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Found 1536 results

  1. Link to Roleplay: In this roleplay, several passengers are traveling to a town on the outskirts of Equestria in a train (it’s a parody of Murder on the Orient Express). There are only 6 passengers, and one of them (a npc controlled by me) has been murdered! I have created a plot line, and I will tell one of the participants in PMs that they are the murderer (It might be me, who knows). The murderer has to pick the other passengers off, with me judging whether they die or not. Basically, it is not a normal RP, but a turn-based roleplay with me as the narrator. Each member posts like they would normally, controlling their OC and moving him/her around the train, doing basic actions. The murderer will post like the rest of us, moving his/her character around, acting normally. At my choice of time, I will converse with the murderer on the PMs and help them choose a victim, then decide whether they die or not and how. This roleplay has four slots, one of them being taken by me, and your character *must* be a non-Adventure/Fantasy character. They may be trained in weaponry, but they should be like a high class lord or lady from Canterlot. Here’s a link to mine: Slots open: 1: @Drago Ryder 2: @WiiGuy2014 3: @Diamond Dynamite??? 4: @reader8363
  2. here we can discuss the role play @Techno Universal
  3. GreenGreenWhirlWind

    OOC Sunrise's Rebirth OOC

    Looking for players for my second RP in this forum, all character sheets and OOC discussion are to be posted here. The RP itself will start two weeks after at least 3 players submit their character sheets, but it is allowed for players to join in after that. When Luna became Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon, Celestia decided to pick a member of her court to become her chancellor, someone she could go to when she wanted a second opinion, who could write her speeches and decrees and who could take her place when she wasn't available, acting as a placeholder until Luna returned. That chancellor was none other than Sunrise Shadow, daughter of the royal mortician and respected member of the magical society. She at first seemed like the perfect right hoof mare: loyal and intelligent, Sunrise served Celestia for three years without letting her down one single time, and never showed signs of having malicious intentions. This however, proved to be but a mascarade, and Sunrise Shadow proved to be but a filthy parasite and backstabber: both Sunrise and her father resented all of the royal family, including Celestia herself. They saw them as weak, both as rulers and as magic users, and believed that by overthrowing Celestia and taking her power to themselves they'd be able to lead Equestria into an expansionist war that would make it into a mighty empire, bringing in a golden age of wealth and prosperity at the cost of the lives of all other kingdoms. By striking a deal with The Corruption, a natural force older than the universe that is the source of all dark magic and loathes all existing lifeforms, Sunrise was able to gain the power to tap into the life force of other beings, using it as fuel to her own foul magic. Her plan was to overthrow Celestia by draining her life force bit by bit, ultimately destroying her and gaining her magical powers and immortality. Celestia eventuallly discoverd about this, however, and banished her spirit for one hundred years to the astral realm, while Sunrise's father ran away to his home country, never to be seen again. That was one hundred years ago. Now sunrise is reborn in a new body that was stored in the far away land of Romaneia, homeland of Sunrises father, who prepared it after fleeing from Equestria especially for her spirit to return to once her banishment was over. Now she is more powerful than ever: she is the duchess of decay, the empress of enthropy, the countess of corruption, she is The Lich Queen! and she seeks once again to overthrow the royal family and claim the throne for herself, raising an army of undead creatures and monsters of all sorts to carry out her plans. But Celestia knew she would come back, and she was prepared: knowing that she could not send the elements of harmony on this quest - for Sunrise's corrupting magic would render them powerless - she waited for the right moment to call forth a group of adventurers who could defeat Sunrise Shadow and stop her once and for all. As a letter you recieved just this morning has revealed to you, you are one of those adventurers. So, will you awnser this call to adventure and take a stand against the Lich Queen? or will you let her ruinous powers plunge our world into the dephts of despair? If you do choose to face the challenge, you and your companions must travel to Romaneia, defeat Sunrise's minions, storm her fortress and slay Sunrise Shadow herself! It will be a long and perilous journey for sure, but glory, riches an fame are sure to await you when you return!...Well, if you do return, that is... Basic Rules: Races: Classes & Skills: Equipments: Character Sheet:
  4. Link to RP Okay, @Techno Universal. I will want to start this RP we were talking about soon. Any ideas how you want to start it?
