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Found 1549 results

  1. @@Blitz Boom Here's the OOC thread, you already know the premise. Null and Void have been abducted by a secret science organization, now they look to escape. Here's the RP Thread!
  2. A former dragon slayer and dragom working together? That's crazy! The dragonlands are in civil war. Many dragons didn't approve of Princess Ember's rule, so the formed a land called Fironia. They were composed by many of the larger dragons, their armies were quickly organized. For years they were in a stalemate until Fironian forces ambushed major dragonland military leaders, leaving the dragonland's military in disarray. Equestrian forces did have some weapons meant for small dragon attacks, but weren't prepared to fight off a military composed of them. Their cannons and ballistas were just too slow and their magic was ineffective against them. However, there was a former dragon slayer amoung the ranks in the royal guards they could send. They also knew about a dragon. Perhaps they'd turn the tides of the war and save their allies from annexation.
  3. This is the OCC thread between @Caligula and @Califorum for the roleplay. Link here.
  4. THIS RP FOR MHA VILLAINS IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR NEW APPLICANTS! A spin off RP of My Hero Academia RP by @Bakugou Is My Man ❤! This a separate RP from her’s but I’m giving the people who already in it a first dibs on getting the spot. So @Renegade the Unicorn@Dynamo Pad @Jedishy @Arid_Blitz @Drago Ryder @dragon4111 @Bakugou Is My Man ❤ If you guys wish to participate on this spin-off, feel free too! Noted this is a separate RP from our other MHA RP, it’s a spinoff. Unless we can decide in the future to collaborate. But for now it’s separated. I need villains who come from varies of backgrounds, ages, and quirks who view the society as corrupted, broken, or whatever your character’s view on the society! What makes your character a villain? Or better yet anti- hero? Someone who believes in the right cause but are doing the wrong. I needs villains who felt the society has rejected them, So the villains chose to turn their back against the world! My goal is to try to create a groups of villains different from league of villains. What makes us unique? What makes us stand out? If anyone have plans to contribute, feel free to! Here’s The following information requirement for your character Name: Villain alias name: Age: Likes: Quirk: A belief description of their appearances: A belief description of their background: Personality: (belief): Power: -/5 Speed: -/5 Technique:-/5 Intelligence: -/5 Cooperative: -/5 Here's mine and he will be leading the group of villains (we also need to come up with our group name as well!) Name: Unknown Alias: Beelzebub Age: 32 Gender: Male Likes: Fresh Fruits Quirk: “Lord of the flies”: He can create hordes flies out of any cells from his body and use them for offensive and defensive. He can reverse them back into his body. His flies are no ordinary flies because they’re shown to be more advance than a normal fly when it comes to speed, senses, and defenses. He can have his flies split deadly acid and chew on its victim for nutrient. He also uses his fly for spying purposes, since he can understand them. But he can only create that many if he has enough nutrient for himself. By solely eating rotten or expired food. Weakness: His flies are weak to extreme heat or cold weather. Thus, he prefers stealth over melee. Appearance: He wears a goggle that looks like the eyes of a fly wearing a sun shield 'cap' and a captain hat over it, that was once worn by his previous commander. A full gray uniformal suit with a tie, with a small fly pin on it. Black trench coat with some fly’s wing pattern on it, combat boots and some pouches. Background: A former lieutenant and a lone survivor after his squadron was killed by mysterious incident. He got blamed for it and faced charges. He believes the government framed him. Losing hope and the expectation from the society he once serves under, he blamed the society for failing to see their mistake and his goal is to fix the system. His influenced by Stain’s ideology. Personality: He values humility and respect those who hold true to their words. He does not tolerate those who shows no respect or who acted upon on their selfish deed. Despite of his quirk and eating rotten food, he like keeping things clean. He tends to overthink things which often lead to his downfall. Power: 3/5 Speed: 3/5 Technique: 5/5 Intelligence: 3/5 Cooperative: 5/5 Free feel to pitch in for adding any ideas! Updates: @TBD: Beelzebub @Canteen_the_unstable: Krizalid @Drago Ryder: Mosura @dragon4111: Draco Crow @Goat-kun: Gatekeeper @Buck Testa: Dr. Prosthesis Ivor: @Jedishy: Spectra
  5. One day somewhere in Equestria, creature is going somewhere like they usually would, when suddenly hear a sound of falling rocks followed by what sounds like animal's cry of pain. When they go investigate, they will find ocean blue dragon, not much bigger than a pony (mostly just longer), seemingly different species to Equestria's own dragons, whimpering as it tries to move its wing and leg that have gotten stuck under a pile of rocks too big to be moved by the dragon itself. When they try to get close to the dragon to possibly help it, they will be met with rather hostile reaction, but it is clear that this hostility is most likely due to fear. It soon will become apparent that though this dragon can talk, it speaks an unknown language, and can't speak or understand any Equestrian language. How will the creature solve the situation, can they calm the dragon down enough to help it without using words? if they can, what happens next? You are the creature, it doesn't need to be a pony, just something that lives in Equestria and can talk and such. That is the general plan of the RP, a smaller than usual (for its kind) dragon from far away land has arrived to Equestria from lands