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Found 1535 results

  1. This topic is for OOC for On the High-horse Seas planning. Feel free to talk here!
  2. the following rp is between Micky Adptus and cwhip9 RP link
  3. Since prisons have been getting worse. Shadow came up to the Princesses and explained a prison where prisoner will get better. They agreed, but only with they see it happening. He nodded and got started. Now it's time to pass it down to his daughter, Rose. Genre: SOL Rules: No Gmodding, NSFW, and alicorns Try to post regularly-if leaving the rp, post them leaving the prison. Roles: New Old Guard application: Role Name Type In for Time there(guard or Old) Example Role: Prisoner Name Vivus Somnus Type: Lamia In for: Breaking and entering places and taking hostages, including the crystal empire castle Time: 3 months @reader8363-Rose Beast(Warden), and Vivus Somnus(Prisoner) @GoldieS-Mortiferum Latro(New Prisoner) @Techno Universal-Atom Unit(Guard) @Superwholock-Arctica Superion(New Prisoner)
  4. Ooc chat and reduce of the first blood lesson RP plot between mentis sloiquy and cwhip9 RP: This time it will be done right
  5. -We start in the capital of the Alicorn Empire, The birthplace of Princesses Celestia and Luna, currently ruled by their brother, Emperor Cosmos. We cut to the throne room, where the Emperor is meeting with his top generals for the plans to expand his empire by invading Equestria and beyond- Emperor Cosmos: "I know my sisters, they are soft and weak." General Magnus Carta: "From what our spies and scouts have gathered, their kingdom is very autonomous, it should be easy for my battalions to overrun them. However, there are reports that they have made alliances with Yaks, Dragons, Changelings, Griffons, Abyssinians and Sea ponies, that could be a problem."
  6. Rp link: Hi! Ben a while since I started a RP, so I decided to fix that. So, I have a veeeery vague idea this time, or to be frank, just a hint of a concept really. Basically, I'm looking for someone willing to pull off a 1x1, where I roll with my main, Crystal Clear. (I know the character page got messy, but it just refuses to separate into neat paragraphs and bullet points like it used to on the old Forums...) As the title already mentioned, I'm interested in a romance type of roleplay, but with an advenure element tossed in. Basically two individuals who are in a relationship wander around and have adventurs. Since in canon Equestria, Crystal is heavily tied to her work, I suggest taking a turn into the alternate Universe avenue, and I'll modify her backstory accordingly. I've already roleplayed her in Star Trek setting, as well as sort of high Fantasy one too, so I know what I'm doing. Probably. So the PC's can be anything from Fallout Equestria scavvers (haven't read the books, but know the regular Fallout), sci fi mercs or ponies who solve problems for coin *cough*Witcher*cough*, or anything else really, as long as they travel and do interesting things. So far I've been in close to 10 roleplays in here, and some were pretty long (like "Diffuse Reflection"), so keeping the RP alive is no real issue for me. You can check my other still alive ones to see if you like my style. Other than that... ask away, I suppose. Oh and as far as the eternal dilemna "anthro or feral" goes, I'm more into feral, but if you give me a good reason, I can roll with anthro. Hope to hear from you soon!
