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Found 3382 results

  1. Disney fans! We all know those movies that have been premiering on Disney Channel these past 20+ years. What are your favorites? Mine are the Halloweentown movies, Luck of The Irish and Under Wraps.
  2. I love this series and I’ve watched it for years! It’s funny, they got some really nice cars on there and it’s just a fun show to watch!
  3. Anypony here a wrestling fan? Well this is the place for you to discuss the comings and goings in the world of wrestling. Whether it be how good this weeks matches were, how boring this weeks matches were, who should be on top, who is overrated, what is really the best promotion,what each company is doing wrong, classic moments of the past, your dream matches, your favorite wrestlers, how the next PPV is going to turn out or just to post your favorite matches. Whether you're a member of the WWE universe, a fan of TNA, a fan of ROH or the North American indy scene, fan of Lucha Underground or Lucha Libre in general, a fan of NJPW or Japanese puroresu in general. Whatever kind of wrestling you watch, you name it, this is the place for you! Now get to posting! *DING!*
  4. I'm surprised this topic hasn't been made yet. Anyway, what was the last show you watched? I just finished up an episode of Hey Arnold.
  5. This is one of my favorites. And i loved these as a kid!
  6. For whatever reason Haven't watched hollyoaks in years.
  7. Apart from MLP, I can probably think of many other movies or shows that I haven't watched due to these reasons: Having never even heard of them. Not watching them while they were still freshly released/broadcasted and while fandoms were still alive watching them. I feel like watching them now many years later makes me feel like I'm watching in a void where my enjoyment is completely isolated. Looking back then and believing that I liked those movies or shows only to suddenly encounter negative backlash that still endures all these decades later, whether it concerns some specific aspect/episode or the entire thing. Those are the ones at the top of my head right now. But if I come up with other reasons, is it already too late to watch any media I've never heard of or rewatch familiar material? I feel like I've missed out a lot and it's too late to appreciate back them while they were still in their prime.
  8. Idk if a topic has been made like this, I searched it and didn't find anything. Considering the new movie came out last month thought this would be a good idea. So anyway rank your favorite Star Wars films and maybe say something on the side of each. Could be long, but could be as short as a rating. Don't have to include all the films. 1. Revenge of the Sith - it's corny (not cringe corny) but I love the shit out of it. So quotable, I just want to reenact every scene from it XD great way to connect the prequels to the originals. Great action and acting, especially from Ian Mcdiarmid. Great music and visuals and love the tone and tone changing. 2. Return of the Jedi - Incredible satisfactory ending to the story we've been following. The turmoil between Luke and his father and the feelings of dread with the Emperor and memorable interactions with the characters like Yoda. Also the world building and adventure is fun. I like the ewoks and Endor; it's a lot of fun even if it is 80's corn XD 3. Empire Strikes Back - The storytelling in this movie is amazing. The introduction of Yoda and the dynamics between characters like Lando etc. are done so well; the film sucks you into the world. The whole Darth Vader and Luke scene is one of the best scenes in Star Wars. Everything feels important in the movie. Perfect pacing. 4. Rogue One - Beautiful movie. The character dynamics are awesome and I love them. I know many found them unmemorable, but I found it the opposite. Cassian, K-2SO, Jyn are great characters and just wow. The cinematography is beautiful and the visual effects and battles are the best in Star Wars. Lovely story to tell of diverse characters coming together and sacrificing themselves for the same noble cause. 5. The Force Awakens - One of the best things about Star Wars is the characters and introducing characters and I think TFA did an impeccable job at introducing the new characters who will carry the Star Wars torch now that the old characters are well old and time has gone by. Such fun characters to watch: Rey, Kylo, Poe, Kylo, BB-8, etc. and of course having old characters to guide them Han, Leia, and Chewbacca. Rey being a character, contrary to Anakin and Luke, wants to stay in their small section of space while so much is going on in the galaxy is so interesting. Cinematography is great, good humor, and visuals. Had a big problem with Starkiller base, felt pretty lame, boring, and unoriginal. Also Phasma was weak, but that's a minor issue. BB-8 is adorable 6. A New Hope - The beginning movie that introduces us to the whole Star Wars universe and gets tons of points for that. A fun movie with