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Found 54 results

  1. Merry Christmas everybody! Have some ponies kissing, because why not. Everybody loves that, I think... Link to DeviantArt Page. Blame ~SadisticFluttershy~ for the recommendation. I hope you all have a splendid day! P.S Can you spot the three 'lil spies behind the bushes? 2nd P.S This is alright to post, right?
  2. Which ones were better? I like some of the Hearth's Warming dresses, but I think the Gala dresses are better. What do you guys think?
  3. I'm asking about the holiday Hearth's Warming Eve because I'm just curious. Considering all the decor are really just Christmas decorations, and that it takes place during winter, I was wondering how it's celebrated besides the pageants. They definitely celebrate it with plays, but do they also give gifts, or have feasts like at Christmas? I was just wondering because it was never mentioned in the actual episode. Considering Hearth's Warming Eve just looks like Christmas with a different name I was wondering if they do gifts, feasts, etc. By the way, I find it amusing that in G3 they actually celebrate Christmas.
  4. OK, so it said that ''Maud will return in a hearth's warming episode'' Is the season being divided in half? Because that's Christmas!!! Or is it not a Hearth's warming eve episode? What if by June or July they split it into half and then the remainder in September-December? Like Doctor Who? Was the Hearth's Warming episode a Writing error?
  5. Little something I threw together quick for your eyeballs. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, Happy Festivus, Happy Life Day, Happy Robanukah, Happy Baxter Day, and in general Happy Holidays!
  6. Every Hearth's Warming Eve, we celebrate the bonds that keep us together and rejoice that we live in a prosperous land where all three types of ponies live together in perfect harmony, no longer affected by the conflicts of the past. But not every Hearth's Warming Eve since that fateful day where 3 young ponies, 1 from each tribe, were able to banish away the most evil of winter spirits with the magic of friendship which resides within us all, has been as joyful as the ones we celebrate today. In fact, one fateful year, the fire of friendship, which kept away the horrors that would see us freeze under a blanket of snow, was never lit...and the adversity Equestria faced because of that was a thing of nightmares. One that even Princess Celestia and Princess Luna keep hidden from the citizens of Equestria today. But, during those hard times a small band of ponies are the only reason that Equestria still stands today as a glorious and bountiful land that we cherish each and every day. And their story is one that needs to be told... --------- So this is my first story I actually got around to writing! Chapter 1 is available to read and chapter 2 is in development now. If any of you might be interested in the story, please check it out! Oh, and because it is my first fanfic, critique is obviously great but gentle EDIT: The start of the story is temporarily down as it's being rewritten. Sorry!
  7. This is my third and final commentary to celebrate the holidays, guys. Through festivity and just being unoriginal, we're going to go with the only episode in the whole series that could be classified as "Christmas-Related" episode in the show. Obviously, you guys know I had to invert the video, but I thank you for being accepting of it Let's end the year with a commentary over Hearth's Warming Eve!
  8. Happy Holidays, Everypony! Here's a Hearth's Warming card for everypony: Front: Inside:
  9. It’s that time to launch yet a new banner contest, and this month we are going to change up a few things. To say that the staff has been impressed with the quality of the banners that you guys have been making is an understatement. We wrestled with a way to showcase more of the banners which is why we have decided to rotate them weekly. Keep it up. There will be no voting for this round of banners. All entries will be reviewed by staff and selected for overall quality and adherence to the theme. Submit your entry via PM to Aquila by the deadline listed below. The four winning banners will be displayed for all to see and rotated weekly. If you're new to the banner-making scene, check out this thread and this FAQ. In short, banners should be around 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. Starting Date: Right Now! Due Date: Sunday, November 30th 11:59 PM (EDT) General Rules -One entry per member -All entries must adhere to the current theme -Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may due so, so long as the revised version is submitted before the due date. -All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the show in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! -All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted. -Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announce. While I can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, it is important that your banner remains wrapped under the tree. This month's theme - Hearth's Warming Eve with the CMC -Must showcase an aspect of Hearth's Warming Eve or Winter -Must highlight at least one member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle) If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below. And so, without further ado, let us begin. Good luck and have fun!
