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Found 1536 results

  1. (Please read: This game was not started by me, but do to circumstances and the absence of the original GM, I have been awarded permission to now manage this RP. That being said, the rules and intro post are more or less the same, and the game will go on business as usual. Hopefully I will live up to the task and not disappoint) The last one kinda petered out, so let's do another! ((IC HERE: RULES: Anthro characters. Species doesn't matter. Just run it by us first. Same rules as the forums, with a couple more for flow and ease of transition between users. 3rd Person, Past Tense- he did this, she went there, they said such-and-such, that kind of thing. Reasonable 'power' levels. Slice of Life means no superpowered kids running amok. Yes, pegasi can fly. Yes, unicorns can do magic. Yes, dragons can fly, shoot fire and fax messages. Combat... realistically there wouldn't be much. But if there IS, it's be more in the line of "formal martial arts" like fencing or MMA. No Gurren Lagann up in here. Anthro means humanoid- bipedal movement, hands, humanoid features (two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth- y'all know what humanoid is :-P ) RACES: Pegasus, Unicorn Earth Pony, Zebra, Minotaur, Buffalo, all kinds of things. Mammals, reptiles, birds, aquatics, heck even dinosaurs are ok- so long as they are anthro and in the 5ft-8ft tall range, you're good. Cutie marks exist on pony and ponylike races, but as they are in a 'risque' place (since characters here are analogous to humans, having their upper thigh/buttocks exposed is typically reserved for beachwear), characters typically have their cutie mark emblazoned on clothing or accessories, as well SETTING: University style, at Luna U in the scenic metropolis of Salt Lick City. There are dorms, on-campus apartment style housing, and off-campus 'duplex' housing for students. No, you don't HAVE to play a student, but we can't all be staff, right? ;-) The University staff consists of: the university President (NPC) The Board, made up of the Dean of each college (fine arts, Equinities, science & engineering, social science, medical/dental, political science, athletics). Each college covers multiple core subjects. Combat Arts and Ballet would be in Athletics, while IT and Mechanical Engineering would be in science & engineering, for example. Each department is administered by a Bey, who coordinates the curricula and other requirements for students majoring in a subject within that department. Additionally, Beys are required to teach an intro level course, as well as an upper division course, within their department. This is to give the students familiarity with staff, as well as ensure that the subjects themselves are taught by experienced and knowledgeable staff. And of course, each subject has professors that teach it. CHARACTERS: We'll say three per user for now, depends on how things go, unless you're running a group within the game, like a club, a band or a family. Again, run it by us. If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask myself or my Co-GM @@Mentis Soliloquy To join in, please put the following in your character app: Name: Race: Gender: Age: Appearance: Skin/Coat color: Eye color: Hair color: Special Talent (Pony or Zebra): Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing): Major(Doesn't have to be related to talent): Orientation: Personality: Backstory: Thank you for joining our RP and we hope you have fun here.
  2. Pangur Ban

    OOC --

    I have closed this topic due to personal issues.
