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Found 1536 results

  1. @@Blitz Boom Here's the OOC thread, you already know the premise. Null and Void have been abducted by a secret science organization, now they look to escape. Here's the RP Thread!
  2. RP: Hi, so, I would like to RP with my new characters. And the idea is simple, a normal romance RP, we can make so both of us have 2 characters, or Sunlight x your character with Jade tagging along (they consider each other as siblings.) Things to know about my characters. 1. When in "disguise", they are basically indistinguishable from a normal pony. (they also have personalities and emotions like normal ponies.) 2. They eat, drink, sleep, etc. 3.The only real difference to a normal pony is that they aren't biological and have been build instead of being born (and don't age in the same way) 4. Has superior memory to normal ponies, otherwise their skills, senses etc. Are slightly above average at best. 5. Both know they are artificial, but they don't know exactly what they are (since Equestria doesn't have such technology) or why and by who they were created. And regardless of being artificial, they both want a normal life. Sunlight is more sensitive/anxious/self-judgemental about it than Jade.
  3. Link to RP: Me and Sherem this is the OOC page so no role playing in this part(That’s mostly just a reminder for myself) Changed title
  4. If anyone wants to join the open RP I've made it's already up! It's for pony/FiM characters only as well as anyone can join as long as they say they want to join here first. Also of course we should all keep things SFW and mind our manners. I'm sure you all know this by now. As for me, I'm the one who's built the RP so please be respectful when I try to keep things on topic and in line. I don't bite I promise. So without further ado, the RP is here:
  5. This will be the OOC thread for the RP titled "Meeting of the Minds" between myself and @Jedishy RP Link HERE
  6. Link to RP: This is the OOC/planning thread for the huggo-buggo rp between @~C. Discord~ and @PathfinderCS.
  7. This is the OOC for the group/open/public RP I am making centred on my oc Rayven Starsheild RP Thread HERE
  8. DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3

    OOC Shipwreck Roleplay

    Here is our OOC discussion for the roleplay. We can plan the rest here. Link to RP:
  9. @Kitty_Cat Here is the OOC for the RP, Link to the actual RP is HERE
  10. This will be the OOC for the In Search of a New Home Rp Rp HERE
  11. This thread is now closed. Thanks to everyone that made my first RP as DM a huge success. Those interested in having one of your own, come back in October 2018. It was just a normal day when you happened to come across a paper. Intrigued by its colorful design you decide to take a closer look, it reads: Do you want to make friends, Explore new lands, and Experience different cultures as well as show others the joys of your own hometown? Then participate in the first ever All Equis Cultural Exchange. To participate all you need to do is write a letter about yourself including the following: Your name, your race, and your age. Be sure to describe yourself, including a picture if possible. And finally be sure to include your location, ability to host a guest in return is a requirement for participation. All ages may participate, children must have their parents' permission to enter. Once you have submitted a letter you will be paired with another of similar age who wishes to share their culture with you. You will have a few weeks time to interact via letter prior to the official exchange, then you and your pairing will each host the other for one week in your respective home towns. You look around at your hometown and think, Why not? End Prompt Well, here goes nothing then. Like it says in the prompt I will accept just about any OC, just make sure you provide a good description and you'll probably get in. Any questions, comments, and concerns you may have feel free to let me know, this is the first RP I've started. RP Threads Swift Message and Midnight Madness Ended for Inactivity Swift Message and Cecil Hoofer Ended for Inactivity Carbon Copy and Shamrock Shambles Ended for Inactivity Carbon Copy and Soprano Allegro Ended by Mutual Agreement Illiad Easle and Dax Blackwater Selena Diamond and Sapphire Snow Ended for Inactivity Alicorn Illiad and Dawn Fukamoto Ended for Inactivity Glen Conagher and Serenity Crescent Ended for Inactivity Midnight Star and Copper Strikes Ended, Parallel Divergence Midnight Star and Bracket Sparks Midnight Star and Argante Ended for Inactivity Ætheron and Wrathius Ended for Inactivity
  12. Ugh! I’ve been dying to rp with someone for ages! I’d like someone to rp with me in a 1 x 1 (because having more than one person absolutely confuses me 9.6). I don’t really care where we start nor do I care too much about who you will be in the rp (if it is an OC however, please send link so I can confirm.) Heres the link to the OC I will be using: IC: For Jedishy:
  13. OOC discussion for The Waluigipocolypse.
  14. This is the OOC for Close Encounters of the Past Rp with Dynamo Pad RP Thread HERE
  15. I've been wanting to start roleplaying but I feel like I wouldn't fit in with people who have been doing it for a long time. So I'm looking for people who haven't roleplayed before and would be interested in starting together! If you'd want to just comment and I'll get everyone together on a PM to start off!
