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  1. Hello everypony I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this and I do apologize if its in the wrong spot. Now with that said as the title says I would like my Pinkie Pie impression to be rated I am going to post my 2 recent videos well not so recent actually, but the 2 videos I finished which is Ask Pinkie Pie 4 and Pinkie Pie Rant so I would like you guys to let me know if you think it sounds like her or if it does not so the videos will be down below so let me know what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression. And if you have the time to spare leave a comment on what you think of my Pinkie Pie impression.
  2. Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up are finally here! Are they the fresh start we needed?
  3. Original Pone named Blue Taro. (Because I love Bubble tea so I had to make a bubble tea pone XD )
  4. Let's watch all the season 7 preview clips and have fun speculating!
  5. Pony named Lunabun (is an adoptable) -->
  6. Hello so I've been wanting to make more videos for my youtube channel so thought I would start a poll and see what you guys would like to see if you have not seen my channel there is a link to my youtube channel on my profile so you can go there and check it out can't wait to see what you guys choose. And if you have time to spare leave a comment below after voting letting me know what you would like to see such as what creepypasta you'd liked to see read if you chose that, a question for Pinkie Pie if you chose that , what rant you would like to hear etc.
  7. Another cute commission for someone on Equestria Amino!
  8. I know this was to post my first new tablet drawing, but I have decided to make this my digital art dump so I will post some of my digital artworks if I feel like it. Hello so I recently purchased a new tablet and started digitally coloring some overdo requests that I had to finish still have more to color, but this is the first picture that I completed with my new tablet I'll add more if you want to see more just let me know in the comments if you want me to post more of my digital art pictures now this picture was a request by Dawn Auroua its her oc I don't own the oc I just own the picture now the cutie mark was kind of tough to draw out and it took a lot of layers, but I like how it came out and the cat well I just sketched it out now this picture is posted on my request shop, but thought I would post here as well it came out a lot nicer then I thought it would.
  9. It's G1 vs G4 in this reaction to Spike's Search, the G1 counterpart to Dragon Quest. Will it be any better?
  10. Hello everypony I decided to start this topic so Chaos can interact with all of you so ask away. On a side note these questions will be answered in a video, but if I get 20 questions or more then I may livestream the Q and A with Chaos so you can come be live on youtube, but that's only if I get 20 questions or more.
  11. What kind of spin-off titles of MLP:FiM that focus on anypony other than the mane six or spike can you come up with? Here are mine. Silver Spoon Explains it All Mac and Chesse: The Series Lyra and Bon Bon's Excellent Adventures Dinky Doo Goes to Canterlot Magic School Princess Luna and the Dream Squad Chaos Theories with Discord
  12. there is a lot of stuff we want happen in that show about horses and we all have our reasons we think it should. A lot are ridiculous but others you can fairly say is reasonable and some can even backed up by the show for its reasoning. But even with all that , you still don't truely see it happening in the show. Here are some of my unlikely likely things I see in the show. : #1.Rainbowdash gets so pissed at Fluttershy she swears and calls her names. Its easy to think Rainbowdash would but I can't see Rainbow's character being that verbally aggressive. I might have expected that from an early Rainbowdash, but these days, I don't expect her to say "for pony sake Fluttershy, do have to be such a scaredy-cat!" #2.Fluttershy punching Pinkiepie (or at least some kind of tusle) I not sure if I'm the only one who noticed this but there is some real tension between those two. No, really. watch any scene with those two interacting. More times than not there's some form of conflict. these two have conflicting personalities -- not contracting, not parallel -- these two personalities do not mix (like a hippy and gun enthusiast /hunter). I'm not saying they don't get along, they obviously do.Their both nice and are very friendly, its just their way of life often conflict and Pinkie to provoke. The first and only time Fluttershy ever confronted Pinkiepie was in "Putting your hoof down". TBBBAP ,reviewers, made a great point about how Fluttershy words were her own and no one told her to say that. Which means that's how she really felt about Pinkiepie. It would be nice to see these two get in a heated argument, but I doubt it will happen. #3. blood Or at least proof of its existence in the show (or are they truely made of marshmallow). I'm not asking for spewing guts or anything just a scare , a cut , wound of any kind , something more to han a bandage and a few scuff marks. just a small dip would be enough. I don't want any pony to get hurt I just would like to at least mention it. I know its far fetched to ever expect blood or any serous injury in a children show at all, but come on. But to be fair there really is no need for blood to ever be in My Little Pony , so my argument kinda ends right there. so what are some of your unlikely likely things you thought up for MLP?