  3. @Pangur Ban This is a 1x1 romance RP. RP:
  4. IC Thread Hello everyone! For a good long while now, I've been wanting to host an RP with this theme. Despite my long resume of RPing elsewhere, I've never actually hosted one before, so my nerves have been keeping my from posting this. I hope I don't make too many mistakes and can make this an enjoyable time for everyone! Plot High up in the mountains at the very northern edge of the Equestrian border before entering into Yak territory, a humble snow-covered town rests. In the past, this town had been praised for its many snow resorts and vacation spots, but for unknown reasons this praise has quieted down in recent years and tourist numbers have dwindled. That is until one of the resorts starts sending out fliers announcing a new marketing promotion: Anypony who books a stay in one of their cabins for a week or more will be entered into a drawing taking place at the end of the year to own said cabin as a personal vacation home! Early one winter morning as the date of the drawing comes near, the renowned Friendship Express speeds along its tracks, whisking its riders along towards the old resort town of Hoofer Bay. The train offers the vacationers a chance to socialize and taken in the sights of the snow-covered mountains speeding by, cars kept nice and toasty warm for the riders. Little do the ponies know that there is a reason tourist numbers started dwindling. A reason they will all soon discover during their not so relaxing vacation. --------------------------------------------------------------------- This RP is open for anyone to join, I will make the IC thread once I get a couple interested RPers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  5. This is the OOC thread RP Thread here
  6. This is a private RP between me and @The Cerberus RP:
  7. Equestria: Duality Hello everyone. This is my first hosted roleplay on this site so forgive me if this isn't like others you've been in. I've been in few pony roleplays but I had an idea I thought would be fun to do with a group of people. I hope you enjoy! You are a pony who has been invited to a resort in the Crystal Empire by the owner of said vacation haven himself. Your summons is simple, your name was randomly drawn and you've been offered an expense free vacation to the lovely beachside location, starting with a special feast with your host. Upon arrival you are treated like favored guests and after dinner are excused to rest and await the fun of the next day. Not long into the night your group decides to go on a walk to explore the location of your generous vacation. You and your party of fellow guests however encounter a twist and suddenly everything about the Equestria you know and love isn't as it should be... Your pony has become drastically different than it was before and now it's an upgrade of the original! Your character may have swapped genders. They may have even changed species! Or they may have simply discovered that they have magical abilities or gained physical prowess where they had none before. You're goal? To find out what's going on and get home? The catch? You don't know how and you need help to do it. Submitting: Upon your character's acceptance they will receive their letter of invitation to be pampered and you will begin your turn by responding to that letter and meeting at the resort. When submitting please remember that your character will have changes and incorporate those upgrades. You can be as creative as you like with these changes and I would like you to keep in mind that they will be normal ponies when this roleplay begins. They will have normal, otherwise canonically believable lives with jobs and families. Roles to apply for: Medic/Healer- You'll be invaluable to your comrades with your ability to heal and better them. Though you may be able to protect yourself, saving others is your prime objective. Mage- You will primarily fight with magical attacks and abilities, but this does not mean you have to be a unicorn. Something has changed you after all. Your role will be defense mostly but your comrades may need your magical talents for enchanting and more practical situations. Warrior- You will fight with weapons and will wield ones where others cannot. Your abilities lie in your physical prowess. Scout- You're the master of stealth. If it's spying, silent attacks, or quick escapes your pony is who others look to. You'll probably be in charge of providing the vital information to the one in charge that determines the actions of the team as a whole. Tactition- Not overly battle inclined but still important. You find out who is on your side and what places are safe. Where can you get supplies? Where is the enemy's bases of operations and what can you do to foil them? You're the one who puts everything together and offers up the important details to the others. You get in touch with allies and make the preparations for missions. Constructor- When given the materials you make what you need and repair broken weapons. Give the mages something to enchant, fix your medic's tools, craft armor for your warrior. Rules: Submission format- 1.) Please don't god mod your character. If you can defeat an alicorn alone then your character is boring and unnecessary as a team contributor. If you can't die you aren't being a fair roleplayer. Please keep abilities in check so we can all have fun. 2.) No Mary/Gary Sues. It should go without saying that that you shouldn't submit or become an alicorn in this roleplay. No not spirits or gods of elements and objects either. Your character shouldn't be perfect, no one is. 3.) Please specify the changes undergone by your character when they upgrade. This includes gender changes, race changes, abilities gained, and simple changes in appearances. Be creative, but not over the top okay? 4.) Try not to fall out of touch. Post at least twice a week and alert the others to periods of absence. (For example I'm mostly active in evenings and at night.) Keep chatting even when it's not your turn and get to know your fellow roleplayers. Remember to be respectful though. 5.) As for length, I understand that in some cases ( conversations mostly ) there isn't much to be added but 200 character minimums are the goal. If you fall short once or twice that's okay so long as your posts are decent in length the rest of the time. Quality is preferred over quantity though so try to be detailed and proofread before posting. Legibility is key and we all want to see what you paint for our minds. Warrior- Mage- @P-Jay Medic- @Blood Moon@PonyOfDespair Scout- Tactician- Constructor- @driz *Sidenote: Don't be discouraged if someone has the role you want, I'm allowing a max of two in a single role.
