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Found 647 results

  1. Kinda bored so was wondering if any of you have any favourite YouTube channels you enjoy watching? Personally, I don't watch YouTube much if at all but I'm there's a travel youtuber called Bald and Bankrupt that I'm a big fan of, and I watch all of his videos - I'll link one below. Share your favourite YouTube channels or personalities below, and explain why you like them if you feel so inclined. Cheers!
  2. I liked the Matrix movie. Still have to watch the other 2. And I am not interested in John Wick. But I am just so pissed off at how obsessed people are over him, like God or the second coming or something. I just like him but not to that extent. I like how he, for instance got along with a homeless man and that he treats women properly, but that isn't a reason for the world to go hysterical. We don't need people going mad just because he breathes the same air we do. I also have other celebs whom I also like but not to that obsessive extent. This whole phenomenon is just Twilight 2.0. It's happening all over again.
  3. Which is better, rarijack, appledash, raridash, none or all. I like all three, they have so many reasons to be with the other person, now i want to know your opinions
  4. Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer behind beloved Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch has passed away at the age of 85. He had been living with Dystonia for some time.
  5. As long as you don't compare it to any BattleTech game NOT made Piranha games, it can be a lot of fun. I like running around in an Urbanmech with an AC-10 or an MRM-40, but that's just me. For anyone who doesn't know what MechWarrior Online is, here's a video of Tex screaming at people while drunk over some gameplay.
  6. If I'm watching TV or a movie, I find myself sitting midrange from the screen, not too close or too far. If I'm playing video games though, I tend to sit close to the screen and lean in closer when things get intense and I enter my gamer lean stance.
  7. And it's not just My Little Pony. This year will mark the end of many other Movies and/or TV Shows. For fans of How to Train your Dragon, this week will see the release of How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World. The series has started since early this decade with the first movie. In addition to having a second movie, it also got its own Animated Series that aired on Cartoon Network and Netflix, with a total of eight seasons and 118 episodes. In the end, it's tough to say goodbye to a successful franchise(And this coming from someone who saw the first two films) Another show that's ending this year is the Big Bang Theory. The first Season aired in 2007, and they are already in the middle of airing its final season. Though the spin-off series Young Sheldon will continue, the Big Bang Theory will end its 12 year run sometime before September. And the funny thing is that my parents are a fan of the series. Of course, there's another that must be brought up: The Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was in 2008 that Iron Man hit movie theaters and became a surprise hit, kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though the MCU will continue on after Avengers: Endgame releases in theaters, one thing is clear. The era that brought us Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye will come to a close with the final battle against Thanos. And of course, Star Wars. Mainly the Skywalker saga, which started with A New Hope. Star Wars: Episode 9, for better or worse, will air this December. Once that has arrived in theaters, that's it. And that's not the only piece of Star Wars Media that will end as well. This year, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will come back for one more season, tying up any loose ends that were left behind when Season 6 aired on Netflix back in 2014. Which of these shows will you miss after this year is over? Did I miss any?
  8. I’ve been around for nearly 3 decades, so I’ve seen a lot of cartoons I’ve also played a lot of games too Here’s some stuff I remember. Let’s see how many you remember. Aaaahhh! Real Monsters. Rocko’s Modern Life. Kappa Mikey. Danny Phantom. My Life As A Teenage Robot. Robots(2005 film). Action League Now! Life With Loopy. Princess And The Frog. Life And Times Of Juniper Lee. Robot Boy. Catdog. PB&J Otter. Both Rugrats Films. Xiaolin Showdown. Lion King 2. Dave The Barbadian Brandy And Mr. Whiskers. El Tigre: The Adventures Of Manny Rivera. Rugrats. Angry Beavers. Hoodwinked. The First Spongebob Movie. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. (Movie and show). Catscratch. Camp Lazlo. The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack. Chowder. Voodoo Vince. Grabbed By The Ghoulies. Sly Cooper series. Raze’s Hell. Blinx The Time Sweeper(both games). Amazing Island. Conker:Live And Reloaded. Destroy All Humans. Spongebob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom. Kameo: Elements Of Power. Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg. Super Mario Sunshine. Viva Piñata (both games). Nightmare Before Christmas:Oogie’s Revenge. Gex series. Sonic Adventure 2:Battle.