  13. My little pony should have a new main character: Rainbow Dash, the most awesome pony ever! Twilight Sparkle could still be a main character too, as the primary love interest of our beloved hero! The other ponies would be important friends and sidekicks, as she went on her adventures flying across equestria, and beyond. It could be a more 'cool', adventurous type show! Fast air chases, getting stranded, fighting off bad guys, ect! Vinyl scratch could be involved too. Secretly, she is desperately in love in rainbow dash, and tries to get noticed by playing cool music! Derring do could be like the de facto leader, guiding them to interesting places where help was needed What do you guys think? Isn't it a great idea?
  14. Hello so I thought I would make this topic to see what your favorite pony toy set is from generation 1 mine is the twinkle eyed ponies and the generation 1 my little pony tales ponies I almost have the complete set of twinkle eyed ponies and I have 1 pony from my little pony tales I did not post a picture of them due to don't think anybody would want to see it, but anyway so what is your favorite generation 1 toy set? Here is a list of them if I miss any I do apologize Twinkle eyes ponies sparkle body ponies flat foot ponies re release ponies so soft ponies pony friends which are the animals my little pony tale ponies mail order ponies foreign ponies Glow n Shows Pretty n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies Tropical Ponies Rainbow Ponies Unicorns Drink n Wets Precious Pockets Mountain Boys Big Brother Ponies Playtime Baby Brothers Seaside Babies Roller skating Ponies Sparkle Ponies Cookery Ponies Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies Magic Message Ponies Secret Surprise Ponies I'd like to thank leaveawhisper for posting all the sets that I forgot to add. I probably missed some not sure if I did I apologize if I did, but that is a list of some of the my little pony toy sets.
  15. NOTICE READ THIS FIRST: I HATE TO SAY THIS, BUT PLEASE DON'T REWRITE THIS STORY, CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN OR POST IT ANYWHERE ELSE I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A GROUCHY OLD LADY, BUT JUST BE RESPECTFUL AND DON'T STEAL ANYBODY'S HARD WORK IF STOLEN YOU WILL BE REPORTED ITS NOT THE BEST STORY I WILL ADMIT TO THAT, BUT ITS SOMETHING I WORKED HARD ON I WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO ENJOY IT WHEN THEY READ IT NOT FOR IT TO BE STOLEN, BUT WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY HOPE YOU ENJOY MY LITTLE STORY. I know there should be commas and stuff in certain places, but I posted it anyways so sorry if any parts become confusing, but I do hope you enjoy my little story. Chaos belongs to me she is my OC Aria belongs to Demonwolfspirit And the pony crew belongs to Hasbro And without further ado here is my little story I do hope you enjoy it. =) The Chaotic puppeteer It was a beautiful summer day all the pony folk were out and about looking at stands or standing around chatting. The heat rose well above the 90's so it was a relief to all the ponies when they saw the pegasi preparing for rain showers. After about 5 minutes or so the downpour started the ponies relieved to feel the rain some were running from it while others were enjoying the relief it brought to them. Chaos who was lost in thought did not really notice the rain nor paid much attention to it she headed to Canterlot where she knew Celestia would be. She flew over the castle surveying her possible entrances she lands on a cloud so not to seem suspicious to the royal guards not that they could do much harm to her, but she did not want to risk it." Hmm it will take some slight planning, but it is doable those walls won't keep you safe forever Celestia I will get you." After carefully surveying the area and thinking through her options she chooses a royal guard to control using her magic she gets into the soldiers head, " now my puppet let's have a little fun." She slowly starts to pick away at his mind bringing him deeper into insanity showing him images of death that was caused by his hooves, " aww now look what you did you were suppose to protect them how they can trust you? Celestia will do away with you and you will be known as the royal guard who has failed his kingdom, his princess and his people." The royal guard tries to get the images out by smashing his head into a wall blood slipping down his face " get out GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT," the other guards rushed over to try and control him, " get a hold of yourself everything is going to be alright, n no NOOOOO STAY BACK " he runs off . " You can run, but you can't hide my little puppet " her lips form a small grin " your fellow guards will fall and you will be responsible you can't escape what your destined to do so your better off just accepting it. NO I I WILL NEVER GIVE IN, well he's a toughie to break that will be no issue though he will surely just kill himself in his own world of madness " laughs to herself " this will be fun to watch, but I will have to replace him there is many more where he came from." He runs trying to escape the images and haunting words being chanted in his head, " MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT ALL STOP," tears streaming down his face. He bashes his head into a tree wanting to make it stop blood starting to cover his face he sits down continuing to be plagued by the images he looks at his sword getting lost in thought he removes it from its sheath, " it will all end here " he digs the sword into his head carving the skin away until it flops over his now exposed skull he lifts a near by rock. Taking a deep breath he smashes it into his head blood hitting the ground his body soon drops his brain exposed to the cool air as it leaks out onto the grass. Chaos walks up to him " well is it that a shame I suppose he was to weak minded to handle it, o well there's always more puppets to play with " *she flies off.