where it has only seen its own kind and prey, and where the survival of the fittest is in full action. It gets itself hurt and stuck, and your character comes to help. From there it goes like any other friendship/relationship, they interact and become closer, they learn from each other, etc. i'm okay with romance, but it isn't necessary. I don't have a sheet or picture for my character, but here's everything you need to know in advantage. Height wise he/she is around the same as a pony, maybe a bit taller, but due to shape, they're longer than a pony. He/she is ocean blue like stated, and for shape/build, this but blue and with shorter legs He/she is carnivore He/she doesn't speak or understand any Equestrian language, but is capable of learning it. Can breathe fire. Though he/she doesn't eat gems, they like anything that shines. That's all that comes to mind at the moment. The location of where in Equestria this happens depends on your character, but if there isn't any canon forest or other terrain where my character could possibly get crushed by rocks, we make one up. The canon characters exist in the RP, but they are NPCs at best. RP:
  6. IC thread is over here. Salem University 2.0 (the first MLPF version) can be found here, for reference. Credit to @Canteen_the_unstable for creating the premise and the original iteration of the RP (here, if you're interested). I will be playing using an adapted version of my character Dr. Duality Wave-Particle - specifically, a human version, with augmentations roughly as follows: My secondary character is named Dot Dash (aka Deedah), with bio given below: Introduction: Important notes: Extra details: [fair warning, there's too much for me to properly format so it's copy-pasted from various posts in SU 2.0 - if it's in quotes it's from expositional IC posts, otherwise it's explanations from the OOC thread] Main Rules: Be respectful of others and their characters. No one-liners (ideally at least a paragraph per character per post). You must play at least one student character for every teacher character you play, although you can play student characters without playing any teachers. This is so we don't end up with situations where a single student is split between a dozen teachers and classes are basically empty of player characters. All students start at first-year level, regardless of how powerful they are. 4th year students can stay 4th-year and continue their magical studies for as long as they like; graduation from the school isn't mandatory and there are no higher tiers of studenthood. Magic as a whole has very few rules, but all mages have their own ways of doing things. This means that everyone can have their own interpretation and 'vibe' of magic existing side by side with everyone else's, but also that everyone's magic has to have a good power balance with everyone else's too. As such, your character's magic should have fairly well-defined ways that it can and can't behave (i.e., limits and internally self-consistent principles wherever relevant). Magic is not superpowers, although the distinction is often blurry - if in doubt, ask. Example Classes of Magic: Elemental (fire, earth, wind, water, ice, crystal, metal, light, life, etc.) Mystical (enchanters, shamans, witch doctors, potion brewers, talisman crafters, etc.) Other Character Categories: Students (1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years, and 4th years), Teachers (either teaching about specific powers or general principles of magic), Villainous accomplices (see following paragraph), People from the past (see paragraph following following paragraph). There is an overarching storyline to this RP involving a man named Shahal Blackrose and his accomplices, who are devoted to destroying the Seal of the Daemon Realm. Several character positions may be applied for within Shahal's group of accomplices, although they will only be playable later on in the course of the RP. In addition, character fatalities may be incurred on either side, due to the violent nature of Blackrose's campaign, but not to the point where people will be excluded from the RP because all their characters were killed, not without extensive PM discussion with the people involved, and not because we have a grudge against you/your character; it's purely for plot-progression purposes. There is also a secondary storyline involving people from Salem Island's past being pulled to the present day by an unknown and unprecedented magic, beginning after the commencement of the roleplay. Characters from the past may thus be applied for, subject to a moderate increase in lore-conformance scrutiny. List of Extant Characters (may include some non-extant characters or exclude some extant ones, all rights to inaccuracy are reserved): Application Format: Link to bio of character/s you want to apply with, Description of their magic, Description of their character role and race (teacher or student, human or Pelajae, etc.). Please clearly describe all outstanding features of your character in your application, including above-average power, strength, size, intelligence, etc., as well as any sort of interesting features, abilities, or items that they may possess. This is so I can get a solid picture of your character in my mind and so other people's characters can react properly to your character's incredible amulet/cape/hairdo/polka shoes if they're meeting them for the first time. If you do not mention a significant feature in your application and attempt to introduce it at a later date it may be considered a retcon and disallowed accordingly.
  7. IC Thread HERE Hello! Would anyone like to do a simple 'daily life' style RP? This would be my first on this forum. I do have experience with RP's from the NationStates game, however. Basically, my OC, Neon Kitbash, just moved into Ponyville and opened his shop. Who will be his first customer(s)? Or perhaps, new friends? I'm thinking 2-4 players would be a good amount, but I guess we'll see how it goes.
