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Found 3754 results

  1. ERB (Epic Rap Battles) is a youtube channel that puts two figures from history (fictional or not) together, and those figures face off in a rap battle. The newest one they've done is Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield. , so I put up a poll about that one. So, I have to ask: Do you like ERB? Which one is YOUR favorite battle? Also, who won in that one? My favorite is either Steve Jobs V Bill Gates (Steve one that one), Frank Sinatra V Freddie Mercury (Freddie won that one!), or Artists vs Turtles (the Artists won for me!)
  2. A lot of people are sharing their Spotify decades or 2019 Year in Review, so I figured, why not start a thread where we can post ours, for those who use or have used it in the past? You can either transcribe the info that Spotify gave you, or post screencaps of the images, or both! Here is some of mine for 2019 (look in spoiler): TOP ARTISTS A Day To Remember NF Black Veil Brides Hans Zimmer Wolves At The Gate TOP SONGS Memory Of You by Feed Her To The Sharks Faded by Alan Walker Flying Together by Kadenza (now known as John Kenza) Bullfight by A Day To Remember My Stress by NF My most listened to genres were as follows: Metalcore Soundtrack Christian Rock Post-grunge UK hip hop I was 'genre-fluid', meaning I refused to let one sound define me. Uh... Okay. XD I also listened to a lot of podcasts, 10967 minutes. Mostly Film & TV, but some Religion & Spirituality, and Society & Culture too. What was everyone else's? Feel free to share and discuss!
  3. So what do you think are the best guitars and what guitar(s) do you use? For acoustic I have a Faith Saturn, It's a really good guitar for the price but if i'm honest, I would prefer a 12-string acoustic, I can play them a lot better and I really like the sound, I think I will be getting one in the near future. As for electric guitars, I wasn't very creative and went for two popular brands, Fender and Gibson. My Fender is a Stratocaster and I love it, It was the first guitar I brought that wasn't a beginner guitar, It was part of a "Special Edition" at the time I brought it and it's very reliable, The wood is amazing quality and it feels indestructible (even though I know it's not), It's a lot of fun to mess around with and has many great sounds.. My second electric guitar is a Gibson SG, I brought it with my Christmas money, Birthday money and personal savings, I guess it's the most "expensive" guitar I own, It has a very different sound to the Fender, It's a lot clearer and has more of a "rock" sound I guess. The guitar I play the most is the acoustic guitar but my favorite is the Stratocaster because it's very reliable and every time I play it I still feel the same excitement as the day I brought it, I'm not sure why, It just has a kind of "magic". to it. I would love to hear what you guys think.
  4. Not to completely parrot off of the Favorite Movies of the Decade topic, but I do think this would be a great topic! Here's some of my favorites: (Cursed forum messed up my formatting, so everything is under spoilers inside of spoilers... Sorry!)
  5. So, what are your favourite songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Mine are Art of the Dress and Winter Wrap Up, two great little songs.
  6. Not sure if anypony has done this yet, but it's a game I really enjoyed in some past forums. In this game you have to use one word of the previous song title to use in the new song title. While you don't have to, bolding the word from the previous song would be helpful Example: "Back In Black" by AC/DC "Black Sheep" by Metric "Sheep Go To Heaven" by CAKE "Monkey Gone To Heaven" by The Pixies "Gone Away" by The Offspring ....and so on and so forth. UPDATE: No just using the word in part of your response, like such: "Mother" by Danzig "Motherboard" by Daft Punk This does not count However, the following is okay: "Let Forever Be" by The Chemical Brothers "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince And The Revolution Now let's start with the following song: "Welcome To Paradise" by Green Day
  7. what your favorite song of the movie and why ?
  8. Ok, so this is really simple. Basically, someone posts a song. Then the next person gives it a score out of 10, briefly explains why, then posts another song for the next person to rate and so on. Example: User 1: Friday by Rebecca Black User 2: 10/10 Best song evaaar her voice is da bestest evaaaar!!!!lol Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley User 3: 5/10 meh, not my kind of music. But I do like his hair. A lot. Winter Wrap-up - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic You get the idea. The rules are that you MUST listen to to the whole song, or at least the first 5-6 minutes if it's longer than that. Whether you like the song or not! It can be anything as long as it's labeled music. Pony music, your favorite song, the song that you and your friend composed last night, a song from your favorite opera, a song you hate, ANYTHING GOES! Also, try to include a Youtube link to the song (or any other kind of link really, as long as we can listen to the song) to make it easier for others to listen to it. Also, try to stay classy and respectful. Not everypony has the same music tastes! ^^ Ok, so I guess I should start. Octopus - Syd Barrett http-~~-//
  9. Is a particular song (or more than one song) that takes you back to an important time in your life, a particular moment, or just a song that reminds you of someone? Here's a couple songs that remind me of when I first met @Cyclone1066. We both refer to them as "our songs" That first summer we spent together.... This song takes me back to the day I bought my truck. It started playing over the radio on the drive home. This one takes me back to all the memories of just this past summer. Graduating high school, all the hot and steamy afternoons working on the truck (especially with @Cyclone1066 ) cruising around the back roads outside town with nothing to do..... Hearing this song takes me back to....a particular night this past February with @Cyclone1066.
