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Found 189 results

  1. Heyo!~ Soo i just made a quiz if is your OC a good OC THIS QUIZ IS JUST A JOKE DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY Soo yeah, i did lost lot of time on it, enjoy :3 DONT FORGOT TO POST THE RESULT!
  2. so I’ve been playing EarthBound recently and decided to record some videos. Sadly they can’t have sound but I love this game and wanted to share it with y’all. I’ve added in CC as a sort of commentary. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Hello MLP Forums! I want to introduce to you, Gametime With Kyoshi! This is my daily livestream that I have been doing for a little while now and it is where I stream Xbox one games and hangout with you all! There is fun, variety, and pony friends all around! I broadcast on Twitch usually daily around 6pm EST but I might be starting sooner for a little while. This stream is centered around all of us, around us as friends, hanging out and having a wonderful time. I call us the Kyoshi Krew and I want us to be positive, friendly, and just happy. That is what I support with my streams and I want to provide a positive and uplifting atmosphere to all who join in. ^.^ My Twitch channel is located here: If you want to, you can follow my Twitch channel to get email notifications for anytime I am streaming! I also upload my streams to my Youtube channel for archival purposes. Do you have Skype as well? Join the Kyoshi Krew chat group! I hope maybe I can see some of you around to join the Kyoshi Krew! I absolutely love hanging out with you all and I cherish every single one of you. Here, we can also discuss the streams if you want to. The Kyoshi Krew! @Kyoshi @CosmicSpark @TFarrgon [member=Ben The Brony' @Mikepokemon9 @Sunwalker @Dark Horse @twilightfan28 Lyme Soundstick RainbowDarth SunsetMaster Lost (If I am missing anyone, let me know!)
  4. If anyone cares to know, I have been away from many months to a few years... oops. But, I have been working on a lot of YouTube videos, specifically Let's Play's and reviews, so you can imagine how much video editing has taken up my time and energy. I feel bad that I haven't been in contact with you guys on the forums... I haven't even watched the show in a long time, that I have not even started season 6 yet, so you can imagine how far behind I am in the fandom. I have also been busy looking around my home city for a job in IT work, but nothing has come up, and I cannot afford to move outside my city, so I am having a lot of trouble with a bit of my personal life. So, that is what I have been up to. Hope you enjoyed that cliched story I told... LOL
  5. Come join me on #Twitch as I host the Final Episode of this epic #SuperMarioGalaxy Live Let's Play series on July 19th @ 7 PM EDT. Can't wait to be with you guys. #RoadToOdyssey
  6. So, I'm finally able to upload pony games again, and I've been uploading more regularly again. I hope I can keep up the pace this time. Of course I can't forget to post my speed arts too.
  7. TItle says it all! Want me to play a particular game on my Random N64 Game stream? Post here! Just try to avoid the super mainstream stuff, I want to be surprised and to surprise the viewers! Try to limit one request per user, please! here's my first N64 stream
  8. I did a thing, See me fail =D Please, leave me feedback, I need to know D=
  9. From my Twitch Mario & Wario Astroboy (tetsuwan Atomu) [Yeah, turns out I accidentally rendered the two gameplay videos together like a dumbass]
  10. Hello, I'm Mr. Nutt and if you didn't know already, I've been doing a series called Mo' Ponies for a while now. It started off with me just playing Adventure in Ponyville then, in the next video, I used basic editing to mix that with a few fan games to make it look like I was progressing with those. Then to avoid going mad from playing Adventures in Ponyville, I made "Project Ponies" where I didn't have to finish that game after the last game was played. Then finally I cut out that game all together and started Mo' Ponies, a series dedicated to me playing Friendship is Magic games both official and fan made! Anyways, here's the first two episodes (there are eight at the moment), enjoy! If you liked those, then here's a playlist with everything (FiM related anyway).If you know any short games I could use (Must be Work Safe), please tell me about them!Well, I guess if those two weren't very good examples, then I guess I could post my two most popular of these.Here's the one where I play Pony Platforming Project III: Minty Fresh Adventure!And here's the first one with fan games. Edit: I would embed the newer episodes, but that would require someone else to post in this thread first. For the rules of the games I accept in Mo' Ponies, check out my FAQ. For a list of every game I've featured and the video they are in, click here.
