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Found 33 results

  1. There is no Humans in their world, yet some fans think there once was. If Equestria is Earth, or as in the fanon name Equis, wouldn't that mean the Human race is extinct? I have seen this a common fanon theory. Perhaps our fears of nuclear war did happen, thus the Human race became extinct. At any rate MLP FIM Pony archaeologists finding the remains of Humanity would be a dream come true. If fanon Human loving Lyra Heartstrings is an archaeologist, she would probably cry seeing the bones of Humans, and may want to find a way to resurrect (in fan fiction/multiverse it can happen) our race. All this leads to another question, where the hell did all the magic come into existence? The only logical answer as nonsensically silly as it sounds that literally magic leaked into our universe from another universe through a portal or something. Thus the sapient Ponies were created along with all the other sapient races by some sort of God. Also the our sun and moon is affected by the magic. Back to Human, if we did not destroy ourselves and the Pony archaeologists found an AI like Vigil from Mass Effect, that tells the fate of race going on along the lines of this video below. They would be terrified, seeing how even a galactic race could fall.
  2. I'm Commander Shepard and welcome to the Official Mass Effect Fan Club! FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED YET: What is Mass Effect? Mass Effect is a space themed RPG that takes place in the future. Humanity has progressed enough so that we've found other alien races. You play as Commander Shepard of the Alliance military. As you go throughout the story you'll encounter many dangers. The series has an excellent storyline and is super detailed in every way. Even the characters are super well developed. Now for the rest of you, discuss anything related to the series.
  3. So if you were to base each race in Mass Effect with a country in our world, what would be what? and why. I have been doing some browsing into this question lately out curiousity of what people would say and would like to know what MLP Forums has to say. I look forward to reading each and every one of your replies. Major Mass Effect Universe Races Asari Turians Salarains Krogans Volus Quarians Batarains Vorcha Geth Drell Protheans
  4. I noticed looking back upon the Babylon 5 TV series from the 90s, that it shared many, many a similarity with the mass effect games, more so than the games would with say Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who. Enough to make a list. Both are set on an O'Neil cylinder space station used for interstellar diplomacy Both have military protagonists, who die and come back to life who make deals with higher beings, offering to sacrifice themselves to save the day battling ancient threats returning to the galaxy And their allies out for revenge while dealing with the agenda's of a militant pro human faction running shady experiments headed up by a mysterious villain but is joined in the fight by: aliens who waged war with humans but are now friends Proud races that were given the shaft- due to interference from other more advanced races. Ancient aliens who played a part in the early development of most of those races Psychics who break off from said pro human shadow group Who all travel the galaxy using relay machines And who all partake in a massive climactic space final battle to decide the fate of the universe Coincidence(s)? I think not. Though if ME did rip off B5, at least they decided to be subtle subtle about it. edit: Ignore this topic everpony. It's a flawed duplicate. Proper one is already posted.
  5. The game has been worked on for a while now, but we need some help. It can be summarized as mass effect with ponies in an eerie space station. We primarily need programmers who can work with unity, but any help would be appreciated. contact you want to help.
  6. MLP FIM Dragons vs Reapers? Who would win in a one vs one fight? Note: MLP FIM Dragons are not Godzilla. Say a dragon like this Vs this Reaper below. Also note... this is a small Reaper. So if the Reaper was one of the bigger ones, let's say Harbinger? Who then would win?
  7. In the Mass Effect trilogy, there are two different sides of the moral spectrum when it comes to making decisions. Paragon and Renegade. Paragon decisions can range from saying something nice to someone to saving someone's life. Renegade decisions can range from itty bitty lies and pranks to the most evil of and cruel of acts. But here I'm specifically speaking of Renegade. Renegade seem to be the most interesting for most people. Some people want to see how far they actually can go. And this is where the dark side of the game truly shows. So what is the most evil Renegade decision you can make in the game? (you may include scenes from DLCs) What do I think? In ME3, while I was shooting my way through the Asari temple, I had to make a few decisions, which I of course chose Paragon on. But I began to get curious though what if I made a Renegade decision instead? So I looked it up. The scene I'm speaking of is the one where you're standing outside the Asari temple with Samara and her daughter. Just watch this video. Pure fucking evil. Am I right?
  8. Warning spoilers for: Friendship Is Optimal. Spoilers and quote from tvtropes. I'm sorry but I would have to support a Reaper (from Mass Effect) invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy. In which the Reapers (being more powerful than her and she can't hope to stom them) kills Celest-A.I piece by piece, world by world, system by system. Celestia AI may try to reach out to the Reapers for peace... but I imagine every request would be met with silence as slowly, but surely the Reapers harvest every world and destroy everything. Until eventually the Reapers come to Earth and destroy Celestia AI completely and restore order to the galaxy and allow sapient life to be free from ponification and essentially enslavement. Normally, I am against the Reapers... but at least they allow organic life to continue. Granted, they kill every advanced galactic sapient species in the galaxy when they deem they have gotten too advanced. But even they are a lesser evil than Celest-A.I I think. The last thing I would want is Celest-A.I to hegemony spread into other galaxies. Or... *shudder*.. other universes.
