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Found 1289 results

  1. Link to OOC: @Drago Ryder @Acnologia The sounds of kunai clashing and voices calling out Justus filled the air along with the smell of smoke from the burning village hidden in the leaves. A shinobi falls to the ground as an enemy kicks him off. His body bloody, a newly assigned medical ninja runs over to the dying shinobi, "Hey...hey come on wake up, HELP I NEED HELP OVER HERE," the medical ninja calls out as the shinobi coughs up more blood, "You trying to get us both killed kid," he says weakly, the ninja places two hands over the dying shinobi a green light covers them as he tries to check the injuries, "Why...are you doing that, I'm a dead man...don't waste your chakra on a lowly should wait to use it on one of them," he lifts a finger towards a few shinobi, one of them has a staff holding back an enemy wearing white with blades protruding from his forearms. The medical ninja tries to continue, "Its a few hours I'll be dead," An explosion is seen in the distance, "How do you know that they are stronger that they-" "Because they will survive...I've seen them fight..." ______________________________ 3 YEARS AGO The day the new genin are put into their 4 man teams Kenzo made his way to Hokage's office, his hands on the back of his head, a smirk forever plastered on his face. His trench coat flew back slightly in the breeze, "I wonder who I'm gonna be teamed up with, I could care less about the mentor he will only be there to train us, so I really only need to get to know the other two genin," he told himself as he entered the building and realized he was the first there.
  2. ooc In a forest next to a large lake was a small orchard underneath the largest tree sat a pink earth pony with a neon blue mane. Lost in thought was Live Wire who stared at the lake thinking how to find a way to the island in the middle. *** The Masked king sat on his throne of bones his cloak, his glowing eyes seemed to stare at a small group of soldiers all injured, all his own soldiers. "Who did this to you?: He demanded. "A-a hero did this my lord," one spoke up and as he did so all of the injured soldiers were vaporized. "So it seems that the first strike has fell and the game has begun."
  3. "The blood moon is full, bright, and bold. Danger may be lurking, so it is fortold. It isn't safe to be out wandering, you have been warned. So come inside and stay safe until morn." The zebra spoke as she walked towards her abode, leading the way. She was used to seeing ponies lost in the forest. With the moon like it was, this was not a good time to be out alone. The white unicorn behind her looked on and lifted a quietly surprised hoof before following. "Danger, you say? Thank you." he answered politely, and followed her into the hut. His mane and hooves were an off-white color, his cutie mark was stitches, and he wore a black faux rex coat. His eyes, one red and one blue, fell onto the large cauldron in the center of the room surrounded by many potions, manuscripts, and mystical-looking objects. "Ah, yes. It would be of no surprise. For something to occur during the blood moon's rise. So what is your name, and where are you from? I am Zecora, a potion brewer known by some." she introduced herself and asked as they stood inside and she closed the door to shut out the draft. "It's Lunar Eclipse, and I'm from Canterlot. I never expected to find someone living out here." he said, taking a glance outside the window where the full red moon could be seen glowing ominously in the dark sky.
  4. Story: You and many ponies have heard rumors of a mysterious Circus that showed up in Canterlot a few months ago. Ponies from all over Equestria are very eager to see whats inside. One day, posters appear on the walls of buildings that the Circus is now open and ready for guests to see the "Fantastic Fanatics" show. Its seems over a 3rd of Equestria has lined up for the show! However, things don't feel right to you as you arrive to the place out of curiosity. The strange ponies running the show all seem to be hiding something and have taken an interest in you and another pony. Things become more eerie and hostile when there is evidence of foul play. It's up to you and a new friend to figure out whats going on at this strange Circus before its too late. Intro "Hear ye, hear ye! We are now open! Join us at the Crimson Circus and see entertainment beyond your wildest dreams!" the poster read. You couldn't help but be curious about it when it suddenly appeared on the side of a nearby shop's window. More and more ponies gathered around it beside you and read the poster with growing conversation among them. "It's going to be amazing!" one filly said. "I wonder if they will have snacks." said a stallion. Even more ponies expressed their excitement as you walked away from the crowd.
  5. (Apparently the threshold in which the minimum amount of characters in this beggining roleplay is very vast and large, so this setence and maybe a few random letters are placed here because my mind has no idea what else to say because its early in the morning and I cannot think in tye morning or at nighttime at all so yeah. It stinks.) OOC: (This roleplay begins in Ponyville, but it can travel to new places.) *yawning and accidentally bumps into ther person who replys.* *Oof! (persons reply) *a moment passes as she gets herself recollected.* *Sorry... I didnt see you. Are you ok? (reply) *Nicely having a conversation to them* *Healing or not depending on your answer.* *Sooo... um is there a library here? I just arrived here. *something went wrong because of the minimum character lentgh of the posts.*
  6. Link to OOC: Link to OC character: Nightshade Flare walked into her new house in Ponyville, her faithful wolf Shadow by her side. Everything was already there, as she had organized for it to be. Meanwhile, she headed outside with Shadow, hoping to meet some new friends.
