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Found 81 results

  1. Just watched this video from MLP analyst Bronycurious, well known for his very in-depth look at FiM episodes and the world of MLP itself, but here he takes a look G1 show My little pony tales, and has quite a bit to say about it on how it, despite being from the same franchise, stands in stark contrast to FiM. Check it out and tell me what you think. Are Curious's views too harsh? Are they spot on? Did any of you who watched the show ever think the same things?
  2. I just noticed that they are alot alike. such as: -both of them are famous -Both of them have White furr and seductive eyes -Both of them had cowardly traits -Both of them have fanmares all over them -Both of them were kinda stuck up So do you think the writers actually based Blueblood off Knight Shades? to those who dont know who he is:
  3. Okay, kind of a weird question, but hear me out. A lot of bronies have discussed inclusion of various characters from earlier generations in FiM (Tirek, Smooze and Seaponies seem to be the most common). Personally, I think it would be interesting to see how Megan would be characterized by the FiM team. Now, I have seen several topics regarding humans in Equestria in general, but not Megan specifically, so I decided to make a topic about her. I know a lot of people would probably cringe at the idea of a human character in FiM, but if the storytellers do a good job, I think it could make for a very interesting storline. For those who don't know, Megan was a major character in MLP: Generation One, a young girl who came from a universe outside Ponyland (at least, I think) and befriended the ponies and helped them save their world from Tirek in the first special and returned for several important missions in later episodes and the movie. She is the bearer of the special "Rainbow of Light" which was used to defeat Tirek, Catrina and the Smooze. In the original special, Megan is perhaps the most developed character. As a kid, I actually liked her as much if not more than the ponies themselves. Because she was the only human on the show at first, I could also relate to her better than to the ponies. So, what if, somehow, Megan appeared in the FiM universe? How would she interact with the new, better-developed ponies? IMO, since the ponies in FiM are young adults, maybe Megan would be a twenty-something instead of a kid. Perhaps she could be a college student who used to believe in unicorns/magic, but outgrew it and became disillusioned with the world. Maybe she'd be sort of sarcastic, negative, even a bit depressed. How she would get to Equestria, I have no idea. In the original, Megan was from a world outside that of the ponies, so if she appeared in FiM, this would still probably be the case. I found a few fanarts of FiM style Megan, so I guess I'm not the only one to have this idea.
  4. Okay so after Tirek during the s4 finale, I thought to myself, should we be getting more villains from g1. At first I was all for this as tirek because my all time favorite villain so far (much better than his g1 counterpart which I did not like) but then I realized another way this can be taken, why dont they use g1 villains base to make a new villain, like use the basic idea for grogor, but make someone knew based on him, or maybe a descendant, imagine if grogors son showed up and all like "you ponies destroyed my father" I shall have my revenge, So in short, Should we get more g1 characters revamped, should we get their offsprings, or should we get characters based on their ideas?
  5. Yea remember dos? The fat one, the tale and skinny one, and there mom that look but ugly.
  6. I was watching Generation 1 of My Little Pony, and I have to say it's pretty messed up. If you want to see My Little Pony be darker, watch Generation 1. It's very dark. Some of the villians try to kill the ponies, a pig and a fuzzy thing touched tongues, a lot of the episodes have a dark theme that puts Pony Land at risk, if this was for little girls, then I think they did not care about what was expected in a show for little girls. I think it's very neutral, honestly. It wasn't until Pony Tales when it started getting all girly. I know old shows had a lot of things the newer shows would not dare put in, but Generation 1 is very dark. For those who watched it, what demographic audience do you think Generation 1 would appease to most? If you haven't watched it, you should. You can find the list of episodes on the MyLitttleWikia page. You can watch most of the episodes on Daily Motion. If you want My Little Pony to be dark, then watch Generation 1. It's very dark. Tirek is in Generation 1. He's in the very first episode, in fact.
  7. While i dont hate all of the previous generations I wonder why people like them more than FIM G1 was pretty good G2 Is a guilty pleasure G3 is bad and G3.5 is Atrocious So why do some bronies like the prev Gens more?
  8. First off I have to say that the finale of this season was a major let down for me. When I heard that Tirek was coming back I thought that Hasbro had planned on adding in some of the more famous G1 ponies as well but...I was wrong... I was thinking that Hasbro had planned on having some of the G1 ponies team up with the mane 6 to fight Tirek. Tirek was not as he should have been. Scorpan and Tirek are NOT brothers. Scorpan was actually a prince that was turned into a monster by Tirek when he took over his kingdom. With that out of the way...On to the actual topic. Not only has Hasbro brought back Tirek but they also mentioned Firefly. Does this mean that they are in the process of securing the rights to use Firefly in the show as well as other G1 ponies?
