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Found 26 results

  1. Hello everypony, Ginger Ale here! I just want to say that, one thing I know in life is helping others. I love helping my friends and family. So I am opening this thread for you. If you struggle or seek for a new OC with color and cutie mark ideas, or an entire new pony or griffon, I am willing to help or make an OC for you. I am not an artist at all, however, my friends tell me that I am good at fashion, picking colors and matching them. I can use basic Pony Maker or Pony.Town pony maker to fulfill your desire. I will volunteer to complete your request and design them on Pony Makers with matching colors, accessories and designs. You can also trust me and/or request me with some colors you want to include. If you need or want help about your OC please do comment here. I would be glad to help or make an OC for you with surprise or wanted colors. Thanks for reading, Enjoy!
  2. So I made my first Alicorn OC and was wanting a little feedback on her looks and the small things I got written up as a bio before I keep working on her! Name: Queen Amaranthine or Lady Amaranthine Title: Former Queen of the Isle of Avalon Nicknames: Ama, Warrior-Princess, Our Lady Talent: Fighting, Leading, Strategy Age: 25 Mother: Queen Madainn (Alicorn) Father: King Steelheart (Unicorn) Half Brother: King (Prince) Ferrum Note: She is ninth cousins with Princess Tia and Luna and Candace. Likes: Training, Fencing, Tracking, Spell-Work, Flying, Fighting Practice, Classic Plays, Sweet Drinks, Pastries, Cooking, Fish Dislikes: Dresses, Balls, Fancy Things, Courting Stallions, Dances, Wool, Pushy Beings.
  3. Now, I haven't very well taken any sort of college level class in critic-ing and I wouldn't call myself any degree of an artist myself. You oughtn't by any means have to take my opinion on anything. Whatever you may create is an extension of yourself, a method of expressing something from inside you that is otherwise without form. No matter how poorly you may feel it turned out, expressing yourself is never wrong. A Body may try its best, but a Spirit is irrepressible, immortal & never wrong. Well, until it clashes with others, he-hee! Sometimes you need a friend to bounce an idea off of and that is what I can be! Nothing I say will be inherently "right", just what I feel fits better with what I feel your aiming for. I feel I have a bit of a knack for design; what you ponies might refer to as a natural "talent" for Aesthetics. You can think of me as a rather more insane version of Rarity! Dah-lings! I suppose a few rules for how I tend to do this sort of thing. For one, its very hard for me to outright hate anything; you'll really have to work at it to get me to be genuinely disgusted at anything. Don't worry if your project isn't "good enough" to show anyone yet, I'll be happy knowing you put your effort into what you care for! If you're wondering by now why I haven't set any limits as to what you can submit, that's because there isn't any! Though I think my critiquing strengths lean more towards the character development of OCs & stories of any caliber, feel free to bring up OCs, stories, music, any sort of video animations, drawings, craftwork, or anything else that comes to your minds! Halibut, doesn't even have to relate to MLP fandom either! I'm perfectly capable of forming an opinion on things I know nothing about! Feel free to post anything you've put the time into creating! Except Dic Pics. I have absolutely no frame of reference for those, so I've no way of knowing whether your good there. I suppose, as fair warning, Music I may prove a bit more harsh on. I don't really have much in the way of musical preference as I can waiver between explicit rap to classical. I do like dubstep as alot of MLP fandom music tends to be, but the PMVs I have seen lose alot of points with me if they don't somehow directly relate to ponies. Music is a wonderful channel of emotion & creativity and can quite easily make or break any video project. Thirdly! If you wish to keep things more private then a thread, I am willing to send my critique back to you via PMs. Feel welcome to let me know which option you're more comfortable with! Oh, and I tend to gush. If your cute or clever, do expect me to just go full-bore broken fire hydrant on you with praise. I'm not good at curbing my enthusiasm!! And yes, I can be quite liberal with my praise! I try to balance out every negative with as many positives as I can. I might tend to grade on varying levels, but the points won't mean anything. It'll be sort of an unspoken rule as to whether pros outweigh the cons and vice-a-versa. Really, there's only two reasons I'm doing this for! One, that I just do genuinely love seeing how others exercise their creativity! And secondly...well, I just love listening to myself talk! Well, type. Natch. I look forward to your limitless imaginations! Chao-Chao! -Widdershins
  4. I finally decided to make this post. If any of ponies need name or cutie mark suggestions for your OCs, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help you out.
  5. The point on this is that I will read any fanfic and I will tell you if you need to add anything and that will help with me writing my fanfics. I just pressed a random prefix because I didn't know what one fits this .
  6. I am ready and willing to help anypony who needs help to craft their backstory. I can help them go step by step, get ideas going, or even with your permission I can craft one up for you. I love writing and it is very fun to come up with something absolutely unique for each pony. I only have one OC as of right now because I feel like she is me and I am her. lol. Take a look at my OC and if you like my writing style and want some feedback, help constructing an outline or whatever you need help with, either comment here or send me a PM. My OC's Profile:
  7. Alright... Yeah. Please share some artwork here, I would love to critique it... *evil laugh*
  8. I'm having art auditions for my audio drama "Shadows of the Sun" If you or anyone else you know wants to audition Send in 2 pieces of your art with backgrounds to Name the file Art audition. If you pass you will need a Skype or Hangouts where ill keep in touch :). PS. Your art don't have to be perfect or the best. Audio Drama Info Genre - Fantasy/Romance (its a love story) Plot - Long ago before Luna and Celestia ruled, Equestria was ruled by a beautiful Empress. Her name was Empress Aaleahya. The ponies believed her to be the creator of the sun and universe. She was bestowed many gifts. The necklace she wore around her neck gave her the power of gods. She had many enemies that would try to take this power. These enemies lived in the border lands where they are ruled by a darker power, a queen named Elphina... When a unexpected pony tries to take the necklace will he follow through, or have a change of heart
  9. Please share your artwork with me! im looking for inspiration for new pieces of artwork and i find it easier to draw inspiration from other people
  10. Critique Exchange Hello all! Let me welcome you to a little thread devoted to giving and receiving critiques! Part of the fun of being an artist is seeing yourself grow and learn, and from what I can tell there isn't a fully devoted place to get some solid critique from other artists here on the forums just yet. Why Receiving Constructive Criticism is Great Whether you're relatively new to art, or possess a large body of experience already, chances are there's still room to improve and get better at what you do! While we ourselves are capable of picking apart our own work, sometimes an outside perspective can catch things we ourselves did not see. Though sometimes it can be a little harsh, criticism is a great tool to use when drawing to improve. Why Giving Constructive Criticism is Great Strangely enough, giving criticism can be very helpful too! Not only does it help you learn to better articulate your thoughts regarding a piece, it forces you to look closely at a work and evaluate how different pieces fit together (or don't). You’re bound to run into a variety of styles, approaches, and techniques, which may spark ideas for your own work or provide insight for future improvements. Purpose of this Thread The core theme of this thread is improvement. After all, no one is perfect, and facing potential areas to improve head on is one of the quickest ways to get better as an artist. Everyone has something to contribute here! Whether you’re seasoned or new to the art game, chances are someone out there can point out an area to improve that you weren’t aware of, or help give you some ideas on how to proceed. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a great artist to find flaws or areas to improve in pieces of art. First impressions are important, and with how much media/art we see floating around, many of us know when something doesn’t look quite right! A lot of art depends on how it’s interpreted, as well as how it’s constructed. Even if someone’s ability seems to surpass your own at first glance, you may still find something helpful and worthwhile to contribute that they can use, so don’t be afraid to offer your thoughts! Rules of Thumb, and General Guidelines - The best criticism is a mix of positive and negative! It can be discouraging to be given all negative words when you’re trying to better yourself, and likewise all positive words can leave you very little to go on. - Constructive criticism is still criticism, even if it’s meant well! Some people are more tactful than others with how they offer their thoughts, and being on the receiving end can feel a good bit harsh sometimes. If you don’t feel you could take someone putting down your work, you may want to wait on getting it criticized. - Try to be as clear as possible about your criticism. You don’t have to know what could be done to fix something, or exactly what bothers you, but the clearer you are the more likely it is to be helpful. For example, saying a character looks a bit lifeless is very different than saying their pose comes off too rigid or stiff. - Put your own judgement first. It’s extremely important to hear what others have to offer with an open mind, but ultimately it’s the artist’s call on what to do with it all.Sometimes preference plays a huge role in stylized pieces, and you should look for areas that may be valid, but not universally sought after. There will be times where criticism may point you towards a direction you don’t want to go, and it’s important to recognize that sometimes you have to pick and choose what is most helpful to you. - Please respect the time people put into a work or critique. To a certain extent, you’re bound to receive what you give, and so if you spend a good chunk of time on a work that showcases what you can do, there’s a good chance you’ll give others a lot more to offer helpful critique on. Regardless, proper critiques take time and effort, and are almost always meant to be helpful rather than hurtful; meanwhile, it takes some amount of faith to let strangers judge something you worked hard on, and tell you what you might have done wrong. A Word About Styles Sometimes an artist’s style will make it hard to criticize, as some choices they make may go against conventional proportions or aesthetics. However, even if something can be attributed to style, it’s important to remember that how it is interpreted and received is still important. First impressions are vital for visual mediums, and while a style may get different reactions from different people, each one is still valid and worthy of noting. What may be liked by someone may not by another, and whether it was intentional or not, it’s still often worth pointing out. Resources To be added soon! Related Topics Redraw Group - Topic for those interested in redoing other artists' work in their own style, or the same, for the sake of practice or fun. How to Proceed It’s simple: post your art, or come find some pieces to critique! You're also welcome to clarify any areas you want focused on. I want to try to get a few people to regularly check in, but I’m hoping there will be enough interest to get a bit of the MLP Forums community going back and forth here, and helping each other out!
  11. Hello there! I'm Tealeaf, otherwise known as the artist EnigmaticWisp. I'm not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination and I don't claim to be, but I have devoted a very large amount of time to character design and the mlp fandom as a whole. While I would love to be able to give just a general guideline for you all to utilize, I feel like sometimes a nice, personal approach can be more helpful. That's what I'm here to offer! You can ask me for advice on general stuff such as color schemes, names, or other aspects of the creating process, or you can feel free to just present your character for analysis. Whichever method is more comfortable for you is completely fine, but I do have a question for you to answer and a form for you to fill out so that I can assist a little bit easier. It's preferable if you have a visual reference, although not necessary. What specifically are you having difficulty with, or are you here purely out of curiosity? This will help me assess your design a little better, with a critique tailored a bit more to your needs. Once you've answered that question, please remember to feel out this form about your character to the best of your ability: Name- Personality- Bio- Appearance- Cutiemark- Don't worry if you couldn't fill it all out c: It's just basic stuff to get you started and help me with the criticism portion of this thread. Now that that's out of the way, allow me to help ease any concerns you might have by showing you some of my own old character designs (from oldest to newest), because I definitely wasn't always very good at the character creation process. Therefore, you don't need to be nervous about asking for help or opinions on a design for any reason, even if you aren't entirely comfortable with the artwork yet. This is the fastest, best way to improve c: Note- I will try to make your criticisms more in-depth and specific than what you see below. Alora and Eris I'm going to start with two of my oldest characters together. As you can see, their designs were both very complicated, but their flaws were more than just in their physical appearance. Alora represented life, and Eris represented death. They were very overpowered, unnecessarily so, and many aspects of their design were downright thoughtless. There cutiemarks were overly complex without having a clear symbolic meaning. In terms of mechanics, they technically weren't alicorns, but I gave them just as much if not more ability than the canon alicorns, which is a huge no-no, not only in terms of show accuracy, but also in terms of character development because it limits them from character growth. In the show, the only characters with genuinely powerful magic are characters who's talents revolve solely around magic, but I made two excessively powerful characters here without putting focus on that ability. They were literally just powerful for the sake of being powerful, and that's never a good thing. I don't think I need to explain in too much detail why their physical designs were poor. When designing, it's important to ask, "why?" It took me a while to let go of the weird horn shapes and unnecessary butt mark details. Stardust After Alora and Eris, I went through a few other characters such as an immensely powerful shadow alicorn and a half-dog grimdark unicorn thing, but I'm going to skip those and move onto the next prominent stage in my designing. Stardust here was the first really well developed character, although she had some problems as well. Theoretically, I designed her as an apprentice to Luna who painted constellations for the princess to raise. My biggest problem though, again, was that I simply couldn't bring myself to stick to only a single talent. Her cutiemark was too complex, making the meaning very deluded. At this time, I was also still really stuck on neutral tones with blue and green, which honestly needs to be executed with more care when it comes to the plausible mlp universe. In general, though, she was much MUCH better than either Alora or Eris ever were. Picture Print That second image up there was by Cappydarn on DA, and I'm honestly still proud of it. Picture Print was my first genuine, thought-through character. Now, your character obviously doesn't have to be accurate canonically to be good, but having some semblance of realism is very helpful. Picture Print was also more honest to myself than my previous characters, and her talent was specific. To this day, I still have difficulties shunning her given as to how personal she was to me, and I'm still pretty proud about how I got around the no-magic, no-holding ordeal by turning her tail into a paintbrush. Around this time, I also had a deer character named Ahri that I liked a lot at the time c: M. Tealeaf My current primary character is Misty Tealeaf. For her, I think I've put more thought into than any of my previous characters. I stepped away from the greys because they were a trap for me, and powered her down compared to my other, older MLP unicorns. In the time between this character and my previous ones, I definitely improved my drawing ability a lot, but the ability to draw does not make your character better or worse. This character is technically better to me because I conceptualized her a lot more. I made her realistic, but also interesting. She's a unicorn pony with a special talent in potion-making. She's nomadic, similar to a gypsy, and travels with a mobile potion shop. I even added in a quaint little quirk for her where she likes to drink tea out of potion bottles, much to the shock of other ponies. Even her name was given more thought than my other characters. Her first name, Misty is in reference to her magic being white and her hair being blue like water. Her last name hints at her base coat color while also subtly referencing her talent in combining botanical ingredients to form new substances (potions).
  12. The most important part of a backstory is it's curve. A story curve is defined by the ups and downs in a backstory. A backstory can start anywhere on the plane. However, it's the ups and downs that matter. The most difficult position you can put yourself is have your curve start in a high position. You will then have to come up with some way to bring that curve down. For instance, if your OC was born in a rich family and all of that, the usual route is the fire, family tragedy or natural disaster, which all three are quite cliche and overused. On the other hand, starting at rock bottom has potential to make a good OC. However, the ascension from rock bottom can't be too quick. You can't have your OC born to the poorest of families, and all of a sudden one day he becomes one of the richest ponies ever. First off, that's cliche as well and secondly, it'll make your OC a Mary Sue due to the fact that the rise from rags to riches was too quick and there was lack of development. Starting from rock bottom can be a good thing, because you can then develop your character. Finally, starting at a neutral point is a great starting point. You have the freedom to go up or down. Just make sure you balance the ups and the downs and keep them within reasonable range so you can recover from a down smoothly, and not end up like a Mary Sue. Still here? I can evaluate your story from the curve's point of view. I'll give you pointers on the following The point where you start (Neutral, Down, Up) The direction you take (Up to down, Down to up, etc.) Where you finish Be ready, I'll completely dissect your story from top to bottom to give it the best critique and evaluation. Don't be discouraged if I give you a load of things to work on/change. You can always come back for me to evaluate it again when you've finished your editing/changes.
  13. I've seen a lot of really good and really bad OC's here. So I decided to share my opinion. I'll be judging of if I can see it being in the show, colors, and cutie mark. Stuff like that. Also Anything that isn't in the show won't be critiqued. Since they'd end up with a bad review. Reindeer OC's are allowed though. So yeah start posting.
  14. Has anyone ever seen or heard of CinemaSins? If so, great! If not, its a channel on YouTube that finds every fault, plot-hole, cliche, and mistake made in movies, each wrong-doing counting as a 'sin.' Me, and @Fractured, are offering to do our little parody of CinemaSins, in an Original Character format! We'll review a profile, find everything wrong, to sin the character accordingly. So, if you're looking for someone to tell you everything wrong with your OC, along with hopefully laughing as you read, then you've come to the right place! Just submit an OC profile, and we'll get right to it. We'll do our best to get back to you, as soon as we're done. Although, fair warning, we won't be going easy... So without further ado...Who wants their OC sinned?
  15. Hello all! Though my experience in role plays I've been able to learn and improve my own OCs to make them more enjoyable to read about and interact with in stories and RPs. And now I'd like to pay that assistance forward by offering my help to any who want it. I can help with designing a personality, writing and developing a backstory, building relationships between characters, all the way to helping build and connect pieces of fanon together into usable head-canon. I can also offer some advice in regards to appearance and art, though I am less experienced in that regard. That said, feel free to ask away! I'm ready and eager to help with any of your problems.
  16. Greetings everypony it's nice to meet all of you, I just joined the site and am normally a very quiet person so I'm having trouble making my post-quota in order post where I want so I thought this would be a good way of going about it Bring me any OCs you wish to be reviewed and I will do my best, simply tell me what aspects you would like me to look at imparticular IE: Personality, Backstory, Name, cutie mark. I am an artist so color scheme and design is something else I can help with and hey if I like the OC well enough I might make some art. My qualifications come from years of RP and OC creating experience if there is any way for me to be of services please don't hesitate to ask.
  17. Hello! I would love to help with your OCs! I will be entirely honest about them, but don't worry, I won't be rude. Also, keep in mind, my review is my opinion, while your OC is, well, your OC. If you don't agree with me, I respect that. Still, I'll try my best to help you with developing your OC to something even better. What I ask for: -Name -Age (not necessarily in years, but something like 'baby', 'toddler', 'young adult'. Also, I would like if you used human definitions of age whether you state years or an age group, because pony age is perceived differently by each fan) -Gender -Looks (just colors are fine, a more detailed description would be better and an image of the OC would be the best) -Cutie Mark (not only what it looks like, but it's meaning and origin as well) -Personality -Talents/powers (can be magical powers or something like Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom and Fluttershy's Stare too) -Relationships (not only romantic: a bit about their family and friends would be nice as well) Without these I will not review your OC. I'm sorry, but there would be nothing for me to base my opinion on. A backstory would be a nice addition too, but it is not necessary. Of course, if you have anything else to write about your character, do write it by all means, the more I know about your OC the better. Also: If the OC is a ponysona, please do mention that. Telling me if the OC is an RP character or for a fanfiction would be great too. :idea:
  18. Welcome to my Character Feedback/Help Thread! My name is Ziel (Zieli on DA), and I am a visual artist in many forms. One of my favorite things to do, however, is create new characters! Character Design, be it starting with a design and building off of it, or starting with a personality and creating a design to fit it, is something I rather enjoy doing. But, I would like to think I have a pretty good handle on what makes a good character story-wise, too! So if you're not sure about your OC, or don't know where to start, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to lend a helping hoof! Rules + General tips for feedback requests: Please let me know what specifically you're seeking help with. If there is anything you DON'T want me to comment on, please also state what that is! (EG: "I need help with my OC's backstory, but I DON'T want any critique on their design.") Please do NOT ask me to design your OC for you! I can give suggestions for the design, or potentially tweak an existing design, but in order to learn, YOU will have to do most of the work! A good place to start is either with the Pony Creator (easiest), or with a Free Base (requires some artistic skill - double check the rules in the submission to make sure you're allowed to use it!). For cutie marks, you can use the Cutie Marker or Cutie Mark Creator (this one doesn't seem to work for me but it might work for you). If you'd like me to transfer your Pony Creator design + Cutie Mark onto a Free Base, I can do that for you - please provide the Creator design, Cutie Mark, and Base you want it on! Please let me know whether or not you're trying to make your OC more "realistic". By this, I mean "Do you want them to fit into the MLP Universe (good for canon RP), or are they just for fun (no serious restrictions)?" In general I will lean towards "more realistic" unless told otherwise, since many people appreciate "realistic" OCs over "unrealistic" OCs! You can also specify whether you want them to lean towards realistic, but it doesn't really matter to you if they're still a little out-of-the-ordinary. Please do NOT get upset at me for my feedback. My feedback is only meant to help - I want you to improve! If I don't like something and think you should change it, that's my opinion - meaning that you don't have to agree with me if you don't want to, and you don't have to change it if you don't want to! But please don't waste both of our time by trying to justify/explain your choices to me - just take it with a grain of salt, and move on.
  19. I play the bass and violin. if you need any help with music i can help.
  20. I have written 1 published mlp fiction (And have many sketches and side projects) and I do feel like I am pretty good with making ocs. I can help with backstory, name, personality, talents, and a few things. Feel free to ask me any oc advice
  21. Very simple point to this topic. I'm an unemployed historian (.........) with a second in English, and general artsyness. Oh and basement dweller levels of MLP lore knowledge. A vendor at MLP convetnions, selling fine pony arts. What I'll do for you, is read your OC profiles. Their back stories, their histories, etc, etc. If there's pictures I'll look at those too, but thats it. -so don't post stories or RP logs- a simple link to their profile on the OC Archives is just fine. -hint hint- Then, what I'll do is just....give you feedback. NOT opinions. This is going to be neutral feedback, so you wont get things like "he sucks", that's not constructive at all. Be aware though I won't pull punches, if something doesn't make sense, or contradicts, I'll tell ya flat out, So yes, you can send alicorns, I will not hate them for being what they are, but I will point out if they aren't really justified as such. WHY? - Well I browsed dozens of OC character archives and noticed a bunch that could really have used work. What came out in the profile, probably wasn't what the creator intended. This will give you some feedback to work with. As for pictures, again my own opinion of what I like will remain void. Just say it as its seen. A quality check, colours work? Design works? That's all, so post away, I got lots of time. 1 OC per post please, if you don't want said review public just make a note and I'll PM it too you. FINAL DISCLAIMER - I'm not here to appreciate your characters, but I'm also not hear to hate on them. You'll hear good and bad alike (if they have such features). Only post someone if you want a constructive review of them. If you want some suggestions, always feel free to ask. If this gets popular...expect a bunch of improvements to the post, maybe some OC art, i dunno, we'll play it by ear. This is the list. I'm not doing these in order anymore, because some take quite a lot of thinking, and reading, and drinking. Others, come easy. So I'll pick and choose.
  22. Hi everypony! I've been kinda bored lately and just wanted something to do. If you want any help with stuff you're doing and need help with. I can help with any sfm animations, I could also help wiith writing and composing songs, and singing, last but not least I can also do voice acting. about my animation: I waork only with sfm and some after effects. I have a lot of experience with the two. I have been working on my sfm skills for almost 3 years straight, so I think I could help with anything you need! about my music skills: This is what I am best at, my pride and joy over all is music. So any thing I can do to help with music would be so awesome! My music skills range very widely, I can do singing, I can think of lyrics, I can pla almost any instrument, even dubstep instruments! I am comfortable with all music types and have made a song for just practice in all the varieties of music I can think of! about my voice acting: Now this is a new one I started because of my talent in perfecting accents. I cann do accents very well and can somewhat emphasize points in reading very well! so if you have a need for my talents I would be more than happy to help! wow... just realized how much I bragged! Sorry if it's too much! :3
  23. If your OC needs a good colour scheme, this is the place to go. Just briefly describe your OC and any specific colours you want in there.
  24. I will be truthful I had no idea where to put this so its here
  25. Hello, artists! I have made this purely because I love art and helping people, so thought I'd combine them. I wish to offer my help to my fellow artists any way I can! What's the best program to use? How do you do detailed hair? Can you show me how you did this? Do you have any art advice? Anything you'd like, feel free to ask and if you don't feel like posting it publicly, feel free to message me and we can talk privately. I've been drawing digitally for around three years give or take, my memory is honestly terrible. I still class myself as a beginner as I have a lot to learn about art but I've came a long way from where I once was due to practising a lot. I just wish I had a sort of mentor when I first started out so help my learn faster, most of it I had to learn myself or go to google for help. My artistic motto is; There is no wrong way of doing art. Here's some of my own artwork; I hope you have a wonderful day and I'll try my very best to help you any way I can!