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Found 64 results

  1. Last year, I wrote a bunch of MLP-inspired background music for an upcoming radio play. Unfortunately I can't share any of it until the project is finished. So I did the sneaky thing and scored a small section that I wasn't assigned (there are five or six other composers on the project).
  2. Music inspired by Daring Do and Indiana Jones. I even built a 3D model of the temple Daring Do raids in "Read it and Weep" to complete the visual atmosphere.
  3. I did this in one day using Fl Studio 11. I have very little knowledge in music theory, and this is the FIRST time I have ever written music so... here you go, I hope you like it:
  4. I'm curious to know if there is any other pony besides me who even have an interest in classical (including) instrumental music. Any classical (and/or instrumental) music lovers out there?
  5. I wrote a poem inspired by Luna, about how i think she felt after being freed from her banishment. Alone at her night, but not feeling alone, because the immensity of the beauty that laid above her is enough comfort. The cold warm of her night suffices. Under her, everypony is safe. This instrumental piece came after this thoughts, i hope you like it. Night Stars Gazing at the immensity of the night sky and the beauty of the stars that lies above me is enough gratification and reward for my soul after one thousand years of solitude
  6. It seems a tad excessive to create a new topic for each song I make so one thread should cover it. Also, I'm new to this board so please have patience as I learn the ins and outs. Here's my latest work. I hope you like it! I don't know if I'll post everything else, I might just stick to the new stuff.
  7. Song number 15 for my Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic! Derpy will fight the Windigo Queen and save Carrot Top! Artwork by Ziom05: Clashing Forces (Orchestral/Hybrid) Download:
  8. Hello! Remember that song from the Season 4 finale? Thought I'd share this: This one's has a piano melody as a placeholder. The one below doesn't. Go knock yourselves out! Downloads: With Piano Melody: No Piano Melody: Source: You'll Play Your Part [instrumental Cover]
  9. Here's a song I made in Garage Band. Probably not all that great, and I'm sure it could use a lot of work, but considering it's the first song I've ever really made, I'm pretty proud of it. (Sounds best with headphones, I think)
  10. Hi, uh I'm going to take part in a talent competition and thought I'd sing, I want to sing something different though, soooo I'm going to sing The Racing Rats - Editors, I need an instumental though, even if I don't need one for the actual competition, I need one to practice, I can't find one on youtube, also preferably free Thanks
  11. Hey, guys! New instrumental acoustic track. I hope you enjoy it!
  12. Just sharing a instrumental song to you guys hope you enjoy! Make a Wish (Synthis Remix) Inst. Version
  13. Hi! If you tried to access, well... it no longer exists, I'm sorry to say. Or rather, it does, but it's been taken offline and it will now redirect you here instead. InfinityDash (my friend and BGM collaborator) registered the domain for the site back in October 2011. Life circumstances have caused him to become extremely busy for the past few months now, unfortunately; because of this, he did not wish to renew the domain come mid-October of 2012. The site was under a very lengthy hiatus and because he had full control of it, it wasn't being updated very often and it might as well have been sitting on the web collecting e-dust. We agreed to transfer to Feld0 (the site owner of this message board, rather than let it expire, to be potentially taken by someone else. Feld0 is a great friend of mine and we have been buddies since before these message boards opened back in October 2011. I have plans to reboot into an entirely new website sometime in the future, though I have no idea when that will be, as I am very busy extracting BGM and managing my own life as well. In the meantime, please stick around in this thread or feel free to stop by at the official MLP:FiM Background Music Facebook and Twitter pages that I run: Cheers, Senn555 November 9th, 2012 About This is my way of contributing to the Friendship is Magic community - by extracting the show's background music and sharing it via YouTube. I'm one of four people (that I know of) who does frequent BGM ripping - the other three are InfinityDash (my partner and collaborator), MrNewbyNewb, and Wingbeat Pony. Links to their YouTube channels are at the bottom of this post. Infinity, Newb, and Wingbeat have extracted more of the show's music than I have, though I tend to focus more on quality rather than quantity; I spend a lot of time finding methods to take out as much of the dialog and sound effects as I can. For the purpose of musical substance and listenability, I also edit and compile short cues together on a case-by-case basis; the download versions of music tracks may be presented in a different manner from their YouTube video counterparts. Other information about me and what I do can be found here: If you decide to use a music rip of mine for a project of yours, please