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Found 1535 results

  1. This is the Out-Of-Character thread for Renewal of an Age. Here, things will be discussed, plans made, and ideas formed. Expect this topic to be expanded as more information becomes available and the roleplay progressions. This roleplay is structured between a Tabletop RP and an Advanced RP, though it leans toward the latter. As such, it will be found in the Advanced Roleplay section, although a link is provided. New Members: Potential new players must submit the characters they will play as in this thread, after having read this to get an understanding of this adventure as well as how it will be structured. Time Period: This story is set within an almost entirely AU timeline. As such, many of the events happening in the series will not happen here. As for the current time period, this is set after the events of the Changeling Invasion; disregard the events of all episodes past that. Information: Sometimes, information the characters do not know will be said inside messages. This is for players to keep in mind, though their actions can not be built around this knowledge. Important: Wording is everything in this adventure. The way you word your message will decide whether the plans fails horribly or succeeds perfectly. Think before you post! Current Players: Alex Van Gamer- Alex Van Gamer Loud Opinion- Blue Thorn Jedishy- Winter Bolt Strong Copper- Strong Copper woodchunks66- Survivor Hoof Link to the Roleplay Thread: Here!
  2. This is the OOC for 1x1 RP between me and @Yuu Xeno RP:
  3. Third time the charm. I keep it short, some kind of portal(s) appear in Equestria leading to our world and my character (and possibly yours) end up going through by accident (she/they stay as ponies), and a human (your character (you can make a pony character as a second character too)) finds her (or them) and acts accordingly. ( or we can both make both human and pony character) my character !!!!!!I'm in the army at the moment (from moment of posting, about 1.5 months left) so my activity will be....alternating, i may post several times a day, I may not post for few weeks, but you can rest assured that I Will Not Abandon The RP. !!!!!!2 For that same reason, lot of my posts will be written on mobile with limited time, so the quality may and will suffer from that. RP:
  4. The RP: This Thread is now officially the OOC for the MLP Magic Academy RP. We are still open for anyone who would still like to join. Please post in here if you would like to do so. Long story short, the RP is set in Equistria and is about a special Magic Academy. This academy is not too unlike Celestia's Magic school but is considered a lot tougher. The school has dormatories and everypony lives on campus. The location of the Magic Academy is in Equistria along one of it's borders. However, it's not just for Magic users, "aka Unicorns/Alicorns" as the school also teaches 'potions' for anypony who's not magically inclined... Ofcourse, the potions majors are typically seen as the 'lower class'. The head mare of the school is an OC I created named: Sunshine Daisy. (pic to come soon.) She's a Unicorn who can be pretty strict as with the school. There will also be an interesting 'mystery' going on about the school. Now, for the most part, I will also be controlling all 'known' characters from the TV series. While they may make appearances, they will take on a minor role. (but really unless I have a reason/SL for one of them to show up... they'll most likely not make an appearance.) So the list of things for your character(s): -For now a max of 3 characters per person. If you're active enough and you want to more, let me know and I'll see about it. -No Alicorns. Your OC cannot be a Alicorn. I'm sticking to the FIM series and only having the 5 Alicorns. -If you wish, and I think you can do it justice, you may pick a known character to use in the RP. However, I will need a good reason to why they'd be joining the school. Just note, that you may not choose Princess Celestia, Princess Luna or Discord. -Spike... pretty much, if you want to play as Spike... I prefer that either, you pick up Twilight as well, or that someone already has Twilight. Primarily because I'm grouping these two together and Spike would only join the school as an assistant to Twilight. Ofcourse, you will need a pretty good reason as to having Twilight Join. Which we can discuss if you want to play as Twilight. -Dropping a 'Known' character... Pretty much if you are RPing as a known character and you leave the RP, the control of said character will return to me. This is also true if you simply do not wish to continue RPing as said known character but still wish to continue with the RP. Even if you wish to give the character to someone