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Found 1535 results

  1. IC link: Hello and welcome to my newest, and, may I add, not yet fully germinated, RP idea! The stage is set in Canterlot, the majestic Royal City. I envision it as canon Equestria, but with a twist. Have you ever wished to experience the Victorian Era? Sherlock Holmes, Gothic Horror, the long lost aeasthetics and society, it all comes back to life in this very RP... Together with industrial inventions and breakthrough discoveries every week, Canterlot is the place to be. I'm not yet sold on particular direction where it might go. I'm open for a 1x1, or a small group RP. We can do crime, gothic horror, maybe some good old fashioned Victorian romance? Or a bit of everything, with a touch of Steampunk! Depends on what YOU look for. Now about the stage decor. I see the City as three major districts - Upper (hugging the Palace, where the rich, noble, and famous live), Middle (lesser nobles, traders, factory owners, some artisans and artists, generally middle class) and Lower (the place where the less fortunate, less well off, and the city's working class lives. There's a slum sub-district too). The character's social and economic standing dictates their place of residence, as well as the way the city residents percieve them. Just like in the Victorian society, with it's traditional view on social status. I intend to roll with Crystal Clear - link in sig. Depending on what we cook up, she can be visiting, having scored a big contract that takes months to complete, or even move in for good. The RP samples of my style. I expect my partners to be on par with me, I want to make something... exquisite here. Remember, creativity is key. I present You with an idea, but expect to carve something solid together. We can go anthro or feral (canon pony), I'm comfortable with both really. I don't have objections if You'd wish to include romance, but of course we'd have to keep it within Forum rules. Should we go the good 'ol "civvies solve crimes and seek out monsters in dark alleys of a metropolis", forum rules also apply on gore and graphic descriptions. No, you can't type with painstaking detail exactly what did a psycho murderer do to his last victim, sorry. Hmm, seems like I presented my case. As usual, ask any questions you may have, be creative, maybe give a counter offer to go in a direction I haven't thought of? Although the late Victorian look and feel stays, I love that period.
  2. @Pvt. Cerberus Sorry, Thought of this title a while back, but was busy and couldn't set up threads. Finally getting around to it. Anyways here's the mandatory OOC Link to RP:
  3. This roster will be updated as the registration center gets more fighters, bosses, stages & businesses in it. Fighters: -Dante Wubbington Bosses: -N/A Civilians: These are optional for starting Smash Plaza. -N/A Stages: -Battlefield (SSB4) -Final Destination (SSBM) -Castle of Friendship (MLP: FiM) Buisnesses: -Smash Plaza Mall
  4. This is a private 1X1 RP between me and @princess celestia2 RP:
  5. Now that the title's out of the way This'll be the OOC. RP Link:
  6. RP Thread Here Closed to new players. Players Villains @nx9100, Ennex, Nova, NPC's @dosey doe, Force Magnitude @Maple Bat, Maple Bat Heros @Techno Universal, Techno, Celestia(?) @WiiGuy2014, Will Guide @Maple Bat, Woody @Star48955, Star @dosey doe, Wish Song
  7. @Maple Bat Hey, so I thought why not do an alternate universe roleplay, where you play as maple bat (Fluttershy x Discord daughter) and me as Moonlight Almond(Fluttershy x Pinkie pie daughter).
  8. Link to RP RP still open so feel free to join our characters shipwrecked off the coast of a strange Island and they find themselves fighting to survive against ferocious animals, freaky weather, and a carnivorous tribe. note: the island was inspired by the games Ark and The Forest so expect some scary animals and murderous natives. Also I will not be dictating whether your character survives or not it is all up to your decisions unless you can think of a better way to do this. Any way for characters try to avoid using op characters ok anyway my character is Magicka Dust who is a wealth business pony who is on the boat returning from an expedition in the Zebra lands across the sea.
  9. Seeking 1x1 roleplays! Over forums or private messages would be fantastic. <3 I'm not online at any specific times. My work schedule is totally random. Will reply whenever I get the chance, though. My replies are 1-3 paragraphs typically. Paragraph style is a must! I can play canons, but I'm also interested in developing my OCs more. My Deviantart gallery has pictures of one of my OCs, Lunar Eclipse (still need to draw the others but there's a few): Some vague ideas I'm interested in: - "Everyone's An Allicorn" Lunar Eclipse (my OC) uses magic to give unicorns wings (seemingly longterm and pegasus feathers). They're not real allicorns, but it gets out of hand. - "The Divide" A politician comes into town and creates political parties with Luna and Celestria to create tensions and control ponies. - Something based outside Equestria but in the same universe? - Other ideas you might have?