  8. RP Link: I'm making an attempt at restarting a brand new Dark Tournament RP, but this time I'm going to be running things very differently. For those of you who don't know (most people), I hosted a series of tournament RPs several years ago. Each one had sixteen players and the tournaments completely consisted of one on one fights where everyone was on their own. I'm attempting to do something similar again (since the YYH 25 year anniversary is nearly upon us), but this time I'm going to be organizing it very differently. This time, there will only be five (or possibly six) players, and all of them will be on the same team. The tournament will be a sixteen team, single elimination tournament where I will be controlling the enemy teams (though only four of the sixteen enemy teams will actually matter.) I am open to letting other people control enemy teams if they would like to, but the focus of the RP will be on the five players in the main team, basically serving as the protagonists. This is still in the planning phase, so if you have questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to talk about them here. Backstory: The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back with a new stadium built deep in the Everfree Forest. This brutal game pins sixteen teams of the lands deadliest warriors to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling. The victorious team will be granted one wish for each member from the corrupt and powerful tournament committee. Rules: - This is a typical sixteen roster tournament with teams of five. There are two ways for teams to fight in each round: a full 5v5 team battle ending when every fighter on one team is defeated, or five one-on-one fights with the best of three winning. Team captains will determine if the fights are 5v5 or 1 on 1. If the captains can't agree, fights will default to-one on-one. Note: The team captains can also agree on special terms for the fights, such as different conditions for winning or randomizing fights. - A fighter is defeated if he/she forfeits, is down or unconscious for a ten count, is out of the ring for a ten count, or dies. - If a team member is sidelined, they cannot interfere with a fight in any way. Helping a team member during a one-on-one fight will disqualify your entire team. - Weapons can be used Note: Weapons will need to be approved by me when you sign up. Notable Characters: Tournament Committee Rail: The majority owner of the tournament and head of the tournament committee. He's an avid gambler and owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later). There's a bit more going on with him than the other committee members and he seems to be planning something. Big Shot: A stout earth pony and corrupt member of the tournament committee. He's the owner of one of the teams (the team will be revealed later) and there are rumors that he uses his influence to cheat. Staff Topaz: The referee for every fight. She's a young unicorn with an almost disturbing love of violence. She serves a dual role as an announcer as well to make fights more interesting. She's also one of the only things keeping fights from becoming corrupt since she's one of the only staff members who believes in keeping fights fair. Enemy Teams: Showboat Tatterhoof's Traveling Circus Team Crimos Slots: Team Captain: Jade (unicorncob) Note: the team captain player will have to speak with the opposing team's captain at the beginning of each round to determine how the fights will go. He or she will also serve as the face of the team and determine its "theme." Should be a character with at least some charisma. Team Member 1: Rose Beast (Reader8363) Team Member 2: Frostflame (Snow Frostflame) Team Member 3: Dynamo Pad Team Member 4: Draco O'Malley (Dragon411) Alternate: [Open] [optional] Note: the alternate is an optional position. Every team can have one alternate fighter who can only be used to replace one of the five team members if they die. An alternate can only replace one team member.
  9. Role play: This is the OOC for the New Heroes: My Hero Academia Role Play. Members: @Renegade the Unicorn @Dynamo Pad @Jedishy @Arid_Blitz @Drago Ryder @TBD Hey, guys! Welcome aboard to this brand new role play inspired by this awesome anime. Let me lay down some rules/regulations... - Please post taking turns. Make one post and then wait. This will help prevent confusion and unnecessary subplots. - ASK BEFORE EXECUTING SUBPLOTS. - If you would like to exit the role play, please let me and everyone else know before resigning from the role play officially. - I will take the role as a made up instructor (name and quirk pending). Please provide recommendations if you have any! - The existence of canon characters will be discussed at a later time. Check back for more details soon! I am pretty busy but I will always get to things.
  10. Link to the RP: HERE This is the OOC thread, OOC comments go here.
  11. Myself and @Lazy Ferret are looking for one to two more participants in a FOE role play. We will be a team solving issues across the Waste and rendering aid to towns in need. Time frame will be flexible but likely running concurrent to the Lil Pip saga. Rp here If interested please post Pony name Age Race Vault Dweller or Waster Personality
  12. RP: Hi, so, I would like to RP with my new characters. And the idea is simple, a normal romance RP, we can make so both of us have 2 characters, or Sunlight x your character with Jade tagging along (they consider each other as siblings.) Things to know about my characters. 1. When in "disguise", they are basically indistinguishable from a normal pony. (they also have personalities and emotions like normal ponies.) 2. They eat, drink, sleep, etc. 3.The only real difference to a normal pony is that they aren't biological and have been build instead of being born (and don't age in the same way) 4. Has superior memory to normal ponies, otherwise their skills, senses etc. Are slightly above average at best. 5. Both know they are artificial, but they don't know exactly what they are (since Equestria doesn't have such technology) or why and by who they were created. And regardless of being artificial, they both want a normal life. Sunlight is more sensitive/anxious/self-judgemental about it than Jade.
