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Found 1044 results

  1. I couldn't find a thread like this, so here it is. It's exactly what the title says, what's your natural high? The addicting feeling that you come back to that doesn't harm your health at all unlike drugs? I'd like to see what they are. Mine is listening to Evening Star and TheDashDub. Those two artists hold a big place in my heart.
  2. Are you in one? Do you want one? How do you feel around other couples? How many have you had? I was in a relationship for five years, but since November of last year, things have been going kinda sour and I just don't feel like we're together anymore, so I basically consider myself single I don't want a relationship right now anyways Sometimes I feel jealous around couples because I miss having what they had I only count three of my relationships since the others were either short or didn't feel like real relationships It's sort of annoying to me now to hear people always talking about them as if nothing else matters! That's actually something I liked about the first three seasons of's so friendship focused and there's no romance!
  3. The full name of the title is actually: "Would you leave this world and go to live in Equestria"? The purpose of this topic is to ask people if they wanted to say to this world "bye bye" and say "hello" to Equestria world, and of course reasons, why those people would leave (or not) our world. I'll start: I would leave this world and go to live in Equestria, because I feel, like in Equestria I would find a society (Mane 6 + Starlight + Spike) that would be fine with my imagination of utopia society, true friends, that would be interested in most things you do, that would listen, that would be happy and grinned with life and spending time with you. I'm an egoist, from what I see, but whatever. I am just very worried about our humanity and human world, about things, that most people do, about cruelty, that can come from social behaviors... I just really want to go to Equestria - at all cost (if that only would be possible). *idea of the public poll is to check how many people will actually be brave enough to vote with the risk of being eventually criticized*
  4. What do you guys typically dream about? Usually, I dream about one of three things: 1. Running away and hiding 2. My family yelling at me and punishing me despite having that rarely happen in real life 3. Failing something school related
  5. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  6. I'm starting to not see what's so special about being romantically in love with someone. I mean about more than half of romantic couples either break up with each other or divorce each other, while most platonic best friends remain friends until death. So I'm starting to think that having a platonic best friend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is.
  7. 2016 is almost over. How would you rate the year as a whole?
  8. In what style do you talk to your friends? Polite or mean? I wonder how many people here have different opinion on what is acceptable to say to your friend. For me, the closer a person becomes to me, the ruder I talk to them. Starting with very polite and eventually getting to the "best friends" point where I make jokes for which I would be banned here. Of course I don't mean anything of this but that's the way it works for me. Actually that's almost the only type of "best friends" I've seen irl (but idk how girls handle their friendship thought)
  9. Yup, like the title, what do you sound like when you speak? I have a very slight southern US accent. Pretty sure living in the south for the majority of my life is the reason for that, and many of my family members and my mom have subtle southern accents as well. But I couldn't be prouder of it! Just don't go around tellin me I sound cute.
  10. I would like to know what everyone's horoscope is. If you don't mind, mines Libra btw
  11. I am really looking forward to next year, especially the summertime. We are gonna be doing lots of stuff I've never done before, so EXCITED!!!! Plus I'm turning 16 in February, so I've got a little something special planned for my birthday this year... I'm gonna list all the things I'm looking forward to this year: 1. Hopefully going to the NASCAR races in Feruary, REALLY hoping I can go to the Daytona 500!!! 2. Spending most of the summer at the Daytona Lagoon water park 3. Maybe getting my drivers license 4. Looking forward to Season 7 of MLP 5. Looking forward to the big MLP Movie 6. Looking forward to Cars 3 7. Just looking forward to the new year in general
  12. So is there anyone you look up to in life, someone you wanna be just like? Is it someone you know? Someone famous? A fictional charecter? For me, it's one of my cousins. Back then me and her were like two peas in a pod, hehe. We would do everything together, and we had a lot in common. She was ( and still is ) so much fun to be around, and she was always joking around and making me times I thought of her as a big sister, not a cousin. We were SO close, but now that I moved away from where she lives we don't see each other really any more...we don't talk very much either. But, i still adore her though. <3 And Rainbow Dash, I look up to her too, but, really, who doesn't admire Rainbow Dash? I also admire Jimmie Johnson, he's one of the best Nascar drivers in history, and being a Nascar driver is one of my dreams. He's also a really kindhearted, humble and sweet person, everybody, even other drivers who compete against him say that everyone loves to be around him and he's a really likeable person. I wanna be just like him.
  13. What do they stand out to you, particularly cars of any type, and maybe motorbikes? They're mainly located on their front ends and think about like Cars and its sequel when it comes to making facial expressions like ourselves. And you don't have to be a massive car/bike fan to know what their appearances stand out.
  14. Since we all sleep, we encounter dreams once in a while - or a lot for some people. As some segments of a dream are usually forgotten after 10+ minutes of waking up, what do you remember from the dream you had last night? It can just be little bits or the full experience. Good dream, bad dream, lucid dream, anything. Just don't state anything that could be classed as NSFW. I would tell mine, but bedtime is coming up, and I've lost the whole thing 14 hours later.
  15. In my opinion, during (what I think is) the right time, Christmas music is a wonderful thing. It feels super nice to listen to, and I like the lyrics and melody to many of the songs. They're so jolly, unlike the normal music that you would hear on the radio for most of the year. When do you start to listen to it? I like to listen to it as soon as November starts. Halloween is over, and (I'm American) Thanksgiving isn't a huge enough holiday to have large priority over Christmas, so why not. Anywhere earlier though I find pretty questionable.
  16. Whats your favorite color or colors in the top 3? i would like to know someones unique color scheme about there personality (p.s i'm new to the whole forum thing i usually don't bother so please tell me if i'm doing something wrong.)
  17. Anyone in school right now is probably experiencing some level of confusion, whether it’s dealing with online school or social distancing rules in actual school buildings. Whatever it is, it’s probably stressful, so that’s why I created this thread to talk about it. So, for those of you in school during 2020, how has it been for you so far? Are you stressed, anxious, or scared? Are you actually excited or looking forward to something? Feel free to discuss it all here! Might as well lay down a few rules before anyone starts: - If you need homework help, there’s already a separate thread for that. Talking about, for example, how homework is different for you now is completely fine. - If you want to vent, go ahead, but please do not discuss anything overly political or toxic. You are welcome to share your feelings, but let’s not start any fights! - Obviously the virus will be a big discussion topic in this thread, but like the above rule says, nothing too political is allowed or anything that would start a big fight. Just be mindful of each other and everything should be fine Now that all the rules are out of the way, feel free to share all your thoughts and experiences about the new year. It’ll definitely be different, but I believe in all of you! Good luck to all students this year!!
  18. Do you gamble? . Doesn't need to be money
  19. So what is the oldest item you have?
  20. Apparently they're too lazy to clean the bowls, afterward. Surprising? No. Pathetic? Very. Sorce: What are your thoughts on such a sad excuse millenials make to avoid cereal?
  21. My neighborhood is Boring and nothing much to do But besides that it's a fine place
  22. What's with this ""MANE 6" thing? I only know 5 charaacters: 1. Rarity 2. Applejack 3. Pinkie Pie 4.Twilight Sparkle 5. Rainbow Dash ------------------------------------------------------------ So who am I missing here?
  23. Can we say that there are other actual types of ponies other than the three main tribes or types of ponies, earth, unicorns and pegasus? Like, can we say that the crystal ponies and the Kirin are distinct from these three tribes? Thanks.
  24. I vote Rarity. Rarity all the way! Nobody beats her. Pinkie is the most fun one though obviously.