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Found 1086 results

  1. I personally don't care for it. It seems like a lot of the community is not good on that website.
  2. I couldn't find a thread like this, so here it is. It's exactly what the title says, what's your natural high? The addicting feeling that you come back to that doesn't harm your health at all unlike drugs? I'd like to see what they are. Mine is listening to Evening Star and TheDashDub. Those two artists hold a big place in my heart.
  3. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  4. While it is very rare, some people have fell in love with their childhood friend and married them, but they are a minority compared to the married couples who first met each other as adults. The whole "falling in love with your childhood friend thing" does happen a lot in Anime/Manga and other forms of fiction, but it rarely actually happens in real life. The Westermarck effect, also known as reverse sexual imprinting, is a psychological hypothesis that people who live in close domestic proximity during the first few years of their lives become desensitized to sexual attraction. Here's the Wikipedia page about the Westermarck effect: So basically, If you knew someone before age 10 & were consistently around them, there is often an effect on your brain where you’ll associate them as a sibling. You simply won’t be attracted to them. There are a few small Jewish communities in Israel that raise children collectively & are having issues with people not marrying within the immediate community due to not being attracted to people they were raised with.
  5. Since we all sleep, we encounter dreams once in a while - or a lot for some people. As some segments of a dream are usually forgotten after 10+ minutes of waking up, what do you remember from the dream you had last night? It can just be little bits or the full experience. Good dream, bad dream, lucid dream, anything. Just don't state anything that could be classed as NSFW. I would tell mine, but bedtime is coming up, and I've lost the whole thing 14 hours later.
  6. So I'm new here and I just thought about this: maybe there should be a car community forum for car enthusiasts like me. What do you think, everypony?
  7. 2016 is almost over. How would you rate the year as a whole?
  8. Sometimes the best things aren't nothing too special, rather the opposite. Are there some normal, average things that makes you feel happy or for some unexplainable reason give you joy? I, for one, have always found ironing clothes strangely relaxing. Warmth of newly printed paper is also something that never ceases to delight me
  9. I thought it would be a good idea to ask users if they are an early bird or night owl, if you don't know those two terms, I'll explain. An early bird or lark is a person who gets up early and goes to bed early. While a night owl is a person who stays up late at night or the early hours of morning. Which one are you? I am a night owl.
  10. The Earth is flat, prove me wrong, you won't!
  11. So I really need some advice on how to earn some money through selling some mlp arts. Any tips guys?
  12. Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet -
  13. I don’t think this is a topic already from what I saw. pretty straight forward question. If you don’t celebrate your birthday then this doesn’t really apply to you then, but maybe it does? Idk. I will say that I try hard to remember my closest friends birthdays and you know sometimes I’ll forget too, but either way I still feel somewhat bad when people forget my birthday, specifically my close friends.
  14. Not really, im not really interesting
  15. So my dad will be flying out to what will probably be the last thanksgiving his immediate family has before they all move out of the state. I was supposed to join him but my work waited a month to approve my time off and now it'll be too expensive to fly out and basically spend a week shut in at grandmas while her state is still locked down. So it'll be just me, my antisocial brother and my handicapped mom who's pretty much restricted to her room. We can't think of any meaningful way to come together without making it difficult for someone else. So it'll just be us eating whatever and doing it alone, like usual. How about you? You spending this holiday alone? Lets' all come together here and keep eachother company.
  16. So I've been floating around here for awhile, and I've become a tad bit lost. I know people advertise their little roleplays here and there- and, in fact, I've joined one before on this platform- but I'm not entirely certain where that section is anymore. I lost track of it and, in lieu of looking like a complete dunce, I'm asking here instead: where do I advertise my own roleplays? I've got this big new world I've cooked up, but I need players, and lots of them. Literate ones, too. If any of you can help a bro out, it would be much appreciated ~
  17. I am sure many can agree that the mane six already have the best names to represent them. However, suppose you were working to create them and it was your job to give them names? Looking at each pony, what kind of name would you choose for Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie, Rainbow, and Fluttershy?
  18. Cause I sure don't anymore ever since my childhood. Never see the point of celebrating birthdays honestly. What about you all? Yes or No? I pick No.
  19. Would you rather be a master of any one thing you will never be able to be very good or a master of any other skill and what would that skill be and why. or would you rather be a jack of all trades so your good at about anything but you will never master any skill you are good at everything but never the best at anything.
  20. If an MLP game let you gt a cutie mark over the course of the game how you implement it? I would have a system of completion. If you complete all the main tasks, you get the cutie mark. Completing other tasks determines what your cutie mark will be. Like if you do a lot of tasks on weather- you'd get a weather based cutie mark. If you do a lot of tasks on selling- you'd get a selling based cutie mark. What do you think?
  21. Whats your favorite color or colors in the top 3? i would like to know someones unique color scheme about there personality (p.s i'm new to the whole forum thing i usually don't bother so please tell me if i'm doing something wrong.)
  22. How was your day? Anything interesting happen? Anything weird?