  16. For the 'Worst Nightmare ever' Private RP. If you'd like to join, please post here. Experienced and serious RPer's only please. @Loyal Defender RP Link:
  17. "And remember! Study groups are fun and effective!" - Some Purple Horse So, stupid idea. Over here is a RP thread taking place in the Friendship School's library. If you want to collaborate with other posters to find answers to the questions to the challenge, head on over there - as yourself. Either that, or your forum persona. One rule I can think of is, in-character, you can't look up the actual episode videos. Either they don't exist or you don't know the password to the school's wi-fi - whatever works, or rather, prevents if from working >;} Of course, if you want to look stuff up out of character, I can't stop you {and it's all chronicled in the books themselves - feel free to make them up}, but it might be fun to find out what we can do with our combined trivia knowledge. See you there!
  18. RP:Defenders of Equestria Hello and welcome potential defenders. I am looking for 1 to 5 people who are up for an adventure in a human version of Equestria. Plot: our characters(they are in their teens) are defenders in training under the mentorship of an experienced Defender(I'll reveal them when I get into characters), when strange things begin to happen and its up to our characters to stop it. Ok so where everyone is at is they start in their homes(after the first day they will be in dorms with one of there teammates the male characters can choose but Dawn and Heart Star will be roommates due to them being the only girls. So here is the things about this world you need to know. This equestia is like the mlp universe and the Rwby universe had a baby this is the best way to put it right now, basically think of a steampunk-ish version of equestria. Ok so i probably should have put this in the first post. But all humans have magic naturally no need for special items. Takes place in Canterlot but can lead to other places. This Equestria is infested with many monsters of Dark magic called Soulless that vary in shape, size, and power There are three races of humans: *star(unicorns) have a deep connection to magic making them lack endurance. *Sky(Pegasus) what they lack in strength they make up for in speed. *Stone(Earth ponies) the most durable of the three races, they lack the magic connection the Star have and the speed the Sky have Ok so physical differences between the three races are as followed. Star(unicorn): have glowing eyes and their mark(cutie mark) is on their back. Sky(pegasus): slim and short build for speed and maneuverability. Have the ability to fly for short periods using a pair of magic wings that appear on their back. Their mark is on their left shoulder. Stone(Earth): stone are larger than the other two races by one to two feet. Their mark is on their right ankle. Now for the fun part, your characters need a weapon (medival mixed with modern) only limitation here is no heavy weapons (ie rockets, miniguns, lasers) Next ur character needs a special power(it does not have to be on their character page) limits no reality warping or super op powers, also all powers have a limit. Ok so here is the character list (i'll list the mentor here) Player Characters *Brave Dawn-she is a thin lightly tan girl who uses a large Claymore sword. She has the ability to create blades out of stone. Limit 2 at a time. *Mike Mcguffin- uses a short sword called Jennifer, has the ability to conjure a shield out of energy (it is just to give him something that doesn't rely on his sword) Limit: will dissipate if hit with enough force *Will Guide-wields a simple broad sword, possesses the ability to change into anything he sees as long as its around his height or smaller. Limit can't stay transformed for more than 30 minutes or it will make his powers disappear for an hour *Heart Star-has no weapon buy can summon copies of an enemies weapon. * Winter Bolt- uses a wooden cane, has the ability to use ice magic. Limit see his character post on page two by jedishy * Blu Traincrown- wields a gold scepter and has the ability to control the mind of a single bring for only two hours. Mentor *Mystic Moon-a pale woman who looks around the age of 19, she uses a silver gunblade and possesses the power called copy cat she can mimic the powers of others
  19. --> The IC Thread --> Hopefully this ain't breaking any rules, so here goes - a thread {or I dunno, threads if things turn out that way} for a free-for-all, no-constraints in-character thread. Come as whatever you want, up to and including yourself if you feel like it. The fourth wall, as well as laws of physics or realism, is not so much optional as a vague and inconvenient notion. Talk to other people's characters, talk to your own characters, sing, party, have a funeral for a rubber ducky, do whatever you want. Be wordy enough to make Tolstoi throw in his pen, make three-word replies, whatever suits you. The only rule {other than, y'know, the global ones} is don't be a jerk to other players. Characters are fair game {including your own, so beware!}, but don't be unkind to people behind the screen. Also, please don't make me make more than one rule.
  20. @Scare Effect Here's the OOC thread for ehe upcoming provate, sci-fi rp, "Home amongst the Stars", with me and Scare Effect telling the story. IC link
  21. @Techno Universal Let's get started.Shall we? Star has a confused past.She has no idea who or what she is.She appears as a alicorn with a black coat and mane.She has star's all over her mane,tail,and coat,which is where she got her name.She has violet eyes most of the time but when she is angry,or using a lot of her magic her iris's turn into fire.She has many abilities that say she is not a true pony.A few are she has healing powers,is immortal,can perform any magic(Including Changeling Magic),and can perform something only she can do called "Soul Shard",in which she splits herself into multiple her's that are still "Her" but can think and act themselves.Shehas been followed by a strange pony for a long time.The pony has been attacking her,and then after a few minutes,leaves.She has no idea why. Beginning of the Roleplay The pony attacked her again,but this time he took most of her power away and locked it in a crystal.As he was leaving she shattered the crystal and ran off with 4 of the 8 shards.She doesn't like that it feels as if he let her leave...She does have some powers left including her healing, and she can do magic but it drains her.She also is virtually immortal,she can be injured but will not age.They are in a enchanted forest.She has no idea what to do so she keeps running. I copied and pasted it.Anyway,I was thinking maybe after she runs,she falls unconscious and Techno finds her.But I don't know.Do you want to use this beginning,or what do you want?