  8. Rp ( I'm thinking of doing a roleplay that is a close spinoff to the game, "Bendy and the ink machine." I have the majority of it down, but not all. I'm not going to make it completely gory like the game but will have some of the scares. This is what I have so far: A group of ponies went into an old abandoned cartoon studio, of your favorite character when you were little since you got a letter to come see what they were doing years ago. The place is a mess and in need of repairs, and there's black stuff dripping from the ceiling. Rules: No gmodding, keep it pg13, and no op characters. application: the usual
  9. Rp link: Desperado Hills, a small village that despite the name, is pretty happy with where they are at, until a militia calling themselves The New World moves close by. At first they were friendly, but after a few weeks they started asking to take the children to join their militia, the town kindly denied but the militia wouldn't have it, threats were issued and finally after a month, they attacked the town. Being in the town for your own reason, you got caught in the middle and decided to help the ponies keep their children. Unfortunately, the militia were able to snag a few foals, and the town wants a group of elites to take out the militia and bring back their beloved foals. And that is the beginning of the story, Now as rules go just leave a character that is related to fallout and say you want to join there are six spots remaining. Now if your OC isn't fallout related I am open to suggestions but otherwise nothing OP if you want to get to level standards level 15 is the max, and only 33 SPECIAL points max and if you have some perks, name and description, those are limited to 5 perks at the start. Don't care about guns so much as long as they fit your character and if they have like an ability, 15% more damage to bugs for example, type it down. Anyways here is how this'll start. You will start in the town a few minutes before the attack. I don't care what you are doing just make it fit the story. I will control all non-hostile NPCs such as merchants, the mayor, etc. The only hostile ponies I will control are ponies willing to talk, and the leader of a militia group, I will also be in charge of what may attack us in the wasteland, otherwise that is it. Rules: 1) follow all forum guidelines 2) no controlling other ponies that are not yours 3) you can't get out of everything so you may have to request help and you can die, but only by me (not character wise) 4) have fun and remember no OP characters One more thing, just leave a link or if you feel like it make a character up but make sure they are detailed.
  10. ( Roleplay Link: Yet to be created ) Hello again, fellas! It had been quite some time since I made a role-play here, but the last time I attempted it, so many players joined that it was overwhelming and too much to handle. I've learned the hard way that, at least for me, the role-playing experience would be so much better if it was just limited down to either 1x1 or up to 4 players max. That way, taking turns are more coordinated, and schedules are more manageable. Of course, IRL matters come first! With that being said, I'm very interested in doing very close to canon type of role-plays (something you would expect in the EQE section as an example), with even canon characters (very encouraged) thrown into the mix to interact with. If you are interested in playing a canon character, or perhaps quite a few of them since this would be a small group, that would be lovely! It is very much encouraged, but I would also like to get a PM from you as well with a short audition. If we are going to be playing very close to canon, the canon characters are going to have to be role-played as such as well! At the bottom of this post, there will be a canon character list! The mane six, Starlight Glimmer, and the princesses will be the only ones listed at first, but if you're interested in another canon character and you apply for it, I will add it to the list with your name on it! For role-play ideas... well, that's something we can discuss! I could go the route with my older role-play where it was my OC first arriving into Ponyville, but I'm open to discussion! Of course, we now have to go onto the dreadful part... rules. Sorry if they are quite detailed. No God-modding. This basically means taking control over another player's character's actions, typically in relation to your own. If, for example, you role-played your character bucking some other pony in the face, and that it knocked three of their teeth out, and you wrote that in the same post, that would be God-modding since you did not let the other person respond. The correct way is to role-play your character attempting to buck some pony in the face, so that the other player can respond with their character's reaction, which could be either dodging out of the way, attempting to parry/counter, or letting it hit. Those poor teeth if it did. RIP, pearly whites... RIP No Gary Stus and/or Mary Sues. If you're not sure what these names mean, it basically eludes to perfect characters. Being ridiculously OP with an irresistible charisma is a pretty good example. I'm fairly interested in doing very close to canon type of role-plays here, and these types of characters just don't exist there, plain and simple. 