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Found 123 results

  1. The time has come, that we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the year 2014. Don't know about you all but the year 2013 has been a year of changes for me. A lot has changed, I joined the forums among other sites and have grown very attached to this place. So cheers for a new year and may 2014 be just as good as 2012 and 2013 though what highlights those years are that I became a brony. It may not seem much for most people but it truly was a life changing event for me. So I want to thank you all, thank you all for making this such a great year. You may not know but new years eve is my favorite time of the year, why? Maybe it's because it means a new year, new opportunities, everything new but I'd be lying. The real reason why I love new years eve so much is because of the fireworks. Have plenty and I'm just getting ready to ignite the sky, ever since I was a little kid I have loved fireworks. Love the sound, the smell and just everything especially the explosion itself. So, happy new year and thank you for making the year 2013 so great. Thank you all.
  2. CloudFyre

    Bug report(s)

    Well, it's more of a bug report and a suggestion, actually. I uploaded/edited a track on (as Night Shine was having issues), and this little oddity came up: It somehow managed to copy the name/description data from the song I was editing to the next-most-recent song as well. The chance was purely aesthetic (clicking on the tab gave me "Drift - From Beyond", which is the correct song), and fixed itself once I refreshed. I'm still trying to figure out how I got it to happen the first time. On a separate note (and this is very, very small): I almost think having the "Downloads" tab be changed to "Download" (singular). I spent quite a while trying to find the "Downloads" tab, and for some reason that "s" at the end threw me off. Not sure why, but it seems "more correct" in the singular form. *Edit: I also had a hard time finding "Save Changes" on a track, as I'm used to seeing it chronologically below the settings on websites like SoundCloud. It might be beneficial to put a Save Changes tab at the top and bottom of the track editor. *Edit 2: The music player at the top of the screen has one tiny little bug: if a track finishes playing completely, it's "frozen" in a finished state. You can't click back somewhere in the middle to start playing again, and even if you hit the "play" button again, it doesn't do anything. You have to either click a new track or revisit the track you were previously playing. (This assumes you're listening to single songs, and not a playlist.) -Cloud
  3. So basically, I've been playing some League of Legends lately and have noticed (after purchasing Leona and playing support for a while) that she is oddly similar to Celestia. She warships the sun, and she sounds almost JUST LIKE HER. I realize that they are voiced by two different people, but the similarities are striking. Let me know what you all think.
  4. I am so proud of this picture Someone suggested to steady my hand, since the lines were shaky, so I tried to steady my hand while drawing Picture based off a scene from Paperman All hand drawn, no trace
  5. It's finally done. I wasn't sure if I should put this here, or in the Fan Works section, but I decided to put it here seeing as it's not my own work. I've been waiting for this for a long time, and it did not leave me disappointed. Out of all the fan animations I've seen, this is visually my favorite one. The animation itself is absolutely wonderful, and it's only pushed further by the fantastic cinematography. Luna looks flawless and the character designs for the OC's are really well done, they fit into environment very well. Speaking of which, the background art is just awesome, and the over all colour pallet makes everything look... just... so pretty. It gives everything a really fantastic vibe. The concept for the story itself is also really awesome, and potentially my favorite one so far as fan animations go. However, the only reason I wasn't as entertained by the story as much as some of the other works is because it feels more like a teaser for something bigger, then a stand alone short. Over-all, I really do love this. It was worked on by two people (with help from voice actors, musicians etc), and I know how hard that is. They clearly put a lot of love into this, and their efforts show. I hope to see more from them
  6. Today's we got's the swag! I'm sorry, today we have some pop. Pop isn't my favorite genre, but it is a genre and I promised it. So the song of today is Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus Ok, this is not a bad song. It's actually insanely catchy. Miley is one of my favorite pop artists other then P!nk. The music video may have caused some controversy, and on that note so has Miley. Anyway's have some pop up above.
  7. On this date, the 11th of November I first decided one evening to give a show we all know and love a chance. After being asked for a while, I finally gave in since I had nothing better to do. On that day, my life changed to the better. I saw episode 1+2 of season 3, I wanted to see more so I watched a few episodes of season 1 which lead to me watching all of them. I found out about the fandom early on, since I saw a comment that asked "How many of you are actually male, teens or boys". Because of this comment I knew that there were more people out there that liked the show. I watched a video from bronycon, since I wanted to see the voices behind the characters. After that I noticed a pattern so this all lead to me learning about the brony fandom and joining the herd. Best decision ever, to begin with I only watched it because I wanted to find Derpy and Fluttershy, since I had seen #SaveDerpy and I wanted to know who she was and then Fluttershy saying yay!~ I fell in love with Fluttershy when I watched the first episode of season 1. I could have become a brony a lot earlier, I remember seeing a comment explaining what a brony is on youtube but I didn't give it much thought. If I would I could have become a brony late 2010, but at least I joined and that's what matters. I could also have joined during the summer 2012, my brother was constantly asking me to give it a chance. After I became a brony I became obsessed the very first day I decided to give it a chance. On the 11th I watched a few episodes and found out about the fandom but then on 12th of November I was completely obsessed and was even watching videos from bronycon at school. I watched and watched until I caught up with season 3, it was an amazing experience when I started to watch new episodes premier. I started drawing ponies on the 17th November and continued doing so until today and started to do digital ones. Even wanted to make music, fanfics, but ended up making PMVs instead. Who knows what I might do next.. When I became a brony it was one of the most important times in my life, even remember the timing around 6 pm - 7 pm. On that day I was rather depressed, well more then rather and for some reason when all seemed lost I suddenly became happy. My life started going another direction, finally. Then later on 2th of February 2013 I joined the forums, I love you all. I love you all members of MLPforums, I love this fandom you've made my life worth living. Thanks to you all, this year has been the best year of my life, thank you all everypony. Brony forever! Tl;dr Been a brony for one year, it's been the greatest year of my life. You turned my life around and I'm thankful for it.
  8. So, I've done AC4, Ghosts, GTA V and BF4, who else do I need to do? *is going to do Watch Dogs* ____ Anyway, here's a Ghosts wallpaper. Coolio, now I gotta go.
  9. So, this is a list of the things I have noticed in the game that are of interest. - The SC2010 is OP. Pretty self-explanatory. This gun is pretty powerful. Quick killing along with low recoil make it an amazingly powerful assault riffle. The main thing is, the guns do major damage in this game, and if some of these guns were in MW3 or Black Ops 2, these guns would be considered majorly OP. - Cranked may be the best multiplayer game mode of CoD history. An anti-camper TDM is pretty self-explanatory as to why It's the best game mode. Unlike the other modes, everyone is in each other's faces, and It's pretty fun. It's really fast-paced, and if you haven't tried it, give it a try. You'll likely enjoy it. - The game looks pretty good. Graphically, this game is pretty good. It's not anything spectacular, but the game looks very good. The colors also are fairly vibrant, unlike MW3, so that's nice. - Campaign shows tons of promise. Keep in mind I'm only a little bit in, though. This campaign shows the most promise of any Call of Duty game I've ever played (4-Ghosts, excluding WaW). The thing that's great is, unlike the whole "America under attack" stereotype, it actually is unique. It's a campaign that shows promise, unlike Black Ops and MW3. - Riley is powerful in MP. Seriously, Riley is like a mini UAV that kills the people he detects. Equip the dog on every killstreak package. - You die so quickly in this game. You can't comeback unless the guy shooting you misses more than a couple shots. The guns are so powerful, there is literally no chance to turn around to shoot them back and win. - Game is HEAVILY AR dominant. This game leans towards Assault Riffles. It can go against some SMGs in terms of short range ability, and they are fairly accurate. Equip them unless you are purely shoving the gun down your opponent's throats. - NO MORE BS SHOTGUN KILLS, YAY! Shotguns are a gun you should never equip. Hit marker city. - Leveloution is limited at best. KEM Strikes are the only thing that changes up major things on the maps sometimes. This is the most disappointing thing about Ghosts. Levolution on a major scale is limited to a couple maps, and the rest are extremely minor. If you want Battlefield level destruction, this isn't the place to get it. - Everyone's character is a woman. SMH. - Maps are actually pretty good, despite being huge for CoD maps. They really are. Unique design helps a lot, and the ability to have sight lines makes it better for snipers like me who like to Granny Scope. The big thing is, these maps have so many places to go to get an advantage. The good thing is, this doesn't make for really campy gameplay. It makes for a challenge. Pros: Maps are great; More gun skills needed to do well; Not much to cater to bad players like me, such as Target Finders; promising campaign; Better Create-a-Class; Customization; and the levolution is a decent start. Cons: My biggest gripe is the lack of competitive options, as S&D is only 2.5 minutes, lack of League Play, and no support for competitive in general; Spawns aren't great; Guns are awfully unbalanced; and the levolution, while a good start, ended up being very overhyped. But still, Infinity Ward has managed to pull out to a great start to the Ghosts series, and while it isn't the greatest Call of Duty game of all time, it made many of steps in the right direction. Many of my gripes can be easily addressed by a single patch, as that's all it takes to restore competitive play, and to fix the gun balancing issues. Think of Ghosts as the start to a recovery from a disaster. It isn't the greatest out there, but It's a start. Overall: 8/10 I'll probably be making more First Impressions over the next couple of months, probably with GRID, Battlefield 4, Forza 5, and more. I'll also be doing more things with Ghosts soon.
  10. Seems like a mixed opinion thing, But I am curious on what people think.
  11. This is something I think is worth sharing.
  12. So I made this today.
  13. Guys, it is time, I show you the true side of me. The True Artistic side of me. I draw better on the computer, I just never knew. The drawing took 25-35 Minutes. I am using my new style for the picture This, is the true, side of me
  14. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  15. Hello there, you fine folks on the forums, today I'm going to be reviewing sleep. Graphics: Sleep's graphics have aged well, especially considering how old it really is. I mean, sleep does usually have blurry graphics, and for some reason, clocks and mirrors never seem to render properly, but other than that, it's very realistic graphic-wise. I'd say that if sleep were to come out today, it's graphics would receive much praise from critics and everyday people alike. Sometimes while moving fast during dreams, your surroundings become blurry. I hope this is something that sleep's developers look into fixing sometime in the future, as the motion blur can get kind of annoying. A major issue that might be related to graphics is that for some reason my dreams appear to be unable to be recorded with my capture card, however, this might be some kind of technical problem with my brain and not with sleep or the recording software. Gameplay: Sleep's gameplay can be confusing. Especially since sometimes, when entering sleep, the gameplay does not start at all. This usually indicates a sleep disorder, and sadly, most people have not bought sleep recently and thus cannot use their warranty. Once you are in gameplay, it becomes very confusing. Who the protagonist of sleep is is often unclear as they usually do not speak. In addition, enemies may vary (If there are any at all) depending on which level you are playing. Oddly enough, levels appear to play anachronistically, with some players being unable to reach certain levels, and others end up replaying the same levels over and over. One odd thing about sleep is that it's genre is quite unclear, while I'd guess it's some kind of platforming game, the jump function does not appear to always work and the game often appears to crash when you fall long distances. Some have reported that it is some kind of horror adventure game, and to some extent this appears accurate, however, not all levels are like this. When asking the programmers what they were going for, they had no comment. All we know is that whatever it is, it often succeeds in it's goal of either being scary, pleasant, or something in between. So kudos to the development team for developing something so entertaining for free. I would say that sleep has a high replay value, although it is rare to find somebody who has beaten it. For some reason, many people do not save their progress, Maybe they don't know how, so here's a guide. I did notice a glitch in sleep where Light switches do not usually work. Story: This is one area where sleep really appears to be lacking, sadly. Many people have reported inconsistencies in their dreams and the plot appears to be really incoherent. However, this unique and random style of story telling has it's upside, as the ending is not as predictable as those in some other examples of entertainment with a confusing story but obvious ending. Sound Effects: For some reason, many of the sound effects in sleep appear to be muffled or unpleasant. Very often during gameplay I experienced loud screams, and worse still, upon triggering these, the game usually crashes, returning me to my bed. The sound effects can, however, be very memorable, and for that, I am grateful. Sometimes the sound quality varies but for the most part the integrity of the sound effects in Sleep are solid. Summary: Sleep is quite an interesting thing, it's very exclusive. Some people can sit there for hours and hours trying to get it and just not get it all. Of course, once you do go to sleep, your mileage may vary, some people wake up feeling just as tired as when they fell asleep. However, some of the positive features of sleep include good dreams, the fact that it's a nice way to kill time, the relatively good graphics, nice varied gameplay, and the fact that it restores energy. These features combined make sleep for the most part an enjoyable experience. On the flip side, sleep can make you miss out on things, be late, you can have nightmares, sometimes it takes more effort than it is worth to sleep, the confusing storyline etc..these make sleeping into a very mixed experience. My personal experience with sleep is that while it's sometimes hard to attain, it is almost always worth it. I have had many positive dreams in my life and I really only have sleep to thank for that. Overall, I would say that sleep is one of those odd things that can be a mixed experience quality wise, but one that is enjoyed by almost all demographics. Sleep is a true classic. Sleep receives 8.2/10 stars.
  16. As the title states, has anyone ever even thought about commiting a crime before. If so, and your comfortable with sharing, please do! Can be anything from stealing something as a kid, to a more serious thing, such as shoplifting. When I was around four or five, I tried to steal a candy bar from the store. I was a terrible liar, as most children are, so I was like, "Hey mom, don't check under my shirt, cause I don't have anything there," Quite funny to me. Then recently I have thought of hurting someone, not sure where that falls in on the scale.
  17. Put this either as your signature or just put it at the top of your About me page if you support the right of the wonderful artists of the community to post whatever they want. The threats that the artist behind the Molestia blog has been getting are ridiculous and childish on the part of those sending them and I think we should push back. We can't let this censorship stand, it isn't right, it just isn't, and so, we must show the disdain it makes us feel. The blog is hilarious and nobody is making anybody else read it by force so taking it down is morally wrong and we just can't stand for that kind of thing. We can't allow the death threats the artist keeps getting to continue. There's no better way to do this than to show your support for the free speech in the fandom than with this banner I made, it can double as a signature or as an image you just put at the top of your "About me" Just leave a comment so I can add you to the list of supporters of free speech. And if you're more the gamer Luna type.. Both Images made by yours truly. Molestia/Gamer Luna Supporters Supporters: Harmonic Revelations Dusty Soul Snowy Storm Scootalove Sir Lunashy Togetic Shoboni Psyche Clops Nature of Fluttershy Discordia HandMan Yes-Man Roman Bellic StatestheOblivious Friendship_Cannon Repsol Rave Handsome Jack
  18. I'm getting real tired of your sh*t, Hasbro.
  19. So I decided I might as well review the forums as a whole and mainly because at this point I just might as well get this out there for you lovely peoples who are interested in my thoughts about the forum and such, so I might as well put this out there. Visual Style: So let's start by talking about the visual style of MLP Forums. I love it, plain and simply. It just blends so well with MLP itself that it's an incredibly user friendly style. In fact, out of all the MLP Forums I've been on (A lot), I'd say that this is perhaps the best designed one. It's just visually stunning. I would have to say that the bright colors make the forums feel very friendly and calming. The style of this forum is really unmatched. The art style is just stunningly cute and I love the forum banners the community works on, they're really amazing. Community: Next I'm going to talk about the community, this is going to be a long paragraph so bear with me, please. The community has to be the best on the internet, I mean, it really does. We're so large yet maintain this close bond with each other in a way that's very hard to describe. I am pleasantly surprised at the maturity of the users here, we can discuss mature topics without dissolving into pure insults and banter (for the most part) and well, that's not something I've ever seen anywhere else. In addition, the user base is just amazing, we have such a diversity, we have funny people, calm people, hyper people, serious people, intellectual people, laid back people, younger people, older people. We have everything on this forum, and it's absolutely amazing. I've made many great friends here, but in a way, we're all friends here, the forum community is friendly, even to strangers. Despite our differences, the forum is incredibly close and supportive of each other. And really, the staff is astounding. They do their jobs with unmatched skill and effort, and I'm very grateful to all of them for running this forums smoothly. I know it's a hard job and I appreciate the unimaginable levels of effort and the love for this forum and it's community from which this effort grew. I look up for all of these Poniverse staff, moderators, and Admins, they do so much for the community with little incentive besides their love for this community. I would truly do anything for this amazing community, as it has done so much for me. If I had to say anything negative about the community, it is saddening how many users join and just immediately leave. We need more new users because their opinions are always valued highly and new faces are always a welcome sight. Organization: This is one that changes constantly, but still remains familiar. The forum sections are changing constantly, but each one serves a clear purpose, and in my opinion is easy to use even to people unfamiliar with forums or just usually confused by them. I find the descriptions on each subforum infinitely useful for helping me (And I'm sure countless others) figure out what to post where. This is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly forums I've seen, not only that, but with the incredibly helpful staff, it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Summary: Well, I just simply love this community to an extent it is hard to express in words. @Feld0 is incredibly well-humored, intelligent, and nice, and it really reflects in all of the sites he started. I believe that Poniverse is one of the best networks out there and I am incredibly proud to be a part of it's membership. This forum has to be one of, if not the, best forum I've ever been on in my entire internet experience. I have, in my past, tried different forums and never found where I fit in until I stumbled upon this marvelous forum. I love you guys, I really do. I am very grateful for the mere opportunity to participate in this community. As Poniverse continues to grow and prosper, only more great experiences lay ahead of us.
  20. So, ah, this is probably gonna be a flop. But ask me about anything, Ace attorney, My Little Pony or Bionicle. So, yeah. Stuff.
  21. Hello there everypony! Today, I happened to stumble across a project for a MLP themed MMORPG called Legends of Equestria. I'm sure some of you have already heard of it, but I though it would be a good idea to start up a thread so that the good bronies of mlp forums could show their support for the new game. Please post your thoughts on the upcoming game! Here is a link to the official website:
  22. What's the most epic song you've heard in an animated film? I gotta say,as much as i love Disney and its wonderful songs,for me this one always takes the cake:
  23. Didn't see a topic for this game series, so thought I'd make one. I recently got Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic off of GOG and I am loving it! For those who don't know what Age of Wonders is, here's a brief overview (I'll add to this post as I get more experience with the games): Anyway I was wondering if there was anyone else out there on here that plays these games. If so, which AoW game is you favorite? Favorite tactics? Favorite group composition? Tips? Tricks? Discuss! At the moment I'm enjoying the Nomads the most (though I haven't just fired up a scenario, I've been doing the campaign). Halflings are cool but I don't like them quite as much. Their rogues are nifty for scaling walls though. I'll be adding more stuff to this post later as I think of it. Also if anyone else does play this, it might be fun to do some Multi-Player sometime.
  24. ...because alliteration is fun! No idea if there has already been a thread like this before, but I thought it would be a fun idea to have a thread dedicated to fun or interesting pictures of ponies (E.G. G4 Playful Ponies, bind bag figures, plushies etc), whether it be on location on in your very house. Here's a few examples I've accumulated recently (I'll just post links since they're quite large): Dashie at the park: Applejuice!: And it's in her colour!: Well, off to you lot....