let me know. I'm usually fine with it as long as I am given credit. Music Rips (Sorted chronologically by episode) 1) Final Encounter With Nightmare Moon S01E02: Friendship is Magic, Part 2 Music by William Anderson 2) Meet Gilda / Junior Speedsters Chant (Instrumental) S01E05: Griffon the Brush Off Music by William Anderson 3) The Great and Powerful Trixie S01E06: Boast Busters Music by William Anderson 4) Finding Ursa Major S01E06: Boast Busters Music by William Anderson 5) A Major Problem / "Vanquishing" Ursa Major / Twilight's Lullaby / Trixie's Departure S01E06: Boast Busters Music by William Anderson 6) Parasprite Infestation S01E10: Swarm of the Century Music by William Anderson 7) Pinkie's Parasprite Parade (Source) S01E10: Swarm of the Century Music by William Anderson 8) A Feeble Performance S01E16: Sonic Rainboom Music by William Anderson 9) Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading S01E18: The Show Stoppers Music by William Anderson 10) Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (Instrumental) S01E18: The Show Stoppers Music by Daniel Ingram 11) Summer Flight Camp / Pegasus Race / So Many Wonders (Instrumental) / Sonic Rainboom S01E23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles Music by William Anderson & Daniel Ingram 12) Summer Sun Celebration / Twilight's Entrance Exam S01E23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles Music by William Anderson 13) Restoring the Elements S02E02: The Return of Harmony Part 2 Music by William Anderson 14) Nightmare Night Festivities S02E04: Luna Eclipsed Music by William Anderson 15) Belching Contest S02E21: Dragon Quest Music by William Anderson 16) Lava Cannonball / One Tough Little Dragon S02E21: Dragon Quest Music by William Anderson & Kristopher Gee 17) Wedding Rehearsal / B.B.B.F.F. (Reprise) / Sorry Doesn't Cut It S02E25: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 Music by William Anderson, Kristopher Gee, & Daniel Ingram 18) Changeling Infiltration and Fight S02E26: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 Music by William Anderson & Kristopher Gee 19) Bridal Chorus / Mare and Colt S02E26: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 Music by William Anderson & Kristopher Gee External Links MLP:FiM Background Music on Facebook and Twitter: MLP:FiM Composer Information: Breakdown of MLP:FiM 5.1 Surround Audio:
  14. This is my first fan releated music made for MLP:FiM. When I woke up today, I decided, I would work on a song that has been postponed for a while now. So first, I started putting the drums together. After an hour or two a tune just hit me and I instantly thought it would go well with the lyrics I wrote yesterday, so I switched over to that project instead. After a few beats were done the tune just went berserk, so I threw everything that came to mind at it, and I ended up with a totaly different third track, that was based around that one simple, tiny tune, that hijacked my day I found a really good art, that would go well with it, and asked for premission to use it for a youtube upload, but I'm still waiting for the answer. I will try and update, when/if it's up over there, but I don't know if it will work, since I can't even attach a simple link, because the forum just won't allow me... So, enjoy~ Edit: Yay, it works! The picture I used was made by InTheStardust Here deviantart accout is over here: Go and see her other stuff too Orange Riff - First Flight.mp3
  15. Hi Everypony! I'm totally new to this, so I will actullay try and not screw it up on my first try... I made some non-pony releated music over the last few years (2009-2012) and I have thought about putting some of them up here, so you could listen and comment on As I have no confidence in my voice and lack the amount of money to have all the instruments and technology I need, I have only instrumental tracks mostly made with FL Studio and the likes, so the quality may not be as good as I want it to be. Hope you will like them as much as I do~ (I also played as the bassist in a local band called Dark Cherry for 3 years, but the band has since disbanded, so I wont be posting any material...) 06 Battlefield.mp3 02 Twilight.mp3 02 Fly.mp3 06 Peace.mp3 08 _I just hate Lies_.mp3 09 Sky Surfing.mp3 the Chase.mp3 the Chase.mp3 01 City Lights.mp3
  16. Hi Guys;) This is my second Video on my Youtube-Channel 'TheGenglishBrony' called TheGenglishBrony - ''The Epic Brony''´s music:D Hope you enjoy:) °TheGenglishBrony°
  17. I was just curious, does anybody know of any good Brony music that might have leaked an instrumental or acapella to go with it? I'm looking for tons of ideas for my channel, so of you would be so kind as to recommend or link some kickin Brony music I could use, that would be just awesome! Thanks in advance!
  18. Since a thread dedicated to one's music is all the rage these days, I thought I'd do one myself. I would like feedback on what I can do better. I use FL Studio 11 and Reason 6.0 with a myrad of synths, plugins, and just general cool stuff. Enjoy. Tia Pinkie The Pistol Packer The Overthinker Time's Ticked Buck 'Em Wonderbolts Lyrical Tetris The Colts That's all for now, but this thread will be updated regularly. Kick back and enjoy the tunes!