  9. Regardless if it was really young ages or teen years. What’s some things in media that scared you? Please do NOT share any videos of incredibly graphic in any way content or get really explicit in details about it. If it’s highly graphic violence or whatever just sum it up in the least graphic way possible. For me: This one actually has caused multiple panic attacks ffs Bonus: An instrumental version of the first video Listen to this late at night, when you’re the only one awake and it’s raining or just really cold outside with some good headphones at full volume. I swear when I do that I feel as if the chants of Are You Ready are something I’m hearing as if I was having the exact experience the video shows, as if they were legitimately asking me this not him. That sounds crazy though I guess.
  10. Do you consider comics to be a valid form of literature? There's been a lot of back and forth but I wanted to ask for all of your input.
  11. What kind of brony are you? If other please explain
  12. I haven't started a topic since well...ages ago. So I decided to come up with this for all MHA fans. Answers these fun questions Who's your favorite character(s) least favorite character(s) Who's your favorite UA student (general, 1-b,1-a,) (if the same as the previous one skip)? Who's your favorite antagonist(s)? Least favorite antagonist(s)? Favorite "top ten pro heroes" or pros? What's your favorite arc(s) so far? Least favorite arc(s) so far? Favorite moment(s)? MHA crush(es) If you have a quirk, what will be and call? and any weakness? What would be your hero/villain name (if any)? My answers:
  13. If you (or your OC) has a stand, what would the name and power of the stand be? Stand user: Kronos the Revenant Stand name: Disturbed Stand type: Offensive/Defensive Stand Powers: Offensive: Stricken: Stand user swipes a space of air in front of them, and that swiped area explodes. Defensive: Sound of Silence: Stand user creates an area of space around them that neutralizes any harm that would come to the Stand user.
  14. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: "LOL, everything you've done since the very first game has been in vain because time-travel, LOL!"
  15. I'm wondering about everypony's view on foreshadowing in movies, writing, story-driven video games, etc. Despise it? Can't get enough of it? Couldn't care less? I personally am obsessed foreshadowing, as long as it doesn't give away too much and is fairly subtle (in most cases. I like obvious foreshadowing in moderation). Especially in my own writing, I love it when someone picks up on the hidden hints I put in my writing. This foreshadowing scene is my favorite, and it gives me goosebumps every time I read it. Are there any foreshadowing moments in media that you love?
  16. That's right, starting Tuesday Jan. 1, 2019, every copyrighted media from 1923 will enter the public domain. This also means the oldest copyrighted material from then on will be dated January 1, 1924. And of course, during Trump's years as President, we're gradually going to see all other 1920s works in the public domain, and guess who's going down the ship with these old works: And as long as Trump doesn't sign another copyright law, those copyright holders can kiss their works good-bye.
  17. The anti-censorship campaign stance of Japan House of Councillors candidate Taro Yamada appears to have resonated strongly with his constituents, as it has been reported that Yamada has won his bid for election Yamada’s election campaign greatly focused on standing against the censorship of comics, manga, and video games, appealing greatly to the otaku community. Nice to finally see an anti-censorship movement. Hope this keeps going and doesn't fizzle.
  18. I hear DC comics is coming to an end. What do you guys think of it?
  19. What do you dislike so much, your only recourse seems to be outright Fanon Discontinuity? For me, one example is Sombra's role in The Beginning Of The End... Strike 1: R.I.P., development and worldbuilding from the comics. Strike 2: Genre-savvy, no-nonsense beast like before? Nope - monologuey, overconfident stereotype. Strike 3: Ultimately just the KGBeast/Slipknot of Grogar's Suicide Squad.
  20. What are trends, marketing tactics, or other things that used to be prevalent in media that should make a comeback? One of mine would be the return of several daily cartoon lineups like Kids WB and Fox Kids.
  21. To celebrate Dora and the Lost City of Gold Nickelodeon will air a 24 Dora the Explorer Marathon on Friday August 9th. I think this is a great way to promote the movie and Im totally all in it Vamanos lets go.
  22. While SDCC 2019 is still going on what have been some of your favorite moments so far?
  23. I know "end of an era" is a bit of a cliche, but I think it fits in this case.
  24. For example, let's say someone's being interviewed on a late-night talk show or on the news. Have they ever accidentally used ponified terms like "anypony", "everpony", etc. I have never seen anything like that on TV and I've never found anything about it on YouTube. But, maybe you've been on an interview, or if you've seen something like that, please send a link.