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Found 48 results

  1. Episode 1: 00:00PM - 01:00AM SPIKE (O.S.) The following takes place between 12AM and 1AM. Events occur in real time. INT. MILITARY BUNKER OFF THE COAST OF STABLESIDE, SOUTH EQUESTRIA - NIGHT 00:00 Inside an off-shore Military Bunker. A small number of pegasi guards are keeping watch inside. 00:00 EXT. MILITARY BUNKER OFF THE COAST OF STABLESIDE, SOUTH EQUESTRIA - NIGHT 00:02 Guards are outside, keeping watch. It is raining. Suddenly, a large number of pegasi in dark outfits descend from the skies and a battle ensues. The dark pegasi ambush the guards and begin to overwhelm them. GILDA, a griffon, swoops down and breaks the necks of two grounded guards who attempt to man their cannons. Some of the invading pegasi are armed with spears. Others are armed with AK-47 assault rifles and other sub-machine guns. The guards are armed with M4A1 carbines and are returning fire as best they can. Gilda takes a few shots to the chest, but she is able to shrug them off easily, her hide tougher than most bullets. She lets out a shrill cry. The invading pegasi land and engage the guards on the ground with spears. They fight through the guards with Gilda and make their way inside the bunker. 00:04 INT. MILITARY BUNKER OFF THE COAST OF STABLESIDE, SOUTH EQUESTRIA - NIGHT - CONTINUOUS 00:04 Gilda and the pegasi storm through into the bunker. The guards panic, suddenly overwhelmed by the brutality of the attack. Gilda uses her claws to tear the head off an unlucky guard. She lets out a battle cry and the pegasi kill the guards one by one. They are powerless to stop them. The invaders reach their prize - an experimental magi-nuclear weapon. Four pegasi work together to lift it out of the base and into the air, where they all flock together behind Gilda and head back towards the shore. A single guard is still alive, and crawls, mortally wounded to the emergency telephone and picks it up desperately with his hoof. With his last ounce of strength, he speaks into the receiver: GUARD Higaldo is gone. Armageddon is here. This is the end. He falls forward and dies, a pool of blood expanding underneath him. 00:14 EXT. FLYING CHARIOT FROM CANTERLOT TO MANECHESTER 00:17 Rarity and Sweetie Belle are sitting in the flying chariot. Sweetie Belle is now a teenager, too young to drink alcohol legally. SWEETIE BELLE I can’t believe you’re dragging me all the way to Manechester. RARITY I don’t really have a choice. I’m not exactly in the position to refuse a direct order from the Princess. SWEETIE BELLE No but why do I have to come? RARITY Because if you think I’m leaving you in the house on your own, you can jolly-well think again. SWEETIE BELLE Awww c’mon big sis! I’m sixteen! RARITY (rolling her eyes) Exactly. And that’s why when we touch down I’m dropping you off with the Apple family. You can stay with Applebloom until my business in Mancechester is finished. SWEETIE BELLE (alarmed) Applebloom? B-but we haven’t spoken in ages! Not since... RARITY (thinking quickly) Not since we moved to Canterlot? SWEETIE BELLE (dips her head, sadly) No. Rarity puts a hoof around Sweetie Belle, comfortingly. RARITY You never parted with her on bad terms and I’m still good friends with the Apple family. You’ll be fine. SWEETIE BELLE (mumbling, sad) If you say so. RARITY Chin up, Sweetie Belle. We’re almost there. The chariot approaches the large city of Manechester and dips into a dive. 00:21 INT. TWILIGHT SPARKLE’S LIBRARY, MANECHESTER - NIGHT 00:27 TWILIGHT SPARKLE and SPIKE are playing chess in the library. Twilight is a unicorn in her late twenties, SPIKE is a dragon who is the equivelant of roughly thirty pony years thanks to a sudden growth spurt. He is slightly taller than Twilight Sparkle, has a set of small, but usable wings and has well developed muscles and powerful claws. He is no longer a baby dragon, but a small adult one. Twilight and Spike now live in Manechester, an amalgamation of Manehattan and Ponyville which was created due to massive urbanisation. Manechester has a population of over 8 million and is populated by Ponies, Griffons, Zebras and more. Twilight places Spike’s king in check with her bishop. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Check. SPIKE Damn it, Twilight. He studies the board, then makes his move. Twilight smiles wryly and checks him again, this time with her Queen. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Check. Spike growls, irritated. SPIKE Not again. TWILIGHT SPARKLE You could just give up? Checkmate in two moves anyway. SPIKE We’ll see about that. He moves his rook to block her Queen. She checks him with her knight. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Check. Spike moves his king. An act of futility. Twilight Checkmates takes his rook and checkmates him with a combination of Knight and Queen. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Checkmate. Spike studies the board. Suddenly, he feels a letter coming and burps it up, scorching the chessboard and reducing all of the pieces to ash. Twilight looks down at the board in horror. Spike smirks slightly as he unrolls the letter. SPIKE What a shame. Twilight looks concerned. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Who is that from at this hour? Spike reads. His eyes widen. SPIKE Pinkie Pie. We’re needed at ECTU. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Now? Spike gets up from the table and pulls on his leather Jacket. SPIKE Now. 00:39 INT. ECTU HQ - MANECHESTER - NIGHT 00:52 ECTU: Manechester, Equestria’s Counter Terrorist Unit is a federal agency dedicated to stopping terrorism. ECTU personel arrive in dribs and drabs. FLUTTERSHY is already there, working on her computer station. APPLEJACK comes in with RAINBOW DASH. Spike and Twilight are next. RARITY and PINKIE PIE are in Pinkie Pie’s office. Pinkie Pie is jumping around while Rarity is trying to talk to her. Other ponies are there in the background. When everypony is gathered around, Rarity and Pinkie Pie emerge from Pinkie’s office. Pinkie Pie is the acting Director of ECTU. Twilight Sparkle is the Senior Special Agent, former director who recently stepped down from management due to health concerns. Rarity functions as the royal liasion officer and is not technically part of ECTU. Fluttershy works communications. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are field agents along with Spike. PINKIE PIE Alright listen up everypony because this is super-duper ginormously important! Everypony stops talking. PINKIE PIE (talking quickly, hyperactive, ticking nervously whenever she says "bombs") Now, I know it’s late and we all need our beauty sleep and BOMBS! but something simply terrible has happened and it’s awful and BOMBS! and everypony at ECTU needs to be super-duper focused and listen and- Rarity cuts her off: RARITY Let’s give them the abridged version, eh? Pinkie Pie nods silently. PINKIE PIE WE’VE LOST A MAGI-NUCLEAR BOMB! Gasps. Twilight and Spike exchange glances. Rainbow Dash is scratching her head, puzzled. RAINBOW DASH What’s a Magi-nuclear bomb? RARITY Twilight? Care to explain? Twilight Sparkle clears her throat. Everypony turns to her. TWILIGHT SPARKLE A Magi-nuclear bomb is a concept in theoretical magi-physics. You combine a magic trigger with nuclear fuel and it creates vast quantities of energy with minimum waste. I wasn’t aware that a bomb had actually been created? RARITY Neither were we until half an hour ago when we were briefed by Princess Celestia herself. Codename Higaldo-45 is an experimental magi-nuclear bomb. It’s got enough force behind it to level cities to dust in seconds. It cancels out any magical forcefield or energy protection spells that may be in place. No pony can survive it. Worried glances. APPLEJACK Y’all mean to say the princess authorised the construction of a super powerful weapon right under our noses? How in the heck did ECTU not know about it? TWILIGHT SPARKLE It must have been done covertly. RARITY Indeed. And frankly, I’m rather hurt they even kept me out of the loop. PINKIE PIE Unbelievable! Ponies start to shout and talk over each other. Suddenly Rainbow Dash flies upwards and starts screaming: RAINBOW DASH Wait a second! Everypony shuts up. RAINBOW DASH Who cares who knew about what? The point is, we have a nuclear magic, or whatever BOMB missing? How the heck does a BOMB go missing? FLUTTERSHY Umm... it was stolen. Everypony turns to Fluttershy. She lowers her head, nervously. FLUTTERSHY At around midnight, umm... one of our military bases was attacked by a squad of... flying ponies. RAINBOW DASH (angrily) Pegasi? Fluttershy nods, awkwardly. FLUTTERSHY Y-yeah. Pegasi. At least, that’s what witnesses saw - a cloud of pegasi leaving the base. We’re assuming they took the bomb with them. SPIKE (irritated) How does an entire military base that is guarded by highly trained soldiers get overwhelmed like that? TWILIGHT SPARKLE Spike’s right - you’d think that security would have been tighter. RARITY I think the base’s best defence was its anonymity. Nobody was supposed to know about it, but somehow that information got leaked. Disturbance and chatter. Pinkie Pie calls order. RARITY The fact of the matter is, if we don’t get this bomb back and it goes off somewhere in Equestria, or anywhere else in the world for that matter... we’ll be looking at Armageddon. Not even magic can protect us from this bomb. Nervous glances. SPIKE (arms folded) Do we have any leads yet? RARITY (acknowledging him) Only one. Pause. RARITY They carried it back to shore where they presumably stored it in a wagon. Only a few types of wagon are large enough to carry a magi-nuclear bomb, and one was reported stolen in Manechester two hours before the bomb went missing. It’s a safe bet that whoever has it is coming back to Manechester with it. APPLEJACK We’ll liaise with the police, see if we can get them to track it down. TWILIGHT SPARKLE Fluttershy can try and pick it up on satellite. I’ll coordinate the intelligence. The existence of the bomb was highly classified - even we didn’t know about it. We need the names of everypony who did. Ponies are nodding all around. Pinkie calls order and speaks: PINKIE PIE I don’t think I need to tell you ponies how important it is that we find this bomb and get it back from whichever nastypants pony decided to take it. We’re going to be working round the clock until we can find it - understood? Nods. PINKIE PIE Alright - let’s go to work everypony! Fade to clock. 00:59:56 00:59:57 00:59:58 00:59:59 01:00:00 END OF TRANSMISSION Episode 1.docx Episode 2.docx
  2. I was doodling to make a new avatar for my steam profile... I have no idea why I like Fluttershy using guns.... Irony? and I think she would be classier than to use a Barret m107... but I don't know anyway I am going to redo this in paint tool sai and put some color in it so it's not so boring. but let me know what you think I please Fluttershy is best pony....
  3. Assault Rifle: AK-47: Cheap gun, mags, and ammo (more powerful and cheaper than .223). A good one can shoot 3" or less groups at 100 yards, plus a classic wooden on elooks oh so sexy! 6.5 Grendel Ar-15 (preferably piston driven): AR accuracy, AK reliability and punch, with .308 range. A piston driven one cost a preety penny, though. Sniper Rifle: M-107 A1: It's a fifty, nuff' said. Cheytac M-200: With match ammo and a good shooter, can consistently hit a man size target at 3,000 yards (300 yards farther than the world's longest confirmed kill). I also heard it was more powerful than a .50, but that's probably bunk. Pistol: Beretta M92 .40: Fits my hand perfectly and shoots the caliber I'm best with. Just needs a laser sight. Blades: Kukri: Uhh... it looks cool? Knuckle Duster: Designed to stab through steel helmets and looks bass to the ass. What's not to love?
  4. Ponies immune to bullets? I heard some Bronies think this. Using guns to fight Ponies in battle and shooting them? This isn't a completely Human Vs Pony thread. For in this universe some nations have Ponies and Human as friends and allies. And their bastards on all sides as well, including Fascist Ponies and Fascist Humans, that want to kill all non Pony races (Fascist Humans wanting to kill all non Humans) and the least bad of the bunch is the United Species of Equestria. Now as Humans (as members of the United Species of Equestria.) shooting enemy fascist Ponies. But oh no they have force fields to protect themselves, but you also have magic of your own with Ponies on your side, so you can get your bullets magically enhanced to smash through their force fields. While at the same time your Pony friends can just use magic to break their force fields. And also Humans would have magically enhanced armor to protect themselves from spells and bullets too. Oh and depending on the universe, and if this magical world where Humans have magic too, then no one is stronger than the other. So you're all 'powerful' alicorn, yeah well I'm powerful wizard like Jon Irenicus.
  5. Hey I was just messing around and the wife came home so i didn't get to finish it. I was going to finish shading it and add a background to it. do you think it's worth the time or should I scrap it?