  10. Link to RP Okay, @Maple Bat, I'll get us started on this. One question: would it be alright to mention events up to the end of Season 7 with the return of the Pillars and what have you or should it just be up to the middle of the Season with Discordant Harmony and the Perfect Pear? Because we could have a passing mention of how Fluttershy helped Zecora in the 2nd half if that's alright.
  11. World Building Hundreds of years ago, the world of Remnant was divided into four kingdoms: Vacuo (West), Vale (Center), Mistral (East), and Atlas (North). Each one acts to balance out the others and they are each run by a independent council. However, a increase in demand for dust, a substance commonly used in everyday life and weaponary, and other resources, caused a war to break out between the four nations and many lives were lost in the ensuing conflicts. Eventually, peace was restored and has been maintained ever since. There is one group in particular, however, that has made strides to maintain this fragile peace and protect the general populace from Creatures of Grimm, hunters and huntresses. Each kingdom has them and schools have been founded for the sole purpose of teaching the ways of these heroes so that the next generation can contiune their work. All is not sunshine and rainbows, however. There are forces that would send even the most experianced hunter into a bout of fear conspiring to bring the world to its knees. Species There are three major species that call the world of Remnant there home, or at least three that have shown some form of higher level intelligence. The first of the three species would be humans, generic, boring, walk on two legs, humans. They make up the majority of the populace within the four kingdoms and are normally better off than their faunus counterparts. They are able to use an internalized power called aura for combat, and through this, a semblance. Each human has their own unique aura and semblance, but must practice in order to use it effectively. The second species to inhabit the world of Remant would be the faunus. While the origin of the species itself is unknown, there is no argument that faunus themselves are humanoid beings with animalisitc traits. While some types of faunus are more common than others, they all face discrimination by humans and have not gotten far in their search for freedom. Like humans, they can use their aura and semblance, but must practice to use it effectively. The last species can only be refrered to as the Creatures of Grimm. Not much is known about them, but what is known is that they are attracted to negitive emotions and want nothing more than the destruction of humanity and faunus alike. They come in many forms, but share some characterisitcs, namely their coloration, and the bone like armor on their body. They can live for hundreds of years and become more intelligent the older they get. Map of Beacon Academy Rules 1.Follow Forum Guidelines 2.I know in canon a faunus can only have one specific trait from the animal they're based off of, but I will allow them to more so long as they are reasonable. 3. Everyone will pretty much start off at Beacon on the night before the initiation. 4. No god like characters. Character Creation Here is an example of the character creation format. Name: Draco Ignis Species: Faunus Type (Faunus only): Dragon Home Kingdom: Vale Age: 17 Weapon: Three foot chokutō dubbed Hakumei that has no alternate form. The metal of the blade is obsidion black with a midnight blue hilt. Draco can channel his aura into the blade for increased durability. Semblance: Blitzkrieg- Draco can use his aura to gain a boost in speed via electricity produced within his body. His fastest speed is 100 miles per hour. Extra abilities: Draco has enhanced senses and strength Appearance: Draco stands at five feet nine inches and has short black hair brushed to the side. He has a thin, yet muscular build and typically wears an opened, white trench coat that stops just below his knees, sunglasses that completely cover his eyes, light grey pants and a black shirt. He carries his weapon strapped to his back. Draco also has red eyes with pupils that are veritcally oriented slits. Picture Reference (Optional): Just take off the wings and shoulder spike, and that's basically Draco Personality: Draco tends to hide his emotions from everyone as a result of the ostracism he faced as a result of being a faunus and is somewhat self concious about how he appears to others. He also tends to think before diving head first into a situation and is loyal to the few who he may consider his friends. Backstory: Draco was born in Patch, but never got to know either of his parents. This is due to the fact that his father was a hunter and his mother died during his birth. He was raised in an orphanage and found an interest in the small library the building possesed. Before he attended Signal at the age of 13, he had already learned as much as he could at the time. That being said, being a faunus didn't exactly help build his social skills. Many children and adults would actively avoid him, and most stores wouldn't allow him to buy anything. It only got worse when he got to Signal, where bullies were common and no one wanted to seem to do anything about it. Deespite this, he made it through the four years of Signal, forging Hakumei from metal he had salvaged from a meteorite he found in the middle of the forest on the last day of his first year. He was wary of going to Beacon, for fear of facing the same treatment he experianced at Signal, but figured that it would be worth the risk if he wanted to become a hunter. Character List 1. Draco Ignis 2.Vince Aurelius 3.Ghalan Chromwell 4.Yuki Ryusaki 5.Rei Tanith 6.Etherius Malvaleine 7.Euca Li Xiang 8. Shian Fangsly Note: Placement on character list does not determine teams. RP:
  12. OOC thread for RP between Nightmare Season and Raven Rawne IC Thread @@Raven Rawne, So what kind of adventure will you like to see these two mares get themselves into?
