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Found 16 results

  1. This may be a stupid question, but I'm curious to know, did bootleg DVDs of Generation One exist before 2004 anywhere worldwide? NOTE: The first official DVD dates back to late 2004 with "The Complete First Season".
  2. Anyone has information about the creation, conception, or anything other than what was shown in the series about Megan Williams?
  3. An interesting find. Some contestants got tickets to see My Little Pony: The Movie according to this plug on Card Sharks. After doing some research seeing it on Buzzer, this episode originally aired the day before the movie's release.
  4. Being able to create a good song isn't easy, especially if you want or need it to be catchy. G4 did have catchy songs, like the "Cafeteria Song" and the "Find the Music In You" song (which kinda sounds like the Sea Ponies song), where you sing it for weeks after. If you haven't heard this song yet, I challenge you to never sing it in your head or out loud (good luck). And also to appreciate the past MLP songs, even when they might not stand up to today's standards, it is quite hard work to succeed with a catchy song *applause*
  5. I dont remember too much of the G1 movie, but I remember the Grundles and their song scene. When I found the clip I laughed and thought "I remember this." I also recently found out Danny De Vito voiced the Grundle King. Grundles good.
  6. Since the Season 4 finale, I was glad that my wish of seeing Tirek become a My Little Pony G4 villain a reality. We've also seen Smooze and Somnambula get adapted as G4 characters, although with an Adaptional Hero status(Smooze as a friend of Discord, and Somnambula as a Pegasus member of the 6 pillars.). But if there was one villain that I think deserves to be apart of the G4 universe, it would be Witch Hydia, and her daughters Reeka and Draggle. Now the big question is: How would the most comical of My Little Pony villains adapt into Friendship is Magic? One thing that will happen is that they will no longer be human. They would have to be a different species in Equestria. A goblin perhaps? Or something new? On the other hand, what would their Equestria girls counterparts be like? Perhaps Hydia was the former principal of Canterlot High that was ousted by Principal Celestia. Or maybe she's the mentor of Abacus Cinch. Ether way, it's a mystery on how Hydia can be apart of both the FiM Universe and the Equestria Girls universe. So folks, how do you think will G1 villain Witch Hydia and her daughters Reeka and Draggle adapt as characters in Friendship is Magic or Equestria girls?
  7. There has been a bit of hype amidst the Gen 1 community of pony collectors, regarding a few pony prototypes called the Celestial (a.k.a) "Fancy Swirl" ponies, which they've been trying to get noticed and made by a company called Bridge Direct/ Basic Fun. (see here:,389901.0.html) ( Being a fan of celestial stuff, I'm all for this, and will readily buy a few, if they get made released in the U.S. But I digress..... I'm here to provide a wacky semi-headcanon explanation of just how these prototype ponies might've come into existence in the fabric of MLP g1's reality. I'm going to be going off of the lore and worldbuilding that is found on the g1 pony backcard of Galaxy, rather than the comics. Also, this theory will be incorporating the tv series "My Little Pony and Friends", which featured segments of the Moondreamers and Glo Friends, and also the MLP comic "Pony Land in Danger". ------------------------------------------------------------
  8. I currently own: Princess Promenade The Smooze Pony Puppy My lit tle pony tales And Runaway Rainbow
  9. I decided to make this topic to see what you guys thought of the pony bride and how she towers over everything now I purchased the generation 1 bride pony from etsy few years ago don't remember exactly when and once I put her up with my collection it made me realize how tall she really was she towers over most of the pony figures and I believe she is also taller then the big brother ponies I did take a picture of mine which I will leave down below in a spoiler box if you would like to see what she looks like now the picture makes her seem small, but in person she is a tall pony. So what do you guys think of this really tall bride pony? sadly this bride never did come with a groom, but she would probably tower over him anyways.
