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Found 105 results

  1. This is my face, after I have clean shaved my face. Should of washed my hair first, but oh well. Shoulda Coulda Woulda. Enjoy looking at it (yeah right)
  2. Just because sorry for wasting your time deviantart link: in case anypony has the time to check by and help me kill some haters
  3. I think MLPForums is a fat guy with a neck beard *shrug*
  4. So my family is moving into a our very own house. FINALLY XD. And I really want to get a new puppy, but I need the money first. I have 2000+ Pokemon cards that I have been collecting since I was little, including many foil cards and several very rare full and completed evolutionary sets. Most of these are first gen pokwmon though the gens of the cards vary and none of them are from B/W or X/Y. Diamond and Pearl is as bew as they get. I need 350 dollars for the puppy but I have no idea what a collector would pay for all my cards. Does anybody know what they be worth?
  5. I recorded this song a while back if anyone remembers and had recieved mixed reviews on it. I decided to re-record it completely and fix the errors. VVV For comparison here's the old one,
  6. I decided to draw another Tim Burton-style drawing after the positive feedback from my first one. Her name is Allison, as suggested by .This one was made in real life and hand-drawn, so it's not digital. Tell me what you think. Just putting it out there that I would like feedback for this drawing. Tell me what you think of the drawing or anything else you want to say. Thanks. /)
  7. I wrote a poem in this topic It was completely random and I want to know what you guys think. Here it it: Deep in the forest, Caterpillars roam For they must consume the leaves Upon the tall old trees to become the moth they were meant to be But one caterpillar wanted something different He was tired of everybody being the same So he tried the leaves nobody tries And wrapped himself up in a cocoon When he emerged from this cocoon He was a butterfly His beautiful wings shot a message to others Most caterpillars laughed at the colorful epicene wings But some caterpillars wanted to be like the butterfly So they tried the leaves nobody tries And now we have butterflies.
  8. I wanted to show everypony the amazing comission my freind~El Jordo~ did for me of my OCs. i think it turned out great and i absolutely love it! Mare: Name: Nightshade. "Shade." (My ponysona.) Age: 18 Gender: female Species: Pegacorn.(shes NOT an alicorn because shes NOT a princess.) Color: Silver/Gray. Mane: Blonde/Brown. Eyes: Emerald/Jade Green. Cutie Mark: White crescent moon with howling wolfhead coming out of it. Stallion: Name: Crimson Flame.(Ponysona of my nonexistant special somepony.) Age: 19. Gender: Male. Species: Unicorn.(He doesnt have any magic.) Color: Maroon/Crimson. Mane: Gold/Crimson. Eyes: Gold. Cutie Mark: Three falling fireballs.
  9. I decided to write a fanfiction after I read a post by Trent. It is called "Queen Chrysalis' Plan" and I have wrote the prologue so far. Tell me what you think of it so far. Inspiration by Trent Here is the link to the story:
  10. Hey everypony! Im auditioning for the voice acting part of Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Origins. Its a really neat parody in the making. Now i know im a girl and all so i know my voice impression is definately NOT perfect, but im still bearing my guts and trying out. Id love love love it if all of you beonies out there could rate my audition for me! and please please please be nice! I want positive thoughts on it not negative critisiscm. thanks everypony.