  5. Hello every pony, and welcome to the OOC thread for "The War For Equestria, The Musical!". IC: Twighlight 2.0, support bot: Arena of Champions Mini-game: Message to ponies not in the role play: * Sign ups are currently unavailable as all slot are filled, but still let me know if you are interested just in case some pony else might not be with us soon. Rules for ponies in the role play: 1) If you wish to post something that may have a pretty big influence on the main story line, then let me know before posting. 2) If you wish to post something that involves an interaction with a cannon character, let me know beforehand so that I can let you know if they are available to do so. I can also give you control over them if you wish to use them for an extended period. 3) This isn't really a rule and is more of a reminder. The roleplay is set one generation years after cannon Equestria. This means that no countries that we know of e.g. Germany or Greece exist in the story, unless your OC somehow finds a way to the cannon My Little Pony human world. 4) I'm giving every pony a little label next to their names in the OOC . Here's what they mean: -[Roaming]: This means your free to post and interact with the world and other ponies and role players. -[In Scene]: This means that your OC is in the middle of an important part of the story, and can only make posts relating to that part (I will be making the story interact with you). -[Frozen]: This means that you cannot post because you have either not provided me enough information on your OC for me to know if your OC can fit into the story, or because you have stopped posting for too long. Response times: -Any posts IC that require a response from me will be responded to on: Tuesdays + Thursdays + Sundays. -If you made a post before one of these days and I still didn't respond, then I will be trying to respond before the next response day. -If you guys for any reason would like for me to change the designated days, then I will be glad t at your request. List of active role players : 1) @Star48955 as Crystal Moonlight [In Scene]: 2) @Maple Bat as Maple Bat and Woodland Orchestra [Roaming]: (both found in this link) 3) @Techno Universal as Techno Universal [In Scene]: 4) @Der Kerzenwaechter as Wavecrash Trifold [In Scene], and Morph Objective [In Scene]: 5) @rolle as Heathlife [Roaming]: 6) @)o( Dream Walker )o( as Alexandria Charge [Roaming]: 7) @Once In A Blue Moon as General Napier Flight [Roaming]: 8) @C. Thunder Dash as Thundy [Roaming], and Chelsea [Roaming]: DM) @General Solar Magus as General Solar Magus, Comet Dust, and everypony else [Always In Scene ]: GSM to be added. Cannon characters available to play as at this point in the story (only if you want, I will control those that are not chosen): All characters except for Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining armor, Starlight Glimmer, Twighlight Sparkle, and Flash Sentry. There may be others based on my plans. Characters currently being controlled: -Discord by @Maple Bat. -Fluttershy by @Maple Bat. Current time of day in the story: 9:00 AM. Map of Equestria: To be added in the beginning of Chapter 2 . Hey role players, Feel free to discuss any considerations, ideas, questions, or anything else you wish to regarding anything in the role play with me or each other .
  6. This is the OOC for our RP between me and @teh_supar_hackr. RP:
  7. This is a 1x1 rp between me and Acnologia
  8. The Story A non-canonical story filled with fantasy, drama, mystery and adventure. A group of ponies find themselves trapped in the land of Golden Remembrance filled with classical stories from Alice in Wonderland, to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. They must work together to survive the villains that have gained stronger power than the heroes and unlock each Dôr to escape into the next world. However, they must also find the keystone to each one while questioning if this is all a dream or a terrible curse. Rules All kinds of MLP characters are allowed since this is a dream-like world, but I encourage there to be feral versions (the show appearance) of them. No powers will be used in this roleplay, so even if you have the magical ability to unlock treasure chests, it will not work. Even flight will be limited in this as well. However, if you have a special skill (mechanic, high charm, baker etc ) where a situation needs it, your ratio of losing will decrease. What do we mean by ratio? There will be situations where you all can work together to create a solution. And depending on how high the risk is, the higher the percent of losing there is. For example, suppose you wish to sneak up on a sleeping guard to grab keys. The GM would say it is a 1-10 chance and if you agree to those stakes, the GM uses a random generator. For higher numbers mean a success and lower numbers mean a lose. This may sound a bit unfair, but I can assure you I try to make it very honest. There are also no deaths unless you wish to have your character gone. For certain chapters, I will open up slots to play specific characters (ex: Sleeping Beauty, Mad Hatter, Wicked Witch etc) and yes, they can travel with the others as allies. People with OCs already in the game are allowed to play story characters, however they can only have two of each. Since we have pretty busy lives usually, when you post, please wait at least 24 hours before writing again OR when everyone has already replied OR when the GM continues narrating. This excludes when a person specifically wants to talk to your character for a conversation. This is still a bit of a WIP so if you have questions please let me know down below. I will add more rules if need be! The Pony Travelers 1.) @Snowflake Frostflame 2.) @Catsle 3.) @Techno Universal 4.) @Lektra Bolt 5.) SLOT OPEN 6.) SLOT OPEN There are no story characters for the Prologue.
