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Found 63 results

  1. I just got a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet and I want to ask you do you guys draw with tablets? I am so LOST! I can draw like it's nothing with paper and pencil but with the tablet I have no idea. Tips? Halp.
  2. Title says it all really How often do you visit the MLPForums? I am guaranteed to visit the site multiple times a day and it's my third most visited site behind Youtube and Facebook. It's the only place i can really discuss pony related things seeing as though none of my friends follow the series and it's proving to be a really friendly community which is awesome.
  3. How to Change the World: *I did not make this, just wanted to share!* Image below by Deviant-Art member MattWheeliebin
  4. Hey ponies, Pinkie Pie here, and today I will be showing you how to make a delicious chocolate cake! First of all, to prepare yourself, make sure you have your taste buds ready, because this chocolate explosion of yumminess requires your full amount of taste buds! You can make this cake for anything too! For parties, reunions, anything! Ponies will be sure to love it! Alright, time for the technical boring stuff! Don't worry, it's not as boring as it sounds! INGREDIENTS 2 cups (250 g) cake flour 1 tsp. (6 g) salt 2 tsp. (10 g) baking soda 1 tsp. (5 g) baking powder 3/4 cup (69 g) unsweetened cocoa 2 cups (400 g) sugar 3/4 cup (180 ml) vegetable oil 1 cup(240 ml) hot coffee 1 cup (240 ml) milk 2 large eggs 1 tsp. (4 g) vanilla METHOD Preheat the oven to 350°F; and line 2 x 9" round cake pans with parchment or wax circles. Sift together flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cocoa and sugar in a large mixing bowl. Add the hot coffee, oil and milk and mix it for about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add the eggs and vanilla. Beat for 2 more minutes. This chocolate cake recipe has a very liquid batter. Pour batter in prepared cake pans and bake for approx. 30 minutes. The cake is ready when an inserted wooden skewer or cake tester comes out clean or when cake springs back when lightly pressed with a finger. Let the cake cool in pans for about 10 minutes. Loosen the sides with a knife or metal spatula and invert to a metal rack. Invert again to another rack to prevent the cake from splitting. Taste your new yummy cake! And you're done! All that you need to do now is find friends to share your cake with! We all know that eating a cake is more fun when you are sharing with friends! So, enjoy your new cake ponies! Bye bye!
  5. I'm just curious of what some of you are going to say. So here are the question: If you were to wake up in Equestria one day, what would you do first? If you could be friends with one pony who would it be? Who is your least favorite pony? Do you think Luna should be the main princess? ( in other words, the one twilight is sending letters to) Do you think the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to get their cutie marks in season 3? How old to you think Celestia is? What if Celestia was banished? ...I guess those are my few questions :3
  6. So I've decided that I'd like to expand my knowledge about the wide world of art, and I thought no better thing to start with than the thing that pops up every time I go to BANNERS!! So, if it's okay with somepony out there to take time out of their busy schedule to teach(or give pointers to) a willing person how to make one, I would appreciate it greatly!!!
  7. Hello people! Sorry for the inactivity, I've been quite busy with a few school projects! I've also been dividing my time between working on this song, and my school work xD So I made this song after reading a few MLP FiM Fanfictions, and they got me thinking of creating this song. I'm looking for some feedback and criticism to help me improve! I aim for the "Eric Prydz" style of Progressive House specifically xD . Enjoy, if you want to, of course. http-~~-//
  8. Simple question; How did you get your cutie mark?
  9. Guest

    The Last Brony

    "The majority have no other reason for their opinions than that they are in fashion." -Samuel Johnson I hold this quote to be true. Most of us wouldn't watch a kids show if it weren't for everyone flaunting the fandom around everywhere on the internet. And in some cases, real life... My question: What would you do if you were the last and only brony? How would you react if MLP was simply a fad but impacted your life to the point where, if the fandom died and everyone left, you would still carry on being a brony? Do you think people would accept you for being "that pony guy"? Would you really stay because of the show, or is it the community that makes being a brony so worth the judgement? Personally, I don't mind the show. I watch anime, so I was a geek to begin with. If MLP ended, I wouldn't care too much. However, I adore the MLP community. It's the first time I've ever seen people on the internet so in touch with one another. It's like a strange, distorted second family. (Almost) ... Cloppers are the silent uncle nobody likes to talk about. P.S. Grim Started it... not 4chan.
