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Found 1389 results

  1. Lucid_Nightlight

    Open Life in Canterlot Castle

    ((OOC: Life in Canterlot Castle is not the professional place ponies think it is. Let's just say that life here is... interesting. The ponies who work here are not as restricted as one would expect. This is here is their life.
  2. Blitz Boom

    Open Casual stroll

    ((OOC The crisp morning air went through the town of Ponyville as the day began it's usual rhythm. Early rising ponys awakened and yawningly began on their day ahead of everypony else, preparing the shops and dutys that had to be done before the buzzing life began in the currently scarce town. The smell of baked goods and the far in between sound of hoofs slowly marching on the vacant ground began to mix in the air and give a sense of life awakening a little by little after yet another sleepy night passing by. For the inhabitants of the town it was a day like many others, but who was to say what the day would bring? Perhaps some things, or some ponys, would make this day stand out amongst the peaceful ones that had passed? Alas, the time was not for questions. The workers had their things to attend before the general populace would arise and little time to do it in, leaving the thought unsaid as they began their daily tasks and a low hum of activity started of the day.
  3. [banner by the mighty Pucksterv] [ OOC Thread: ] THE GROUNDS; Inner Yard "Arrite, alla you lugs line up!" Chuck List watched as the new workers took their places in line. He wasn't looking forward to anypony new coming onto the job, but then again he never was. Long as they do their jobs, I won't give a fizz, he thought. "You! Y'look strong an' stuff... you'll be first inta th' mines. Try not ta get yerself buried, and you'll be arrite. G'wan - move yer flank!" The first pony in line gave a bit of a start, then trotted into the mine shaft. Little by little, each pony was given their work detail, then sent along into the caverns. Working for the Blackwaters paid well... if you could stomach the attitudes, that is. Another stallion wandered up to Chuck, and looked over his shoulder at the list on the clipboard. Chuck frowned, and addressed him without even looking up. "Y'got sumpthin' ta say, Redd, den sayyit. I ain't got all day, y'know." Redd Handid gave Chuck a cold stare, then twisted his mouth into a grin. "Well, you could be a bit more personable, Chuck. After all, we're supposed to be doing this together, aren't we?" He smiled smugly. Chuck turned to give him the slightest of glances. "All you want is da creddit, ya creep. You was supposed ta be here hours ago, Redd - and y'wasn't. S'okay tho'," he gave Redd a grin of his own, "you c'n take da cleanup crew down an' give DEM a hoof." Redd bristled at the idea. "YOU, Chuck, are a class A heel, do you know that?" "I ain't bein' paid ta be all nicey-wicey. Now move yer flank, Redd; dey's waitin' for ya." Redd scowled... but went to the supply cart and grabbed the cleaning supply pack. He turned to head over to the cleanup crew's meeting spot. When I get my promotion, Chuck - YOU'LL be doing the cleaning up around here, I PROMISE you that. ========================================= THE QUARRY; The Lunch Trailer The sun shone off the pile of special horseshoes lying on the nearby picnic table. There was a unicorn seated there, inspecting each one carefully, a magnifying glass hovering in front of her, surrounded by a magical aura. "Good... good... good... good... goo- uh-oh." She moved the glass and eyeballed the particular shoe in question. It seemed perfect, but Silver Studs was a perfectionist - and it wasn't perfect, at least by her standards. She magically tossed the shoe into the nearby garbage barrel, and turned back to her work. "Okay, good... good... good... good..." Behind the lunch trailer, a purple stallion's head poked around the corner. C'mon, c'mon... you'll find it soon... Silver kept examining horseshoes until she came across one that had a black stripe down the very middle of it. She quirked an eyebrow, then moved the glass closer to get a better look... That's the one... just a bit... more... The sunlight coming through the magnifying glass touched the black stripe, and it suddenly burst into a quick flame with a small WHOOF sound. Silver gave a squeak, and dropped it as she backpedaled over the bench and onto the ground. Braying laughter echoed from behind the trailer, and Silver instantly knew what was going on. "SLAPPER!" Knee Slapper came out from his hiding place, laughing so hard he was crying. "Oh Silver... HA HA HAAAA - th-th-the look... on your FACE... HA HA HA HAAAA!" Silver just stared daggers at the laughing forepony. "I have told you, time and again, that gunpowder is NOT something to play with! I could have been seriously hurt!" Slapper's laughter subsided, and he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Awh, c'mon now - you gotta admit, you were bored out of your mind doing that stuff... and besides, it was FUNNY, right?" Silver regarded him angrily for a moment... then gave a sigh and started to giggle a bit herself. "Okay, yes yes... you got me, Slapper. I'm at least glad to see you were listening when I told you about what ratios of powder to use. Look, you can't do that again, do you understand?" The smile on her face grew a little wider. "Unless you promise to use it on Redd, somehow." Slapper gave a chuckle over this thought, and tipped Silver a wink. "Now, would I do something like that, Silver?" The two of them looked at each other, then both burst out into gales of laughter. ========================================= THE GROUNDS; Outer Yard "That's a BIG package, Taps..." Dax said as he eyed the parcel on the push-cart. It was BIG, alright. And bulky. And BIG. Taps, however, seemed to have no problems at all pushing it across the warehouse floor. She didn't even seem to be struggling with it; she just pushed it along, easy as a breeze. She got it into the corner of the warehouse, then trotted her way out of there, closing the doors behind her. "So... what's in it? Do you know?" Taps regarded Dax Blackwater for a moment. The stallion was black with green stripes, and he wasn't exactly bad-looking... but he was a Blackwater, albeit the nice one - she didn't want anything to do with any of the rest of his family. Dax, however, was a good fellow... most of the other workers regarded him as the 'resident loser', but Taps had always had a soft spot for him. She shrugged at his question, although she was WELL aware of what was in the package. She just figured that the fewer ponies who knew, the better. Still, she couldn't help but think this was going to be a bad idea... but she was just the mail pony, technically speaking. Dax looked back at the warehouse, then sighed and looked at the ground. "It's something Father ordered, I'll bet... which means I gotta keep my hooves off, I suppose." He sighed, and idly kicked a rock away. Taps simply shook her head, and gave Dax a pat on the back. He looked up and offered a weak smile, which she returned. Turning, they walked away from the warehouse together. ... but Dax gave it one more glance over his shoulder before he was out of sight.
  4. Berry-Bliss-Sundae