  11. So I've been wanting to read some fan fictions, but most of the ones on the featured page on fimfic either aren't appealing to me, or I've read them already. So if you have fanfics you want me to read, feel free. I'm open to just about anything.So go ahead! Send 'em in. I'll give you my review of it after I read the first chapter and give you any advice I can. If you haven't posted it anywhere yet, then go ahead and send it to this email. *EDIT* Holy moly...I didn't think I'd get a lot in one day. I'll try my hardest to get to all of them and tell you guys what I think!! It may take a few days though depending on how many I get per day
  12. I know I would never make a blog about my depression, I wanted to keep it hidden away from my family and friends. So I decided to say it to you, guys & gals. I have been feeling depressed lately, barely smiling, and now I just have a frown on my face in school. I know I have made mistakes and I just feel that depression has been setting in trying to change the way I am. At one time, I used to be a smiling kid enjoying his childhood and now I feel that I'm a joyless teenager who isn't really having fun like I used to. I apologize if I have been acting weird or just not feeling happy anymore, plus to top it off I haven't seen my best friend in months. So once again, I'm sorry. I'll try to change, this month or at least months after. Best in the World ©, signing out of this blog. ~Chaotic Lightning~
  13. Yeah, excuse me for the amazingly creativity-lacking title. I thought I should make a new entry for my blog because I feel like I've been neglecting it recently for no reason whatsoever. I have no school this week so my reason is... LAZINESS! Well, my sister came up from college for the first time since I became a brony. With my room decked out with pony, 90% of my iPod music pony, and obvious references to the show that slipped out she failed to see that I've been pony-ized. She even walked into my room while I was drawing a pony while listening to Party with Pinkie with my Fluttershy plushie just feet away from me. Part of me wonders if she actually DID notice and she's just not saying anything... Hmmm.... In other news: I finally bought a scanner! Yaaaay ^-^. It took a while, but I finally decided it's time for me to get one. I went over to the nearest Good Will, and bought a scanner for 15 dollars. It's a nice scanner. One problem: the scanner apparently lacks the USB cable that it needs to plug into my computer. Well, crap. I kinda need that in order for me to actually use what I bought, don't I? Ehh, I don't really have anything else to add. This was really a spur of the moment blog entry lol. Well, I guess I could say that I've begun to post videos on my YouTube channel again. I had a shortage of videos for the passed month because my computer decided to hate my capture card. Now it won't record. But I got a nice friend to record some of my videos for me and send them to me... Actually, it's only one video she could record :/. Either way, I'm happy to have the footage, and I'll hopefully be getting another friend to help me out as well XD Now that's it. I'm officially out of things to add! Stay classy
  14. So, anyways, let me explain. One fine day my uncle was over at our house. We're all on the couch, watching a hockey game, and the topic of ponies comes up. I run up to my room to show my uncle all of my pony art. After some explaining, he agreed to watch an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with me. So today I was at my uncle's house. We sat on the couch, started up the tv, and opened Netflix. After some browsing, I found My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and selected the episode "The Return of Harmony: Part 1". After we finished that one, we watched "The Return of Harmony: Part 2". Now, here's the good part! Although my uncle said he wouldn't watch more on his own, he said next time I come over we can watch more ponies! This made my day and now I'm wondering: What episode should I show him to make him a brony?
  15. It's Monday, Monday, blah blah blah I'm friggin' tired lemme go back to sleep x.x That's basically how I would've felt if I had even HAD any sleep last night. My day: overall crap. I went to bed last night expecting another great, fun-filled sleep. With my Fluttershy plushie in my arms and the perfect comfy position achieved, I went on the journey for sleep. HAH funny story. I couldn't sleep at all. I went to bed at around 10:30-ish and I lied awake until 1 or so in the morning. Every sound was amplified, I could feel every wrinkle in my bed sheet, and my cat kept on pawing at my door trying to get in. I eventually let him in so he'd stop the awful racket, but all he did was assault me with love and his over 20 pounds of cat girth. He's a hefty kitty. I think I may have fallen asleep at around 2 AM. Keep in mind I'm a high school student who has trimester finals this week. I woke up at 3:14 AM (I remember because I checked my phone to see how late/early it was) and I couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to roll with it and I took the school bus at 7 (it came 10 minutes late for no reason. It was only snowing...). As it turned out, I had 3 tests, 1 final, and 2 essays to hand in. Somehow, some way, I survived all of that with only 1 hour of sleep. Now I'm feeling better. It's 7 PM, I made myself a whole thin crust pizza, and I'm about to pig out because I'm hungry Stay classy.