  9. As I mentioned in my main blog, I'm going to be doing something stupid here. I'm going to be watching MLP, from the beginning. And I mean the *beginning*. These are my notes I took while watching the episodes. Note, I am in no way a critic. I have no qualifications whatsoever, and my primary purpose doing this is to glean any interesting tid-bits that can be used to build up the society, culture, and history of the My Little Pony world. So a lot of these notes will be about architecture, clothing, apparent technology, and the cultural mores displayed in the episodes. Plus just some silly things I noticed during the episode. They are presented in the order I wrote them as I was watching the episode with minimal editing. Let's start with the first ever broadcast show for My Little Pony. My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle (G1 Animated Feature, 1984, 22 minutes) Originally known simply as My Little Pony, and sometimes as Firefly's Adventure. My Little Pony had existed for three years as a toy line before this. The first animated feature was made as a pilot for a continuing series. It was released as a stand-alone special and followed up by two other films before the series actually kicked off in two years later in 1986. The title Rescue at Midnight Castle was the name given to it when it was reworked into being part of the series. These notes are from the original version, not the reworked one. Summary: The land of the Ponies are invaded by dragons, and Firefly goes searching for help. She brings back the human Megan, and a magic rainbow to try to defeat the master of Midnight Castle, Tirek, before he brings on eternal night. Pegasi can interact with rainbows as if they are liquid, using it as a waterslide. Which may actually turn into a rainbow-like waterfall. Not sure what I'm seeing there with that transition. Classic Late Norman-style castle with round towers. Bet you it's supposed to be a single keep rather than an enclosing curtain wall. Either that or the scale here is really weird. Hey Firefly. Pony that eventually becomes Rainbow Dash. Hey color-swap Twilight. Unicorns can teleport, but it seem to take concentration and effort. Hey Applejack. Get used to being smashed into by Rainbow Dash-like pegasi, pretty much every incarnation of you has that happen. Theme song and action indicates a kind of paradise. "No threat in sight." Odd phrasing. And suddenly the dark themes kick in so hard it's whiplash time. Right at the end of the utopian theme song, a Dragon attack. Strange creature is riding one of the dragons, looks like an anthropomorphized manticore. Villain of the episode is mentioned as Tirek (This manticore guy's pronouncing it Tee-Rak), Master of Midnight Castle, while manticore-guy is being all threatening-by-proxy. Hey Spike. Okay, manticore guy has a name. Scorpan. Yeah, still fitting the manticore theme. Tirek's handling that sack like it's a pet cat.... It beats like a heart? Yikes. Not pulling any punches on this 'little girl show'. He needs exactly four ponies for his chariot. Not sure why. Okay, here we are at the human world. This would be Megan. Firefly shows up, and Megan is confused by the talking, flying pony. So the human world doesn't know about My Little Pony-like creatures at this point. Actual real pony is in the background. Architecture and clothing of the human world is 60's-80's. Megan's speech patterns indicate America, probably northern California. Could be earlier as what she's wearing (basic overalls and blouse) was technically around since the 1900's but unlikely to be anything other than the broadcast date. Firefly basically kidnaps Megan, for no real reason. She's got that Player Character glow, I guess. And flies to the pony world with no magical transition at all. Just go above the clouds and back down again after a song. Dragon attack again. And Megan is almost double kidnapped. Scorpan saves her from falling? Okay. Hey Shining Armour? Nope just the same color scheme. Hold on. Pausing to find out which pony this is. Goes by the name of Glory, apparently. Lizard men with halberd-like weapons. Nope, I'm wrong, they're stylized glaive-forks, using standard nomenclature. Better look at Tirek. He's a minotaur/centaur-like thing. The sack he's always petting contains some kind of artifact that 'by the power of darkness' can transform ponies into dragons. That's what he wanted for pulling his chariot. Why doesn't he use all those dragons he was sending to kidnap the ponies in the first place? Ponies travel to find a 'Moochick' that supposedly has magic powers. Applejack falls off a bridge into deep river/bay and Megan jumps after her. Ponies don't seem to be able to swim very well at all, unlike real ponies. Unless it's just Applejack who can't swim. Oh god. Sea ponies. Megan and Applejack seem just as confused as I am. Magic Mushrooms... *sigh*. Rabbit in trousers. Seems to be Moochicks' familiar. This Moochick is a gnome of some kind. Another artifact, a Rainbow of Light. Or 'a piece of one' contained in a red heart locket. Midnight Castle. Extremely fantastic evil overlord-style, with a glory of turrets, all set on top a pillar of stone in the sea. It would take so many different historic references combined together to even come up with a vague resemblance to this one, it's not worth it. Dark Rainbow magic seems to have some kind of time limit or count down. Everybody, even the villains, are concerned about getting stuff done before Midnight strikes. Scorpan is only vaguely a villain. Rainbow of Darkness is the formal name. Applejack makes an good dragon. More fangy/tusky than the kidnapping dragons. Megan seems to be prone to kidnapping. Night that never ends. Where have I heard that one before? Well, technically this on came first so.... yeah. Scorpan can actually fly on his own. Tirek need to hold on to things better if he wants to rule the world. More unicorn teleporting. Slight delay between disappearance and appearance. Pony Castle is officially named Dream Castle. Rainbow of Light beats Rainbow of Darkness, but it was up in the air for a bit. Visual effect very much like the Elements of Harmony. Tirek is sucked into the sky beyond the clouds by the Rainbow of Light. Wonder where he went? All the Rainbow of Darkness stuff is undone. Lizardmen were originally birds, kidnapping dragons are butterflies, and Scorpan is actually a human prince. So there are human kingdoms in this land. And Spike is still Spike, and gets to stay with the ponies at Dream Castle.
