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Found 482 results

  1. I only wanted to subscribe for last month but I'm still getting charged and I can't find an option to cancel for some reason
  2. Lets say when you feel really down on a rainy day, all of a sudden, a dark figure confronts you and gives you evil powers, you can keep them if you destroy that dark figures worst enemy (the hero of the video game). The game would be platforming or fighting (no RPGs). Questions are: 1.) What would your boss theme be? (can be from any game) 2.) What would your special power or theme be? (ex: ground, wind, control of the undead, speed, ect.) 3.) What would your weakness, blind spot or weak spot be? 4.) What kind of boss battle would you be, what attacks would you have? (ex: like would you be bouncing off the walls, being really cheap and attacking from the distance or have a huge killer attack you charge) 5.) Where would you fight the hero you are tying to beat. I think my abilities or theme would be signal or wave stuff (satellites and wire lines), I would be one of those bosses that try to keep distance (jumping over them and running) then shoot a beam at them then zip into them at top speed (yeah i would be the super cheap one). My weakness would probably be water and my blind spot would be my face maybe (how easy to guess). When I get up close to fight with fists the hero could easily attack me. My stage would be the top of a Las Vegas casino or a huge skyscraper (I like city lights). Although I would NOT be in a zombie game (never really liked them) this boss theme would be good, describe how jealous and angry I can get.
  3. I was just wondering if it is forbidden to use an IP mask, because the forum uses IP tools to weed out alt accounts and stop banished users from visiting, so it would make sense if it was not allowed
  4. I'm just curious, I know it isn't healthy, but I spent two full nights (and days) without sleep. Although I did end up falling asleep halfway through day 3. :okiedokielokie: So that leads me to this question: What's the longest amount of days that you guys have gone without sleep?
  5. I’m leaving these forums, but no specific reason really this time, just that I’m not very active on forums, just like I’m not very active on chatrooms. Also, I might have a confession to make. I might’ve been twelve instead of thirteen (I don’t know for sure) when I joined my first forum. However, I made my first YouTube channel when I was thirteen or fourteen, I think. So, that means I think I made multiple accounts at a young age before I made my first YouTube channel. I’m not sure how many under-thirteen email addresses I had before I made my Google/YouTube account, but I’m going to say a lot. So, yeah, I guess you can ban or delete my account, I probably won’t be back, so I guess if I’m not back in the next 30 days, you can delete or ban my account. I mean, I probably won’t be back. And yeah, I plan to move to the U.K. or maybe the West Coast of the U.S. eventually, anyway. So, maybe when/if I do move to the U.K., when I’m in my late twenties or early thirties, I can join a (preferably EU- or UK-based) forum, which, preferably will have a purpose (for example, getting support), and it’ll probably be ran by a company. I’m not sure what kind of forums I would NEED to join in the U.K., but I know these forums don’t really have a purpose and they’re mainly for chatting (which I don’t do much.) So, there, I guess in the next 30 days, you can ban or delete my account.
  6. If l posted something that is for test only, is there a way to delete my post from there? (or should l say, if i start a topic in "Testing Forum" section)
  7. I really want to change my member title. But I don't know how. How do you change it?
  8. So I used a gif for my profile pic, but it won't play! I downloaded it, uploaded it to imgur, and none of my profile gifs play! I don't understand. How do I uplaod my profile picutre gif correctly?
  9. Guest

