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Found 81 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post and topic on this forum and I hope you will enjoy it. With the news of an upcoming Mlp manga, I decided to give it a shot myself. However, since I am much more experienced with drawing humans I have decided to re-draw the story we love with humanized characters. ( Horns and wings will be kept the way they are ) No text yet because I want to wait for a better quality version first. Unfortunately my scanner broke down so I can only use cellphone pictures now. However, I think we are all quite familiar with the story so there should be no problem understanding it. If curious, I used regular fineliners and three greyscale copic markers ciao. ( C-3, C-5 and C-7 ) Any kind of feedback is hugely appreciated. This is my first time putting together a manga like this so feedback would be great! ; w ; I'm always looking forward to imroving my art.
  2. My first tries on drawing dragons. I don't know if I'll color them. First, a baby dragon. And here's the head of a full frown dragon. The last thing you want to see. Drawn according to a model reference from "Drawing Dragons And Those Who Hunt Them".
  3. Trinity Blood Manga Review Action/Horror Tokyopop Publishing Sunao Yoshida Kiyo Kyujyo 2005 Trinity Blood is a story based upon the never ending battle between humans and vampire kin set in a world ravaged by war for hundreds of years among these factions. On humanity’s side lays the forces of the Vatican, which was established as the world’s human protector and the top leader among the countries struggling for survival. Father Abel Nightroad is a top ranking officer of the Vatican, who is joined by Sister Esther Blanchett in protecting humanity and also investigating the tumultuous relationship between them and the Empire of the vampire. Although pensive and at times silly, Abel also houses a power within himself which only manifests when needed, turning him into a Crusnik, which is described as a vampire that feeds on other vampires. Cardinal Caterina Sforza,head of the Vatican’s Special Service Annex, attempts to negotiate peace with the Empire, the vampire’s country when a faction of it that rebels against such called the Inquisition tries to stop her, by attempting to start a greater war between the two factions in the world in the sidelines. Abel and Esther often find themselves trying to fix anything the Inquisition attempts while barely staying alive. All the events while bullets fly are coordinated in a calculating web of treachery and war games. The Manga brings a unique look into the supernatural as protagonists survive in a world that is almost overrun by vampire kin, which is described as an alien life form that appeared after humankind suffered a cataclysic event, and tried to vanquished the remaining population until the Vatican rose to arms to fight them. While Abel is presented as a clone of Vash the Stampede in terms of clumsiness and absent mindeness, he also houses in himself his true identity as a power that could be used to destroy anything he protects, such is when Sister Esther discovers this secret in questioning just who she can trust anymore. The Manga also casts other interesting characters like Father Tres, who acts just as a machine, hinting that he may be in fact, a cyborg guising as a human being. The artwork supplied by Kiyo Kyujyo is delightfully gothic, representing such dark detail and adding that artist’s own brand of religious representations in costume design and armor, which some characters wear into battle. The dialogue exchanged has a lot of flair into it, setting the mood which is shown in the artstyle used. The vampires, often romanticized and not as vulgar as some are represented in other Manga works/Anime, or as mindless beasts when low ranks are presented as well, quite elegant yet not as much as to make you believe this is something only a certain demographic of fans can only enjoy. It is often that I believe that a Manga works better when more than one person is involved, and Trinity Blood has proved me right yet again. Yoshida is quite a great storyteller with said story developing in each volume, leading you to a new finding on each chapter. The action is presented in a very vivid way as well. Tired of sparkling vampires? Pick up a volume of Trinity Blood to regain your faith in the vampire mythos, it will be the break you so longed for. A
  4. Is Spike a sicko? Yes he is. We all know this. Would he have loved those drawings? Yes he would have, which is why I thought drawing this would be appropriate. Anyway I would have drawn more, hence the weird open space, and a page with Twilight walking in, but my software keeps crashing up right now and I think this is as far as I'm gonna get with this one. Also first time drawing with a tablet, so hey! Anyhoo, go ahead and tear this thing apart if you want to.
  5. so i'm writing a manga, working out the kinks and such XD just featuring my OC's, nothing to do with mlp... but in the story two things are happening at the same time in two different worlds, then they meet at one point... how do i tell two stories in two different places one after the other? how do i do the transition without making it overly confusing? or without it obviously saying something like "and now for something completely different" (it was tempting) do you think having it subtly confuse the reader is a good thing?
  6. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is currently one of my favorite mangas. It is a story told over many generations, from the early 19th century to the present day. The Joestar line has to fight a multitude of strange foes, from vampires to users able to manifest a strange power called a Stand. Beware, if you want to begin reading, it is currently at 100+ volumes. Any other fans of this series?