  10. As the title Says which G4 Character can defeat The Smooze on his/her own? The Elements of harmony don't Count since their 6 Ponies.
  11. Yesterday I was out walking and I bumped into something that someone had thrown out onto the pavement, likely assuming the magical rubbish goblins would take it away on their behalf (a common occurance in my hometown). However, I had a look and despite being coated in mud, I could see that it was a pony, and that on closer inspection it was Applejack. On the way home, I picked her up and quickly washed her clean. This left one mystery - where exactly did she come from? She has a G3-ish mold, but is clearly the original G1 design for Applejack. My first thought was that she was a well done bootleg, but after I cleaned her the inscription on her belly became clear - "2008 Hasbro China" If anyone can identify her, that'd be great. If she is a bootleg, I don't really mind since it's still a cool and unexpected find . EDIT: She's a 2010 blind bag set that was a call back to G1:
  12. Shanks

    Ask Tirek

    I am lord Tirek, and I am going to take what should have been mine long ago but before I do I will grant you pathetic mortals the right to ask me a few things.
  13. Shout Factory is releasing My little pony G1 DVDs plus, a standalone "Escape from Castle Catrina" Mini. I know a lot of Bronies don't like G1 MLP, but if you haven't seen it yet then here is a chance to maybe give it a try.
  14. Predictably, the seemingly one thing that I've seen anyone complain about with the finale is the ending. Tirek's defeat, more specifically, the inclusion of the Rainbow Powers. Which, many people were 'disappointed to find was actually real', or that they thought it 'didn't make any sense', and most of all, that 'Hasbro's just trying to sell toys again'. Okay... Well, first off, like it or not, the in-show promotions of Hasbro's toys are going to happen, as they're the ones who own, sponsor and pay for the show x) Better to have what we have, than to not have it at all. Thankfully, DHX has taken the in-show promotions thus far, and made them as minimally thrown-in-stupidly as possible. So, I typically roll my eyes when people predictably bitch about the Rainbow Powers solely based on the fact that they're promoting something Hasbro's trying to do off-show. Hasbro's trying to make money? HOW DARE THEY. I'm mostly indifferent to the designs overall, I don't mind how they look (except Dashie, who's litterally got fucking rockstar saiyan hair which is awesome), and if and when they do make a return, they most likely won't be resorted to that much, potentially even less than the EoH, which became the cliche deus ex machina of the show. Try looking at it this way; yeah, you could complain pointlessly about how it's promoting something for Hasbro and leave it at that, or, you can more so enjoy the fact that the writers used the opportunity of having Tirek back, and having the Rainbow Power to use, to bring back a modern-day equivalent of the 'Rainbow of Light' that defeated Tirek in G1, to defeat him again in G4 :3 I thought it was yet again another excellent callback that the episode did. And even better, we got to see the Rainbow of Light itself, revisiting the key holders from throughout the season. What's freaking cooler than that? :3 G1, Tirek tastes the Motherbucking Rainbow: G4, the Motherbucking Rainbow Strikes Back: And then is seen in its' original form, flying through the world of Equestria and revisiting the Key Givers: All in all, all Hasbro really did was request the Rainbow of Light be applied to the Mane Six instead of being a pure entity like it was in G1, so that they could sell more toys, ergo continue to prosper as a company, ergo not fail as a company, ergo not crash and burn, ergo not have the show get ended or bought out by some other probably-more-shady corporation. A dramatization of a single show's toyline, but you get the point. I find nothing wrong with this, and while I can understand the passing comment about it, I don't understand why people feel the need to treat this as a negative factor that actually lowers their liking of the episode, as I've seen a few do.
