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Found 1292 results

  1. ((OOC The crisp morning air went through the town of Ponyville as the day began it's usual rhythm. Early rising ponys awakened and yawningly began on their day ahead of everypony else, preparing the shops and dutys that had to be done before the buzzing life began in the currently scarce town. The smell of baked goods and the far in between sound of hoofs slowly marching on the vacant ground began to mix in the air and give a sense of life awakening a little by little after yet another sleepy night passing by. For the inhabitants of the town it was a day like many others, but who was to say what the day would bring? Perhaps some things, or some ponys, would make this day stand out amongst the peaceful ones that had passed? Alas, the time was not for questions. The workers had their things to attend before the general populace would arise and little time to do it in, leaving the thought unsaid as they began their daily tasks and a low hum of activity started of the day.
  2. The Town That Friendship Forgot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's not printed on any map ever sold. It doesn't show up on any magical maps ever created. Not even Princess Twilight knows it exists. Still, if you ever choose to leave home... If you are trying to find a place to belong, and no other location seems to work for you... If you are brave enough to just let your heart lead the way, get past the forests, the fog, and follow a beaten dirt road... Then maybe you two can find a huge town called Friendshire. Here, anyone can get a second start at life. It's a large town that wants for nothing, but it sure could use more citizens. It could really use the magic of friendship, but more then that, it could really use some help. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Emerald Heart, @Pastel-chan, @Windy Breeze, @Dynamo Pad, @ExplosionMare, @Bastian In his own house, the only asian-themed house on his block, Samurai Equine is busy. In his own make-shift workshop, he has notes and string strung about, random tools on a desk, and more. He is looking at a small metal box with a lot of mechanical, steampunk-style parts all over it. "...Nearly a year of toying with this magic contraption, and still no answers! What am I missing?!" Samurai says in frustration as he randomly turns dials, twists a crank, and flips a switch with his hoof. And then... It activates! Part of the box opens up near the top, and magically projects an image. "I did it?! I did it! Wait, is that... I recognize that! It's the front gate!" In a rush, Samurai puts on his formal attire and runs out while holding the box under his arm. Meanwhile, at the front of the town, just past a sign that says "Welcome to Friendshire", lies a both just to the side of the main road. Inside this booth is a census pony, wearing a fancy jacket and hat that makes him look more like a bellhop. He is just sitting in there, bored out of his mind, until Samurai runs up. "Excuse me! Sorry to bother you, but has any pony come this way?" He asks. The census pony shakes his head. "Nope. Not a soul in years. No pony leaving, and no pony arriving either. The population has been stuck at the same number for who knows how long..." Samurai looks at his box again, the magical projection gone for now. "I think this thing is telling me that we really need to start increasing the populace. But how? How do we attract more ponies into living her?" He asks himself, looking up in to the slightly foggy distance and trying to brain storm some ideas. Little did he know, they wouldn't have to wait for very long...
