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Found 5581 results

  1. It started out good, a really good balance of RPG and action. Something akin to Dragon Age II, I dare say. (Going by only the DA2 demo, of course, since I haven't played the game itself) Sometimes some framerate drops which aren't so bad. Then the sound started screwing up to where there were no sounds when you swung your sword sometimes or when you hit stuff. I didn't finish the demo but I got to the Well of Souls and then it started skipping dialog when I never really pressed anything so I had no idea what I was reacting to when I was making dialog choices so I stopped there. Overall, as long as the actual game doesn't pull that bullshit it will be a pretty decent action RPG, methinks.
  2. Starlighty

    Gaming Beat Infamous

    It was awesome!!! I am so happy that I beat it. I barely ever beat games I just play them when I feel like it. lol. Now I want Infamous two. Also I wanna go back and play on evil mood just to see what it's like
  3. Guest

    Gaming Roleplaying Thread

    I didn't see any other thread dealing with this so I decided to post one myself. Note: This isn't a thread for actual roleplaying, just the discussion of roleplaying in general. This thread is for anything and everything roleplaying! Do you have a favorite moment to share, what is your favorite system (game), do you prefer freeform to rules, do you play PBP or IRL more often, and anything else you want to add!
  4. In this game you get to name your base. (Insert name here) Castle. I named it Cantrlot Castle (Due to character limits I had to cut out the E) Good decision?
  5. Copypasta from my messenger talking to someone else just after I beat the game. I... I haven't felt like this in years That feeling of "OMG I want more but...if I get more it may not preserve the epic feeling this game has given me" That feeling that...I don't know what's going to happen int heir lives next but desperately wish I could find out THat feeling...of...unconclusion that doesn't really NEED to be continued but I want it anyway That feeling that will haunt me... Even when I replay the game And know everything as I see all the events through new eyes I haven't played a game that's done this to me in many years I don't even remember what the last game that did this to me was, perhaps FFIX You know what I mean? Do you know what the feeling I'm speaking of that has no specific name?
  6. but better I'm not even gonna spoil it but I just got to this place called Chronopolis and...well...let's just say the identity of the villain you've been chasing around blew my fucking mind. This is one of the very best developments out of an RPG I've ever seen. Anyone who wants to play Chrono Cross and is only thinking about it should just go do it cuz this game is epic all the way through but after this bombshell of a plot's better than Chrono Trigger imo. I suppose that's not enough to go on, after thinking about it. I'd say the story itself is worth the purchase but the gameplay is as well. Others might argue that Chrono Trigger is better but it's entirely up to you whether you like it or not and whether you like it more than Chrono Trigger.
  7. I've only played the game through once so far and it was as more or less a basic warrior class, using whatever gave me the highest attack power and defensive power and such. This time I did something a little more interesting, though not exactly creative: A "High Sage" character that specializes in Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Mysticism, Illusion, Speechcraft and Mercantile with attributes favoring Willpower and Intelligence. Went with The Lady as my sign for the 10 points to Willpower and Endurance. I thought about the Mage but I figured my Magicka was gonna increase with every level anyway. I also chose Argonian so I wouldn't have to worry about resisting diseases so much and I could automatically breathe underwater without having to cast a spell. Overall, this build seemed to fit the name "High Sage" best because when you think of a Sage you not only think of one who knows magick very well but is also good at appeasing others (hence Speechcraft) with wisdom of the ages. Yeah, I made him as old as possible too. Throughout this run I'm gonna use only magick and staves, anything that's not those or a good mage's robe will be sold for cashmonies. Accessories will be kept, of course, as they are useful no matter what your class is. So, to bring this long and likely to be ignored description to an end, it's not exactly creative but it does have this epic feel to it and it'll be good to explore something different from straight up swordplay and archery and such. On a side note: Next time I play the game with a new character I'll likely start with an assassin type character, joining the Dark Brotherhood and Thieve's Guild and everything. After that I wanna go a little more unique and try an Alchemist (For quests) and also a general traveling merchant. No particular purpose to the merchant part but to just create a more natural feel, though the sad thing is that I can't really trade with anyone but other merchants. In a way though, it's Torneko, Oblivion style. Oh, I also forgot to mention the character's name is Matthias.
  8. Nintendo has announced that later this year the 3DS will be able to support paid DLC for games, and it isn't hard to believe that 3rd Party companies will eat that up and spit back out content of varying quality. Certain companies *cough* CAPCOM *cough* will probably rip us off, and others might give us great deals. What if Nintendo were to create DLC for their games? Do you think they could put anything good on the market that you'd be willing to buy? Basically, what kinds of DLC do you think will become available for the games we currently know are coming up on the market? Will this content be a marketing nightmare as most DLC is? Or can Nintendo weed out the best of the best for everyone?
  9. RainboomGenesis

    Gaming Xbox, Wii, and PS3?