  9. Roleplay link:
  10. Link to the RP: Fallout: Equestria Note: This may seem like it came in way after the RP started (because it did), because I didn't know that these were required for roleplays (we used private messages). My bad, forums staff! --------- Welp, this is our OOC now, @Hazard Time @Arid_Blitz @FancyHorse. *claps hands* DISCUSS IMPORTANT THINGS!
  11. RP: ( FOR CLARIFICATION, THIS ROLEPLAY IS BASED ON THE FAIRY TAIL MANGA AND ANIME! HERE IS A BASIC EXPLANATION OF HOW MAGIC WORKS IN FAIRY TAIL! (Credit to rolle) "Explanation of Fairy Tail magic system for people whom are interested: The air is filled with magic particles, these magic particles are renewed indefinetely in Earth land (Fairy tail home world). A mage's body can absorb these particles and store it in a vessel known as a magical vessel. Normally a person only has two magical vessels, though, you can only use one normally. To use this extra vessel you have to have a procedure used on you by an arc of time wizard, a rather rare kind of wizard. A wizard that can eat certain types of magic can only eat that type of magic, it is unknown if there is a wizard able to eat all kinds of magic. However, it is known that if a wizard can control the magic that isn't their typing inside of them they can fuse the two forming a dual mode. If one empties their magical vessel they can also temporarily store another, albeit similiar magic. Such in the case of Fire dragon slayers eating fire god slayer magic. The reason is because a fire god slayer's fires are not ordinary. While a fire dragon's magic flames are more or less the same as any other flame, just a whole lot stronger. Also, your vessel size determines your magical power. This according to Fairy Tail is set at birth, but you eventually become stronger through training. It's strange. If you have no magical power you are very weak against magical attacks, basically. The more magic power = the less damage taken. Aswell as the more magic power = the more damage done. The only way one would be able to analyze someone is if they have eaten a magic, but all that would give you is that they can eat that sort of magic. Example: A fire dragon slayer could be a fire god slayer or any other slayer or fire absorbing magic user. However, some magics do have easier ways than other to be recognized, such as dragon slayer magic... As it actually makes your body into that of a dragon. Although, not entirely." -- If you've come here from my Planning post, you already have the gist, but let me restate really quickly everything I already said. This Roleplay's themes will be that of Action, Adventure, and Romance. Whether or not you want to get involved in Romance is up to you of course, I'm just saying it's completely allowed. OC's and Canon characters alike are both welcome in this, whichever you want to play is completely on you. As for Story, I think we'll just start out with just introductions, and characters meeting up. The roleplay will start at will be taking place near the end of the 7 year gap, before Team Tenrou returns (about a month before). RULES: - Please post in the OOC, and don't immediately jump in until you've confirmed with me. - Please feel free to add as MANY characters as you want, so long as if you're going to add them they are actually plot convenient, and if they are just NPC's don't overuse them. (Removed Cap for Characters) - When applying, only give the basics of backstory, as it would be fun to learn as we progress - Although I'm not strict on this, please try not to make OC's TOO overpowered - Feel free to take the lead on any arcs of this Roleplay, just because I started it doesn't mean you can't contribute - Respect your peers, no fighting (OOC at least) - Your characters don't have to be buddy buddy right away, have conflicts if it suits your character - Unless you get permission from the other person, please do not kill or defeat anyone - Make interactions with canon characters if you want, but until we figure out whether or not we're branching our own way, try to keep it to an extent where it makes sense with the story OC Application: Character Name: Your OC's First and Last Name (Unless your character doesn't have one) Physical Description and/or Picture: Tell us what your OC looks like, any specific features we need to know about their appearance. Hair color, body shape, hair style, accessories, clothing type, etc. Personality and Traits: Tell us about your character, and maybe include reasons on why they act the way they act. (ie. Selkie acts playful after growing up in ignorant bliss, and because of this is