else... they (or both of you) will need to contact me and I will allow or disallow the transfer. -Only Ponies. In keeping with the FIM series, I'm adding this because from what I understand, there really isn't other school's that offer enrollment to non-ponies, not counting Twilight's school of friendship. The only exception to this rule would be explained above. -For now, I would prefer your OC to not be from like an alternate dimension. While this is a preference, I can deny a character by this if I choose. It really depends on the rest of the character tbh. But again, please avoid them being from another dimension. -I will be restricting ponies of a younger age. (CMC age or younger) I prefer they be around the Mane 6's age or older. But exceptions can be made. -Now, as stated above, Pegasus and Earth Ponies are allowed to attend the school. But remember their primary study is potions. They will not be having any classes in which they will learn magic. Only Unicorns will have Magic based classes. (Yes I know my OC Shadow Flare breaks this rule... but... I'm making it an exception for the RP.) -If you like, you may have one of your characters be a member of the Academy Facilty. I can give you more details if you're interested. But I do want more people as Students than facilty. -Remember you may choose rather they are new to the school or been there awhile. For the most part it's up to you. But Senoirs (as in nearly complete) aren't allowed. (yes you can eventually get to being one... but not at the start of the RP.) -Romances are allowed. Obviously stick to the site rules when it comes to them. -Leaving the RP, felt I'd go ahead and add this in here so you know. But if you're going to leave the RP, please not only let me know, but write out your character. Or give me permission to do so. And unless you specifically ask for something else, I'll have the character get expelled from the Academy and they'll get their things and leave. If at some point you wish to return to the RP, then we can work something out. Anyways, if I'm forgetting something. I'll be sure to add it. So let me know if you're interested. (ok... I don't know what's going on... But those 'link' things first overlapped then deleted part of my post... so I have to retype the part out... assuming I can remember it all. But if I remember) My main character(s) will be Shadow Flare and Solar Spout. Their sheets can be found below (and Sunshine Daisy's when I finisher hers.)
  5. -PRINCESS CELESTIA'S SCHOOL FOR GIFTED PONIES- Princess Celestia has opened a school for gifted ponies in Ponyville. (not only unicorns but also for everypony.) Her school is for everyone to discover their own talent. From foals to earn their cutie marks and for the grown-up stallions and mares to find their own real destiny. She expects to see every pony join with their OCs or as a canon. This will be a school role play for everyone who can attend and act like they are having their school life as their OCs or Canon characters. The school is located in Ponyville. Do not forget, you do not know your main talent or ambition, if your OC already has, act like he/she didn't have it yet so he/she attended to this school to earn it. If you are a canon be creative also. <3 Rules; -This is an open RP, everypony can join. -Please only include races that are official by MLP Show. -No first come first serve, everyone can be a second Fluttershy, or a Rainbow Dash if they want to. -No +18 subjects, no swearing, no gore. -No overpowered ponies. -No alicorn OCs. No canon relative OCs. No Princesses and royals and royal villains. (excluding Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance and Twilight Sparkle, unicorn version.) So no Princess Twilight Sparkle. -This is not Equestria Girls, a school in Ponyville played as ponies. -Forum rules are also same with here. -You can either be a teacher or a student. You can't be a principal or principal assistant until you want to add Princess Luna, Cadance or Celestia to your RP paragraph. You only have two options. -There are break times, lunch break and dormitories too. Feel free to start them up whenever you are. This is not a lesson RP only this is a school RP. You can stay in dorms or in your homes if you live in Ponyville. Up to you. -Feel free to ask any questions here about RP or your character on the comments, but please reread the rules, maybe we got your answer already. -Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about the RP. -As a custom teacher, you can have a custom lecture(s) which can refer to basic races and not for all. However until it is flying or casting magic, do not attempt to separate the students at all. They are all equal. ^^ Basically, all you have to do is to follow the flow of the Roleplay and continue. Bullying is allowed until you swear or bully the out of character person. Enjoy and have fun! Join the RP here:
  6. RP This is a reboot of an RP I started two years ago that Died due to financial problems and a broken laptop. Now here is the rundown of the premise it is similar to the original Long ago, before the rule of Celestia and Luna even before the rule of Discord, The world was a much harsher version than it is now. Evil roamed the land killing any pony that crossed its path in response to this ponies with extraordinary abilities were born and were Know as heroes, these heroes united to vanquish the evil in the world. once the deed was done the heroes were attacked by the ponies they once protected this action left only a handful of heroes left. This is a story that tells the tale of the Last Heroes who came together to stop the greatest Threat the world has ever known. Sign up directions: Okay the basic stuff like a link to your OC, No Alicorn characters please, No super OP characters. Hero Characters Slots Live Wire Shadow Beast Villain The Masked King
  7. Before I begin explaining this rp let me Specify something You do not have to have prior knowledge of Fire emblem to join. Everything should be explained below Introduction *Minor* spoilers for Fire emblem fates revelations ahead Alright so I had an idea for a roleplay based off of the popular Japanese strategy game Fire emblem, FE Fates to be more precise So In Fire Emblem units (AKA you guys) start off as a basic class such as archer or knight and can advance to like a sniper or paladin (If you dont know what class you'll be I'll help get you assigned one) (Also some ponies may need special classes to fit their bio like mine are going to be a special class I'll get to how that works later) However the RP will attempt to function off of the game play however that's very stat and luck based so I'll attempt to fix that up so we can use it, but I love the concept of classes and skills and stuff like that so that'll stay In fire emblem Fates there are 2 countries at war Nohr and Hoshido or in the case of this role play The Lunar republic or the Solar empire Characters such Luna and Celestia are leaders in thier respective country and the mane six are split between them (refered to as royals), each of these charters are going to have 2 "retainers" or servants who protect them during battle with their lives They start avanced classes, others are just troops in the battle and will need to use a master seal to rank up Here's the cast so far. And in the spoiler a reference if you haven't played fire emblem so you can learn about all the skills and such Solar Empire Specializes in Skill, Speed, and Magic "Royals" and retainers Celestia: Hoshido Noble (Special) (Played by :Myself (For story reasons)) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Magic: Fireball, Seraphim Staff: Recover, Physic Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Hosidan unity, Alicorn(Dragon) ward, Sol(No Hp Cost) S-rank: Celestia's Retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Twilight sparkle: Sorcerer Weapons: Magic Spells: Fireball, Lightning Personality: Devoted partner (Only affects Celestia) Skills: Heartseaker, Malefic aura, Ignis (Cost 5 Hp), Rally spectrum S-rank: Twilight's retainers Trixie: Sorcerer Weapon: Magic Spells: Fireball, Excalibur Personality: Fierce rival Skills: Magic+2, Seal Magic, Tome Breaker, Rally Magic Shady Deceit: Butler Weapon: Flame Shuriken Spells: Recover Personality: Heartful Soul: Shady cannot initiate attacks, and can only counterattack, however, when attacked, takes 80% less damage for any attacks after the first. (So if he were being doubled, the second attack would do a ton less) Skills: Miracle, Gentillehomme and Live to Serve Rarity: Songstress (Special) Weapon: Spears Personality: Singer (units can move again if she sings to them) Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring song, Voice of peace, Foreign pony. S-rank: None Rarity's retainers Spike: Dragon (Special)) Weapons: Breath attacks Personality: Prodigy Skills: Profiteer, Grizzly wounded, Beast bane, Spendthrift (retainer 2) Pinkie Pie: Maid Weapons: Knifes, Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Fortify Personality: Sweet tooth Skills: Live to serve, Future sight, Rend heaven, Dancing Blade S-rank: Pinkie's retainers Cheese Sandwich: Spear master Personality: Pride Weapon: Spears Skills: Seal Defence, Spearfaire, Salvage Blow, Swap (retainer 2) Solar Empire army: (Open slots) Lunar Rebublic: Specializes in Strength, Defense, Resistance "Royals" and retainers Luna: Nohr Noble (Special) (Played By: Star48955) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Spells: Fireball, Nosferatu(Drains Hp) Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Alicorn(Dragon) Hex, Luna(Cost 4 HP) S-Rank: None Luna's Retainers Maple Bat: Vampire Archer (Special)(Played By: Myself) Weapons: Fangs(Drains Hp), Bow Personality: Optimistic Pessimist (see Below) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle, Galeforce Healthlife: Sorcerer Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Aura (Given by Staff) Skills: Renewal, Amaterasu, Replicate(Halfs Hp and gives it to the replica.) and Countermagic Personality: Healing Descant Weapons: A light-purple crystal staff. Fluttershy: Priestess (Played by: MoTusNua) Weapons: Bows and Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Rescue, Fortify. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Miracle, Bowfaire, Renewal, Rally Luck S-Rank: Discord, Child: Maple Bat Fluttershy's Retainers Discord: Dark Falcon Weapons: Spears, Tomes Spells: Aura, Ragnarok Personality: Playthings Skills: Relief, Galeforce, Speed +2, Rally movement Silga Singawald: Merchant Weapons: Bows and spears Personality: Fiery Blood Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Rainbow Dash: Falcon knight Weapons: Spears and Healing staffs Personality: Competitive Skills: Pass, Astra(Cost 10 Hp), Counter, Inspiration S-rank: None RD's retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Applejack: Berzerker Weapon: Axe Personality: In extremis Skills: Skill+2,HP+2,Savage blow,Axefaire S-rank: None AJ's Retainers BigMac: General Weapon: Spears Personality: Chivalry Skills: Wary fighter, HP+5, Resist +2, Defense +2 (retainer 2) Lunar Rebulic Army: Silens Solis: Troubadour Weapons: Staffs Staffs:Recover, Physic. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Ajax: Outlaw Weapons: Bows Personality: Fearsome Blow Skills: Movement +1, Lunge While the mane focus of this roleplay may seem like a Celestia vs Luna thing, however, I'm going to follow the Revelations mane quest line where there's a 3rd group which both Nohr and Hoshido work together to beat. So while which team isn't the most important thing still there are advantages in both and the differences will cause infighting during the quest Story Beginning This third party seems almost not real to any pony who goes up against it. They can feel a presence and see the enemy in their mind but there is no physical appearance, however, seeing it in your mind basically means that it is visable but to only you. They have been attacking equestria for some time now, The Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire have stopped fighting to search for the sorce of these "Invaders" As they where called Joining in Are you joining with one (or more) of your Amazing Ocs? Things I'll need Name of character: Race: Slot you want if any are available: Character page link (or description on this OOC) Preferred classes: 2 possible per OC, One you are and one you can become with a Heart seal Help on classes If your character needs to be a special class tell me and, If your not sure a class at all I'll gladly help out And I'll need your 2 skills (4 for advanced characters)(Skill aren't class specific like in the game just make it fit you Oc) plus a personality skill (which you can make up or use one that exist) And weapons that your unit will use. PS: only pegasi can be Flying units and Unicorns can only be Mages, in addition, you're class doesn't determine which side you're on Is Your character another character's child? If the answer is yes then you can still join however you must wait until your characters mother S-ranks with somepony else (cannon or non-cannon) (Father needs to be flexible) then you can be added in via a quest Things about child units: 1. They can be Any class like normal but can heart seal change to what their parents are (So they can be 3 classes) 2. At least 2 of their skills need to be from the father and mother of the unit (one for each parent) 3. Siblings are allowed 4. Children units can't have children (to avoid confusion) (look at my example for details) OR Do you want to be one of the Cannon characters? Well If positions are open then just post who you want to play as however I'm limiting Cannon characters to one per person for the sake of fairness but you can play a cannon character and have an OC in it too If you want to be Fluttershy or Discord, you have to be able to roleplay the Fluttercord ship meaning that you must refer to each other being married and no NSFW please and thanks. That's currently the only S-rank(or marriage) but there can more as the story progresses, just introduce me to the character and I'll see what I can do Special Classes Theses classes are mostly meant to be classes that are not obtainable by the general army only 3 or 4 ponies normally, these can include classes that aren't officially in Fire emblem Offical special classes. These classes include both of