "Equity Court" (meaning fair court, based off of my Criminal Justice major in college) This is really my first time drawing since... like i was 11 xD The background was just thrown together, I mainly focused on the pony itself.. Also, for some reason, the jpg is not as high quality as the origional, so it may be a bit blurry, I will attempt to fix it later... hopefully that fixed it
  14. Hey there everypony! I've started to write my very first story. It's not just my first take on the Conversion Bureau, not just my first attempt at fanfiction, but truly my first stab at serious creative writing. Like many, the premise of Blaze's Conversion Bureau absolutely enthralled me. That said, I was a bit shocked at how heavily misanthropic the tale was. It broke both the Mane Six's otherwise caring dispositions and focused so thoroughly on how evil we are capable of being while not mentioning any of the genuine good humanity has done. Like a bucket of ice water to the face, it occurred to me that some bronies may love Equestria so much because they are ashamed of their own world! While I respect their view I believe it's a decidedly unhealthy attitude and frankly not true. Isn't the brony movement itself proof that we are capable of just as much genuine care for our neighbor as the equine characters we love? THAT'S where my story comes from! Taking the Conversion Bureau and using it as a geo-political metaphor for the brony movement. That is, the ultimate victory of rational idealism over moral nihilism! My tale will have themes such as trans-humanism, the meaning of individuality and freedom, the value of history (even the ugly parts), religious doubt; all told through a personal journey of romance, war, magic, and betrayal. High concept to rival an Epic Poem? Hell yeah! Can I pull it off? Not a Windigo's chance on the surface of the sun! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to give it the college try. This story HAS to come out! As such . . . http-~~-// While it IS a self-insert, I did that as more a "write what you know" step then wish-fulfillment. I couldn't keep a fresh character truly consistent and stuff happens to me in my story I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! (Well . . . not entirely true but still, I wouldn't want to be there!) I'm placing myself under "Cauldron Lake rules" as I've dubbed them. 1) I'm just as much subject to the laws of narrative casualty as anypony else. 2) If something happens. Somepony or something did it! e.g. There are NO accidents. 3) Don't break the conventions of the genre unless the genre itself has changed. Still, as much as I am the protagonist, the story is meant to be my love letter to the Brony community that I've fallen in love with! My story is one where the brony movement is very real and very powerful! Indeed, it's what's changing the World! Which means, somewhere, in my story YOU are there. Share to me your stories of being a brony, your ponysona's and their accomplishments, your creations here, deviantart, and elsewhere! Share to me your stories to enrich this creation with the life I want to give it! I'm sorry for the length, Steelquill
  15. It is my first time making something like this, but I think It's one failure though. Someone put me out of my misery. 100%
  16. My Very First Vector Is Done, now lets get Out Here Faves/Brohoofs are always appreciated, but so much as leaving feedback will be just as good Expect more vectors in the future, if you want to test my skills, why not give me a image that you want vectored? I really want to thank Nico so much, for so many various reason, but I'll leave it as this would not have happened with out him I think that I did a rather good job considering my first, but there sure is room for improvement, what do you guys think? Please leave feed back if you can
  17. Hello, I am Freckle and this is my first "more serious" sculpt ever (sadly it had to be a non-pony...). I made it from air-drying clay, which is really hard to use compared to other sculpting materials like Super Sculpey, and that is why my creation turned out to be a failure, or so I think. Anyhow, this is it: (Warning, perfectionists turn away now before it's to late) I guess I just wanted to share this, even though it is non-pony and it suck. P.S. Will anypony guess who this little doggy is?
  18. i need opinions, also what color should she be? and what should her cutie mark be? this is my first pony too so no hate comments please
  19. This is my VERY first drawing of anything pony related. I hope you guys like it. And please be honest. If you don't like it just tell me. Again, this is my very first drawing of discord. I started drawing, actually, I started art in general yesterday!