  13. Final draft: We’re public personalities, famous for something yet designated. But we moonlight as thieves and we steal precious gems and other valuable treasures. We live in a large manor called Shardstone Manor (would someone help me with that name) and inside the manor we hide our stolen goods until we can sell them on the black market. Ya cool with that?
  14. @woodchunks66 @Lektra Bolt @Denim&Venom An expedition sanctioned by the illustrious Lektra is being prepared and lead by the Stalwart Applejack, in an attempt to make contact with the long lost Crystal Empire in the north. Contact has been lost since the plague devastated the land many years ago. The expedition will begin with 1000 strong battalion of Bolt Solutions heavy mobile infantry and accompanying logistics ponies. Alright! One of our first RPs in this world... if you two were still interested in coming along, did you have any new characters in mind? I can't imagine Lektra or Luster would both come along considering the other RPs we have planned. Perhaps you'd like to use others?
  15. 2018 UPDATE - MOST IMPORTANT TO ANYONE NEW TO DARK MILLENNIUM As of 2018, this session is being continued via Discord. This leaves me with nary a reason to continue to peruse the forums, so any contact through it will be ineffective or at least prone to be highly delayed. For reasons that should be obvious, I will not share the direct link to the Discord server the RP is using - instead, please join this one to contact me and request the possibility of entering the real thing: New players are certainly welcome to join, presuming they meet my requirements and (well duh) are interested in this kind of roleplay. If you're just reading this topic for the first time, do read it carefully. Some of the information concerning recruitment may be outdated, but other than that it all stands. If afterwards you feel this is something for you, please do contact me through the above means. Have a nice day everybody! Source: background from, put together by @@Once In A Blue Moon. Concerning further applications I'm pretty happy with the number of players currently participating in the RP. However, I'm always looking forward to meeting other outstanding roleplayers and won't begrudge them the little extra time if they decide to apply for the Dark Millennium. As I'm in no immediate need of more participants, I no longer hesitate to put clear demands towards those wanting to join, and those are mostly concerned with reading: knowledge of this introductory post and of the RP events so far are a must. Looking through the OOC may prove beneficial too (there is a list of points of interest in the post below this one), but is not mandatory. As to the roles that those joining at this point would find available to fill, there are four possibilities: a) following the original guidelines and joining into the RP in a way vaguely resembling that which was the fate of the first players, b] adopting one of the OCs that have already been established in the story. Again, knowing what was (t)heretofore their life is obligatory, and I'd expect their new owner to follow the bits of their characters that have already been described, c) related to the above: there are also a few yet undescribed characters in the two older units, so I could be persuaded to allow someone to claim a spot there. See race/sex restrictions in the second post; standard expectations still in effect, d) something else entirely. Requires having a good idea of what role the player would expect to play in the story, what their background would be etc., as well as willingness to cope with my demands to change anything that wouldn't fit the story or my vision of the world the Dark Millennium plays out in. In cases of extreme disagreement with the player vision, I may even deny their ideas entirely, but I will strive to avoid this if at all possible. For the practical reasons (ease of scrolling), every part of this post has been made expandable. What this RP will be, in a few words Important technical note about gameplay Semi-optional reading: Introductory post A more detailed summary of the plot What you as a player can expect to experience Concerning character creation How much of the show remains true in this RP? Further reading: a snippet of one of the stories to be heard For archive purposes only: the original version of this post
  16. @Star48955 Just the formality Ya'know in case we need it. Let me get that other thread up. and I'll link it here.