fearless) Guild Mark: Tell us about your character's guild, which one they are a part in, whether or not they have a deep connection to it or not. If it's a fan-made guild, tell us what the mark looks like. Tell us the location of the body it's on, and what color it is. Fighting Ability/Magic: Tell us about your character's physical fighting capabilities, and describe their magic to us. If they have any accomplishments or feats, tell us what they are. (Any magic is fine, even if it's Dragon Slayer magic, as long as you don't make any HUGE plot holes, then there's no problem.) Weaknesses: Your character's biggest fears, and things that can bring them down easier than brute force. Need to Knows (no specifics): Exactly what we need to know about your character, facts about who they are, and a few things leading up to this roleplay. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the OC I'm using, if I decide to use another one I'll post here. Character Name: Perpe(Accented e) Cuero Physical Description (I plan on getting a picture sooner or later): A physically fit, fairly attractive woman. She is 20 years old at the beginning of this roleplay. Perpe has violet/purple hair, and has a green blood-covered bandana covering her mouth at almost all times. Her outfit is an expensive luxury combat outfit, made out of animal skins and furs. Her outfit is 50% acid and poison proof, meaning it won't succumb to acidic magic. Perpe is tall and decently attractive, getting her some attention from men. Personality and Traits: Perpe, simply put, is egotistical, obnoxious, arrogant, and rude. She is generally only friendly to her best friend Brume, whom she still torments endlessly. Perpe's history of growing up in nothing but the wild has given her a bit more of a wildside to her talk, she is strong willed, and stubborn, rarely swaying from what she believes, however this is also her weakness, as she is easy to manipulate or made to do wrong. Guild Mark: In my OC's canon she joins my fanmade guild Dragon Feather, but that comes after the Grand Magic Games arc, so as of the beginning of this roleplay she is guildless. Fighting Ability/Magic: Perpe wields the Lost Magic: God Slayer Magic. She learned this after being forced to study until the age of 6 years old, but she never got the hang of it. Her parents threw her into a nearby jungle to force her to either hone her skills or die. She learned how to use Poison God Slayer magic after consuming Mias' magic. Her magic is powerful enough to melt off clothing, and burn the flesh, at it's strongest it can provent mobility from her opponent's muscles. Her savage-like fighting style is the only reason she's able to keep on par with strong opponents, as she is very unpredictable and strong. Her magic is the same way, strategy isn't a word in her dictionary, that being another weakness. Weaknesses: Perpe's arrogance and general cockiness is the reason she can get overpowered so easily. She can back up her statements very well, but after assuming her magic is the top of the food chain for so long, and only fighting lions, tigers and bears (oh my), her ability to fight those who can fight back with magic is very poor. She also is just so savage and crazed that she can't predict her opponent's movements when hyped up (when teased about boys, this hypes up x10). Need to Knows: Perpe's only friend at the current time is Brume, who she has been with since the age of 10, after she found him lost in the forest looking for his dragon (I'll explain Brume once we get further into the roleplay, and I'll even play as him). The two are just as close as Perpe is with Mias, whom she talks to like a real person. Perpe is very loyal to those she trusts, although she wouldn't admit it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're playing as a canon character, just state who you're playing as and skip the application. Once I approve your post, please post as soon as you're ready! I can't wait to start this thing! Love, Selkie