  10. A steady wind blew through the quiet streets of Canterlot, kicking up drifts of snow here and there. A light snow had fallen, covering the roofs in a magical, white glow. Along the streets were homes that were illuminated by a single fire from within. Around the fire sat children, each wrapped in a blanket by the fireplace and holding a cup of hot chocolate in their hands. Their parents sat nearby, awaiting the moment for when the children would tire and go to sleep. It was Hearth's Warming Eve in Equestria. The streets were barren, everybody that resided in Canterlot was either at home or doing last minute shopping. In the city’s palace, there sat two children. They were home alone for the night, their parents being away on some important business. --- “Okay Luna, you wanted to make cookies right?” Celestia looked down to her younger sister who was looking over the counter with eager eyes. Laughing, she said, “I’ll take that as a yes. Okay, let’s find the ingredients.” The twosome wandered off towards the pantry, Celestia holding a list of ingredients and Luna carrying a basket. “Okay, so the first thing on the list is… flour. Do you know where that is?” “I think so…” With that, Luna walked through the pantry until she had found the flour. She returned with it, awaiting further instruction. “Next, we need baking… soda.” Luna waddled off, the basket in her arms. She returned with the baking soda and was sent for the rest of the ingredients with Celestia close by. After they had retrieved the necessary materials, they walked back to the kitchen. Luna immediately took up a step-stool and stood in front of the counter. "Did you remember to wash your hands?" "Oops, almost forgot!" She ran towards the sink, and began thoroughly washing her hands. She walked back to the counter and began on the cookies with her sister. After they had preen placed into the oven, Celestia turned to Luna and asked, "Do you want to go outside and play in the snow now?" "Yes please!!" Excited, Luna ran into her bedroom and threw on her warmest clothing. Walking out into the snow, the first thing she did was trip purposely. As her body connected with the snow, she began to wave her arms back and forth, giggling the whole time. Celestia walked out not long after and looked at her, trying to suppress a laugh. "C'mon, let's go build a snowman. I know how much you love to do that, right?" Luna stood up and began to walk towards a large pile of snow. There, she began to roll the snow into a ball, forming the base of the snowman. She continued this process until the entire snowman was complete. Once done, she threw accessories on her creation and decorated it. After the accessories were thrown on, she turned around, only to be hit in the face with a snowball. “Haha! I got you Luna!” The cold ball stung… she didn’t like that. In retaliation, she formed her own ball of snow, throwing it in her sister’s direction. “THIS MEANS WAR,” she cried. She took cover behind a shrub, hoping Celestia wouldn’t find her any time soon. A snowball would fly by every so often, but that didn’t worry her. She had been building up her arsenal the whole time that her sister was firing shots. Satisfied with what she had, she stood up, holding a pile in her arms. Grabbing one at a time, she began to throw them one by one at her sister who was standing in the open. Snowball after snowball connected with her sister’s clothing, each impact making Luna feel better on the inside. Once she was left unarmed, she called out to Celestia saying, “Okay, let’s call it a truce. Can we go inside now? It’s getting cold.” “Of course Luna. C’mon, you must be cold. Let’s go and sit by the fire.” The two walked hand-in-hand back into the palace, each taking a seat by the roaring fire. Celestia got up and went to go make them hot chocolate for both of them to enjoy. Coming back, she found Luna sound asleep on the couch. “It figures that you’d be tired. You had a long day.” She walked towards her sister and gathered her up in her arms, carefully taking her to her room. Once Luna was tucked in, Celestia walked back to the living room and settled down by the fire, a heavy sleep falling upon her. Before her slumber, she turned towards the clock and saw that it read 11:59 PM. --- Celestia’s snoring could be heard from the living room, indicating to Luna that the coast was clear. Quietly, she arose from her bed and walked towards her closet, throwing on a red suit and a red hat. Once she was in the proper attire, she grabbed a large sack that she had hidden behind her clothing and headed out the door. As quiet as a mouse, she traveled from home to home, putting presents on the front step of each home. It was tradition to do this, and with nobody to deliver the gifts, she took it upon herself to deliver the toys. There was one particular house that she hesitated to place something. It homed somebody who would one day become a princess herself, and who would save Equestria from destruction, along with her friends. She didn’t know it yet, but she would. The gift that Luna placed on the front step was a book. Next, she went towards a farm. There was a hard working person inside, one who would never lie to her friends, no matter the circumstances. She left a lasso and a hat on the front step and wandered off to her next location, Cloudsdale. How she got up there was a complete mystery. But, the first home she visited was that of a young child, who, though very shy, would exceed beyond the other people, making many many friends along the way. She would learn to love animals and care for them. For her, Luna left a baby rabbit named Angel. The second home she visited in Cloudsdale was that of