  7. Hello, I am sort of a new cosplayer who is looking for some help or information. I've been cosplaying for a few months now, and I've done Hatsune Miku as my first cosplay with great success. I have been looking into a new character to cosplay as, and I am not sure exactly where to start. The new character I want to cosplay as is Clare or Teresa from the anime/manga Claymore. They look similar minus the facial differences/hair. they wear armor and weild a claymore as their weapon of choice. So my question is what kind of materials do cosplayers use to make armor/props? clothing isn't a problem, but when it comes to their shoulder plates, various other pieces of armor, and their weapons I am not sure what materials to use. any help would be appreciated.
  8. So I've been writing books based on this fictional world I invented, called Ytrialum, and I've been working on the second book in a series revolving around this world. Long story short it's a fantasy world locked in a medieval time period. (kind of like middle earth in lord of the rings.) Lately I've been drawing a lot of picture about this world, including a map and lots of character concept art. Even a couple comic-style scenes that I have planned or have completed. Recently I drew this picture of one of my favorite characters. (Buck you I can have favorite characters in my own novels!) This character is one of the Keepers, which is a small group of four people who control the elements of the world. Her name is Madia Farule, and she is the Keeper of Dream (Mind). This is probably one of my best drawings I have ever drawn. It doesn't get much better than this for me really. I'm not a skilled artist and I can't do digital art for the life of me. Ruins the shading scanning and retracing them, and I don't have a tablet. Plus I have other creative pursuits that are of higher priority. Anyways, yeah. This is my art. I'll likely post some more stuff soon since I did a lot of drawing over the break.
  9. Well first manga girl I have ever drawn in my entire life hope you like it I did this with paint tool sai and a mouse and please tell me what you think of it
  10. A few months ago I went to a kind of big marketplace area in the city. I went with my friend. We went to do some things before she left to go home a few weeks later. We'd done what we went to do, and were looking for other things to do while we were in the area. I'd been to this marketplace area several times before. Each time, I'd seen this sign for a cafe. It was a cafe which is actually more like a manga studio with seats available for a cheap price. We went and the guy running the place was really nice, giving us tips and telling us all about the process of making manga. We drew some pictures. We were actually there for longer than we had intended to be. I enjoyed it. The guy told me that there's a group of English-speakers that meet there every Sunday. I said I'd be back sometime to meet them, or something. It's been a recurrent dream of mine to draw manga professionally. (Can you use the term "recurrent dream," in this situation?) It always just seemed like an endlessly daunting task that I never had any clue where to start from, though. It's kinda been on the back burner for a while, and as I've gotten older, has started to fade into the background. I mean, I'm just getting older and older... when is it time to give this up. You know what I mean? Going to this studio, however, made me want to draw manga again. I actually felt a want to do this hobby that I haven't wanted to do in a long, long time. I even started forming characters and a story around this idea I'd thought of a few years ago. Well, as for going back, my friend was still around for a few more weeks. I wanted to spend time with her while I still could, so we hung out on the weekends and stuff. Then she went back, and I had various things that were causing problems. I was sick or stuff like that. However, in recent weeks, I've been able to go. Able to. I never actually went, though. I've wanted to, but for whatever reason, I just can't seem to bring myself to do so. I thought it was just a matter of me not wanting to get out of bed. This past weekend, though, I actually got up at an hour where I could make it out there at a reasonable time. And I just sat for a while. And eventually, I just said to myself, "Nevermind... I just can't do it..." And I went back to bed. I don't know why I couldn't bring myself to go. I just got this bad feeling about going, like it's just going to go really wrong. I think one of the things I'm worried about is that I think this may be my only shot to actually make it as an illustrator. That may or may not be true, but that's how the situation looks as of now. If I blow it and people don't like me, it's not just that I've blown my shot to make friends, but I've blown my shot to fulfill this dream. And on a rational level, I realize that if I don't go, it's taking away my shot before I've even had it. But on an emotional level, it worries me too much to even try going. The other part of this problem is that I feel really guilty about the money. Not only does it cost money to go out there, but it costs money to utilize their service as well. And I'm supposed to be saving money. I'm about to make a dent in savings, because I need to go home and have surgery, so there's no good reason for me to be spending so frivolously like this. Even if I do go and it goes well, I'd still feel bad because I spent so much money on this activity. Other than the money, though, I don't know why I just can't bring myself to go. I feel stupid.
  11. Sooooo...I'm not used to publicly sharing my art...I'm really shy and I don't handle criticism very well but I try! So Her name is Fae. She comes from a long list of characters I come up with in my head.
