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Found 45 results

  1. So me, my band and my music teacher made this epic composition (it was mostly the teacher for the actual composing, but we helped :3) and we recorded it! I just wanted to share this with you guys, hopefully you will like it c: It's in the attachments.. Please don't go around and post this everywhere. Just keep it here and keep it small, it's still my teacher's creation... copyrights and stuff. If the attachment doesn't work, here's a dropbox link: Detante.mp3
  2. The title pretty much says it all. Post videos or audio clips or something of music you've composed yourself. Two rules, it has to be physical Piano, violin or guitar or something. Nothing that's been made on programs and stuff. Rule two, don't take other peoples music...its cool if they inspire you to make something like it, but if you hear a tune or something and just copy that, saying its your own...not cool guise...noooot cool. This'd also be a good place to meet some people who may be interested in the same kinda music that you are, or if you have any questions to ask someone who's been playing music for a while. OKAY GOOOOOOOO~
  3. Hello, I'm the Minister. I publish music under the banner of "PlunderSteed". Do you play rock/metal guitar, bass, keyboard, violin/cello or drums? Are you a visual effects artist with experience in real-time (stage) performance? Can you also sing? Do you live in the NYC, NJ or Philadelphia area? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I need your help! I've been working on a number of MLP-themed rock/metal songs. If enough people are interested, we can pursue live performances at conventions. I can provide studio space, most of the required instruments, transportation (within reason) and miscellaneous funding (within reason). Some of my work so far: Alternative Rock: "Bad Flyer" (featured on Equestria Daily's "Music of the Day #233"). Gaz sang primary vocals, and I did the rest. Hard Rock: "Canterlot Whore" Metal: "Consumed" by ShredGuitarBrony. This one is about 90% finished. He did the badass guitar work, drums, engineering and some of the synths/keyboards. I did primary vocals, bass and some piano/synth work. If interested, please reply in this thread and we'll get started. Updated January 10th to fix the link to Elias' SoundCloud, and to add another video.
  4. Here's a link to the article- But the basics are that through studying a mutated molecule in a worm scientists could discover a way to extend human life by 30%, which when combined with insulin-signalling mutations would double the time they live. Or something like that. So, what are your opinions on this? Would you want life to be extended by that much? Do you think this method will really work as well as they say? And, if so, when do you think this will be available for human testing? Discuss.
  5. So, figured I just go out and ask all you fellow ponies out there, what are some of the best concerts you've ever gone to? I'm quite a huge music fan and I'd love to find some other music amigos out there. And here's a few ideas to add on to what you reply with: -Who was it? -Why was it so good? -Best song(s) from the setlist? -Any surprises? -Photos, videos, or anything from the show? Share your stories, amigos!
  6. Celestia is suppose to be old. Very.very old. Over 1000 years old. Yet she still looks the same. Yeah I get that it might be because she's magical and a Princess. So how long does an average pony live? Or do they just never die? (Yes I might be going a little overboard because this is still a cartoon. But I'm just wondering )
  7. The princess hath graced you with her presence, so that you may see the real Princess of The Night's gameplay! Come and join the stream! So join her below! You may get a laugh or two, and pony music is a sure thing! Don't leave the princess feeling unappreciated! Again... Join Us!
  8. I recorded this song a while back if anyone remembers and had recieved mixed reviews on it. I decided to re-record it completely and fix the errors. VVV For comparison here's the old one,
  9. Hello everypony. I didn't see any threads specifically about Ableton anywhere, so I figured I would start a thread where Live users can share tips, advice, answer each others questions, even upload/share live racks we've created, presets, etc... I figured it would be of great use. I hope you all find this helpful, Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I have been working on a new album inspired by the events that took place 1000 years before the Mane 6 of FiM. Well I just recently completed the first song, and that one happens to be named after the album title. After a bit of a pause and delay, I finally resumed work on this song and finished it. At a whopping 6:49 in length it is the longest song I have ever made, and probably the most professional-sounding too. But what's this? Pre-Live? Yes! This song is actually an incomplete song! By that, I mean it doesn't have the recorded instruments and vocals yet. (Yes, vocals!) There will be live vocals, live violin, electric guitar and bass. However I will not be releasing the lyrical and live version until the entire album is done. If I can help it... Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
  11. Well everyone, it's been a while hasn't it? Well guess what, after a bit of a pause I finally finished something. And that something, is the first song of my upcoming album titled "One Thousand Years Ago" This is, however, not the final product! When I say finished, I mean finished writing the song. Four different things actually need to be recorded, and that's vocals, violin, lead guitar, and bass guitar. Currently the violin acts as both the vocals and the violin in this version, but soon in a long time there will be a live version. As a symphonic metal style song, it might not appeal to everyone, but I at least recommend listening to the last 1 minute of the song, because that's the best part! ;P Anyways, thank you all for your interest (if you're reading this) and I hope you'll support my future compositions with encouragement!
