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Found 3289 results

  1. Well, with about less than 18 Hours remaining, as of this topic posting, DIsney+ will be launching at 6:00 AM, EST, with the Originals being added at 9:00 AM, also EST. The Walt Disney Company has dropped a 3-Hour Trailer of everything hitting the service Day 1. Highlights include the bulk of the Disney Animation Features, Disney Afternoon Cartoons, ABC Saturday Morning shows (New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Emperor's New School, and more), Syndicated Classics like Hercules the Series, Marvel shows from as far back as the Late 70s and Early 80s, The Star Wars Collection, LEGO Star Wars, Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD shows and specials, FOX Movies, 30 Seasons of The Simpsons, and stuff never seen in America like Legend of the Three Caballeros! It's even got Original Programming like Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Whether you're interested or not, it's worth checking out, but know this: some of the stuff will be leaving, or has already left Netflix, but if you have Hulu, you can add Disney+ to your subscription, or use it as a standalone app, for as little as $7.99 a month or $69.99 a Year! Me? I can't wait to check stuff out, and I've already signed up for it. The only problem is deciding what to watch first.
  2. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic, so I thought I'd ask you guys... what are some movie scenes that terrified you when you were a kid? For me, there were a lot. The "Chicken Pie" machine scene from Chicken Run, the scene where Augustus Gloop got sucked up in the chocolate machine in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and pretty much every scene in Jurassic Park. But scene that REALLY scared me when I was a kid was Moses's nightmare in The Prince of Egypt. I think it even made me cry! But to be fair, my memory is kinda foggy when it comes to that, so don't count on me remembering. But even as an adult, I still think it's really disturbing. Why did my mom let me watch this when I was a kid? To be fair, I am kinda glad she told me the truth when it came to this movie than try to sugarcoat it... But anyway, how about you guys? What are some movie scenes that scared you when you were little?
  3. Because for one, I just don't. Don't make me explain why. Second, since it has SO much runtime ~513 hours (Star Trek television) + ~25 hours (Star Trek films) ~84 hours (Star Wars films) + Star Wars canon series + expanded universe films and TV productions. I am not planning to spend the next 5 decades watching every single piece of material.
  4. Viacom should make their own streaming service. They might not own quite as much stuff as Disney, but they still have a huge library.
  5. Well, even I've got to say for myself, this movie better not be as retarded as the posters... I have faith in Paramount that this movie is gonna be at least decent...
  6. Anypony here a wrestling fan? Well this is the place for you to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling. Whether it be how good this weeks matches were, how boring this weeks matches were, who should be on top, who is overrated, what is really the best promotion,what each company is doing wrong, classic moments of the past, your dream matches, your favorite wrestlers, how the next PPV is going to turn out or just to post your favorite matches. Whether you're a member of the WWE universe, a fan of TNA, a fan of ROH or the North American indy scene, fan of Lucha Underground or Lucha Libre in general, a fan of NJPW or Japanese puroresu in general. Whatever kind of wrestling you watch, you name it, this is the place for you! Now get to posting! *DING!*
  7. I know I'm in the minority here but I didn't like it. Without trying to give too much away for a movie called "Joker" there was barely any Joker proper in it. It felt like a remake of "King of Comedy" with DC characters shoehorned in just to get more people to see it Spoilers Below:
  8. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet. Anyway, what was the last show you watched? I just finished up an episode of Hey Arnold.
  9. If I'm watching TV or a movie, I find myself sitting midrange from the screen, not too close or too far. If I'm playing video games though, I tend to sit close to the screen and lean in closer when things get intense and I enter my gamer lean stance.
  10. The first movie I can remember seeing in theaters probably was the actual first one I saw: Toy Story. I was 4 years old, yes I can remember that far back but I don’t remember much about it. I know I saw it authorizes my grandparents and two of my cousins. They had nestle crunch bars with the characters on them and I got one with Woody on it if I’m remembering correctly. I can recall really enjoying the film and asking for figures of buzz and woody for Christmas. I don’t think I got a Woody doll with a voice box and pull string but I’m kind of sure I got a doll of him though and I know I got a Buzz figure, it was silver and black instead of his movie colors, which I believe is what one of my older brothers got and lastly I got a Woody pillow that my parents told me fell off Santa’s sleigh and landed on the back deck which in hindsight is really really weird of them to put it on the snowy back deck like that. What about y’all what’s the first movie you can remember seeing in theaters? Do you remember much about your experience?
  11. STEVEN UNIVERSE FANCLUB; BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS IT. I'm a HUGE fan of Cartoon Network's show "Steven Universe" created by Rebecca Sugar. Anyone else? I'd love to talk about the show with other fans on here! Favorite episode? Theories? Favorite gem/character? How much merchandise do you own? Ships? Reviews? Excited for new episodes to come? Need a shoulder to cry on? POST IT ALL! BELIEVE IN STEVEN!
  12. So, there is a new show on Netflix called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. It's a prequel to The Dark Crystal, taking place when the Gelfling are still alive, and the Skeksis are considered the benevolent rulers of the world... until a Gelfling discovers a terrible secret the Skeksis have been hiding and sparks a rebellion. I thought I'd share some info on it with you in case any of you haven't seen it. Here's a trailer.