a small child who, no matter the circumstance, would never abandon their friends. Luna couldn’t remember what she had gotten for this child, and had to go digging through her sack. Then, she found it. It was a pair of goggles. An exact replica of the goggles worn by the Wonderbolts. She placed it upon the front step and headed back to Ponyville for the final stops. After wandering around and placing gifts, she was left with a single home. She pulled out a spool of thread and some fabric, carefully placing it upon the snow. “For one day, your work will be a sign of generosity,” she whispered. Checking her list of homes, she had one last place to visit. A small rock farm that sat in the outer rims of Ponyville. She got there as quick as she could. The sun was steadily rising over the horizon, and knowing farmers, they’d be up soon. There was but a single gift left it the bag, so she abandoned the bag on the front step and hurried home. What was inside was the finest party cannon in all of Equestria. As she was running home, she thought to herself a simple set of words. Happy Hearth's Warming Day to all and to all a good night.
  11. I mean hear me out of this, what if Celestia doesn’t actually control the Sun. I don’t recall anytime when she was missing more than two days and the Sun didn’t show up (you could talk about that one time the Everfree Forest got her and Luna but it wasn’t necessarily more than a day). Firstly it could just be a normal “lie” in order to consolidate power. We have seen this in History as most pharaohs in Ancient Egypt were considered Gods. This could easily happen here too and no one dares to search for the truth since Celestia’s the ruler and they don’t want to risk getting into trouble. Another aspect is that they truly believe that they are controlling these celestial objects and out of pure coincidence they think they lift the Sun when the Planet spins into position and the same happens with the moon. “Hey but how about the time when those creepy plants captured Luna and Celestia and both the Sun and the Moon were present on the sky?” “Well it could have just been an eclipse. During the episode we don’t really get too much glimpses at the sky after the initial spotting so we can assume that the eclipse took place but we just didn’t see it.” Another important thing is that before Celestia was in reign, before Equestria was created (pre-hearts warming eve) I suppose that the Sun and Moon were still there. In that case who was controlling them then? Did the Sun just shine all the time…than the planet would be a desert, was it only dark…that sounds like an ice age with no life to me. This also brings me to my next point which is that there are seasons on this planet. This means that the planet is round (which is why there is a gravity pull at its center which keeps the ponies from flying off). Judging by the “technological” age the show is set in (I’m not counting the radios, etc since they are rare occurrences) it is very probable that they believe the world is flat, therefore making the sun raised by pony scenario very credible for its inhabitants. Now let’s say their world IS as flat as a pizza…that would mean that when Celestia “drops” the Sun to rest it falls... Falls where? That would mean that there is a gravitational pull under the “pizza” pulling the Sun down…Wait doesn’t that mean that when the Sun is “raised” by Celestia she has to put up a non-stop effort in order to keep the sun up fighting this downward gravitational pull. Well in that case if she gets “shot down” the sun should fall right? But when Queen Chrysalis “defeats Celestia using “The powa of lurve” I dongt see the Sun plummeting down…Surely such a shock would have taken her mind off holing the sun up would it( or is there some kind of magical hook she just hangs it on). Now back to round earthlike planet scenario, I see that there are seasons in the show, this can only be the result of an orbit AROUND the Sun that doesn’t fit the Celestia raising the Sun story. (For anyone thinking about Pegasi…They control the weather…not the heat of the Sun, I don’t think it matters if u throw snow on the ground as it will melt at 40 degrees). This indirectly means that the moon also orbits the planet taking away Luna’s role of controlling it (sorry Luna :’( ). Also a minor detail would be that the Sun has to be very far away from the surface of the planet otherwise it would look like mercury. In that case “WHATS THE RANGE ON THAT MAGIC HORN???” That would mean she can affect anything on the planet with her magic. Then why doesn’t she stop things from happening in the crystal empire form her throne if she can? Now let’s think from characters point of view. If all the antagonists: Discord (at first), King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis and the red Minotaur magic-absorbing prison guy knew that Celestia controls the Sun, are they that stupid. Can’t they work out that defeating her would mean throwing their world into eternal darkness and ice. I mean their aims are mainly to enslave all ponies for: fun (Discord), labour (Sombra), love (Chrysalis) and Magic (last guy). I don’t see how pony popsicles can help them whatsoever. Also in Twilights kingdom with the red Minotaur magic-absorbing guy the two sisters (+ Candence) give Twilight all their magic. Shouldn’t have the Sun at least fall for one second as nobody was holding it??? So out of taking advantage of easily controllable masses or just coincidence and belief I support my theory that the sisters DO NOT control the Sun and Moon(and yes this applies to Luna’s moon control too). This is pretty much all I can think of, please tell me what you think.
