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Found 5654 results

  1. hello i am not a huge fan of pokemon but i got every game and never did play them so im making a first time game play would you suppor it (btw full brony commentary)
  2. What are your thoughts? I personally don't like the close quarter maps in bf3, metro was full of rpg/usas spammers. Hopefully they'll be more well designed this time.
  3. It`s Been Confirmed!!! Another Marvel vs Capcom 3!!! Capcom is pulling the same shit they did with Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ------------------------------------------------- Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3X What is Capcom gonna do this time!? It said to have 8 new characters & Re-balanced gameplay. & It`s coming in July! What Are Your Thoughts!? [update] Okay so apperently it was said that this was mainly a photoshop & there isn`t gonna be a UMvC3X but there will be some prediciton.
  4. So I was trying to find a Legacy name which's got something to do with MLP: FiM. But I can't think of anyhing... Anything at all. So My Bronies and Pegasisters post some sugestions! please help me find a name And thanks in advance!
  5. Hexagon is a small flash game made by Terry Cavanagh Of VVVVV Here is the game: I challenge you all to try and beat my high score of 63:17 Here is a picture for proof: Good luck!
  6. This looks amazing! And it is made by maxis, so it will not be simcity societies all over again
  7. This game Features a Complete recreation of SMB with elements from Portal,4-player simultaneaous coop, a Level Editor that was used to create the levels in the game, 33 different hats Downloadable Mappacks and Game modifiers for extra fun! I haven't tried this game yet...but it looks really promising, it came out today AFAIK and here is a link to the trailer http-~~-// what do you guise think? is it cool to mix two games together. I personally love this concept! this game runs on linux, osx, windows and is open source! EDIT: so I just played this game a little, needless to say it is an AWESOME remake even with out the portal elements! sadly I have to sleep now, so I will play some more soon and report back!
  8. Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man, left Capcom late last year to pursue other projects outside of the company. According to an interview with, Inafune tried to work with Capcom in order to continue the projects he had already started after his planned departure, but Capcom refused his offer. It was because of Capcom's reluctance to continue working with Inafune that we lost projects like Mega Man Legends 3. Inafune was quoted saying, "I wanted to leave Capcom to recharge my energy, and support Capcom from there, but it seems they don’t allow it. I want to make all my effort to keep Legends 3 alive, but I’m really not sure I can do it." Inafune wanted to continue working on Capcom projects, but from a distance and on his own terms with his new company Comcept, but Capcom said no. I'm still pretty disappointed that Mega Man Legends 3 won't be seeing the light of day, but it sounds like Inafune is still up for working on the project even if Capcom doesn't seem particularly interested in the idea. I know this might be a little old but I haven't seen it around here so I'm posting it since if it's news to me it's possibly news to someone else.
  9. I'm pretty stoked for the release of Street Fighter X Tekken, and I can't help but notice that crossover games are popping up all over the place nowadays. Marvel vs. Capcom, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, etc... Does anyone have any dream-crossover games they'd like to see happen? I've only got a few so far. *Square Enix vs. Capcom (Just think: Dante from Devil May Cry, vs. Sephiroth!) *Marvel vs. DC Universe (It just needs to happen) *Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel (That way, it doesn't have to be rated T again) Looking forward to hearing your ideas!
  10. I'm going on Battlefield 3 on PS3 soon. Feel free to join me. PSNID: romansiii
  11. I got bored so i made this to show off my UMvC3 ranked matches... Hope you like them...
  12. Anyone going to be getting this? It looks awesome Hopefully it won't a disappointment.
  13. I'm a xbox gamer but i don't ever come across any other bronys on xbox live so i would like make a xbox live group on the forums so if you are interested in playing with other bronys then just post your gamertag my gamertag is: KSI Alcatraz so like i said post your gamertag and we could play together sometime
  14. [media=][/media] So bad. I expected it to be terrible, but this. This is beyond terrible.
  15. So I decided to make a forum where we can discuss various news and rumors about the video game industry! Perhaps there's new info on an upcoming title. A new title is popping up with all sorts of info. Rumored remakes perhaps? New Console news? (I mean we do have a sister forum based on one ) Just any cool Gaming News or stuff fresh from the Rumor Mill can be discussed here!