  17. Darkness. All you can see is darkness. It's pitch black and penetrating it is impossible. But something does manage to penetrate it. To pierce through it. A voice. A shouting voice. "Hey!" The voice shouts. It's gruff and sharp. "Hey! Y'all alive! Hey!" It's at that moment you realize that you can only see darkness because your eyes are closed. You open your eyes and are blinded by the light. You gasp, you hadn't realized you were holding your breath. "Oh thank goodness!" The voice says in relief. "I thought you were dead!" As your vision clears you finally see the source of the voice. It's a bald, brown man with a five o' clock shadow and brown eyes. His clothes are dirty and tattered and he has a rifle strapped across his back. "Haha!" He laughs, clearly overjoyed. "It's so good to see actual people! I thought I was the last one!" He sits down and looks around. You follow his gaze and notice other people for the first time. They all look disheveled like you feel, as if they too had just woken up. "So tell me." The man says. "What are your names? I'm Yevan." It's a simple question but for the life of you you can't answer. You don't know your name or anything in fact. You don't know who you are and have no memories. The only thing you remember is that you were a prisoner and now your free. (<--->) Hello true believers. It is I Linkara, here with another amazing roleplay. Here's the premise: you wake up in the ruins of a prison with no memories. The only people around for miles are the other people who are just waking up (you and the other players) and a man named Yevan. Yevan has been wondering this place for years, here being The Span: a massive domed city containing the last remnants of humanity and protecting them from an apocalypse. Unfourtanetly, due to the corruption of the span, the span ended up wiping itself out. Yevan doesn't really know the details but he does know he was the last survivor. Was, past tense. Now he's found you. And you guys can find a way out of the dome together. Of course, the whole amnesia thing might be a problem. But who cares. It's just nice to see other people. CS Nickname (because you don't remember your name Yevan has given you a nickname. What is it?): Why (why did Yevan give you this nickname?): Gender (what is your biological gender?): Eye color (what color are your eyes?): Hair color (what color is your hair?): Items and personal belongings (do you have any items or personal belongings? Probably not since you were all prisoners but still.): Weapons (Yevan has given each of you a weapon. What is it?) Personality (how does your caharacter usually act?): Appearance (what does your character look like?): Other (anything else I should know before you start?): (Please help! The entire text is linking somewhere and I don't know how to remove links!)
  18. Sooo... I tried making one in the other RP thing, but it wouldnt let meh. This OOC is for any questions/concerns of my RP. You dont need to sign up for it, just make a post in tge RP with an introduction. Dont forget to put your OC link here if you have one so I can have more info about your character. This RP has no stable plot, just make it flow with your own ideas (but dont make it super wacky with no sense.) IC: Heres my OC: this rp is no longer gonna be tracked or in use. imma make a new one soon.
  19. Link to RP Okay, @Maple Bat, I'll get us started on this. Although, I'm starting with Unicorn Will Guide already acquainted with your OC's. And he already knows about his inner Changeling side. He begins asking if his Changeling side is ready to come out!
  20. This is a W40K/Mlp themed RP between Me, @Maple Bat And @The Cerberus Still working things out with the RP, but the introduction is getting near completion, and the RP Will be up soon! For those who participate, please post your character and his/her starting weapons and stats. This topic will be updated frequently. Rp link: -------------------------------------------- Current factions: Equestria Solar Guard Night Guard Crystal Guard Dragon Empire Warrior Clan Brotherhood of the Ancient Griffon Kingdom Griffon army Changelings Protectors of the Hive Changeling Insurgents Orks Goffs tribe Blood Axes tribe Chaos Warbands Thousand Sons traitor legion Word Bearers traitor legion Butcherhorde Warband Brotherhood of Dust Craftworld Eldar Craftworld Ulthwe Craftworld Alaitoc Black Library (Harlequins) Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) Angels Vermillion (Blood Angels successor chapter) Imperial Fist Black Dragons (Salamanders successor chapter) ???? Hidden Hidden ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Faction leader/representatives Solar Guard: Princess Celestia Lunar Guard: Princess Luna Crystal Guard: Princess Cadance Dragon Empire: Dragonlord Ember Changelings: Queen Chrysalis Goffs: Gazghull Thraka Thousand Sons: Magnus the Red Brotherhood of Dust: Ahzek Ahriman Butcherhorde Warband: Kharn the Betrayer Word Bearers: Lorgar Aurelian Craftworld Ulthwe: Eldrad Ulthran -------------------------------------------------------------- Enemy Statistics. Orks Slugga Boy Health: Medium, but has a very strong resistance against pain, and thus would fight on regardless of heavy wounds that the ork would suffer. Strenght: Medium, while their weapons might not be strongest compared to other races, their physical strength makes up for that factor as they are very strong with physical strength. Danger level: Medium, While they are still pretty easy to outsmart and kill when this ork is on its own, in groups, they are very dangerous and tend to attack in hordes when they are gathered in groups. Useful tactic: Trying to out strength an Ork is futile unless your physical strength and armour manages to surpass them, in cases of not being able to out strength it, don't try to fight them head on but use methods where you can attack them while they don't get the chance to unleash their attacks on you. Picture: Chaos Chaos Cultist Health: Medium, as durable as an average human would