  15. After watching Testing... Testing... 1... 2... 3... for a second time aside from the throwback to G1 with General Firefly something crossed my mind and I think it imploded it. I have a new theory to propose. Pony Land from G1 is now Modern-Day Equestria. It could very well be that Ponyland is now Equestria and Ponyland may have a name for Equestria coined by other countries in the world. Now please note that I am in NO way familiar with G1 of MLP so if I make mistakes please let me know. Now where do we begin? I suppose the most logical place to start is where does G1 fit into the timeline of Friendship is Magic? Well I suggest that it takes place 10 to 20 years before Luna's banishment as that would give enough time for many of the diverse pony variations and creatures only found in G1 to die off in some form, as well as give the humans enough tie to make a sort of mark on the history of Equestria to perhaps establish themselves as mythical creatures; Part of a possible Lyra backstory as to why she loves humans for ya; this would also give the main ponies such as Firefly and Twilight to spread off and do great things or start a family as a possible case for Twilight possible being Twilight Sparkle's ancestor. Firefly would have to go to Canterlot and join the EUP Guard and establish the Wonderbolts.later on. With most of the once threats such as trolls, witches,and humans dead the Royal Guard may have down toned their armor as well to what we see in Modern Equestria, only wearing the pony armor we saw in Castle Maneia during this time period while the Ponies frolicked in the fields with Megan. What do you guys think? Could this be possible? The Pudgy star is out.
  16. Last week, I detailed what I was able to glean from the entire run of My Little Pony 'n Friends. How can we use this information? Well, it's pretty obvious this is not a part of Equestria taken literally. The base rules of the world are different, with a larger variety of sentient creatures, cutie-marks and unicorn magic working differently, and so on. However, this is the series that inspired Lauren Faust as she developed Friendship is Magic, and several of the things from this series have already been translated to Equestria. So that means we can steal from this setting and migrate it into Equestria as long as we're sufficiently liberal with our interpretations. If we were to force the issue, the various valleys and volcanic mountains would best map to the western coast of Equestria, covering a relatively small area somewhere between Tall Tale and Los Pegasis in the Unicorn Range. In fact, it may be the reason for the city name of Tall Tale, which given the pony's penchant to puns would have been more likely to be called Tall Tail normally. Possibly it's named after the mythology of Dream Valley that the legends place near by. In which case we may be dealing with an prior expedition of ponies crossing into Equestria long before the one mentioned in the Hearth's Warming Eve episode. This would be similar to the Norse settlements in Newfoundland that occurred in the 10th century which had died out and had been forgotten long before the rest of Europe started showing up in the 15th century. The variety of other sentient creatures is the hardest to deal with. Where did they all go, between the time of G1 and G4? If the time-frame of North America above is any guide, we're dealing with at least 500 years, which is not enough for that number of intelligent species to simply disappear without deliberate action on behalf of *somebody*. That's proper fanfiction fodder right there. If you take the series in a different order, and have the Theatrical movie actually happen at the end of the historical events rather than near the beginning, you do have the devastation of the Smooze to work with. It's not inconceivable that the low populations of all the other races meant that the Smooze event dropped them below the minimum viable population. That aside, here are some examples of things we can steal: First, pony culture itself. In this series, mares and stallions are heavily segregated, and foals are raised by the community not by their parents. This can easily be true in the past for Equestria, and may even explain why the show gives the impression that the ratio of stallions to mares in Equestria is so oddly skewed. It may only be relatively recently that the nuclear family concept has become the norm in this society, as in within the last thousand years or so. Hearts and Hooves Day may actually be Celestia trying her hoof at social engineering, rather than how Valentines Day was created in the real world, all in an effort to increase the population growth of her little ponies. The Seaponies may yet exist, but have retreated to the deeper seas. Flutterponies... I'm being told that alternate versions of the flutterponies exist in one of the later series, but I haven't reached them yet, so I'll leave them for now. Second, the antagonists. Let's only deal with the heavy hitters here; Squirk, Grognar, and Tirek. The various witches, like Hydia and Catrina, are actually pretty generic and don't need much in the way of adaption. Squirk is a horribly silly name, but the concept of an ancient Kraken that wants to flood the world to claim all that territory as it's own, is perfectly sound and can be made *really* creepy. His main power source, the Flashstone, already has an analogue in FiM, in the Alicorn Amulet. An amulet that allows the wielder to use massive magic power with little to no limits. Grognar is a wonderful mythological villain. The Ram Sorcerer, who made a necklace that allowed him to channel and control the power of the Bell of Tambelon. The