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Found 145 results

  1. This is a poll on what your favourite game companies are, if you need me to add any, please mention me with @Lag Spike and I'll be sure to add it as soon as I can. Remember that the forum rules still apply here and that it is preferred that there is no in-fighting, if you want to argue about certain companies please take it to PM, thank you. Also something I should mention, this is a poll about the company as of now, not what they may of been in the past, please take this into consideration when answering.
  2. My first vector on PaintTool Sai. I'm pretty proud Where I vector it by Maybe some tip will help~
  3. Since it's the long weekend for me, I've decided to borrow a drawing tablet from my college's Media Equipment Loans Office. So far, I'm amazed by how this drawing tablet works. This may be an old drawing tablet, but it still amazes me how well they perform. The model name of this tablet (if you want to know) is the Wacom Intuos 3 Graphics Tablet (6 x 8).
  4. (If you're not sure how to find the first post you've brohoofed on the forums: on the left bar on your profile, go to 'Brohoofs', 'Given', and it should be the last result on the final page ) The first brohoof I've ever given was for Ridley Wolf's post on this topic: How about for you?
  5. The name says it all. What do you guys think? Can be Outside of the mane six, or one of them. I personally believe Rarity or Twilight Sparkle (because of Flash Sentry) will be the first.
  6. Often in cartoons, mostly those with a 22-minute episode format, the first minute or two of the episode is played, followed by the title sequence, then a commercial break. Do you prefer this format, or would you rather them get the intro out of the way first.
  7. This is the first dance music track I have ever made and criticism is welcome Song.MP3
  8. Why hello, I found one of those digital drawing tablets in my cupboard a little while ago, and got into digital art. They're not very good at the moment but I'd love to know what you think The drawings are in chronological order so they kind of go from worst to best (This one isn't very good, but was fun to draw )
  9. I have a question for everyone here: Which was the very first video game you played? Mine was...oh, I think mine was the Legend of Zelda for the NES in like the early 1990s.
  10. Oh what a frabjous day this is! The university I attend had a poster show where we could buy posters below $10.00 each. You can imagine what I did when I encountered not one, but two MLP posters... Yes. I bought two MLP posters! The best part? I think one of the store cashier people... I think he was a brony. His fellow worker was joking about him wanting an MLP poster. Oh! I also managed to get another poster for my favourite football team ever. Can you guess which it is? It was a great way to get started with poster collecting to say the least!
  11. I've recently re-watched several episodes that I don't often feel like seeing again, because I didn't find them especially memorable or entertaining (though I really like them all). And you know what? I had a blast doing so. There were a ton of little gags and details that I didn't remember/notice, and overall they left me with a much better impression than I had before. So that made me wonder: is the first time you watch an episode actually the least enjoyable? Do early impressions really not do justice to episodes? And yet I remember the first time I've seen my favorite episode, Magical Mystery Cure, and how i felt completely shaken by that amount of awesomeness; I've watched it countless times now, and while I still always get feels, it certainly does not compare to the day it aired. But there are also episodes I absolutely love, like Pinkie Pride, that I didn't really appreciate as much the first time around, but only during the second watch I was able to take it all in, so to speak; I also get this a lot the first time I listen to songs, perhaps because on first listen/watch I'm more focused on absorbing the experience rather than just enjoying it. So what is your stance? Do you like episodes more when they are new or when you've seen them before?
  12. What was your first tattoo? If you don't have one yet, do you want one and what would you want? I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. Sometime next year when I turn 18. Gonna get one of either Twilight, Rainbow or Pinkie on my back.
  13. Hey y'all! I just started this blog! And I decided to kick it off with a little something, and since I did some cover stuff for a little bit while I was home alone earlier, I got a few tries at "Pinkie's Lament" and while I didn't get a cover I felt was satisfactory enough for my main blog, I got some ok ones. This one is one of the covers(It says cover 4, but that's the file name, I had some issues with that, so I'm not actually sure I remember how many times I tried this, 4 might be around there. I only have like 2 decent recordings, maybe a third if I decide to upload it.) Anyways, this is "Pinkie's Lament" I think this is overall the best of the two, although I may upload the other one for comparison sometime. This one I feel does better overall though. Of course, there is still plenty of mistakes, maybe some I'm not even aware of as someone who is still very much learning to sing, but regardless I imagine you knew that considering the title of this blog ;p. Here it is! One thing I should note, is that I make a bunch of mistakes towards the end, with forgetting the lyrics, and I get off key in the last little section for a bit, for some reason I couldn't remember the notes on that part or something. I was doing this along to the instrumental, so I didn't have Pinkie to go off of anyways. But I felt this was the better way to go about it, even if I actually haven't done a lot of attempts at covers without having the actual singer, and just listening to the instrumental, so I apologize if I miss a few notes.(or more ;p.) I also messed up on another lyric earlier, for some reason I messed that lyric up every time, I don't know why. Probably should've memorized the lyrics better, but I didn't have the time really. I think that about does it for what I can remember as far as obvious mistakes. Other than that, hope you enjoy somewhat, I know I am not the best singer, and still need lots of practice, but I hope you enjoy regardless! Oh and again, as i've said before, critique is more than welcome! Just as long as it's constructive of course! Don't degrade my confidence to much or anything, I don't have a lot of it, infact I have a bit of stage fright when it comes to singing, which is why I only really sing when I'm home alone. Oh and this was recorded using audacity, with a blue snowball microphone, and other than that, I didn't do any editing of the vocal recording, besides gain adjustment and noise removal in audacity, I didn't do any pitch correction or anything(Not to my knowledge anyways, unless audacity does that automatically or something.) So this is basically the raw thing more or less. So again enjoy! And I hope this blog ends up being a good idea! If so I will have to try and get some more stuff on here. A good day to all of you!
  14. What shall you do after becoming the all mighty ruler of Equestria? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will banish Celestia from the land and make Braeburn the co-ruler! :comeatus:
  15. I have recently obtained Ponyscape and learned how to use it. I then made a vector of Soarin during episode 26 of the first season. I think that I've done well. I can still see multiple mistakes and newbie errors, but I'm proud of it. I want to ask theexperts, professionals, connoisseurs, and the OCD my mistakes. <- My dA <- The picture
  16. SOOO! Title is self explanatory, What was the First anime you Guys EVER watched? It must be really old and not the new stuff or anything like that. The first anime I EVER watched was a anime called "Sakura Card Captor" It Gave me a big part of my childhood and Im sure some of you guys did too, After that series then Came pokemon, then Dragon ball and all that, but THAT! ^ was the start of it all.
  17. As promised, I created a blog for this thing. Now, to business.... This fantastic work of art was created via SFM. There is wonderful symbolism behind this masterpiece, most unseen. Not only that, but the moral behind it all is the most marvelous of all... Symbolism A man comes up to this random door, with mysterious music playing in the background, and the first thing he does is call out a name and knock. This symbolizes purity of heart. The last knock he makes is with his head, an incredible action to make to gain attention. He is uncaring of his health, and perhaps he gained a slight concussion afterwards. Although, despite these risks, he remained ok afterwards. This symbolizes bravery of the noggin. I should not forget to mention his beautiful smile upon his face. One does not simply smile softly. This symbolizes honesty. Unpredictable voice he has as well, one that brings a tear to my eye. This symbolizes the concept of manlyness. He asks the person behind the door, "Do you want to build a snowman?" Because it cuts off here, I can only assume that he broke the universe through the power of facial expression. This symbolizes luck. Moral You must stay honest even in the darkest of times. Might the universe incorrectly crash down upon you because of your face, you must continue listen to your noggin. Be manly, and have a pure heart. Perhaps one day you will soon be able to destroy the universe correctly. Final Notes If you have any suggestions for videos for me to "review," then I will gladly accept them. The only requirements is to make sure that they are "sophisticated" enough so that I can review them properly. Good day to you all, I hope you found this intriguing.