  13. I saw that there was already an unpopular opinion thread about video games, so I figured I'd make one about movies. To start off, I have a few... I don't think Citizen Kane is all that great - I watched this movie during film class when I was a sophomore in high school, and I didn't think it was that great. Am I saying it's bad? No! I just thought it was... okay, and that's about it. I don't really understand why people think this movie is one of, if not THE best movie ever made. It doesn't really seem to have that much of a point to it. I have heard a lot of people say: "This movie's really deep, man!" But honestly, I don't think having a point is about saying something deep or telling a great moral or something like that. Having a point would be being funny, thrilling, or telling a good story. (I know people are gonna argue that Citizen Kane has a good story, but I digress.) I don't think The Cat in the Hat starring Mike Myers is all that bad - Now before you go lighting your torches and sharpening your pitchforks, hear me out. I definitely can understand WHY this movie is seen as such a big insult to the book by Dr. Seuss, and while I don't think this is a GOOD movie, I'm not really sure if it deserves all the undying hatred it gets. I'll be honest, a few of the jokes in the movie did make me laugh, like when the Cat in the Hat got hit in the groin by a baseball bat, or when he said "That could've gone better" after the kids ran away in terror. I also don't get how Mike Myers in the cat suit is all that scary. Everyone I see on the internet thinks that this is the scariest movie ever made, but I just think they're a bunch of pansies. Seriously? What's so scary about a guy in a cat suit? I've seen scarier things on MLP... I don't like Forrest Gump - This another movie that's hailed as one of the best of all time, but I don't think it really deserves it. I didn't like how the movie overly stereotyped southerners, considering I've lived almost my entire life in Arkansas, and I don't have a southern accent in the SLIGHTEST, and I haven't met a lot of people who do. I also didn't think the plot was that interesting, and I didn't think the "humorous" parts of it were very funny. While I don't think this is a BAD movie.... I don't think it's all that great. I don't think Chicken Little is all that bad - Once again, I'm not gonna make a lot of friends with this one... While I don't think that this is a GOOD movie... I don't think it's one of the worst Disney movies or even one of the worst animated movies. A lot of people say that this movie is REALLY mean spirited, but I honestly relate to this movie somewhat because my mom treats me a lot like Buck Cluck does to Chicken Little. Not to mention that it feels like everyone was a serious jerk to me throughout my life... but I'm getting off topic, so let's move on. I don't think the Emoji Movie is the worst animated movie of all time - Please don't hang me for this... Do I think the Emoji Movie is a good movie? Heck no. But do I think that it's the worst animated movie ever made? Uh... no. The Emoji Movie is bad, but I only think it's on an "average" level of bad, if that makes any sense. I've definitely seen PLENTY of movies that are FAR worse than the Emoji Movie, and I also definitely think it's better than any of the crap Illumination has put out. While I definitely think it's a bad movie, I really don't think it's the worst animated movie ever made. How about you? What are some unpopular opinions related to film that YOU have? Lemme know!
  14. Halloween is tomorrow, and Warner Bros. didn't announce a teaser trailer for Scoob (2020) at all, yet that was still the perfect time for it to get one. Also, I don't see teaser trailers for The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge, Minions: The Rise of Gru, or Soul. If the trailers don't arrive soon, the companies may eventually announce delays for these films.
  15. So I've heard there is constant heat between the subbed and dubbed war Honestly I've kinda grown up watching subbed and like it better hearing the original voice acting but that's just me. What do you all prefer? (If this idea has been taken already sorry about that)
  16. I'm curious. What are the 2 worst movies you'e seen in theater? For me, worst is Transformers: last Knight by Michael Bay. Next is Transformers 4.
  17. Hey bronies, Do you ever remember a TV show called The Rugrats. That was a classic cartoon. My favorite is Tommy because he was so brave and the leader. I loved all the episodes, and found them great. I always shed a tear though when I see Chucky standing alone in the mom and son dance on the Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. So, did any of you guys ever watch this great and touching cartoon? Tell me in the comments below! /)
  18. I think we've needed this for a long time, especially since the new Twilight Zone series came out this year. A question for everyone here: What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes? Personally, my top 10 (All except 1 are from the original series): The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Time Enough at Last A Stop at Willoughby To Serve Man The After Hours Walking Distance Long Distance Call A Traveler (2019) Living Doll The Obsolete Man I'd also ask what your favorite series is, but I feel like there's not really going to be basically anyone who isn't going to say the original anthology's 5-season run, because there is not really much denying that that is better than most of the Twilight Zone series from after that... Well, of course other TZ related discussions can go here too.
  19. I'd like to know everyone's favorite movie in each individual genre. Here are some categories, if I leave any out, feel free to add them in as desired, and if you don't have a favorite in every category, you can skip over it. Fantasy Comedy Romance Action/Adventure Sci-fi Animated Horror Musical Western Suspense Mystery
  20. Here it is! I am hyped for this October! Now, I already know what is going to happen this season, as I have a friend who spoiled it all and even further for me. Even so, I am really excited. (I know that the English subtitled trailer came out a bit ago but I wanted to wait to share the English dubbed version). Discuss! You know what that means, guys... even more of me going about how much I love my Bakugou
  21. I only watched Batman TAS for a little bit before now I'm watching it fully. Then I played the Arkham series. These solidified Batman as my absolute fave. That is, until Joker came, especially this year's film. He was already entertaining before, but now I feel like I understand him more of how he thinks. His justified rage, his suffering. Maybe I was never jumped or had to shoot someone in self-defense, but his situation in which he is nothing but a triviality and another stepping stone for everyone else is what held me. How the world refuses to see through the other's mind. How he, like me, who are of differing philosophies, are treated like evil outliers. But I'm not reckless or able to do those things he did. I merely look at a gun in real life and I already feel heavy. I'm not charismatic to start some anarchist movement.
  22. Yup, they're coming for Spongebob now. The paper is so rubbish, I do not even consider it worth commenting on, but one remark I will make is that this was obviously inspired by a motion to get rid of Columbus Day. Not that I want to debate about such a thing, I just never thought in my lifetime that I would see Spongebob get compared to academia's totally unbiased view of Christopher Columbus.
  23. Has anyone seen the new Joker movie? If so, what did you think about it?
  24. Who watched it and what was your favorite episode/story?