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Found 123 results

  2. Seeing as there is another thread of a guy asking foreigners what they think of America, I'd like to create one of Australia. What do you guys think of us?
  3. How do you play? You have to give a reason why you are better than the pony above you thus making you the champion I have never made a game topic before so let's see how this goes.
  4. My favourite day of the week is Saturday because I have no school, I don't have to get up at 7:30 AM and I can stay up late. My least favourite... Monday :okiedokielokie:. I absolutely LOATHE Mondays because 1. Beginning of a new week, brings the dreadful feeling of " must slog through another week". 2. Most of the time it is the most boring day of the week. I could probably post 20 more reasons why it's my least favourite but that would take to long . Anyway's, post your favourite and least favourite days of the week and why.
  5. LEGO. Chima. Yup. I like this series, it has humor and battle scenes galore. If you haven't seen it yet, Season 1 is on netflix. So go watch it now.
  6. Hey all, so this year's Call of Duty got leaked last night, then the trailer officially released this morning. Here it is. So, what do you guys think? I personally think that it looks like it is going to be a fresh Call of Duty for once, and it looks pretty epic with the technology element. I mean, this is more technologically advanced than Black Ops 2. If you didn't know, CoD: Advanced Warfare is being made by Sledgehammer Games. Here is a video Drif0r made that showcases their past. As a CoD fan, all I can say is "please save us, Based Sledgehammer." The official world reveal of the game is this Sunday, May 4th at Noon CST. Let me know what you guys think, do you like it? Do you hate it? Confirmed List so far Kevin Spacey is lead antagonist/protagonist Combat takes place in the USA Revolves around PMCs (Private Military Companies) Set in the far future
  7. Irresistible force (Pinkie Pie's friendship) meets immovable object (The Joker can't make any friends). What would happen? Would the Joker want to be Pinkie's friend?
  8. Story (SPOILERS FOR EQUESTRIA GIRLS AND MOS): In a what if story that may never have passed, Sunset Shimmer was able to successfully defeat the Mane 6 before they were able to use the power of friendship, killing them in the process and eventually using her power to conquer Earth and Equestria with no problem, on another Earth in another time, General Zod has found a way to kill Superman before he can stop his plans to terraform Earth, and has finally made his New Krypton a reality. However a rip in the fabric of space and time has brought both of these powerful earths together. As Sunset Shimmer prepares to attack New Krypton, Zod and his soldiers confront her. Zod begins the assault on Sunset Shimmer and the fighting begins. Rules: Both have a full understanding of their powers and have trained with them for a period of one year, but no prep time as it is a spur of the moment fight. Scenario 1.) Zod is on his own and has access to no weapons or armor / Sunset Shimmer is on her own and no access to weapons or armor . 2.) Zod is on his own but has access to all of his on person weapons (Kryptonian Phaser Gun...thing) and armor / Same with Sunset Shimmer 3.) Zod is backed up by all his men and women and the power of the Phantom Zone Drive / Sunset Shimmer is backed by Demonic Snips and Snails, and her Highschool Zombie Army plus the Element of Magic. Who wins?
  9. Alright guys...I need to ask a serious may not seem serious to you, but your answers will mean a lot to me. Confused? probably...let me explain. We all know the story of Discord... In "Return of Harmony" we saw him take away the very essences of our beloved ponies, we saw him turn the world upside down, ruin cherished objects of others, and just overall show no respect for people's boundaries, lives, or property. But then, in "Keep Calm, and Flutter On" we saw the reform of Discord...we saw a lot put at risk, to trust in someone's word of "I've changed...I'm good now." And to be honest, it kinda failed...Discord betrayed everypony as soon as he got the chance...He had a change of heart at the end of course...but here's the thing... Put yourself in the pony's hooves...if you had personal attacks done to you, by someone who only cared about benefiting themselves, even to the point of violence...and suddenly, he turns around and says..."I didn't mean it, you can trust me's something (money, promises, items) as a sign of friendship" Should you really trust that? I mean...I believe strongly in forgiveness...but also, in being intelligent... I'd forgive the individual, but avoid them, until I was absolutely sure there was a legitimate change... I am asking all this, because I'm going through a situation right now that mirrors EXACTLY what transpired in "Return to Harmony" and "Keep calm and flutter on"...and I don't know if I should trust this person who contacted me saying "I'm different now, here, have these things." Mainly because in "Twilights Kingdom"...Discord did some terrible damage after being trusted again...damage that included the destruction of twilight's house, loss of power to every pony in equestria, and possibly lives/civilizations at stake. Is it really worth to take such a big risk just based on someone's word/action? Especially if they're known to be devious and untrustworthy? What do you think?
