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Found 17 results

  1. I've been a hockey fan since I was 10, and with the new season starting. I would like to know who everyone's favorite NHL team is.
  2. As a hockey fan myself. I was wondering who you're going for in the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals. Either we have our first repeat championship since 97-98 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, or we have a first time championship in franchise history in the Nashville Predators. Who are you going for?
  3. Before I start I want it to be known that while there were a few others threads like this one, I decided to make a new as those were quite old and lacked the "why" factor that I am gunning for here. To start I never really considered myself a hardcore sports fan, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy some sports AND that I had some teams that I followed. Over the years I mainly considered myself a racing fan, but grew to like the more traditional team and individual sports out there. That said, what I want to know is this: Over the entire spectrum of sports from team sports like football, individual sports like archery, and even teams from various auto-racing series; which teams do you consider your favorite, and WHY do you consider them your favorite? Are they your hometown team? If not was there something that attracted them to you like a specific performance, a specific athlete, or something deeper? To start off I'll give my main favorite teams, as well as a few runner-ups. Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) - The funny thing here is that the Penguins were not the first team that I followed in the NHL. When I decided to look into the sport it was the Montreal Canadiens that got me in, and the Anaheim Ducks that allowed me to experience what it was like for a team to win the Stanley Cup. However, being in the eastern US is was difficult to attempt to follow the Ducks' regular season so I was beginning to tune out. However, due to the region I live in I was able to catch a few Pittsburgh Penguins games, and they eventually caught my heart. I followed them to the Stanley Cup finals; which they lost to the Detroit Red Wings. However the team won me over enough that I followed their regular season and celebrated when they exacted revenge on the Red Wings to win the Cup. As such, you could say it was a dash of geography and genuine love for a team that I watched fall into despair, only to climb the mountain and reach the proverbial peak. Amazing stuff. Baltimore Orioles (MLB) - This one is a tad tricky to explain. It hasn't even been a year ago that I followed baseball, and even though logic told me to follow the Pirates due to my love for the Penguins, I was actually more interested in following another team, and it was that team that taught me to appreciate and enjoy the game of baseball. While the Orioles aren't the most successful of teams, nor the most popular, they have a lot of heart to them, and when it comes to cities, Baltimore is one that I can say my heart resides in. It was the very first BIG city I ever set foot in back in 1997, it hosted my favorite sport of IndyCar (and American Le Mans) on the streets of the Inner Harbor, and, of course, the first ever convention I ever attended was there last year. As such I have a certain connection to that city and as much as I enjoy the Ravens, it was the Orioles that really won me over, and I just want to support them as much as possible. McLaren Honda (Formula 1) - This one was a little tricky for a few reasons; amongst them being a lack of interest in F1 until mid-last year, Mclaren's ongoing struggles since 2014, and the fact that the American Haas F1 competes with some limited success. That said McLaren was a team I started paying serious attention to as a favorite team back when the driver lineup consisted of Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raikkonen; of which the former was my favorite driver at the time. They were fun to follow, though they were inconsistent due to either crashes or mechanical failures. In the end my interest in F1 faded, but returned last year. I still looked for a team and while McLaren was still my de-facto fav, it wasn't until the VERY recent announcement of Fernando Alonso attempting this year's Indy 500 with McLaren backing, as well as rumors of McLaren's possible participation in IndyCar full time in the future. Just the sheer thought of McLaren in both F1 and IndyCar has me giddy, and brings a new found respect and passion for them, and I hope they overcome their current troubles to climb the top of the podium once again. Oh yeah; they also have a basketball team. x3 FC Bayern Munich (Bundesliga, UEFA) - Just because I cheer for the most successful team in German football makes me a glory-hunter; eh? Well, no, that's not why I chose this team over all others; including any from the English league, as well as the Spanish giants in Madrid and Barcelona. No; Bayern attracted for a few reason. For starters, I caught the 2010 UEFA Champions League between Inter Milan and Bayern on broadcast TV, and even though Bayern lost, their style of play caught me, and I wanted to see more of them. While my access to German football is a tad lacking, I followed the best I could and found a team that not only had success, they also had a smart business sense. Whereas many other European teams spent themselves into debt, I appreciated Bayern's attempts to stay strong financially as such. Yeah, it's a silly reason, but it's an approach I appreciate. That said, I would be lying if I didn't enjoy that success; the highest of which came in 2013 at the UEFA Champion's League final against Dortmund in Wembley, and BOY was it a dramatic game, and one that I will NEVER forget. Like with the Penguins, Bayern's ability to come back from a stinging Finals loss against Chelsea the previous year to ascend new heights was amazing. Of course they have struggled in Europe recently, but I still love to follow them. Andretti Autosport (IndyCar, GRC, Formula E) - This one will be the most difficult to explain as I can't really pin down any one reason why I follow them with passion. They are owned and ran by IndyCar legend Michael Andretti, have some great drivers like Hunter-Reay in their stable, and have expanded to Global Rallycross and Formula E in recent years, but it's hard for me to really say what attracted me to them. However, that said, even if I can't explain it I can still say they have been a fun team to follow. They won the Indianapolis 500 last year, and will have Alonso in one of their cars this year with McLaren, so that is a plus. In the end maybe it's a combination of all of these factors. Whatever the case I can say that out of all IndyCar teams, this is only one that holds my heart to this day. Honorable Mentions: Baltimore Ravens, New York City FC, Flying Lizard Motorsports, Corvette Racing Favorite Sports with no favorite team: MotoGP, World Rally, Cricket So; anyone else?