  10. I managed to identify my very first (and, sadly, long lost) piece of official pony merch and I'm very curious about that particular toy line! There's very little info on them on My Little Wiki: These PVC figures are stamped BULLY, W. GERMANY, EUROPE and ©1987, HASBRO. Bully also made pencil sharpeners and snow globes featuring these figures. Does any of you G1 fans know anything more about them? First of all - how many figures were there in the set? I only know each pony came in two variations - Unicorn and Earth Pony. There are very few photos of these figures on the internet and it's the three ponies shown above that usually pop up in Google image search. But my lost pony had a different cutie mark, so I'm guessing there were more ponies available. Secondly, I know they were manufactured in Germany by a company named Bully (which later changed the name to Bullyland) and distributed in Central Europe back in the early 90's. Did they ever make it outside of Europe? Were they available in other regions of Europe? And finally, what's with the designs?! I don't recognize any of the ponies in the picture... Do they have any official names or are they just random, nameless recolors? All of the Bully ponies had obscure black cutie marks (my lost figure had a single pawprint for a cutie mark) that looked like very simpified versions of actual cutie marks we know and love. Bully used to manufacture (and still does to this day, look it up!) lots of licensed PVC figurines. Disney, Muppets, Smurfs, you name it. And I remember they were all very accurate and well-manufactured, each character was easily recognizable. They were more like collectible items than regular 'ol toys... But the Bully ponies look like bootlegs to me, even though they have a Hasbro stamp on them. What happened there? Does anybody have any ideas?
  11. My favorite is Tropical Breeze. She's such a gorgeous, vibrant girl and I love her flamingo symbols.
  12. In the original MLP TV series, the farmgirl Megan (who was 12 years old) and her siblings, Danny and Molly, went on adventures saving Ponyland from villains. In consequent official MLP works, they were never seen again, except in one Equestria Girls comic where their names are mentioned in a leaflet (under Sunset Shimmer) as being associated with a room. In the context of daily life for people growing up through the 90's and into 2017, I wonder, how do you think Megan and her siblings would have lived to the present day (or even into the future), as they grew up after their adventures in Ponyland? The stories of their older lives, and those of their possible descendants, would be fascinating. Furthermore, how do you think they (or their future families) might have reacted to FiM and Equestria Girls, and its quirky fanbase?
  13. Entrance: A flying bubble drops her off. Icon: Her cutie mark of bubbly sodas. Neutral A - punch -Press three times slowly to perform a double punch, then a buck. First punch does 4% damage, second does 6%, and the buck does 9%. -Mash repeatedly for a short-ranged bubble stream. 1-3% damage each hit, and the ending bubble does 5%. Forward Tilt - buck. 11% damage. Up Tilt - uppercut. 13% damage. Down Tilt - poke. 7% damage. Dash Attack - Roll in a bubble. 7 hits for 2-5% damage each.. Forward Smash - Bubble Punch (while standing on two legs). 24-35% damage depending on charge. Up Smash - Floats bubbles above her head (at the start, her horn also hits enemies). Horn does 12-20% damage depending on charge while the 8-hit bubble stream does 3% damage each hit. Down Smash - Stomps to send bubbles to either side of her. The stomp directly does 15 - 25% damage depending on charge and buries enemies, while the single-hit bubbles do 11 - 20%. Neutral Air - Spins to create bubbles to either side of her. 7 hits for 2-4% damage each. Forward Air - Shoots a bubble forward. 7-12% damage. The punch at the start does 6% damage. Down Air - Downward Bubble Punch (meteor effect). 16-21% damage. Back Air - Buck. 20% damage. Up Air - Shoots a bubble up. The punch at the start does 6% damage, while the shot does 7-11%. Grab - Fizzy magically encases the enemy in a tight bubble which she then holds. Pummel - Compresses the bubble to squeeze opponent. Fast pummel for 2% damage. Forward Throw - Throws the bubble forward. 15% damage. Back Throw - Bucks the bubble. 