  10. Ok im tired of my friends saying Kratos from God of War (PS3) could beat Master Chief from Halo (Xbox 360) I need some opinions up in here! A DeathMatch of 2 Spartans clashing it out! Who Would WIN!!!???
  11. Spock

    The VS game

    Quite simple game, answer the vs question of the person above you and pit the winner against your own choice. No Chuck Norris please! Person 1: King Kong vs Godzilla Person 2: Godzilla, Slenderman vs Cthulhu Hitler Vs Darth Vader?
  12. Just read a post on the MLP Facebook page that to celebrate 1 million retail-sold MLP comics IDW is teaming up with Heritage Auctions and putting up for auction a one-of-a-kind MLP comic with all proceeds going to the Give Kids The World charity. The cover was designed by fan-favourite Sarah Richard. This is what it looks like. Pretty. Damn. Awesome. I thought it would be cool if we had a go at guessing how much it will sell for and see who gets the closest . I'm not in any way familiar with the comic book industry or how high these things can sell for but I do know that they can get pretty ridiculous expensive. So my guess is very uneducated (and probably very silly). $10,000 USD The winner gets the satisfaction of being the winner as well as a life-times supply of bragging rights. Obviously edited posts wont be counted and if two users guess the same amount, the person who posted first wins.
  13. Hey there! Just wanted to update this thing for those who are interested. Sorry I havent been on in awhile, Ive been in a do nothing mood. Possibly because Im getting all boo hooy over this lady on the internet who is nothing but happy and i want that i want to be happy and also shes a pet and i think that is adorable and i watched one of her videos about burning man and i almost died of feels So yea, more story updates. Intro: Years in the future, everything is destroyed, and it pans over the landscape and dead bodies, finally resting on the frail body of Twilight, who has been scarred from watching everyone she loves die. #edgy she then proceeds to pull out a book, open it, flip a page, and shut it. She then says "It wasnt always like this. Everything changed when the Take some pictures
  14. There was a post on carthrottle a letter, that I immediately felt like sharing. It captures what most car lovers experience, so I feel it is a good read. My favorite thing in the world are cars and driving everything related to it. Been that way all my live, being a car enthusiast is the best thing in the world. Read down below, good letter the reason I post it as a link is because the text looks better. Enjoy driving to the fullest.
  15. We all know this series is soon to be dead but let us at least take the time to share our thoughts & opinions of this series.
  16. Does anyone know the lyrics to any anthem in Equestria like the Ponyville anthem, or the REAL Cloudsdale anthem not how Spike sung it. Anyone know?
  17. So, just a bit of feedback on the size of signatures on the forum. Now I think that the size nor normal users is ok, and does not need to be changed, but I feel like the size for subscribers is possibly to big and the size for moderators is just massively to big. Now I don't have a small laptop, but this is what my screen sees sometimes: (see attached file) as you can see it fills up atleast a 1/3 of the screen. This is crazy! I didn't come to the forum to see peoples signatures but to read the topics. I know signatures are an important part of your online persona, but why do moderators sigs have to be so much bigger? It sometimes feels like they are trying to show it in our faces sometimes! Now I'm suggesting that you make them smaller and standardise the signature size to be the same as non subscribers. In the end, they still get a bigger portrait (which is fine as it stays out of the way) so why the need for such big signatures? It also severely reduces my ability to read topics quickly: a. they load slower b. they take forever to scroll throught. It seems crazy to be that signatures can be so much bigger then then persons post! Anyways, I hope this didn't come over to ranty, and if there was a way (or is that I can't see) to turn signatures off for me then that would fix the problem as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Happy Plant
  18. So I've been playing Legends of Equestria and of course as my OC Speedster. It's awesome, I decided to do a fly by nothing serious. Didn't really edit the video, just recorded with fraps and was listening to music. The music was playing while I was recording so it was recorded with it. Plan on recording two more just for fun, it's awesome. So Speedster in Equestria, enjoy.
  19. I am just going to bee blunt. I feel like I have little to no friends at the moment. IRL, I have lost a good chunk of friends to a stupid argument, leaving me with one IRL really. And online well that is pretty self explainable. I have a healthily sized friends list, but how many are actually friends? I mean, you are all great people, but we never talk or do anything really . And a big hit to me is that, a good chunk of these peoples have made " Friends on the forums" Lists, listing who they like. With the exception of one person, every other person has never mentioned me in these lists, witch is really a punch in the gut to me, so to say. Shows even more, I guess, how I only really have acquaintances on here, Sorry to sound so depressed, but this REALLY has me down right now
  20. I have been waiting for this game quite a long time and it will be out soon, sadly not many people seem to know or talk about it. What do you people think about it?
  21. Hey guys... By now, many of you will have already read my most recent blog post that expressed my frustration at the forums, particularly the higher-ups, for not doing enough to be involved with the rest of the community and making them feel welcome. Well I wanted to apologize for harshness of tone and the manner through which I presented my frustrations. I happily say that the forums does do a fabulous job helping people out. While I still think the forums can do more for those less popular people who have their own talents to share, I realize that venting it out in anger wasn't the best way to express such concerns. Much of my frustration boiled over after my parents were hostile towards my intentions to pursue a Masters degree in Biochemistry in order to pursue a pharmacological career. My mom even called the professor's life "an easy one", and expressed nonchalantly and angrily that it was my life and that she didn't want anything to do with it anymore. Looking at the forums, I hastily saw that ignorant and cold-hearted spirit being played at many spheres in the forum community and that got me very frustrated. That being said, I still disagree in a forum that places hierarchy and popularity first. These are characteristics any forum should avoid at all costs. When I first joined the forums two years, I was never popular, but I never asked for it. I was already content with Feld0 continually interacting with the rest of us that made us realize that the mods were indeed human beings. Nowadays, that view is being jeopardized, most likely because of the massive growth the forums underwent, particularly in the last year, and an apparent complacency of forum members like me who have felt they've done enough to make the forums a better place. With a larger forums comes greater responsibilities for the mods. They've been less available due to the immense work they have to put in here and their real lives. I myself have undergone that same strain as a guild master in a free MMOPRG known as Spiral Knights. The fact the forums are still together now after this incredible size change says a lot about them. Although I see technical and social quirks and issues here and there, it's to be expected with such a large forum. Size is something we cannot control, but at least we can better organize our time for everyone. At least we can reply to people when we say we're busy, or at least we can give assurance that we read an interesting status update by replying to it. It's those little things that make members feel welcome here. We're not perfect, but at least we can try. That brings me to the World Cup itself. Despite the issues, the forums did a wonderful job helping me promote the 2014 MLPF World Cup, a tournament that had many aims, some of which were as follows: 1. To raise awareness of 2014 being a World Cup year and soccer as a worldwide sport brings people together. 2. To gather bronies together to share in their love for their favourite character, from the strongholds of the Mane 6 to the minnows of Mayor Mare and Dinky Doo. 3. To help artistic bronies realize their talents by drawing banners, trophies, and mascots through art contests. 4. To realize my dream of hosting a massive World Cup where a large chunk of the forums is involved (ie, at least 200-300 voters regularly) While the World Cup was largely successful in fulfilling the former two objectives, I still feel that the third and fourth objectives need fulfilling. While I realize that the final objective may be impossible, the third objective is still possible, and I was frustrated that the mods weren't getting to my request to update the announcement for the World Cup to include the contests for the artists. That was part of the issue that left me angered. Ok... now that I've said everything that needs to be said. I just wanted to conclude by apologizing again for any hostility I created through my anger. I was becoming frustrated at the people who felt left out, those people who I agreed with it. I was frustrated at my family for not caring about my future. I was frustrated with my friends for ignoring me when I tried to say anything. Finally, I was frustrated with my closest friends because they were always unable to reply promptly to private messages. The anger let out, and I couldn't control it. I will make sure to better control them from now on, and I will make sure to respond by contributing to the forums by making new friends with people who don't have any friends. That's what I wanted to end with. See a friend feeling lonely? Talk to em. See someone referring to something you know about in a status update? Reply to em. They may seem really small, but for someone feeling lonely, it means the whole world. That's what I aimed with the World Cup. Those wonderful pictures you guys post of very cute ponies and talking about your favourite pony. That's a huge step to making people feel welcome.
  22. This is my First Music piece and is only the first draft just curious what you think of it I found some nice sounds although the arrangement has probably let me down #
  23. What do you think are the best flicks of 2013? I think that Star Trek: Into Darkness, Captain Philips and The Hobbit were superb films and were 2013's best flicks
  24. For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of an Avatar fan. And by that, I mean massive huge fanboy. So when I saw the trailer for Book 2 of Korra, things happened in my head. I suppose you could say that I'm excited.
  25. Random buttonwise words of wisdom for the day are Is everything ok? If not try checking your preconceptions of objective reality. Wow this got me thinking thank you random button I have a blog post! lol But in all seriousness it is right I have been feeling useless, even down right stupid. It is my perception that needs to change. Not life itself. I need to stop fighting life and change my view. So the random button has taught me perception. Thank you random button. What did you take from this???