    Berry-Bliss Commissions Store (OPEN)

    Good morning, afternoon and evening to all the netizens of this wonderful forum! I come to offer my services as a digital artist with the following prices and examples of my work shown below. My SHOP is here price per sketch: $ 15 price for illustation with flat colors and white / transparent background: $ 20 price for illustation with plain colors and simple background: $ 25 price for full color 1: 40 $ price for full color 2: 60 $ price per comic strip full color with funds (1 page): $ 100 for each additional character they are $ 15 (the price of additional characters are not added to the comics) SKETCH FLAT COLORS FULL COLOR 1 FULL COLOR 2 What should you provide? - reference image of the character (or characters) to illustrate, if you do not have one please give me a detailed description of the characters. - character's name - cutie mark (assuming you have one) - If you want a personalized background, be specific with it. - If you want your character to do something in particular please be specific. What can I draw? - almost everything, from sweet things to more adult themes .. but nothing too explicit - I can draw people too - I can draw any type of pairs (hetero, yuri or yaoi) note that: - I'm a university student, if I'm late in a drawing it's due to academic occupations. - These will always be published on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you want to remain anonymous when you add credits, you will have to tell me.
  5. Duality

    Open Salem University

    [OOC thread can be found here.] [Based in an alternate Earth.] Throughout history, the study of magic has been looked down upon. Many denied its very existence due to how rare it was for people to have the ability to wield it. However, in recent decades, the existence of magic became scientifically indisputable fact, as the world's population has quickly grown to the point where thousands of magic users exist around the world, even though only about one in every million people can use magic. Many people were hurt and killed by magic-wielders in the early days of modern magic, due to the fact that very few of them could properly control and direct their powers. Sponsored by a international government initiative, a powerful young man named Gabriel Lazel founded a school for users of magic, hiring many of his own magic-wielding acquaintances and friends as staff and calling in favours from many others to establish contact with secretive magical communities around the world. The school's name? Salem University. Years passed, and more and more magic-wielders of incredibly diverse abilities flocked to the school, eager to learn more about the control of their often-unstable powers and, in many cases, eager to escape the societal rejection that came with such singular abilities. Students from all cultures, nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds were accepted equally there, not all even entirely human, as in the case of the Pelajae - a race of human-like animals that have developed alongside humankind as allies for millennia [yes, this means anthros are possible to roleplay; please address any objections to @Arid_Blitz, c/o MLP Forums thank you for using Duality Blame Redirection have a nice day]. Due to the vast diversity of the student body, however, there were many incidents of conflict between those of contrasting culture, which sometimes even lead to outright brawls. After a particularly savage incident involving a frenzied magical blast that severely injured twelve bystanders and killed both the fighting sophomores, it was decided that a duelling system be formally implemented, whereby students could fight to settle disputes, defend their honour, or simply test their combat prowess on each other. Such events took place in a specially-designed and -enchanted duelling ring, overseen by a select board of impartial teachers and students to prevent cheating and, in certain cases, provide protection from injuries in excess of what they considered reasonable given the circumstances of the duel in question. It was just such a duel in which Principal Lazel was tragically killed, mere weeks after the twentieth anniversary of his founding of the school was celebrated with a grand gala. Police reported simply that he engaged with an unknown opponent in the master-sorcerer duelling ring, which resulted in his death. Nothing more was known. No culprit was identified. Lazel's close friend, Lilith Plowse, was named his successor as principal. Under her wise leadership, the school expanded considerably over the next several years, requiring additional dorm blocks (at least one for each general category of magic wielded by students), classrooms, and even an on-site mall to be constructed. As the new school year comes upon the school, arriving students are becoming acquainted with their transformed environment and older students are preparing their minds for another year of study.
  6. Jedishy

    Open A New Kingdom

    This RP is open and the OOC can be found: Here The Kingdom of Seasons has returned. The prior rules known only in legend had been gone for many moons. Fate and Chronos had passed into the hourglass of time and mirror of fate. These elements now controlled the seasons of summer and fall as their owners once did along with the fates of all that walked and the timeline. Chronos and his wife Fate had passed into these object in order to preserve their kingdom in stasis from the wicked King Sombra. In their place, their children aspects of winter/death and potential/spring now ruled. Coming out of their hybernative state they took a few moons to get their bearings and then realized they must renew contact with the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Thanos was taller than his sister. His coat a deep black and his cutiemark a set of crossed bones over an hourglass. His mane and tail were tinged with silver and purple and his eyes seemed to be a deep violet. He carried himself in a dignified but slightly sad manner. He was often silent unless he had something of importance to say. His roles mean he always felt when things passed from one world to the next and that he had to attend to those that needed help. Coming into this role was difficult for him and part of what he sought to understand on this trip to Canterlot. Arete was a light hay color and looked perpetually like a filly in facial features due to her being an aspect of the spring and thus new life/potential. Her shorter then average height and slightness of feature was a source of sibling teasing that maddened her. Her cutiemark was a leaf inside of a loom. Her mane and tail were a light blue that matched her eyes. She loved helping ponies reach their best self and it saddened her to see her brother struggle in his role. She hated leaving her home but she knew her brother needed to reconnect with the rest of Equestria and thus accompanied him on the journey. As their hooves touch down on the streets of Canterlot they appeared to make a rather large stir. They were unaware of how long had passed since their kingdom was in stasis to protect them. For they were under the impression that it was only a few years. They expected that they were known in the Kingdom and that they were expected to give an account to Celestia and Luna. But by the startled looks they were getting it appeared that it might have been much longer. The did not know how their kingdom had faded from memory or how their parents magic had kept their duties running this entire time. That was why the spell took them from this world. Too much magic went into it. Their maps appeared useless and Thanos was starting to cause ponies to back away from them as the more self-conscious he got the colder the air around him felt. There is nothing like the chill that the reaper of ponies can generate when he forgets to control his magic. He truly hoped that Luna could teach him how to be a gentle darkness like the good dreams the night could bring. His sister tried to create a feeling of hope and relax Thanos but even she was lost. She knew enough that the royal voice of command would only cause everypony to panic. So she spoke softly. " I am Princess Arete from the Kingdom of Seasons. We are looking to meet with Princesses Luna and Celestia. Is there anypony that can point us in their direction? "
  7. Drago Ryder