  12. Well now I've done it. Having acquired a high quality microphone, I realized an amazing opportunity had arisen. So, I made this. To quote what I initially wrote about the track on There you have it, the whole story. I apologize to all of you that the quality is still not AMAZING. I do plan to find a way to improve my recording in the future, and I hope that you'll all support me with cheers as I attempt to get things working.
  13. Hi guys! Violet here again for another holiday stream! This time, we have an open schedule, so what ever you want me to do, I'll do it. Whether it be Boshy or Slenderman, Street Fighter or Marvel, I'll do it. So, post below on stuff you'd like me to do or just say so in the stream's chat! I'll be streaming on my twitch channel here: ...or If you'd like, I'm also streaming on My steam is the 6th stream from the top labeled 'Violet's Stream'. Ian and others may also be streaming, who knows! I hope you invite your friends to watch another awesome stream as we count down to the new year! The stream will start tomorrow night, 12/31/12, somewhere around 8 o' clock CST. Follow me on twitter for constant updates on it and test streams here: I'll probably update this post and other stuff when the stream starts, too. Streaming! Link: or Hope you come watch! Movies, Games, and much more! You pick what I play as we count down to 2013! Happy New Year! STREAM IS OVER! TUNA WITH BACON CRASHED THE STREAM LOL
  14. I'm just wondering because, re-watching "Wonderbolts Academy" I noticed in the first scene, when the mane 6 were picnicking outside, Rainbow Dash's mailbox was right next to them. So does Dashie live on a hill with no house, or did Hasbro just move the mailbox there to emphasize the point of the first scene, or maybe the mane 6 just moved the mailbox (which in that case, how did the mail pony know where it is lol)? So just wondering, what do you guys think?
  15. When I found out Arylett was not only stepping down from being a moderator on the forums, but leaving all together, I was shocked. I wrote Arylett a theme song a while back as a part of my Staff Music Theme project I started a while back and I have loved it ever since. (The project can be found here.) With Arylett leaving, I simply had to give her something to say "Thanks for putting so much hard work into the forums and making it a safer, and more fun place!" http-~~-// This, is a recording of me playing Arylett Dawnsborough's theme live on the piano. Apologies ahead of time that the quality is so terribad. I haven't got professional recording tools yet. "" We'll miss you Ary, you were an amazing moderator during your time! ~~Silver Arrow~~
  16. Ok, I wrote this song in a bathroom, in a Wendy's in Montana... My band is going to play this sometime, but I feel like I should put it on here in words first... Sitting on a lonely walk On the corner of line and hawk I ask myself where has the time gone. I used to be top of the class, now my only friend is the bottom of a glass, I find myself on the last step... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... Laying on my bed about to blow a bullet into my head I ask myself why would I do that? Am I really done living this life Is there a reason not to fight I just need someone to say there might... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... Your life is growing thin Your life is ready to begin Your life, oh Lord... Wait! I'm not there yet, I just Try a little harder be a little stronger I know, I'm not, there yet I need hold onto Someone I'd love to meet... x2
  17. (Move this if there is a more appropriate section of the forum for this post to be in) I'm going to make this pretty short and "to the point". I've started to notice that my Windows Live Movie Maker isn't really displaying as it should. (^^^ Why yes, that is a Rainbow Dash cutie mark start orb...) It looks as if somebody made an oil painting of it. This isn't even the worst of the blur. It gets pretty bad to where I can barely see the text/video anymore, almost as if it faded in with the white background. I can't find anything by searching Google. The only thing I have found was something about getting a new graphics card, and this isn't the case here. So, if anybody has had the same problem, and/or has found a solution to fix the image, I would really appreciate an answer.
  18. Here you can discuss your favorite maps, characters, guns from Zombies. You can even get people together if you want to play them on Xbox Live or PSN. XBL GT: Mr N0MN0MN0M (the 0 are zeros) Feel free to add me or message me if you are interested in playing zombies. Have fun! My favorite map has tobe Der Riese. It's an easy place to rape train and loads of fun. The MP40 is my favorite wall gun because when it gets pack a punched, it will last for 30 rounds. Ballistic knife and Bowie knife combination with it pack a punched is amazing. Revive from distance and 2 hit knife kill. It's pretty BA.