  7. This RP is about a war between equestria and herobrien. To join in, you must be your oc and become a warrior, a citizen or help in general in the war. Enjoy! Iron mist:me Princess Luna :me Techno Universal(brave warrior): @Techno Universal Herobrien: @Techno Universal PM me if you would like to join! rules: no cursing, no romance please
  8. Mewni has finally been overrun by monsters. The Mewmans have fled the city in fear for their lives, the royal Butterfly family helping them to escape. With no support in their dimension and nowhere to run, the Butterflies call on their friends for help, whether they be royal, human, friendly monster, or anything in between. They're in desperate need and willing to do anything to help their people. Rules -Canon characters are first come first serve, though I will allow you to reserve one if you need to -This is basically a different version of Ludo taking over, one where he isn't being controlled by Toffee and is an actual genius when it comes to taking over -Mild gore and romance is fine, but can we keep the romance to a minimum? I'm not a big fan, though I don't mind it too much. I just don't want it to become the main focus, y'know? -If your character/s is/are up on the character archives, just post the link and Ill go check it out -Your character does not have to be a royal or related to a royal. They've simply run into the butterflies before and become friends. -Password is Narwhal Blast Form Name: Nickname/s: Age: Gender: Title: (If applicable) Race: Powers/Abilities?: Appearance: Personality: Wand: Dimensional Scissors: Password: Other: Mine Name: Dominique Byrne Nickname/s: Dom Age: 17 Gender: Female Title: High Princess of Naraka Race: Narakese Powers/Abilities: Fire and combat magic Appearance: This that I do not own Personality: Dom is a master at hiding her feelings. Mostly she does it for others, whether to help them remain calm or to let them freak out. She tends to internalize everything and most people find it hard to read her. Despite all that, Dom is a very warm and affectionate person. She's loyal and dependable, able to keep a level head even in the worst situations. She does what she says she will, no matter what it costs her. She always puts others first, whether it's her teammates or civilians or her family. Consequentially, Dom tends to take the blame for anything that goes wrong with things she's involved in, whether or not it was actually her fault. She always has an open mind when it comes to planning and is very much an 'out of the box' thinker. She's resourceful and inventive, whether it's with her magic, non-magical combat, or just a simple trap. She'll use anything and everything. Wand: These lovelies that I do not own Dimensional Scissors: Black blades with silver handles engraved with her family's motto: Mundus semper ardere, sed adhuc conversus (The world ever burning, yet still turning) Other: She's the eldest of 6 daughters and 1 brother Name: Carson Byrne Nickname/s: Cars Age: 14 Gender: Male Title: High Prince of Naraka Race: Narakese Powers/Abilities?: Pyrokinesis Appearance: Not my art Personality: Carson can be very reserved, but is also super sensitive. He's smart and a fast learner, but he doesn't really like to take charge. He often doubts his abilities, both as a pyrokinetic and a prince. He's incredibly close to his eldest sister, following her basically everywhere. Not that Dom seems to mind much, in fact often encouraging him to come with her. Like Dom, possibly because he's around her so much, he tends to internalize things. Though it could also be the weight of being a prince. Wand: He doesn't need one Dimensional Scissors: Same as his sisters. In fact, the entire royal family has the same ones, with the King and Queen's having gold handles. Other: Only male Narakese have the ability of pyrokinesis, hence why no male Narakese needs a wand and female Narakese are so exceptional at fire magic with their wands Arctica Superion and her dimensional scissors (A gift from Star)
  9. This is a private 1X1 RP between me and @mrcool909090. RP:
  10. This is the OOC for the Corrupted Harmony roleplay with Driz Link to IC:
  11. Hey, all! I've recently gotten back onto MLP Forums, and Id like to do an RP to get back into the swing of things. (Warning: May be a bit rusty) Right! As for the storyline, I was thinking: "Relations between Ponies and Titans have decreased to the point where war is inevitable. Ponies have sent diplomats to negotiate with the Titans, but to no avail." The Titans are a race of humanoid creatures that average about 15 meters tall, have about average intelligence (compared to ponies), and have no magic capabilities. The characters being played (by us) are tasked to infiltrate (secretly, of course) Titan territory and attempt a final peaceful resolution to the war. We can discuss more details once I have all the participants I'm looking for. As for the character(s) I'm playing: My OC: Clyssora (link in sig) Princess Celestia (minor character, not much dialogue) Princess Twilight (minor character, not much dialogue) Available slots: 1. reader8363 as Rose Beast 2. driz as Trinket 3. Krashface as Rockshield 4. Techno Universal as Techno Universal 5. Sir Warith as Sonar Vigilance *If you are interested in joining after seeing the RP progress a bit, I might consider adding a few extra's in* 1 Slot per User, each User can play up to 3 Characters. Rules: 1. No overly powerful OC's (aka Mary Sue's / Marty Stu's) 2. No replies (during RP) under one paragraph long. (Exceptions can be made) 3. That's it! If you're interested, either message me or reply to this thread.
  12. So, people aren't getting this rp. That's okay, I'll explain this, You roleplay as a producer, rapper, or executive in this rp. This record company already has a set roster you can roleplay as, but you can add your name to this roster if you want to rp as yourself, that's okay. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Backstory here: Roster: Pinkie Pie (COO): @WisePie Childish Gambino (CEO/Rapper): DJ PON-3 (Producer): Octavia (Producer): MC Ride (Producer/Rapper): Kaan (Rapper): Playcolt Carti (Rapper): Anderson .Traat (Rapper): Pink Colt (Rapper): XXXTentacion (Rapper): (AGAIN I CAN ADD YOUR OWN OC IF YOU DON'T WANT TO RP AS ONE OF THE ALREADY SET PONIES!)
