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Found 5654 results

  1. Even video games we enjoy can frustrate us. Whether it's something small, or something that makes us despise it with a burning passion. It does't matter how much we enjoy the game, we can love and hate it. For me it would be Super Mario Kart on the Super NES. The game is fun, but can be incredibly difficult to get used to the physics and dynamics -- especially after playing later games in the series.
  2. Does anyone here played that game to? I'm just curious that's all,cause I just think the game is fun to play with even tho it have a'lot of sad moments,great story for me and also I really love the soundtracks in itSanta Monica Dream makes me sad >.> And it somehow makes me rethinks my life that other games never made me o-o
  3. Ah the good old question for all gamers, which game was literally the hardest you ever played and why was it so hard to beat it? For me the hardest game i ever played was the Ninja Gaiden NES Trilogy, those 3 were a nightmare to beat and i still proudly wear it on my belt of accomplishments of beating them WITHOUT cheats like some pansies might Still with me 100% blaster master zero 1 on switch and soon me getting the sequel on the switch im really curious to hear what all you guys/gals played and how hard it was to beat too? Now there are some games im just like... ugh that aint really hard its ment to be like that, like the fnaf games prime example (IF you wanna call them games lol) those games are like ment to be stressful and difficult to do because of the stress, its not really well... in MY OPINION not that much of a game as getting the ending is super easy and not worth the outcome, now i have played some of the FNAF games dont get me wrong, but that was years ago when the hype was big and now its kinda well... died off for me, but you do you ^^ If you like fnaf and find it hard thats your preference x3 Anyways enough rambling, lets hear what games you guys had severe difficulty beating and why was it so difficult
  4. So congratulations to Electronic Arts for making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, thanks to their installment of Star Wars: BattleFront II. Or rather, one of their Reddit comments released on behalf of the game made it in. Good luck breaking that record.
  5. Hi everypony It seems that tomorrow at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST we have a Nintendo Direct that will be about 40 minutes long, and promises coverage of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and a few other titles coming for the Nintendo Switch. What else does everypony think may be broadcast during the direct? The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2? Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Feel free to share thoughts down below, and I’ll see you all there tomorrow
  6. Let's face it, video game soundtracks can be pretty badass, so what's your favorite? My favorite badass soundtrack would probably be the soundtrack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed 2, for very obvious reasons. And Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix for them intense feels in a specific boss.
  7. Let's settle the 16-bit wars once and for all. Which was the better consoles, the SNES or the Sega Genesis/Megadrive? Personally, I think the SNES's better 3rd party support and controller make it the winner.
  8. For me, usually normal. For FPSs, I'll usually bump it up to hard, and then down to normal if things get too crazy for a first playthrough. I never go down to easy. It's just a personal rule for me: if I can't beat the game on normal, then I need to get better. I have spent hours and hours on a single boss because I refused to go down to easy. It made me feel better after the fact, though On subsequent playthroughs, depending on the game, I'll usually play hard, unless I still don't feel that I have the hang of the game yet. Plenty of RPGs like that; you can go through the whole game and still not know anything about all the crazy skills and weapons and stuff you can get, or the insane builds that shouldn't work but somehow do. For example, I have over 150 hours in Star Ocean 3, and I'm just now getting into Item Creation and synthesizing XD Subsequent playthroughs on FPSs are pretty much always done on hard, or higher difficulties, of they exist.
  9. Should lootboxes and microtransactions be banned in games? If not outright banned, should every game that has them receive the adults only rating? Or should they be not be banned at all?
  10. Cancel cancel culture. This is immoral. For the record, Zoe Quinn, his accuser, is the same person who ran a Kickstarter scam and was able to get the guy fired just on her word alone. Alec may have been guilty of something, but he didn't deserve to be driven to his death for yelling at his girlfriend and "blacklisting" her despite the fact that he's not even a highly prominent figure in gaming. Rest in peace to him.
  11. What are the gems of your game collection? My favorite would probably be my Castlevania collection. I have every castlevania ever made for GBA, DS, PS and PS2. I even have 2 copies of AoS, since i have the original cart, and the double pack. All the DS ones are in near perfect condition with original cases and manuals and everything, as are my copies of SotN and the PS2 ones. I fucking love CV, in case you didnt know I had a near perfect black label FF7, but I sold that to a friend. I still have a green label I kept to play, which I got for $5. <3 garage sales. I have a mint condition black label copy of Odin Sphere that I got at a different garage sale for $2. Best deal I've ever gotten My collection isn't big, but I have some nice stuff
  12. Probably the scariest series I've played by FAR is Five Nights at Freddy. In no.3, Springtrap finished me off so the third game in the series is the scariest for me.