  19. Hey everypony I just wanted to share this little fan fiction with you, it's my very first and I know it is not this long, but I had fun writing it, so.. (Oh, I'm German, so sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes ) Little Summary: The story is about a boy, bullied at school, hated at home, who starts watching "My little Pony - Friendship is Magic". He starts to see his world in a very different way and tries to live like the ponies do.. but something is different. How the ponies changed a life Chapter 1: "So, this is what they're all getting mad about", I think. Sitting in front of my computer, watching a video. I wouldn't have watched this if all those sites like memebase, 4chan and stuff didn't spam everyday with cute pink pictures of them eating cupcakes. Or smoking pot. Or something else, which isn't cute at all. But I spend a lot of time on those sites. I mean, why not? I don't have anything else to do. Except homework. And housework. And all the other stuff a teenage boy without a girlfriend is doing. Yes, I don't have a girlfriend. No problem. I am fine without one. I am just like.. Spider Man. Just not a man... more a virgin. A Spider Virgin. Without the spider. Just a virgin. Maybe I'm more like Captain America. Without the Avengers. Actually, without anyone. Wait, I have someone. I mean, all those guys at school, they keep waiting for me everyday. Like this morning. They were standing there, and when I walked by, they directly crossed my way. Sometimes they talk to me. But this morning, they just looked at me. And after that, they hugged me. Well, not really hugged. More like making me suffocate. Just for a while, just that I kept being conscious. I didn't faint. I fainted after school, when they came to me again. Then, they talked to me. With their fists. And feet. And this thing they made me swallow that tasted like someone else has eaten this a long time ago. This made me faint. And when I woke up, my bag was just a smoking.. thing. Doesn't matter, I have a lot of bags at home. At least we stay in contact. Everyday. But there is also someone else who tries to stay in contact with me. My dad. Or the person who used to be my dad before my mother died. After that, he turned into a man. A man who could be the father of my "friends" at school. but not mine. He just stays at home, drinking, watching TV, drinking and hitting the hell out of me. And telling me how he hates me. How guilty I am that my mother died. How much he hates me. How much he wants me to leave. But I can't leave. I have to stay here, stay with him, stay with my friends, stay with all those faces watching me. What do they look at? My face? I'm not pretty, I know, but I'm not this ugly. Actually, I look really normal, except of my long blond hair that reaches my shoulders. And the worn out shirts. And everything. I'm a freak. Yeah, this is the life. I'm still watching. I already started the next episode. The first episode ended with "To be continued", something that I learned to hate, you can't judge anything if you don't know the whole story. My philosophy. Sad that it's only mine. Some time ago, there were a lot of demonstrations here. Something a group of hackers claimed to be "The Apocalypse of the Internet's freedom". And to make this clear, they started to spread a propaganda video. And when the text of this thing everyone was against came out, someone said "Nothing this group said is true", so everyone started to hate the group. I had the feeling that I was the only one who has really read this text, not just following others. First informing, then judging. But not if you are part of the human race, then you just judge. The second episode is over. I must say, I enjoyed it. Yeah, it was pretty "girly", but it was nice. I look at my watch. 1:12 a.m. . Doesn't matter, it's saturday. I start the next episode. And after that, the next. And the next. I can't stop it. I have to continue. Until I'm too tired for one more episode and decide to go to bed. I really enjoyed this. I like this. I really like "My little Pony - Friendship is Magic". Chapter 2: It's monday. I just watched a few episode yesterday, I slept really hard and really had some work to do. If I can't stop my father hitting me, I shall not give him a reason to kill me. There are the faces again. Watching. Judging. Nothing new. I saw a nice episode of "My little Pony" yesterday. There was a zebra, called Zecora. Everyone lived in fear, they said she was evil with curses and stuff. But in the end, they found out that she is a nice person who helps them with their diseases. And they learned not to judge someone (or somepony) without knowing. Maybe those faces shall watch this episode. I have also seen another episode. It had a great song, I loved to listen to it. The main pony tried to fit in with other ponies and doing hard work, but she wasn't the right one for the job. But when she started to organize all the stuff the other ponies were doing, she was just the right one for it. She had to do what she could do. I'm just thinking about this episode because of two things. First, I really, really love the song they are singing. And second, we are having a group project. Great. Everyone started working, except me. Because nobody wanted me to do anything. And they are right. I can't analyze texts, I can't present the result.. But the episode is coming into my mind again. Without thinking, I grad the poster we have to present, grab a pen and ask one of the faces what he or she has found out. The faces now seem to ask me what I am doing there. "I'll write this". It's nothing big. Nothing special. But writing is something I really like. Not only writing stories. Writing itself. I like to see the letters appear just the way I want them. something most of the faces can't do. But I can. And I do. And I'm doing well. And feeling good. Thank you, ponies. Call me brony. Chapter 3: It's wednesday. I'm at home, listening to the song that always makes me feel better. I need this. I had watched an episode where the ponies learned that just because someone