  3. [Banner by Melted Dog] [ OOC Thread: ] THE GROUNDS; Inner Yard "Arrite, alla you lugs line up!" Chuck List watched as the new workers took their places in line. He wasn't looking forward to anypony new coming onto the job, but then again he never was. Long as they do their jobs, I won't give a fizz, he thought. "You! Y'look strong an' stuff... you'll be first inta th' mines. Try not ta get yerself buried, and you'll be arrite. G'wan - move yer flank!" The first pony in line gave a bit of a start, then trotted into the mine shaft. Little by little, each pony was given their work detail, then sent along into the caverns. Working for the Blackwaters paid well... if you could stomach the attitudes, that is. Another stallion wandered up to Chuck, and looked over his shoulder at the list on the clipboard. Chuck frowned, and addressed him without even looking up. "Y'got sumpthin' ta say, Redd, den sayyit. I ain't got all day, y'know." Redd Handid gave Chuck a cold stare, then twisted his mouth into a grin. "Well, you could be a bit more personable, Chuck. After all, we're supposed to be doing this together, aren't we?" He smiled smugly. Chuck turned to give him the slightest of glances. "All you want is da creddit, ya creep. You was supposed ta be here hours ago, Redd - and y'wasn't. S'okay tho'," he gave Redd a grin of his own, "you c'n take da cleanup crew down an' give DEM a hoof." Redd bristled at the idea. "YOU, Chuck, are a class A heel, do you know that?" "I ain't bein' paid ta be all nicey-wicey. Now move yer flank, Redd; dey's waitin' for ya." Redd scowled... but went to the supply cart and grabbed the cleaning supply pack. He turned to head over to the cleanup crew's meeting spot. When I get my promotion, Chuck - YOU'LL be doing the cleaning up around here, I PROMISE you that. ========================================= THE QUARRY; The Lunch Trailer The sun shone off the pile of special horseshoes lying on the nearby picnic table. There was a unicorn seated there, inspecting each one carefully, a magnifying glass hovering in front of her, surrounded by a magical aura. "Good... good... good... good... goo- uh-oh." She moved the glass and eyeballed the particular shoe in question. It seemed perfect, but Silver Studs was a perfectionist - and it wasn't perfect, at least by her standards. She magically tossed the shoe into the nearby garbage barrel, and turned back to her work. "Okay, good... good... good... good..." Behind the lunch trailer, a purple stallion's head poked around the corner. C'mon, c'mon... you'll find it soon... Silver kept examining horseshoes until she came across one that had a black stripe down the very middle of it. She quirked an eyebrow, then moved the glass closer to get a better look... That's the one... just a bit... more... The sunlight coming through the magnifying glass touched the black stripe, and it suddenly burst into a quick flame with a small WHOOF sound. Silver gave a squeak, and dropped it as she backpedaled over the bench and onto the ground. Braying laughter echoed from behind the trailer, and Silver instantly knew what was going on. "SLAPPER!" Knee Slapper came out from his hiding place, laughing so hard he was crying. "Oh Silver... HA HA HAAAA - th-th-the look... on your FACE... HA HA HA HAAAA!" Silver just stared daggers at the laughing forepony. "I have told you, time and again, that gunpowder is NOT something to play with! I could have been seriously hurt!" Slapper's laughter subsided, and he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Awh, c'mon now - you gotta admit, you were bored out of your mind doing that stuff... and besides, it was FUNNY, right?" Silver regarded him angrily for a moment... then gave a sigh and started to giggle a bit herself. "Okay, yes yes... you got me, Slapper. I'm at least glad to see you were listening when I told you about what ratios of powder to use. Look, you can't do that again, do you understand?" The smile on her face grew a little wider. "Unless you promise to use it on Redd, somehow." Slapper gave a chuckle over this thought, and tipped Silver a wink. "Now, would I do something like that, Silver?" The two of them looked at each other, then both burst out into gales of laughter. ========================================= THE GROUNDS; Outer Yard "That's a BIG package, Taps..." Dax said as he eyed the parcel on the push-cart. It was BIG, alright. And bulky. And BIG. Taps, however, seemed to have no problems at all pushing it across the warehouse floor. She didn't even seem to be struggling with it; she just pushed it along, easy as a breeze. She got it into the corner of the warehouse, then trotted her way out of there, closing the doors behind her. "So... what's in it? Do you know?" Taps regarded Dax Blackwater for a moment. The stallion was black with green stripes, and he wasn't exactly bad-looking... but he was a Blackwater, albeit the nice one - she didn't want anything to do with any of the rest of his family. Dax, however, was a good fellow... most of the other workers regarded him as the 'resident loser', but Taps had always had a soft spot for him. She shrugged at his question, although she was WELL aware of what was in the package. She just figured that the fewer ponies who knew, the better. Still, she couldn't help but think this was going to be a bad idea... but she was just the mail pony, technically speaking. Dax looked back at the warehouse, then sighed and looked at the ground. "It's something Father ordered, I'll bet... which means I gotta keep my hooves off, I suppose." He sighed, and idly kicked a rock away. Taps simply shook her head, and gave Dax a pat on the back. He looked up and offered a weak smile, which she returned. Turning, they walked away from the warehouse together. ... but Dax gave it one more glance over his shoulder before he was out of sight.