* " Celestia was probably informed of the guard, but that will be no problem Luna should suffice just fine as my next puppet." She lands some distance away from the castle to scope it out* " well with the guards occupied this should be a rather easy entry." She flies silently to Luna's balcony landing she places a soundproof shield around the room so not to alert the guards of her plan. " Time to have a little chaotic fun " she laughs to herself as she steps in. " So your the one responsible for the death of the guard, well aren't you a smart one princess, but its already to late for you," she slips into her mind before Luna can react causing her to see images of her sister getting all the praise while she lies in her shadow. " No I am your princess as well love me as you do her," the ponies ignore her words giving all their adoration to Celestia, " AFTER ALL I HAVE DONE FOR YOU, YOU IGNORE ME WELL SISTER YOUR TIME OF REIGN WILL END WITH YOUR BLOOD SPILLED NO MORE WILL THESE PONIES ADMIRE YOU NOW DIE!" the anger builds up within her transforming her into Nightmare Moon. " Well this was unexpected, but no matter " she changes the images of her own blood being spilled by Celestia herself " N NO YOU ARE NOT STRONGER THEN I YOU SHALL BE THE ONE TO DIE!" Nightmare Moon flies up in an attempt to break free to act on her words, but as she goes to make her escape she takes her very own life. Chaos ends the torment walking over to her barely living body, " well princess you will be spilling her blood " she laughs to herself, " but who knew a crash to the wall would break your little fragile neck well let's end that life of yours " she twist her neck a little further the bones cracking as her body goes limp. " There now that's better " she lifts her up giving her new puppet a try " you look so sad let's turn that frown upside down " she finds a needle and some thread she sews the sides of her mouth up into a big happy eerie smile " there we go perfect." She lifts her up once again her ear turns slightly " well seems we have a guest Luna " she turns her head slightly with a grin on her face laughing " I suppose two puppets are better then one your not much of a fighter without your friends little pony you'll be easy to dispose of." Placing Nightmare Moon's body down she takes a few steps towards Twilight " my friends will come and kill you for this o will they now? Who knew you were such a funny little pony your friends won't be coming " she lifts the body of Nightmare Moon up " now you be a good little pony and stay still " Twilight tries to remain strong and goes to attack, but her eyes soon widen as she is pinned to the wall by Nightmare Moon's horn with a boost of adrenaline sent throughout her body she makes an attempt to remove the horn. " Well that was easier then I thought " she walks up to Twilight's body " fight all you want my little pony you have already lost " she digs it in deeper and her body soon goes limp she removes the horn letting the body drop to the floor " your sad as well I will have to fix that " she sews both sides of her mouth forming it into once again an eerie smile. She takes a look at both her new toys " hmm something is missing " she looks them over once again " that's it " she takes the needle and thread sewing both their eyes open so they remain open. " Their perfect now time to retrieve Celestia she will make a perfect addition to my collection " she smirks as she takes to the sky with her new puppets she lands on a cloud big enough to hold herself and her new puppets she scouts out the area to ensure she will not be caught." It will be tough, but manageable " she controls both puppets seeing through their eyes she leads them carefully through the darkened halls of the castle " now where could you be hiding Celestia? Guess I suppose I should set the bait " through her control she uses the voice of Twilight to bring her out " Twilight is that you?" She steps out into the dim lit hallway " o thank goodness your here and safe, but these walls are not safe for you Twilight there is a murderer wandering these halls that has yet to be caught. Please return home my faithful student " with no response she steps closer " Twilight?" Her eyes widen when she sees the puppets before her laughter could be heard echoing through the hall as Chaos walks up " you like them princess? W what have you DONE YOU MONSTER!! o come now princess monster is such a harsh word don't you think? You will pay for what you have you done " tears start to form and fall down her face " well here comes the waterworks its so hard to find a strong minded ruler these days they all seem to well cry over such little things." With anger building up she charges Chaos wanting