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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 3 results

  1. ((OOC The crisp morning air went through the town of Ponyville as the day began it's usual rhythm. Early rising ponys awakened and yawningly began on their day ahead of everypony else, preparing the shops and dutys that had to be done before the buzzing life began in the currently scarce town. The smell of baked goods and the far in between sound of hoofs slowly marching on the vacant ground began to mix in the air and give a sense of life awakening a little by little after yet another sleepy night passing by. For the inhabitants of the town it was a day like many others, but who was to say what the day would bring? Perhaps some things, or some ponys, would make this day stand out amongst the peaceful ones that had passed? Alas, the time was not for questions. The workers had their things to attend before the general populace would arise and little time to do it in, leaving the thought unsaid as they began their daily tasks and a low hum of activity started of the day.
  2. The curved red horn, that was the remains of the former King Sombra was blasted away in an explosion of light, upon the failure of his plan to secure the Crystal Empire for the second time. The Crystal heart was returned to it's place, and the Crystal Empire would be peaceful once more. Everyone went back to their daily business, after the King was defeated. However, little did they know, he was still around, albeit in a weakened state. His horn was blasted high into the sky, and the wind carried it far, far away into the frozen north where it fell into a chasm in the ice. A similar one that he was banished underneath, years and years ago. His horn would remain within the chasm for several months, maybe even a year, the timescale didn't matter, it didn't register for what remained of the King. Through the months his magic gradually returned in his unconscious state, his body gradually reforming from the shadow, his flesh, armour, all of it gradually returning slowly, but surely. On that fateful day, his red eyes opened, as he panned his surroundings with his crimson eyes, which were soon replaced by his green eyes, red iris and purple magic flowing from them like a river. His body moved, he got himself on his hooves as he looked at the howling snow and wind. The cold never bothered him, this was the only time it bothered him if only slightly. He growled in intense rage, his horn shimmering purple and green as he summoned in black crystals to function as stepping stones out of the chasm. It felt like an eternity, though he eventually made it. His snout sniffed the air, even from here, he could sense the energy of the crystal heart, and it's love. He had to do it differently this time, the first 2 times were done through brute force...and he failed both times. He had a plan, he was going to sneak into the castle, and 'take care' of the leaders of the Crystal Empire. He growled and his form shifted, into that of pure shadow, moving through the wind and snow completely unhindered, leaving no tracks, and moving at a very rapid pace towards the Empire, though off to the left a bit. It was an unknown amount of time before he finally arrived, his form returning to that of the pony form, his hooves, hos legs, and his head seemingly melting out of the shadow as it solidified, looking at the Empire, it was dark at this time, only the lights in the streets, and the crystal heart itself illuminated the night. Sombra Smirked, this was his time to shine. Like that, his form shifted into shadow once more, flying over the streets and guard ponies in the streets, unaware of his return. The shadows flown into a window, and seemingly melted into the existing shadows of the dark halls of the castle. A lone pony by the name of Shining Armour was patrolling the halls, alone, and with a light spell as he walked the halls. All was quiet, until he heard a deep, dark, slow laughter coming from the dark. @Caligula
  3. ((OOC: Life in Canterlot Castle is not the professional place ponies think it is. Let's just say that life here is... interesting. The ponies who work here are not as restricted as one would expect. This is here is their life.