be. Strenght: Low, as strong as an average human, but Cultist barely posses any form of military training, thus they are not tactful compared to a real soldier. Danger level: Low, Cultist alone don't pose as much of a treath, but in large groups they can cause some serious problems. Useful tactic: Use ranged attacks that are good at taking out groups, or use strong plated armour combined with fast swiping weapons. Picture: Chaos Space Marine Health: Very high, Chaos space marines wear Power armour, which is very hard to penetrate unless you have the right weaponry for it or if you use enough firepower/force. Strenght: High, They tower above any human, and have abnormal strength due to their build and implementations, they are a force to be reckoned with. Danger level: High Usefull tactic: Chaos space marines are super soldiers, their reflexes and overall battle experience due to their millennia of service. Trying to attack one alone doesn't end well unless you are capable of out strenghting it. A advanced method is to attack a single one with a group, or attack them from a distance with strong ranged weaponry. Picture:
  21. Link to Roleplay: In this roleplay, several passengers are traveling to a town on the outskirts of Equestria in a train (it’s a parody of Murder on the Orient Express). There are only 6 passengers, and one of them (a npc controlled by me) has been murdered! I have created a plot line, and I will tell one of the participants in PMs that they are the murderer (It might be me, who knows). The murderer has to pick the other passengers off, with me judging whether they die or not. Basically, it is not a normal RP, but a turn-based roleplay with me as the narrator. Each member posts like they would normally, controlling their OC and moving him/her around the train, doing basic actions. The murderer will post like the rest of us, moving his/her character around, acting normally. At my choice of time, I will converse with the murderer on the PMs and help them choose a victim, then decide whether they die or not and how. This roleplay has four slots, one of them being taken by me, and your character *must* be a non-Adventure/Fantasy character. They may be trained in weaponry, but they should be like a high class lord or lady from Canterlot. Here’s a link to mine: Slots open: 1: @Drago Ryder 2: @WiiGuy2014 3: @Diamond Dynamite??? 4: @reader8363
  22. Looking for players for my second RP in this forum, all character sheets and OOC discussion are to be posted here. The RP itself will start two weeks after at least 3 players submit their character sheets, but it is allowed for players to join in after that. When Luna became Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon, Celestia decided to pick a member of her court to become her chancellor, someone she could go to when she wanted a second opinion, who could write her speeches and decrees and who could take her place when she wasn't available, acting as a placeholder until Luna returned. That chancellor was none other than Sunrise Shadow, daughter of the royal mortician and respected member of the magical society. She at first seemed like the perfect right hoof mare: loyal and intelligent, Sunrise served Celestia for three years without letting her down one single time, and never showed signs of having malicious intentions. This however, proved to be but a mascarade, and Sunrise Shadow proved to be but a filthy parasite and backstabber: both Sunrise and her father resented all of the royal family, including Celestia herself. They saw them as weak, both as rulers and as magic users, and believed that by overthrowing Celestia and taking her power to themselves they'd be able to lead Equestria into an expansionist war that would make it into a mighty empire, bringing in a golden age of wealth and prosperity at the cost of the lives of all other kingdoms. By striking a deal with The Corruption, a natural force older than the universe that is the source of all dark magic and loathes all existing lifeforms, Sunrise was able to gain the power to tap into the life force of other beings, using it as fuel to her own foul magic. Her plan was to overthrow Celestia by draining her life force bit by bit, ultimately destroying her and gaining her magical powers and immortality. Celestia eventuallly discoverd about this, however, and banished her spirit for one hundred years to the astral realm, while Sunrise's father ran away to his home country, never to be seen again. That was one hundred years ago. Now sunrise is reborn in a new body that was stored in the far away land of Romaneia, homeland of Sunrises father, who prepared it after fleeing from Equestria especially for her spirit to return to once her banishment was over. Now she is more powerful than ever: she is the duchess of decay, the empress of enthropy, the countess of corruption, she is The Lich Queen! and she seeks once again to overthrow the royal family and claim the throne for herself, raising an army of undead creatures and monsters of all sorts to carry out her plans. But Celestia knew she would come back, and she was prepared: knowing that she could not send the elements of harmony on this quest - for Sunrise's corrupting magic would render them powerless - she waited for the right moment to call forth a group of adventurers who could defeat Sunrise Shadow and stop her once and for all. As a letter you recieved just this morning has revealed to you, you are one of those adventurers. So, will you awnser this call to adventure and take a stand against the Lich Queen? or will you let her ruinous powers plunge our world into the dephts of despair? If you do choose to face the challenge, you and your companions must travel to Romaneia, defeat Sunrise's minions, storm her fortress and slay Sunrise Shadow herself! It will be a long and perilous journey for sure, but glory, riches an fame are sure to await you when you return!...Well, if you do return, that is... Basic Rules: Races: Classes & Skills: Equipments: Character Sheet: