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Found 314 results

  1. Seafood is probably my favourite, and I'm such a fan of breaded shrimp.
  2. Well, topic name says it all. Share and/or talk about your love for meat here. Optionally provide a picture of what you like eating/have eaten/are currently eating. Top foodzors: Kebab/kebabplate, preferably with hot sauce and jalapeños. Pizza. Ham, meatballs, salami, chicken, beef. All of it is AWESOME. Steak. Medium-done to deep fried. Yummy. Sliced pork. Healthy, tasty and goes very well as meat for tacos. Hamburgers. Fries optional. Kebabplate with kajenne pepper and a Cola at San Marino's. <3
  3. Whether you are decent or a master in the kitchen, we all make mistakes at some point! Especially when we are trying to create new tastes for delicious meals! So what is your biggest cooking flop? Perhaps you used sugar instead of salt? Maybe you believed adding orange juice to rice pilaf would taste amazing? Whatever your story, I'd love to hear it. Most of my silly stories come from being a kid. When I was younger, the only food we had available was wheat bread and bologna. So I took that, but I didn't want the sour mustard. I tried to make honey mustard (which may have been gross if I made it right anyway) using SPLENDA and mustard. I took one bite...and threw it in the trash!
  4. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sweet potatoes. It's just that I ate mashed potatoes longer and I prefer it since you can make multiple dishes with mashed potatoes.
  5. I personally love all types, but I think I really prefer milk. Then again, it also depends a lot on my mood. I do like fruit in chocolate as well, but I don't really care much for nuts.
  6. I always put a mountain of it on my food. It's kind of awkward when a waiter puts parmesan cheese on my food because he/she will be standing and twisting the device for long while.
  7. Ever tried Sugar-Free gummy bears? Try them! Don't mind the Amazon reviews.
  8. Anyone ever had a bad experience at a restaurant? I remember this one time at Crackerbarrel that it took several hours to get anyone's food. After that, it tasted like good pee.
  9. For research purposes . I mean ThE inside of it. Mine does! It spins clockwise .
  10. I'm sure most people just eat chips normally, i like licking the flavor off chips before crunching into them sometimes, usually when they're Sour Cream and Onion or Barbecue.
  11. Welcome to the pumpkin show-and-tell thread! Here, we show off out little pum-pum babies! All shapes and sizes are welcome as long as they are of the squash variety. Tell us how, where and why you got them! Here are mine I just got! I won them in a singing contest a few hours ago!
  12. I could really go for some sausage biscuit or sausage balls right about now. Breakfast sausage is the best!
  13. Oatmeal Raisin cookies are my favorite! A lot people don’t like them, but they’re the bomb when it comes to cookies!
  14. I am really craving strawberry banana chocolate crepes right now.
  15. I absolutely love pineapple pizza. I eat it when I have the chance. But some a-hole in my past says it is the "ultimate culinary and cultural sin." What, because you mix two different ingredients, and two different cultures, it's already sh*t? I distinctly remember that person disturbingly saying, "If I met some Hawaiian fool, I'd knock their teeth out because pizza and pineapples were perfectly acceptable when they weren't mixed together." I left that person already and have no regrets about it. Regardless of what you think of pineapple pizza, what do you think of hating an entire people just because they decided to make something delicious by mixing their culture with another?
  16. Not sure if someone has already created this but I got into a debate with some friends on whether you call it Grilled Cheese or Cheese Toastie. What it is is a piece of cheese melted in between bread that is grilled. My question to you is how do you say it? Does anyone call it differently in your family or friends? Have you ever argued with them to say it your way? (I have xD)
  17. During my company's potluck, we had the oppritunity to raise funds by buying tickets to throw a pie at a supervisor's face. Needless to say I chipped in and will be throwing it in the face of the supervisor of the 2nd shift, who've been a pain in my backside since day one. So have you ever thrown a pie at an enemy? A friend? A stranger? Ever had a pie thrown at you?
  18. What's your term for soft drinks? I've grown up calling it soda and I still do.
  19. So @ aka Pathfinder CS is a fry guy. Myself, I'm obviously a tot girl. So, what's your favorite kind of fried potato delicacy, or other potatoey dish?
  20. I honestly hate KFC, there biscuits even taste like chicken!
  21. What are some foods you eat, but shouldn't? This can be due to allergies or other health reasons. For me, I'm lactose intolerant but I love ice cream. I refuse to give it up and eat it anyway (and suffer the consequences later)
  22. You know you can't resist those oily, crispy and greasy treats we know as fish sticks . Plus it's fish so it makes you smartur, so it's healthy !! When was the last time you had them ? I can't even remember :C . I think I had some in mid-January .
  23. This is self explanatory. Do you like ketchup on the side or on the Fries.
  24. Donuts are one of my favorite desserts. I've always enjoyed them. There are so many different kinds of donuts. So I was wondering, what are your favorite donuts, it could be from any store or any flavor. Just what are your favorite donuts in general?