  16. Maxos

    Call My Name

    This is my latest single with my best art I have ever done by far. Hopefully you enjoy this video! If you would, please like and subscribe for more videos. I progress better through feedback as well, so don't be afraid to leave a comment below! - Maxos
  17. Welcome, children of the Equestrian empire. I am here to elude your suspiscions of [myself], the death mare. As the eldest sibling of the royal lineage, I can answer any and all questions you may have conjured. Speak quickely though, for this must be our secret. I do not belong here. My name is Mizuki. I am the queen's first child, the half-blood offspring of a royal equestrian and a lowly species of foreign origin. I was born as a "death" elemental and was, hence, despised by all at an urly age. It was never within my power to descide who dies, and the pleas of mercy are all but futile without a hefty price. I am blind, for I was born without pupils. I am incapable of judging those who I must kill, so I am fully capable of doing so without mercy. In truth, "murder" is quite enjoyable. Sample Questions- All sample questions that are used within this forum will be removed from the list. Therefore, you may either ask your own question, or use one of the following. You may reword the questions if you like. Why is it that the hair of Luna and Celestia has an elemental flow, but that of your own and of Cadence's is of typical consistancy and movement? Why is it that you were banished from Equestria? How did the alicorn amulet come into existance? Why do some alicorns have different body types than typical ponies? What significance does King Sombra have towards Celestia? Why did Celestia not wish for Luna to acompany Cadence and Shining Armor against King Sombra? What is the typical lifespan of an alicorn? If Luna reprosents the night, does she also have control over the dreams of other ponies?
  18. Here's something I created today. This is a tribute to the great Carlos Satana. This tribute is my version of "Love of My Life", slightly modified.
  19. So, I walk into school on the last day before Christmas break, and since the school's schedule on testing days is completely whack, I walk into 8th period first for testing. Immediately after entering, I see a Wal-Mart bag on my table with this inside: Needless to say, I have the best Art teacher (and cat) ever. (Just a note, the Rainbow Dash plushie was in the bag, not my cat. But dang is my cat awesome)
  20. If you are in or were in the livestream after ponies we watched LPS. (LITTLEST PET SHOP) I guess I'm one. What do you think about this? OH GOD NO!
  21. As requested by @@Betez, I have made more of all our favorite memes. Ya know what? Scratch that. Blondes are never unpopular. That's better.
  22. Welcome, though i doubt that anypony is reading this. This is more just for my fun and stuff, well anyway... This is what I like to call my cloud, since my pony Star Chaser is indeed a Pegasus. I'm a high school student, and I hate it. My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie, because she's like the pony version of me. I'll basically just post my life by the days and stuff. yeah.... I'm done...
  23. It's way too hot right now. Someone join me in my snow-dance ceremony.
  24. Okay, I have to say most of the time I just ignore them, I don't put much thought into it, and IRL most people don't hate, as much as they're just shocked at how someone other than a little girl could like MLP, and I would be, too, if it wasn't for G4. But anyways, I was writing a reply to Why are people always hating on Rarity?, when I wrote a bit about a dream I had, and how Rarity symbolized the "girliness" of the show for me at the time. Okay, I'd love for some knowledgable folks like Pencils and Kyronea to sorta "peer-review" this, because as much as I'm interested in psychology, I'm still a total ameateur who mostly guesses, but here I go: So, I actually, or, a part of me, kinda understood haters for a little bit... Okay, so here I go, don't be afraid you'll offend me or anything, and I'm not "opening up", this is purely an objective (as much as possible) analysis so that we can learn some really useful information, and kind of serve as a case study for the psyche of a hater, as well as me offering some really deep advise to some people who might be facing similar situations. I've seen all kinds of thread topics suggesting that there's people in the community who need to read this. So here it is: It started with analyzing the symbology of a dream. Here's the background for the dream: I'd just discovered how much I like MLP, and I was very confused about it. I didn't even question the confusion, though! (This has just stood out to me) I was just wondering why I liked the show. The dream goes like this: I met Rarity, and I really enjoyed being around her. She's loving, kind, gentle, sweet and caring, and very innocent. Mike walks up, and walks off with Rarity. Later, I found out Mike murdered Rarity in a horrible way, then killed himself, because afterwards he realized what a horrible thing he'd done, he realized what a gentle, loving, caring, innocent creature Rarity was. After that, me and the other Mane 6 planted a garden to remember Rarity by, and one of the plants grew indescribably beautiful, it gew huge very quickly, in just moments. It was a show of how powerful and strong her kindness and love carried immortal, past her death It was very sad, but much more than that, very peaceful and just beautiful. Anyways, what