  10. Well, it's that time again. Season 2 has come to a close, and as we await the next Season, now seems like a good time to go back and reflect a bit on how this whole crazy thing started, and how far we've come since the beginning. Most of us know by now the factors that were involved in making FiM popular. But when you really think about it, the popularity was unlikely at best (unplanned would probably be a better word to describe it). I mean, this is My Little Pony we're talking about. A show that Hasbro created to appeal to little girls. And when you think about it, FiM did succeed in getting through to its target demographic. I know alot of people that have kids who watch the show, and they love it for various reasons. That brings me to what I think the theme of this topic is going to be. This show was intended for young kids, mainly girls. Yet it garnered a pretty big fanbase in only two years, many of them, adult males. The Bronies, as the fanbase calls itself. So here's the question that I'm going to ask on this topic. We've got a franchise that is historically the wrong genre, the wrong target demographic, and the wrong atmosphere. So, where did it go right? What was it for you? For me, it was a mix of things, from forum posts about the show, to youtube members suddenly having pony avatars, to the Nostalgia Critic saying something about the show. Then I finally watched it and was hooked on it ever since. So, what made it click? What made you realize this show was different? In other words, where did they go right?
  11. Spurred by two recent threads trying to give scientific, plausible explenations for things that happen in the show, I've decided to start a thread that's an umbrella for these discussions. "Eggheads" (MLP speak for "nerd", I guess) because we're "in your fantasy, ruining it with science" (where's pencil's signature when I need it?). Okay, not ruining, but explaining. As Twilight yelled at Pinkie Pie, "There's a perfectly rational explenation for this!" This means everything to do with science and physics, how enormous dragons can structurally exist (I say bones reinforced by carbon-fiber and a lightweight body like birds. Good? Good.), how does magic work, liquid rainbow, how does Celestia raise the sun, and things like that, all explained in a scientifically possible plausible way. EDIT (2/22/12) So, basically, it's like we're scientists and we're observing the show happening IRL. We've got to figure out what in the world is going on to make it possible. Unresolved mysteries: -How can Pegasi and other objects sit on clouds? Note: Twilight cast a spell that let ponies stand on clouds. -What are liquid rainbows? -How can Rainbow Dash fly so fast? Note: I'm not sure, but I think it's impossible to go supersonic just by pushing on air. Jet engines compress air, push on it, and burn it. -What is the average airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow? -How does Rarity's Gem Finding Spell work? Note: Read my hypothesis on how unicorn magic works XP Mysteries with a hypothesis: -How does Celestia raise/lower the sun? -How does unicorn magic work? Many of these mysteries may never be solved. But let's see what we can do /EDIT (2/22/12) One quick thing I need to cover, this is not about stylized expression; For example, In "Griffon the Brush-Off", Rainbow Dash tries to avoid Pinkie. Somehow, Pinkie ends up places far away in an instant. We don't need to explain how Pinkie teleports. Pinkie doesn't teleport. That's just a cartoon form of expression to say that Dash couldn't get away from Pinkie no matter how hard she tried. This goes for things like Twilight becoming flat when hit by doors or crushed by pianos and anvils without dying ("Feeling Pinkie Keen"), Rainbow Dash breaking through solid walls or crashing into stone cliffs without serious concussions (many times), etc. It's just a stylized expression, so it doesn't need an explenation. But sometimes the story depends on it. For example, If they decided to sneak into a room by flattening Twilight with a door (like on "Feeling Pinkie Keen") and having her crawl under the door, then it'd need an explenation. If Luna had actually used magic and thrown a grand piano at Twilight and crushed her with it and she lived, then it'd need an explenation. But unless it's a detail important to the plot, it can be just taken as stylized expression. Now let's get down to science! I believe Twilight Sparkle would be pleased. So, that's the end of my introduction, and the beginning of my example of post structure here, all I ask is to clearly state what scientific problem you're addressing, and the explenation. Well, that is, if you're actually addressing one and not just commenting on someone else's post Now, without further adue, let's do some book! Yes, asdf reference ftw. Mystery: Celestia/Luna Day/Night Cycle. Hypothesis-1: Equestria-World (Equestria is a country, not the planet, it says so in "Heartwarming's Eve") has an enormous moon