great pacing and storytelling. So much world building that makes you want more. Great characters, of course it's the first time we see them. I will say, the reason why it ranks at number 6, I still love this movie, but not as exciting as the previous movies or as quotable, not as fun. Still fucking great, but just overshadowed by future installments imo. 7. The Last Jedi - I love this movie. Honestly, it felt new and unpredictable and I was glad with the way it handled the Star Wars universe. The introspective view it takes on the things we love in Star Wars is so unique and I love it. Rey and Kylo's dynamic was great and Luke and Rey's dynamic was great as well. His death was incredible and gave him so much life and meaning in my eyes. Rey being a nobody was also awesome because it adds mystery to the force and it would be corny to make her RELATED TO SOMEONE. Finn and Rose's side plot was not as exciting to watch as Rey's scenes so that was a big problem. Had lots of other minor issues (like Leia in space) that add up, but either way still great. 8. The Rise of Skywalker - Now begins the start of Star Wars movies I don't love. I do like it but not love. It feels corny and silly. I still love Rey, Kylo, Poe, and Finn dynamic and character building, I love these characters, but so many things surrounding them felt corny. Palpatine coming back is boring and unoriginal, the big bad in the first 6 movies is back AGAIN. Rey is her grandaughter, that boring and corny. Her being a no one to me felt new and interesting and then it was like "NOPE." The script was not as good with cringe lines like "I AM ALL THE JEDI." Weak. C-3PO is the best he's ever been. Good humor again and great action. Hated the direction they went with, but still liked the movie because the characters are still fun to watch. 9. Attack of the Clones - Kind of boring tbh. I still like the film, but more in the "so bad it's good" kind of way. Quotable lines, but corny lines and bad lines to make fun of ahaha. There were great action scenes like the colosseum, but also boring ones like Slave I vs Obi, and Yoda, Count, Obi, and Anakin. SUPER BATTLE DROIDS FUCKING RULE! 10. The Phantom Menace - Very similar to Attack of the Clones, but even more so XD. Corny, so bad it's good, quotable lines because they're so bad. Great designs for a new era of Star Wars. Pretty ridiculous and so many bad characters like JarJar, Boss Nass, Anakin, etc. and even the characters that weren't bad were just boring like Qui-Gon and Obi. Darth Maul looks cool and the fight at the end is cool, but don't know shit about Maul so again not much weight. When Qui-Gon dies I don't care cuz he was boring. Bad world building and story telling as I don't become interested in anything. Again, I still like the film, but more so because it's fun, you know, so bad it's good. 11. Solo - Not sure if I like this film. Most corny Star Wars film ever made. I didn't want this made, felt unnecessary, especially now, but here it is and yup felt like a big easter egg check list. Weak dialogue, corny jokes, dynamics are not that great. The acting was fine, especially Lando, and the visuals were ok. I liked the Maw. 12. The Clone Wars - Not rewatchable, even on a Star Wars day. Boring and the tone is strange. Glad the show was better than how this started it all out.
  9. I'm talking about both films now. Please don't start with the implicit or explicit LGBT or feminist agenda because that's not the point here. So what if people say everything of the franchise is so overrated? Maybe I can see the journey of Elsa, Let it Go and Show Yourself as a coming-out regarding sexuality. But it doesn't apply only to that realm. Just because there are those of us who are born luckier than others it doesn't mean we have it all well. There are shy people regardless of any social criteria who people have a hard time understanding and accepting because of my/our eccentric or unconventional beliefs, preferences and actions. Elsa being born into royalty and me being born into a stable family doesn't mean we have it good every second of our lives. She and I have had our share of being given questionable glances and words simply because we don't adhere to what is normal. Even that fear that we're watched doesn't help at all. I myself and people like me are rightfully sick of having of having our fears and issues trivialized just because others use the overrated argument and overdone political agendas in film argument to claim that these movies are shallow or overdone. Listening to Let it Go again and again was fun and relatable for me. I related to it already. But doing the same thing for Show Yourself actually made me cry (and I don't often cry with songs). I think Frozen 2 was already my mirror. She made me feel validated, that there is always the potential for deviants to be loved. Coupled with the fact that I'm about to be free from uni, it makes it all the more profound because I will be a free agent who can improve myself and explore the world and life.
  10. Disney+ has a lot of great stuff but also missing a lot of great stuff. For example, i looked the day it came out and so far it doesn't doesn't have Under Wraps, despite having most if not all of the other DCOMs on there already. This baffles me as, not only is Under Wraps a nostalgic classic, it was the very FIRST DCOM. Beyond that, say i want to reconnect with my childhood. It has Book of Pooh, it has Out of The Box. It does not have Stanley, PB&J Otter, Rolie Polie Olie or Bear In The Big Blue House. Another show you'd think they'd have? House of Mouse. Nope, not on there.
  11. Okay, so there's a thread for bad sequels--let's give the good sequels a chance now! Here are some sequels I like (or even love): Kung Fu Panda 2 Despicable Me 2 Cars 2 (don't hurt me -_-) The Toy Story sequels Monsters University Madagascar 3 (the only Madagascar movie I actually liked) Revenge of the Sith (please don't kill me for enjoying the prequels! Hey, at least I don't like Jar Jar either...) Um...if I think of anything else, I'll add it!
  12. Did anybody else watch this show? My mom and i watch it every day!
  13. I'm very well aware what kind of form site this is and why most people are here. Is there anything else you watch? 1. Mlp hero academia 3. Family guy 4. American dad That's really it, all else I watch are movies in theaters
  14. We've yet to have a genuinely good movie adaptation of a video game. But this one has jeremy irons. Jeremy mothertrucking irons. Share your expectations and thoughts about the movie.
  15. Saw this on twitter so thought I start here For me Griffins (Family Guy) Players(Corrie) Kelly's (Waterloo Road)
  16. I was debating this with my friend a few days ago, and I wanted to know what everypony here might have to say on the matter: Are modern movies all special effects and visual candy, or do they carry messages and sentiment like old movies used to? During our debate, the modern movie 'Sucker Punch' came to mind. It was a balanced combination of modern visual effects, and pure old-fashioned imagination. The plot was a mountain of twists and developments that were too original to be lumped together with most movies today.
  17. I heard the news that Disney is going to re-release Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast in 3D within the next months. I have to admit, even though they will be 3D conversions, that re-releasing a movie is a much better idea than remaking it. Case in point: Have you guys watched the remake of The Thing? It was horrible! They could have saved themselves a buttload of money by just re-releasing the original John Carpenter remake. People would've gone watch it! What do you guys think? Do you preffer movies being remade, or just re-released?
  18. Well, me and my friends really enjoyed Alien: Covenant, Prometheus, and The Predator while most people just threw it in the trash.
  19. What did you watch when you were a kid? Include your age if you want, to give us a better idea of when you were a kid. I'm 20, btw. Man, I remember my favorite show. Wishbone. Best fucking show ever. For those who dont know, it was about this dog called Wishbone who would give the condensed, kid version of classic literature. It would switch between him telling the story (of which he played the main character), and some conflict between his owner and some other person, which was usually a sort of modern version of the conflict in whatever book that episode centered on. I learned so much stuff from that show, and it got me interested in reading when I was young. Another great one, beast wars. Oh my god. That show was awesome. It was transformers that turned into animals instead of vehicles. Cheator >> all I have fond memories of Mummies alive. I didn't watch it as much, and I don't remember a lot about it. I also watched extreme ghostbusters, one of those animated ghostbusters spin offs. I watched a few episodes recently, and I have no idea what my parents were thinking when they let me watch that. I mean, shit. that show was messed up.
  20. what are commercials that used to (or even current ones) bug the crap out of you? this one used to play like 3-4 times per commercial breaks and I now hate it with a passion what are some commercials YOU hate?
  21. What other shows do you think should be remade and be just as amazing as MLP FIM? (ex: Amazing voice actors, storyline and animation) I'm thinking right now...
  22. This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  23. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all of the passing of Grant Imahara at age 49 due to a brain aneurysm. He was a former Battle Bots contestant and later judge, electrical engineer, roboticist, nine year veteran at Industrial Light & Magic and co-host of the Mytbusters. Rest in power, Grant. May your legacy live on.