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Found 673 results

  1. Member Berry

    General How tall are you?

    I'm a 5ft 4 woman so I'm just slightly below average. Most women in my family (my mother's side) are really short, my mother is 4ft 11 and my grandmother was 4ft 9. My sister is 5ft 2.
  2. Princess Bella

    General How old are you?

    I just wanted to see the age range on here! Not being a stalker LOL!
  3. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  4. AveryGamerDude

    General What makes a good story?

    Something I wanna do with my life is tell interesting, compelling, and good stories, but I'm not sure if my idea of a good story is what everybody else thinks is a good story, so I wanna know, what makes a good story?
  5. Now, before I proceed any further, please note that if this thread ends up going overboard, I'll understand if a moderator/admin locks this thread because heated arguments are never a good thing, just a heads up is all. What forums have you previously joined before you left for a number of reasons? I had a few number of forums joined prior to leaving: Game Informer: Its one of the biggest forums I had ever joined back in 2006, and despite the ups and downs, still had a good time throughout the years. However, after years went by, at least in 2010, the forums had a huge update which halted all activity altogether, with many older users having left en masse and never returned ever since, moved on as well. I returned and tried to find signs of life int he forums, but it seems that the Game Informer forums have since become a ghost town. Nobody was posting anything at all so it's basically just an empty void. ScrewAttack: I joined there because of Death Battle, obviously. Unfortunately, my activities were sparse over there and it's become a huge request-fest with poor matchups as well, including other people who nitpick at others, even though their suggestions are right. The community itself is rather questionable, in terms of activity, especially since the majority of posts are solely focused on Death Battles; every other thread sections are a total wasteland. I like the forums, but at the same time, I don't like it because of the community environment. SCS Software forums: Notably popular for the games such as Euro Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim, though the community itself goes a long way, especially from the lack of adequate moderation (and if there is, it's because they don't like quotes from a previously posted thread and remove them on sight). And then you have plentiful of people who get seriously snippy at others for pointing out flaws, even though users have the right to either criticize or praise one's work yet they clearly start instigating on one another over the smallest mistakes, including mods that were not up to date. I won't lie, there are certain amount of users (who also did their work as well for creating mods) tend to be openly hostile to other users and issues are often never resolved from heated arguments due to nonexistent activity from both moderators and admins who are not always active. There you have it.
  6. Everyone needs toilet paper to wipe their butts after pooping, but which toilet paper brand do you use?
  7. Sondash Studios

    General What's your favorite color?