  6. The amount of people being annoying in class gave me this idea of drawing. It seems common sense wasn't a thing there.
  7. in this topic i want to talk about the community of fps type games and how it affects gaming. for the most part i will be using call of duty finest hour, call of duty modern warfare 2 The community of first person shooters has changed in the past few years due to the release of the ps3 and xbox 360 this introduced online play on consoles something "children" had. call of duty was mostly known for being on pc but now children started getting their hands on these call of duty games. here is an image representation on what the community used to be and what it is now call of duty finest hour call of duty modern warfare 2 and onwards i will admit to being one of those kids back in the days of cod 4 but i atleast had the mental maturity to play the game and not threaten people for playing well. call of duty is still an amazing game franchise and always will be and i cant wait till i can afford ghosts but the community has turned into mature adults but 8-12 year olds and that ruins the game and it really ruins how people see the game because people don't judge games by the game now they judge a game by its community. it also runs into other games the other day i went to play Gotham city impostors and there was a kid yelling down the microphone at how i was hacking for playing too well and its just ruining the fps community all together. i wanna see you guys giving your opinion on this
  8. If your favourite ponies were guns, what type of gun would she/he be? Can be anything from simple handguns, to hard hitting heavy machine guns! List your top 5 ponies, and explain how their personalities would fit for that specific gun!
  9. What do you guys think? Took me a couple days to get it done due to lack of time but, I got it done at least I'm happy with the way it turned out, but my own opinion doesn't matter, Yall's Opinion does! I need everypony to give me a opinion on it. If you don't like it.. I'll be very sad. *Sniff* You make Fluttershy cry! If you do like it, Then I give you a /)* (Brohoof) Well anyway, Just tell me what you guys think! Original Work by Template93 on Deviantart: I wanted to draw his animation so I did
  10. Hey guys who here is into airsoft? I am wondering about peoples advice on the debate of high grade aeg vs gas guns and etc.... Are you a kwa fan or a echo 1 star person
  11. On one side: a ruthless, unstoppable automaton pony with a heart. The greatest thing to come out of Friendship is Witchcraft, perhaps the best headcanon interpretation of Sweetie Belle. She has so much power inside of her, you don't even KNOW what she can do. On the other side: the Marines. The few, the proud. The elite brotherhood of the U.S. military. Trained to weather unforseeable extremes to defend their nation. Unfortunately, not cartoons. But I imagine a few of them are pony fans. Who shall come out victorious?
  12. Took this straight of another forum I use. Most of this stuff is from.... I dunno... 2 years ago. The drawings and the painting is from this past year Some things you might not belive I made, maybe there are some things you will. But rest assured, these are all mine, I drew, scuplted, cut, shaped, and painted to make these. Enjoy! Made this one a while back. Made this one not long after I made Snake. I made all of these myself.... I have no life, please, don't judge me.... M60E2 M60E2 (Box magazine removed and feed exposed) WA-2000 RPG-7 (This one actually has a launching warhead, of course, it doesn't explode. ) Group photo! (RPG-7, WA-2000, M60E2, MPK, 9A91 Vihkr, G18C, FAMAS, MP-40, PPS-43, and of course the G11-P4) I would upload a picture of my Cheytac M-200, but I don't have any photos of it after its completion. Last but definetly not least, my painting. Canis Lupus. (I had a VERY hard time to get people to belive I made this, especially my art teacher.)
  13. I was having a discussion with a couple other people on the forums the other day about old-school guns with a ridiculous number of barrels (I found a pistol with ten). I decided I would make this thread to discuss what kind of weapons people are interested in and what weapons they think are cool. I always love old guns, flintlocks, clockworks, revolvers, and anything with multiple barrels. Then there's sword-canes, which I think most people agree are pretty cool, if perhaps kind of stupid. I also more recently discovered the naginata and how awesome it is. Here's a picture for those of you who aren't familiar. pic20.jpg Just to clarify, this doesn't have to be weapons you own. I don't actually own any weapons besides my carving tools and swiss army knives (and a shillelagh, but some people don't think that counts). Just post any weapons you think are cool, interesting, or ridiculous.