    We should do some stuff on those consoles. I'm sure most pony has either one or all of these systems.
  10. BEWARE: This is a bit of a rant. So a few years ago I used to joke about video game developer's purposely hiding content from their consumers to make a quick buck later... funny thing is a few years later it has become a reality! I used to make that joke about sequels. Where the next game is exactly the same but they make you rebuy the game to continue the storyline or get a few graphical upgrades! This isn't anything new. In fact Nintendo, the family friendly happy-go-lucky lovable company, robs you blind each time you play the next Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon title. (Fun-Fact: Crazy thing about Nintendo fans, my self included, that we not only allow, not only accept this, but fully expects this to get a nice hit of that nostalgia! Us Nintendo fans are INSANE!) But this rant isn't on bad sequels that "should've been an expansion pack/DLC) but the DLC itself! Now the thought of DLC is the true future of gaming! Now games repair and update themselves without you having to buy a new disc! Every gamer's dream! Unfortunately we depend on these big publisher and developer companies to handle this dream. With big companies comes corporate greed. And us Bronies know what greed is like! The companies are more like Discord Rarity. The companies are hoarding their own Tom the Rock (no offense to the user that happens to be named Tom the Rock hehe) and keeping it away from us consumers. Except this is the real world... that diamond they're holding away (content) turns out to be a gold mine! Sad ending for consumers! Confused with my metaphor? Okay how about this... "DLC is killing gaming as a whole!" How? Well let's look at pre-order bonuses. I remember when this fad started. Game Stop would give you like a free key chain for free. Not bad... Now they hand you numbers? Well let me tell you exactly what you bought. You bought a game on a disc, you also received a few numbers... wait that was obvious. But those numbers have a use. So you can fully use that disc, you know the one you paid for! Now getting a little extra content isn't bad, but what about those who didn't pre-order, those who bought it from a local retailer, those who bought it used! Welcome to the Capitalistic Nightmare World! Gears of War 3 is a nice example. You could pre-order GoW3 from Game Stop and receive the code to unlock the "Commando Dom" character skin. Best Buy offers Mechanic Baird Amazon offers Savage Kantus Walmart offers Savage Grenadier These are alternative player skins already available on disc that we are denied access! We are only allowed access to these if we pre-ordered and purchased the game from a certain retailer. No matter which retailer you pick you are denied access to content you already purchased on the damn disc! Oh but it get's worse than petty pre-order skins. There's also the Collector's Edition which comes with an exclusive Adam Fenix skin... which is also already on the Standard Edition's disc! There are also exclusive weapons skins too! Also if you took part in the Beta they give out yet another skin already on disc! This one's Cole Train! Tired of being blocked of access... too bad! You can also pay extra out of your pocket to use weapon skins you already own! Not to mention to get to use them all it costs almost as much as the damn game! Oh it doesn't end now does it! The first DLC pack is the Horde Command pack... this pack is interesting because it is NOT DLC! Through breaking into the game the skins are already on the disc too just waiting to be activated! Look at all that content... All of which (if you bought Gears of War 3) you already own on disc! I got Gears of War 3 from Game Stop. I usually buy my games from a local retailer, but they weren't offering Beta access. (was actually worth the $5 I put down for it!) Now I love my local retailer Elite Games, the clerks are fun loving gamer's like me! If they were hiring I'd join in a heartbeat! They also have a large collection of Classic games in-store! AND they let you pay about $5 to sit down in the middle of the store and play it for about an hour! If it weren't for the Beta I would've bought it from Elite, but I already paid $5 so... why not! If I did do the right thing and supported my awesome local retailer look at all the content I'd miss out on!!! All of that on disc, but unusable! "Oh so the motto is don't buy Gears of War 3?" Well no! Aside from this the game is good in my opinion (well lack luster singleplayer, but I don't expect much these days). This psuedo-DLC fad has been around for a while and isn't going away! Online Passes are the new cancer! Surprisingly GoW3 did not require this... but other games require you to buy the game new in order to play online. If one buys the game used you must pay extra to play it online, or access certain content (the infamous Catwoman is a good example from Arkham City)! Similar examples some people complain about is Call of Duty Elite which isn't really content it's a service. I pay $15 a month for SWTOR because it's a service! Certainly I wish I could alternatively access the game content offline for free, but it's an MMO they don't work like that! CoD Elite is an online service that people pay for if they like CoD's online and want to get the most of it. Plus fans of CoD's online Muliplayer seem to be stupid anway so more power to them to waste money oops did I write that? Others may bring up TF2's hats and weapons. Bear in mind that these micro-transactions are a service. A Stupid service at that Plus you get the game for free now where veterans like me had to pay for it so shut up! None of this is slowing down! I just heard Mass Effect 3 has a similar plan as Gears of War 3 where the big retailers roll out their exclusive weapons and whatnot! You know it is hard to be a video game fan these days! The quality of games seem to have dumbed down to make way from needlessly complex graphics and tedious online play! Now the purchasing of games themselves is becoming a chore as well. And DLC that is supposed to extend the life of a game instead only limits it! And poor small awesome retailers like Elite Games will bite the dust because of these terrors! Well I've already decided to boycott the retailers as a small personal protest, but some people don't have the option or a retailer worth fighting for, but I feel we as the consumers have to fight back somehow! /rant
  11. If you thought I couldn't get any weirder, then you're highly mistaken. ;D Enjoy~
  12. So, has anyone else played Fortune Street for the Wii? For those who do not know what it is, it's a Monopoly style board game with advanced mechanics including Stocks for the separate districts as well as special spaces that wouldn't be possible on a standard board game, as well as features many different types of board variations. The characters are a crossover match-up between Mario and Dragon Quest (odd, I know) worlds. If you haven't checked it out but you like Monopoly or just board games in general, I recommend it. It's got a load of stuff to do for a video board game, including full online play. Rent it at the very least if you're a board game fan, but not if you're expecting something like Mario Party. If anyone here actually does play it, let me know and maybe we can exchange friend codes and play online.
  13. And it's as amazing as I thought it would be. Every single thing about the game is improved from the previous one: Jumping, battle, weapon usage and even level and character designs. It's all amazing. The ONLY problem I have with the game is the inability to invert the X-Axis and it bugs the living shit out of me because my natural setting is always inverted unless it's a shooter. There is the Pepper Grinder but you don't use that enough to justify me liking the controls any. I just started the Dormouse'
  14. Discordian