    (If this has already been done, please correct me) My favorite color would be turquois, but if I had to choose a normal color, I'd choose blue like my Rainbow Dashie!
  8. Fanfiction is one of the backbones of just about any fandom, but sorting through it all can be a freaking nightmare! Bronies have a well-organized and dedicated site in FimFiction, but most other fandoms aren't so lucky. Everything is crammed into just two sites really ( and Archive of Our Own), and navigating them can be a chore. First, 99% of what you find is GOING to be yaoi; great if that's your thing, annoying to slog through if not. Then there are the innumerable bad crossover fics, dark fics, self-inserts, etc. All can and HAVE been done very well in the past, but most of what you'll find isn't really up to an avid reader's standards. Unfortunately, ordering by popularity is rarely a good option, as you'll inevitably find that being "popular" doesn't necessarily mean "well written". You can check the TVtropes fanfic recommendation pages and occasionally turn out something you'll like, but those usually very limited and skip a lot of great stuff. You can ask a friend who's an avid fanfic reader for suggestions, but we don't all have those. You can try checking the fanfic-talk threads on the SpaceBattle or other large forums, but some of those are thousands of pages long and super intimidating for a newbie. Worst case scenario, you end up just reading bits of various stories to see if they appeal to you, but that means countless hours of reading stuff that you'll mostly end up dismissing (and even if you find something interesting, a good start doesn't necessarily equal a good story). I'm honestly out of ideas myself. If I want to find a good "Kingdom Hearts" or "My Hero Academia" story, I look at the sheer volume of what's available, get intimidated, and give up almost immediately. I've gotten too used to just having popular fics pop up in a neat sidebar for me and sorting through just a few new stories each day, and can't bring myself to spend an afternoon searching a massive archive for a single story to entertain me. So, what do YOU do when you're searching for something to read? Is there a place you go to get recommendations? A method you use to help make browsing more effective? A special site you visit? I'm eager to hear what you have to say! P.S. Please note that I'm not dumping on "bad" fanfictions here; just pointing out that there are a lot of readers who are very picky, either due to limited interests or high standards.
  9. I know there's a pretty large group of people here who collect the MLP merchandise and toys, but are there any other toys that any of you collect or have a fondness for? Me, personally, I've always adored the cutesy 80's/early 90's toys. I have a small collection of Polly Pockets amassed from my childhood, and I think I still have a tub of old Littlest Pet Shops. I've also been considering collecting some of the old Popples, Rainbow Brites and Care Bears.
  10. What does everypony like to do when the weather cools off and the days become shorter? For me, I spend way more time outdoors even if its freezing. The sky becomes very transparent with the reduced humidity, so I tend to photograph galaxies and other deep sky objects this time of the year. I also like to target practice when it's cool outside.
  11. As the title says, have you ever had a moment where you realized that you're really not cut out for the job you do? I have, today. I'm a programmer. I went to college, got my Bachelor's degree, have a job, etc. Tomorrow, a new programmer is going to apply at our company. To test his skills, two of the senior devs created a test for him to do, in which he has to come up with an algorithm which sorts and merges objects along specified guidelines. I was the guinea pig for the test, and I failed miserably. After three hours, I still had nothing but errors and failing tests. A friend of mine, who hasn't programmed in two years, was able to get something more or less working in half the time, so it wasn't like the assignment was too difficult. I just completely lack the ability to come up with an algorithm. At that moment, I realized that all of my programming skills are derivative rather than innovative. I just look at what's there and expand upon it or alter it, as needed, but I've never once, either at work or in college, come up with my own algorithm for anything. While I already knew I didn't want to program for my entire working life, that realization still sucked. So, have any of you ever had a similar experience? A moment where you just thought, "Well, I guess this really isn't my thing." ?
  12. So yeah, I've recently gotten into Cryptocurrency...Not the mining aspect mind you, but the Exchange bit. I dunno , It just seems kind of fun to dink around with it, anyways, I'd like to know the community's thoughts on Cryptocurrencies in general ^ ^
  13. I just recently got stung by a yellow jacket on my neck when I was cleaning up the yard, this is the second time I've been stung as far as I remember because I'm usually careful. The first time was by a hornet. The good thing is I'm not allergic to bee stings. Have you ever gotten stung by a bee? If so, what bee was it and how many times have you been stung?
  14. Okay, this seems like a rather stupid question, but I do not care, as this is something we all have done before, fart. Have any of you whether by accident or intentionally , have you ever passed gas in front of someone before? If so, explain what happened.
  15. I've been kinda lurking on this website for the past few months and I have been seeing topics from 2012. Topics asking what my favourite something or other is keeps popping up yet I am certain I already replied to that topic. I look and the topic was created within this year.....wait. WHAT?! I thought the mods and admins didnt like duplicate topics? I mean they are duplicates arent they? Or is "Whats your favourite x?" different from "What Is Your Favourite X, forums?". Ive also seen threads from 2012-2013 that had little to no replys pop up as new topics. Not someone bumping an old topic, I mean full on someone recreated a topic already made up. I can olnly think of three things that might have happened... 1. Older data was lost from the servers therefore topics made before all the websites became one were either lost, still there, or corrupted. 2. Mods and Admins are slipping up and allowing duplicate threads 3, Two instances of this Universe are colliding, revealing tachyons are real
  16. King Blanketfort

    General Paranormal Encounters [Serious]

