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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 856 results

  1. Which episodes do you consider to be the best and most well made, but also the hardest to watch because of how harrowing, emotionally involving, or heartbreaking they are? For example, "For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils". Phenomenal episode, but hard to watch because Sweetie Belle was a somewhat unlikable in it. Or "A Canterlot Wedding: Part 1" for THAT scene..
  2. Everyone always seems to debate which season of the show is the best/worst, but I had a more interesting subject for debate: Which season is the funniest? As in, which season put the biggest emphasis on the humor?
  3. TheAnimationFanatic

    "Companion Piece" Episodes

    What are two or more episodes with similar themes, focus on similar characters, or tackle similar issues so well that they go together almost perfectly as companion pieces? Ex: "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" and "A Royal Problem". OR "Parental Glideance" and "The Parent Map".
  4. TheAnimationFanatic

    Best aspects of each Season?

    @Key Sharkz gave me inspiration to start a new discussion. Specifically, what the best aspect of each Season is. This is not meant to start a discussion in which season did what best, but rather discuss what we think the biggest strength of each.
  5. TheAnimationFanatic

    Mediocre/Bad Episode VS. Awful Episode

    Rather than make a thread where we can all slag on episodes we don't like, I thought I'd go with something more constructive. What in your mind separates a mediocre or mildly episode from an all-time awful one? Which aspects push an episode from forgettable to unforgivable?
  6. After running polls for how you all each Season of Friendship is Magic, I figured I'd post the results. Season 1: 86% Season 2: 88% *Updated on 1/22* Season 3: 73% *Updated in 2/22* Season 4: 89% *Updated on 1/22* Season 5: 91% Season 6: 74% *Updated on 2/22* Season 7: 88% *Updated on 2/22* Season 8: 75% *Updated on 2/22* What did you think of the survey and what surprises you the most about the results?
  7. A commission for someone over on Deviant Art. They wanted some bonding time between Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and nice version of the Dazzlings. Notice they're actually happy and no longer wearing their siren necklaces. The magic of friendship wins once again! Adagio Dazzle's outfit, and the aprons worn by Sonata Dusk and Pinkie Pie, are my design. The commissioner designed the gym outfits worn in the second panel.
  8. TheAnimationFanatic

    "Say Something Nice"

    Here's a "challenge" of sorts. Either name one criticism of an episode you like/love OR name one positive about an episode you don't like/hate.
  9. We now finally reach the end (for now) on our poll of Friendship is Magic with Season 8.
  10. After the surprisingly mixed (but mostly positive) response to Season 6, it's time to move on and score Season 7 of Friendship is Magic Also, for those who were curious, here are the scores for previous seasons: *Edit* I'm removing the scores. It felt like a cheap way of quantifying opinions.
  11. After my Season 5 poll took off, I figured I'd do one for Season 6.
  12. Scoring Season 4 of Friendship is Magic.
  13. Continuation of my poll to see how people rank each season of Friendship is Magic.
  14. As with the first season, I wanted to get a pulse on the overall consensus of season 2 of Friendship is Magic.
  15. I want to get an overall feel for how much people like/dislike every season of Friendship is Magic and assessing which season is the most popular and which is the least. To test the waters, I thought I'd just do Season 1 to see if I want to do the rest.
  16. TheAnimationFanatic

    Misunderstood episode(s)?

    Do you have an episode or a list of episodes that recieved a negative response that you felt was overblown or undeserved?
  17. If you were trying to get a friend to watch Friendship is Magic or they expressed interest in wanting to watch it, which episode(s) work best as an introduction to the characters and what the show is about?
  18. What are some story or technical aspects of Friendship that have gotten better over time (Outside of the animation quality, because that's too easy)?
  19. Batbrony

    Nicole Dubuc Q&A

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Executive Producer -- Nicole Dubuc Good afternoon, everypony, and welcome to MLP Forums and Poniverse's latest Community Guest Q&A! Today we've got a truly special treat for all of you as part of our Making Christmas Merrier festivities this year. Please join me in welcoming writer and actress Nicole Dubuc, executive producer of a number of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 8's, most notable episodes, including "School Daze - Parts 1 and 2," "The Maud Couple," "School Raze - Part 2," and, perhaps most conspicuously of all, "Best Gift Ever," Season 8's post-season Hearth's Warming Eve special that many in the fandom are dubbing not just the highlight of the entire season, but also one of the best MLP G4 episodes ever and an instant holiday classic in its own right! In addition to her work on MLP, Ms. Dubuc has over 50 writing, producing, and acting credits to her name on shows such as Kim Possible, Transformers: Rescue Bots, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, LEGO Elves: Secrets of Elvendale, and Star Wars Rebels, to name just a few. Currently an executive producer with Wild Canary Animation, Ms. Dubuc is the first writer/producer from MLP:FiM we've ever had as a guest on the forums, and after stellar Q&As with previous guests like storyboard artist Ward Jenkins and actress Elley-Ray Hennesy, I'm sure today's Q&A will prove to be just as special and memorable as those were. Before we begin, let's just lay out a couple of more ground rules. While Ms. Dubuc is no longer technically an actual employee of Hasbro Studios, we have to lay some guidelines similar to when we've hosted guests like Ward Jenkins and Elley-Ray Hennesy. While you should feel free to ask whatever you want within reason, keep in mind that many questions, especially those that pertain to her work on the show, may be ones that Ms. Dubuc is unable to answer on account of confidentiality agreements with the studio and her former employers. We want to have a great time with our first writer/producer guest, not get her in any trouble with those she's worked with or act like obnoxious or self-entitled hosts. If you'd like to learn more about her, you can visit her own website here, her IMDB page here, and her Twitter page here. That's all I've got for ya'll this afternoon, everypony, so without further ado, ask questions of Ms. Dubuc to your heart's content! I'll start us off to get the ball rolling: Ms. Dubuc, by this point in MLP G4's run, we've already seen quite a few episodes set in or centered around Hearth's Warming Eve. With this in mind, what compelled you and the rest of the creative team behind "Best Gift Ever" to come up with a 45-minute Hearth's Warming Eve special in the same vein as some of the all-time holiday classic film and TV specials?
  20. TheAnimationFanatic

    Best focus episode per character?

    Name a character and list your favorite episode(s) that focus on/develop them and why?
  21. This may be a slightly controversial opinion, but I think that most of the worst episodes of Friendship is Magic are to be found in the first half. This isn't to say that those seasons are bad, because they're quite good, but most of the really bad episodes are found there. This also isn't to say that S5-S8 don't have awful episodes, because they do. However, they're more spread out and in less frequent. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? If so, why?
  22. In general, Friendship is Magic is a very lighthearted and optimistic show. However, the show doesn't shy away from tackling complex/nuanced subject matter. Which episode(s) do you think are the most mature and complex?
  23. Which episodes have proven to be the most divisive, the ones where people either love them or hate them?
  24. TheAnimationFanatic

    Funniest episode(s) of the show?

    While I think that the show has many great episodes with moments that pull at your heart strings, it's also not short of great comedic episodes, which do you think are the funniest? Mine (in no particular order): 1. The Saddle Row Review 2. On The Road to Friendship 3. Stranger Than Fanfiction 4. Horse Play 5. Every Little Thing She Does 6. Lesson Zero 7. It Isn't The Mane Thing About You 8. The Break-Up Breakdown 9. Discordant Harmony 10. Three's A Crowd