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Found 1018 results

  1. So I made a similar topic for discussion, but I'd like to know how MLPForums and Poniverse themselves would be effected by the passing of Article 13? I know we're not on a major platform but Article 13 isn't exactly clear on what counts as a major platform or what the status of forums and independent websites would be. Could something like Ponyville live or cause the site to get canned due to using copyrighted material in remixes and live broadcasts? Could Equestria.TV go down for movie nights and episode showings? Could the forums be brought down by our banner art alone? Should this be a more immediate concern for the members of our community?
  2. I was wonder if I can post blogs like shooter, adventure, strategy, fighting, horror, or any other genre? ( without the nudity of course )
  3. I was wondering on how I can get badges, because I've seen other people have them before and I was wondering. Do I have to help the community or something?
  4. I've been trying to find the status update thing on my profile and I don't see it anywhere. I'm signed on through my phone and I can't find the status update thing on my phone. I've never had problems with this through my laptop, but I don't know how the status update thing works through the cell phone version of MLP Forums
  5. How does one ping another user? I've tried @(username here) but it didn't exactly work. Is pinging different then using @?
  6. So I had to reset my password via email, and so I got that really long temp. one, but I cannot find where on-site I can change my password. I've been searching for a while, and even tried looking up this same question on the forums, but I am pretty lost. I haven't been on this site in many months so its all pretty much 'new' again lol, sorry.
  7. cuteycindyhoney

    answered Award Problem

    I just received notification that Buffy awarded me the Orange Rupee. First, thanks! Second, there's a problem. When I looked at my award page, it says I awarded it to myself! I'm very confused about that. I don't want people to think I messed up the award system. Can this be fixed? I'd rather it taken away then to have people think I started giving myself awards. Now it says I have yellow and red Rupees, and that I awarded them to myself! HELP!
  8. Okay, so I suddenly got this amazing idea You know the topics right? Wouldn't it be amazing if a collaboration feature were added? Like, two members could write a topic at the same time? Is that possible?
  9. ...such as FanClubs or started topics by your own. This is the closest I can find. I wish there was some way to favorite topics and having access to them quickly, instead of clicking through all of the forums navigating to it. And that is if you actually know where to find it. Maybe there is some forums addon for that? //Also, is there a way to search for members?
  10. Yeah, like the description says, I can't give awards on the mobile website. It doesn't say "new award" on the awards page on the mobile website, but when I go onto the PC website, it does. So, is the mobile website awards page supposed to do this?
  11. Every topic in the MLPF World Cup can't be replied to. I've noticed this a long time ago and waited for change, but it hasn't so far. Is this part of the hiatus? Or just an technical issue?
  12. I don't remember how to change my profile picture or add a status update. How do I do that?
  13. Just noticed everypony's signatures are replaced by their badges. I tried saving mine but it still wouldn't come up. So, are signatures removed now? Or is this just temporary?
  14. Hi! The topic goes to deviantart to a lesser degree as well. As far as I am aware of, it is of no issue to linking to direct DB images as long as they are safe, with suggestive allowed in fanclubs in a spoiler (are they allowed outside of FCs?). Questionable and explicit aren't allowed, obviously. But what actually about linking to the website itself, or to an image page (not direct image link itself)? The sites DOES include forbidden material here, but one could argue users wouldn't see them unless they opted in to them. On the flip side, it can be argued images might not be tagged correctly always. So what is MLPF's stance on linking to it?
  15. So uh... yeah Ive seen someone with “Shadow Ponies” title and another with “Flyder”. Does this have to do with the Halloween thing? How do I obtain these?
  16. It's been a long time since I was last on the forums and I can't remember the rule on this nor find an answer quickly. I was looking at a long dead topic for webcomics and wondering if I should post in it and get it up front again or just start a fresh topic.
  17. Is there a way to move blog entries from blog to blog? I created a new blog for my OC stuff and have two OC entries in my old blog, and I would like to know if there's any way for me to get those two entries to the new blog? (Without just copy-pasting their contents to new entries and hiding the old ones.)
  18. Hello was thinking of advertising gmod server am active contributor of. That do allot of custom stuff for. But before i go had do as advertising about it thought better check in first if as forum post is okey our not. If get an ok, i probably write up some basic information of game format we use on server what content we have and list your steam and discord group to gather with the addon list we have. And some of general rules we have on the server.
  19. Sunlight Glisten

    answered Banishment?

    I see a lot of ponies have been banished, I'm wondering what are some banishable offences? Other than trying to overthrow celestia of course
  20. (Weird Question) Is There Any Way I Could Change The Time I Joined? Because I Really Hate The Number 3.
  21. I've noticed some of my old art threads in Requestria were archived, and I'd like to know how this system works, Is it limited to requestria? How long does a thread have to be abandoned before it gets the Archive Hammer? ( Arrow? Blast? Fist?) Is there anyway I can still search them out? as the "Topics I've Started" Filter, no longer shows the threads
  22. I've always had problems with mods plastering me with labels, and its go to the point that I'm considering just giving up on forums. Now I'm being treated badly right now. I have done nothing but express my concerns with certain mods and now they plaster me with a moderation of my posts? Unless its just for this section?
  23. I'm here to tell you that my old account is no longer accessible due to my Google account being terminated. So i cannot receive emails for that account. This is my new one i had to make as i had no choice. My old account was Seraphim, formerly known as ForLifeNightcore. Please understand that i want an experience free of conflict from mods. Whoops, ok, i goofed, this wasn't the new one, i was thinking of another site lol. I have disabilities that affect my memory, so please forgive me for this mistake.
  24. Please tell me. I really need self organization.
  25. No description, just buttons. I'm "guessing" somehow related to Nightmare Night, but I'm confused...