  13. This is the OOC for my Rp with @Illiad Easle. RP Thread HERE
  14. Thread: A bit of a cross between Fallout Equestria, Fallout New Vegas, and my own rendition of events, forming a world only vaguely related to the three it stemmed from. If you enjoyed any of them, you'll likely enjoy this one. The plan is to loosely follow the story line of Fallout New Vegas set in the world I made from the three of them combined. Radioactive Fallout is replaced by Anti-Magic, which leaches magic away from the contaminated in small doses, and permanently removes someone's ability to use or be affected by magic in large doses. The Premise: War, we thought we knew what it meant at the unification, then we thought we understood it's horrors after the Summer War. We didn't know then what horrors had yet to be unleashed. Our squabbles were nothing before the war of titans. No one remembers how it all started, only that our ancestors were spared, secured in a variety of sanctuaries that preserved them the hundreds of years it took for the worst of the effects to pass. In Equestria, most were kept in Stables, underground research facilities with hidden agendas, some more fortunate than others. Those in Troy didn't fare much better in the Deep Science Vaults, they at least knew they were being experimented on. Once the stables and vaults opened, and the descendants of those who had been spared looked out on the barren plains, they began to unite, forming herds to begin rebuilding, to build a better world than the one they had learned about. Over time these herds grew, stronger ones overtaking and assimilating weaker ones, some more benevolent than others. In the south, The New Lunar Republic was founded in the ruins of Deltrot, in the north a Solar Empire stemmed out of Trottingham, and in between, descendants of those who had served Discord in the war, calling themselves Discord's Legion, continued to spread havoc, killing all those they deemed too weak to survive. In the midst of these rapidly expanding forces stood a shining beacon, a city untouched by the war and unclaimed by any of these powers, Las Pegas. That brings us to you, a wanderer in these wastes, yet the potential within to turn the tide. It is foretold that whoever controls the city will eventually control the world. What then will you do? To Join: Submit a description of your character including: Their special stats (40 points between the 7 traits, I'll use them for skill checks rather than having to keep track of every skill) Their occupation in the world (Courier, soldier, vault-dweller) An idea of their motivation, I'll help out with this if you're unsure. Be aware, there are more factions than are mentioned in the premise, those are just the ones that everyone knows about at the start of the RP. I'll gladly incorporate any ideas into the RP.
  15. This will be the OOC for the Connection of Love Rp with @Dynamo Pad RP link HERE
  16. RP Thread HERE This will be the place for any and all OOC Chit chat
  17. @Arid_Blitz and I are dual-DMing on this RP; he created it and I adapted it. [EDIT: I am now sole DM. Your fates rest in my hands alone. Bow before your master, o dungeons.] IC thread can be found here. I will be playing using my character Dr. Duality Wave-Particle, or, rather, a human water-elemental version (employed at the University as the dean of water magic and one of the school's main teachers of both glyph theory and hydromancy). Introduction: Rules: Be respectful of others and their characters, No one-liners (at minimum five sentences per post), Romance is allowed and encouraged but do please keep it within forum rules. Categories of Magic: Fire, Earth (subcategories: metal, crystal), Wind/lightning, Water/ice, Light, Dark, Special cases (shamans, witch doctors, power-resisters, multipowered, etc.). Character Types: Students (1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years, and 4th years), Teachers (one for each power and several others teaching special courses), Vice Principal (Lilith Plowse is the principal, but the vice principal spot is up for grabs), Villainous accomplices (see final paragraph). Everyone starts at first-year level, regardless of how powerful they are. 4th year students can stay 4th-year and continue their magical studies for as long as they like; graduation from the school isn't mandatory and there are no higher tiers of studenthood. In the interests of fairness, no-one is allowed both a teacher character and a multipowered character simultaneously, regardless of how powerful the teacher is. As a corollary, multipowered characters are generally only permitted up to 3 of the powers listed. There is an overarching storyline to this RP, involving a man named Shahal Blackrose and his accomplices (many of whom mysteriously manifest multipowers), who are devoted to destroying a powerful runic spell hidden within Salem University itself. This spell was created to seal away a dark plane of existence and prevent its demonic occupants from breaking out and destroying the world as we know it, which means it is imperative that Blackrose be stopped. Several character positions may be applied for within Shahal's group of accomplices, although they will only be playable later on in the course of the RP. In addition, character fatalities may be incurred on either side, due to the violent nature of Blackrose's campaign, but not to the point where people will be excluded from the RP because all their characters were killed, not without extensive PM discussion with the people involved, and not because we have a grudge against you/your character; it's purely for plot-progression purposes. List of Extant Characters (may include some non-extant characters or exclude some extant ones, all rights to inaccuracy are reserved): Application Format: Link to character/s you want to apply with, Their magical category, Their character type (including whether they're human or Pelajae). Please clearly describe all outstanding features of your character in your application, including above-average power, strength, size, intelligence, etc., as well as any sort of interesting scars, abilities, or items that they may possess. This is so I can get a solid picture of your character in my mind and so other people's characters can react properly to your character's incredible amulet/cape/hairdo/polka shoes if they're meeting them for the first time.
