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Found 1535 results

  1. RP Thread In a library in Ponyville, three moderators sit around at a table and talk to each other... what happens next is to be seen... as things are about to get crazy... ____ Rules of RPThis is PRIVATE. Only Nico, Zoopaloops, and Arylett Dawnsborough are allowed to post. This RP is totally non-serious, and will go up and down and all around in silly directions. It's a free-for-all. Nico is to blame for everything. Eat Zoopaloops. Everyday, all day. ____ Player List Zoop Aloops - Arylett Dawnsborough Nico Nicoco - Zoopaloops Arylett Dawnsborough - Nico
  2. This is the day Equestria falls The story is that Celestia is assassinated and her son, Arthmither, must take reign. Arthmither makes the land of Equestria fight for food , water, and shelter the days go on with the ponies in Ponyville pray everyday that they will survive Alicorns and Unicorns can't use magic because Arthmither does not allow it and if him, or his watchponies, see you you will be skinned then set on fire. signups in session signup list ------------ Kreinbahther my roleplay character is
  3. So this is the thread where you can post to join and/or ask questions. Story: It is Ponyville as we know it, everyone is being nice and helpful. The Harvest was great so everyone had to eat. Everything was perfect, a real paradise on earth. One day though, several posters have been plastered all around the village, on them was only text, no image or illustration. It would read: To all ponies daring, Or just ponies willing, Get your change in pace, By exploring a new Place? Adventure may not always be safe The reward is great though So why not try? The posters were signed by the mayor. Nopony seemed to mind them though... Except a few ponies... ---------- Story desc end----- So this is a public roleplay, with me as the GM. You can use any normal pony character ( i.e. no alicorns ) Upon beginning the game your char will have read the poster and would go towards townhall, from there you are free to do what you want! I will start this once enough ponies joined or, if somepony joined, enough time passed. What you can expect from this Roleplay: Well I have the story already quite planned out, I try to promote extensive Roleplaying, even though I understand that in fast paced scenes this is not always feasible. This would play as an adventure. No complicated dice system, but should there be combat you would have to explain what your character is doing. ( Not all enemies will be overly intelligent though. ) I also try to be fair as a GM, guiding the players should they need it. Rules: The rules are the standard ones, no metagaming, powergaming and all the other unpleasant stuff. ^^ What do you think?
  4. (I really like the new layout ) So here you can sign up for the rp and discuss OOC, talk about the rp, and ask questions related to the rp. I will accept up to 20 or 25 members Rp members: Toothlessbrony (characters: strike, shadowclaw) Strong Hooves (characters: Strong Hooves) Rose (characters: Rose) Neikos (characters: sunward) Pinkazoid (characters: Haste, rainbow spectrum) The rp is here: Here is the intro/plot thing: I don't know if I will be an actual character and describe what dangers we will face, or just be the dangers.
  5. Come here to ask to join this roleplay, and to talk about it! The ravenous fire eats away at anything it touches. Putting out it's dangerous touch, it could kill millions if never stopped. The end of the world is neigh, and nothing can be helped. Discord defeated the Elements of Harmony, bringing chaos to the world. The ponies of Equestria are left to fend for themselves in this apocalyptic world. These are their stories. Rules- 1. No being evil, we are all affected. 2. Try to stay a little active. 3. Please make your posts legible.
  6. On request of Arylett, I started this thread so that we don't have as much chat clutter in the RP.
  7. Ok anypony from my last (and only) RP is welcome. This is just to re-itterate who all is still playing and who wants to join, original RP broke 90 posts. Characters: asdf Firescore as Fire Score:
  8. I'm planning on restarting the Ponyville Roleplay thread after I finish with my current RP. This is going to be everyday life in Ponyville. Anypony is welcome to join. If you're interested, post links to your OC page here or choose any of the cast. I'll PM you when I put up the thread. LE RULES (Along with site rules already in place) 1. Romance is fine, but this is not a dating sim. Make your own RP if you want pages and pages of mindless flirting. 2. I dislike alicorn OC's. You can use one ONLY if it is very well made and approved. 3. If you want to start a big event in the RP, ask the other players for approval first. Can't wait to start this RP soon!