  4. So this is a thread concerning the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs. Here you can discuss about them as the Playoffs take it's course during the following weeks. This thread will be updated whenever there's a new matchup I know there is gonna happen. and remember: go habs go!! But seriously, remember that the forums rules still applies here, so respect everyone's team. So whitout further ado, have some nice NHL Playoffs! BRACKET (updated for Round 2):
  5. i have set up a league in the nhl bracket challenge if any one wants to enter it
  6. Hello everyone. I have started an interactive hockey league in NHL 14 for the xbox 360. It's just me and one friend for the moment but we are still looking for plenty of players. Down below you'll see what will be posted here: Teams and owner records stats news Anything else not metioned will be added. Enjoy your stay, become a fan, and support by replying and watching. Thank you -Hex FAQ NEWS (As of Jan 3rd 2015): TEAMS AND OWNERS (As of Jan 3rd 2015): STATS (As of Jan 3rd 2015): LEAGUE STANDINGS (As of Jan 3rd 2015): LEAGUE LEADERS (As of Jan 3rd 2015): CONFERENCE BREAKDOWN (As of Jan 3rd 2015) EASTERN WESTERN
  7. So we're now at game two of the Stanley Cup finals in 2nd overtime tied at 4-4, with the LA Kings holding a 1-0 series lead over the New York Rangers. This series is proving to be VERY close and could very well go to seven games at this point. Anyone else following? I saw the World Cup topic, but nothing for the Stanley Cup final. I'm not really cheering for either team as my Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated in the playoffs, BUT I am enjoying the series nonetheless. Anyone here have any hockey loyalties? Edit: And the LA Kings win in 2nd OT, thereby gaining a 2-0 series lead. Well played! Now time for the Rangers to get two wins at home.
  8. Hello friends, I would just like to congratulate our dear Poniverse staff member, Nas, for becoming a professional hockey player for the Winnipeg Jets. His jersey number is #69 and you should all believe in your dreams, because Nas' dreams came true. His words that struck me the most were, "Otty.. Stop. :l", which is how he responds to everything I say. :') Nas, I hope you become the very best hockey player ever. "Believe in yourself, because you can overcome mountains." - Nas "Dew or Dew not, there is no Dr. Pepper." - Nas
  9. Made yet another wallpaper; non-pony related this time. This one based on one of my favorite National Hockey League teams, the Washington Capitals. The colors, logos and design in general are based on these jerseys they used from 1995-2007, one of my favorites in the history of the NHL. Illustration by Andrew M. Greenstein, The unofficial NHL Uniform Database Anywho, I think I'm definitely getting better at these, it's really fun. You guys can look forward to more in the future!
  10. Hey guys! Anyone else a big hockey fan? I am a huge Boston Bruins fan. I go to multiple games every season and I love the atmosphere of going to a game and unlike other sports hockey is exciting to watch. I'm really glad they were able to resolve the lockout situation (better late than never) and we should have NHL hockey for another 10 years. I know this is a bit late but the NHL playoffs are going into the Conference Finals. Who do you think is going to the Cup Finals? Who do you think is going to win Lord Stanley's Cup? Anyone disappointed in there team's performance this year? Do you have high hopes for next year? I think the Bruins will beat the Penguins in 6 games (complete homer pick). And the Blackhawks should beat the Kings in 6 games as well. The Blackhawks should win the cup in 6 or 7 games regardless of who they play. I think that there offense is too potent to not carry them to a Cup victory. Any other Hockey comments in general are always welcome as I'm always willing to talk hockey.
  11. So, the NHL season has recently begun after the lock out, FINALLY, so what are your thoughts? I for one have Hockey as my favorite Sport, as it is fairly fun to watch. My favorite team is the Pittsburg Penguins, and I watch them almost every game. Although, it annoys me that NO ONE around here in Iowa seams to like Hockey, they are always about Football and such. What are your favorite teams? Do you even watch Hockey?
  12. With the NHL Owners and NHLPA ratifying the new CBA and signing a MOU (memorandum of understanding), the lockout is officially over! Training camp starts tomorrow. I'm not planning on going to any Red Wings games nor will I purchase any merchandise. The league and players must know how pissed the fans are that this lockout happened. My suggestion is to watch the games on TV, but don't go. Watch them at the many restaurants and bars near NHL arenas that have been hit hard by this lockout. Anyways, about the season itself. It's 48 games. Any slow starts or losing streaks could be deadly. Also with little rest, I expect injuries to pile up. By April it may come down to which team has the deepest bench and AHL affiliate. Too early to pick a Stanley Cup matchup.
  13. Here's my OC as a baby at her first Cloudsdale Red Wings game! :3
  14. Look at my avatar. Now look at this. http://www.sportslog...logo.php?id=288 So yeah, pretty much my first pony fan mashup.
  15. Tonight I launched the second season of my fanfiction Equestria Hockey League. It's a normal/crossover, so if you follow or love the sport of hockey, I'm sure you'll enjoy my fic.
  16. Raise your hand if you like MLP:FiM. *raises hand* Now keep your hand raise if you love sports. *keeps hand up* Thanks to my obsession with both those things, I altered every NHL and NFL team's logo to something from MLP. NHL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/31949104 NFL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/32015065
  17. Feel free to discuss how awesome we are. I'm from Nova Scotia. We eat lobster all day.