  18. The world is a fragile place, always teetering between good and bad. There's a risk in every choice you make throughout the day, even the smallest of choices can lead to horrible consequences, even if your intentions were nothing but pure. But what happens when the world does go bad? Are we supposed to stand by and let it happen, or stand up and protect it? How are we... lowly humans supposed to fight for what's right? Especially when evil has just entered our world. A being from another world has invaded our land, calling himself "Gray King." He has no color, he brings no mercy. His vassals pray to him like he is a god, and they do as he pleases. The four of them also have no color, they are just black and white. They call themselves the Ashen Tribe. They are determined to rid the world of color, and retrieve something known as the Oracle Gem that is supposedly hidden somewhere in our world, though where it is is unknown. They show no mercy, they have no color, same as their leader. Day by day they plot their next attack on the humans, but what happens when they finally arrive, but we fight back? They are overconfident fools, and we are protective of the people we care for. We show no mercy ourselves, but the difference between us and them is that we fight for love and justice. We fight until the bitter end, we fight for the lives of our people. The Ashen Tribe and their Leader shall not prevail, and we will make sure of it. We are also determined to find our missing princess, Princess Melody, from a word we have no memory of, but are told that exists. Only she can put an end to this madness We are the protectors of the past, present, and future. We can fix your fate by fighting off enemies, we are... the Time Guardians. And we are here to send these enemies to the ground. We are here to find our Princess. -- Hi! Okay, so this is my first RP in a while and I thought this would be fun. I'm trying to give it a Sailor Moon Vibe, but not exactly the same. I do want there to be a "mysterious savior" that needs to be male, aka the love interest to the leader of the group (my OC, if ya don't mind). This will be set in the human world, but we'll look more like actual humans with actual skin tones and stuff. Our hair can still be the same color as our pony OCs. Oh! And instead of pens and broach as transformation items, our items will be jewelry. I'd also like our names to be related to be different types of day, which I have listed below. If anyone wants to take over as the villain and the Ashen Tribe, be my guest. I'll list those slots below as long as some info about them. Another thing, we will all be half animals. I uh... I hope that's fine with you. Anyway, please fill out the character sheet below and select a different time of day! We're gonna discover the new members of the team one by one, fyi. So it starts off as us not knowing or whatever. The object that triggers your transformation isn't the jewelry itself, but the birthstone, so please make sure to include that. Oh! And all the girls and the love interest will be in high school. -- Slots Taken: Love Interest/ Mysterious Savior: Prince Symphony/Deuce Shuffle/ Ace of Hearts- @Randimaxis Lost Princess/Leader: Princess Melody/Emerald Heart/Dusk- @Emerald Heart Midnight: Rebel Rouser/Midnight- @Renegade the Unicorn Twilight: Cosmic Stone/Twilight- @applesjck Night: Pencil Pouch/Night- @ExplosionMare Dawn: Global Gleam/Dawn- @ExplosionMare Gray King: @Samurai Equine Stone: @Samurai Equine Slate: @Cash In Heather: @Emerald Heart Somber: @Renegade the Unicorn -- Character Sheets @Emerald Heart Name: Emerald Heart Age: 17 Looks: Long, light pink hair with cyan stripes tied into a ponytail that drapes over her chest. Her skin color is white, and she had emerald green eyes. She tends to wear semi-stylish clothing like a T-shirt and jeans, with a hoodie. She also wears contacts. Personality: Silly, sarcastic, fun, and very protective. She is very social and doesn't take any crap from anyone. She can be scary sometimes, but is usually pretty nice. Though she does have a very short fuse. She's also very childish and gets excited over the smallest things. She can be brutally honest, also. She is a very imaginative person and tends to lose her focus in class a lot, but still has pretty good grades. She likes to think outside the box, too and hates crying. Infused Animal: Bumblebee Bat Name: Dusk Looks: Hairstyle is the same, except the ponytail holder is now black. She has two bat ears sticking out of her head, and her green eyes have turned dark purple. She now wears a dark purple dress with frayed edges, and long sleeves with an elastic band that wraps around the middle finger. The dress lands just a bit past her bottom. On her right hand is a bronze ring with a moonstone embedded in it. A set of long, black wings are on her back that drag behind her when she walks. She wears knee-high white boots. Special Power: Attacks with her "Echo Shock Attack" where she snaps her fingers and emits an echoing noise that can both make the enemy’s ears fail & push them hard against a nearby surface. Other Powers: Flying & Echolocation. Birthstone: Moonstone Transformation Item: Ring Other: She is a major fangirl, and loves drinking tea and eating food. She is a very musical girl, and comes from a very musical family (Mom used to play the base, Dad plays electric guitar). Not to mention her relatives, which are all very musical. She likes singing, drawing, and is very protective of her headphones and sketchbook, which she keeps on her person at all times. She is extremley clumsy and has bumped into door handles, desks, bookshelves, you name it. She trips over air, basically. She is very talented at singing, writing, English, and drawing. She hates math, and is failing it at the moment. @Randimaxis Name: Deuce Shuffle Age: 18 Looks: Medium height, thin build, short & neat bright red hair w/black highlights, soft blue eyes, THICK glasses, scruff of a goatee, long-sleeved white hoodie, grey jeans, bright red velcro (!)sneakers, headphones almost always in ears Personality: Deuce is, quite frankly, a dork. He's mopey, timid, and always