nothing more then her death " you'll have to do better then that " princess Celestia charges once again, but is soon halted by the puppets who have crossed their horns forming an x in front of her neck. She walks over to her with a smirk formed on her face " go ahead princess attack me, but I suppose the nice mare that I am I will let you in on a little secret " she grabs her face whispering " any movement and your dead princess " she laughs as she shoves her face away causing Nightmare Moon to stab her through her lower jaw lifting her off the ground. Celestia struggled desperately wanting to escape from the pain, but she soon felt tearing as her lower jaw was ripped away from her mouth her tongue hung out as her jaw landed with a thud. Celestia screamed out, but barely any sound was heard " what was that princess you want to join them? Well if that's what you want Twilight be a dear and help Celestia " Twilight looks over at Celestia who's eyes are now wide with fear Twilight nods and walks over " o Twilight don't ruin her perfect skull." Twilight looks at Chaos giving a nod then back at Celestia she steps closer lowering her head to her chest Celestia full of fear tries to escape, but Nightmare Moon holds her in place " there is no escape for you princess just accept your fate." Celestia unable to move gave up in defeat as Twilight starts to use her horn to carve a sun design through all the layers of skin, muscle, tissue and bone upon reaching her heart she uses a small amount of magic to cause it to explode blood coloring in the sun design." Well aren't you an artistic one Twilight you even colored it in " she walks over taking her needle and thread out once again sewing her eyes open " there we go her jaw maybe gone, but its workable " she lines them up taking a look at them " now its time to play hide and seek with our final little princess I am sure she will be alerted after this little finding " she flies off through a window using her magic to have them follow escaping just in time as the guards barge through the door leading into the hallway, but all that was found was Celestia's lower jaw they look to the window only to see the silent night. Chaos flew from Canterlot to the Crystal Empire upon her arrival royal guards swarmed the area " word spread faster then I thought, but that won't be a problem." She scouts out the area as usual looking for a possible entryway where she won't be caught she lands on a cloud leaving her puppets behind another cloud so not to be seen. She spots Shining Armor giving commands " well I just found my way in " she looks at the cloud removing Twilight from behind it " you will be the bait " she sends her down managing to get her through a doorway without being seen, " the hard part is over now to set the trap for the little prince." She has Twilight walk into a dark room using Twilight's voice she attempts to lure him in, " Shining Armor where are you? I am so scared I don't want to die I heard about Celestia and Luna's deaths she starts to cry." His ears turn towards the voice " Twiley is that you? Y yes please don't let me die " she cries " I would never let anything harm you or Cadance " he follows the crying which leads him to a dark room " Twiley you in here? Please don't let me die protect me " she gets up walking towards him " you know I wi, his eyes widen as he gets a glimpse of Twilight's face " w what are you? Your not my sister s stay away from me " she steps closer to him causing him to back up he tries to step towards the door to make a run for it, but as soon as he turns he collides with something " what di," his eyes widen once again as he looks at the figure before him princess " C Celestia? No this can't be WHO DID THIS?" Chaos steps out of the darkness with Nightmare Moon " don't you just love my work little prince? Y YOU DID THIS YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN " he goes to charge her, " I will kill you on my own your killing ends HERE! O yawn your not the first to say that nor will you be the last now be a dear and stay still " she forces him down to the floor " there now that's much better " she looks at Celestia " I suppose its your turn just remember don't damage the head." She nods and walks over to him "Celestia please if you can hear me in that corpses body " tears start to form " please spare my life " Celestia looks at him placing her head down she forces her horn into the side of his left eye socket carving around it hearing his screams of pain she steps away seeing it hang out of the socket " now Celestia we can't leave the little prince in such pain please do remove it its not like hes using it anyways " she laughs to herself. Celestia leans her head back down placing her horn through the eye with one quick tug it detaches from the socket she steps back the eye remaining on her horn " now this must come to an end before your little soldiers come and find us now Twilight why not show your brother how much you love him." Twilight walks over looking at him " Twiley I will always love you *he goes silent for a moment* and I know nothing will stop you from killing me "your words are so touching I may just spare you" r really? No " laughs," but before you do go " she uses her needle and thread to sew what eye he has left open along with sewing the sides of his mouth into a big grin " there much better." He