  14. Introduction As many of know, the event of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has raised many questions regarding guns and violence. I will be stating my opinion on the matter, since it is almost inevitable to hear about the things that politicians say about what can be done to stop a tragic event, like the shooting, from happening in the future. Before I begin, I want to share some amusing quotes that might apply to this topic. “He who knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” -George Bernard Shaw “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.” -Nikita Khrushchev “Politics is the art of preventing people from sticking their noses in things that are properly their business.” -Paul Valery   Are Video Games to blame for such violent acts? Hardly. Many say that video games teach children how to reload an fire a legitimate gun. I’m no gun specialist, but I don’t think that guns are fired by pressing a button on a keyboard, nor are they reloaded by pressing a different button on a keyboard. On other controllers, it is pretty much the same thing. There is one button to reload, another to fire. The majority of actual guns weigh much more than a pound, have a somewhat complicated way to reload and fire them, and show next to no relation to, say, an Xbox controller. Apart from that, video games were said to encourage people to go out and shoot up a few people. I cannot say that there is no way this is true. Some people might have been driven to shoot someone to death because it looked fun on a screen, but I haven’t heard of this being the reason for murder within my lifetime. I have played and watched many violent games in my past. I love the thrill of a near-death situation in those games. I love the thrill of ultimate power in those games, and the deep red color of blood is one of my favorite colors. But, if you know me as well as I do, I have created a character that was made to represent me; that character’s symbol stands for peace, prosperity, and love. This isn’t an ironic situation. Killing people in video games can be a lot of fun, since you know that you are killing people who don’t actually exist. Another example is a character I’ve created for a story I’m writing. She is a trained assassin, she does kill people for enjoyment, and she even eats the human she kills once he is dead. But, she kills people from an alternative reality that she knows is not natural. She wouldn’t go and kill someone real, she creates people to kill. She is a peacemaker for the most part. She never liked the usage of guns, she doesn’t like war, and she is even friends with the character that was made to represent me. Her life is basically like the life of the average teenager playing a video game. You are not killing real people in video games, you are just fighting against computers or the avatars of other people. According to the saying “Guns don’t kill people, video games do,” there is a lot of terrible interpretations of video games nowadays. First of all, that saying makes literally no sense. At the least, video games drive weak-minded children to suicide, not drive them to kill other people. Also, guns do kill people. I can see how they don‘t kill alone, but still, guns have killed people before. From the 1700s upwards, it is VERY obvious that guns kill people. Nations win wars thanks to guns killing enough people to drive another person to surrender. The gun used at Sandy Hook Elementary unfortunately killed a bundle of children an teachers. I cannot stress this enough, but the saying makes no sense to any logical mind. Actually, Now that I think about it, A video game that actually kills people sounds like a Creepypasta… One extra point that I want to make is that I assume that no politician has played games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefeild, etc. That means that they have no experience with what we are doing. It seems like it’s new, and if something comes out just as something else happens, one thing could be used as and excuse for the other thing happening. It also might be like the fact that some people fear something they do not understand. The average politician doesn’t understand video games that well, which means that they might be afraid of it hurting someone or something. My final point that I am going to make is that there have been many tragic events happening before video games existed. One of the most tragic events in history, the Holocaust, couldn’t have been encouraged by video games. It was just the mind of a human that wanted to kill innocent people. Also, John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln out of his own free will. Surely he wasn’t from the future, where he had played video games featuring the assassination of presidents. The last example would be 9/11. Some people just want to watch the world burn sometimes. Don’t blame technology.   Should guns be limited to be less threatening? That is a definite yes. Guns are really powerful. One shot could half a person’s effectiveness in any subject, whether it is walking, talking, or thinking. You should know that there are many parts of the body that would result in almost instant death if penetrated by a bullet. I’ve heard that gun stores were trying to lessen the amount of ammunition in a magazine so the shooter would have to reload the gun much more often; which would allow people to escape with enough time to live. That is probably one of the best actions to take as far as I can imagine. We might also have to make sure that we can absolutely trust someone who is receiving a gun. If needed, we might need to take a gun owner for a mental heath check-up every few months or so, just to make sure that he or she doesn’t go haywire with the weapon at their disposal. If the gun owner doesn’t meet the standards of what would seem safe for others, then the more powerful guns should be discarded from them. I’ve always thought that guns were much too powerful. It gives someone with a gun complete dominance over someone who doesn’t have a gun, assuming the person who doesn’t have a gun isn’t afraid of death. One could just take a pistol out of their pocket, point it at someone, and demand and get money. People know how powerful guns are, and that makes them pay their life out to someone who has the ability to kill them.   Conclusion I am fairly certain that if politicians would listen to what others are saying much more often, then the world could be a better place. They also need more light to be shed on their situations, since they are sitting a pitch-black abyss when it comes to some aspects of logic. It was tough not to go on a swearing rampage during the making of this; human stupidity is something that really bothers me.