  11. Would anyone like to see a log book/lp with voice of Oolite (elite if someone willing to help me get it) with ponies? It would follow my OC as he does space things.
  12. So for the first time in a long time I will be streaming again. I have not done this for a long time, but I intend to give this an honest go. The stream date is not set yet, but I want you guys to give me some input on what you would want to see, when you'd be wanting to see it and so on. I will be using the Youtube Livestream service for convenience as everyone has a Youtube account. I'll make sure to properly announce the stream before it happens on my channel and I'll update this thread to announce it as well. So I have selected 12 games from my collection to choose from (if you have other suggestions, please make them, but keep in mind I have to have a way to acquire the game). But I also need your choices on what else you'd like to see! I normally game with my wife a lot, so would you guys want her to be in the video or do you want to see just me? Or something else. Also please tell me what times would be best for everyone. I want ALL your feedback to make this a fun time for everyone. This is for you guys at MLPF, and I want it to be entertaining. I will be answering and talking to people through the chat, so I want this to be a fun time.
  13. I just wanted to start by placing those two links. *Ahem* Welcome! You know me as SacredHooves; and I host a gaming show on both & known as The Gaming Brony. On this show I play games of all kinds, both within my expertise and out of it. I do not claim to be an expert: but I do aim to please as best as I can with what I do. I stream just about every day, and I am working on getting better stuff to stream more current and recent games. Come stop by and join us!
  14. How would someone ever be able to justify the existence of a thread - no, more like a whole SECTION for something that isn't at all a part of what everyone else is here for in the first place?!?!? Good job; keep it up.
  15. In this first part of PAYDAY 2 I return to the First World Bank, where PAYDAY all began in 2008. Let's mask up and cash out.
  16. I've started up a Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto III. Figured I'd see what you guys think of it
  17. It's been a very long time since I last posted here in this forum. I've been struggling on many things all this time. Things have finally settled down, though. During this time, I thought up a nice idea and part of it is doing Let's Play - videos. So for finally returning here, I'll give you me playing Minecraft! Please note: This is my first time recording a game session and giving it my voice so excuse me if I sound nervous. Also English is not my mother language. Ep. 1: Playing hardcore mode
  18. So I accidentally came across this game and having played Portal and Portal 2 I decided to try this game. Let the craziness begin. Time to start doing science... while seeing just what has happened. Enjoy!
  19. Watch me fail english as well as at this game.
  20. Here's to what I hope is a long-lasting, innocent little forum game. What does the avatar above you make you want to do? It's a simple enough game and also popular on a neighboring message board. Don't break my heart by letting this thread slip into the depths of Tartarus. Break it with something much more effective like peeing in my punch bowl or stealing my almonds. **NOTE** In hindsight, this thread may be better placed in the Forum Games subsidiary. I never thought about this constituting as a game so much as a basic conversational topic. I'm sure the Moderators will lead me in the right direction.
  21. Hey there! This is my semi new revived YouTube channel. So far I'm more or less only playing Isaac (just started making videos again yesterday), but more will come in the future! Some of my computers components are broken at the moment, so there might be some technical difficulties in the near future, but other than that it's all 1080p 60 fps with a relatively good microphone to back it up. Besides, I will fix the hardware issues soon, and I haven't noticed any problems. I'm interested to hear your opinions c:
  22. My favorite Lets Play channel is Rageselect they do 30min lets play of new game releases. It's a very funny channel, and I highly recommend it. What are some of your favorite LP Chanel's to watch?
  23. I know it's not much but here it goes anyway. Any feedback will be appreciated. Ps. There are few censored cursewords. Hopefully it doesn't mean it breaks the rules.
  24. So I started a new YouTube let's play while ago for Minecraft and I want to share it here to get it a bit more popular. Have this, Link. here is the first part.
  25. Hello! I, again, ask for your help.. please Basically other than a singing channel I have a gaming channel that I've been kinda neglecting by accident. I was hoping some of you could leave some critique, as harsh or as kind as you want, on how I can improve You can look through the channel but the main types of videos I'm planning to do in the future are ones like this: All you need to know is I only have movie maker to edit... yea I know it's sucky but It's all I can get my hands on Thank you for reading and, if you did, thank you for leaving feedback, all is appreciated