2.b. To add onto this, OCs with a grimdark past would also... be looked down upon. It contradicts with the nature of MLP in general. Non-extreme stuff is plausible (like abandonment as a foal), but not extremely dark (like kidnapped to be a super alicorn assassin), please. No Killing without direct player permission. I know, in the MLP universe, it's a rather foreign concept, but I still need to bring it up. Alicorn OCs are very iffy. If you happen to have an alicorn OC that you are wanting to play, it's going to have to abide to rule number 2, and it would also have to make sense in the backstory for why that OC even IS an alicorn, preferably something that makes sense canon-wise. Try to do your best with grammar and punctuation! I know no pony is going to be perfect at it, but give it your best shot! I would also advice you to please, please, please avoid one-liners. I tend to do at least three+ for all of my posts, usually quite a bit more, and seeing another player just reply with a one-liner puts me off and tells me they aren't putting much effort into it. Abide the site rules! The most important, golden rule of all is to have fun! Princess Twilight Sparkle: Available Apple Jack: Available Rainbow Dash: Available Fluttershy: Available Rarity: Available Pinkie Pie: Available Starlight Glimmer: Available Princess Celestia: Available Princess Luna: Available Princess Cadence: Available
  11. @Unicorncob This is the OOC thread for the roleplay between myself and Unicorncob, currently closed, between my character Mythos Gray and Pinkie Pie. Technically many years late in a sense, especially with the other roleplays I have had him in with my character moving to Ponyville, but for the sake of the roleplay I will be treating this as the first day the charming grey unicorn sets hoof in Ponyville. What is his purpose? Well the Canterlot born and raised unicorn wishes to meet and interview in a sense the Mane Six, to learn their stories so that be can tell the tales and adventures of the six mares who have saved Equestria countless times... Mythos just wont realize how quickly he will meet a Bearer of the Elements of Harmony in meeting Pinkie. Always one to tell when somepony new is in Ponyville and in need of a welcome. Chuckles I will get started and post a link to the IC thread in just a moment... or not, as I seem to have run into an error trying to create the thread. [Ponyville] An Unexpected Greeting and Welcome (IC, Closed)
  12. @OracleOfTwilight @Maple Bat @WiiGuy2014 Link to RP: The six of you sir in a white carriage, it is fully white, same with the ponies and their armor, meant to be camouflaged among the clouds. You land soon after and you see four familiar ponies, the princesses, three new ponies stand beside them, one looks like a retired member of the guard, a scar covers his left eye, his gray fur faded with age and other scars, his beard and mane a faded orange. The next is a slender mare, a bat pony, she looks menacing and only half of her right ear, she has gray fur and a dark purple mane. The final pony is wearing a police uniform his fur matching the dark blue and his mane short but yellow. And that is the starting setting the RP will be posted after I post my character here and then we can start, otherwise post your characters here. A few quick rules and details though. Rules: Nothing OP, the closest thing to OP should be your unique skill which can fail in certain cases Everything is allowed, including some cursing (light cursing) and some gore not horrendous but some is ok, and no sex, there can be talk and something may happen but you are to just end it with kissing in a bed. No killing off PC characters Details: Guns are allowed but are not mandatory. I do expect some talk of the terrorist attack that caused this to be made, it didn't just happen, but its been 3 months after the incident. Character development I want some, a crap ton. Otherwise I will post my character, (he is in my signature so he is already posted) and yeah. Final note, underneath each character profile I want some strengths and weaknesses and finally your unique skill be it a mental, physical or magical skill it must be unique. My character: Silvermoon Strengths: courage, ranged combat, close quarters combat, charisma, shadows Weaknesses: anger, hoof-to-hoof combat, too kind, daylight (weakens magic) Unique Skill: specialization in night magic(summoning, shadows, illusions, healing)
  13. This will be a private Rp between @Crescent Forest and myself. Rp link: It will be a slice of life Rp to help introduce him to RPing.
  14. LINK TO IC Hello, and welcome to the OOC of A Magical Mistake! This is my first time roleplaying on here and becoming a DM, so bear with me as I learn and get better at this art. Please do not join the RP without asking me permission on this forum. Current users part of this RP: @Silver Note @Celestial Panzerhund @Jade The Pegasister @WiiGuy2014 Current cast characters taken: Chrysalis - @Silver Note Please tell me to put you on this list if you are going to RP as a cast member EDIT (7/6/17): There are technical difficulties currently with the IC page. I'll keep this page posted to when it's up and running. EDIT (7/6/17): The IC is fixed. Click the link at the top of the page to visit it!