20% damage. Down Throw - Dunks the bubble like a basketball. 23% damage. Up Throw - Throws bubble up and shoots at it. 15% damage from the throw, and 6-11% from the shot. Edge Attack (slow) - Punch. 15% damage Edge Attack (fast) - Kick. 10% damage Floor Attack (trip) - Punches forward (10% damage) and kicks backward (13% damage). Floor Attack (front) - Same as trip. Floor Attack (back) - Flips forward. Can hit twice for 10% damage each hit. B - Bubble Bomb -A bomb that floats forward and explodes upon contact with an enemy. While holding B, press Up to make the bubble float up, or down to make it fall. 10 - 24% damage. B Custom 1 - Bubble Shooter -Shoots three fast bubbles for 5% damage each hit. Can be aimed in any direction. B Custom 2 - Charged Bubble Shot -Functionally the same as Samus' Charge Shot. Charging increases the speed and strength. 5% to 50% damage depending on charge level. Forward + B - Wink -A teleport attack similar to Fox Illusion, but this one can be guided up and down. Can go off edges. 13 - 23% damage. Forward + B Custom 1 - Charged Bubble Roll -Charge this one to move faster and farther and hit harder. Don't worry about going off the edge. Fizzy stops rolling upon hitting an enemy or pressing B again. Depending on charge level, can do 7% - 40% damage. Forward + B Custom 2 - Bubble Splash -Bubble Crab's weapon in Mega Man X2. Sends bubbles flying diagonally upward. 3% damage each hit; can hit up to 8 times. Up + B - Bubble Jump -Fizzy bubbles herself, curls up, and jumps high. Hits multiple times on the way up (8 hits for 1-4% damage each), then has a meteor effect (15-20% damage) on the way down. You can bounce off multiple enemies for a better recovery. Up + B Custom 1 - Burst Teleport -Fizzy teleports in any direction as a bubble bursts around her, damaging enemies (2 hits for 14-22% damage each) while winking in and out. Up + B Custom 2 - Bubble Rocket -Fizzy shoots downward repeatedly to gain height. 2% damage for each hit; can hit up to 20 times with a meteor effect on the last hit. Down + B - Capture Bubble -If used on an enemy, it will act like Yoshi's Egg Lay, encasing it in a tight bubble which you can then attack. If used on an item or projectile, it functions like Villager's pocket, allowing Fizzy to save items and throw back projectiles. Down + B Custom 1 - Bubble Mine -This mine sits on the floor and goes off when an enemy touches it. 20-25% damage. Down + B Custom 2 - Bubble Shield Fizzy surrounds herself with eight bubbles that take hits for her. The bubbles do 2-5% damage each, and she can disperse them in eight directions. For extra fun, grab an enemy with the shield up. Up Taunt - Dances with bubbles while standing upright. Side Taunt - Happily creates bubbles around her. Down Taunt - Hoof-stomps. Final Smash - Bubblebeam -Blasts the neverending hay out of any enemy in front of her with 100 bubbles. 2-6% damage for each bubble. Victory Poses - same as taunts. Lose animation - She'd rather hoofstomp than clap. Victory Fanfare - "I'll be there right by your side. I'll be there...right by your side." Alternate costumes: Wind Whistler, Galaxy, G1 Twilight, Sparkler, Mimic, and Derpy. Pros: Attacks have good range and can rack up damage. Great recovery. Cons: Lightweight. Don't use Wink near an edge.
  14. There are quite a few songs in g1, but few, I think, are quite as dark or eerie and ominous as "We're gonna make you sorry", from "Bright Lights". (Part 2) (The lyrics speak for themselves) We're gonna make you sorry We're gonna kick up a fuss We're gonna make you sorry You tangled with us We'll make you regret the day you stole our shadows away! You chosen us to doom to play And now we're gonna make you pay! We're gonna make you sorry We're gonna do it to you! We're gonna make you sorry And when we are through No one in this world will be as gloomy and forlorn We're gonna make you sorry You wanna know how sorry? You're gonna be real sorry! Sorry you were ever born Sorry you were ever born You'll be sorry you were ever born! What do you guys think the darkest song of g1 is?
  15. Would a special aniversarry episode to generation 1, but involving the Royal Sisters- or at least Sunbutt (who is shown to have existed when the g1 adult ponies were mere fillies, according to the comics) be something you guys would like to see?