the Nobles, Wolfskin and wolfssengner, Kitsune and Ninetails and any class categorized as other The Nobles: Luna, Celestia and their kids only Wolfskins and Wolfssengner: (Open slots) Kitsune and Ninetails: (Open slots) Songstress: Rarity and her kids only Non-official Special classes The non-official special classes I will provide a brief summery on each of them Vampire Archer (Flying) (Advanced): Maple Bat only. Weapons: Fangs and Bows Dragons (Advanced)(Open): Spike Weapons: Breath attacks More up for debate just mention it what it is it's weapons (3 max)and skills (2 max) and I'll see if I like it. Example of an Oc application My Oc Name: Maple Bat Race: Vampire fruit bat pony Slot: Luna's retainer 1 Character Page: Classes: Vampire Archer (Heart seal: Priestess, Dark falcon) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle(Fluttershy) and Galeforce(Discord) Personality Skill: Optimistic Pessimist, Maple when helping others attack will deal 10 damage but may attack the assisted pony (Chance= 50% -resist) Weapons: Bat Fangs and Her bow the Heart's Eclipse (A Crescent bow) The part you where all waiting for Combat system. So I finally decided on how it'll work. It will work by you declare you attack and the enemy may strike you back. All damage calculation is done manually on my end. Spellcasters may do more with certain spells than capable with certain weapons however it costs them hp. There are 3 things that are important to know weapon range, Crit rate, and multiple hits Weapon range: is if you will or will not get attacked back when you attack an enemy which is determined by your weapon: Melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Spears): Can only counterattack other melee weapons. Thrown Weapons: (Special Spears and Axes) Can counter attack Melee and Magic attacks Bows: Can counterattack Magic and thrown Weapons. Magic: Can counterattack thrown and Melee weapons. Staffs: Cannot attack or counterattack. Critical hits: When a player attacks an enemy there will a chance of them landing a critical hit dealing 3x as much damage as normal or with Killer weapons 4x as much damage. Whether or not you crit is determined on 3 dice you must get 3 6's that I will roll for each hit in combat. 2 dice if you use a Killer weapon. Multiple hits: Players can gain the upper hand by hitting twice due to them having more speed (Max hits 4). This is determined on your class and works on a class by class basis. SO that's something you just need to look at logically. Like a Dragon wouldn't go faster than a pegasus knight. Rough speed chart < means will hit twice. Armored < Mages < Hero type classes < Archers < Flying classes RP Link: We started meaning for now all uncontrolled characters will be played by me (Only when necessary). HOWEVER, If you are reading this and want to join as a cannon I can just put here that you control them now and let you take over. Plus we will always be accepting new members And I think that's it Questions are welcome, recommendations for cannon characters to be added are requested, and feel free to join.
  8. OOC chat! For you know...OOC stuff :/ What'd you expect?
  9. Alright, here we go! I guess just post some info about your OC. A sheet if you have one.
  10. Aight, put the characters here, along with just the normal stuff for OOC's Human Character Name-Rhett Blake Bishop Gender-Male Age-29 Height-6'1/2 Appearance-Rhett has curly brown hair that reaches his shoulders, bright blue eyes and a soft, but serious face. He mostly wears some sort of flannel and blue jeans, along with black boots. He has a few scars, a small one across his nose and two on his back. Also, he has a tattoo sleeve down his right arm and a small hoop in each ear. Personality-He is calm, usually being the smartest guy in the room. When he is confronted, he will try to work things out in a peaceful way if possible, but won't back down from the alternative. He has Aspergers, which makes it hard for him to communicate with new people and even harder to seem friendly, as years of surviving shaped him differently than before. However, he has the tendency to become enraged when someone makes fun of him, even if it was a joke. Gear-An M16A4 with a Comp-Aimpoint sight and a vertical fore-grip, and four magazines. An Ithca model 37 with a flashlight, and twenty-five 12 gauge shells. A Sig Sauer P226 with a supressor, and three magazines. Lastly, a forged steel Kukri, with an ergonomic handle and sheath. Good Traits-Good with guns, knows how to cook, loves playing guitar. Has a nice way with words, like-able and very proficient in medicine. Bad Traits:Has a bad knee, doesn't do good in hostile situations, and can't seem to get a good night's rest. He tends to get carried away, can be a little annoying at times and lots of nitpicks.