hangs his head low in defeat as his tears hit the floor " now Twilight finish him we have a little princess to find " Twilight nods and looks at him she uses her magic to twist his neck breaking it she continues to twist it until it detaches " well that was unexpected, but will do she walks over," but I must sew it back on more work for me " she uses her needle and thread to attach his head back to his body " there we go. A stallion is a nice edition to my collection now to find the last little princess " she walks off leading her puppets along with her she moves along the darkness not wanting to alert the guards she soon arrives to their bedroom looking at shining armor she smirks " now lover boy go in there and comfort your precious little princess." Shining Armor opens the door slightly peeking in " "Cadance are you ok? Shining armor I am glad to see your still safe no sign of the killer yet? "No, but even if they did come I would protect you with my life I love you Cadance and will not allow any harm to come to you" I love you to Shining Armor and together we can stop them. "Yes we can now I must be off to make sure everything is safe, but before I leave please let me take you into my arms in case this is the last time we see each other" don't speak like that Shining Armor neither of us will die we will fight them together "just please come into my arms." Cadance walks over to him as she nears him she freezes " S Shining Armor? "Come into my arms" Cadance your not my Shining Armor " tears forms as she cries upon seeing the site of her husband " WHERE IS HE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM? "I am right here now come, " he steps closer to her managing to get his arms around her she struggles to get out of his grip, but is unable to " why are y you doing this? I love you " she cries harder her eyes suddenly widening as he stabs through her chest " well would you look at that they say true love is hard to find, but here it is before my very eyes, " she screams out as her heart is torn out she looks at him seeing her heart on his horn " seems you wanted her love forever how cute." She walks over to sew her eyes open and her mouth into a big grin " there now my collection is finally completed now time to go home " she leaves the castle having her puppets follow behind her once home she sets them up in her bedroom. " There we go she turns her head hearing her bedroom door open "hi there honey how was your day?" It was good what is all this? "Its a small hobby you like them Discord?" Why yes I do I heard something was killing the princess's, but never imagined it was you "now Discord killing is such a harsh word I merely gave them new life" that is true honey. "Maybe we can rule their kingdoms together as the new king and queen" I would like that a lot, but before we do that will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" A big smile forms on her face she hugs him causing them both to fall to the floor " yes yes yes yes good, " he hugs her and they share a quick kiss. The wedding day soon arrives she comes out as beautiful as can be in her wedding dress made by Rarity of course she walks down the aisle passed the puppets who are all nicely dressed she walks up to Discord with a huge smile on her face. " I love you so much Discord, I love you as well Chaos " she smiles as their vows are said and the rings placed on each other Discord lifts her veil to seal their love with a kiss. " CHAOS YOUR PANCAKES ARE READY " she groggily wakes up lifting up her Discord face mask " should have known it was just a dream ARE YOU UP CHAOS? YES I WILL BE RIGHT DOWN ALRIGHT I will get you somehow Aria for ruining my dream " *she puts her Discord slippers on which laughs whenever she steps down " now where did I put that bathrobe?" She looks around the room " ah ha there it is " she levitates it over putting it on she gets one wing through, but notices her other wing is failing to do the same." Come on get through the hole now " she tries to get her wing through once again, but ends up falling over which causes her wing to go through the hole she gets up looking. " Finally I should have a word with the pony that made this stupid bathrobe " she leaves her room going downstairs her Discord slippers laughing the whole way there Aria cringes hearing the laughter " I really hate those slippers, but every time I get rid of them they just come floating back on in " the sound soon stops as Chaos arrives in the kitchen and takes a seat " its about time you got down here, I had bathrobe trouble, o I see so how was your sleep? It was very good and chaotic until you woke me up. Sorry about that just thought you would want some breakfast, its fine would have woken up sooner or later, so what was your dream about anyways?" She explains the dream " and well Discord and I was getting married then you woke me up " she looks over at her Aria's eyes are wide and her pancake falls off her fork, " o um well that's uh quite the dream hey a girl can dream can't she?" THE END or is it? *chaos laughs* I do hope you enjoyed my little dark story I have written my oc Chaos is not with Discord, but in the story she had a crush on him, but has decided to walk solo for now not sure why I decided to post that o well, but here is a picture of the notorious chaotic puppeteer herself Chaos she is right down there.