  15. The year is 2045 in Equestria, after a war between good and evil, good had won, but with many sacrifices. Ponyville and many other towns and cities were destroyed during the war. Equestria is now in a depression, but it is also in a state of reconstruction. Hello everypony, this is the premise of a slice if life RP that I thought of long ago, there will be a plot added in soon but for now you are to go about your lives after a devastating war. All I want for applications is A) your character And what role you played in the war (soldier, civilian, law enforcement etc.) Rules: No alicorns or any species that are considered OP Guns and technology are allowed but will not be used as much (this specifies towards guns) Otherwise have fun and I will he posting my character soon.
  16. Attention subjects of Equestrain Empire! All Approved Characters, both cast and Original are hereby invited to attend the Winter Moon Festival. This years festival shall take place at Canterlot Castle, both in the Great Ballroom and Castle Gardens. The evening shall begin with the raising of the Winter Moon and end promptly at Midnight. Attached to this invitation is your ticket. Please RSVP in the thread below. Your Princess looks forward to spending the longest night of the year with her Subject. Princess Luna of Equestria. ___________________________________________ Questions about Equestrain Empire and how to join may be found HERE Please post a link to your character's database entry. Roster Princess Luna-NightTerror Nebula(Skycoaster) Trixie-PathfinderCS Soft Star-Mentis Soliloquy Mentis Soliloquy-Mentis Solioquy Twilight Sparkle-Derplight Sperkle Fleur de Lis-Fhaolan Dr. Whooves-Kulstor Alto Tuner-Yoshi89 Princess Celestia-Dwhitethegamer
  17. RP link: In an alternate universe Cresent is married, and not scared of dragons?!?! cwhip is doing a rp finaly?!?!? His wife walleria a dragon has given him a wonderful son named Dracul Jr dragondanser who' s a dragon himself that has shown signs of the blood rage. The driving personality in vamps of the world that seeks out blood. Its time to begin the ritual for the blood rage to be contained, and to top it all off its soon for his wings to pop out, and there is a sibling along the way. Time to visit Manity the birth place of cresent and place of his upbringing. How will it go? what or who is Draculas' blood rage? And what of the baby still in the egg? what adventures lie with our batpony and his family?
  18. This is OOC of 1x1 Warrior Cats RP with @Unicorncob. RP: The Four Cats of Apocalypse
  19. On a television, the dictator, Sombra gives out daily commands and re-explains the rules. The Crystal Empire is a ways off from Ponyville, but that doesn't mean Sombra doesn't have ponies always on watch. The program continues on a loop as you watch the screen one last time, hoping for a change. About halfway through the screen goes to static and then a pony appears on screen, her blonde mane tied back her green eyes filled with confidence, "ponies of Equestria-" she says in a country accent, "you no longer have to live in fear, the Elements of Harmony are back," multiple guards start running in all directions, gunshots are heard, but the voice still plays, "you are free of this slavery, fight back," you here your collar buzz before falling off along with several other ponies. You decide to take action as the mare lets out one final sentence, "lets take back Equestria!" That is where your journey begins. This is a war/adventure roleplay where you start out as a small militia but must take back Equestria from Sombra. Rules: No alicorns or OP races There are guns allowed but please start small for this is where everything starts, at the beginning. I will control all NPCs except Applejack who will be controlled by one of you. If you play the role of AJ you get these benefits, The choice of going into battle or staying behind, the choice of sending your army to a location to free the ponies there or send a small group to take out the leader of the location. You also get the benefit of making trade routes and even choosing to defend certain locations. There is of course the higher up Twilight who is controlled by me who will intervene when possible, I will also play as an advisor who will give you chances of success and everything else. My character is the leader of the small assassination group meant to take out leaders. In order to be AJ you have a special application to fill, but you may also have a secondary character, same goes for everybody else you can have 2 characters. Here is the AJ application Leadership skills: a brief explanation of how well you work as a leader. Strategy: explain a strategy to save Canterlot. Qualification: why you should be the mare herself. Here is a normal application Name: Race: Age: Placement: (assassin, soldier, guard, or heavy artillery) Personality: Background: Weapon: Other: anything about your character that is just an add-on. Anyways that's the RP the story advances the way you all make it, hope you consider it interesting and join up.
