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Found 720 results

  1. I have a feminine side, but I'm not gay or transgender. I'm still straight. I have tried on women's clothing, wore make-up, and applied finger nail polish to my finger nails before and I was wondering. Do you ladies have a masculine side or do you gentlecolts have a feminine side as well? I know this sounds personal, but try your best to answer
  2. Normally when I get home from school I would play on the Xbox and talk to Twily and drink while on the forums. (Multitasking ) But now, I'm trying to draw for the art contest thingo and I can't really decide between the two. I don't like leaving thinks unfinished. What do you guys do when you get home?
  3. Personally, being left all alone for an extend amount of time is pretty bad one, however I doubt many people would enjoy not seeing another person, or even a pet for more than a year. I also have a fear of drowning, which is weird because I can swim really well. I suppose it's just the idea of getting water all in my lungs that freaks me out. So yeah, what are you guys afraid of? (I feel like a lot of people will say spiders.)
  4. My family is a thing I love. I'll declare that now. I don't see my extended family, cousins and all that, so when I talk about family I mean those I am immediately related to. Quite often though, they drive me nuts. I'm 22 but I have a 9 year old brother. He drives me nuts sometimes because he is 9. I live at home with my parents. I love them but they drive me nuts sometimes. My dad can be a bit on the strict side even though I'm 22. This gets me mad on occasion. Right now though, its my mum who is driving me nuts. She has suffered for most of her life with manic depression/bipolar disorder. She takes medication but it doesn't stop all of her episodes. It can get difficult for us as a family when when is in one of her extremes. They would be a lot worse if she wasn't medicated but even so we all have to be at the whims of her emotions. I love her very much and understand it is something which is part of her which she struggles with every day. She often can't remember whole patches of time in her life when she was either manic or depressed. We all remember them and it is especially confusing for my little brother who doesn't understand why mum is in a foul mood one day and buying him loads of presents on amazon the next day. Today really got to me as for the longest time she's been back and forth about getting dogs. We've already got 4 cats and I'm the only one home all day as I work from home. Who will get lumped with all the dog care? I really feel petteed out. I love animals very much but I don't feel its being kind to many of them to squish them together in a small house, especially as our cat group is established. Tonight my mum declared the same. She couldn't devote her time to dogs. Theres no room for them. I'd be having to do all their care. The cats would be stressed... And so on. Next week this will probably reverse, as it was reversed last week... And that's what drives me nuts. Long rant over. I'm just being honest as an opener for everyone else. We've all got things that get us riled about our loved ones... This is a space to vent!!!
  5. So me, my little sister, and my mom are planning to go to Portland Oregon this week! I think on thursday. I'm really excited! We haven't decided whether we want to take a plane, train, or drive there. I personally want to take a train. X3 I started wondering, do any of you all have plans for vacation like I do? If so, where are you going and how are you going to get there? I would love to know!
  6. I get a long well with kids and *adore* babies, toddlers drive me up a wall though. What about you? Do you get a long well with kids?
  7. My Obsession is mugs. I love mugs.
  8. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE taking baths/showers. The length of time I take them really depends on my mood and so does my choice of bath supplies. For example: When I'm sick I soak in the tub in hot water for half an hour. Another example: When I'm happy after a day of work so I jump in the shower and use my favorite Bath-n-Body-Works shower gel! Basically, I love water, bath supplies and keeping clean. What about you all? Whats your favorite thing to use in the bath/shower? Do you use hot or cold water?
  9. How would you handle? If Bigfoot or other strange creatures were real? Personally if Bigfoot was real I would just try to find were they were located and watch them. But I would let them be in peace . How would you all react to them ?
  10. I can safely say that I'm happy with the life I have so far. I have a roof over my head, I have freedom to work on hobbies such as reading, writing, or exercise, my dad is helping me learn how to drive and I feel like my skills are improving rapidly Overall, I've been feeling so relaxed these past couple of weeks. Life is just beautiful. The worries and doubts I used to always have are now nonexistent Every now and then shit still happens and I face problems like every human being but I manage to get through them and work things out with little to no trouble What about you? Are you happy with life? Have you found your inner peace yet? Do tell
  11. Meeps

    General Online Games

    Just curious and in the market to try a new game out myself! does anyone here bother to play any video games online, or any mmorpgs :)?
  12. Right now in life right where you you like it? Are you happy? Do you want to change anything? Me? I'm not quite happy but not quite sad I feel I'm behind but I'm gonna try and change that.
  13. I genuinely do. I count my sister, my dad and my mother as friends. We've always been close and I enjoy being with all of them. A lot of people don't seem to really consider family as friends. People will say that you're forced to be friends but not really. I'm 25 I could easily move away and not talk to any of them. I choose not to.
  14. I'm sorry if this is weird at all, but I was curious to see where people are. If you're single or not. If you aren't in a relationship, why? If you are who is it?, what's their name?, etc. Don't worry, I'm currently in a relationship with a very nice girl. So I'm not trying to trick you or SOMETHING. Anyway...
  15. Sunrose Petal

    General Favorite Season?