    I will probably get panned for this, but in my experiences that I have had, there are some things that I couldn't explain away. By natural I'm a very Vulcan-level individual. For those who don't get the Star Trek reference, I'm very logical-minded. I try to explore every angle of something before I come to a conclusion. And this is a thread for those who have had Paranormal Experiences. My first post will be long, but it is one of my most prominent stories, and it is about Shadow People. For those who do not know what a Shadow person is, visit here: Now, on to the story: About six or seven years ago, when I lived in TN there was a state park not too far from my apartment. I enjoyed going there to hike as well as visit the playground. Now I was in my mid-twenties and I would always go there when the kids were either in school, or it was just before dusk and no one was there. I liked the swing-set, it holds nostalgia for me. So, when I would go, I'd take my headphones and sit on the swings. These were tall swings, not those short squatty things only meant for 6 to 8 year olds. These were tall enough that an adult could comfortably fit in them and swing. I know it sounds childish, but I enjoyed the wind in my hair, listening to my music and it taking me back to as simpler time. I'll repeat that I never went when kids were there, that would just be... weird. Anyway, I enjoyed going there so much that when a friend from KY decided to visit, I took her there. It was just after sundown, and nighttime was my favourite time to be out there. We got to the swing-set and just began chatting it up about our usual nerd things and enjoying ourselves. After being there for about 20 to 30 minutes I notice something walking towards us. It's a silhouette of what appears to be a man of about 5 ft 8 to 6 ft tall. A shadow figure that began to approach us out of the darkness. Now this swing-set is situated about 12 to 15 yards away from one of those "shelters" they call them. Just an overhang roof with four wooden posts with benches and tables underneath them on a concrete platform. Next to it is the public metal/iron BBQ grill that they have set up with a charcoal pit. You know, these are the areas were park goers can throw a kids birthday party, or have a family get together and whatnot. Next to it is a light pole. It is on at this time, as it is dark. My friend at this point begins to get nervous. I tell her to just not acknowledge him and keep talking. At first I was thinking it could be a policeman or a park ranger about to ask us what the hell we were doing out here. Since we weren't doing or carrying anything illegal, it didn't bother me. But watching out of the corner of my eye and talking to my friend to keep her calm, this thing began approaching even closer, and though it's legs were moving in a walking fashion, it was so smooth it almost appeared to be gliding. It was at this point that my gut really began raising the red flags and I suddenly got suspicious. If it was a policeman or a ranger, they would have said something by now because we were certainly within earshot. My friend turns to me again, voice shaking, saying she is getting uncomfortable. I said to keep ignoring them, and that I'd protect her. I assured her about the butterfly knife in my pocket and it seemed to ease her a bit. Then the thing began walking again, and approached the pool of light that the pole was giving off. As it stepped into the circle of light, a pit began to open up in my stomach and my protective nature flared. Nothing on this shadow figure lit up. Even standing under the light, it still remained a black mass, shaped like a man. No features were describable and it was just a pitch black thing. Another odd thing to note is that it stood stock still. There was no rustle of clothes or hair in the wind on this figure, no shifting on the feet, no movement of hands, nothing. Instantly, I made up my mind on the thought that had been nagging me for the past two minutes: Shadow-person.My friend didn't have to say much as she asked me if we could please leave, and I agreed that was a good idea. We slowly stood up and began walking towards the path that made a wide berth around the shelter. Taking this path put the shelter between us and this thing. I made sure to also put myself between it, and my friend. She practically cowered on my side, clutching my arm. I told her to keep talking to me as normal, don't acknowledge it, and keep looking at me, just act as if you're conversing with me. I persuaded her to talk about a show she was very fond of at the time, and it kept her distracted as we walked. Every few moments as we semi-circled around it on this path, I would turn my head only slightly and look to the parking lot as if searching for my car. I used this opportunity to cut my eyes to the side and watch it, to make sure it didn't start following us. What I did notice, was that it's head ever so slowly began to follow us. Like the slow movement of an oscillating fan. It kept up with our pace. I tightened my grip on my butterfly knife in my jacket pocket and we as naturally as possible quickened our pace just enough to where we got back to the car without incident. I realise that a knife would do nothing against a Shadow-person, but it was what made my friend feel better, and it kept me grounded. It never moved towards us, it just stood there, stock still, only it's head turning to follow us. My friend opened the door the moment my car unlocked and she closed it behind her, locked it and gripped the sides of the seat. I slid in nonchalantly, and started the car, put it in reverse, then drove out as per normal. Making no indication that we were running or panicked. Again, I didn't feel whatever that was, was human. It didn't feel human, and I've dealt with the Paranormal before. So, while I didn't feel terribly frightened, my friend was terrified. Besides the very clipped conversation we had about it on the short ride back to the apartment, to my knowledge my friend never spoke of it again to anyone. I have since lost touch with her, as our lives ended up taking us in different directions and I haven't talked to her since. There were two reasons I didn't feel frightened that night. One was that I felt I needed to protect my terrified friend, and secondly, I've dealt with Shadow-people before. I have another, but I will save it for another post. What are everyone's thoughts? And have you or someone you know had a Paranormal experience or encounter? If so, please share! While we will have discussions on what it could or could not have been, please do not make fun of, insult or be condescending to anyone. I am making a place for people to seriously talk about their experiences, emotions and instincts on situations that they have encountered. Extra: If you do have any supernatural type questions, please feel free to contact me! While I am not official recognised by any "official" religious order, I am part of a group of practising Pagans who worship and perform either together or individually. Such as, I was appointed the High Priest of my order and have become a confidant and adviser to my group and general community.
  17. Changeling Neon