  22. Firstly note: Name is W.I.P if you don't want to join and just have a better idea for a name please do... seriously I suck at names XD. So basically this is a wild wacky multiverse adventure with magic, star trek style pseudo science and star wars style battles, where the mood can swiftly change and allies can become enemies. With references around every corner, a wide variety of fun characters and vital lore ripped straight from over games/movies because: "Hey originalities dead". This will have lots of action and comedy with the characters being thrust from there respective universes and thrown into a world where they are completely out numbered and lots of people will likely want them dead. I may also put in some 'puzzles' and I use the term lightly, more like scenarios which may have a slightly better/easier solution if you can work it out, as well as that the choices you make will very much have an effect on the state of the multiverse around you. This is also a reboot, because I wasn't happy with how I started things off and it made things hard for the players (such as finding it hard to post). My aim for this RP is to create a role play in which the characters (that's you!) have as much free rain as possible, where you aren't stuck to a linear story and can only really make certain choices, so while there is an over arching story the RP, the effect the characters have on it, as well as what actually happens will depend on the choices you make. One way I'm going to try to do this is by letting you guys decide what kind of place you want to go to, and making a story around that. For example, your friends are in a battle, you could help out in some way, or you could not take part and instead go on a separate adventure which might cause your friends to lose. Onto the next topic, characters. Firstly I would like to (some what ironically ask) for no ponies, just for the fact that due to the kind of setting the RP will be based in it wouldn't be very nice for the pony, a lot of making fun of and such, apart from that anything generally humanoid is fine. Also your character can be from any universe, whether from something like an anime, or even one you've made up yourself this can go onto explain what powers/abilities (if any) your character has. Also you can have as many characters as you like, I would say around 3 would be the ideal max, but if you think you can play more, then be my guest. If you would now direct yourself slightly lower down the page and I shall show you good people how to sign up, if you would like to. Application: Name: Age: Appearance: Personality: Alignment: This is like Chaotic good, Lawful evil that kind of thing. Class: This can be anything it's just something which easily sums up your characters skills. Primal attunement: This is basically what element your character is most in-sync with and this can be anything e.g: Light, Dark, nature, metal, logic(technology). Also note this is optional and your character doesn't even need to have any skill with it/even know they have it. If you like it can lead up to powers they may get later on. Universe: I quick little summery of the kind of universe your character comes from. Backstory: What heart retching tragedy confines your character in their own personal darkness, alternatively, if you want to do for something a little less DC, what's up with your character, who are they? What do they do? Other: Basically anything else you feel like adding. Side note with characters: No over powered god characters, so a character can be powerful, but leave some space for progression so your not going to be ripping apart planets or devouring universes. Another note is that not characters which can hop dimensions or bend space-time at will or anything like that, because if a character is pulled away from their home dimension but can go back at a click of their fingers, it makes everything a little pointless. Anyway, I believe that is everything. Please feel free to ask any questions. :3 RP:
  23. Ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? The golden orb, one of the most prized of the crowned jewels has been stolen. But it is not the orb itself to be worried about, it is the ruby that is on the top of the orb; the largest ruby known to ponykind. Princess Celestia has chosen SIX ponies, one from each part of Equestria; Crystal Empire, Ponyville, Phillydelphia, Canterlot, Manehatten, and Appleoosa. Now, the six chosen must work as a team to recover a jewel before a team of dastardly villains can uncover the hidden powers of the ruby. Are you up for it? OC List- Crystal Empire: Ursa (Emerald<3) Ponyville: Dynamo Pad (Dynamo Pad) Phillydelphia: Corners (MisterRe) Canterlot: Crystal Clear (Lloyd) Manehatten: Arrow (Lucid_Nightlight) Appleoosa: Mike McGuffin Pr0m4NV14) Note: I will be doing the writing for the evil doers, as well as the Princesses. Rules- No killing OCs (including the bad guys). No Alicorns or creatures with god-like powers. Only use ponies, please. Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. Also, when you speak use quotation marks and thoughts in italics. I cannot stress that enough. Character Sheets: Name: Age: Town: (Pick one of the available slots above). Race: Looks: Backstory: Other: Side note- if you have a character page for your OC you could use that in place of filling out the character sheet. Although, you would still need to answer question three. Thank you, and I hope you participate! ~Emerald<3