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Found 856 results

  1. Had so much fun making the signature for Toasty Engineer, I made a poster of them as well! (1000x1000) I may put the class symbols or class related icons on the ponies later on, but haven't decided yet. I think my favorites are Pinkie the Spy - for her ability to transport and generally pop up undetected anywhere and Rarity the Engineer - that facial expression with her body and personality just cracks me up. Really I can't choose I love them all! This poster is based on this image: >HERE< Also adding to my Deviant page - PixiGlow @ Deviantart , so feel free to fave /dl / comment or whatever! Disclaimer: MLP & MLP:FIM © Hasbro. TF2 & TF2 images © Valve Corporation.
  2. I've been looking for a fanfic about Darkly Dreaming Dexter and MLP. I was wondering, since they are obviously alike, Pinkamina from Cupcakes, and Dexter from the book. There should be fanfics about that. I think that it wold be entertaining. Any ideas?
  3. PixiGlow

    Epic Fail! MLP ad

    Anypony else see something fishy in this ad I just saw? I won't post the answer yet... I wanna see if you can catch it first!
  4. If you play the old school RPGs, I just found a MLP mod with the Mane Six skins & voices! I just got the Baldur's Gate (Tutu) version downloaded, so I will check it out but if this works might end up being epic! Thanks to Justin R. Stebbins / Saber Scorpion
  5. Ninja Derpy

    Is MLP now a culture?

    I have been thinking, is this now a culture? Because this is what a culture is: Culture - "The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization, or group". So are we a culture?
  6. OMG!! I just found something out!!! While watching , I found out (thanks to a person named Shino302) that MLP:FiM could go on forever.pinkiepie!!!! He said this: Luckily Hasbro is smart, the entire show is a giant commercial for there toys and it's making sales to people outside the demographic. So as long as we keep buying toys it could go on forever. ISN'T THAT AWESOME!!!! Everypony, we just need to buy more pony stuff and we can see the show more and more!! 5 reasons why this is such a great idea. The show will continue, We love the show, The show teaches us great lessons, We put so much effort into everything in the show and cancelling it will be taking our work and sh*tting on it, And if the show ends, the bronies of the world will destroy EVERYTHING!!!