  18. HOORAY I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!! I built my first computer ever today... and jesus was the experience.... well interesting I guess! First things first, I did NOT go through this without problems, I made some pretty damn stupid mistakes which I'm surprised haven't come back to bite me. So the first thing I did was install the CPU... The biggest mistake I made was umm.. not putting the CPU in properly... I had taken the words "put it in gently" a little to literal and assumed it was in place, and when I put the stock cpu cooler on I noted it was moving around a lot... only to pick up and see the cpu stuck to the bottom of the fan.. OOPS! I fixed it very quickly and was amazed I didn't fuck up the pins. The next oh so fun part was trying to hook the retention's of the fan to the side. this took me so god damn long because it just wouldn't stay, I'd say I spent about half an hour before I got it right. After this I installed the 4GB ram as you can see in the picture above and got ready to place the motherboard into the case. Before doing that however I placed the powersupply, hard drive and optical drive into the case, because they were easy to install (Close up of HDD) Now I installed the mother board into the case, the case came with some pre installed motherboard standoffs however I needed two more for the MB I was using. The screws all worked very well and I was starting to get close to the end of the build. Now that the motherboard was securely in the case I now decided to hook everything together, here's a before and after picture. Before After: Everything was all connected, it was complete!! I hooked up the power cable and got ready to see the PC boot!! .... and it didn't I was confused and wondered why it wouldn't work however by this point it was late at night and decided to wait til morning to see the problem. Now by morning time all sorts of things raced through my mind, did I break the CPU earlier? Did I scratch the motherboard? Is the PSU fucked? ...nope it was none of that after all! After a couple of hours tinkering with the MB I actually found out the connector to power the MB... was loose... once again oopsie So here it is... my first boot! The computer is now waiting safely in a box to be delivered to my friend! If anyone is interested in building a PC I would HIGHLY recommend doing it, it was such a fun experience!
  19. Made by me, backgrounds and vectors (for the icons) were found on Deviantart so tell them I give credit if you come by them. A thread was made but that won't get a lot of looks at, so it's here if you need it.
  20. Astral Blitzen


    Well this is the first entry! Hmm, well if I could draw, then this would be like an ask Astral or something blog, but I can't. I'll just post random things. I'm not sure what though. Short stories? Videos? Music? Short music videos about short stories? I don't know. How about poems? Ponies like poems right? The chair was made out of stuffed mice; Two-hundred and a third to be precise; Now who would own a chair like that? Probably a mare with too many cats. Eh, I give up. That was terrible, so have this picture of a tilde instead. It's like a squiggly noodle, a wave, or a human doing sit-ups or in pain. Don't judge me, it's just what I see. Moo.
  21. So I decided I'd give this a try and this is my first happy hardcore mix what do you think?
  22. I have not drawn in quite a while, so I decided to force myself to do something. I wanted to go beyond ponies, hoping variety and a challenge would help fix my problem. Here is the result: This is embarrassing to admit, but I haven't played the newer generations, so I don't recognize a good chunk of them. Whatever this is, it is clearly an awesome Pokemon. Did a little shading, cleaned up some of my lines. It's still pretty bad, but at least it is better. And I finally checked the name, which is Samurott (most of you probably knew that...), which sounds oddly like the Japanese word for "awesome incarnate".
  23. So, I got Photoshop CS6 about a week ago, and after mucking around with it for a few days, I made my first ever, second ever and third ever signatures! I spent awhile on the first and second so I could get them done up all nice while exploring around the program a bit and trying new things, but the third one took me absolutely no time at all. Even if I've only done three, so far I've found it to be really fun c: Here they are! #1: #2: #3: Yeah! :3 They're not really that good or anything, I don't know much at all about how to use Photoshop, but I'm fairly happy with how these three turned out! Though the second one turned out a little weird Feedback and/or any advice or tips is very much appreciated - I'd love to hear what you guys think of my creations! Enjoy and have a nice day/night! All Signatures in order: All Wallpapers in order: (Won't let me have them as pictures Sorry guys)
  24. EDIT: I WILL UPLOAD THE NEW PICS ALONG THE THREAD So everypony as you already know i am not an artist... but usually i have some nice ideas.. i have been messing around with vectors and i created those two... the first is my OC Doctor Volt, the second is the one of my best forum friend Wayzer107: Nightstrike.... comments and tips are really welcomed! (the ideas for Nightstrike are only from Weizer, i just "converted" the pony generator image) the OC: Nightstrike: Doc Volt: for Frosty V FOR NEON FIRE
  25. Foxx

    A warm welcome

    Hello there! Foxx here, making her first ever blog post Here is where I will post my thoughts, opinions and all that jazz on just about everything that crosses my mind. Just a few things I'll say before I start; all artwork you see here is owned and was created by yours truly unless I have said otherwise. Please respect my opinions, and do not spam the comments with how I should think Rarity is the best pony or whatnot. You know what they say, people never change. That is all for now A foxxy goodbye to you.