  20. Hello, everypony! I thought i'd share my adventures with you all... by letting you actually join me on them! In this topic, you will be able to join me in many many adventures around equestria and beyond! So. Who's ready to have some fun with the legendary hero? Only 2 days left until the Stickocolypse is upon us... Will you rise to the call and help us stop Nega Stickbot Alpha?
  21. This is the OOC thread, the RP Thread HERE
  22. [RP:] Hello everyone I'm Chaotic Overlord for a I'm part of a group known as EVT on Fimfiction that group is dedicated to stories about a group known as Isfet you guys may have seen me mention them in previous threads Isfet is a group of anti heroes and villains from both MLP and not who in their world are the spirits of disharmony and yes it includes Discord too. Isfet is in short the closest thing you can get to evil without actually being evil. Theyte selfish, rude, egotistical, sadistic, greedy, mocking psychopaths and megalomaniacs but do have some capacity to care for others now that they're semi reformed. Theyte ultimate goal other than to feed eternity on negative emotions which they thrive on but also to return their rule to the entire multiverse anyone wants more history on them I'll give it but now straight to the point i'm going to need members for Celestia, Luna, each of mane six, Simba and Nala from the lion King, Chrysalis and IJ aka isfet's kids who I'll explain the personality of when someone applies First tell me which character you're wishing to apply for and I'll tell you their general relationship with Isfet to get you ready for your role
  23. This is the OOC for a 1x1 RP with Twofer. RP:
  24. When shadows fall Over the valleys Beneath the clouds that obscure the sun Who can recall A dream, once it's over And everything's been said and done If I could hold you in my arms just one more time If I could simply take away the distance between our minds Forget the sadness in your eyes The bitterness and lies No love can hold When hearts grow cold History is about to come to the present… To seek retribution. ------------------------- When hearts grow cold: Chapter one Greetings everyone. Over the last months I’ve been in a ton of roleplays, and each of them had very interesting perks to them. I’ve hosted a few roleplays in the past, but I decided I was going to do it differently this time. I’ve taken a few aspects of every roleplay I really enjoyed and created this. Maybe you’ll recognise some things. Just know that if you think I’m stealing ideas, I’m merely trying to make this roleplay as pleasurable as possible by taking the best of all roleplays I’ve been in. I hope that makes sense Not very long ago, a powerful artefact was stolen from the ‘Starswirl the Bearded’ section of the Canterlot library. This powerful artefact could grant power and knowledge to the wrong kind of pony. Despite the countless safety precautions taken a thief still managed to break in and steal the artefact. Not many ponies have seen the act of stealing itself, but a few clues have been left behind. Alongside this problem rumours have spread of a notorious gang causing trouble all over Equestria, leaving trails behind in several locations. Nopony knows what they are up to yet, but they’ve been stealing and breaking into places for a while now. Some are more frightened by this group than others, claiming that they are more organised and precise than all other criminals that came before them. Your character has been sent a letter and called upon by the princesses to search for the artefact, and perhaps retrieve some more information about who did it, and if they have anything to do with the obscure gang of thieves. You will travel alongside other ponies in the same situation as you in a party, each of you fulfilling a different role. Your first task is to come to Canterlot so you can be informed of the situation and ask any questions you may have. I would like you to apply your character for a certain role. In the roleplay itself your character will receive a letter requesting them to join the travelling party fulfilling that specific role. It would also be nice to give the princesses a reason to choose you in your character application. Is your character the best in his trade? Perhaps he’s been loyal to the crown up until now, or has expressed his will to support the princesses before. This is not obligatory however. The different roles are as follows: Roles: Guard/Soldier: Since the party will be facing dangers on their journey, there has to be somepony that can protect them. A heavyweight of some sort that can overcome most physical problems, is proficient with some sort of weaponry and can make decisions in combat. Your character doesn’t have to be completely oriented around combat however. Mage: In many situations a mage is very useful. Thus it is important that there is a unicorn proficient with advanced magic present in the party. The mage shouldn’t be combat-oriented though. More so a wizard specialising in utility, research or transmutation spells. That doesn’t mean your character