seems to have the proverbial 'little black raincloud' following him around, as he tends to seem like he's brooding over something. In actuality, he really had it hard as a kid, so he finds himself a social outcast much of the time. Most of the other kids see him as a perennial loser, and he tends to be the butt of jokes and the target of bullies. He has a tendency to either snark back at people, or he just tries to ignore them. If someone actually makes the effort to befriend him, however, he may actually become a loyal and thoughtful friend. Name: Ace Of Hearts Looks: Tall and wiry, long black ponytail with bright red highlights, bright ice blue eyes, black cowboy hat, bright red bandit mask, red jeans with black chaps, silver spurs, twin six guns (one black, one red), long black leather trenchcoat with a bright red heart on the left lapel & a big one across the back, jet black collar shirt with red trim Special Power: Perfect shot (almost never misses) Other Powers: Throw Voice, Gunplay (spinning, tricks, quick draw), Supernatural Hearing, Card Tricks ('magic' tricks, target throwing), Mysterious Aura Transformation Item: His (seemingly normal) deck of playing cards @Renegade the Unicorn Name: Rebel Rouser Age: 17 Looks: A bit on the short side for her age (about 5 feet), Skinny and slightly muscular with long black hair with red streaks through it, dresses like a greaser from the 1950s - leather jacket, blue jeans, the works. Her hair is styled like a pompadour. Personality: Rebel is a go-getter and a tomboy stuck permanently in the mid-twentieth century (figuratively, not literally. ). She's a delinquent and proud of it, and doesn't like being told what to do. However, this hostility and happiness hides a deep insecurity - she desperately wants to fit in with others, but just doesn't know how to. She's very much into rockabilly and punk music, having an almost religious devotion to Buddy Holly. She also loves B-movies, particularly those made by Roger Corman and Ed Wood. Infused Animal: Wolf Name: (magical girl) Midnight Looks: (magical girl) Befitting her civilian garb, Midnight resembles Elvira, Mistress of the Dark - her hair is no longer in a pomp, her outfit now a low-cut leather jumpsuit with spikes and small chains. She now wears a skull and bones collar around her neck, with her birthstone in the center. Special Powers: (Most a powerful attack): Rock Around the Clock - Midnight has the ability to launch multiple explosive/incendiary rounds at her enemies. Other Powers: (The more minor ones) Agility and camouflage Birthstone: Garnet Transformation Item: (Piece of Jewelry) A spiked collar with her birthstone. Other: Not that it comes up much, but Rebel is bisexual and polyamorous. @applesjck Name: Cosmic Stone Age: 17 Looks: Blue hair with thick darker blue highlights that reaches about a quarter of the way down her back. Hair is always styled cutely and she has bangs. Her clothing style is a mix of stuff that’d be considered trendy in the 90s and typical sporty outfits. She’s shorter than average, quite fit, and wears contacts because she absolutely hates her glasses. Personality: Cosmic is very loud and very protective of her friends. She has a very sarcastic sense of humour and likes to be the center of attention. She zones out a lot when she isn’t occupied with something and she’s a big daydreamer. She’s not very gifted academically, but she’s super street smart surprisingly well versed with the stars. She’s got a short temper but tries her best to keep it under control. Infused Animal: Arctic Fox Name: Twilight Looks: Hair becomes much darker in colour and much longer. It’s swept up into a high ponytail and is puffy in a way that’s similar to cotton candy. Two white ears stand atop her head and sprouts a puffy white tail on her lower back. Her outfit consists of a dark blue dress spotted with stars. Has a white center and a short, puffy skirt. Back of dress has a large white bow with the tails of the bow (curled) reaching down to her knees. Sleeves of the dress are puffy and short. Shoes of choice are white heels with straps that wrap up her legs, ending right below her knees. She wears white gloves that reach her elbows. Special Powers: Attacks with her “Fox-Fire” which is her ability to manipulate and create fire. Other Powers: Very enhanced speed, ability to create illusions, and can jump very high. Birthstone: Diamond (April) Transformation Item: White choker with a light blue gem at the center. Other: She finds it quite ironic that her personality is pretty much opposite to her magical girl name. She loves to stargaze in her freetime and she’s been a dancer for most of her life. Her favourite animal is cat, and her favourite colour is purple. She doesn’t pay attention in class and talks way too much, which leads to her getting in trouble with teachers a lot. -- Rules Read these rules Please remember that the villains will either die or be banished at some point. The order being Heather, Somber, Slate, then Stone. The Gray King will be defeated at the very end. Please be respectful to your fellow users, we won't all be able to reply as fast as lightning. Plus, time zones are a thing. No God Modding. You can play up to two characters. Contact me about any problems you have with the story, or if you have questions about a character. Please don't feel pressured to reply. We all move at our own pace, and sometimes thinking of a response can be hard. Swearing is prohibited. You may substitute said exclamation with words like "Fudge!" or "Fork!" I will be playing any backround/extra characters that might be needed, but to not recur. An example of this being an extra character shouting "look, what's that over there?" Please either tag or quote someone if you are interacting with their character, even if you all following the story. It makes it easier for that user to respond. Do not, under any circumstances, take control of a character that is not your own. When a villain has been KO'd, I shall cross a line through it. You MUST complete the fill-out sheet to apply You cannot use your magical girl name in your regular name. For example, your Magical Girl name could be "Noon." So your regular human name could not be "Noon Sparks" Have fun! -- RP Link:
  19. RP CHAT HERE: 1. Please do not be Overpowered 2. You may have up to 3 characters(I'm the exception due to being host) 3. Do not be rude to others out of character 4. Follow general decency rules. Character Form: Canon MLP, MLP OC, Canon Crossover(must be humanized), or Crossover OC: Name: Age: School(Canterlot and Crystal Prep are not the only schools you can use. You can make another school for your characters to be in, such as my Dreamland High that my characters go to.): Any Powers?: Form Examples/My Characters: Canon MLP, MLP OC, Canon Crossover, or Crossover OC: MLP OC Name: Heart Star Age: 16 School: Dreamland High Any Powers?: Can copy powers of other beings/weapons/elements, can fly on a Warp Star, can Pony-Up Canon MLP, MLP OC, Canon Crossover, or Crossover OC: Canon Crossover Name: Kirby Age: ??? School: Dreamland High Any Powers?: Can copy powers of other beings/weapons/elements, can fly on a Warp Star Canon MLP, MLP OC, Canon Crossover, or Crossover OC: Canon Crossover Name: Vice Principal M. Knight Age: ??? School: Dreamland High Any Powers?: Expert Swordsman
  20. This is an Advanced RP. [IC] So, since I did not have a chance to properly have fun with my adaptation of Velvet Crowe's character in a different RP, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, I could find an experienced roleplayer for a casual RP of above setting. The idea behind the RP is to have a story written by both roleplayers. What does it mean? While there will be a general story to follow, its conclusion will not be the main objective of it. They way everything will work is that any player, at any point when not taking part in an event belonging to another player, will be free to introduce plot twists, subplots, events and/or any number of NPCs they wish. NPCs will not require applications and can be recurring, secondary characters if need be. Shopkeepers, travellers, guards, whatever you wish. I always wanted to see how chaotic a book written by two different people would become. For countless years kingdom of Kaldonia shared in peace and prosperity, being one of the continent's main hubs of trade thanks to its central localization and access to sea at its northern borders. People prospered and townships were raised, wealth flew into the nation. Yet, nothing lasts forever. It was painfully obvious to the ruling elite that some of their neighbours had their eyes on the prosperous lands and riches hidden within the king's treasury. The tension built up slowly and friction appeared in diplomatic relations. Kaldonia was doing all in its might to gather allies and keep the status quo for as long as possible. Their strategy was working well, up until the prince was found dead in his quarters, cause of death stated being poisoning. The culprit was found, however he never betrayed who hired him. Sensing the moment was right, one of the two rivalling kingdoms of the west claimed the responsibility for the deed. The king had no choice. The nation was in turmoil and demanded revenge. Sheer peer pressure of his subjects forced him into a declaration of war. It was this, or losing faith of his people and risking infighting within kingdom. Nevertheless, ill prepared for the initial stages of war, Kaldonia sufferred several bitter losses while the two kingdoms, long ready for the eventuality of war, struck with surgical precision into its lands. Still, the kingdom's armies were vast in numbers and were soon sent to the front lines, pushing the enemies back before establishing a foothold. The war has now raged for 5 years, with none of the sides making greater advancements. Rumors said that both sides have recruited and deployed any and all combat specialists, magical users, spies and specialistic engineers to the wide battlefields. Some folk even wove stories of great silhouettes of dragons spitting fires from the skies, giant wolves tearing into enemy ranks or mystical snakes turning their victims into stone. While many of those creatures existed, it was a mystery if any of kingdoms managed to tame them and use them in combat. What was certain, however, was that the lands near Katalonia's border were scorched to the ground, soaked with mystical energies which filled the air with anomalies, making it a natural minefield. The land was now known simply as Forsaken Lands, the lands abandoned by regular folk. Everlasting flames, dead burnt carcasses of now empty buildings, hollowed and withered trees. It was a natural landscape. The war took a toll on kingdom, an influx of prisoners of war has increased the cost of life as well as army upkeep. The kingdom was faring fairly well however. While security within its borders was fairly lax, the border patrols themselves were increased and any newcomers scrutinized. Many were imprisoned even in spite of their innocence, some were actual spies. There were also those who had different crimes on their shoulders, but were accused of working for the enemy faction and thrown into jails as well. While most of the inmates gave in without a fight, there were some too proud and too strong to allow themselves wasting their lives within prison's stones. Two of such characters were currently stuck in one of highest security prisons in the land. And they seemed to have just about enough of this charade. And thus, the story begins... - Basic RP rules follow common sense. Godmodding against fellow player is frankly, prohibited. Against NPCs within reasonable amount. - Standard forum rules apply in terms of gore or any kinds of more saucy content. - Due to nature of RP, controlling other's characters will be allowed in reasonable amounts (if other side does not complain or not want to change it too much). The reason behind this decision is to have the interactions and scenes play out fluid. Knowing both characters at least a bit, one can even guess a few of their replies and it allows the user to keep the flow going. It also allows for interactions like running away and forcefully grabing the other character to run along with them, without artificially pausing the RP