    General Do you believe in Soulmates?

    God, it's been such a long time since I posted here. But eh, why not. I'm just curious to know how many people here believe in soulmates or not and if they have any nice stories to share owo. The topic came up last night when I was talking to my boyfriend last night, and we believe we are soulmates, we wondered if other people believed in the idea too, seeing as how previously, he never believed in the idea.
  18. when rose chan was little she would watch that chow and now that she is here sh has a idea to use this as opportunity to tell stories that frighten us as of now or as kittens so rose chan will start then next person goes and so the cycle will start! rose chan is deadly afraid of thunder storms and last night the first thunder boom sounded like 15 cannons just went off literally! it made rose chan wet her self and also made the dog go ballistic!
  19. I'm Strike, from Jackson County, Sneads, Florida. My whole county has been torn to shreds, but thankfully my family and I survived. I live in Marianna, Fl less then a mile away from the pictures in the link below. I wanted to see if anyone one here is going through this too.
  20. Lunaris Adamantine

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I've seen this kind of thread on other forums before, so I thought why not ask it here? I got my username about 11 years ago back in the good ol' days of Starcraft. When lag was high, and Koreans who eliminate you in 3 minutes were low . I just danced my fingers across the right hand side of the keyboard, and this just happened to be the result. I liked it so it's stuck with me ever since Plus Klopp is kind of an appropriate name for a pony dontcha think? So where did you guys get your usernames from? Obviously some of you picked ponies from the series, but if you did, why did you pick that pony?
  21. Are you conservative or liberal? Why? I for one am a Conservative.
  22. I was born in 2000, so the President by that time is Bill Clinton (the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 until 2001). I know these voice actors and the writers of the show what year do they were born on, and I know who's the President by that time there: Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) - 1973; Richard Nixon (37) Ashleigh Ball (Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Blythe Baxter (LPS)) - 1983; Ronald Reagan (40) Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy) - 1984; Ronald Reagan (40) Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity, Princess Luna) - 1976; Gerald Ford (38) Cathy Weseluck (Spike, Mayor Mare) - 1970; Richard Nixon (37) Nicole Oliver (Princess Celestia, Cheerilee) - 1970; Richard Nixon (37) Shannon Chan-Kent (Pinkie Pie's singing voice, Silver Spoon) - 1988; Ronald Reagan (40) Rebecca Shoichet (Twilight Sparkle's singing voice, Sunset Shimmer) - 1975; Gerald Ford (38) Kathleen Barr (Trixie) - 1967; Lyndon B. Johnson (36) Kazumi Evans (Rarity's singing voice) - George H. W. Bush (41) Peter New (Big McIntosh) - 1971; Richard Nixon (37) Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle's singing voice (season 1-3)) - 1999; Bill Clinton (42) Madeleine Peters (Scootaloo) - 1996; Bill Clinton (42) Claire Corlett (Sweetie Belle) - 1999; Bill Clinton (42) Chantal Strand (Diamond Tiara) - 1987; Ronald Reagan (40) John de Lancie (Discord) - 1948; Harry S. Truman (33) Kelly Sheridan (Barbie, Starlight Glimmer) - 1977; Jimmy Carter (39) Britt McKillip (singer, Princess Cadence) - 1991; George H. W. Bush (41) Carly McKillip (singer) - 1989; George H. W. Bush Andrew Francis (Shining Armor) - 1985; Ronald Reagan (40) Lena Hall (singer, Countess Coloratura) - 1980; Jimmy Carter (39) Kristin Chenoweth (Princess Skystar (upcoming movie character)) - 1968; Lyndon B. Johnson (36) Emily Blunt (Tempest Shadow (upcoming movie