  12. For the full effect, this poem is intended to be read in a commanding, dramatic voice with long pauses after each line. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A NONSENSE POEM, AND IS INTENDED PURELY FOR FUN. Hearth's Warming Eve, I used to know a guy named Steve. My favorite pony's name is Applejack, I think I'm about to have a heart attack. When Pinkie Pie begins to jest, Nopony else says a word in protest. If Twilight tries her very best, Nopony else will have a chance to rest. I can't think of a line for Rarity, Rainbow, or Fluttershy, So I'm moving on before I start to cry. I knew not of this pony called Alicorn. Saetan Daemon SaDiablo spoke his mind with Lorn. Nothing warms the soul like a bowl of soup. This little pony done flew the coop. I'm a fan of My Little Pony; you might even call me a Brony, "We must deal with this thang," says Mr. Mohney. Mock and shun this poor old pony if you please, For he will be imprisoned within the Hecatonchires. This poem sounds as if it's read by Zecora, They told me I could be anything, so I became Anti-Form Sora. The Grustrag Three will silence the lamb, Gimmie s'more a that sweet, Zap Apple Jam! On this warmest of holidays, let us rejoice in friendship, Little Johnny-Slow-Poke loves his Fun Valley Flip. We're all of us ponies, no matter which hat we choose to adorn, Let's have a round of applause for every earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn! -- ~Justin_Case001
  13. During the Hearths Warming Eve play it says the ponies fought each other and founded Equetria. Where are Luna and Celestia? They have clearly been the only rulers in Equestrian history. And if they weren't where are the Alicorns?
  14. Well here is my Hearth's Warming Eve fanfic that I submitted to a fanfiction contest on here just a week ago. It's my very first fully completed story. I never thought I would ever complete a story, so I owe a lot of my thanks to those who have helped and supported me here. But most of all, I like to thank my girlfriend @,. She was my main inspiration here. I hope you love it Misty Pie. And before I share my story. I have some artwork for you! Hope you love them! Credit: @@ErBoi, Credit: @@Ruhisu, Merry Christmas Misty Pie! I hope you guys enjoy! Link to fan fiction:
  15. Another update in December with snow and the mane 6 wearing their costumes from the Hearths Warming Eve play. Check it here. (Also Twilight wearing a..Santa outfit?)
  16. Phew! This one took soooo long to finish up. Started it back in November. It's a remix of At the Gala with a major surprise. Critique is wanted!
  17. If you remember from this thread I said that my sister drew a comic for Christmas. Well not she's drawn a picture. This time a Christmas picture of Derpy and Doctor Whooves. Here it is
  18. so as you all know hearth's warming eve is coming up so I wana get one of my best bronies a super awesome present. He was actually the one who introduced me, so I wana get him something nice. His favorite pony is rarity but his least favorite character is spike, so no spareity. He doesn't have much pony stuff, so mention almost anything and he doesn't have it. Lastly I'd like it to be under $25. All ideas are welcome, thanks!
  19. What are your views on an episode similar to hearths warming eve where it would show equestria when it was ruled by discord, and his defeat by luna and celestia. on top of this however, id like to see an episode of their childhood in the old castle in the everfree forest, and luna and celestias fight. in my opinion i think they should do a movie or even a spinoff series about the history of equestria. .
