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Found 634 results

  1. Sooo..... here are things that freak the crap out of me. - Fnaf - Aliens - Heights - Big box sized tvs
  2. The Equestrian Brony

    General Do you like dogs or cats more?

    Hello, I just wanted to know if everypony preferred dogs or cats more, thanks
  3. Hello everypony, I was just wondering which game was harder. Thanks
  4. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  5. It can be anything everyone. (Jumping off skyscrapers, steal a car, drink something, meet a pony, etc.) At this moment, I would love to be jumping off an airplane 25,0000 ft. in the air skydiving, with no shirt on.
  6. Member Berry

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    I've noticed that a lot of people here don't drink. Do you drink? I may have some wine every couple of weeks or something. I also genuinely like the taste of Hooch: I just like being slightly drunk. I don't like being so drunk that I can barely walk and can't remember what I did the night before (I don't get how people like that)
  7. Changeling Neon

    General Do you believe in Soulmates?

    God, it's been such a long time since I posted here. But eh, why not. I'm just curious to know how many people here believe in soulmates or not and if they have any nice stories to share owo. The topic came up last night when I was talking to my boyfriend last night, and we believe we are soulmates, we wondered if other people believed in the idea too, seeing as how previously, he never believed in the idea.
  8. I wanna say PONY!!!! (It's just how I am)
  9. Not statues. Not plushies. Just articulated action figures (thankfully, ponies are not exempt anymore). List all the figures you own, or any that you have on pre-order. If you have pics, even better. I've built up quite a solid collection in the last few years. Guess I'll start with Marvel Legends:
  10. This might be weird but I’m really interested in knowing what people like to discuss, it can be anything, even something you’ve never discussed before but would be interested to have a conversation about. I was thinking about doing a survey irl but would like to see what kind of results I might find first, it only has to be a sentence describing a topic or if you like a more specific conversation you’ve enjoyed in the past.
  11. Mine is that I'm a huge coward.
  12. Rainbow    Dash

    General Road Trips?

    Here is a question for all you drivers: Do you like road trips? Doesnt have to be with anyone, or for anything. You can take a road trip just cause. For me, I take road trips when I cant sleep or when im really stressed out. I find driving at night to music or podcasts calm me down. I also do my best thinking when driving.
  13. Octavia_Melody2

    General Military History Thread

    Is anyone else on here a military/uniform history buff? I really like learning about the differences between uniforms and weapons over time and how combat evolved. I actually went to Military History through the Ages last year in Jamestown, Virginia and they had presentations and re-enactors all the way from the Greek Hoplites to modern Special Forces. I've posted some links below:
  14. When and why did you join MLP forums? Do you remember the first day you did? I remember it was a rather boring afternoon for me on October 17th, 2016. I came across the forums before but decided I'd create an account just out of pure boredom. And I'm so glad I did! I met some pretty amazing people along the way. What about y'all?
  15. Bad things happen all the time when I'm at work. Not all the crime in California's east bay is violent, but it always has that potential to escalate towards violence since the ones who commit theft and burglary act on it like they don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. And security often takes forever to respond to it. I find that most of the time, the crimes are committed by homeless people and drug addicts. Although lately, I've been seeing more and more thefts carried out by thugs from an organized crime network based in San Francisco. I heard the city government there has put together a small task force to help crack down on their affiliates, and to be honest, I think they should just call themselves a "task farce". It's all a joke. The mayor in that city can't even provide a solution for all the human waste covering the streets there, and given the rate I'm seeing these maggots get away with all their bullshit, I'm not convinced they're making a damned bit of difference. Knowing that all this is happening has not only contributed to my total loss of faith in government on every level, but the police force as a whole. If I had things my way, I'd let private militias operate in every sector of my city. And make bouncers a requirement for all businesses, because it makes no sense for just bars and hotels to have them. But no, our elected officials want us to respect these criminals. They're human just like the rest us, right? Who cares if they treat everyone else as less? I swear in ten years, every city in this putrid liberal state will just become an extension of Oakland. And I can't wait to get the hell out of here. I'm hoping things aren't looking this bleak where you live. But is it?
  16. I mostly passed out candy although I don't wear costume in this year or not Anyway Halloween is around the corner and it's one month ahead So what are you going to do during Halloween night
  17. Darth Vader

    General Music preference!