character)) - 1983; Ronald Reagan (40) Michael Pena (? (upcoming movie character)) - 1976; Gerald Ford (38) Uzo Aduba (Queen Novo (upcoming movie character)) - 1981; Ronald Reagan (40) Liev Schreiber (? (upcoming movie character)) - 1967; Lyndon B. Johnson (36) Zoe Saldana (Captain Celaeno (upcoming movie character)) - 1978; Jimmy Carter (39) Sia Furler (singer, Songbird Serenade (upcoming movie character)) - 1975; Gerald Ford (38) Lauren Faust (writer, animator) - 1974; Richard Nixon (37) Daniel Ingram (composer) - 1975; Gerald Ford (38) This topic right here is the question that who is the President of the United States by that time you were born. And to make sure that the year you were born on is the right vote on the poll above between the years of the presidential term. UPDATE 2/11/2017:​ Rename/rephrase topic, no need to have the date on this topic what date they're born on, additional characters, and sentence rephrases.
  23. So what kind of stuff do you keep/carry on your person on a daily basis? Basically the tools and things you almost always have to get through your day. Knives, pens, watches, phones, could be just about anything. So what ya got in your pockets? Feel free to post pics.
  24. I don't need to give any evidence of people or things performing this dabbing gesture today because it is literally everywhere. People still dab today or include dabs in their works despite it being a dead trend/meme. Also, dabbing is now one of the most cringey things someone could ever do in many people's opinions. So, should dabbing be banned? Personally, it doesn't really matter to me. However, I would prefer that the dab is not banned since it has provided for me a lot of humor. If you don't know what dabbing is, here is the definition and an example: Definition of a dab (from Oxford Dictionaries): (Noun) "a dance move or gesture, originating in hip hop and often performed as part of a celebration, in which one arm is bent at an angle across the upper chest while the other is fully extended parallel to the first arm, with the face turned toward the bent elbow." Image by Allampanato (DeviantArt user)
  25. Bad things happen all the time when I'm at work. Not all the crime in California's east bay is violent, but it always has that potential to escalate towards violence since the ones who commit theft and burglary act on it like they don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. And security often takes forever to respond to it. I find that most of the time, the crimes are committed by homeless people and drug addicts. Although lately, I've been seeing more and more thefts carried out by thugs from an organized crime network based in San Francisco. I heard the city government there has put together a small task force to help crack down on their affiliates, and to be honest, I think they should just call themselves a "task farce". It's all a joke. The mayor in that city can't even provide a solution for all the human waste covering the streets there, and given the rate I'm seeing these maggots get away with all their bullshit, I'm not convinced they're making a damned bit of difference. Knowing that all this is happening has not only contributed to my total loss of faith in government on every level, but the police force as a whole. If I had things my way, I'd let private militias operate in every sector of my city. And make bouncers a requirement for all businesses, because it makes no sense for just bars and hotels to have them. But no, our elected officials want us to respect these criminals. They're human just like the rest us, right? Who cares if they treat everyone else as less? I swear in ten years, every city in this putrid liberal state will just become an extension of Oakland. And I can't wait to get the hell out of here. I'm hoping things aren't looking this bleak where you live. But is it?