    Anyone have a favorite season? Mine is autumn! Autumn to me is Frank Sinatra and the smell of rain, hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, doggy snuggles, tart honey-crisp apples, candied pecans, the anticipation of Christmas, crunching leaves on walks, the smell of chili in the crock-pot on Sundays, the chill in the air that wakes you up in the morning, fuzzy socks and long sleeves, blankets freshly warm out of the dryer, hot pancakes on Saturday mornings drowning in maple syrup, foggy sunrises, cozy sweaters, decorating my desk with baby pumpkins and gourds, poetry, beeswax candles, skinny jeans and boots with leg warmers, pumpkin bread, rereading Harry Potter, swings and bike rides looking up at the changing tree stars, cinnamon rolls, tea, and apple cider. I just love it so much! :3
  16. What do you guys typically dream about? Usually, I dream about one of three things: 1. Running away and hiding 2. My family yelling at me and punishing me despite having that rarely happen in real life 3. Failing something school related
  17. -Deleted-

    General Do you like dogs?

    Do you like dogs or do you not like dogs? I personally don't like dogs because I find them annoying.
  18. Not statues. Not plushies. Just articulated action figures (thankfully, ponies are not exempt anymore). List all the figures you own, or any that you have on pre-order. If you have pics, even better. I've built up quite a solid collection in the last few years. Guess I'll start with Marvel Legends:
  19. What would be scarier than a scorpion?
  20. rcollinz13

    General Fear of Death

    The fear of death is the most common fear shared amongst people. It is the epitome of the human condition. No matter your race, sex, social class, favourite sports team, etc. we all die. Despite this, many people, including myself, are afraid of dying. For some of it goes beyond just being afraid and starts to screw with your sanity. For myself, I have always been afraid of death to some degree or another. However, it is only in recent years that it has become a source of great stress for me. Though I am afraid of death in general, I am very afraid of dying young. At this point in time I am 21 years old. I am very young and have so much left that I hope to experience before dying. This is not to say that my fear of death ends with dying young. My feeling is that if I live a relatively long and fulfilled life, then I will be prepared to leave this world. I'm afraid that if I die young, I will potentially miss out on life's great milestones. i think what scares me more than anything is the uncertainty of what happens when we breathe our last breath. Although I grew up as a Protestant Christian, I have since taken a step back from my religious upbringing. I would not go as far to say I'm an Atheist, because I don't object to possibility of a God, I just feel a bit disillusioned by religion. Regardless of which religion it is. I had always found comfort in the idea of a heaven, or any sort of afterlife, but I don't have that sort of comfort anymore. I am a creature of routine and meticulous planning ahead of time. Thus, it is easy to see why uncertainty is so frightening for me. The idea of reaching a point where I cease to be conscious is baffling. Despite the fact that it would be no different than the hundreds of years that passed before I took my first breath. In a way, we were all dead before we were born. I want to hear what the rest of you think about all of this. I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles with this fear. It would be really nice to hear any input that others may have on how they have dealt with this fear. I welcome your thoughtful discussion. Cheers.
  21. Nightmare Muffin

    General Bookstores becoming extinct

    Am I the only one fearful of this? Borders has been gone for a few years, and I fear Barnes N Noble, and even public libraries will be hit next, with people getting their reading material from digital devices nowadays. How do others feel about this?
  22. Hello fellow australians as You may know we dont seem to have conventions like amarica whats your Opinion on them and do you think there should be more?
  23. I do! I'm 24 and I can't imagine sleeping without my build-a-bear! She's adorable and I named her Starfire. :3 Her ears and nose light up.
  24. Denim&Venom

    General Do Any Of You Invest?

    Have any of you invested your money into ventures for the future? Like mutual funds, 401Ks and IRAs, Roth & Silver IRA's, precious metals, exchange traded funds, real estate, growing industries, etc. Do you trade regularly on the stock market or buy something outright and wait for the right moment over the long term? Do you mainly buy to make money or to act as a hedge against inflation? In short, what are you doing with your money, other than spending or saving it in a bank?