  16. I DO UNDERSTAND NOT EVERYBODY HAS YOUTUBE SO IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUTUBE THEN YOU MAY LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW IN THIS THREAD IF YOU DO HAVE YOUTUBE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GO TO YOUTUBE AND LEAVE YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE THANK YOU. Hello everypony I made a video that requires your suggestions I AM NOT LOOKING FOR CRITICISM ON THE VIDEO ITS JUST ASKING FOR SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT KIND OF CONTENT I SHOULD MAKE which Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy kindly shouted it out for me please read the annotations at the beginning of the video it informs you of what not to recommend and some other fun things you can recommend here is the video looking forward to your recommendations. here is the video
  17. Decided to close my art trade shop.
  18. I have finished my channel trailer. If you like, check it up and subscribe. Enjoy my work and share if you want to.
  19. Welcome, fans! Come on in and post stuff relating to the best foalship of FiM! Enjoy yourselves here, and have fun! Other Fanclubs of Interest: Star Dreams FC- DjPon3 x Derpy FC- Moonlight Raven FC-
  20. Hello everybody as the topic name says hoof bumps/claw bumps for everybody.
  21. To all who have come to the realization that I am the one true savior of the fandom, you may speak the words of truth here. Blessed by the alpaca gods, daughter of Cthulhu, I am here to assure the fandom's everlasting existence. I am mostly sane. I give you an unrelated cute kitten:
  22. It's been a while since I looked at season 4. What will I think of DRWolf's favorite episodes?
  23. Comic Books: Teen Titans, The Outsiders, Legion of Superheroes, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Red She-Hulk, She-Hulk, Iron Man, X-Force, Jaina Hudson/White Rabbits, Wonder Woman, Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, Female Captain Marvel, Fazian Hussian Anime: Ume Shiraume (Ben To), Argnes Soubert (Tiger & Bunny), Blue Rose (Tiger & Bunny), America (Hetalia Axis Powers), Mamitus (Space Dandy), Haruhi Suzumya, Barnaby Brooks (Tiger & Bunny), Germany (Hetalia Axis Powers), Itlay (Hetalia Axis Power), Asuka Lanyley Sorya ( Neon Genesis Evangelion), Excel (Excel Saga), Tomoki Kuroki (WataMote), Yuu Narise (WataMote), Edward (Cowboy Bepop), France (Hetalia Axis Powers), Naru Narutegawa (Love Hina), Rin Tohsaha (Stay/Fate Night), Russia (Hetalia Axis Power), Sarah McDougal (Love Hina), Clitens in Tiger & Bunny (for making fun/disrespecting Tiger, as he being a hero, not being sponser), Clitens in One Power Man (who disrespecting and accused Saitama), Mad Pierrot (Cowboy Bepop), Cartoons: Roger (American Dad), Quaymine (Famliy Guy), African girl (American Dad), Mr. Burns (The Simpsons), Lois’s Parents (Famliy Guy), Lois (Famliy Guy), Toshi & Akiko Yoshida (American Dad), Major Qumin (The Simspons), Marge Simpsons (The Simpsons), Lisa Simpsons (The Simpsons), Cartman (South Park), Stan’s Parents (South Park), Edna Krabappel (The Simpsons), Loretta Brown (Famliy Guy) MLP/Equestria Girls: Pinkiamena Diane Pie, Discord Whooves, Diamond Tiara’s mum, Fleur Dia Lee, Jet Set & Upper Crust, Zesty Gourmand, Cheerilee from Cheerilee Garden, Cockatrline, Diomand Dogs, Prince Blueblood, Applejack, Derpy in My Little Pony and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney‘s Turnabout Storm (Not my Derpy, that Derpy a bitch & confessing Twilight) Video Games: Ratchet & Clark, Crush Bangacoot, Jak & Daxter, Emilie De Ranefort (Tekken), Anna Williams (Tekken), Rose (Street Fighter), Litutinmt General Shepherd (Modern Warfare), Meryl (Metal Gear Soild), Moneybag (Spyro series), Freddy (Mortal Kombat) Other: Tei Sukone