  12. Well I've drawn yet again a manga girl I used a guide because I'm bad at it so no need to say it's good or anything because I just copied it... Anyways this is what it has become I hope you like it Used paint tool sai and a mouse*
  13. I am currently working on a MLP manga fanfic called "Dubmuffin: fire in the sky" I already began drawing the first few pages of the manga (more like the first issue :3 ) What I really need help with is making the cover page (or cover). Problem is I don't have photoshop or am an expert at photo editing. Which is why I'm considering help from someone who: Has photoshop, and know how to use it. Just so you know, The cover is important though. So please, if interested, reply or send me a PM. I will answer it as soon as possible.
  14. So I finally sunk to a new low... I drew human ponies. Sorry about them being super white as I do not own flesh-toned pencils. Fluttershy's hair is a bit mis-coloured, sorry. whoops, double Applejack, sorry... I can't fix it sorry!!!!!! Forgive me! I'm sure I could if I wasn't such a noob... I made myself sad. Please comment what you think and any improvements I could make!!
  15. I have these Nintendo DS Games available for trading: Dragon Quest V Hand of the heavenly bride (make me a deal because this has NEVER BEEN OPENED SERIOUSLY, I NEVER PLAYED THIS GAME BEFORE, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I GOT THIS!!) Dragon Quest IV Chapters of the chosen (make me a deal because THIS HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED, I HAVE NEVER PLAYED THIS!! EVER!!) Final Fantasy IV (THIS HAS NEVER BEEN OPENED!! BRAND NEW!! MAKE ME A DEAL!!!) Chrono Trigger And a possible Rock Band 2 Wii game and Rock-band drum-kit with guitar and microphone set if anyone's interested, I don't know how much that can cost shipping wise, you would have to pay for shipping on that item, and I would have to make a deal with that one... Anime up for trade: Steamboy DVD Haruhi Chan Suzumiya Volume 1 DVD Yu-Yu-Hakusho DVD Season 1 Ghost Files (contains 28 episodes so make me a deal with this one) Bleach: Fade to Black DVD Dragon Ball Z Season One Boxset (contains 35 episodes, got it for like five bucks but still, you can trade me a few manga for it) Manga up for trade: Hikaru No Go Vol 1 .//Hack The Legend Of Twilight (someone has to make a deal with me) Lucky Star Vol 2 Gravitation Vol 2 Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Box-set (all six volumes, includes poster) (you have to make a GOOD deal for this one as I paid around forty dollars for this...) The Stellar Six Vol 1 Kingdom Hearts Volume 1 & 2 (together, make a deal with me) Pokemon black and white manga/graphic novel volume 1 and 2 (together, make a deal) Dragon Ball Z Volume 1 What I'm looking For: Hellsing Merchandise (such as the anime box-sets, the ultimate anime, etc.) Trigun Merchandise or the Trigun maximum or original Trigun manga (I might trade Kingdom Hearts Volumes 1 and 2 for Trigun 1 and 2, it depends.)(I will possibly trade several Trigun maximum volumes like 1-7 or something for my Scott Pilgrim set as well.) Akira Merchandise (nothing in particular, items, action figures, imported stuff that you have. Stein's Gate (love this series) Tokyo Pop manga SGT Frog manga (anything that's not volumes 1-3, 7, and/or 20, because I already have those.) Doujinshi (SGT Frog Doujinshi, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Akira, and more, comment or note me with information. I DO like yaoi but I don't like graphic yaoi...) If you aren't in the US and are still interested, let me know! I can still ship internationally!
  16. I wanted to draw Discord different, so I decided to make him look like he had come out of one of the CLAMP manga comics. You know. The people who made xXxHolic, Card Captor Sakura, and Chobits. Anyways here's the pic: Did another version but with more manga styled detail to it. I had to shrink it to let the effects show better on it. ENJOY THE PIC!
  17. I recently started watching the brilliant anime "Sgt Frog", and have come to believe that the character Pvt. Tamama is the friggin' best adorable character since Fluttershy. So I drew him. 'Cause I felt like it. Yes.