  13. This just came out of curiosity.. Like the title says, what video Game levels or bosses are there that make you throw your controller out a window? For me, I would have to say the Egg Dragoon from Sonic Generations gave me the most trouble out of any game. As for level, I would say Sky Sanctuary, also from Sonic Generations That is literally like my achilles heel when it comes to starting that game I really suck at that level Now your turn :3
  14. At SEGA FES, yesterday, SEGA announced that they're releasing the SEGA Mega Drive Mini in Japan on September 19th, On that same date, SEGA will release the Genesis Mini for Americans. 40 Games will be the grand total in both regional hardwares. Ten games were announced for the Mega Drive Mini: - Castlevania Bloodlines - Puyo Puyo Tsu (Poll Result Winner) - Comix Zone - Powerball - Gunstar Heroes - Madou Monogatari Ichi - Rent-A-Hero - Shining Force (Poll Result Winner) - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Poll Result Winner) - Space Harrier II We in the States will get the following 10: - Ecco the Dolphin - Castlevania Bloodlines - Comix Zone - Gunstar Heroes - Shining Force - Sonic the Hedgehog - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Space Harrier II - Altered Beast - ToeJam & Earl I tweeted the news to ToeJam & Earl's Twitter page, and they posted it immediately. There are some differences between the Genesis Mini and the Mega Drive Mini, though: - Genesis Mini comes with 3-Button USB Pads - Mega Drive Mini comes with 6-Button USB Pads, and come bundled with 1 or 2 Controllers - Games list varies by nation, just like the NES and SNES Classic Editions. Hopefully, we could use the Retro-Bit USB Genesis Controllers no problem, unless SEGA plans on selling the 6-Button pads separately for specific compatibility with the Genesis Mini, so games like Comix Zone can utilize the 6-Button Pad proper.
  15. I’m just wondering if there are any call of duty bronies or clans that still play the good ones like modern warfare remastered , black ops 3 , WW2 , or MW3. :3
  16. Ever since I discovered this series I've literally been like I've played every game. The first one I bought on Virtual Console due to how expensive physical copies are I own Shantae 4 (Half Genie Hero) on both WiiU and Switch, with the Switch version being the Ultimate edition I just really like the way she's so beautiful and strong. It's platform action and story is spot on, funny too Here's a news article from Nintendo Life that's got a lot of people speculating and me just foaming if it's true: Shantae in Smash? Nah, couldn't be right?
  17. Think about it. In the lore, as of the beginning of the 42nd Millennium, the Adeptus Astartes are getting new weapons, new armour, new gear, and new enhancements to help them combat against the Forces of Chaos after the creation of the Great Rift. Meanwhile, the Astra Militarum are stuck with the same tanks and lasguns. I'm not exactly a payer of the tabletop game (in fact, I've only played Dawn of War, Dawn of War 2, and Space Marines), but shouldn't the Imperial Guard get better lasguns, better tanks, and better wargear in general, too? Sure, it would still pale in comparison to the new equipment the Space Marines have, but it's better than nothing. And this is coming from someone who's slow to adjusting to change.
  18. I loooove this game dearly, dont judge, dont make rude comments, well this was or is my childhood game, I still have it and play it on my N64, so I wanna know, anypony a fan of it, or heard of it, or at least played it??
  19. Minus the legendaries make your own here
  20. For me, it was Skyward Sword. What about you guys?
  21. I am not a huge MK fan, but I have to admit, it looks pretty cool. I find myself impressed with the game's graphics for some reason. I think they are doing a good job of hyping up the game with their character trailers. So, is anyone planning to pick the game up when it releases? P.S. Damn, Kitana breaking skulls with her booty.
  22. It is finally upon us! Super Mario Maker 2 is now out for the Nintendo Switch and already it is easily one of my favorite games for the platform and for 2019. I have sunk some hours into it already and minus some very minor gripes (more like me not being used to some new things), I have had so much fun with it. To me, this game is a definitive reason to own a Switch. SO! Who else has the game? What are your thoughts? What are your likes and maybe dislikes? Played some cool stuff so far? Chat away makers of the Mario. You know what else? Level Sharing. Or I guess course sharing is more accurate. As one might know, each level comes with a specific ID code, making it a breeze to look up levels made by specific people. Have a level that you want to share, yours or otherwise? Baboom, this be the place folks. Speaking of, I have a level! Most of my morning has been spent on making this course and it has been a great experience with learning how all this stuff works. Even with just starting out, Ithink I made something that is kinda neat. Nothing mindblowing but hey, first attempt and all that. I call it Into the Ice Cavern. Pretty cool name eh? Here is the course ID: 1HS-CDK-VNG Bob-Omb Hills: Steal the Gold! Course ID: GM9-JS2-WNG Any new courses I will make I will add to this initial post most likely. If I remember to do so, I may try to add all levels listed into the initial post here.