  12. The RP: (Sorry that it links to one of my posts, my devices are being fussy) This is an RP about a scientific experiment where scientists used machinery to remove the souls of five ponies from their bodies. Then the souls were contained, and the soulless bodies of the ponies put into cryosleep until the scientists were done researching their souls. These souls were not malicious originally, but the experience of being ripped from their counterparts was permanently scarring to them. The souls escaped, inhabiting the bodies of five other ponies. Those ponies now wrestled for control of their own bodies, their souls battling with the intruders. Eventually, the original souls triumphed over the invaders, but could not force them out. The result? Five ponies, in control of their own bodies, but with voices in their heads constantly. Now, as a task force taking out criminals, these ponies together fight evil, all with demons in their head calling for them to further maul and maim. It is required that you provide different-colored text for the voice of your demon, and that you provide speech for your demon at least every other post you make. This RP with take four members (not including myself, who will be participating), each with a specific skill. These are the classes: Striker Class Equipment for Striker: Upgraded Automatic Rifle With Side Scope, Top Scope, and Bayonet Taser Disks Launcher Pistol Fragment Grenades Tactical Knife Demon Name for Striker: (this is the name of the soul that invaded your body) Myrath Support/Healer Class Equipment for Support: Normal Automatic Rifle Ranged Taser Frost Emitter Medkit Demon Name for Support: Zenikarv Bruiser Class Equipment for Bruiser: Normal Heavy Machine Gun Semi-Automatic Rifle Grenade Launcher Demon Name for Bruiser: Emrivon Demolitions Expert Class Equipment for Demolitions Expert: Sticky Bombs Taser Grenade Wall Explosive Explosive Dart Launcher Demon Name for Demolitons Expert: Linneri Sniper Class Equipment for Sniper Long-Range Rifle Normal Rounds Explosive Rounds Shock Rounds Frost Rounds Flame Rounds Demon Name for Sniper: Aenith Use this format: Name: Link to character: Chosen class: Here’s mine: Name: Supersonic Link to character: Chosen class: Striker Here’s the availability of classes list: Striker: @Capper Support: @Stickman, The Legend Bruiser: @reader8363 Demo Expert: @Silver Note Sniper: @Maple Bat
  13. The roleplay: Hello boys and girls, fillies and colts! (And everyone else!) I have been around the site for a couple of weeks now and finally decided to post this. Dunno why it took so long seeing that it's the one reason I joined this site for originally. SO, sorry for the introduction but on to the point! A Fallout Equestria roleplay. The few I have seen are closed/private so I decided to open up a new one. This is not intended to be a 1 on 1 but we'll see who is interested. (I would definitely like more players than one besides me though.) The plot is very much open at this point and I would like to invite you guys to plan with me! (Hence the "planning" tag.) The general idea would be just adventuring in the wastes with numerous side quests and whatnot. I think "Fallout Equestria roleplay" sounds quite bland, so if you have any name suggestions please lemme hear 'em! It's just like that so people know what's up. Sorry if this seems a little bit rushed and unprofessional, tried to compress everything together without too much rambling. Few rules: 1. FoE is pretty grim so let's keep the violence and death toned down a notch. 2. Obviously respect the site rules in all other aspects too. 3. I am not an experienced DM so you can aid with the moderating. I will be using my OC Junker. Thanks for your interest!
  14. IC: OOC: Arena of champions Mini-game: Twighlight 2.0: "Hello role players, and welcome to my laboratory. My name is Twighlight 2.0." "I am a robot sent from Equestria's future designed to assist you role players on your journey throughout the "The War for Equestria: The Musical!!" role play story ." "I will be assisting you all by giving you information on bosses and other threats that your OC's may encounter during their adventure, hopefully before the threats arrive. I am designated to continuously scan for threats and relay my findings to you as soon as I receive them." "I will also be providing you reports on any other important information that I can find that you may need before guiding your OC's further." List of role players with access to my laboratory: 1) @Star48955 2) @Maple Bat 3) @Techno Universal 4) @Der Kerzenwaechter 5) @rolle 6) @)o( Dream Walker )o( 7) @Once In A Blue Moon 8) @C. Thunder Dash "Note: I have denied access to the DM @General Solar Magus. I don't like him because he control's the threats that I scan for and that you fight" (). Here is an example of how I shall assist you role players: I have now saved within my database a copy of the invitation that your OC's received for an up and coming event in the story. "Do no forget role players, that while my primary function is to support you in your OC's journey's, I am capable of multi-tasking and would gladly have you come visit my lab for a chat, experiments, or any other reason you desire."