    So! *hand-rub thing* Let's see... What is your music-genre preference? I personally prefer classical music and electronic music.
  18. What pair of shoes do you currently wear? If you own more than one pair, feel free to share your collection. You can also talk about how the shoes are, and if you would recommend them. It can be running shoes, skate shoes, hiking boots, whatever. For me, I'm currently wearing the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro model in black and white. Skate shoes are great when it comes to comfort, and are also great for hanging out in. I like to get colored shoes from time to time, but I usually get black and white since it matches with everything. I'd definitely recommend trying these shoes out they have a simple yet clean look and are very comfortable.
  19. What celebrity do you think you're the most like? This can be in terms of appearance, personality or anything else you can think of. Tell us how and why you consider yourself similar to the celebrity (or celebrities) you choose. Choose as many as you wish. Commence!
  20. So here’s where we all share the awkwardness of work with a laugh. (Obviously don’t share sensitive information about the company/ whateveritis you work for. But you should already know that.) anyways here it goes. I work at DollarTree as a part-time cashier. My job consists of checking people out, stocking when I have free time, blowing up our helium balloons when needed, and generally keeping the store looking decent. I cant tell you how many times I’ve completely embarrassed myself. I think I’ve knocked myself in the head with the damn baskets at least 10 times during the summer. I literally knocked myself in the head today with one. I was like oh my lord seriously lmao. not only that but the awkward flirting of customers with me and THE DREADED AGE CONVERSATION. I can’t tell you how many times someone has commented on my appearance. They’ll be like “so when do you graduate high school?” And I’ll be like “uh. I’m a year from graduating college ma’am/sir” and they’ll just look at me and laugh. I’m like HAHAHAHAHA yes very funny. anyways, that’s literally the highlights of my working life, aside from the obvious rude customers. I’d love to hear any work stories y’all have. just be sure you comply with the policy that your place of business has when it comes to the things you share!
  21. Darth Vader

    General Favorite Songs From The Show

    What is your favorite song from the show itself? It has quite a few musical numbers, so there is probably a wide variety of favorites. My two favorites are the Glass of Water Song and the Flim Flam Brothers song thingy.
  22. I don't understand social pressure completely. Why we have such thing as social pressure? Why you just can't say "no", when 20 other people say "yes"? I know it's a instinct, but in today times it's not as useful, as it used to be. Especially in cases of inteligent units, which are rejected from the group, because of that unit being smarter than the rest. I'll give an example: You start an important topic about finding valuable and worthful sources of information, but nobody is interested in the subject and everything is finding information on social platforms such as Facebook. I had a victim of a similar thing, but in school, when I wanted to show a long video about value of reliable sources of information. My teacher played it in class and after just a few minutes most of the class wasn't interested in it. I just don't understand. I feel like I blamed myself. So the purpose of this subject is: How to prevent from being a victim of such social pressure and which examples from your lives you can show up there? I'll try to answer, if possible (becasue I'm going to countryside in a few days for a weekend).
  23. For example, let's say someone's being interviewed on a late-night talk show or on the news. Have they ever accidentally used ponified terms like "anypony", "everpony", etc. I have never seen anything like that on TV and I've never found anything about it on YouTube. But, maybe you've been on an interview, or if you've seen something like that, please send a link.
  24. Darth Vader

    General My New MLP OC

    I want to know what I should name my new OC. He is going to be a tanker pony. Basically, I am crossing over WWII with MLP for some reason just because I like tanks from that era. Yeah I made it with Pony Creator over on DeviantArt, so don't judge me. I can't draw for shit and the Pony Creator is REALLY good. What should I name him? If this is in the wrong thread, tell me and also what thread it should go in.
  25. So, what I mean by this question is: where do you, y'know, come from? For instance, I'm mostly Scotts-Norwegian, with a bit of Turkish and Danish thrown in. From what descent are you?