  18. 1, 3, 4- Kitchen Princess, One Piece 1-3, FMA 1-27, Naruto 1-12 49 and 50, Bakuman 1-6, Akira 1-4, Ultimo vol 1, Case Closed vol 1, Bunny Drop vol 1, Madoka Magica vol 1, Yuki-chan vol 1, Soul Eater NOT vol 1, Soul eater Vol 1-7, Inubaka crazy for dogs 1-3 5-8 15-17, Dragon Ball Z Vol 1, Dragon Ball big pack 1, dargon ball 1, Stellar Six vol 1, Bleach 1-3, Shugo Chara 1, Skip Beat 1 and 2, Peach Fuzz Vol 3, Scott Pilgrim 1-6, Blue Exorcist Vol 1, Toradora Vol 1, Fairy Tail 1-3, Sgt Frog 1-3 7 20, Gurren Lagaan vol 1, haruhi chan suzumiya vol 1 and 2, haruhi suzumiya vol 1, death note vol 1, yotsuba 1-5, ouran high school vol 1, maid-sama vol 1, a certain scientific rail gun vol 1, sailor moon vol 1, hikaru no go vol 1, kingdom hearts vol 1 and 2, gravitation vol 1. pokemon black and white vol 1 and 2 pokemon RED vol 1 DAMN I really need to count it though XD can someone count it for me? I'm lazy O.O Last time I checked it was around 130 What kinds do you have?
  19. Okay, so I recently watched One Piece Movie Ten: Strong World. Monkey D. Luffy with a gun. Oh my god. We're all gonna die. So, then this idea came to mind. If your favorite animated character doesn't already have a gun and suddenly obtains one, what could possibly go wrong? Or what could possibly go RIGHT? Kamina from Gurren Lagaan had already tried to use a gun. He then failed, though I think he got better with it later on... Pinkie Pie with a gun? RAINBOW DASH WITH A GUN? OH THE MUTINY. This forum is rated PG-13, viewer digression is advised (not really).
  20. So...which do you prefer? I honestly prefer manga, mainly because I can view my favorite characters in a more private manner without people blabbering 'Oh, what's that?' or have everyone hear what I'm doing. Plus, I enjoy reading, so that's an extra bonus. I would watch anime, and I sometimes do on my ipod, but that's i. It's more easier to just pick up the book and read in my opinion. What do you guys think?
  21. I'm thinking of starting my own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic doujin/fan-comic/manga featuring the cast humanized and in high school. The style will be anime and manga, black and white (some pages will be in color but black and white takes less time) and I need people's opinions... I'm new to the pony fandom and I am amazed at how talented you all are. From the fan animations to comics to plushies and whatnot, I'm quite liking what I've seen so far 83! I also really like this forum and how it almost made me read the rules before anything else. Smart move guys. Smart move. Anyways, so I have an idea. Twilight Sparkle is a transfer student from Canterlot Academy (beta-name) and is transferring to Ponyvill high, she comes from a high-class city and most people think she's rather snooty but she's not really, so when she enters Ponyvill High (also a beta-name) she meets new friends that help her through the many challenges of getting settled in this quaint, country town: Ponyvill. I'm thinking of changing it from Ponyvill to someplace else since their not exactly 'ponies', though what I think would be cute is that every now and then, you can see little cameos of their pony-self's. Like, Twilight could be holding a plush toy of her pony-self in one chapter while on a sleep over with rainbow dash. I think that could be cute. Anyway tell me what you think, I really enjoy how this forum is laid out, I really like the my little pony fandom and what I've seen of it so far! Great job you guys, you guys can be really talented 8D~
  22. Junk Boy Brohoof's: 6/10 Content Rating: Mature (Nudity, Thematic Content) A selection from Manga Ent. Junk boy was rather disappointing. Granted, manga hasn't been know to only sponsor great animation. But still, I had higher expectations for the title. The plot is very small, the story taking place over two days. The directors were probably aiming for the vast amounts of adult content riddled within. However, there was some character growth, and the voice acting was acceptable. Art style was excellent, but was wasted in the content. Overall, the feature was only mildly satisfying.
  23. These are some of my random OC's and fan arts Some are new some are old. I'll update this thread form time to time with new stuff and such this is one i did of my friend sam Random practice drawing First ever chibi First full female form using a graphics tablet. Yes i know she looks stiff but it was just a practice thing lol Ichigo from bleach Shuhei from bleach first time ever using a tablet my man thing Yoruichi from bleach hand drawn, scanned into the computer and coloured in photoshop using a mouse Yachiru from bleach method same as before aaaaand some more Renji abarai from bleach Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach Chikorita - Pokemon Mewtwo - Pokemon <3 Celebi - Pokemon
  24. i know there are threads that have stuff for certain kinds of scary stuff, but this one is just athread for everything scary, it can be manga, comics, anime, creepypasta, pictures, ect just post the things that have scared you most. i wanna be scared so let's hope there's some good stuff if possible please link the stuff so everyone can enjoy!
  25. So I like to be scared and Anime so I thought (ask a question to my fellow bronies) and not to limit it to just animation I added Manga(comic) to it cuz why not so whats your favorite scary anime or manga. My favorite is Elfen Lied which is an emotion horror and distorys you from the inside. So Have Fun