  15. This is The OOC thread for RP between me and @Gabriel. Link to RP-->
  16. This is a rp between me and Techno Universal Link to RP:
  17. Link to roleplay thread This is primarily an RP to introduce Fizz, obviously if you haven't seen the MLP movie this year, spoilers You've been warned. Anypony in EqE may join, so long as the intro isn't necessarily fear-induced terror and mass panic. Fizz has been forgiven (mostly) and is trying to get back into pony society. The goal for this is to develop Fizz a little and for her to make friends. To join, just ask and I'll probably say yes, because I'm just that kind of person.
  18. This a 1x1 rp between me and Wiiguy2014
  19. This a rp between me and Capper
  20. This is a 1x1 between me and Drago Ryder
  21. Well well well, Pudding wants to roleplay! Its been a long time since I've last done it. Good thing I've been practicing my writing skills for years! Sense I'm a horror junkie, I want to start off RPing again with a spooky story. Anyone can join as long as we all get along and have some roleplay experience. Sound good to you? Alrighty, lets begin: Story (Its almost Autumn in Ponyville! The trees are changing colors, the pumpkins are being carved, and the rain... the rain will come in full force. Things are starting to seem unfamiliar this year, especially with the appearance of a new mare in town. You see her staring up at the greying sky. No one seems to notice her except a few other ponies who walk by. Who is she? Why are dark clouds gathering? Maybe you're just feeling under the weather. Still, you cant help but be curious...)
  22. A blue unicorn sat on a hill, gazing at the stars, when suddenly, a letter flew in front of him. The return address said it was from the Crystal Empire. . . A griffon crept through the silent museum. He was almost to his objective when a letter zoomed in front of him. Same as before, it was from the Crystal Empire. . .
  23. Mentis Soliloquy

    OOC OOC USS Luna

    "I welcome you dear recruit to Starfleet..." The Role Play Positions; Captain Mentis Soliloquy Played by @Mentis Soliloquy Chief Engineer Crystal Clear Played by @Raven Rawne Head of Security Indicus Played by @Shadow Dancer Chief Medical Officer @BloodDrops Playing herself, I suppose... Ship's Councilor Lunar Symphony Played by @Miss Reaper Helmsman Misty Flight Played by @Once In A Blue Moon Resource Images: Ranks Map of the galaxy Sections of the ship: (for visualizations purposes) Engineering Main Bridge (current) A rough ship cross section Crew Quarters Enlisted Senior officer Applicants read here: Pretext...
  24. The Dark Tournament. Once legal in Equestria, this tournament was banned nearly a decade ago for its brutal nature and reputation for attracting gamblers from the criminal underworld, but now, thanks to an influx of wealthy criminal investors, the tournament has been brought back on a remote island outside of Equestria's jurisdiction. This brutal game pins thirty-two of the lands deadliest fighters to fight to the death for entertainment and gambling, all for the purpose of becoming the grand champion and getting one wish granted by the corrupt tournament committee. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Okay, I just checked my watch and it's been about two and a half years since I've roleplayed on this site, so I'm guessing no one around here remembers me or the dark tournament anymore. Basically, I hosted three RP's a couple years ago with varying success that were about a roster of sixteen characters fighting in a tournament in the Everfree forest. Each participant in the RP was one of the contestants, and winners were decided either by ooc discussion or coin toss if that didn't work. I'm looking to do one of those again, but since it's been a quarter of a decade since I've hosted one, I figured it would be better to just restart the whole series with new players (hopefully.) The rules to the tournament were really simple. Two characters entered a raised concrete fighting ring and could use whatever weapons or techniques they wanted to defeat their opponent. Victory comes when an opponent forfeits, is down or out of the ring for a ten count, or dies (Which doesn't happen very often.) There was a story to the whole thing too of course. You had a corrupt tournament committee that might be working for or against you, and the winner of the tournament could get one wish for anything money or magic could create. I'm putting this post up to search for players who might be interested and answer any questions you might have. It's been a while, but I have experience hosting RPs and I know I can make this fun. Here's a link to the first one so you can see what this looked like in the past: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ :Tournament Roster:
  25. @Dynamo Pad OOC Thread here RP Thread HERE