    Into Darkness: A RWBY RP

    OOC: Hundreds of years ago, the world of Remnant was divided into four kingdoms: Vacuo, Vale, Mistral, and Atlas. Each one acts to balance out the others and they are each run by a independent council. Even with this system in place, the world itself is no stranger to suffering. Faunus, a more animalisitic version of humans, have only just recently gotten their rights and yet they still face discrimination, leading to the rise of a terrorist group known as the White Fang. Wars have broken out over resources and it was only through sheer luck that our story begins in a time of peace. There is one group in particular, however, that has made strides to maintain this fragile peace and protect the general populace from Creatures of Grimm, hunters and huntresses. Each kingdom has them and schools have been founded for the sole purpose of teaching the ways of these heroes so that the next generation can contiune their work. This is the story of a team of four that will be forged through the hardships of the time, both internal and external, and may bring the world to one of two outcomes: Destruction or Salvation. For now, they will have to deal with bening students of Beacon. And So It Begins Draco shifted uncomfortably as he rode in a bullhead to Beacon academy, a suitcase holding everything he would need for the coming months resting at his feet. He wore his standard outfit, which meant that most of his features were hidden to the other people within the plane. That didn't mean he wasn't nervous, though, if his spiked tail twitching under his coat and his clawed hand tightening around the metal beam he was using as a means of support was anything to go off of. "I'm sure everything will be fine." He thought to himself, silently looking around the passenger compartment of the VTOL aircraft and checking to make sure Hakumei was still in its sheathe. He had heard rumors about Beacon and the hunters and huntresses it produced while he went to Signal, and he didn't doubt them for a second. Looking over a few family photos had revealed that this was the school his parents went to when they were his age, so at least he would follow in their footsteps. He didn't know either of them, but he would have liked to think that they were strong. Sure one had died a few minutes after his birth and the other wasn't showing back up anytime soon if the seventeen years and counting abscence was anything to go off of, but a dragon faunus can dream can't he? That being said, he would forge his own path and try to move past the last seventeen years of his life.
  8. Quinch tapped a pencil, sitting at an oversized table at Friendship School library. At least... this wasn't for a test. Kind of. The whole exercise seemed a little odd, but on the other hand, one didn't quite dismiss legends of an insane cannibalistic magic horse out of hand, so... here were the questions. Q1. Who did Twilight dress as for Nightmare Night Q2. Who had their first Nightmare Night during Luna Eclipsed? Q3. Why was the sleep over canceled in Stare Master? Q4. Why is Twilight headed to the Everfree Forest in Stare Master? Q5. What myth does Applejack tell Rainbow Dash in Castle of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q6. How does Spike reveal the Journal of the Two Sisters in Castle Mane-ia? Q7. What were the Mane Six dressed up as during Scare Master? Q8. What does Fluttershy do to scare her friends in Scare Master? Some of those he knew. Probably. Sort of. If he had the right books and the books didn't lie. Which, as far as he knew, they could. Maybe.
  9. coopster1101

    Open Looking for adventurers

    Looking for a group of people willing to play d&d, everything will take place over discord. If you interested in joining or need to ask a question just reply down below notes: currently all plans are vague to keep them lenient so they can be more convenient to everyone's schedule
  10. Quinch sat at the large round table in the Friendship School's library, staring at a book and scowling. The latter bit wasn't a new thing, of course, it was pretty much his default expression. The mostly-quiet atmosphere of the room was punctuated by the soft, barely perceptible tapping of a boot against a chairleg, the rustle of turning pages and an ongoing soft growl. Medieval technology sucked. The list of questions was in front of him. He knew a few off the top of his head - probably - but the rest were in a pile of books chronicling the adventures and disasters of a handful of apparently historically relevant ponies. Somewhere. He lifted the book over his head and leaned forward. And further more. Finally, the silence was punctuated by the sound of a forehead hitting a table.
  11. The mechanized or cyberized denizens of Manehatten were well on their way with their days. Old school rust buckets that were vaguely pony shaped rolled across the streets. Sleek Equestiran models roamed the side walks in polished chrome plating. A few flesh and blood ponies rocketed across the skies on hoof mounted rockets or wings equipped with feathers made of crystallized energy. Pegasi drones left contrails in their wake as they roared between buildings. Holoscreens depicted the latest news and dimensional events. On campus, cyborgs, Equinoids or even flesh and blood ponies that wanted to learn and interact in person, rather than just upload raw data on lesson plans, either converged or milled about on campus. Some rolling on wheels, a few hovering or levitating, most walking on their stainless steel hooves. Just about every make and model, from the simplified comical shapes of humankinds 50's movies, to the mecha designs from turn of the millenia Japanese animation, all the way to near realistic pony androids. Just about any mechanical configuration and design could be found on this campus. For whatever reason, you're here too, either attending, just visiting, or because of business. Life in the future, has called you out. Time to start the day. Link to OOC:
  12. Quinch