  4. Good morning, afternoon and evening to all the netizens of this wonderful forum! I come to offer my services as a digital artist with the following prices and examples of my work shown below. My SHOP is here price per sketch: $ 15 price for illustation with flat colors and white / transparent background: $ 20 price for illustation with plain colors and simple background: $ 25 price for full color 1: 40 $ price for full color 2: 60 $ price per comic strip full color with funds (1 page): $ 100 for each additional character they are $ 15 (the price of additional characters are not added to the comics) _____________________________________ NEW! Price for Stickers Chibi: 10$ Price for Normal Sticker Full color: 40$ Price for PonyLife Style 10$ SKETCH (15$) FLAT COLORS (25$) FULL COLOR 1 (40$) FULL COLOR 2 (60$) STICKER CHIBI (10$) STICKER NORMAL - FULL COLOR (40$) PONY LIFE STYLE ($10) What should you provide? - reference image of the character (or characters) to illustrate, if you do not have one please give me a detailed description of the characters. - character's name - cutie mark (assuming you have one) - If you want a personalized background, be specific with it. - If you want your character to do something in particular please be specific. What can I draw? - almost everything, from sweet things to more adult themes .. but nothing too explicit - I can draw people too - I can draw any type of pairs (hetero, yuri or yaoi) note that: - I'm a university student, if I'm late in a drawing it's due to academic occupations. - These will always be published on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you want to remain anonymous when you add credits, you will have to tell me.
  5. So it's been a minute since I posted something so I thought I would ask. "What are your non pony related hobbies?" I am curious as to see how diverse the community is. (to anyone who cares) I weld, I play guitar (and violin), produce dubstep, draw, study a lot for the fun of it, make inventions (video games, fm radios, etc.), cook a large variety of foods (Soufflé's being my most hated) >.<, help people with life advice, work out, and currently I am constructing a room by myself (it sucks!). so I ask you what do you do?! I wanna know... or as robert downey jr would say. "gimme!" (a response) :3 [nothing to do with this] if you must know I burnt my pop tart right now... he was a good pop tart who deserved better more than the 2% milk I provided to swiftly end his pain... I will truly remorse him and contemplate the meaning of life from time and time again... arn't we all burnt pop tarts in a cruel world being drowned in 2% milk?... With this I wait eager to see what you do to keep your tartiness dry from the 2% milk of time...
  6. OOC HERE : FILL FORM IN OOC BEFORE RPING IN THIS CHAT! Many many years ago, it is said that there was a period where fear and darkness ruled over this world. That all changed when heroes supposedly came to save this world from the threat of never-ending terror. Since then, a certain group of people have been celebrating this occasion...until now...because now all are invited to celebrate! There was an announcement through many schools, including Canterlot High and Crystal Prep. "Attention students! We would like to announce that today we will be heading over to the Dreamland High schoolground to assist with the setup for the Festival of Dreams! Since this is the first public celebration of this festival in millennia, we need all of the help that we can get! So be ready to head there after your final of the pre-Spring Break exams." After this the announcement cut off.
  7. ^ Would you talk to a stranger that just walked up to you? Would you be that stranger that walks up to others? Are you close to your friends? Do you have friends at all? Alright, discuss and stuffs.
