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Found 9 results

  1. I was looking through my old DVDs recently and found my old copy of it! I decided to re-watch it just for the fun of it and it was... something. It's crazy to think that I used to think this movie was all that, when in reality it's really... not that. There were so many animation problems and bad timing when it came to jokes or just regular conversations in general that I could barely finish it. I specifically remember multiple times where there was a character talking but said character had no mouth animation at all, it was pretty funny honestly. It was definitely fun to look back in the nostalgic sense, but wow I did not really enjoy it. Also, can we TALK about G3 Rainbow Dash??? The amount of times she's said darling makes my head hurt.
  2. Everyone's your friend. And considering there's no males to repopulate with they most likely live forever. So there's no death. There's also no school and money problems. You get to do whatever you want. The only problems are ones that can be solved easily. I would love to live here. Wouldn't you?
  3. I know generation 3 is not the most amazing generation, but it seems so many people hate it I like the art I think its really pretty and I don't see why a show has to have violence or combat to be considered good I must admit I do find the songs to be catchy now I'm not forcing anybody to like generation 3, but a lot of people consider it ugly and horrible which I feel they are over exaggerating now I'm not starting an argument or anything everybody has a right to their own opinion or things that they like I just thought I would start this topic and see what everybody thinks me personally I like generation 3 and a lot of ponies in generation 4 are from that generation so without generation 3 and older there would not be a generation 4 so do you like generation 3 or hate it and why?
  4. How would you have felt about an Alicorn being in G3? How do you think she would have been handled? I have pieces of a G3 Alicorn oc in my mind, so I have some idea. I believe the ponies are created from certain random nature occurrences, since it is known from Newborn Cuties that Unicorns are created from two rainbows touching each other. I have a bit of an idea that Pegasai come from a certain cloud formation. And I haven't thought of how Earth ponies would be made. So if two rainbows touching pass through the cloud formation, that would create an Alicorn, which is a 1% chance occurrence, explaining why there is none in canon.
  5. I don't know what it is about them, but with how much screen time they had together and those times they bump muzzles (I think they did, or maybe it was with someone else) makes me think that there was something more between them. And they are just so cute and smol together.
  6. The thing that first got me into ponies. That's honestly an easy question. I grew up watching G3 Minty and G3 Pinkie in the Minty Christmas special A Very Minty Christmas every year around Christmas time. My face lit up whenever I saw Minty and now my face lights up whenever I see ponies from the show to this day. I love MLP and it's all thanks to the original party pony, Minty!
  7. 5 of the Core 7 characters from G3 have made it into g4. Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Sweetie Belle. Toola Roola (best of the core 7), and Starsong have been left behind. Would you guys want to see these two become permanent characters in FiM? Would they be background characters? Reoccurring? Who would you pair off in a duo episode with Starsong or Toola Roola? would you consider it a milestone or taboo to have all the mane cast of a previous generation migrated into a newer generation of MLP, which has never been done before? Do you have more preference for Starsong or Toola Roola?
  8. Not sure if anybody will be interesting in seeing this, but figured why not show an error in generation 3 so while I was watching We're the Ladybugs I noticed that near the end Pinkie Pie's cutie mark changed I did snap some photos which I did crop so only the pictures are seen the first picture is showing Pinkie Pie with her normal cutie mark, the second picture is Pinkie Pie with a different cutie mark and the last one is a close up I'm sure anybody who has seen the song has seen the magical changing cutie mark its like she was breaking the fourth wall in generation 3 as well lol.
  9. My favorite is a tie between Sunny Daze and Kimono