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Found 324 results

  1. Good ol' chocolate ice cream will always be my favorite ice cream!
  2. Nothing beats good ol’ fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and butter all over it. Bacon on the side as well!
  3. What do you prefer to put on chips/fries? Ketchup or Mayonnaise? For me, definately ketchup, it's really nice and has a great flavour. While mayonnaise is gross and scary.
  4. (im not entirely sure if this was made before... nothing showed up when searching so... ) just as the title asks, what do you prefer more... butter or margarine? I, myself prefer butter.
  5. So I was flying back home when the stewardesses handed out the consumentary snacks. And noticed some people got honey roasted peanuts, and some got pretzels. So which do you prefer? Pretzel or peanut? (edit: we're also talking hard snack pretzels, not the big soft ones)
  6. This is a simple topic I think. Two of the most common types of meals are canned foods and boxed foods. Boxed foods normally take more time to prepare but can often be seen as higher quality, whereas canned foods are much quicker to prepare usually, but might be seen to have less quality but these are also usually easier to prepare. So the question is, which do you prefer? Do you prefer boxed foods or canned foods? Or perhaps you prefer a mix of both? Me, I prefer mainly canned foods, mostly because I cannot cook worth anything. XD Canned foods are my savior in that regard.
  7. Okay I am very very very bored... What do you all prefer? Breakfast vs lunch vs dinner? I like breakfast the best but when I can actually nom on some good stuff like bacon and waffles with all that yummy syrup.
  8. When you get your coffee, your espresso, your latte, your java or whatever caffeinated beverage of your choice, how do you prefer it? Piping hot as is tradition? Or do you prefer it iced and cold brewed? What say you? Me personally, I'd rather not have the inside of my mouth scalded. Also I find having it chilled really brings out the flavor.
  9. I'm sure most people just eat chips normally, i like licking the flavor off chips before crunching into them sometimes, usually when they're Sour Cream and Onion or Barbecue.
  10. What are some foods that you hated when you were younger but you enjoy them now? For me mint was disgusting for a long time; now I think it tastes quite nice
  11. We all like food, we need food and such and some of us have our "comfort" food that we want when stressed or sad or in any reasons for times! So just wondering is your guys and gals? Mines crackers and hummus or frosted flakes and milk!
  12. I'm sure many here will brag about how they have a million different local non-chain Pizza places to eat but for me and many others chains are really all we have, as such, my favorite is either Marco's or Dominos. I usually like to customize my order, deep pan with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers and Jalapenos. As a side question: Pineapple or no? I'm firmly in the NO camp.
  13. How do you like your cookies? I prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones. Always.
  14. just as the question asks. have you ever eaten at a place (could be a restaurant, or fast food etc) that they remembered your order? i eaten at this one subway so often that i dont need to say anything (they usually remember me because im the one who loves lots of mayo)
  15. I personally love all types, but I think I really prefer milk. Then again, it also depends a lot on my mood. I do like fruit in chocolate as well, but I don't really care much for nuts.
  16. I am sometimes amazed by the subtle differences between people. I was raised to scoop and spread all things with a butter knife. It usually does alright and spreads things magnificently. However, some opt for a spoon to grab more material it seems. What's your preference?
  17. Donuts are one of my favorite desserts. I've always enjoyed them. There are so many different kinds of donuts. So I was wondering, what are your favorite donuts, it could be from any store or any flavor. Just what are your favorite donuts in general?
  18. This is self explanatory. Do you like ketchup on the side or on the Fries.
  19. What's your term for soft drinks? I've grown up calling it soda and I still do.
  20. As the title emplies. What is your favorite drink on a cold day? Mine is hot peppermint and chamomile tea with honey. Any drink whatsoever.
  21. Which soda/pop is better? Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow?
  22. Watermelon is my favorite fruit! I love the taste and it's even better without the seeds! What's everyone else's favorite fruit?
  23. The only thing that I can think of is frog legs. So what have you eaten, that can be considered weird?
  24. This is something I'm always curious about and love to ask any new people in my life. Is there a recipe that you love and want to perfect so badly that you've probably made it too often for too many friends and family but still can't help falling back on? If you do, please share! For me, it's cream sauce. I love to cook but I wouldn't say I have a talent for it at all. I just enjoy feeding people (and eating, the eating part is good too) and playing around in the kitchen. For this recipe, I'll typically make a chicken+spinach+mushroom linguine with garlic and drown it in a cream-sauce I've made lovingly from scratch. It's a therapeutic obsession for me, something I'll cook pretty frequently and shell out too much money for in order to have the best ingredients. I gather all my stuff together, throw on my favourite playlist, and go into some kind of King's Speech zen state, and start cooking. My sauce has seen many drastically different forms. When I started out I put bacon the sauce itself, used red onions and dry herbs, and stupidly used salted butter. And worse - I used to use olive oil! It changed an ingredient at a time, firstly switching to fresh herbs, then to shallots, then from oil to salted butter and from salted to unsalted. The fennel was eventually added, then apple as well to bring out a little more sweetness, then I introduced the smoked cheddar to give it that smoky goodness. I really think the smoky notes are the true je ne sais quois of the sauce! Right now my process is this: -Melt butter (unsalted) in sauce pan. Add garlic&shallots and cook down/infuse. -For a touch of sweetness, add some diced sweet apple and fennel. -Add a splash of dry white wine (I've tried with sweeter wines, the sauce just becomes sickly sweet and it's rather unfortunate) and let it reduce, then add heavy cream. -Add salt, pepper. This step is also why I avoid salted butter - if I use unsalted then I have direct control over how much salt I want tasted in the sauce. Too much salt ruins it! -Add grated smoked white cheddar (applewood smoked is my go-to), stir in. Between the cream, the reduced wine, and the cheese I get a nice, thick sauce. I hate thickening with flour, I've learned. -Once the sauce is ready, keep on low heat and add your fresh herbs. I use Italian parsley and fennel fronds lately. -My last last step is always to add a cold cube of butter at the end to stir in, from the advice of a fellow pasta lover. It really just adds that extra bit of richness and rounds things out at the end (don't ask me about the science behind it or any technical terms, that's too out of my depth!). Gives it that extra bit of body-ody-ody, as they say! Of course I'll have already cooked my linguine, plus I'll have fried up some chicken, baby bella mushrooms, spinach, and garlic in butter. I'm pretty particular about my chicken, too. It has to be browned a little, just because that's how I love it most! It all ends off with piling my chicken&veg on the linguine and pouring over just the right amount of sauce, garnished with fennel fronds&maple bacon bits! Occasionally, I like to quick-pickle red onions for certain chicken dishes and keep some on hand for other recipes. If I have any already made I sometimes throw a few on my pasta for garnish as well, but I'm slowly growing away from that now, too. I just don't think that bright, acidic kick of vinegar is very welcome in my rich, smoky, sweet sauce any more. But sometimes I crave it? It's also very pretty as a garnish. I'm so torn! In any case, what you typically get is a super rich chicken linguine with a sauce that has sweetness, salt, smokiness, and traces of herby goodness. If you've made it this far, I'm sorry! I tend to ramble. But I'd love to hear everyone's favourite recipes that you can't stop trying to perfect, the ones that have grown and changed alongside you over the years. ♥
  25. Do you prefer Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb? Edit: Poll added.