doesn't seem to be as cool or awesome as they wish, it doesn't mean he is someone less worth than you are. And I had to think about this episode at school. I saw my "friends" and someone else, someone like me, just fat and with glasses. But the rest was exactly like me. And it seemed like he was about getting the same friends like me. If I hadn't watch "My little Pony" the last days, I would have just gone away. But I did watch it. I have seen Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash enjoying their friendship. Feeling their friendship. Loving their friendship. And learning what friendship is. And showing this to me, somepony who loves the show. Who wants to live the show. I didn't know this at all. I didn't know that I could need anyone. But when I saw the ponies, something started growing in me. A wish. A wish for friendship. For something you can live. For something that can grow. I needed other people. I have to say, if you use Wikipedia and search the word "Apathy" and "Misanthropy", you would find a photo of me not-smiling for a photo we took with our class. I didn't need anyone. I didn't want anyone. I was just fine living my life and hating all the faces. I just did not know what I missed. When my mom was at the hospital, she told me that I should find someone to talk to. To have fun with. I didn't. I ignored my mothers last words to me. And I did never regret this. Until I started to watch "My little Pony". I wanted a friendship. I wanted to live it. And I knew I was not the only one. So I saw my friends and the new friend. And I remembered that episode. And I made the worst mistake I could do. I attacked my "friends", trying to rescue the other friend. When I was on the ground, bleeding, I saw him. The one I rescued. The one who should know how I feel. I saw him laughing. Then, I fainted. He did not become my friend. He became one of the faces again. Although I did what can create a friendship like the ponies', I failed. So I'm sitting here, trying to stop my wounds bleeding and listening to a song which starts to get a new meaning for me. A song not only about the end of winter, but also can be seen as a metaphor. Take away the dark thoughts. Bring bright and joyful thoughts into your heart. And it makes me smile for a last time. I'm listening to "Winter Wrap-Up" Chapter 4: I don't know what day it is. And I don't care. I've nearly finished every single episode. There are just two more, another double-episode. This will be the last thing I will ever watch. I did not give up when the boy did not become my friend. I did not give up the time after that. I did not give up after I tried all the things the ponies did. I gave up when I could not hold it any longer. The lack of friendship. I never knew that it even existed. But it does. It grows. And it starts to destroy you. You don't feel something like a void in you. You feel something like a fire. A fire, full of knives, razor blades and acid. And it starts burning, becomes bigger. But it doesn't kill you. This would be too easy. It just makes you suffer. Everyday a little bit more. It grows and grows. You start to get desperate. You want it to stop. But it doesn't stop. It stays. And it grows. I don't know how big it is. I just now that it is too big. I can't hear the cars rushing on the gray streets. I can't feel the white snow falling from the sky on my face. I can't smell the city. I can't taste the bitter coffee at the place where I get my breakfast. I can't see the faces watching me. Everywhere is just the fire. I prepared everything. There is the glass. There is the water. There are the sleeping pills. Everything is fine. Soon it will end. I just have one thing to do. For the ponies. I have to watch the last two episodes. I have to know the whole story so I can say: "This series is one of the best I've ever seen. It taught me things that might be easy, but essential." I just couldn't use what it taught me. The first episode starts. They are going to prepare a wedding. Twilight is upset because her brother doesn't tell her he will get married. The bride seems to be evil. The first episode ends. Twilight was right all along. Now they have to get out of this mess. They find the real bride. And somethings starts to change in me. They stopped the evil queen. The wedding starts. And then... Love is in bloom. Chapter 5: I don't know why. This song is not the kind of music I usually listen to. But it changes everything. I now I can't stop it here. I know I have to go on. I know that someday, I have to get married. And I have to involve this song. I just sit there and stare. The fire is gone. There is still a lack, but it does not hurt like the fire. I need "Love is in bloom" to be my wedding song. Before that, I can't stop everything like I wanted to. I bring down the water and the glass. I throw away the pills. And I start thinking about what has happened. And then I realize that I have just learned something about friendship. I sit down at my desk. I know this is kind of crazy, but I just feel that I have to do it. And so I grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing, the only thing I really can do: "Dear Princess Celestia, I know you will never read this, but I have to write this to you. It is because I learned something about friendship. I learned that friendship is something wonderful. Something you can live. Something you can love. But nothing you can force. If you want to have a friendship that lasts forever, you have to be yourself and find those friends who want to be with you because of you character. Not because of your coolness or freakishness. Thank you for that lesson. Sincerely, a Brony who would not live without you" I take the letter, roll it and throw it into the fire. Maybe she will read it. I hope so. I have to move on. I just have to wait. I put on my headphones and listen. I listen to "Winter Wrap-Up". And it makes me smile. The End
  20. Oh man this guy has some guts to be playing a pony song at a club. Not to mention the song itself is amazing, definitely one of the best fan made songs out there.