    Open The Open Space

    The OOC Thread It's a mid-afternoon in Ponyville. It may technically be autumn, but whether by chance, scheduling mishap or sheer stubbornness, it's still pretty warm outside. The leaves inside the town itself have been knocked down, but the proper running of the leaves is still a couple weeks away. In the meantime, a few ponies are taking advantage of the unseasonably mild weather in the Ponyville park to get in a final picnic or two, play with their pets, have a romantic outing or just burn off some energy running around before winter settles in.
  13. OOC The Creek Youth Rehabilitation Center is a psychiatric rehabilitation center built specifically for young patients ages 12-21. It is not like any other youth rehab center around the country because this facility is designed for the extremely insane youth, examples of that security include the requirement that all patients each stay in locked room (or cell) at night and are allowed to roam about the unrestricted areas of the place during the day. Despite looking like a prison complex on the outside, the interiors of the facility resemble that of a large house, designed to give patients, a feeling of home. The facility is located in a forest far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, ensuring little interference for the most part, and comes with state of the art equipment installed for maximum security, such as an electronic lock system that is activated from one place, and surveillance cameras installed in every corner of the hallways of the building. Lately, numerous controversies have surfaced about the questionable practices of the facility, but the most notorious one, would have to be the mysterious deaths of several patients in the past. Questions were asked about why they died, but the administrators claimed that they all died naturally, with botched post mortem reports on their bodies being issued, written to hide their true cause of death. Whatever secret this facility hides, no one least for now. Apathy and Deception It was just two minutes before eight' in the morning, and Emma was already wide awake in her room. As she waited for her door to unlock, she got up, and got dressed in her usual clothes, then making her way to a desk nearby. Upon opening one of its drawers, she pulled out a journal. Because Emma was prone to bouts of extreme anger, she was recommended by the doctor to keep a journal. In it, she wrote her feelings and whatever happened in the day on it. As she opened the book, she turned the page to the most recent entry, from there she read what she wrote the night prior to today. July 4, 20XX Uggh......Happy Independence Day (U.S.), and today marks four years of my existance in the nuthouse. So, are they really helping me? If they consider me as much of a danger to society, then why do they continue to let me live about in here? This place...this nuthouse..kind of feels worse than the time I went to juvenile hall. Despite how nice this place looks, it actually is hell here, cause I have to live with screams and crazy people around me. Sometimes, I wish they can all go away. ~Emma By the time she finished reading what she wrote, a buzz played through the speakers in her room, signaling that the admin has unlocked the doors. In almost an instant, Emma got up, then made her way out of the girls ward, and onto the cafeteria for breakfast. Once she got her food and provided pills for the day, she would look for an empty table as usual, and sit there. While she thought about what to do for today, another girl sat down with her own food right across her, "What do you want? Can't I eat in peace Lil?" Emma said while she chewed "What? You don't like me? Aww, we've been through this so many times. You always forget about our friendships." The other responded, "I never called you a friend Lillian," "Oh yeah, with your condition, you don't even trust me. Pity, oh well, I'm off to a different table," Lillian replied softly with a creepy smile before she stood up, and left with her tray "Wait! It's not my-" Emma tried to reason out, but Lillian left already to another empty table. "What will I do if I have to live with that creep?" she thought before continuing on her breakfast. "Well, I guess it be interesting to play around with the little one, maybe she'll prove useful for what I have in mind." Lillian thought, then smiling as she looked onward to Emma from her table.
  14. DivineGlow1000

    Open Luna's Night RP

    The night was still very alive when Princess Luna decided to take flight above the Everfree Forest, gliding ever so smoothly as the pale moonlight above her shined on the trees and the ponds she passed. As Luna ascended higher into the clouds and began flying freely, she started twisting herself through a field of white clouds. Once she found herself high above the clouds, all Luna could do was stare back into the moon she rose every night. "For once, all is peaceful and quiet. Hmm, as it should be" A smile ran across the princess' face and slowly started making her way back towards Canterlot Castle, when she suddenly felt a voice pass her ears. Luna looked back towards the forest and saw a pack of Timberwolves chasing after some pony, and Luna quickly made her way to where the wolves were headed.
  15. The multiverse. Realm upon realm of endless possibili- Wait, this is how I started it last time, lets go for something a little different. What is life, but a series of choices. Every choice leading to a new eventuality, and every new eventuality, leading to a new choice, and no matter what these choices happen to be, they effect not only one person, but everyone around us. It only takes one man to create a great empire, only one man to sow the seeds of rebellion, and only one man to wipe it all out, set it all back to zero. Some would say such things would be destiny, unchangeable, and set on course to happen since the start of time. Others would say that nothing is set in stone, and a persons course can always be changed, but is that in itself, destiny. But then surely in the multiverse, in that endless scape or science and sorcery, where anything is possibly, surely there is a way to change destiny, surely then, there is a way to prevent that tide of endless destruction, all it takes is the right people to find it. But let us put that unimportant, useless information behind us, and focus on the story at hand, as the adventure begins. Our band of intrepid... people would find that selves waking up in a room to the smell of smoke and the sound of sparking electricity, the last thing they remembered would have been some kind of crack opening up and sucking them through, in spite of their best efforts to escape it's pull. The room itself was circular with a diameter of around 50 feet, a seemingly domed roof, obscured by a large, swirling, ominous, vortex, though it seemed to have no pull, in fact the exact opposite seemed to be the case, as it exerted a small pressure on the rooms occupants. The room seemed to be heavily damaged, with panels blown off, exposing electronics which occasionally let of spark or even the odd arc of electricity, as well as that, piles of metal debris scattered across the room, some of which were ablaze, this was especially apparent in the eastern side of the room, where a large part of the ceiling had collapsed, exposing raw, sparking circuitry, effectively boxing off a section of the room. The cause of this damage was however obvious, from the large scorch mark in the centre of the room, where something had very obviously exploded. In short, it wasn't a vey nice place, infact the only place worse than this to be, would probably be some kind of empty metal room... or Detroit one of the two. There would be a few details immediately obvious to the group. First, there did seem to be some kind of doorway to the south-east of the room, though it seemed the explosion had caused it to somewhat break down, where it would attempt to open and would, for a second, reveal a silver hallway, with red lights constantly flashing, then however sparks would fly from the door and it would close with an audible 'clunk'. Second, there was possibly some form of terminal at the northern most wall, though there was no apparent screen or symbols on any of the hexagonal keys, though the purple light coursing around the outlines of the keys seemed to signify that it was still, somewhat active. Lastly, poking out from one of the debris piles close to the centre of the room, seemed to be some kind of metallic hand and arm, though mangled the scorch marks on it, would seem to indicate that whoever, or whatever the metal appendage belonged to, was very close to the source of the explosion. OOC:
  16. Merry Brony 2A