  20. I couldn't find any thread on this anywhere, so I started my own. Where do you think the land ponies inhabited before Heart's Warming Eve (i.e. Pre-Equestria) was? Is it still of any significance? Let me hear what you think. P.S: this semi-canon map might help
  21. Did anypony else find the Windigoes from Hearth's Warming Eve to be a really cool type of creature/antagonist, and an interesting take on the Algonquian myth of the 'Wendigo'? For those of you who don't know, the Wendigo is a frost or winter spirit that is attributed with both cannibalism and starvation. Even more so than the Cockatrice, dragons or any of the other creatures we've come across, the Windigoes seemed the most ominous and the most powerful, as they are immortal spirits that could make an entire region fall into a horrifyingly cold winter, and freeze individuals solid by turning their own hate against them. I would greatly enjoy seeing them again in another episode, of which could either take place in the modern show's timeline, or in another 'flashbacky' type episode, like Hearth's Warming Eve. If a modern show times, I think it'd be interesting to have the Wendigoes return to the region, and lock onto either a small group of friends, or even the entire town. For example, say there's a drought due to it being a long, hot summer (Trollestia strikes again?), and there isn't enough water in the lakes and other bodies of water in the region to be taken up to Cloudsdale to be made into rainclouds. Thusly, a general lack of water all over the region. Friction builds, and once again, the pegasi are blamed by the earth ponies and unicorns for somehow not doing their job right. The pegasi are furious, as it isn't their fault. The heated summer turns rapidly into a chilling fall, and then as snow starts to arrive within days along with frigid winds, Twilight starts to become suspicious and anxious. These anxieties are confirmed when she hears the cold neighs of the Windigoes in the clouds above. It's up to her and the Mane 6, or maybe even involving the CMC as well, to find a way to get all of Equestria to harmonize and make up, before they're all frozen solid. Ya know that might make a nice feature MLP: FiM film, actually. So yeah. Moar Windigoes. What are your own thoughts on the Windigoes? Would you care to see them again? Was it enough for you in that one episode? Have any episode ideas of your own? Talk, little ponies. Talk and dance. Amuse Discord.
  22. So, I was, a few minutes ago, contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything, decided on 42, and then I started thinking about random MLP plot holes. The one in particular I remembered for some inexplicable reason, was that in Hearth's Warming Eve, an event that happened long, long before Celestia and Luna's reign, Starswirl the Bearded already had Clover the Clever, an accomplished unicorn, as an apprentice. However, in Magical Mystery Cure, Celestia explicitly stated that Starswirl was her own pupil, which is impossible, because Starswirl is a unicorn, not an alicorn, much less a natural alicorn, and thus doesn't live forever. There are only two possibilities I could think of. The first is that Starswirl was casting age spells on himself to keep himself alive perpetually. The second comes from It's About Time; Starswirl invented time spells. Yes, the scroll Twilight used was a one-time thing, and only lasted for a few moments, but what if Starswirl found a better time spell that allowed him to exist way back before Celestia was ever a princess - and still be her apprentice? Perhaps I'm overthinking this and delving into headcanon territory, simply because I dislike excusing things as plot holes, but here are my two questions: Is there any evidence to dispute this? And is there any other way that Starswirl could have been both alive long before Celestia's reign and be her apprentice at the same time?
  23. So we've all seen Hearth's Warming Eve, right? When they re-enact the founding of Equestria. Well, all of a sudden I've taken interest in that episode for some reason, and I want to know what side you are on. Are you with Pegasopolis? (I swear I've misspelled that...) Earth? Or Unicornia? ______________________ Personally, I'm with Unicornia. (It's obvious due to my signature and avatar.)
  24. What if a bunch of Bronies got together and performed the Hearth's Warming Eve play? That would be amazing...
  25. So has anyone watched an episode of MLP and were like, This episode kinda add's to this episode? Let me explain. In the episode, Hearths Warming Eve, at the end we learn that the 3 pony tribes united together in harmony. Then only two episodes later we would be given the episode, Baby Cakes. In this episode, Carrot Cake tells us that he has a unicorn on his side of the family and Cup Cake has a pegasus on her side of the family. So both episodes show that not only did the 3 tribes unite, but the ponies of the other tribes begin forming mixed families with one another. I'm surprised no one else has brought that up. So what does everyone think of this and has anyone see this in other episodes?