story of the lost city of Tambelon itself has so many mythological precedents, and likely has some kind of a connection to the capitol of the Crystal Empire. Possibly being Sombra's inspiration for doing that trick. And then there's Tirek. As I mentioned in my essay on the Terror of Tartaurus, he's a bit trickier to use as some of his shtick was transferred to Nightmare Moon. However, he is unique in that he used his transformative power on unwilling targets, rather than be a shapeshifter himself. Adding in that he may have been cursed by his own power, and his natural form may have been quite different (perhaps a normal minotaur), and you have an interesting villain there. Finally, let's look at the artifacts. I've already mentioned the flashstone, but there are a few others that are interesting. The Dark and Light Rainbows, for example. Two paired yet opposite powers. One forcing metamorphosis on unwilling victims, and the other restoring things to their true form. Given the effect of the Elements of Harmony is normally shown as a Rainbow, it's possible they are connected and the Rainbow of Light is inhabiting the Elements of Harmony due to some events that were not shown in the series. The Sunstone is interesting, perhaps being one of a pair of artifacts that allowed the Unicorns of Hearth's Warming Eve to control the sun and moon before Celestia and Luna came along. The other being the Moonstone, of course. Maybe these things are still around in a vault in Canterlot, and some unicorns decide to use it in an attempt to overthrow the princesses... The six crowns of the Heart of Ponyland could very well be the first known versions of the Elements of Harmony. Normally linked to the Crystal Heart, they were separated by ponies wishing to protect them from those who would abuse their power, and scattered across the land. It was these legendary artifacts that Starswirl devoted so much time to. Later Celestia and Luna take Starswirl's research as a guide to re-assemble them as part of their Hero's Quest to defeat Discord. In this version, they would take on Sombra *before* Discord, attempting to recover the final piece, the Crystal Heart itself. Sombra phased the entire capitol of the Crystal Empire, using the same dark magic as the Lost City of Tambelon. The Princesses could not retrieve the Heart, and they had to take on Discord with a not-quite-complete set. I've left the Smooze until here, because it's... odd. It was summoned by a spell, and appears at least partially self-aware and 'alive'. But honestly that's not that much different from the variety of artifacts in the series. But it's considerably more dangerous than any artifact; a true weapon of mass destruction, who's only real weakness is the stupidity of the witches who put it into play. Those who survive the Smooze are still affected by it, driven to sickness and depression. To be honest, for how silly it was being portrayed, this thing has the highest potential for GrimDark in the entire G1 series, even more than Tirek, Grognar, and Squirk combined. When you look at it a bit closer, and take off the rose-colored glasses, the Smooze is very much a biological equivalent of a nuclear weapon, complete with radiation sickness and the like, leaving only complete devastation in it's wake. Oh, and the connection between the pony world and the human world. Allowing for Equestria Girls' rather odd coloration being an artistic choice rather than 'reality', it lines up rather nicely with the time passing between contacts getting shorter an shorter from the human world's perspective. It does mean that the calendar of the human world is completely disconnected to the calendar of the pony world, which means Luna's mention of 30 moons was actually only vaguely relevant to Twilight, as it would have been 30 moons in the pony world, but who knows how long in the human world. There are lots of other small details that could be ported over, but as they are truely tiny details I think I've done enough for this essay.
  17. My Little Pony 'n Friends: Escape from Catrina (G1 Re-edited TV Episodes, 1987, 2x 10 minutes) Like Rescue from Midnight Castle, two minutes were edited out of this by removing one song. In this case, however, the one song has one of the biggest worldbuilding bits of weirdness in it, as it's when the two villains dress up in 1880's costumes and do a musical number right out of Mary Poppins with a penny-farthing bicycle and everything. Like the previous re-edited special, there's not much point redoing my notes for this one. So here's my original notes from the TV Special version: Well, that's it for the original My Little Pony cartoon. Next I move on to My Little Pony Tales. I've put my compiled findings so far in my worldbuilding blog: Before I go though, I need to say that any Bronies who complain about Hasbro interfering with My Little Pony? You guys really need to watch the original series. Every other episode is advertising new toy lines (New Tooth Ponies, Newborn Ponies, Twinkle-Eyed Ponies, Big Brother Ponies, etc.), all buildings are copies of playsets, characters are swapped out randomly just so that all the toys get screentime, etc. Watching the old series, then the new one, you get the distinct impression that the toy line was propelling the old series, while the new series is the one propelling the toy line this time around. Yes, Hasbro still has DHX add things or swap things around on occasion, and often the writers need to scramble to find a way to fit this stuff in, but it's no where near as blatant as previous generations were. I'm curious to see if this was a sudden change with G4, or whether it progresses slowly from this point.