  19. Oh cool, a Fan Music section! So, let me introduce to you my very first MLP fan song So, basically, this is a demo/preview song. Why? Well, the goal of that project was to find "somepony" who want to make lyrics and sing on this song. I'm asking that because, I'm not a English (as I said when I introduced myself to that forum, well, I just learned english until highschool and also practiced by myself) and I don't want to make something with poor grammar, If you understand what I mean of course About the song: This music is more or less between hip-hop and rap style, and I also made a custom bassline in that song, to make it sound like an american rap with bass song (and also because I like car audio, and I consider myself as a basshead...SUBWOOFA POWAAAAA ) Hope you enjoy this song, and If there's someone who want to work with me on this little project, warn me on this topic of send me a PM. PS: Making music is my favorite hobby, I don't consider myself as a professional, but I hope one day I can reach the level of our best artists like The Living Tombstone. I'm not asking to be famous ... well...of course it is always good to be known,but just want to improve my level of knowledge in electronic music (music made by software) and hope that my work pleases everyone. More songs coming soon!
  20. Hi there, folks! Okay... it's done! After so much hard work, this track AND my very first album are finished. It's all thanks to you guys. If it weren't because of your huge support, I wouldn't even be here. Thank you so much! Anyway, this track is a mix of all my previous pony tracks, completely re-orchestrated and organized into one huge track. It works as the finale of the album, mixing all the stories, scenes and feelings of a big journey: Tales from Far Away. It took me weeks to complete this track... no kidding. You may think it was easy because mostly of its composition were done in the other tracks... but you'd be wrong. This was a whole new challenge, and to modify and combine each track, while maintaining its sense and essence (and the sense of the overall track) was surely a hard task. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every second of it, and with patience and hard work, I was able to pass this challenge... and I'm really glad and satisfied with the results. I hope you enjoy it, guys. It's been a beautiful journey so far! Thank you hugely for your time and support! As some of you may know, I'm a composition student, and therefore, I plan to make a living out of my music. Hence, I'd love if you could support me by buying the album. Or maybe just the track alone! Both links are here: Album from Bandcamp (16 tracks, $5 USD): Only this track ($1 USD): I really, really hope you enjoy it. Until the next time, everybody!
  21. Hey, everybody! Okay, so my and my boyfriend's anniversary is coming up and I wanted to do something special. I've been working on a picture for him, but that isn't nearly enough. So I wanted to write him a song (cheesy, I know). The only problem is, I have no idea what to do for the instrumental. I don't need any help with the lyrics. He really enjoys dubstep and rave style music, so I was hoping to do something along those lines, but I don't know how to do any of that type of stuff. That's where (I'm hoping) you guys come in. It would mean the world to me if someone could so this for me... PS: I know he likes Flux Pavilion and Tune Up! a lot If you would like some more information, please message me. I seriously hope he doesn't see this thread.... Okay, I know this was a long shot to even ask, but I truly do need some help before it's too late. Our Anniversary is in only a few days, and, even though he knows his gift is going to be late, I don't want to end up having to give him a super lame gift.
  22. I have put the links to my music from newest to oldest Let me know what you think and leave some comments xD Some of them I was never truly happy with as I find there is always something that needs improving but if I did that they would never get uploaded xD so here ya go guys love or hate, give me some honest feedback Evil Has Risen Fallout Equestria (It's All Over) Alicorns Dreams (Was featured on EQD) Determination The March of Celestia's Army Zecora's Chant (Was Featured on EQD) Crystal Land (Chilled Version) Crystal Land (Twinkle Version) Vinyl <3 Wubs Flutter Madness Changeling Battle
  23. Hello there, folks! It's been some time, but I present to you my first new track of the year. I uploaded this track around a month ago, but never made a post about it in here. You may or may not have heard it already (probably not though!), but still, I'm happy to share it now, with any of you who may be interested. I've been having this idea of making a big orchestral piece around my mind for various months now, and I finally got the fully inspiration I needed for it some time ago- so, I started working on it, and I kept doing it for various consecutive days, trying to fully express both this inspiration and these feelings... and then, this track came out. It all started with a simple melody... I'm going to be truly honest with you (and sorry if I'm being arrogant by saying this), but this track is, undoubtedly, the one I have most gotten into so far. I love it. It's really expressive, and I put a lot into it (and I'm not talking just about effort). I hope you can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed composing it, and I really hope you can feel the scenes, story, and feelings I've tried to put into it. The track name is all you need to make yourself an idea, and I won't tell you any further than that, because, as I usually say, half of the expression is shared by me, but the other half corresponds to you, the listeners, who perceive it in your own way, and give it your own shape. Thank you so much for listening, for the support, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Download links (and donations, if you may as well! thank you!) can be found in the video's description. I really, really hope you enjoy it. Until the next time, friends.
  24. I was kind of hesitant to upload this because I don't think it's anything special, but oh well. This is actually an older song of mine that I never got around to finishing until recently. Nothing too crazy. Just a nice relaxing song about Twilight and her Library. (for those of you who don't know, Twilight's library is called Golden Oaks. According to the MLP Wiki page anyway) Enjoy!