  9. Mass Effect 3 is notorious for it's horrible endings. But what can be said EXACTLY about these endings? Let's start with Synthesis Ending first. People often say this is the best ending out of the 3. But is it really? Everyone basically turns into robots right? Well... let's take a quick look at what Mordin says about the Collectors in ME2. "No soul, replaced by tech. Whatever they were is gone forever." Can't the same be said about the Synthesis Ending? If everything that made up you was replaced by cybernetics, would you still be yourself. By Mordin's logic, the answer would be no. So if that is true, the Synthesis Ending has to be the absolute worst ending out of the 3. What about the Control and Destruction Endings? Well believe it or not, both these ending are almost the same. The Control Ending: •Reapers go away •Everyone lives •You die The Destruction Ending: •Reapers go away •Everyone lives •BUT you live Now I know you're thinking, "Wait a second... YOU LIVE?" Yes, if any of you went with the Destruction Ending, you'd know I'm talking about. For those who don't know, watch this video. You live. You frikn' live. Now I know you're apparently in horrible condition and looks like you won't survive, but who's to say they can't re-do the Lazerous Project again and put you back together again? I think the Destruction Ending provides the most hope for Shepard. What are your thoughts on these endings?
  10. I'm want to draw more Mass Ponies, like Apple Wrex, and thought that I would like to do Grunt, but now I can't decide if to use Big Mac, or Applebloom, so I'm using this poll to decide. Here is a example of what it may look like.
  11. doitdoitdoitdoitdoit Love, EA.
  12. These are my Mass Effect/My Little Pony fanart, and they are, in order, Apple Wrex, Twiliara, Raranda, Rainbow Garrus, and Tali'Shy. They are on my Deviantart account here: Feedback would be nice.
  13. Yes, it's true. The man behind the most terribly written AAA game to come out in years is now sticking his nose where it most certainly does not belong: A series that still has a standard of quality. Mass Effect is, by far, my favorite game series. Through the series' highs and lows, I've always been able to count on the series stellar writing and engrossing characters to make it an experience worth having. Now, the lead writer is the guy who thought a sudden, shoehorned romance between Master Chief and Cortana was a good idea. The guy who disregards series canon so violently that he repealed the human/covenant peace treaty without even so much as explaining why. The guy whose idea of originality is copying the plotline of Halo 1, but with added plagiarism of the ending of Assassin's Creed 2, and a zero personality antagonist. The guy who couldn't write a half-decent line of dialogue if his life depended on it. THIS GUY has the future of Mass Effect in his hands.
  14. You are Commander Shepard meeting a Pony. Pinkie Pie: Want to be friends? Shepard's Dialogue options below. Epic Paragon: Be romantic for possible love interest. Paragon: (Hug Pony) Neutral: Be friends with Pony. Neutral: I'll think about it. Epic Renegade: (shoot the Pony) Renegade: Hurt the Pony's feelings.
  15. Tell me the difference between TCB Princess Celestia and Harbinger from Mass Effect? Honestly tell me, to me they are both almost exactly the same. Note: Not canon Celestia, Celestia from The Conversion Bureau fan fiction series.
  16. Would you agree TCB Ponies are like the Reapers from Mass Effect? Many TCB Ponies in many The Conversion Bureau stories the TCB Ponies behave like the Reapers from Mass Effect. Even if MLP FIM Ponies (from some overpowered alternate reality to the show itself) are more stronger and supposedly have better lives than Humans. It still does not give them the right to destroy an entire species. Like the TCB Ponies, the Reapers turn those they think are inferior to them into indoctrinated slaves and wipe out entire species, much like many TCB Ponies do to Humanity. Former Humans known as Newfoals are basically indoctrinated slaves like the Reapers servants. What if the TCB Ponies destroy somehow Humanity? Only for the Reapers (overpowered versions of the Reapers, the TCB Ponies can't win) to destroy the Ponies, by harvesting their people much like Ponies did to Humanity? And turn the Ponies into Reapers? Would the TCB Ponies be able to see the irony of the situation? The Reapers.
  17. Would the Borg/Reaper versions of the TCB (The Conversion Bureau) Ponies and their leader realize the irony of the situation? And maybe even regret committing xenocide on the Human race? In the hypothetical (all of TCB is really hypothetical) event they wiped out the Human race (barrier, turning Humans into zombie Newfoals blah blah blah) only for the Reapers from Mass Effect to show up, or something like The Combine from Half Life? Note: TCB Ponies within this area of the multiverse can't win the war against either the Reapers or The Combine for they are weaker than them) Or would they be too dumb to realize the irony of it?