  8. The world is a fragile place, always teetering between good and bad. There's a risk in every choice you make throughout the day, even the smallest of choices can lead to horrible consequences, even if your intentions were nothing but pure. But what happens when the world does go bad? Are we supposed to stand by and let it happen, or stand up and protect it? How are we... lowly humans supposed to fight for what's right? Especially when evil has just entered our world.  A being from another world has invaded our land, calling himself "Gray King." He has no color, he brings no mercy. His vassals pray to him like he is a god, and they do as he pleases. The four of them also have no color, they are just black and white. They call themselves the Ashen Tribe. They are determined to rid the world of color, and retrieve something known as the Oracle Gem that is supposedly hidden somewhere in our world, though where it is is unknown. They show no mercy, they have no color, same as their leader. Day by day they plot their next attack on the humans, but what happens when they finally arrive, but we fight back? They are overconfident fools, and we are protective of the people we care for. We show no mercy ourselves, but the difference between us and them is that we fight for love and justice. We fight until the bitter end, we fight for the lives of our people. The Ashen Tribe and their Leader shall not prevail, and we will make sure of it. We are also determined to find our missing princess, Princess Melody, from a word we have no memory of, but are told that exists. Only she can put an end to this madness We are the protectors of the past, present, and future. We can fix your fate by fighting off enemies, we are... the Time Guardians. And we are here to send these enemies to the ground. We are here to find our Princess. -- OOC: -- Much, Much Earlier @Randimaxis Emerald Heart growled in frustration at the grade she had recieved. Stupid math, stupid numbers, stupid everything. She thought to herself as she stuffed the failing test into a folder in her backpack and swung it around her back, forgetting to zip it up. She noticed this, but didn't care though. Mom's gonna kill me anyway, so why should I care about anything anymore? She was stupid. An idiot. A clueless moro-- "Ow! Fork me, that hurts!" And it appeared that she had also run into another door handle. She rubbed her lower arm and growled again, much angrier this time. She walked out into the hallway to go to her next class, and sighed to herself. Not paying attention to where she was going, she tripped over her own two feet and landed smack into another student, a boy, it seemed. "Oh, god, I'm sorry." She apologized, rubbing her own head, "I wasn't paying a bit of attention." Elsewhere @Samurai Equine @Cash In @Renegade the Unicorn A group of four... could you call them people? No, definitely not. They were colorless powerful beings, stood gathered in their King's throne room. Heather, the only female present, stood on the far left of the boys, covering her mouth with a fan. She was waiting eagerly for His Majesty, who had summoned them over. For you see, she was madly in love with the King, but was too clueless to know that he did not return her affections. She shut her fan and looked over at her companions, and grimaced, "I don't know why His Royalty even asked you all to join him, because we all know that he trusts me the most. My beauty takes everyone's breath away, even a bunch of neanderthals like yourselves." She chuckled, "I bet that whatever my love is planning, I will be the one to carry it out and succeed! Because let's face it, I am the strongest one here." She flipped her long, gray hair and smirked at the others, a glint of amusement in her eyes.
  9. This RP is open and the OOC can be found: Here The Kingdom of Seasons has returned. The prior rules known only in legend had been gone for many moons. Fate and Chronos had passed into the hourglass of time and mirror of fate. These elements now controlled the seasons of summer and fall as their owners once did along with the fates of all that walked and the timeline. Chronos and his wife Fate had passed into these object in order to preserve their kingdom in stasis from the wicked King Sombra. In their place, their children aspects of winter/death and potential/spring now ruled. Coming out of their hybernative state they took a few moons to get their bearings and then realized they must renew contact with the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Thanos was taller than his sister. His coat a deep black and his cutiemark a set of crossed bones over an hourglass. His mane and tail were tinged with silver and purple and his eyes seemed to be a deep violet. He carried himself in a dignified but slightly sad manner. He was often silent unless he had something of importance to say. His roles mean he always felt when things passed from one world to the next and that he had to attend to those that needed help. Coming into this role was difficult for him and part of what he sought to understand on this trip to Canterlot. Arete was a light hay color and looked perpetually like a filly in facial features due to her being an aspect of the spring and thus new life/potential. Her shorter then average height and slightness of feature was a source of sibling teasing that maddened her. Her cutiemark was a leaf inside of a loom. Her mane and tail were a light blue that matched her eyes. She loved helping ponies reach their best self and it saddened her to see her brother struggle in his role. She hated leaving her home but she knew her brother needed to reconnect with the rest of Equestria and thus accompanied him on the journey. As their hooves touch down on the streets of Canterlot they appeared to make a rather large stir. They were unaware of how long had passed since their kingdom was in stasis to protect them. For they were under the impression that it was only a few years. They expected that they were known in the Kingdom and that they were expected to give an account to Celestia and Luna. But by the startled looks they were getting it appeared that it might have been much longer. The did not know how their kingdom had faded from memory or how their parents magic had kept their duties running this entire time. That was why the spell took them from this world. Too much magic went into it. Their maps appeared useless and Thanos was starting to cause ponies to back away from them as the more self-conscious he got the colder the air around him felt. There is nothing like the chill that the reaper of ponies can generate when he forgets to control his magic. He truly hoped that Luna could teach him how to be a gentle darkness like the good dreams the night could bring. His sister tried to create a feeling of hope and relax Thanos but even she was lost. She knew enough that the royal voice of command would only cause everypony to panic. So she spoke softly. " I am Princess Arete from the Kingdom of Seasons. We are looking to meet with Princesses Luna and Celestia. Is there anypony that can point us in their direction? "
  10. @Catpone Cerberus @TigerGeekGuy hopefully we can get a dm and another few players maybe we can get a game going be nice. We can use
  11. ( OCC & my wix make sure to read it before relying & this is my first time doing a mlp sorry if i mess up ) it was morning time after jimmy but her a house far from anyone she would make sure no one was around soon using amulet shadow magic to slow carrying all her thing into her house. she sighed softly as her place was a mile away from anyone at least she doesn't have to worry about anyone makes fun of her. " things are sure to get better now that I have my place my amulet and I don't have to worry about loud noise, people or parties! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER!" Jimmy would dance around happily as she would contine to put her stuff away but she feel like she was bring watch as she stop.
  12. (OOC topic ^) @Illiad Easle "Would ya shut the door and get in already?" The Yak's voice cracked across the room, the vocals almost enough to smack Snipes in the face, a stark contrast to the cold winter gale outside. The friendly atmosphere within beckoned, as though enticing him into the dance of celebration...Even if there was no glad event.
  13. OOC Thread is located HERE @Scare Effect @megisawsm417 It was a mild, sunny morning when Annalise was let outside by her human. At first, the beautiful feline was quite content with just rolling around in the grass, and pouncing at the small bugs and insects she would find, hiding within the grass. But after a while of chasing bugs and insects, then eating some of her wet food that her human had put out for her in her bowl, she grew bored and had decided to jump onto her fence and search for the neighbor's kitty pet, who was her friend, but of course, he was being a lazy cat and enjoying the indoors life. With a huff, she went back to her fence and sat there, just gazing into the forest that backed onto her human's yard, separated by only the fence.
  14. Transformation Time! (OOC Link) -- Emerald Heart was trotting through the town of Ponyville. She wasn't quite sure where she was headed, but was certainly determined to get there. Her emerald green eyes sparkled as she looked around herself, noticing how little amount of ponies there seemed to be in this part of town. In fact, there were only three, and she recognized none of them. Still, she continued on until she tripped over her own hooves, tumbling forward and finally came to a stop when she hit her head against a large gate. Rubbing the back of her head with her hoof, she winced at the pain. Whatever. She thought to herself, pulling herself up on all fours, everypony falls down from time to time. Walking away, she didn't notice the button she had hit, one that was now a shining green. "Hm?" She asked herself, turning around, shocked when a sudden amulet appeared out of nowhere. Prodding her hoof against it out of curiosity, it suddenly erupted a golden light that wrapped around everypony. "... What?"
  15. [OOC thread can be found here.] [Based in an alternate Earth.] Throughout history, the study of magic has been looked down upon. Many denied its very existence due to how rare it was for people to have the ability to wield it. However, in recent decades, the existence of magic became scientifically indisputable fact, as the world's population has quickly grown to the point where thousands of magic users exist around the world, even though only about one in every million people can use magic. Many people were hurt and killed by magic-wielders in the early days of modern magic, due to the fact that very few of them could properly control and direct their powers. Sponsored by a international government initiative, a powerful young man named Gabriel Lazel founded a school for users of magic, hiring many of his own magic-wielding acquaintances and friends as staff and calling in favours from many others to establish contact with secretive magical communities around the world. The school's name? Salem University. Years passed, and more and more magic-wielders of incredibly diverse abilities flocked to the school, eager to learn more about the control of their often-unstable powers and, in many cases, eager to escape the societal rejection that came with such singular abilities. Students from all cultures, nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds were accepted equally there, not all even entirely human, as in the case of the Pelajae - a race of human-like animals that have developed alongside humankind as allies for millennia [yes, this means anthros are possible to roleplay; please address any objections to @Arid_Blitz, c/o MLP Forums thank you for using Duality Blame Redirection have a nice day]. Due to the vast diversity of the student body, however, there were many incidents of conflict between those of contrasting culture, which sometimes even lead to outright brawls. After a particularly savage incident involving a frenzied magical blast that severely injured twelve bystanders and killed both the fighting sophomores, it was decided that a duelling system be formally implemented, whereby students could fight to settle disputes, defend their honour, or simply test their combat prowess on each other. Such events took place in a specially-designed and -enchanted duelling ring, overseen by a select board of impartial teachers and students to prevent cheating and, in certain cases, provide protection from injuries in excess of what they considered reasonable given the circumstances of the duel in question. It was just such a duel in which Principal Lazel was tragically killed, mere weeks after the twentieth anniversary of his founding of the school was celebrated with a grand gala. Police reported simply that he engaged with an unknown opponent in the master-sorcerer duelling ring, which resulted in his death. Nothing more was known. No culprit was identified. Lazel's close friend, Lilith Plowse, was named his successor as principal. Under her wise leadership, the school expanded considerably over the next several years, requiring additional dorm blocks (at least one for each general category of magic wielded by students), classrooms, and even an on-site mall to be constructed. As the new school year comes upon the school, arriving students are becoming acquainted with their transformed environment and older students are preparing their minds for another year of study.
  16. Four years ago Princess Twilight and her friends defeated their most powerful enemy left, losing their lives in the process. The Elements of Harmony became long and forgotten, leaving Equestria defenseless in one of its most important times of need when an old villain from Ponyville's past shows up hungry for revenge. How exactly can Equestria be protected without the six ponies that wielded them before? Kindness: Generosity: Hot Cocoa (Unicorn) Loyalty: Rose Beast (Pegasus) Laughter: Copper Strikes (Earth Pony) Honesty: Mariposa (Pegasus) Magic: Dynamo Pad (Unicorn) Villain: King Cosmadian (Alicorn) OOC:
  17. ((OOC: Life in Canterlot Castle is not the professional place ponies think it is. Let's just say that life here is... interesting. The ponies who work here are not as restricted as one would expect. This is here is their life.
  18. *With a distress signal being signaled, Stickman and his friends arrive at the Underground, geared up and ready to go. They head down to the Underground through the former barrier, and make it to hotland. It was... eerily quiet.* "This... is... just something..." I said while looking around at the desolate Underground.