  11. @Raven Rawne Here’s the OCC to our new RP! Link to RP Based in Canterlot, the The Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures just got two new members! The new recruits will face problems, adventures, and assignments all dealing with the diplomacy between ponies and the other fantastic beasts of Equestria. Characters: Frenzy Bolt Clarity Creature Index: Moonskrat, Page 1 Rhynosaurus, Page 1
  12. This is the OOC thread for my TwoKinds Rp with @GodLovesPonies RP Thread Here
  13. This is the OOC thread for my TwoKinds inspired RP with @Kitsune* RP Thread HERE
  14. Please note: We are currently full on people and so will not be accepting new applications from anyone else. Firstly note: Name is W.I.P if you don't want to join and just have a better idea for a name please do... seriously I suck at names XD. So basically this is a wild wacky multiverse adventure with magic, star trek style pseudo science and star wars style battles, where the mood can swiftly change and allies can become enemies. With references around every corner, a wide variety of fun characters and vital lore ripped straight from over games/movies because: "Hey originalities dead". This will have lots of action and comedy with the characters being thrust from there respective universes by a quack pot scientist with a little to much time on his hands and thrown into a world where they are completely out numbered and lots of people will likely want them dead. I may also put in some 'puzzles' and I use the term lightly, more like scenarios which may have a slightly better/easier solution if you can work it out, as well as that the choices you make will very much have an effect on the state of the multiverse around you. Onto the next topic, characters. So firstly I would like to (some what ironically ask) for no ponies, just for the fact that due to the kind of setting the RP will be based in it wouldn't be very nice for the pony, a lot of making fun of and such, apart from that anything generally humanoid is fine. Also your character can be from any universe, whether from something like an anime, or even one you've made up yourself this can go onto explain what powers/abilities (if any) your character has. If you would now direct yourself slightly lower down the page I shall show you good people how to sign up, if you would like to. Application: Name: Age: Appearance: Personality: Alignment: This is like Chaotic good, Lawful evil that kind of thing. Class: This can be anything it's just something which easily sums up your characters skills. Primal attunement: This is basically what element your character is most in-sync with and this can be anything e.g: Light, Dark, nature, metal, logic(technology). Also note this is optional and your character doesn't even need to have any skill with it/even know they have it. If you like it can lead up to powers they may get later on. Universe: I quick little summery of the kind of universe your character comes from. Other: Basically anything else you feel like adding. Anyway, I believe that is everything. Please feel free to ask any questions. :3 RP: Edit: Also please no overly powerful God characters, if a character was to become supremely powerful like that I would prefer them to become it slowly overtime rather than starting all power so there can be progression. Edit : Multiple characters per person is allowed
  15. RP Link: Just looking for a casual RP with someone who is looking to have a fun time. With some possible romance and drama you never know what might happen!! I am up for doing an anthro style if you are, either way I am just excited to get my OC out there. XD If you are interested in RPing with Kitsune let me know! -Location(s): Ponyville, Manehattan, Canterlot -Plot: After settling down in Ponyville Kitsune is excited, but anxious to get out and meet some new friends. She has been so focused on work lately that she hasn't made time for herself. She is needing to get out there and just see what happens. She decides to take a few weeks off from work, there weren't any new plays or concerts that were going to be starting soon so she had some free time anyway. "No more excuses Kity, it's now... or never."