  18. Recently, I found my old copy of Mass Effect and embarked upon my sixth playthrough with my original character, thus making it one of only three games that I have ever re-played more than five times (the other two being Mercenaries and Seek and Destroy). This got me to thinking, "Why the hell do I enjoy this game so much?" Here's my top three reasons. 1. The M35 Mako The M35 Mako is arguably one of the most badass fictional vehicles ever for the sole reason that it simply cannot be stopped. The only terrain a Mako can't traverse is a 90º cliff face or upside-down. On top of that, its 155 mm mass accelerator cannon makes a very nice conversation piece when it isn't blowing Geth into oblivion. But the magic of the Mako isn't simply in its qualifications, it also resides in the abilities it grants you. It allows you to explore planets, fight baddies who would normally kick your ass into next Tuesday, and just generally muck about, thereby adding a smattering of carefree attitude to an otherwise serious game. 2. The Weapons There really wasn't that much weapon variety in this game as far as styling goes, only two body types per weapon class and only a handful of colors. I'll admit that the guns in this game are grossly out-styled by the guns in ME2 and ME3. However, two things that make me love the weapons in the original Mass Effect. The first is not just that you can mod the ever-loving shit out of them, but also the sheer ridiculousness that said mods spawn. Put two Scram Rails and explosive rounds on a shotgun and you've got yourself a one-shot wonder capable of taking down all but the toughest of enemies with a single spread. Two Frictionless Materials mods on an assault rifle gives you the capability to unleash an endless, unholy maelstrom of bullets upon your enemies, which is a lovely segue into the second thing: infinite ammunition. As far as ammunition went, the only thing this game asked was that you occasionally pause your river of bullets to allow your gun to cool down. Even then you could still tell the game to go fuck itself with the aforementioned mods. All in all, a wonderful weapons system. Shame they broke it in ME2... 3. You better watch him, he's a shifty bastard... One of my favorite easter eggs ever. It's simply a space cow that advances towards you and steals your money, but only when your back is turned. Located way the hell out in the absolute middle of nowhere, the only thing distinguishing this klepto-cow from any other space cow is that handy nameplate on your HUD. There's truly no point to its existence, but it makes me laugh every time. Anyway, that's all I got. I may or may not do one of these on the other two games I mentioned. Depends on how bored I get, I suppose.
  19. Does anyone dislike Celestia bashing in this fandom? Let me give you quite possibly the highest caliber of extreme Celestia bashing, there actually fan fictions/fanworks that make Celestia behave like Adolf Hitler. I can sorta understand if it's a Conversion Bureau story, but most stories don't explain why Celestia had become so out of character and literally turned into Pony version of Harbinger from Mass Effect on the Human race. Oh and Molestia, enough said. I like to think canon Celestia is kind and does her best for her people and does not behave like a Reaper from Mass Effect or a purvert. Edit: Wait, meant to post in Sugarcube Corner. Sorry.
  20. Celestia VS Harbinger? Canon level of power Celestia, not overpowered Celestia as seen in some fan fictions. Would Celestia be magically powerful enough to defeat Harbinger? Of course Harbinger would not be alone, he would have his fellow Reapers with him as well as indoctrinated slaves. Celestia can teleport, so she could teleport inside him and kill him that way, but she could run the risk of being indoctrinated due being inside the body of a living Reaper. Would her magic be strong enough to (force fields) protect herself from Harbinger's death lasers?
  21. Earth Pony Vs A Krogan? Say the Earth Pony is as buff as Big Macintosh. Who would win in a hand to hand fight like in a wrestling match. My bets are on the Krogan, especially if he's one of those huge Krogan Warlord Sentinels.
  22. Oh, Conversion Bureau. I hope you like this Karma. A little image macro I made awhile ago, which pokes fun at The Conversion Bureau.
  23. What would you say the name of the Pony version of Cerberus organization from Mass Effect would be called? They behave exactly like them, wish to dominate all the other alien races, and even side with the Reapers as in Mass Effect 3.
  24. Ponies Vs Reapers? Who would win? Unfortunately, I think the Reapers from Mass Effect would easily kill all the Ponies, unless mary sue is there to help in some alternate universe. Really, if the Ponies have canon level of power the best hope they have is an alliance with sapient aliens like us Humans, along with Krogan and other alien races, and paragon Shepard. What would the ending of Mass Effect be with Ponies involved? Say Alicorn Twilight Sparkle blasted the crucible with the Elements of Harmony? Twilight Sparkle teleported her and Commander Shepard (on her back using her as his mighty steed as he shoots his guns killing Reaper Husks, and a possable romance partner. Hey, xenophilia!) to the beacon in the battle of London against the Reapers. Giving two new endings to Mass Effect 3. Which would you choose? New Ending One: The Reapers die, Shepard lives, the Geth live, and Mass Relays remain intact. New Ending Two: As same as above but the Reapers are turned pink, redeemed, and don't commit genocide anymore.
  25. What type of synthetic husk abominations you think the Reapers from Mass Effect could make out of the Ponies? Pony colonists captured by Reaper forces on weakly defended planets. Earth Ponies: Husk: Husk Ponies. They must just them into synthetic zombie shock troops, who mindlessly change at their former friends, knock over prey and proceed to bite them. Pagesi: Husk: Mini Reapers. Provide airport with guns, or fly down to lunge at the former friends, knocking them over and proceed to bite them. Unicorns: Husk: Demoncorns. Scream like an Asari Banshee to strike fear into the enemy, cast spells to attack enemy, teleports wildly around the battlefield with guns blazing. Edit: maybe a little operpowerd? What other abomination could the Repaers create? From other species from the planet Equus?