    resolved Banning

    Can you personally request to have your account removed or banned?
  10. Just curious: What does it mean if someone's username appears in italics font? I see it often in the "Recently Browsing" part of a thread. Thanks.
  11. I've tried several times to edit in a quote to a post I made when I realized I've missed something I want to respond to but it always go to the new post at the bottom of the page. Could someone tell me how I can edit a post and add a quote to it rather than needing to make a new post please?
  12. Hey, my email address has updated on Poniverse, but not on MLP Forums. I changed my email a few months ago, but it won’t change. The email on MLP Forums is still the one I signed up with. The one with my last name. I’d like to use my geekynerd Gmail address (hopefully the admins know what I’m talking about, I’m trying to be as brief as possible.)
  13. Hello, how do I remove a tag of someone? For example: @Emerald Bliss
  14. I did make a 2nd post there, I wonder whether it was deleted or never submitted - I didn't get any PM telling me so, so I am somewhat confused. Edit: Just to highlight, it is basically like the first post with commentary of 25 screencaps in spoiler.
  15. Back in either August or September, I paid for 6 months of being a financial supporter. But since I donated for Christmas charity last December, I no longer appear in the Financial Supporter box. Is my money still paying for the site and I still get the perks or is it time I extend my donations? How do I tell what current membership status is?
  16. I've recently been using pasting to work around some keyboard issues, and when using this site I've found it quite inconvenient that every single time I do so, I have to click "paste as plain text" instead or have my message from there on ruined. I'm not even sure what rich text is or does, but it really complicates typing.
  17. Mine is a topaz and I didn't put it on my graduation ring. Just a black onyx, because that is my favorite color. What about yours? Here is a chart of the stones determining the months: January - Garnet February - Amethyst March - Aquamarine April - Diamond May - Emerald June - Pearl / Alexandrite July - Ruby August - Peridot September - Sapphire October - Opal November - Topaz / Citrine December - Turquoise
  18. So yes, the vehicle I drive is a old classic pick up truck. Brand name: Chevy Type: 4x4 pick up (Standard) Color: Black w/ chrome Seats: Black leather ( wheel is chrome chain links) Drives on Auto Windows: Slightly Tinted Designs: Skulls w/ flames on front and a chrome chain link in the back for the plate (I'm hardcore like that) Other: Fully steel exterior and that goes for the frame as well. Will look something like this: What is your guys picks and can be any early or late models.
  19. So, I've had this "Art Contest Winner" title for close to a year now. Shouldn't it go back to normal after about a month, or is there something I need to do to remove it?
  20. I could've sworn this used to be a thing, which was convenient because it enabled us to put thumbnails of pictures into posts that weren't overbearing, without needing to resize them first in an external editor. Users also had the option to click on those images if they wanted to see the full size version. You just attached an image into the post, and then dragged on the corner to set it to an appropriate size. Am I just imagining this, or did we actually have this. And if so, why did it get removed?
  21. Every now and then I find a select few topics in Debate Pit that piqued my curiosity and willing to chime in to discuss that which would be relevant to the topic at hand. I discuss it by explaining that which hasn't been brought up in the discussion. So far my experiences with Debate Pit has been pretty modest. However, I have come across such Debaters whom I believe don't do a good job debating with me at hand and what I personally believe violates the rules and etiquette that are mandatory when being a Debater in Debate Pit. One of the most basic rules and etiquettes I believe some of my Debaters violate are the following according to the Debate Symposium Rules & Handbook, Now the reason why I highlighted out these specific three points is because some of the Debaters who wish to Debate with me come across as such whenever they're debating with me. I could be asking a simple question that would be relevant within Debate Pit and apparently these Debaters who I have a problem with wish to take offense with everything I've said to support the relevancy of my question that would be meaningful. Such Debaters I have a problem with intend to cherry pick and misconstrue my posts to fit under their narrative. I will provide examples and proofs of how I debate with my opposers and how my opposers debate with me through a basic Logical Ground where Debater A is Myself while Debater B is My Opposer. This is Quote 1, I witness some Debaters from my experience that "quote mine" to the extreme in order to misconstrue my post entirely (AKA Straw Manning) which is honestly unacceptable not just for myself to understand their points, but for themselves, and for the Debate Pit entirely. The way how I usually Debate as Debater A with my Debaters as Debater B is the following under Quote 2 below, I want to answer a poignant question. Which Debate as I put them all in quotes seems acceptable at face value to be a more meaningful and thought-provoking discussion? Quote 1 or Quote 2? I understand the way how I quote my Debaters at face value might not seem all that different since if I'm willing to bold/underline certain statements while at the same time quoting the whole post of my opposer's post then it is no different from my opposer quote mining specific points within my post. However, there's a huge distinction that separates between me and my opposer with the way how I quote and the way how my opposer quotes. At least with my method, I'm willing to explain either their points are fair. If not, then I explain how their un-highlighted points are irrelevant explicitly and conclude that the un-highlighted points does not add up to the discussion in relation to their highlighted statements that I deem worthy. Which is why I quote the whole post entirely in order to understand the big picture (highlighted statements) and the little details (un-highlighted statements) on top of that throughout their post in order to come to a more reasonable conclusion of their post. Whereas my Opposer's method "quote-mining" comes across as if they don't care what I've said throughout my post entirely and they're simply misconstruing my post entirely (AKA Straw Manning) to fit under their narrative in order to highlight out how irrelevant my post is while ignoring the little details to explain their points in an explicit manner for why my post is irrelevant to begin with. What they're doing is not Debating anymore IMHO, but simply finding out flaws within that person's argument, and only focus on the flaws of that person's argument to undermine the whole point of his post entirely which is unacceptable. This is a shallow, narrow-minded and biased perspective of how anyone in their right mind should ever debate with another person. I will leave behind these forms of Logical Fallacies that my opposers have committed against me so they can look back at most of their posts and think twice about making their future posts in the future. It's not only helpful for them, but for myself and for others as well, I know that I'm not a perfect individual as well, but I do my best to understand what I don't understand. I may have committed a violation of at least one rule within the Debate Pit Rules & Handbook which is obsessively making the same points over and over again. However, in my defense I don't understand my opposers's points and I re-iterate my points again to highlight out why my opposers are ignoring them to help me understand. My violation is nothing compared to the numerable violations that my opposers have committed against me.
  22. I noticed that some people have a friend section on their profile. Why is that?
  23. Is this badge being awarded for completing its requirements for this year's Summer Sun Celebration?
  24. I mean, I've noticed that there's tags in this neck of the forums ike "answered" "technical questions". How do I do that, like if I want to post a spoiler?
  25. I noticed to today that in the Awardd/Badges display box, instead of showing the Awards/Badges we recieved, it shows the Team Badges. I honestly have no problem with this, but I am just curious to know what caused the change. Side question, is there a way to get those Team Badges? Sorry if these questions were already answered somewhere, but I failed to find it. Thank you for your time