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Found 860 results

  1. I think that HASBRO should take the time after The Wedding next weekend. And get started on creating a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic video game. I think it should have some of the gameplay qualities used in SUPERMAN: Returns. And the free roaming qualities of the FABLE series. Play as a mane pony from the series, or you can make one and play along side the mane ponies. I think it would be awesome to do either one. Play as Dashie, fly at high speeds, or make a pony and amaze her with your own skills. I would squeal like a schoolgirl. Hearing one of my favorite ponies, manely Rainbow Dash compliments me. "Wow, you're awesome at that!" Or do something amazing and wow the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Or help Ditzy deliver mail, reguardless if you're an Earth Pony, or Unicorn. Or even do something for Celestia, like finding a way to really make the Gala interesting. And this game be available for X-BOX 360, Playstation 3, and NINETENDO Wii.
  2. I've come up with rule 63 names for lots of MLP:FiM characters. Try to match the Rule 63 name to the actual character. I have done major characters, one-shots such as Trixie, and background ponies. Some are easy, some aren't. I haven't figured out everyone I can think of, and I'll say those too. Feel free to make suggestions. Also, if you have a different I dea from what I came up with, feel free to say that too. RULE 63 NAMES: Applejack Dr. Whooves Carrot-Top Appleseed Solaris Shining Dusk Bubble Berry Zircon The Great and Powerful Preston The Shim Sham sisters Happy Chime Apollo Eris Shield Maiden Rainbow Blitz Derpy Doo Elusive Rollaround Crabapple Red Gala Barb Butterscotch Philharmonico Harper Confection Characters I haven't come up with names for: Cheerilee Cadence Fancy-Pants Vinyl Scratch Fleur-de-Lis Blues Noteworthy Berry Punch Probably some others.
  3. Not online. In person. Even if it's subtle, is there anything about the show that's made you do or think about altering the way you act to certain other individuals in your life? Whether that be friends or family. I got the idea from a very emotional Luna and Celestia video that I shared in the master video thread. I chatted with it on an individual basis with Hayze, of which she had already seen. We briefly talked about it. So what about everyone else? What sort of impact has it made on you? Do you have any siblings that you've thought about thanks to the shows' several pairs of siblings, or maybe the outgoing personalities of some of the character have gotten you to do the same. Anything at all, as long as it has to do with your interactions with others, irl. Lastly, if a topic like this already exists, can the moderator kindly merge the topics, and edit my post to have all the text after this paragraph, instead of just locking this thread? I searched but didn't find anything directly related to this. Here's my little story: To me, the unspoken surrogate sister relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash best fits mine with my sister, for a multitude of reasons. She's ten and I'm nineteen in a few weeks. Sometimes it's hard to find things we enjoy doing together because of the bizarre kid to young teenage-adult age difference, but there are some things. She's always looked up to me, and is always interested in what I'm doing, and if there are times she can simply hang out. Sometimes she even likes to come in and draw while I lazify myself and play video games. In that admiring sense, she is a lot like Scootaloo. In the past, I on the other hand, often forget that, and end up ignoring or brushing her off. Like Rainbow tends to take Scootaloo for granted. Or at the very least, treating that time she wants to do something as not that important. It doesn't help that we have very different personalities. She's outgoing, I'm not in the least. However, I've been trying a lot more in the last two months to try and acknowledge that time more, and do the offering myself, not just waiting for her to come to me. I feel I could do more, and I want to, so we'll just have to wait and see what else I can come up with.
  4. I can certainly imagine that a topic such as this has been made before, but using the search feature, I didn't see anything like it, so if it exists, sorry in advance. This topic is for pointing out, appreciating and discussing the many small examples of how the show pays attention to detail. As for myself, I'm going to give a couple examples of one of the themes I love most: The surrogate sister relationship that is hinted to in the show between Dash and Scootaloo, of which took off in the fanbase rather quickly. Exhibit A: The Show Stoppers At the end of the episode, when the CMC finished their number and to their surprise, when they actually won an award, Applejack and Rarity came backstage for their sisters to congratulate them, and then go home with them afterwords. Applejack says 'Apple Bloom, you did it!' Then, all three CMC run over to the three of them and say 'Did you see our award!? Did you see!?' in unison. The whole point of this is that Dash was there too, clearly meant as the 'guardian' figure in that line-up for Scootaloo, the only one of the three CMC that wasn't accounted for under AJ or Rarity. They had absolutely no obligation to put Dash there, for a shot that only lasted three or four seconds of screen time, but they did anyway, and to a Scootalove fan, that's really, really awesome. Exhbit B: Owls Well That Ends Well Now, this next example is not nearly as major of an 'attention to detail' moment as the last one, but I want to add it in anyway as a sort of anecdote to the Scootalove with Dash theme. In 'Owl's Well That Ends Well', all the ponies go to the Meteor Shower and watch together. This is also the scene in which Dash tells Scoot to go 'take out the trash' jokingly, but then later on, it shows them next to each other. Now the obvious thing here is 'Well Scootaloo admires Dash, so of course she's gonna want to be next to her', and you're right. But that's why this is an anecdote and not a real thing. I enjoyed this shot because it's once again making that hint towards their relationship, by having them as a pairing along with the two groups of actual siblings of the same ages, AJ & AB, and Rarity & Sweetie Belle. This is similar to what they did in the first example, though that one was much more obvious that Dash went out of her way to go back there with the other two. -- So go ahead ponies, you can either give specific image examples like me, or simply talk about moments that you remember. I can think of many other examples, but I just wanted to keep it down to these two, for this first post. Have at it~
  5. Had so much fun making the signature for Toasty Engineer, I made a poster of them as well! (1000x1000) I may put the class symbols or class related icons on the ponies later on, but haven't decided yet. I think my favorites are Pinkie the Spy - for her ability to transport and generally pop up undetected anywhere and Rarity the Engineer - that facial expression with her body and personality just cracks me up. Really I can't choose I love them all! This poster is based on this image: >HERE< Also adding to my Deviant page - PixiGlow @ Deviantart , so feel free to fave /dl / comment or whatever! Disclaimer: MLP & MLP:FIM © Hasbro. TF2 & TF2 images © Valve Corporation.
  6. I've been looking for a fanfic about Darkly Dreaming Dexter and MLP. I was wondering, since they are obviously alike, Pinkamina from Cupcakes, and Dexter from the book. There should be fanfics about that. I think that it wold be entertaining. Any ideas?
  7. Anypony else see something fishy in this ad I just saw? I won't post the answer yet... I wanna see if you can catch it first!
  8. If you play the old school RPGs, I just found a MLP mod with the Mane Six skins & voices! I just got the Baldur's Gate (Tutu) version downloaded, so I will check it out but if this works might end up being epic! Thanks to Justin R. Stebbins / Saber Scorpion
  9. I have been thinking, is this now a culture? Because this is what a culture is: Culture - "The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group". So are we a culture?
  10. OMG!! I just found something out!!! While watching , I found out (thanks to a person named Shino302) that MLP:FiM could go on forever.pinkiepie!!!! He said this: Luckily Hasbro is smart, the entire show is a giant commercial for there toys and it's making sales to people outside the demographic. So as long as we keep buying toys it could go on forever. ISN'T THAT AWESOME!!!! Everypony, we just need to buy more pony stuff and we can see the show more and more!! 5 reasons why this is such a great idea. The show will continue, We love the show, The show teaches us great lessons, We put so much effort into everything in the show and cancelling it will be taking our work and sh*tting on it, And if the show ends, the bronies of the world will destroy EVERYTHING!!!