  18. Alright, I've finished watching the first My Little Pony series: My Little Pony 'n Friends from 1985 to 1987. This involved two TV Specials, a Theatrical release, and a 65-episode TV series (four of which were re-edited versions of the TV specials). Technically my episode-watching blog for this series isn't quite done yet, as the last episodes of the series will be tomorrow, but those episodes are a re-edit of the 'Escape from Catrina' TV Special. Nothing important will be revealed by this episode. Anyway here are my findings: This G1 show is set in a series of small valleys in a region of volcanic mountains similar to the Cascade Range on the Pacific coast of the United States. Travel between the valleys is difficult, unless you can fly over the mountains or travel through the extensive underground tunnels. These tunnels are likely former lava tubes due to the volcanic nature of the area. The valleys on one side of the mountains run down to the sea, while the valleys on the other side are cut off by the crystal desert. There is a number of valleys; including Dream Valley, Fluttervalley, Grundleland, and many others. These valleys are populated by a number of creatures, mostly anthropomorphic animals but also humans, elves, and a variety of goblinoids. The population of each type of creature is relatively small, leading to considerable cross-breeding especially between the humans, elves, and goblins in order to maintain any kind of presence. Actually, looking back there's no guarantee the few 'native' humans were actually human at all, given the variation of elf, gnome, svart, goblin, troll, hags, etc. If all of those are considered one race with multiple breeds, similar to the variations within the ponies, then the 'humans' we saw may actually be just superficially human and are actually a variety of these goblinoids. The valleys of Dream Valley, Fluttervalley, and Mushrump together are called Ponyland. Ponies are not actually native to this place but came from some unknown land at least 500 years ago, and likely longer. This world is connected tenuously and intermittently to an alternate human world accessed through a rainbow bridge similar in concept to the Bifrost of Nordic mythology. Neither of these worlds are ours, as the events in the pony-occupied world can have a direct effect on the human world and vice-versa when the connection is active. However, the human world is almost identical to ours in the mid-to-late 1980s. The pony world is set up similarly to the Alpine region of Europe, with a variety of agrarian-based cultures being in close but effectively minimal contact thanks to the mountainous terrain. Each different culture seem to be set at a different time relative to our world, but fall into three distinct groups: Late 11th Century, Mid 16th Century, and Mid 19th Century. Throughout the series, the contact between the humans and ponies involve a technology transfer where late 20th century equipment is slowly brought over into the pony world and made to work via magic. While the people of both worlds initially treat the inhabitants of the other as fantasy, they adapt very quickly to the reality of multiple dimensions. Fast enough that it is unlikely that this is the first time the two worlds made contact with each other and such cultural and technological transfers occurred. If we assume the contacts happened when the clothing and architecture matched, the next contact would be in the early 21st century. Huh. How about that. Of course, that's the time passing in the human world, we have no reference points in the pony world to determine if time passes in both worlds at the same rate when contact is *not* active. The ponies themselves can be separated into five different breeds, the earth ponies, the unicorns, the pegasi, the sea ponies, and the flutterponies. The first three are definitely breeds, rather than races, as the earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi can interbreed freely allowing traits such as twinkle-eyes to be carried into all three equally. Cutie-marks are present at birth, and are traditionally used to name the pony. This leads to multiple individuals with the same name. Due to the low birth rate, it is highly unlikely to have more than one pony in a each generation with the same name. Pony culture does not use the nuclear family concept, and keeps mares and stallions separate with the stallions being nomadic while the mares are sedentary. In the same vein pony foals are kept in a crèche system and are raised by the mare collective. The main pony society has no government or other organizational system. They act as a collection of individuals with leadership being appointed on the fly as necessary. Flutterponies on the other hand have a monarchy. Within main pony society the title 'princess' is an antique, nominally given to any individual that is acting as guardian to a magical artifact, and long-term princesses are sequestered to a remote area to protect them. This practice is out-of-date to the point of having become legendary, but those who were exiled in that manner long ago have created their own society in that remote area. They still call themselves princesses, and hold elections to promote one of their number to the title 'queen'. The Pony world is suffused with magic. All ponies are capable of using magic to one extent or another, but they require special foci such as wands and other artifacts to do so. Unicorns and flutterponies are born with a built-in foci, their horns and wings respectively, but are extremely limited in what magic this foci can accomplish. All unicorns can 'wink', which means to phase out and into a limbo sub-dimension. However, physical objects like cages, walls, etc. do not allow a unicorn winked out to pass through them, nor can they carry much load when phasing. Other things are also capable of phasing through the same space the unicorns are winking out to, which can trap the unicorn in this alternate space when they 'pass through' each other. All unicorns also able to master a single other magical ability such as telekinesis or other similar things. Use of these magic abilities require a fair bit of concentration and effort. Flutterponies' magic seems to be concentrated in breaking down other magical effects and dissolving magic substances. A large number of magical artifacts exist in the pony world, most based on, or incorporating, crystals in their design. All magic in the regions defined as Ponyland seems to be drawn from a single large gemstone known as the 'Heart of Ponyland' and when that connection is interrupted magic becomes unreliable and dangerous. There are six crowns that are used to reconnect magical artifacts to the flow of power coming from the Heart if the flow is interrupted. The artifacts can do almost anything, depending on the knowledge, aptitude, and will of the wielder, and can be destroyed and recreated. Using artifacts can cause the personality of the wielder to change in whatever way necessary to lead the wielder to use the artifact more. It's almost like a psychic pressure on the wielder to use the artifact. This may or may not have a negative effect on the wielder depending on the nature of the artifact itself. All artifacts are at least partially self-aware in order to interpret the wielder's wishes. Magic power can also be drawn straight from a sub-station such as other magical artifacts, unicorns, etc. but this draw usually has a severe negative effect on the sub-station itself. Next time, we'll talk about how to use this info in G4.