and killing the mood in the process, stoping the highly exciting moment in its tracks. - I do expect NPCs to die, however before deciding to eliminate an NPC introduced by other player, do discuss it first if the NPC will not be required anymore. - Characters are absolutely allowed to know things about their own past and know each other, either based on past mutual interactions or, should the be just accidental travellers meeting each other, through gossip/rumours/stories heard about somebody matching the description of the other PC character. This is to ensure fluid and natural interaction from the very start. - Regarding powers - since this is a fantasy setting (elves, dwarves, magic, artifacts, relics, think: any generic fantasy RPG or MMO), PC characters are completely allowed to be stronger than majority of other characters. However, the responsibility not to become an undefeatable character in the universe lies solely in the character owner's hands. Don't start each and every combat with a single sweep eliminating everyone, don't always have the upper hand. Suffer wounds and losses and then if you wish, defeat your opponent, it only helps to keep everything more realistic. - NO characters are omniscient - take notes and hints about what your character could know/hear/see/learn during the RP. If I starting thinking about betraying you your character does NOT suddenly become suspicious of my character and vice versa. We can know that OOC, but IC must be played out realistically. This applies to anything, not only example scenario provided above. - Realism within given setting - IF we decide that the power level of characters is capable of razing an entire village with a fireball, that does not mean you could go on a rampage and not get attention of entire kingdom as a wanted person upon doing this. Think. Figure out the consequences of your actions and how they will affect the future story of RP, as well as NPC disposition towards the characters. - Give me something to anchor my post in - while in some RPs a very short reply cuts it, I would very much prefer more detailed replies in here, even if it means typing them out would take more time. You can do nearly whatever, so don't leave me hanging. I need at least a few points I can choose to base my reply on, so that I feel I am given a freedom of choice on what I deem most important to react to. - At least a certain degree of realism - while getting out of every situation by, f.e., threats and violent solutions is certainly a viable option, it would not only not always fly, but also would make the RP single tracked. I do expect most of the time we might be itching to unleash our characters strengths and simply have fun roaming around with them, perhaps turning everything to ash, however an RP world is open and full of possibilities that would best not be wasted. - Natural interaction - our characters do NOT have to like each other or each other's decisions. This means they might sometimes want to go their separate ways (though it would be best if there was a common goal they are trying to achieve but in different ways). What this perhaps would mean would be a very short period of time where story splits for a very short moment as the two main characters split and go their own ways. They reunite afterwards in whatever the circumstances will feel most fitting (this could usually mean a time skip with retrospective posts afterwards). THIS ENTIRE OOC IS A DRAFT AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. What I mean is that all the ideas are not only not fully fleshed out in my mind, but I also want to take into consideration expectations YOU might have towards it to weave them into the description. If you ever decide to leave the RP, no problem! Considering the characters will most likely be accidental travellers or old acqueintances, you may choose to go your own way. I will then reopen the RP to anyobody else and give them a brief summary of what their character should, could and must know along with any major events that might have taken place. Characters: @Passion Velvet: @Catpone Cerberus Erwin:
  21. Roleplay: Welcome to the OOC thread for Into Darkness. I am still open to the idea of a second team of four. Current Members: @Drago Ryder @Acnologia @Meson Bolt @dragon4111 If you have already joined, I am looking forward to seeing how this project might progress, though there are some obligatory ground rules that must be covered - In order to avoid confusion, please post in the order of the list above. - Feel free to send ideas for subplots to me, and please ask before executing them - If you wish to leave the rp, please inform everyone - Aside from Beacon professors and Salem, the appearance of canon characters will be kept to a minimum The RP itself will be up shortly.
  22. This is the OOC for a currently closed RP between myself and Pripyat Pony. Chaos. The term strikes panic and fear into some, yet nobody seems to truly even understand it... let alone control it. But Diego can. And when the knowledge of this fact reaches certain ears, there will most certainly be a storm a-comin'. Though known as the local drunk, he still always seems alone in the crowd; unaccepted, even in the midst of them. Ignored... and usually, that's how he's grown to like it. The stigmata of his abilities never seem to bring him any luck or fortune. Adventure, however, is rarely held up by such things as 'ability' or 'location' or 'ambition'... or even 'willingness'... and as the hapless stallion is going to soon discover, when it calls, it can be a siren song... or a dirge... or possibly both. Will Diego rise to a challenge that looms heavy on the horizon, bringing his skills and talents into play for himself, his future, or even his sanity? A better question; will he live to tell the tale? CAST Diego (Pripyat Pony) - Chaos-wielding drunk Brandy Snifter (me) - Bartender/owner of HoozeBound's Sweet Cakes (me) - The dour waitress Wild Cherry (me) - The saucy waitress Trench Wallows (me) - Cook/dishwasher (Will add more as they're revealed.)
  23. @Renegade the Unicorn This is where all OOC chat will happen RP will happen HERE