    Open Tails of Equestria discussion

    Let's talk about the official Tails of Equestria rpg. Are you playing it? What is your impression? What house rules do you use? I have all the material so far and I will update you as I get into it.
  17. DarkArtificer

    Open Renewal of an Age

    This is the RP thread for Renewal of an Age. New players must go [here], post a character, and wait to be accepted or denied before posting here. Begin The Gala was in full swing. Carriages trundled down the street by the dozen, quickly emptying themselves of passengers before leaving just as quick as the arrived. Ponies, Diamond Dogs, Griffons, Minotaur, Deer, and even a young Dragon or two could be seen spread throughout the palace. Garden parties were lively - food provided, of course. Countless rooms inside Canterlot Castle had been cleared and redecorated to host the largest incarnation of the largest party ever. No longer was it a networking event for nobles and the influential. Now, it was a true representation of Equestria's unity. All classes and all species were welcome; if you could find your way there, and there was room inside, you were welcome. Naturally, many were waiting outside the gates for entrance. Others, those with invitations, were free to proceed inside. Guards, of course, patrolled the halls, fields, and gardens to prevent troublemakers; more than a few were kicked out for disturbing the peace. In front of the palace gates, Princess Celestia stood, happily greeting every newcomer who cared to attend. After all, this was the only chance some ponies had to see their ruler. Yet another carriage opened up, depositing its passengers of three ponies and a Diamond Dog in front of the palace gates. None spared them a glance; no longer were Diamond Dogs an unwelcome sight, not with the new treaties between the Gemmed Plateaus and Equestria. This group was special, though, and the Guards new it. They were some of the few who had received invitations to the Gala and were allowed to enter without any waiting. Each was special in their own right and invited to this party via a personal invitation from the Princesses of Equestria. Alex Van Gamer, a Diamond Dog from the Roving Packs. Unlike her brethren, she did not enjoy stealing nor slavery; instead, she sought to better herself. Blue Thorn, an Equestrian Earth Pony, an example of Equestrian desire to find peaceful solutions to all problems. Winter Bolt, a Pegasus Manehattanite, showing the cheerful nature of Equestria's citizens. Finally, Strong Copper, a Canterlot native, representing the willingness of a pony to defend others. All four were chosen to help represent Equestria to the other nations present, though none knew of it. The four Guards present at the gates nodded to the small group, allowing them entrance. Several feet inside the walls, Princess Celestia stood, speaking to several farmers from Appleloosa. The carriage behind the small party slowly rolled away, returning to the city gates to provide passage to yet another group of party-goers. One of the Guards spoke. "Welcome to the Grand Galloping Gala. May I see your tickets, if you have them, as well as know your names?"
  18. Emerald<3

    Open Race to the End (RP)

    In the dark blackness of night, six ponies slept in different parts of Equestria. But when they awoke the next morning, each would find a surprise awaiting them in the mailbox. A summons to the castle, where the Princesses lived. Ursa woke up that same day excited for another night of stargazing. She lived in the Crystal Empire, yet she had no sparkles. The unicorn was a dark Navy color, and had short purple hair. Her cutiemark was a black hole with stars around the edges. And you could just imagine her surprise when she found the summons in her mailbox.
  19. Shadow Nightwing