can’t fight, just don’t come up with a battle mage. Scout/Rogue: Somepony who’s either too quick to be caught, or too stealthy to be seen. Who can infiltrate and investigate when nescesary. Is it a master of disguise, a mage of illusion or just a really fast Pegasus? That’s up to you. Detective: This story is full of intrigue. Somepony has to be clever enough to connect the dots, to see the story behind the facts. As the scouts infiltrate and the diplomats negotiate, when the mages decipher and the soldiers interrogate, the detective sits behind it all, waiting for the moment he's struck with the solution. Diplomat: When it comes to negotiating, it’s important that you have a professional with you. The diplomat is a pony with a silver tongue, a witty mind and a strong will. Manipulative and cunning, a diplomat can coerce anyone to his or her purpose. Navigator: This party is going to travel a lot, sometimes even through uncharted area. To have a pony who knows his way around anywhere is vital if you do not want to get lost. The navigator is in charge of the parties direction, keeping them out of dangerous areas, and is most knowledgeable of the environment. Doctor/medic: If anypony becomes injured and impedes the parties’ pace, it is best to have a pony with a medical license at hand to fix the injury as quickly as possible. The medic might even be the most important of all, because he can get anypony back on their hooves. How he does so is up to you, but strengthening others and helping others recover is your sole purpose. These roles are taken pretty loosely. It’s more to make sure the party has a variety of different skillsets. You don’t necessarily have to be a warrior to fulfil the soldier role, and you won’t precisely be playing a soldier at all times either. As long as your character somewhat fits the description it’ll be fine. Surprise me with something original! I like that Application template: Rules. - No god modding, no powerplaying and no Metagaming. If a character isn't yours. You can't control them. Simple. Taking control of another players character is strictly forbidden. There might also be things that you yourself, as an OOC person knows, that your character doesn’t know. Make sure you keep track of what and what isn’t within your characters knowledge. Also don’t entirely base your character around their powers or exceptional talent. Sure, it can be a very major factor, but it is important that they have an actual character, and are also not too powerful. There are many examples in which you can try to avoid this rule, but please use common sense and don’t do it. - No Mary / Gary Sue behaviour. Your character is not perfect in any way. Neither personality, nor appearance, nor talents and powers. Just keep things like that in mind. -Post length. 200 character posts have their place and their uses, but they shouldn't be the norm. I don't like imposing a minimum character limit as short posts are sometimes needed, but I expect a minimum average of 400 characters and would hope that people aim for a minimum of 600 characters. Of course, when travelling, or when there aren’t a lot of things happening, you can greaten the length of your post by spending more time with inner dialogue or describing scenery. That will flesh out the environment and make it easier for others to come up with ideas to write about. - Post Quality. Please take your time to proofread your posts for grammar, punctuation and spacing. Don’t just make your posts fun to read, make them easy to read! - Respect other players. Your characters may come to hate each other: you shouldn't hate each other as players though. This is a roleplay, not a competition. It's not worth falling out over. - Communication and activity Please make sure to let us know if you aren’t going to be able to post for a while, and also try to post at least twice a week. It makes it a whole lot easier to keep the roleplay going. My main objective is to finish this roleplay to the end, and I will take measures to keep it alive! This will include kicking people and inviting new members into the roleplay at some point. On the point of communication, it’s also great if you talk to each other. About things happening in the RP, but also about posting activity. Lots of roleplays I’ve been in died because everyone was waiting on each other… Accepted characters: Guard/Soldier: @PonyOfWar as War Mage: @PathfinderCS as Stargazer Scout/Rogue: @Dark Horse as Nova Nightstar Diplomat: @Lil' Lovebug as Amber Whiskey @SilverHeart as Mirror Image Navigator/Detective: @Golbez as Logic Bomb Doctor/medic: @EQ_Theta as Salus "Salve" Veta One last thing! I'm still working out the concept of this RP, and there might be things unclear in this OOC. I've got much more information than is actually displayed here. If you have questions, please do ask them. I can explain things that are unclear, and possibly add to the current OOC explanation so things will become clearer. I won't bite, please ask as many questions as you want!
  25. This is the ooc for the Multiversal War with reader8363. IC