  10. I thought this was an interesting video. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree and why?
  11. Due to me bringing it up in the music event thread I'm curious with our fandom being one with a love for music, traditional animation, and teaching children, how many of you are familiar with the Schoolhouse Rock series? Maybe watched some in school, maybe had some VHS tapes or DVDs, or maybe there's some on here old enough to remember watching it as it aired on television. What do you remember and any songs that are your favorite: My go to favorites have always been "The Shot Heard Round the World", "A Victim of Gravity", and "My Hero, Zero" I only had the America and Grammar rock tapes growing up but found the rest at libraries and even got the 30th anniversary pack a few years later with all the songs to enjoy:
  12. It's time for a long overdue re-updated OP (as of 9/29/13). Spoiler tag it up if you want to check it out.
  13. For those of you here that play guitar or practice what kind of guitar do you own? I have a Fender DG22s A guitar I'd kill to have later on is this the Epiphone Emperor Swingster
  14. Mine happens to be this awesome theme!
  15. It's been a while since I last posted a pony piano cover, but I finally did one it is: Equestria Land I Love from The Mane Attraction. This one took quite a few attempts to do, but I'm glad this one turned out very well. Enjoy!
  16. I love it! Here is one of current favorite dubstep songs (the drop happens at 1:20 in the video):
  17. In my opinion, during (what I think is) the right time, Christmas music is a wonderful thing. It feels super nice to listen to, and I like the lyrics and melody to many of the songs. They're so jolly, unlike the normal music that you would hear on the radio for most of the year. When do you start to listen to it? I like to listen to it as soon as November starts. Halloween is over, and (I'm American) Thanksgiving isn't a huge enough holiday to have large priority over Christmas, so why not. Anywhere earlier though I find pretty questionable.
  18. Okay so- I've had this tune stuck in my mind for a few months now: There's even a community around the song attempting to figure it out that's been quite active since June 30th of this year: And finally, this: ...There's just something so cool, catchy and fascinating about this song that many folks want to see the thing solved! It's so cool to see folks pitching in to solve this great, albeit music-related, mystery.
  19. If you can play the piano (or want to learn how), "raise your hand".
  20. hello people i was just wondering what do u do when er bored cause i just finished reading all my books and need something to do until i get a new one before i go CRAZY and im all out of really sad and joyful music to listen to so what do u do when ur bored
  21. Theres a music instruments thread, lets discuss our favorite artists/genres! At the moment my favorite genres are Electronic and Psychedelic rock. But I do enjoy all genres, especially folk music. I am very disappointed I missed All Good music festival this year
  22. Hello, everyone! After watching a video today on YouTube, I was just wondering if any of you listen to any modern rock and if so, what are your favourite bands and/or songs? I was also just a bit curious about this subject, since I've noticed there isn't really anything I could consider rock in the charts (with some exceptions), as they are currently dominated by electronic and/or rap music, and I would like to further expand my musical scope...
  23. What are some of your favorite lines from songs you like, don't like, find okay, or downright only listen for that line. Any genre or song is alright. You can even post entire lyrics if the whole song is that good, no boundaries! Just share great song writing and all that jazz! Personally, I really like these. Meshuggah- Dancers to a Discordant System: We believe - so we're misled. We assume - so we're played. We confide - so we're deceived. We trust - so we're betrayed. Vildhjarta- Traces: The clouds are getting darker, and the nights are cold now. When I am gone, I will be gone! This is irreversible! Naberus- My Favorite Memory: Don't ask me to remember them, Don't tell me who the h*** I am! I've tried my best, don't understand! Won't you listen! That's my top far
  24. Yey! I finally created my first Minecraft Noteblock cover! Yaaa.... can't wait to make more of these!
  25. It's shit. I don't care.