    Open The Room

    You are going about your daily life, when suddenly, someone knocks you unconcious, and when you wake up, you find yourself in a room with a small screen. As you struggle, you find that you've been tied to a chair. The screen comes to life, and an electronically distorted voice fills the cramped room. "Greetings , my name is Kilo Byte" it says, " I have kidnapped you because of one thing... Equality." You must have looked confused, because Kilo began to elaborate. " Do you think it's fair that unicorns and pegusi have special powers, but earth ponies get stuck with nothing?" He asks "We need to put tighter restrictions on ponies, and the only way to do that is with equalist ideas. Therefore it is, the crux of the matter. Kilo Byte must be an equalist. "I brought you here today," he continues, "To show you how amazing equalism is. You will be placed in a room, and other people will arrive. Some will be equalists, others not. You have to find the equalists, and expose the non-equalists. Oh, and one more thing, don't use the word "yes" or "no." If you do, I can guarantee you won't like what happens.
  20. OOC: Let's do it guys! Follow my format! Two paragraphs minimum! (Other rules are in the OOC thread) @Denim&Venom @Acnologia@Drago Ryder @Randimaxis @TBD ---- It is five years in the future of all the events of MLP: FIM. Peace and friendship has spread all over the world, but not all is as nice as it seems. Sinister forces have begun to invade in the past month, bringing with them destruction and distrust in the Princesses to be able to contain the problem. It has proven too much for the Mane Cast to handle, and they have been soundly defeated, laughed at. Even Discord with his seemingly limitless power can merely hold these forces at bay, though not defeat them. Enter Bolt Solutions, the multi billion bit corporation providing affordable Magitek to improve the lives of citizens. In secret they have thoroughly researched a way to fight the invaders. Crafting the Morphing Grid, Lektra Bolt granted this power to five chosen citizens who passed rigorous qualifications. Unfortunately, they were defeated as well. Kidnapped and dragged away. Now all hope seems lost as the forces of darkness threaten to overtake the world. Lektra and Discord have been fighting world threats for a couple of weeks now, the wear and tear starting to take it's toll both mentally and physically, with no time for rest. One more time she attempts to choose five world citizens to help her in her quest. Forgoing the rigorous tests this time, she chooses from the list of applicants completely at random. You have been chosen as the B Squad, teleported to the Command Center in the Castle of Friendship, and meet Sparky the Magitek constrcut. Maybe this group will surprise her. Maybe this group will be different. Maybe this group will save the world. Take up your morpher! Pose dramatically! It's Morphin' Time! ------- Lektra Bolt, Morning, Castle of Friendship, Ranger Command Center --- I had just gotten back from yet another fight. Sure I'd defeated the monster, but the Golden Phoenix Zord had seen enough damage this week that it needed lengthy repairs, and my suit as well. I'd be out of action for a while. What was I to do if another attack happened? Talk about being the last hope. What happens when the last hope needs a last hope? Is there such a thing as last last hope? As these thoughts went through my head I was moving around in the hangar repairing part of the Zord on the floating girders. It could be miniaturized, but I needed it full size now. One of the wonderful things about the castle was that it was bigger on the inside. How did no pony notice it was only as thick as an old tree but huge on the inside? Could I get it repaired enough to last through another fight? I needed help. Really I did. Where did Discord get off to? He was always popping up somewhere. Let's go play the lottery. No time for pleasantries. With the Zord as good as she's going to get for now, I headed out to the Command Center proper with my floating mug of coffee. Light clip clip being heard on the polished crystal floor. The coffee was the only thing keeping me focused, but if I had too much I'd get too sleepy. "Sparky has the mainframe finished yet? We need those new applicants." I looked at him sternly, determined and sad I'd need to throw more ponies (or other species) into harm's way. Sparky beeped affirmative and I pressed a button on the half circular panel, there being a whoosh. The 'winners' of the lottery materializing in front of Sparky while I laid back in the executive chair monitoring the situation. What, only two? Was this all that were left? All that applied? Did no pony else care for the world?
  21. Before I begin explaining this rp let me Specify something You do not have to have prior knowledge of Fire emblem to join. Everything should be explained below Introduction *Minor* spoilers for Fire emblem fates revelations ahead Alright so I had an idea for a roleplay based off of the popular Japanese strategy game Fire emblem, FE Fates to be more precise So In Fire Emblem units (AKA you guys) start off as a basic class such as archer or knight and can advance to like a sniper or paladin (If you dont know what class you'll be I'll help get you assigned one) (Also some ponies may need special classes to fit their bio like mine are going to be a special class I'll get to how that works later) However the RP will attempt to function off of the game play however that's very stat and luck based so I'll attempt to fix that up so we can use it, but I love the concept of classes and skills and stuff like that so that'll stay In fire emblem Fates there are 2 countries at war Nohr and Hoshido or in the case of this role play The Lunar republic or the Solar empire Characters such Luna and Celestia are leaders in thier respective country and the mane six are split between them (refered to as royals), each of these charters are going to have 2 "retainers" or servants who protect them during battle with their lives They start avanced classes, others are just troops in the battle and will need to use a master seal to rank up Here's the cast so far. And in the spoiler a reference if you haven't played fire emblem so you can learn about all the skills and such Solar Empire Specializes in Skill, Speed, and Magic "Royals" and retainers Celestia: Hoshido Noble (Special) (Played by :Myself (For story reasons)) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Magic: Fireball, Seraphim Staff: Recover, Physic Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Hosidan unity, Alicorn(Dragon) ward, Sol(No Hp Cost) S-rank: Celestia's Retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Twilight sparkle: Sorcerer Weapons: Magic Spells: Fireball, Lightning Personality: Devoted partner (Only affects Celestia) Skills: Heartseaker, Malefic aura, Ignis (Cost 5 Hp), Rally spectrum S-rank: Twilight's retainers Trixie: Sorcerer Weapon: Magic Spells: Fireball, Excalibur Personality: Fierce rival Skills: Magic+2, Seal Magic, Tome Breaker, Rally Magic Shady Deceit: Butler Weapon: Flame Shuriken Spells: Recover Personality: Heartful Soul: Shady cannot initiate attacks, and can only counterattack, however, when attacked, takes 80% less damage for any attacks after the first. (So if he were being doubled, the second attack would do a ton less) Skills: Miracle, Gentillehomme and Live to Serve Rarity: Songstress (Special) Weapon: Spears Personality: Singer (units can move again if she sings to them) Skills: Luck+4, Inspiring song, Voice of peace, Foreign pony. S-rank: None Rarity's retainers Spike: Dragon (Special)) Weapons: Breath attacks Personality: Prodigy Skills: Profiteer, Grizzly wounded, Beast bane, Spendthrift (retainer 2) Pinkie Pie: Maid Weapons: Knifes, Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Fortify Personality: Sweet tooth Skills: Live to serve, Future sight, Rend heaven, Dancing Blade S-rank: Pinkie's retainers Cheese Sandwich: Spear master Personality: Pride Weapon: Spears Skills: Seal Defence, Spearfaire, Salvage Blow, Swap (retainer 2) Solar Empire army: (Open slots) Lunar Rebublic: Specializes in Strength, Defense, Resistance "Royals" and retainers Luna: Nohr Noble (Special) (Played By: Star48955) Weapons: Tomes, Swords, and Staffs Spells: Fireball, Nosferatu(Drains Hp) Personality: Supportive Skills: Nobility, Nohrian Trust, Alicorn(Dragon) Hex, Luna(Cost 4 HP) S-Rank: None Luna's Retainers Maple Bat: Vampire Archer (Special)(Played By: Myself) Weapons: Fangs(Drains Hp), Bow Personality: Optimistic Pessimist (see Below) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle, Galeforce Healthlife: Sorcerer Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Aura (Given by Staff) Skills: Renewal, Amaterasu, Replicate(Halfs Hp and gives it to the replica.) and Countermagic Personality: Healing Descant Weapons: A light-purple crystal staff. Fluttershy: Priestess (Played by: MoTusNua) Weapons: Bows and Healing staffs Staffs: Recover, Rescue, Fortify. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Miracle, Bowfaire, Renewal, Rally Luck S-Rank: Discord, Child: Maple Bat Fluttershy's Retainers Discord: Dark Falcon Weapons: Spears, Tomes Spells: Aura, Ragnarok Personality: Playthings Skills: Relief, Galeforce, Speed +2, Rally movement Silga Singawald: Merchant Weapons: Bows and spears Personality: Fiery Blood Skills: Aptitude, Underdog, Profiteer, and Spendthrift. Rainbow Dash: Falcon knight Weapons: Spears and Healing staffs Personality: Competitive Skills: Pass, Astra(Cost 10 Hp), Counter, Inspiration S-rank: None RD's retainers (retainer 1) (retainer 2) Applejack: Berzerker Weapon: Axe Personality: In extremis Skills: Skill+2,HP+2,Savage blow,Axefaire S-rank: None AJ's Retainers BigMac: General Weapon: Spears Personality: Chivalry Skills: Wary fighter, HP+5, Resist +2, Defense +2 (retainer 2) Lunar Rebulic Army: Silens Solis: Troubadour Weapons: Staffs Staffs:Recover, Physic. Personality: Peacebringer Skills: Resistance +2, Demoiselle Ajax: Outlaw Weapons: Bows Personality: Fearsome Blow Skills: Movement +1, Lunge While the mane focus of this roleplay may seem like a Celestia vs Luna thing, however, I'm going to follow the Revelations mane quest line where there's a 3rd group which both Nohr and Hoshido work together to beat. So while which team isn't the most important thing still there are advantages in both and the differences will cause infighting during the quest Story Beginning This third party seems almost not real to any pony who goes up against it. They can feel a presence and see the enemy in their mind but there is no physical appearance, however, seeing it in your mind basically means that it is visable but to only you. They have been attacking equestria for some time now, The Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire have stopped fighting to search for the sorce of these "Invaders" As they where called Joining in Are you joining with one (or more) of your Amazing Ocs? Things I'll need Name of character: Race: Slot you want if any are available: Character page link (or description on this OOC) Preferred classes: 2 possible per OC, One you are and one you can become with a Heart seal Help on classes If your character needs to be a special class tell me and, If your not sure a class at all I'll gladly help out And I'll need your 2 skills (4 for advanced characters)(Skill aren't class specific like in the game just make it fit you Oc) plus a personality skill (which you can make up or use one that exist) And weapons that your unit will use. PS: only pegasi can be Flying units and Unicorns can only be Mages, in addition, you're class doesn't determine which side you're on Is Your character another character's child? If the answer is yes then you can still join however you must wait until your characters mother S-ranks with somepony else (cannon or non-cannon) (Father needs to be flexible) then you can be added in via a quest Things about child units: 1. They can be Any class like normal but can heart seal change to what their parents are (So they can be 3 classes) 2. At least 2 of their skills need to be from the father and mother of the unit (one for each parent) 3. Siblings are allowed 4. Children units can't have children (to avoid confusion) (look at my example for details) OR Do you want to be one of the Cannon characters? Well If positions are open then just post who you want to play as however I'm limiting Cannon characters to one per person for the sake of fairness but you can play a cannon character and have an OC in it too If you want to be Fluttershy or Discord, you have to be able to roleplay the Fluttercord ship meaning that you must refer to each other being married and no NSFW please and thanks. That's currently the only S-rank(or marriage) but there can more as the story progresses, just introduce me to the character and I'll see what I can do Special Classes Theses classes are mostly meant to be classes that are not obtainable by the general army only 3 or 4 ponies normally, these can include classes that aren't officially in Fire emblem Offical special classes. These classes include both of the Nobles, Wolfskin and wolfssengner, Kitsune and Ninetails and any class categorized as other The Nobles: Luna, Celestia and their kids only Wolfskins and Wolfssengner: (Open slots) Kitsune and Ninetails: (Open slots) Songstress: Rarity and her kids only Non-official Special classes The non-official special classes I will provide a brief summery on each of them Vampire Archer (Flying) (Advanced): Maple Bat only. Weapons: Fangs and Bows Dragons (Advanced)(Open): Spike Weapons: Breath attacks More up for debate just mention it what it is it's weapons (3 max)and skills (2 max) and I'll see if I like it. Example of an Oc application My Oc Name: Maple Bat Race: Vampire fruit bat pony Slot: Luna's retainer 1 Character Page: Classes: Vampire Archer (Heart seal: Priestess, Dark falcon) Skills: Lifetaker, Relief, Miracle(Fluttershy) and Galeforce(Discord) Personality Skill: Optimistic Pessimist, Maple when helping others attack will deal 10 damage but may attack the assisted pony (Chance= 50% -resist) Weapons: Bat Fangs and Her bow the Heart's Eclipse (A Crescent bow) The part you where all waiting for Combat system. So I finally decided on how it'll work. It will work by you declare you attack and the enemy may strike you back. All damage calculation is done manually on my end. Spellcasters may do more with certain spells than capable with certain weapons however it costs them hp. There are 3 things that are important to know weapon range, Crit rate, and multiple hits Weapon range: is if you will or will not get attacked back when you attack an enemy which is determined by your weapon: Melee weapons (Swords, Axes, Spears): Can only counterattack other melee weapons. Thrown Weapons: (Special Spears and Axes) Can counter attack Melee and Magic attacks Bows: Can counterattack Magic and thrown Weapons. Magic: Can counterattack thrown and Melee weapons. Staffs: Cannot attack or counterattack. Critical hits: When a player attacks an enemy there will a chance of them landing a critical hit dealing 3x as much damage as normal or with Killer weapons 4x as much damage. Whether or not you crit is determined on 3 dice you must get 3 6's that I will roll for each hit in combat. 2 dice if you use a Killer weapon. Multiple hits: Players can gain the upper hand by hitting twice due to them having more speed (Max hits 4). This is determined on your class and works on a class by class basis. SO that's something you just need to look at logically. Like a Dragon wouldn't go faster than a pegasus knight. Rough speed chart < means will hit twice. Armored < Mages < Hero type classes < Archers < Flying classes RP Link: We started meaning for now all uncontrolled characters will be played by me (Only when necessary). HOWEVER, If you are reading this and want to join as a cannon I can just put here that you control them now and let you take over. Plus we will always be accepting new members And I think that's it Questions are welcome, recommendations for cannon characters to be added are requested, and feel free to join.
  22. Okay, here we go, "Dad!" "What?" "Someone declared war on us!" "Okay, go get Tirek." "Hey, someone declared war on us." "Oh, they'll pay." "C'mon, let's go!" *we line up to fight* We're ready when you are!
  23. Emerald<3