  13. 1x1 Roleplay with @Dark Horse and @Ginger Ale. -- One evening under the starry skies, a stoic and devoted captain of the Lunar Guard agrees to meet an energetic young mare with dreams of reaching the guard herself. But as the night goes on, the evening soon becomes something more than a simple formality... -- Thread for OOC discussion.
  14. This is the OOC thread for the 1x1 rp with @Techno Universal titled "To Live Vicariously" RP Thread will be here
  15. (Please read: This game was not started by me, but do to circumstances and the absence of the original GM, I have been awarded permission to now manage this RP. That being said, the rules and intro post are more or less the same, and the game will go on business as usual. Hopefully I will live up to the task and not disappoint) The last one kinda petered out, so let's do another! ((IC HERE: RULES: Anthro characters. Species doesn't matter. Just run it by us first. Same rules as the forums, with a couple more for flow and ease of transition between users. 3rd Person, Past Tense- he did this, she went there, they said such-and-such, that kind of thing. Reasonable 'power' levels. Slice of Life means no superpowered kids running amok. Yes, pegasi can fly. Yes, unicorns can do magic. Yes, dragons can fly, shoot fire and fax messages. Combat... realistically there wouldn't be much. But if there IS, it's be more in the line of "formal martial arts" like fencing or MMA. No Gurren Lagann up in here. Anthro means humanoid- bipedal movement, hands, humanoid features (two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth- y'all know what humanoid is :-P ) RACES: Pegasus, Unicorn Earth Pony, Zebra, Minotaur, Buffalo, all kinds of things. Mammals, reptiles, birds, aquatics, heck even dinosaurs are ok- so long as they are anthro and in the 5ft-8ft tall range, you're good. Cutie marks exist on pony and ponylike races, but as they are in a 'risque' place (since characters here are analogous to humans, having their upper thigh/buttocks exposed is typically reserved for beachwear), characters typically have their cutie mark emblazoned on clothing or accessories, as well SETTING: University style, at Luna U in the scenic metropolis of Salt Lick City. There are dorms, on-campus apartment style housing, and off-campus 'duplex' housing for students. No, you don't HAVE to play a student, but we can't all be staff, right? ;-) The University staff consists of: the university President (NPC) The Board, made up of the Dean of each college (fine arts, Equinities, science & engineering, social science, medical/dental, political science, athletics). Each college covers multiple core subjects. Combat Arts and Ballet would be in Athletics, while IT and Mechanical Engineering would be in science & engineering, for example. Each department is administered by a Bey, who coordinates the curricula and other requirements for students majoring in a subject within that department. Additionally, Beys are required to teach an intro level course, as well as an upper division course, within their department. This is to give the students familiarity with staff, as well as ensure that the subjects themselves are taught by experienced and knowledgeable staff. And of course, each subject has professors that teach it. CHARACTERS: We'll say three per user for now, depends on how things go, unless you're running a group within the game, like a club, a band or a family. Again, run it by us. If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask myself or my Co-GM @@Mentis Soliloquy To join in, please put the following in your character app: Name: Race: Gender: Age: Appearance: Skin/Coat color: Eye color: Hair color: Special Talent (Pony or Zebra): Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing): Major(Doesn't have to be related to talent): Orientation: Personality: Backstory: Thank you for joining our RP and we hope you have fun here.