  19. "Helloooooooo, Wasteland! How's the weather out there? Heh, probably just as overcast as usual, but hey, don't let that getcha down! It's your all-time favorite pone, with a nose for the news and the tunes to shake those blues... and hey, if there's anything worth tellin', you'd better believe that good ol' DJ Pon3 has the latest word on it! And as long as I'm able, there'll be transmissions galore!" "Now, for all you cats and kittens out there, we've got a lovely little number here from waaaaaaaay back in the day - y'know, when the sun was shining, the grass was green, and folks didn't keep trying to stare each other down over an ancient box of dehydrated apples! And hey, this one goes out to that poor soul wandering the wastes without a friend in the world - might be you, might be someone you know, might be someone you meet tomorrow! Who knows! But still, even if you keep your hoof on your pistol, try to keep an open mind too..." "After all... the one who doesn't shoot you today... just might save your flank tomorrow!" Fallout : Equestria Balefire Blues Tacotue was just another shitty outpost, out in the middle of Bumblefuck, Equestria. It had its' shitty little ramshackle shacks, its' shitty little shambles-of-a-building that could laughably be called a store, its' shitty little townsfolk and its' shitty little sign that proclaimed the name of this Celestia-forsaken place. The sign had once been something bigger, and the building it was in front of had the word 'cafeteria' on it... but it was the words on the sign, proclaiming 'TACO TUE-', with scorchmarks past the last word, that seemed to make this shitty little place even worth stopping into - they still lit up at night, as if irradiated or something, and could be seen over the flat plains for miles. Luckily, one of these shitty little shacks was, more or less, a bar. It was counted as such because of the elderly-looking mare behind the counter who apparently had some sort of illicit still hidden somewhere in town; it was warm and it was occasionally slightly irradiated, but there was most certainly alcohol available here. The mare called it 'cider', but it had about as much apple in it as a plasma rifle clip - still, it did the job, and was occasionally somewhat tasty. Other than that, there wasn't much else to look at. A population of about twenty, a pile of refuse from before the war that smelled like burnt fur and wet feces, and a rusted-out hulk of what was once a train that now made up a semi-wall of almost-protection... and honestly? That was about it. Out front of the 'cafe' was one of the residents, an Earth Pony named Hot Seat, who had brought out his shitty little transistor radio and parked his flank on the front steps. He'd managed to get his hooves on one of the 'cider' drinks, and was sipping at it while he idly listened to the tinny sound of the music belching from the single working speaker. It was a dreary day... of course, with the constant cloud cover above, it was always a dreary day.
  20. Okay, this is the OOC for Fallout: Equestria - Balefire Blues This particular RP idea came from my reading of the original FO:E; it fascinates me when I come across a retooling of a universe I know, and there were so many in-jokes and flat-out references that I was thoroughly entertained by it... as many of us were, I'm certain. THIS RP is going to be taking place in the same universe... but roughly two years prior to the events of FO:E. It will also focus on three NPCs, only one of which will be active in the beginning; the rest come later as the story progresses. But it's mostly meant to act as a sort-of fanfic, if you will - my own little corner of the Fallout universe, so to speak. I've always been the kind who loves to imagine what my own OCs would have done in such a grand story arc... and now, I have that chance. Now, I don't plan on there being any actual meet-up with any of the FO:E mane characters, though there will be mentions from time to time of things that fall in line with that story - such as DJ Pon3's broadcasts - but this is supposed to be a separate story from that one, not a prequel or continuation. I would request that anyone who joins should be here for THIS story, not that one - please don't go trekking off to find LittlePip's vault, because you won't. Now, with that said... *ahem* FALLOUT: Equestria BALEFIRE BLUES [RP REQUIREMENTS] #1 Make sure your OC fits within the Fallout universe. This means you can have as much Sparkle Cola memorabilia as you like, or know the workings of a Power Armor, or even possibly have some experiences as a raider... it's all to be discussed beforehoof, of course, but the Wasteland sky's the limit! #2 Any connections to anything Fallout-wise should be discussed with me before play - because I have to fit it into my own little world here, so I need things to flow smoothly FOR ME (the other characters, however, can have as hard a time as you'd like). #3 NO alicorns or draconequui; otherwise, I'm game for different races. Seriously, ever wanted to play as a griffon? Maybe one of the Kirin? Perhaps you'd even be interested in playing, oh, a Deathclaw? Give me an idea - I'll work with you. #4 Gender / sexuality / alignment is ALL up for grabs. I do plan on there being an 'adult' atmosphere with this RP (sex, yes; gratuitous detail, no), and I don't shy away from the concept of romance when it comes to characters. Enjoy at your own risk. *chuckle* #5 NO MARY SUES. PERIOD. If you have an interest in playing a role in this story, please let me know here - we can discuss what we want to do, and figure out how best to set the scene. I will take a maximum of THREE roleplayers - at least, for now; that may change, depending on how well this goes, and how cooperative the players are. I certainly hope this will be considered, and I look forward to spinning a tale that is at least worthy of the source material.