    Open Race to the End (RP)

    Ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? The golden orb, one of the most prized of the crowned jewels has been stolen. But it is not the orb itself to be worried about, it is the ruby that is on the top of the orb; the largest ruby known to ponykind. Princess Celestia has chosen SIX ponies, one from each part of Equestria; Crystal Empire, Ponyville, Phillydelphia, Canterlot, Manehatten, and Appleoosa. Now, the six chosen must work as a team to recover a jewel before a team of dastardly villains can uncover the hidden powers of the ruby. Are you up for it? Race to the End OOC Closed for now, until I get four more players. Sign up in the OOC!
  24. DarkArtificer

    Open Renewal of an Age

    The Gala was in full swing. Carriages trundled down the street by the dozen, quickly emptying themselves of passengers before leaving just as quick as the arrived. Ponies, Diamond Dogs, Griffons, Minotaur, Deer, and even a young Dragon or two could be seen spread throughout the palace. Garden parties were lively - food provided, of course. Countless rooms inside Canterlot Castle had been cleared and redecorated to host the largest incarnation of the largest party ever. No longer was it a networking event for nobles and the influential. Now, it was a true representation of Equestria's unity. All classes and all species were welcome; if you could find your way there, and there was room inside, you were welcome. Naturally, many were waiting outside the gates for entrance. Others, those with invitations, were free to proceed inside. Guards, of course, patrolled the halls, fields, and gardens to prevent troublemakers; more than a few were kicked out for disturbing the peace. In front of the palace gates, Princess Celestia stood, happily greeting every newcomer who cared to attend. After all, this was the only chance some ponies had to see their ruler. Yet another carriage opened up, depositing its passengers of three ponies and a Diamond Dog in front of the palace gates. None spared them a glance; no longer were Diamond Dogs an unwelcome sight, not with the new treaties between the Gemmed Plateaus and Equestria. This group was special, though, and the Guards new it. They were some of the few who had received invitations to the Gala and were allowed to enter without any waiting. Each was special in their own right and invited to this party via a personal invitation from the Princesses of Equestria. Alex Van Gamer, a Diamond Dog from the Roving Packs. Unlike her brethren, she did not enjoy stealing nor slavery; instead, she sought to better herself. Blue Thorn, an Equestrian Earth Pony, an example of Equestrian desire to find peaceful solutions to all problems. Winter Bolt, a Pegasus Manehattanite, showing the cheerful nature of Equestria's citizens. Finally, Strong Copper, a Canterlot native, representing the willingness of a pony to defend others. All four were chosen to help represent Equestria to the other nations present, each showing
  25. Musing in the Royal Garden IC Seeking to have Princess Celestia start meeting others again. During the rare moments where the princess find her day free, deciding to wonder the royal gardens and relax. Since I don't remember the Canterlot Gardens ever really being blocked off, accessible during parties and for school tours as let, I see it as not so difficult a task to figure out why a member's character might bump into the princess there. Especially since her guards were left to relax as well with the assurance that if the princess needed them she will call. Any and all are welcome, as long as your character is approved for use in the Equestrian Empire. No rules really, and honestly given how little activity I have seen here I'd be fine with even Discord popping in to given his greetings or cause mischief. Perhaps he can even get Princess Celestia to smile. Chuckle, really though if you want to your character to meet the princess let me know.