  19. My Little Pony 'n Friends: The Prince and the Ponies (G1 TV Episode, 1987, 10 minutes) Invitation to some kind of castle. The Palace Debrandfore? The name is too complicated to be an accident, so it has to be a joke or reference. But I'm not catching what it's a reference to. Human. Again we're back to the second French Empire architecture and clothing. Actually not human, elves again. Duchess, somehow took the throne from the real rulers. The Duchess was the cook? Okay. Yes, that can happen, but it's a pretty involved process. No evidence of the Big Brother Ponies anymore. One shots, I guess. Fencing is not that easy. In case you're wondering 'Scullery' is the room for dish and clothes washing, often used as an overflow room for the kitchen. In North America the term was supplanted by the laundry room as the mechanical dishwasher took over part of it's role. In northern England and Scotland the term scullery often refers to the entire kitchen area.
  20. My Little Pony 'n Friends: Somnambula (G1 TV Episode, 1987, 2x 10 minutes) Part 1 Big Brother Ponies are coming home! They've been away for a year travelling all around the world? Okay, so everything prior in this series occurred all within one year, but we're finally getting stallions. Think about that; sixty episodes have past, we've got five more to go before the end of the series,and these are the first male ponies we've seen. This is *way* worse than FiM's in-show demographics. Calliope! Somnambula is some kind of witch, and controls a magic songbird that hypnotize any pony that hears her. Spike seem unaffected. And ponies dealing with loud noises aren't affected either. Somnambula is using the ponies to make herself younger. So the only real differentiation between mares and stallions is that stallions have neckerchiefs and feathers (long hair on the lower leg just above the hooves). With reference to real horses, not all horses have feathers, and it has nothing to do with gender. It's a breed thing. Though many do shave the feathers on breeding mares to prevent the foals from nibbling the hair off. The bit that's usually distinctive on real stallions (outside of genitals which there're not going to do in this show, of course.) is a highly defined 'crest'. Basically the part of the neck where the mane attaches is taller and thicker on a stallion than it is on a mare or gending. They've been to Paradise Estates before. So they were here after the Movie, but we didn't get to see it. Magic song doesn't affect the young ponies either, just adults. Ah, witch is normally an illusionist, but is using the pony dreams to make the stuff real. Either she just took the name Somnambula due to this, or it's really the name of the bird and the witch is appropriating it. The song affects the male ponies. Being knocked out of the spell works for a while, but they eventually fall prey to it again. How long is different for each pony. Part 2 Big Brother Ponies refer to the mares as 'All the Little Ponies' several times now. That just strikes a bad chord for me somehow. It's a bit too close to how women were often regularly referred to as the 'little women' as a demeaning insult, in response to Louisa May Alcott's immensely popular novel Little Women (1868). Ponies are being aged by the power drain. The song just overrides all free will. Heck of a beak on that bird. Okay, all the Unicorns are apparently imprisoned separately. The unicorns are powering the 'reality bending' powers, by channelling their magic into some kind of crystal. Crystal just poofs away. likely it was also an illusion being stabilized, making it a kind of perpetual magic machine.
  21. My Little Pony 'n Friends: The Ice Cream Wars (G1 TV Episode, 1987, 10 minutes) The heck? Even younger ponies than the nominally Baby Ponies. Plus twins. As a note, twins are *extremely* rare with horses. Something odd with these Baby Ponies. Checking wiki. Gotcha, they're 'First Tooth Baby Ponies', replacing the old just 'Baby Ponies'. People complain about Hasbro now, they really need to check out these older series to know what interference looks like. Newborn Ponies. Like actual horses, these 'newborns' are running around pretty quickly. Ice cream shop, made to look like a slipper. Where did this come from? Mixville? All of sudden ponyland is highly developed with rival businesses. And these aren't ponies, but some kind of Scottish Human/Troll kinda people making ice cream. Why do cartoons always show butterscotch as pink? I've noticed that before. I guess that's one way to feed ice cream to babies. Ah! A giant ice-cream shooting special weapons Dalek! This has got to be the gizmonk's doing again. One of the troll's accents is slipping, he slides from Glasgow to Lancashire then suddenly to Boston.