    Gaming Final Fantasy XIII

    Took about three hours worth of grinding on Gran Pulse but I finally beat Orphan. Now I'm quite ready for FFXIII-2. I'm still debating whether I want to try to go for the Plat or not, or at least try to do all of the Cie'th Stone missions.
  15. ProjectRKA

    Gaming MLP Forums steam group

    As some of you might know, we have a steam group. -Not sure if this has been posted, but it would be nice if those who are already (also new-comers of course ;p) in the group could make a list of the games you have on steam. Here's my list: - Alien Swarm. - CoD: Black Ops. - CS:S. - Dead Island. - Fear 2: Project Origin. - Half-Life 2. - L4D 1 & 2. - TF2. - TrackMania Nations Forever.
  16. Elric

    Gaming Crash Bandicoot

    So, any Crash Bandicoot fans out there? I personally loved the games, and played all of the series on the original playstation. I remember one on the ps2 (before they rebooted the whole series and made is really bad) was pretty good as well.
  17. Pushmo is a 3DS downloadable puzzle game that costs 6 dollars on the Eshop and is waaaaaaay worth it. Once you've gone far enough in the game, you'll be able to make your own unique levels and share them with friends. You can share them using QR codes. This thread was made to talk about Pushmo, share your levels, and give others advice for some levels that seem almost impossible. Eeyup! Enjoy everypony!
  18. QueenChrysalis

    Gaming Sega Thread

    fell free to put your input on all sega stuff from sonic to dream cast and beyond is you can tell my two fav thing in life are mlp fim and sonic
  19. Lady Rarity Pony

    Gaming Nancy Drew (video games) thread

    If you haven't already, you should have played the Nancy Drew games by now. Yes this is also something that was originally intended to target girl, the older games actually has labeled on the boxes that they were recommended for girls between the ages Y and Z. I absolutely love these games. They are like a mystery game filled with a ton of puzzles to solve and in many cases actually encourages you to learn something, such as math if they have a math related puzzle. I definitely recommend checking them out. I will list the names of the games in the main series. Secrets Can Kill Stay Tuned for Danger Message in the Haunted Mansion Treasure in the Royal Tower The Final Scene Secret of the Scarlet Hand Ghosts Dogs of Moon Lake The Haunted Carousel Danger on Deception Island The Secret of Shadow Ranch Curse of Blackmoor Manor Secret of the Old Clock Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Danger By Design The Creature of Kapu Cave White Wolf of Icicle Creek Legend of the Crystal Skull The Phantom of Venice The Haunting of Castle Malloy Ransom of the Seven Ships Warnings at Waverly Academy Trail of the Twister Secrets Can Kill Remastered Shadow at the Water's Edge The Captive Curse Alibi in Ashes Tomb of the Lost Queen Mystery at Pine Hill You would think that a developer that release 2 games a year would toss them out half finished but that is not the case here. These games are top quality and worth checking out!
  20. Plasmastorm X-15

    Gaming MLP-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Just Wondering is Anypony getting Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
  21. General Discussion Thread for all things pertaining to FINAL FANTASY XIV, both version 1.0 and late 2012's 2.0. I will also answer any questions anypony may have about the game, if they've played it in the past and gave it up or has become interested after reading about the major changes to come. FFXIV News and Updates: The LodestoneFFXIV_2.0_Outline_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Roadmap_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Specs_EN.pdf FFXIV_2.0_Systems_and_Content_EN.pdf
  22. w1kk3d

    Gaming WoW Servers

    Hey! I just realized I'm in Bloodhoof! haha! And I have been playing WoW long before I was a brony! Is anypony else here into Warcrack?!?! I'm not on much right now because of finals but if somepony has an account that would be like.... 20% cooler!
  23. N Harmonia

    Gaming Wii U Topic

    Since we have a 3DS topic, I think we might as well have a WiiU topic. Share your news, rumors, anything you've got, just share it below.