  15. Another one of these topics... The rules should be simple enough. I do all the work, and you choose the option you want. ----- You open your eyes to find you are in an unknown room. You look around. It is very dark, but not dark enough to not see anything. You get up from the cold hard floor you were currently on, and look around. There appear to be two doors. One in front of you, and one on the ceiling. Inventory: (Currently empty) What do you do? [A]: Go through the door in front of you. : Go through the door on the ceiling. [C]: Kick the wall in anger. [D]: Scream and go insane.
  16. What is your general weapon preference on shooter video games? Do you like to run and gun or are you a stealthy sniper? Describe your play style and give an exact setup as example. I am a high damage, high fire power, destroy everything, monster. I like to be a walking Juggernaut. EX:MW3 class setup M60 red dot and rapid fire. Desert Eagle tactical knife. C4 Emp Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro/Quickdraw Pro Steady Aim Pro Assault point streaks. Predator Missile Attack Helicopter Reaper Drone Dead man's hand.
  17. I figured this out a while ago, and I just got around to recording it. A lot of fun to play. I might just open up requests for future arrangements.
  18. Showing a progression of my little project here, I tried the hardest on Rarity because well, you know, she is the most perfectionist of all the ponies in equestrian (slight exaggeration)
  19. I was kind of curious, because some people think I'm a loser for thinking this guy is stupid. If you don't know FPS Russia is an American youtuber that makes gun videos with a fake Russian accent. This opinion may have arisen when FPS Russia slammed a brony on a Mail Monday. I just think that this guy is kind of stupid with pointless gun videos and fake Russian accent. I also do not like that our generation is somewhat obsessed with guns and explosions, because I am against guns. I think that guns should be used for sport, military, and law enforcement only. Let me know what you guys think of FPS Russia and our generations outlook on guns. Here's the link to that video were FPS Russia slams a brony for asking an honest question.
  20. So here is one example of something that I just recently did. Pinkamena with shotgun and knife. I would upload more, but this image is frickin' big as is and this post would be enormous. Still trying to figure out this forum. So yeah I draw ponies in a very stylized way. I'm no pro and I probably kind of suck, but I try. Feel free to give me a critique or helpful advice if you would.
  21. Yep, looks like I reincarnated myself in pencil . It took longer than it needed to make this pic, but then again, I've never drawn a person holding a gun . Looks at me with mah F2000, and FEAR ME Opinion's please ?
  22. So has anypony checked it out? In my opinion this is a great game. I have played about 5 Online matches and can already say this is my multiplayer game for the next few months. Also the story is great, i am about half way through and have enjoyed it very much. If your looking for the must have Rockstar Game: This is it. Rockstar started putting multiplayer in GTA then red dead, and i was not really the biggest fan. The multiplayer seemed just not so well thought out but they now have finally done it. If your still playing Gears, Halo, MW than you may wanna give this at least a rent if not an outright buy Well another day in and my feelings are the same, this game is GREAT! Has anypony else got it? What do u think of it
  23. In the city of Manehattan, There were gangs, mafias, & thugs roaming around the bright lights of this city. All alone in a nearby warehouse was a lonesome stallion named Calibur. As he drew the symbol of his future mafia he planned to have he was crying in tears of shame and anger. When he finished carving it he spoke to himself, I shall rise again & prove my father wrong. (I know most of you are familiar with The Godfather so i decided to make an Rp out of it.) Name: Calibur Gender: Male Species: Earth Pony Decription: Black waved out mane and tail, deep italian acent, brown eyes, Tuxido, Gray coat, mustache. Personailty: Cool tempered, very strong will, light headed.