that orbits very closely in the opposite direction of the planet's spin. Under normal conditions, over thousands of years, the gravitational tides from the moon would cause the moon to go to a higher orbit, and the planet to slow it's spin. However, Celestia and Luna use their magic to hold the moon close to Equestria-world, and spin the world, so that neither of those two things happen. The general public doesn't know all the technical details, all they understand is the basic message: "They raise and lower the sun and moon." When Nightmare Moon returned and defeated Celestia, she was able to do the exact opposite, and stop the planet's spin. Alternate Hypothesis: Equestria-World developed normally, until one year an absolutely, almost star-sized planet (A Brown Dwarf star, actually) came by the solar system and with it's gravitational pull, flung Equestria-World into Interstellar space. The young Celestia, at the time an extremely powerful magician, far more powerful than Twilight currently is, is the world's oldest blank-flank. However, still, despite her almost social outcast status, she still loves the ponies, so she does what she can; she pulls hydrogen from the Brown Dwarf, using magic over astronomical distances, and crushes the hydrogen into a small star, during an explosive burst of magic like we've seen Twilight experience, earning her cutie mark of the sun, by creating it. Normally, the heat and power of fusion would blow the star apart; being so small, it doesn't have enough gravity to hold itself together against the force of the fusion; but it doesn't have to. Celestia constantly holds it together, making it possible for it to raise each morning. Scientific Mystery: Unicorn Magic. Hypothesis: The Quantum world is made up of probabilities. There's only a probability that a quantum particle is going a certain speed, at a position, has some amount of energy, etc. Only when you observe the particle you "collapse it's state", and force it to one actual state, rather than a probability. The classic example is Schrodinger's Cat: Let's say there's a cat in a box. It's 100% impossible to observe anything in the box in any way until you open it. There's a little device inside, that if it receives one particle of radiation, then it will kill the cat. For every second, there's a certain percent chance that the particle emits some radiation. So, in reality, the cat is both dead and alive. Both realities exist, but when you open the box, you "collapse the state" and force the quantum world to choose one reality or another. Another example: The twin-slit experiment. This has actually been done. You have a flashlight that shines on two slits. The flashlight only puts out a single photon of light. If light goes through both slits, then the light creates a pattern on the wall behind them. If you put a single photon through, the single photon will somehow go through both slits, because it has a 50% chance of going through each, and create the pattern on the back wall. It will be in both places at once, because it has a chance of being in both places at once! But if you put a sensor on one slit or another, then the photon will only travel through one slit or another. It seems, that observing the quantum world can change it. So here's how unicorn magic works: somehow, their horns allow their minds to directly "observe" atoms, and cause it to collapse however they want it. Because of heat, atoms are always moving, vibrating. When they want to lift a rock off the ground, the atoms are moving in any direction. When they "observe" the rock, they "collapse the state" and cause many of the atoms to move in one direction or another, instead of a multitude of directions. And here's the kicker; they can choose how the state collapses! So they make the atoms move up! When they stop, the atoms go random again, and the rock stops moving up. An interesting effect of this is that things they move would cool off slightly while they're moving them. They're turning the kinetic energy of it's heat, the individual vibrating motion of the atoms, and making many of the atoms move in the same direction, so what energy used to be in heat, is now moving the object. When they stop moving it, it returns to heat. A great example is Twilight making Spike's tux in the very beginning of "Feeling Pinkie Keen". She didn't make new matter, she was turning objects into other objects; she was re-arranging their atoms. - So those were probably two of the hardest ones. Don't be intimidated, try your hand at it, discuss, etc, it's all in good fun, and even if you get something wrong then it's just an opportunity to learn, and who doesn't love learning? Well, I guess a lot of people, but I'm sure Twilight does...
  12. Here's a quick tutorial how to get pony proportions right relatively easy :3 Also here is another more detailed tutorial at Dragoart <-link (Thanks Lamii)
  13. I have been seeing them all over DevientART and was wondering how to make them