  16. So its oficial that tomorrow there will be a info dump on games including Halo 4 and assasins creed 3, who knows what else but im super psyched ive been waiting 4 halo info for months
  17. If you don't know already, Left 4 Dead is the most poular zombie-horror game franchise right now. It was made by Valve who made great games like TF2, Portal, and Half-Life. There are right now two games in the franchise which are simply titled Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. The main objective of the game is to help the four "survivors" of the Green Flu outbreak (a highly contagious disease that removes higher brain functions and increase aggresion) to the nearest by saferoom so eventually they can be rescued by a rescue vehicle. Most infected are weak dieing easily to any good coordinated team but there's a catch, not all infected are mindless zombies. First off you have the voatile Boomer, a fat infected who is extremley fragile but can vomit on you to attract the Horde (any infected within 5 miles will rush over to you in a group attack). Then there is the Smoker who will grab you with his extremley long, deformed tounge and seperate you from the other survivors and once he dies he releases a cloud of smoke that impairs vision. My favorite, the Hunter is an extremley agile infected that stalks his victim then pounces on him to deal MASSIVE amounts of damage at the expense of having telltale signals of his attack. The Charger charges at his opponents at high speeds then pummels them with his giant fist, but his attack is somewhat easy to dodge. The Jockey is arguably one of the most dangerous infected and pounces like the Hunter, but instead he rides his opponent around steering them into fire and other hazards. The horrifying Spitter spits an acid pool that deals heavy damage over time she also has silent warning signals at the expense of a low health pool. The sad Witch will cry in one spot until someone unlucky comes along and startles her, making her go into a beserk mode incappitating or even killing a survivor in one shot, another version wanders around in a set patrol route. Finally there is the mighty Tank, along with the Witch he is considered a boss infected having a high health pool, high damage output, and a frightening theme. This may not be the most organized post, but I just want a thread that can spark conversation and innovation. (lol, I sound like some president doing a speech)
  18. I am able to prestige to the first level in MW3, but there is an emblem I would like to unlock (100 final stand kills). I don't know how close I am to it and from what I know there are no stats to check how close I am.
  19. Just saw the short add on TV, check out the full trailer here - Wow. I, being a massive fan of ResidentEvil games, am quite hyped up. Not only does this one look scary (already an improvement on the last one, if you ask me) its bringing back CAPCOM's amazing imagination for creature designs by the looks of things. I mean, did you see that thing at 2:44? Thats what you get for hiding behind cover. Maybe we can get some more cool new creatures, and not just some black blob thing that has to be burned to death because its just that annoying. Also, the normal 'zombies' actualy look cool this time. Im tired of fighting slightly scary looking guys with red eyes and pitchforks in the middle of broad daylight. (In case you havent caught on by now, im raging at Resi5) I usualy avoid getting caught up in hype at the early stages of a games release. I only end up getting dissapointed after im done with the game (*cough* Skyrim *cough*). But i must say, im strugleing slighty here... Anyway, im done with my long-ass fan-gasp now
  20. Well...I noticed almost no one here has heard of Langrisser, so I thought I'd go ahead and make the official MLP Forums Langrisser thread. Any questions about the series? I'll answer them. For starters: Langrisser is the name of A Holy Sword. It's the most important thing in the series. The games are Strategy RPG's(or simulation role-playing game as some refer to Langrisser,) but unlike Fire Emblem, you control a group of Commanding Officers (I actually use the term "General" myself) and each General hires troops at the outset of battle. What types of troops a General can hire depend on his or her class. Here is what battles on Langrisser IV for Playstation look like. On the left is my General McClaine's troops (Phalanxes) and on the right the Enemy CO's Half-Rocs. Both Groups went in with 10 HP. More later, unless someone asks something specific. Oh yeah, and by the way....if anyone decides to get into the series, Langrisser 1 was released in the us as "Warsong" for Sega Genesis. Beyond that, you'll have to import or go the illegal route. If you don't know what that means, you can PM me. I'm not updating anymore if no one replies because that'd kind of be like spamming.
  21. Totally legit! From Nintendo themselves you can get Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask on Virtual Console for Free! Though it does require a bit of effort. You must get it from Club There you redeem serial codes found within the game's packaging to get Coins. These coins can be used to get a number of things including a free download key for Majora's Mask... well until January 31st. I believe you need 150 coins to purchase the game which is the equivalent of $150 worth of Nintendo games and consoles sitting around your house! I got 100 coins worth from DS titles (Pokemon, Mario Kart, Nintendogs, etc.) and I got 100 coins from Wii games (Animal Crossing City Folk and SSBB). Sadly they seem to only take Nintendo games and only certain ones! (Why you no take Mario Hoops? ) I figured since we have a lot of Nintendo fans here (seeing that we are sister forums with a WiiU Forum) that this might peak an interest with you. I have the game downloaded now and I can't wait to re-live one of my favorite games of all time!
  22. I was playing Lumines Live on my 360 the other day, and I wondered: "Are there any other bronies out there who know about Q Entertainment?" For those who haven't heard of it, Q entertainment is a video game company run by a guy named Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who you may know as the designer of the Space Channel 5 Games. Games that Q Entertainment have made include Lumines, Meteos, Rez, Every Extend Extra, and recently, Child of Eden. So yeah, feel free to answer.