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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 7 results

  1. Here's some games that give me a ton of nostalgia playing them: - Donkey Kong Country Returns - Mario Kart Wii - Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine - Croc 1: Legend of the Gobbos - Croc 2 - Midtown Madness (Of course, they're all old games but I love them!)
  2. I was not able to find a topic about River City Girls, so I decided to go ahead and make one So yeah, you guys looking forward to one of Wayforward's next games, River City Girls? I know that I am. I'm going to be honest, I never really noticed the other River City games until River City Girls. It looks really good to me and having played Shantae Half Genie Hero, another game that Wayforward was behind, I can say I am excited.
  3. For me, usually normal. For FPSs, I'll usually bump it up to hard, and then down to normal if things get too crazy for a first playthrough. I never go down to easy. It's just a personal rule for me: if I can't beat the game on normal, then I need to get better. I have spent hours and hours on a single boss because I refused to go down to easy. It made me feel better after the fact, though On subsequent playthroughs, depending on the game, I'll usually play hard, unless I still don't feel that I have the hang of the game yet. Plenty of RPGs like that; you can go through the whole game and still not know anything about all the crazy skills and weapons and stuff you can get, or the insane builds that shouldn't work but somehow do. For example, I have over 150 hours in Star Ocean 3, and I'm just now getting into Item Creation and synthesizing XD Subsequent playthroughs on FPSs are pretty much always done on hard, or higher difficulties, of they exist.
  4. Should lootboxes and microtransactions be banned in games? If not outright banned, should every game that has them receive the adults only rating? Or should they be not be banned at all?
  5. Classic WoW will be released in a little less than two weeks. Is anyone else hyped? Slower leveling and a greater feeling of progression with the talent trees. No cross realms so if someone ganks you it’s entirely possible to find them later and get revenge, as well as the return of personal reputations on your server. Dat Barrens chat, boi. If you’re playing, what class/race combo? What server? We’re finally going home frens.
  6. I’m just wondering if there are any call of duty bronies or clans that still play the good ones like modern warfare remastered , black ops 3 , WW2 , or MW3. :3