  22. So, although I haven't seen any of the other generations of My Little Pony (except the first two specials), I have been able to figure out who the main characters are based on the TV adaptions and toys only. For G4, it's the Mane Six, for G3 and G3.5, it's the Core 7, and for Tales, it's the Seven Ponies in the intro. But, when I came to G1, I struck a problem. I have found no way to identify who main ponies were supposed to be, in terms of appearances on the show and in the toys. So, I was wondering, if anybody else had any idea on who the main characters were supposed to be for G1.
  23. My Little Pony 'n Friends: Flight to Cloud Castle (G1 TV Episodes, 1987, 2x 10 minutes) Part 1 Twilight, referring to a pegasis pony this time. They're doing some kind of water-skiing on their own. An elf. Standard Norman English fantasy gear. Sleeping maiden Aerial in a cloud castle set there by her wizard father. This pony is a sucker for love stories. Heartthrob. She was the one in the strawberry shortcake get-up in a previous episode. Didn't even realize she was a pegasis at the time. Cloud castle has the standard Greek orthodox onion-spires normally associated with Russian and middle eastern architecture. Ha, the cloud castle is taking active evasion manoeuvres. Nice logic, surrounding it makes it not be able to manoeuvre. A Merman, apparently part of the wizard's spell. Salamander, which according to the alchemist philosopher Paracelsus is a type of fire spirit, in a cute little cap in this case. If he's really a 'salamander' that probably means the merman is supposed to be an Undine (water spirit). We're going to get a Gnome (earth spirit) and a Sylph (air spirit) eventually then as well. Oh of course. Aerial. She'll be the sylph. We're only missing the Gnome. Castle actually appears to learn. Part 2 Elf has magic on his own. Ah, so *he's* the Gnome. I should have guessed. Huh. She just looks like another gnome/elf. Unexpected. Baked Alaska. Salamander and Undine are turned into... humans, it seems. Ha! Elf girl is isn't following the script. That's actually pretty good. The girl doesn't automatically fall in love with her rescuer, she basically says 'We'll see.'
  24. My Little Pony 'n Friends: The Golden Horseshoes (G1 TV Episodes, 1987, 2x 10 minutes) Part 1 Twinkle-Eyed Unicorn by the name of Mimic is fading in and out. Is this some kind of Winking disorder? Ponies have never run into this before. When was the last time going to Moochick actually *helped?* Wolves. Habbit changes colour from white to brown from episode to episode. That might actually be natural, as I believe some rabbit breeds actually do that. I'm not that familiar with rabbit to tell the truth. Pony Legends and History. Mimic long ago land of Argite, horseshoes made of starlight. 1) Future 2) Blazing Light 3) Hearing 4) Flying. Storm tore the horseshoes away, and left the unicorn in Dream Valley. Mimic's fading supposedly because the horseshoes have gone too far away. Streerah? Gave Megan a box of wolf howls The Stree are ostrich-type things that can turn into rocks. Crescent of Visions. Ah, which is the Horseshoe of the Future. But the Strees didn't technically cheat, really. Blarkland. Blarks and groundhog-like creatures who are traders. Standard riddle game. With standard riddles everyone's heard of. Horseshoe of Light. Gobland Tunnels. Part 2 Yep, Goblins. Though bigger ones than normal. More like trolls. Reading minds? Okay, what I thought was the Horseshoe of Hearing is more the Horseshoe of Hearing Thoughts. Mixed signals. Moochick *is* being helpful. How weird. He might be able to recreate the horseshoes. They seem to be stealing stuff more often than 'winning' them. Moochick determines he can't recreate the horseshoes. But at least he tried. Green mountain elves. Nice, different pegasi have different tolerances for heights. Not Horseshoe of Flying, but Horseshoe of cloud riding. Elves seem to be ruled by a child? Interesting. Uhm, the horseshoes were *absorbed* by Mimic. That's weird. I'm not sure what to make of that.
  25. My Little Pony 'n Friends: Spike's Search (G1 TV Episode, 1987, 10 minutes) This is actually an interesting episode just from a franchise point-of-view, as it parallels the 'Dragon Quest' episode from Friendship is Magic. Spike's growing up, supposedly. He's losing control of his fire. He's going to go learn from 'real dragons', but unlike the G4 episode he's bringing the human boy Danny. Talking eagle fledgeling, named Weston. Animation makes it look like the flame is actually coming from the *top* of Spike's mouth, like from something similar to a venom gland. Over the mountains into another valley. Teenage dragons? We're following not that far from the G4 episode really. Only three of them. Village of... things? I'm not sure what kind of creatures these are supposed to be, we don't see them very clearly. Standard dragon-like behaviour, but stealing food. Garden hose. Marshmallows. Marshmallows are ancient, tracing back to ancient Egypt. But the version we're familiar with came about in the 19th century when French confectioners replaced the whipped marshmallow plant sap with gelatine and egg whites. Okay, while the setup is very similar, and the message is the same, the actual events between the two episodes are *completely* different.