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Found 123 results

  1. Hey, everypony!! Its Lunar Red here and I wanted to ask for your suggestions for pony rap battles. I am making the series along with SkullBuster, and Color_Pop. The first pony rap battle is recorded and is being put with a video. I need suggestions for the next few, so start replying !
  2. Yes, that's right! The first 2 seasons of MLP are coming on DVD in Europe by a company called Clear Vision. They are also going to do DVDs in the UK France, Spain, Italy and the Middle East. This is probably the most exciting news we EU's are ever going to get!!! I'm shaking in excitement as I type this!!! I've got 2 sources... You know what Hasbro and Clear Vision...
  3. I was bored so I decided to toy around with my YouTube icon. I made it from the ground up in Gimp. It's Fluttershy themed, so there's your explanation for the excessive use of pink and yellow XD "AU" stands for Angry Unicorn, by the way. Just in case you didn't get that :/
  4. I wanted to show everypony the amazing comission my freind~El Jordo~ did for me of my OCs. i think it turned out great and i absolutely love it! Mare: Name: Nightshade. "Shade." (My ponysona.) Age: 18 Gender: female Species: Pegacorn.(shes NOT an alicorn because shes NOT a princess.) Color: Silver/Gray. Mane: Blonde/Brown. Eyes: Emerald/Jade Green. Cutie Mark: White crescent moon with howling wolfhead coming out of it. Stallion: Name: Crimson Flame.(Ponysona of my nonexistant special somepony.) Age: 19. Gender: Male. Species: Unicorn.(He doesnt have any magic.) Color: Maroon/Crimson. Mane: Gold/Crimson. Eyes: Gold. Cutie Mark: Three falling fireballs.
  5. Life, located in the bottom left, supports nature and keeping the land suitable for life. Health, located in the upper left, supports the creatures who live in nature and keeps them healthy. Peace, located in the upper right, keeps the animals from fighting each other to maintain peace and prosperity Feast, located in the bottom right, gives the creatures enough food and water to last through their lives. (Backstory) After God Returned to check upon his planet, he was devastated to find out that the gods he left to take care of the Earth didn't fulfill their job. Therefore, the human world became a terrible place. For their wrongdoing, they were punished, and sent to Satan. However, he did not send the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses' Horses to Hell. He heard that they wanted to keep the world at harmony, ironically. When the world didn't turn out as God wanted it to, they told their riders that they needed to ride off into the world to wipe out all of mankind, but their riders refused. Becuase of this, they were given the powers of the apocalypse so they could be sent off into the world by God to reset mankind. Once the deed was done, God tried something other than just putting humans back on the Earth. He instead distributed sentience into the wildlife, and giving more to the horses. Since the Four Horses of the Apocalypse knew what was right, God granted the horses on Earth with wings and horns in return for the majority of their sizes. Although, God could not stay on Earth for long, and he couldn't let the world be run by the Gods of the Apocalypse, so he created four more horses to keep their apocalyptic powers at bay. He Created the Four Horses of Benevolence. Life Countered Death, Feast Countered Famine, Peace Countered War, and Health Countered Pestilence. He let the Four Horses of Benevolence roam the Earth to help the horses and ponies adjust to the world.
  6. Don'tcha just love Einstein? This is an OC of mine as he Squares the speed of light. He looks very energetic, wouldn't you say? I love science.
  7. Previous: Next: Unreleased Alexander approached the lever, and with a simple yet firm tug, it pulled downwards. The lever at first appeared to do nothing, However, after waiting a few moments, the stone circle started to turn, and glow. The soldiers were speechless. The apparatus continued to glow bright until a loud crashing noise occurred and the entire inner part of the circle was lit up. On the other side, brightly colored green grass was there, it almost looked surreal. The men just stood there and stared for a while. The sergeant picked up his radio and talked, "Foxtrot we have discovered what appears to be a portal. Everything we know about physics says that this is impossible." "This indeed changes everything." The sergeant took a deep breath, and said "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." He said. He then did something no one was expecting, and signaled the other soldiers to follow him into the portal. The soldiers hesitantly followed the sergeant through the portal. Touching the portal gave them a surreal feeling, but the transition between worlds was seamless. However, as opposed to the bright skies they saw through the portal, they appeared to be in some kind of castle. They saw two ponies wearing armor. "What the!?" The ponies both yelled simultaneously. Some of the soldiers made a run for it, jumping through the windows and onto the roof, where they sprinted for the nearest way out of the castle they could find. Alex however, was not a quick enough thinker, he was tackled and held down by these two ponies. He had no means to fight back, his gun was too hard to aim while being held to the ground and his knife was out of reach. A larger pony entered the room, Alex could say it stood about a foot taller than him, followed by a darker colored one closer to Alex's height. "What is this?" Celestia questioned, moving her face closer to inspect Alex. "I should be asking the same question." Alex managed to say. An audible gasp emitted from all the ponies in the room. They looked at Alex in amazement. "It talks?" Luna asked. "It? I'd prefer he." Alex replied. Both of the princesses looked at the soldiers and spoke. "Keep him here, we're going to get the Elements." they said simultaneously before teleporting. _________________________________________________________________________________ In Twilight's library "Twilight, what kind of tea did you say you wanted?" Spike asked. "Green, please." Twilight replied. Spike nodded and headed to the kitchen so he could prepare Twilight's tea. She was planning to do some vigorous studying tonight. Spike was starting to make the tea, when a knock came on the door. "Who could it be at this hour?" Spike asked, it was pretty late and almost everypony was asleep by this time. He approached the door and opened it. Outside stood Celestia and Luna. "Spike, we need to talk to Twilight." Celestia said. Spike only nodded, it wasn't his business what the princesses wanted, after all. He ran back to the room Twilight was in, and spoke to her. "Twilight, the princesses are here and they want to see you." He said. Twilight jolted up right at this and trotted to the door. He was slightly embarrassed and worried about Spike having left them outside. She would invite them inside for any reason at all. She approached the door, and sure enough, both her mentor and her mentor's younger sister were standing outside. "Twilight, we need to talk." Celestia said. "About what?" She asked. "About the ancient portal in the archives." Celestia said. Twilight looked a bit stunned at this, she knew of the portal in the archives, it was one of Clover the Clever's artifacts he built in the days of old. What she also knew however was that as far as the princesses knew, it was a failure. Clover theorized that several universes may exist in a multiverse. "What happened?" Twilight asked. "It's been activated." Luna said. She had a worried look on her face. "And what's wrong with that?" Twilight said, she was actually excited about this. Such a magical artifact is very powerful and with Clover the Clever's reputation preceding him, she expected it to be something amazing. "Well, something came through the portal." Celestia said. "What? Really? Are you trying to say..." Twilight started to say before being interrupted by Luna. "Yes, and it's alive. Well actually, there were several, but a few of them ran. The guards did manage to capture one. The strangest part is the fact that they appear to speak our language, the one we captured has a tag on what we assume is his clothing. It says 'Lance Corporal Alex Gray'." Twilight looked extremely shocked. This was possibly the most exciting thing that she has been alive for, this almost rivals when she was accepted into Celestia's School for gifted Unicorns. She looked up at Celestia, Twilight knew what she was going to say before she said it. "Gather your friends, we're going to the castle." Celestia said. ______________________ Meanwhile, with Foxtrot 24... "Sir, do you hear that?" one of the soldiers said, referring to his commanding officer. "Hear what?" He replied. "That noise, it almost sounds like some kind of liquid moving, like a gurgling." He replied. The soldiers looked around and readied their weapons. All at once, the doors along the corridor unlocked. Some kind of black liquid was seeping underneath the doors. It was slowly creeping towards the soldiers. "What is this?" Phoenix said. Phoenix was the commanding officer, and not knowing what this was was bad news for the entire squad. "Sir?" One of his soldiers called out to him. "Yes?" He said, turning around. "Why is there two of you?" The soldier asked. "What do you mean, two of me?" He said, almost to answer his question, a tap on his shoulder came, and he turned around to see....himself. "What the..." Phoenix said, before being punched in the face by this apparent doppleganger. Every detail was the same, right up the suit, the only thing missing was the rifle. "I'll be taking that." The clone said, before stepping on Phoenix's neck and taking the rifle. The soldiers nearby started firing at the identical twin now standing over their commander. As the bullets hit the clone, black liquid shot out him. They kept firing until he hit the ground. Some of the black liquid on the ground formed into another heap, and it started to form into another clone of Phoenix.
  8. Previous: Next: Alexander saw the sergeant board the dropship. He stood up near the entrance to the dropship. The sergeant then turned towards the cockpit and said: "Everyone is aboard. We're cleared for takeoff." as he said that, the pilot nodded and the craft started to lift off of the floor of the hanger. Alexander stared out the window of the craft as they flew into space. He could see the planet's glistening surface slightly, it was a mixture of white and pale blue, however, clouds obscured his sight significantly so it was hard to make out details. However, the thought of the scream he had heard aboard the Goliath was on his mind more than anything, and all he could wonder was why command did not at all seem alarmed by this. Mason turned his head towards Alex and started to speak. "You look a bit shaken up, you okay?" He asked with genuine concern. Mason was surprised at the pale look on Alex's face, especially since besides the sergeant, Alex was the bravest soldier in the squad. "I just saw something I'd rather forget.' Alex said in a neutral monotone voice. Mason did not pry further, and Alex saw that the planet was coming ever closer to their view. He knew that soon enough they would be on the planet's surface. He could see the finer details of the planet now, large ice structures appeared to protrude from the surface, they must be incredibly large to be able to see them from atmosphere. "Men, report to the APC, we're going to be planet side soon enough." He said, at that, all of the soldiers snapped to attention and headed for the APC in the back of the drop ship. They all climbed inside of the APC and took their positions. Alan would be driving as he was best at it, before he joined the marines he was a pilot and he wasn't too bad with ground vehicles either. Soon enough Alex could see that they had entered the planet's atmosphere, the surface was getting closer. "We're at the LZ, meet me back here when you have completed your objective." The pilot could be heard saying. After that, the APC was deployed, it touched the snow covered ground. An objective marker appeared on the solderis' HUDs. They started to drive in that direction. "So, not a standard insertion huh? This place looks absolutely deserted." Brandon says. "Tough shit, we're stuck here until we have what command is after." Mason said. Content with that, Brandon did not further discuss the subject. They turned their attention to the sergeant who was now talking into his radio. Alex could see through the window and saw Bravo 33's APC next to theirs as they traveled. "Foxtrot 24, do you read me, this is Delta 13, have you reached the caverns?" The sergeant said into his radio. "Affirmative, sir. Command has ordered our squad and Alpha 3 to go in ahead of you and report what we find." The reply came, audible to the entire squad. The sergeant stood up. "Men, let's review your equipment. You are armed with a H22-SAR, it is a standard assault rifle. You are also armed with a combat knife, a flashlight, and a gasmask with a strap at the back. This equipment will hopefully ensure that none of you die in the field, but no guarantees." The sergeant said. "But sir, this place is deserted. Nothing here would kill us anyway." Alex said. "We're not sure of the conditions in the caverns." the sergeant replied back. Alex was satisfied with that answer, but his mind was wild with images of what could be inside that command thought was so important. He was interrupted in his train of thought by Alan speaking up. "We are almost the entrance to the caverns." Alan said. The team loaded their rifles as he said this, they would be exiting the APC because the entrance to the caverns was too small for them to continue with it. Besides, it would be easier to investigate and retrieve the objective if they were on foot, whatever the objective is.The radio suddenly started: "Delta 13, we have proceeded relatively far into the structure. From what we can see, it is artificial, repeat, these caverns were built by someone...or something. It's relatively warm inside too, suggesting some kind of artificial or natural heat that the structure takes advantage of." The voice came back. The APC suddenly came to a halt, they were at the entrance to whatever this place was supposed to be. "Continue further into the caverns, we will regroup with you shortly." The sergeant said. Everyone except Alan piled out of the vehicle. The sergeant turned to Alan and spoke. "Alan, you and Bravo 33 will stay at the entrance." the sergeant said. After he said that, the soldiers looked into the relatively dark caverns, and turned on their flashlights. They started to head inside, they felt a warmth swoop over them as they entered. They noticed a glowing light at one end of the short cave, they approached it. The light blinked and the wall where the light was opened up in a three-way pattern of sorts, apparently it was a door. Brandon walked inside first. He signaled back an 'All-Clear'. The rest of the squad followed him into the large chamber. There appeared to be three doors they could go through, each with some strange symbol above them. It was not a language that appeared easily understood. Mason took a step towards one of the doors. "Sir, should we split up?" he asked. "No, I'm going to see which passage way Foxtrot and Alpha took, and we'll follow them, we can search subsequent passages on our way out." the sergeant said, before pulling out his radio. "Foxtrot, which door did you take from the main passageway." the sergeant said. Before Foxtrot could respond, Brandon started to speak. "Sir, I think I saw something behind that door." "Nonsense, there is nothing on the radar Private, you're paranoid." the sergeant replied. "We took the door to the left, Delta 13. We split up with Alpha 3, they took the door in the center." The reply came. "Roger that, we'll take the remaining passage, what do your surroundings look like right now?" The sergeant then signaled for the squad to head to the right, while simultaneously waiting for a response to his question.The squad started heading to the door, then they stepped inside. "Delta, we're held up in a large hall, it appears to have doors lined up on both sides, they all appear locked." "Roger that" Sergeant Renalds replied. The squad continued heading through the corridor that they now found themselves in. On the other end of the corridor there was yet another door, it too appeared unlocked. They headed towards it, and then stopped. "Corporal Gray, take point." The Sergeant said. Alex stepped ahead and towards the door, as he approached, it opened into what appeared to be a large chamber. At one end of the chamber was a large circular structure. There were three statues here. One appeared to be a unicorn, one a pegasus, and one a normal horse, although the proportions were off compared to an Earth horse. "It's all clear, sir...all clear." He said, as the squad followed him inside. They could now look at their surroundings better, on one side there were tapestries that appeared to have the sun on them, and on the other there side the tapestries bore the moon and stars. The chamber looked complex, next to the circular stone apparatus there was a lever. "You think this thing might still work?" Alexander said. "It's worth a try" the sergeant replied.
  9. Previous: None Next: (Notice: There may be mistakes because I do not yet have an editor, if you would be willing to fill that position let me know via PM or in the comments) Alexander jerked awake to the sound of the morning drill. It sounded every morning to wake up the crew, he was unsure why it still startled him so much. At least the sleeping quarters were relatively comfortable, which was to be expected, considering the United Human Marines was one of the most powerful human military branches; not to forget that the Goliath is one of the largest ships in the fleet. It sports two artilery canons on the front of the ship, living quarters for one hundred thousand crew members, and very powerful defense technology. Because of it's large storage capacity it is often used to explore previously undiscovered space since it can carry a lot of supplies necessary for human survival. Alex stood up, and brushed himself off. He walked over to the bathroom and went to brush his teeth, it was just another boring day. Even though the quarters were comfortable, the uniform gray color of the corridors disturbed him, the only thing comforting was that he was allowed to "customize" his sleeping quarters. He looked in the mirror. "I look like a mess," he remarked to himself. He then went and took care of his daily routine, shower, brushing his teeth, all of the usual. Once he was done with all of that, he walked back into the main part of the living quarters, and peered outside the window. He could see something in the distance, that was not unusual, but this was close, probably meaning he was going to be deployed to this planet's surface. As if to ensure his misery, the intercom sounded. "Squad Delta 13 to the Observation Deck ASAP" the voice of the AI Aristotle sounded. Alexander sighed and put on his uniform; then he grabbed his gun and walked through into the corridor. The grey walls were monotone and uniform, it would be easy to get lost if not for the signs to show you were to go. He followed the signs. He stopped once he noticed a guard that was blocking further advancement, he appeared to be standing in front of the door Alex needed to get through. Alex walked up to the guard. "Sorry sir, but there has been a problem down this wa-" the guard was cut off by a scream from behind the door. "Sir, it would be best if you found another way around." the guard said. Alexander only needed the scream to convince him to move along. Alex could only wonder what was going on behind that door as he continued down the corridor. The halls seemed relatively empty and quiet. He finally found the door to the Observation Deck. He put his gun into the holster and walked inside, to see the sergeant and the rest of his squad were standing in front of the holo-projector. Alexander stepped into line, and just hoped the sergeant wouldn't chew him out too much for being about a minute later than the rest of the squad. The sergeant just walked down the line and started to give them a briefing. "Men, we're near a planet designated Gelus, and we're going to be going down there. The reason for this is that the science team believes we're on the verge of a great discovery, they are picking up electromagnetic fields that they believe are not physically possible. For this reason, this will not be a standard insertion. We're going in with Bravo 33 to the first LZ, the second LZ will be landed at by Foxtrot 24 and Alpha 3. We're to regroup at what satellites show is an entrance to some sort of cavern," he states. The squad that Alex belongs to consists of the following: Alexander Gray (Himself) Rank: Lance Corporal Mason Jenkins Rank: Private First Class Richard Renalds Rank: Sergeant Major Alan Russo Rank: Lance Corporal Brandon Paul Rank: Private First Class ____________________ Alex just looked straight ahead. He had to admit, what the sergeant said about the planet unnerved him. But he continued listening. The Sergeant continued: "This planet is extremely cold, so cold in fact, that once we're deployed we're going to need to stay inside of the APC until we reach the caverns. For this reason, we're going to be deployed with four APCs, one for each squad. Now, report to your dropships and await further instruction. Dismissed." As the sergeant mouths those words, Alex and the rest of his squad headed back into the corridor and towards the hanger. They were all silent, the sergeants words were no doubt getting to them. Non-Standard insertions is a term that is not used often. Alex tried to not let it bother him, as he entered the hanger. He saw his dropship, and his squad headed towards it. They all climbed inside, and awaited what was going to come next.
  10. What a day it's been, So my exam table came out for the summer exams today, and i casually flicked over it taking note of how far away they where and how I wouldn't need to start revising for a while (being an ace student ofc ;P) and then I realized my student disability stuff was not on there. Now I am dyslexic. I get 25% extra time and a computer to help me type and spell check my work (and for a very slow reading speed) when in exams so that i can actually complete them on time. I really really freaked out when I found it was not on there, so much so that I've almost been in a mad panic all morning! Luckily I sent a few emails around (very poor emails might I add seen as my mental state was pretty bad at the time) and I got a lovely response from the student disability team saying they just had not added them yet. I was so relived but also very embarrassed for panicking so much over nothing, when i really didn't need to. So yeah I really want to thank those guys for not ignoring my awful emails that where very panic filled this morning and getting back to me so fast and carming me down, I know they probably had better thing to do with there time. They have also given me the aspiration to try and be more helpful to people even when I'm busy, something that seems small and dumb to me might be really important to someone else . In other news I'm probably going to start playing wow again after getting it to work at uni!
  11. I mean, I know it has been done before in many other shows, but it would be pretty cool to see Twilight going throughout an Oz-like place with Spike replacing Toto (LOL). Other roles could be: Applejack as the Scarecrow Rarity as the Tinman Fluttershy as the Lion Luna as the Benevolent Princess (Or the nice Witch) Celestia as Oz Medusa as the Wicked Witch Harpies as the flying monkeys I guess the Cutie Mark Crusaders could be the Munchkins... along with some other young fillies I'm not sure if these roles would be perfect for each charater, but they are fairly close. If you can think of other characters to play each role, do tell. But, imagine Twilight saying "Spike, I don't think that we're in Equestria anymore!" What do you think?
  12. Greetings, my Brony Bretherin. I have a story idea that actually was sparked by some idle browsing through the troves of DevientArt Trixie pics and comics. More specifically, by the following image. Awesome, ain't it? But I digress. I have a few questions that I'd like some help brainstorming/researching, and would also like just some general advice. I have a lot of planning and research to do, though, before I really feel comfortable putting anything to paper; I've tried just writing from the hip but I eventually find myself feeling overwhelmed or I slam into plot issues, character inconsistencies, and general nonesense that kills my momentum, and by the time I'm done trying to fix those up, the original story has turned into a jumbled mess. The first things I feel I should worry about is just how the magic of flight would actually work with Trixie (and unicorns in general, I suppose) and those jems. Such issues include figuring out the rules of enchanted gem manipulation, the effect of magic on gems and vice-versa. With the issue of flight, specifically, is the gem dependent entirely on the unicorn's magic and magic supply to operate, or does the magic just spark the gem and the gem take over from there? If the jet gem does work on its own, how long do the jet reserves last? How long does it take to recharge the gem? If entirely unicorn dependent, how long will the unicorn's magic reserves last before being depleted? (In fact, what happens if/when a unicorn depletes their reserves? Do they simply tire out? Do they faint? Could a unicorn get sick or die; if the latter is possible, will it occur immediately, a short time later, or after an extended period of time?) Also, same general issues with the wings. In addition, can the wings be partially or totally destroyed during use? How long and how much energy does it take to generate them? Is flight possible with only half of the gems (read: gems only on one side) or will Trixie spin out of control like a clipped Suhkoi fighter? Another issue: can Trixie use magic to make her body more resistant to G-forces, as this will be a clear advantage for Rainbow. I'm sure there are other issues that I should be concerned with on that front. If anyone has ideas, I'm all ears. In terms of plot, I plan on the competition starting as a simple race; but as Trixie and Rainbow progress, they'll find themselves in situations that make them aware of Equestria's standing with some of the other nations. Relations are widely varied, ranging from allied, to mutually symbiotic, to strained, to even recently-turned-hostile. A goal, of course, is not just to show the what's of these relationships, but also the why's as well. There probably will be nations where ponies are liked or disliked all-together, while only certain races are looked down to or favored. By the end, the mares will finish their race, but it's their reports of Equestria's state of international relations that will hold more weight to Twilight and Co's concerns than who the winner is; with Twilight being, more or less, the head ambassador for Equestria besides Celestia or Luna themselves, she'll be especially curious. Character Development between the two main characters will be one of my main struggles; it's certainly the area that I'll need to flesh out the most, both in my planning and implementation. At current, I have Rainbow still distrustful of Trixie (the events will occur post-Magic Duel, only a few days after Twilight's ascension), while Trixie herself will be impartial overall (she and Twilight will be in favorable terms; not totally friends, but far from unfriendly). Trixie will appeal to Rainbow's vanity to convince her to accept the challenge (hoping that's not ridiculously cliche, but it seems like an easy and sensible solution...), plus I might have Twilight vouch on the showmare's behalf (need to find a why to make it authentic; I hate when things are forced in stories...). Eventually, between the racial discrimination, the sheer determination of both mares, and the forged comradeship resulted by their numerous near-misses with death, they develop an honest respect for each other. (Hmm. I suddenly want to work in a line, likely in the latter-half of the second act, with Rainbow replying to Trixie wondering why Dash would help her if she hates her so much; something along the lines of "the one thing worse than losing a race is to win by default." I imagine it'd show character development, would that be cheesy? And is it a bad sign that I'm [not really] trying to think of signiature lines just in the plotting stages? lol) Finally, I'm wondering, what would make for a good title for a story like this? I originally wanted to go with "Demons Flee Beneath their Wings", but it seems rather lengthy and doesn't really fit the premise of the story (that idea originally came only minutes after I was inspired to write the story of Trixie and Dash having an epic race). After that, I've been fretting so about the mechanics of magical flight and the overall plot of the story that I've put ... no further thought into a title. lol That's all I have for now in terms of my thoughts. If i had to hazard a guess of how long this story would be, I'd say around 80-90K words, tops. It'd probably take around ten months to complete after factoring in RL concerns and obligations; my pursuit of my Masters will definitely be a time killer. Anywho, I better put my thinking cap on, got a LOT of planning and deciding to do. Wish me luck. And again, looking forward to y'alls advice.
  13. So yeah. I decided to write a fanfic involving 2 OCs, in a kind of diary-style. I don't know if anyone's done this before, and from what I've heard it's not a typical style. The fic is still in progress, but watch this space. When it's finished I'll say so. All I want to know is: Is it good, Is this a good idea and should I continue writing this? Here's a link:
  14. Hello everypony here I leave you an animation I did with a friend about Lonely Day by Soad, its not great but I hope you enjoy it:
  15. Don't Worry.docxThere once was a time I would lash out and be as useful as I could and give as much advice as possible. Perhaps that time is over. I haven't helped anybody in a long time because I haven't been needed but I saw a topic recently that seemed to be teetering from one side to the other with a decision closely drawing to a conclusion that would tip it one way forever. So I figured I haven't been useful in a long time why not start now? I wanted to try and tip the decision in the complete opposite direction and make it a positive outcome. I went to work immediately writing out an amazing piece of work. I thought it would be short but I felt I had to instill confidence as it was needed desperately. So it turned out to be a whopping 1118 words. I thought about shrinking it down but I read over it and showed it to my friend and he agreed that it would be very helpful. I was pretty exhausted, as I had worked 3+hours on it. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, as I didn't want to send the wrong message. I sent it off and started to freak out if I had done something wrong. I hadn't; just nerves I guess. So far it's been three days and I've been awaiting a response. I know that the person has been coming online in that time. I kind of feel appalled that I haven't had a response and the smaller posts have had a response. Even just saying that they don't agree with me or saying something would make me feel much better, but I've got bupkis. Maybe I will stop doing this if my work isn't worth a response. I can only hope their holding off a response, but something tells me that's not the case. Out of kindness I will not link the topic but I will put the document in the description as I feel it's too much work to just go unnoticed. P.S. I did just read the blog post on large posts. Usually I would say I'm glad, I'm not the only one but the fact that people ignore such well written posts is sad. I'd rather have mine ignored rather than most of the communities.
  16. As said- The update is complete! Finally! It took a fair while, and is a bit on the short side, but now my field is set, and I'm back in the flow after dealing with several problems, both Fic-related, and personal. the next chapter will be longer and will be out a little faster than this one. Suggestions ARE taken into consideration, so, y'know, leave 'em if you have 'em. Let's see what happens next..
  17. So I made this video/song/artwork . I try to be deliberately stupid sometimes, and this was definitely one of those times. written, sung, and art by me United States of Whatever by Liam Lynch
  18. Here's something I created today. This is a tribute to the great Carlos Satana. This tribute is my version of "Love of My Life", slightly modified.
  19. Hello Everyone! Last night I decided to start writing a grimdark poem since I haven't written anything that involved grimdark content for a long time. I made it a mission to start writing a few (about 2 or 3) grimdark poems before I start working on my grimdark fanfictions again. This poem was a bit short but I've always believed good things always come in small packages. Most of my writing is effected by the music I listen to as I work so this poem below was effected by some dark ambient music I had playing in the background. At the moment I'm working on another grimdark poem that I hope will end up being a little longer. This 2nd poem will be about the decline of Pinkie Pie's sanity. So yes it will be connected to MLP. The poem will probably end up being a bit graphic so I probably won't post it on the MLP Forums. I'm concerned that the mods will view it as NSFW. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem below. Leave your opinions if you can. I know I'm not a pro when it comes to writing poems so I won't be offended if you don't like my work. [side note: When I post grimdark poems on the MLP Forums the text will be in red since it suits grimdark writing better.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheathed in darkness my heart shall be, never again will it be free. --- Hiding away from my own sin, afraid of the light i’ve always been. --- The empty black sky above my head, intrigued I am and filled with dread. --- My tainted heart beats strong and true, inducing fear only for you. --- The bleeding moon comes in sight, fueled by darkness it fills me with fright. --- As a grin spreads across its rocky face, disturbed I become and quicken my pace. --- As its pearcing glare stares down upon my head, my heart grows weak as I go to bed. --- My heart my heart it has grown weak, a new one I need and yours is what I seek. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit: As I was looking over this poem I ended up adding 3 more lines. To make it easier for you readers to pick out which lines I just added I've colored them in green.]
  20. Sweet mother of Celestia. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been named the best animated show of 2012. Legend of Korra, in second place, had 500,000 votes. That's half a million. MLP:FIM had 5,000,000 votes. FIVE-MILLION VOTES! That's ten times more than Legend of Korra!
  21. So I was looking through youtube and found THE BEST GAME of 2012. Basically a very glitchy lego fighting game, and don't worry if you don't understand the guys in the video, it will most likely make you laugh anyway. Download: This game has been popular with Finnish commentators mostly, can we make it spread?
  22. Here's an epic double-piano piece I created. I made this a while back and thought it would be nice to share. Hope you guys like it! A Game of Chase Bright 'n' Dry.aiff Feedback is welcome See if you can visualize a real game of chase between to people going on while this piece is playing. Also, don't judge a piece by it's name! You'll see why! Appearently, people could not download the file, so here's the link to the soundcloud.
  23. If there is anything that people don't like, tell me. COC I: Thou shalt not be a clopper, of so, thou shalt be looked down upon or outcasted. II: Thou Must receive a brohoof, regardless of anything but cloppers. III: Thou must respect the non-bronies. (That doesn't mean you can't annoy them from time to time, just not all the time.) IV: Thou must have a favorite pony, everypony counts, Spike does not, for he is a dragon. V: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors toy plush ponies VI: Thou must make Saturday a day of rest, so thou can watch the new episodes and talk about them on mlp forums. VII: Thou shall not slander a fellow Brony or Pegasister or any of their work or creations. VIII:Thou must respect everypony and new members, everypony is equal. VIV: Thou must help new bronies and new members on the site and off the site. X:Thou shalt respect Derpy's appearance or mentioning, except if somepony insults her or if something like The Last Roundup appears. XI: Thou shalt not restrict thyself or others from ponies. XII: Thou shall call woman bronies, "Pegasisters." They are the same thing. XIV: Thou must meet all of the Brony Requirements. If not, thou shalt be a mid-brony. XV: Thou shalt not use pony memes all the time, just once a month or something. (Memes as in overused references, like 20% cooler or something like that.) XVI: Thou shalt celebrate Derpy Day on March 1st every year. No other dates. Requirements I: Thou must be proud to say that you like the show. II: Thou must be of age six and older. More to be added. (Thanks for the Ideas) (I use Thees Thous to make it like the Ten Commandments and sound more official, btw.)
  24. As you may have been able to tell, I have indeed started on this new fic: The Adventures of two best friends. Link: Yeah, It's my first shot at a proper fic, with decent layout, style, and cuteness. Yup, cuteness, from me! ..I'm trying my best, but I've never written anything so nice and friendly before (No, seriously, usually someone gets killed, but no, not this time..) I've already worked out what I'm doing for the next chapter, but any suggestions are welcome. Could do with some useful feedback. Nice as it is; telling me to go to rehab for an 'adventuring addiction' is not that helpful, contrary to popular belief. The next chapter will probably be out on Saturday or Sunday, after that I'll have a huge load of free time, so we can expect a few chapters over the Christmas holidays, (Mainly because we'll be going up to my Relative's place for a while, and he has no Wi-Fi, so I'll just take my Netbook and write!...) Any suggestions, criticalness, cover-art ideas, questions, general randomness, Blueprints for the new secret weapons, etc. are welcome, ....I thought of something to say here, but I've forgotten now.... Thanks in advance for any help, etc.
  25. Christmas gifts everyone! Let's get in the christmas spirit! I enclose an example of this game: Forum User One: I give you a Modded Xbox controller! Merry Christmas! Forum User Two: I give you a retina display Ipad 2! Merry Christmas! Forum User Three: I give you a nuclear warhead! Merry Christmas! Etc. I'll start out by saying that I give myself nothing because I forgot to buy myself a gift. Merry Christmas!