  21. OOC Thread HERE; Rayven's Info HERE The mischievous young princess could be found wondering around the streets of Canterlot, wondering what kind of mischief she could get into. She looks at all the various shops and stores that were open, "This could be a golden opportunity to get some sweets for free" she thinks to herself, spotting a sweet store.
  22. OOC HERE //Open RP, so you know, anyone can join The purple stallion with rainbow colored mane and tail had just finished setting up his DJ gear at the outdoor stage. He was setting up a small benefit launch for his latest album, all proceeds going to the local orphanage and school. He would quickly put on his gear (so something like: (only the hair extensions are rainbow)) and then start up the first track, hoping he would attract some observers.
  23. OOC: The curved red horn, that was the remains of the former King Sombra was blasted away in an explosion of light, upon the failure of his plan to secure the Crystal Empire for the second time. The Crystal heart was returned to it's place, and the Crystal Empire would be peaceful once more. Everyone went back to their daily business, after the King was defeated. However, little did they know, he was still around, albeit in a weakened state. His horn was blasted high into the sky, and the wind carried it far, far away into the frozen north where it fell into a chasm in the ice. A similar one that he was banished underneath, years and years ago. His horn would remain within the chasm for several months, maybe even a year, the timescale didn't matter, it didn't register for what remained of the King. Through the months his magic gradually returned in his unconscious state, his body gradually reforming from the shadow, his flesh, armour, all of it gradually returning slowly, but surely. On that fateful day, his red eyes opened, as he panned his surroundings with his crimson eyes, which were soon replaced by his green eyes, red iris and purple magic flowing from them like a river. His body moved, he got himself on his hooves as he looked at the howling snow and wind. The cold never bothered him, this was the only time it bothered him if only slightly. He growled in intense rage, his horn shimmering purple and green as he summoned in black crystals to function as stepping stones out of the chasm. It felt like an eternity, though he eventually made it. His snout sniffed the air, even from here, he could sense the energy of the crystal heart, and it's love. He had to do it differently this time, the first 2 times were done through brute force...and he failed both times. He had a plan, he was going to sneak into the castle, and 'take care' of the leaders of the Crystal Empire. He growled and his form shifted, into that of pure shadow, moving through the wind and snow completely unhindered, leaving no tracks, and moving at a very rapid pace towards the Empire, though off to the left a bit. It was an unknown amount of time before he finally arrived, his form returning to that of the pony form, his hooves, hos legs, and his head seemingly melting out of the shadow as it solidified, looking at the Empire, it was dark at this time, only the lights in the streets, and the crystal heart itself illuminated the night. Sombra Smirked, this was his time to shine. Like that, his form shifted into shadow once more, flying over the streets and guard ponies in the streets, unaware of his return. The shadows flown into a window, and seemingly melted into the existing shadows of the dark halls of the castle. A lone pony by the name of Shining Armour was patrolling the halls, alone, and with a light spell as he walked the halls. All was quiet, until he heard a deep, dark, slow laughter coming from the dark. @Caligula
  24. Hello there, everyone. I just join the group. I made an account a couple of months ago, but I didn't had the courage to introduce myself, let alone try to join in RP threads I am open to RP with some people whether it be OC or canon. I like to RP as my OC(s) as I have several. But, this thread is open until anyone who wants to RP. Sorry, I am new here. I am trying to get a clear understand how to RP.
  25. On a day like any other, Stickman, Jewel, Smg4, and Skystar were wandering through Equestria. All of a sudden, Waluigi comes up and takes over Equestria, turning every last pony into a zombie to enslave. A couple of survivors made it to the Friendship Academy, and set up base there. We now go there to catch up with them. "Oh man! I can't believe that actually happened... What's going on?!" Stickman said. (Link to OOC:)