  16. I have closed this topic due to personal issues.
  17. IC Thread Hello everyone! For a good long while now, I've been wanting to host an RP with this theme. Despite my long resume of RPing elsewhere, I've never actually hosted one before, so my nerves have been keeping my from posting this. I hope I don't make too many mistakes and can make this an enjoyable time for everyone! Plot High up in the mountains at the very northern edge of the Equestrian border before entering into Yak territory, a humble snow-covered town rests. In the past, this town had been praised for its many snow resorts and vacation spots, but for unknown reasons this praise has quieted down in recent years and tourist numbers have dwindled. That is until one of the resorts starts sending out fliers announcing a new marketing promotion: Anypony who books a stay in one of their cabins for a week or more will be entered into a drawing taking place at the end of the year to own said cabin as a personal vacation home! Early one winter morning as the date of the drawing comes near, the renowned Friendship Express speeds along its tracks, whisking its riders along towards the old resort town of Hoofer Bay. The train offers the vacationers a chance to socialize and taken in the sights of the snow-covered mountains speeding by, cars kept nice and toasty warm for the riders. Little do the ponies know that there is a reason tourist numbers started dwindling. A reason they will all soon discover during their not so relaxing vacation. --------------------------------------------------------------------- This RP is open for anyone to join, I will make the IC thread once I get a couple interested RPers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  18. This is a private RP between me and @The Cerberus RP:
  19. Equestria: Duality Hello everyone. This is my first hosted roleplay on this site so forgive me if this isn't like others you've been in. I've been in few pony roleplays but I had an idea I thought would be fun to do with a group of people. I hope you enjoy! You are a pony who has been invited to a resort in the Crystal Empire by the owner of said vacation haven himself. Your summons is simple, your name was randomly drawn and you've been offered an expense free vacation to the lovely beachside location, starting with a special feast with your host. Upon arrival you are treated like favored guests and after dinner are excused to rest and await the fun of the next day. Not long into the night your group decides to go on a walk to explore the location of your generous vacation. You and your party of fellow guests however encounter a twist and suddenly everything about the Equestria you know and love isn't as it should be... Your pony has become drastically different than it was before and now it's an upgrade of the original! Your character may have swapped genders. They may have even changed species! Or they may have simply discovered that they have magical abilities or gained physical prowess where they had none before. You're goal? To find out what's going on and get home? The catch? You don't know how and you need help to do it. Submitting: Upon your character's acceptance they will receive their letter of invitation to be pampered and you will begin your turn by responding to that letter and meeting at the resort. When submitting please remember that your character will have changes and incorporate those upgrades. You can be as creative as you like with these changes and I would like you to keep in mind that they will be normal ponies when this roleplay begins. They will have normal, otherwise canonically believable lives with jobs and families. Roles to apply for: Medic/Healer- You'll be invaluable to your comrades with your ability to heal and better them. Though you may be able to protect yourself, saving others is your prime objective. Mage- You will primarily fight with magical attacks and abilities, but this does not mean you have to be a unicorn. Something has changed you after all. Your role will be defense mostly but your comrades may need your magical talents for enchanting and more practical situations. Warrior- You will fight with weapons and will wield ones where others cannot. Your abilities lie in your physical prowess. Scout- You're the master of stealth. If it's spying, silent attacks, or quick escapes your pony is who others look to. You'll probably be in charge of providing the vital information to the one in charge that determines the actions of the team as a whole. Tactition- Not overly battle inclined but still important. You find out who is on your side and what places are safe. Where can you get supplies? Where is the enemy's bases of operations and what can you do to foil them? You're the one who puts everything together and offers up the important details to the others. You get in touch with allies and make the preparations for missions. Constructor- When given the materials you make what you need and repair broken weapons. Give the mages something to enchant, fix your medic's tools, craft armor for your warrior. Rules: Submission format- 1.) Please don't god mod your character. If you can defeat an alicorn alone then your character is boring and unnecessary as a team contributor. If you can't die you aren't being a fair roleplayer. Please keep abilities in check so we can all have fun. 2.) No Mary/Gary Sues. It should go without saying that that you shouldn't submit or become an alicorn in this roleplay. No not spirits or gods of elements and objects either. Your character shouldn't be perfect, no one is. 3.) Please specify the changes undergone by your character when they upgrade. This includes gender changes, race changes, abilities gained, and simple changes in appearances. Be creative, but not over the top okay? 4.) Try not to fall out of touch. Post at least twice a week and alert the others to periods of absence. (For example I'm mostly active in evenings and at night.) Keep chatting even when it's not your turn and get to know your fellow roleplayers. Remember to be respectful though. 5.) As for length, I understand that in some cases ( conversations mostly ) there isn't much to be added but 200 character minimums are the goal. If you fall short once or twice that's okay so long as your posts are decent in length the rest of the time. Quality is preferred over quantity though so try to be detailed and proofread before posting. Legibility is key and we all want to see what you paint for our minds. Warrior- Mage- @P-Jay Medic- @Blood Moon@PonyOfDespair Scout- Tactician- Constructor- @driz *Sidenote: Don't be discouraged if someone has the role you want, I'm allowing a max of two in a single role.