this post is about is Mike and Rarity. I understood Mike. I think Mike represented the "hater" side of me. I suspect, that people define themselves as something, but also they define themselves as what they aren't. When someone defines themselves as good, they also define themselves as "not bad", so they immediately hate bad things like stealing. If someone wants to be strong(strong in character), then they define themselves as strong, and also define themselves as not weak. And so in a way, when someone sees what they think is a girly little kids' show, they define themselves as someone who isn't "into" that, because they're not a little girl. This is why we see people make terrible, violent parodies of things like Barney, where he rampages and eats the kids. Objectively, it's horrible, but we find it hilarious, because part of us "grew up", so we define ourselves as "not little kids", and so we are the opposite, or oppose, "little kid things", and violently killing Barney's friends is definitely the epitome of opposing Barney. Better yet, Barney himself does it, which symbolizes loss of innocence and "growing up", which means the psyche gives bonus points in "funny" if the horrible thing that happens happens within the realm of the show's canon. (Like for example, Pinkie Pie is the antagonist in Cupcakes, not a self-inserted author or OC.) I think the reason Mike hated Rarity, is that she was a threat to how others would think of him (which is the basis for your entire social life), and the fact that he liked her was a terrifying threat to the very basis who he defined himself to be. And he was right to be scared, too. Because once Mike died, and I fully accepted the show, it really did cause a big impact on my self-image, and a huge re-examination of who I was, which led to questions about purpose of life and everything. Who you are, especially when the portion of who you are that was destroyed ("not a girly little kid") was something established a long time ago, is very foundational to our entire emotional lives. Throw this into disarray, and emotions and everything will go chaotic. A perfect example is "What is the purpose"-type questions. That finally came to conclusion when I've just kinda decided "life is a party". Rainbow Dash is an excellent example of savoring every moment of experience, and just enjoying the thrill of being alive. I love Pinkie Pie, and her attitude of "why be unhappy when you can be happy!?", and to turn every moment of life into an enjoyable, fun one. Because life is really about being happy. And, don't forget it's always very important to take care of the future, but often I've found myself so concerned and worried about the future I've forgotten to enjoy the present. And we shouldn't forget the future, but life's always in the present, so be a Pinkie Pie and make the current moment a good one! (As long as it's not at the expense of the future. I.e., don't slack off until the night before the final exam or do something you'll regret later.) So, that's my hypothesis of why haters hate, mixed in with a lot of other deep things. Anyways, I doubt haters consciously realize any of it at all, but a part of them is terrified of liking the show, because the very foundation of who they are to themself rests on the fact that they're the opposite of the show, that they're "a big boy" now that is the opposite of "little girly things". Never try to say this to them, though, when something complex like this happens, it comes out as feelings that don't make any sense to the conscious mind, which makes them angry because it's confusing. The best thing to do, I think, is either to brush/laugh it off as no big deal, or just "love and tolerate the crap outta you". If you're very skilled, you might want to try suggesting that MLP isn't a threat to masculinity. Not exactly IRL, but on Youtube Comments I've pointed out how manliness is about being of strong character and reliable, someone a family can depend on and can push through hard times, and even carry others with him at the same time, and MLP has nothing against that. But just recently today I saw some hate firsthand for the first time to Dr. Who. This analysis even sheds some light on that, and it really makes a lot of sense now; because the hate is irrational and powerful. This finally explains why, at least IMO.
  25. I noticed Spitfire doesn't have that much vocal music, so I wrote one out from the perspective of Dusty. Yeah I'm quite happy how it turned out. I just wanted to post the words here before I actually sang it to see if I could get some critique before I do the final product. ____________________________ I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Sometimes I wonder... Why it seems even in the pouring rain, your fire keeps burning, It makes it hard to see It makes it hard to see When I see your face It's like heaven staring back at me. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. A blue streak flies across my brain Wonderbolt life will never be the same When it's you me, me and you, together Flying across the sky. I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. Millions love you, this is true But do they love the real you When something comes along you'll be left in the cold All they see is blue and gold BUT I see you soar across the sky Your orange mane your fiery eyes It doesn't take long to realize Oooh you are the fire... In my mind. YOu are the fire, yes you are the fire Yes you are the fire... In... My... Mind...