  16. RP What does a former villain do for redemption? Due to their past sins will they ever be able to prove to everypony they can change? will there ever be someone else like them? Redemption is an Action adventure roleplay that focuses on a villain's struggle to change to the side of good. Characters The Alpha
  17. Alright, @LPS MLP this is the OOC for our role play!
  18. Welcome to the Smash Plaza Registration Center. Here, you can register a character for the Smash Plaza RP as well as Stages and Businesses. There will be 3 types of characters to choose from. -Fighters: These guys will be able to participate in a Smash Tournament whenever they want or can do non-tournament matches at any time. -Bosses: These guys are supposed to be the toughest around & will occasionally be in a match. -Civilians: A character of this type can have a job if the user registers their character as a Civilian. They won't be able to participate in Smash Tournaments though. There will be 5 Final Smash Types Final Smash types: -Directional: Examples of this type will be found here. -Transformation: Examples of this type will be found here. -Trapping: Examples of this type will be found here. -Stage-Wide: Examples of this type will be found here -Focused: Examples of this type will be found here. Character Registration Form: Name: Character Type: Series: [This is only if the character is a fighter or a boss, which will be from any media that has fighting/some form of conflict] Weight Class: These determine how far a fighter is knocked back, the lighter the fighter, the further they're launched upon impact. The weight of a fighter also affects how fast they fall. Click here for a better explanation of Weight. The Weight Classes are as follows: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, and Featherweight (Usually reserved for children and female fighters). Falling Speed: The rate that a character can move downward in mid-air. Not to be confused with Weight. Their falling speed affects their fighting style. Click this link to get a better explanation on Falling Speed. You can list them as either a "Fast-Faller" (they fall quickly) or a "Floaty" (They fall pretty slowly). Number of Jumps: The minimum number of jumps is 2, while the maximum is 5. Only characters with wings or can somehow fly under their own power (Like Kirby, Jigglypuff or winged characters such as Pit, MetaKnight or Pegasi) can have the maximum of 5 jumps. Weight is also a factor that determines the number of jumps a character can have. Stats: These are for Fighters and Bosses only. they are on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the number, the better that stat is. -Attack: -Defense: -Speed Special Attacks: [This is only if the character is a fighter or a boss, which will be from any media that has fighting/some form of conflict] -Neutral: -Side: -Down: -Up: Final Smash: -Type: -Description: Stage Registration form: Stage: -Series: -Size: -Music: Business registration form: Business Name: Self Explanatory Business Type: The types of Business are "Cafe/Restaurant", "Boutique" (Clothes), "Weapons/Items", "Grocery", and "Mall" (This is self Explanatory if you've been to a mall before lol). Once there are at least 1 of each Business Type registered, 4 fighters, 1 boss & 4 stages, I will start the RP in the Advanced section of the Everfree Roleplays. Also, Civilians are optional for starting Smash Plaza. Here's the link to the Roster. RP Link: Coming Soon
  19. a story of good versus evil, that takes place in the mysterious jungle of Mala in the Western Badlands where mysterious creatures live and terrifying monsters hunt. will the heroes stop the villian before they enact their evil plan or will they fail. Link to RP: RP Main Characters: Scare Effect Vitality Everburn Summer Haven
  20. “A few friends came to play in the sun Journeyed out from Ponyville they did, In their minds and hearts the task of fun, Sources of great adventure, forth hid. The spark of joy and hark of surprise, Amid the waves of painterly grass, Made to unsuspecting pony eyes Disguised danger, hazard and crevasse. Wary be soon, your strange scale and size, Both height and depth may cause sights reeling. Take care to attend friends and advise For we shall know That Shrinking Feeling.” Welcome to That Shrinking Feeling, a Role-Play Adventure game about 3-5 ponies who suddenly find themselves 1-inch tall, and their quest to get back to normal size while braving the threatening enormity of the town of Ponyville. This game is to be one with a more lighthearted friendly tone, hopefully as if it were very much like a real episode of My Little Pony. Likewise, this RP is planned to not be very long in duration, and any sort of violence or threat shouldn’t really exceed the level of peril that the show does, unless you’ve got a good idea where you’re going with it. Roleplay Thread Rules: Please follow the forum guidelines. Do not get squished. Be an active player! Post at least once per day, lest it slow things down for everyone else. Have fun! Players: Scribblegroove (name) [unicorn] Number Cruncher (by DukeofCanterlot) [unicorn] Kay Dreamer (name) [Crystal Unicorn] P. Ale Blaze (by Blue) [Earth Pony] [GM] Anala (by Blue Eclipse) [Earth Pony] Dropped out: Distance Traveler (by Delernil) [Pegasus]