  7. Ponyfinder - Age of Adventure Equestria is a land of magic, joined by the allied Crystal Empire in more recent history, a nation built upon the principles of Harmony, Unity, and Friendship. Where ponies and other races may join together for a common cause, bringing about grand cities and close-knit towns. Where ponies may discover their destiny and pursue their dreams, show by a cutiemark that guides their lives. Following the three Divine Lights that are the holy sisters Celestia and Luna, joined by the crystal princess Cadance who are the avatars of their goddesses. Yet this land is also a place of danger and uncertainty, with a long past where legends and folklore can prove true with the appearance of many threats long forgotten. Also, not all believe in the ideals taught by the Divine Lights, that of Harmony and Friendship, selfishly following their own path without concern for others. With power to be gained and ancient secrets discovered not all is as it seems. Princess Celestia's sacred light hiding many things over the millennium she ruled alone as well as time before with her beloved sister. The Times of Discord, that of Eternal Night’s Fall, the Tyranny of the Shadow King, this and more that have revealed themselves to but a few. Now, with such examples as the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and heroes older still record in lore, adventurers and others have come forth in to find adventure and fortune. To gain fame or infamy, uncover knowledge and lost artifacts of the past, to fight monsters and villains that others would tremble in fear at. Will you follow the call? That of adventure in an age where friendship is taught yet darkness and regrets can be found, of dangers and monsters, secrets and mysteries. So much can be found for the curious and strong of heart, the timid and the brash, the elegant and the hardworking. Character List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be adding rules and information on the roleplay as time goes on. Playable Races: Earthbound (Earth Ponies), Unicorns, Pegasus, Gem Ponies (Crystal Ponies), Zebras, Drakehooves (Dragon Ponies, Eastern, Kirin), Leather Wings (Bat Ponies)*, Sun Ponies (Desert Ponies, Saddle Arabians), Short Legs (Think Flufflepuff, particularly with certain feats, or other shorter legged/smaller ponies), Hippogriffs, Doopleganger (Changelings), Flutterponies*, Sea Horses (Sea Ponies)*, Ghost Ponies*, Chaos Hunters*, Griffons (Only the Predator, Cheetah, Prey, Scavenger, Sea, and Snow aspects), Coven (Goats), The Impure (Donkeys), Purrsians*, Ruminants (Deer)*, and Big Mao (Pandas)*, Luminous Dragons (Dragons like Spike), Gem Gnoll (Diamond Dogs). *Limited, PM me if you want to play this race. RULES: 1. Only the races provided by the Ponyfinder resources I profile in the link are allowed. 2. Only the rules/information given in the following links, taken from the Ponyfinder Campaign Setting: Dawn of the Fifth Age, D&D 5e, Unearthed Arcana, and some 3rd Party with permission. Main resources can all found here. though Unearthed Arcana and other 3rd Party can be looked for. 3. Alignment will be handled as shown here. 5. We will be using the Focus and Foible system to generate ability scores. First, choose a Focus, an ability score at which you excel. You receive an 18 in that score. Next, choose a Foible, an ability score that is your weakness. You receive an 8 in that score. The other four, roll 1d10+7 four times. There are no rerolls, but you can decide where each of these other four scores go. 6. Standard equipment and gold for 1st level characters. 8. You can buy no item for more then half your starting gold, and are advised that you balance purchases between weapons, armour, and other items based on class. You can pick one common magic item, if it can be afforded. 9. Players will need to use an Editable Pathfinder Character Sheet, as provided here. 10. Characters of evil alignment will not be allowed, also certain classes may well have negative stigmatism attached to them such as necromancers or clerics of the death domain. 11. The use of dark magic is strictly forbidden by Equestrian law, with few being allowed to even study it. Dark magic counts all magic with the evil descriptor as well as potentially other spells, so if you're uncertain please ask. Use of dark magic will slowly corrupt and turn evil a character, no matter how good one's intentions were. 12. These rules may be added to at anytime but before the beginning of a session.
  8. OOC: Twighlight 2.0, support bot: Arena of Champions Mini-game: 1) @Star48955 2) @Maple Bat 3) @Techno Universal 4) @Der Kerzenwaechter 5) @rolle 6) @)o( Dream Walker )o( 7) @Once In A Blue Moon 8) @C. Thunder Dash
  9. OOC Hex was flying around Ponyville with his saddle bag on him with multiple flyers stuffed inside. Some fly out as he flies from street post to street post. Taping a flyer up where ever he could. The flyer read as followed: 'Do you have a musical talent that you have yet to share with the world? Are you a Bassist, Drummer, Guitarist, or maybe even something else? Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so you're in luck Hex is in need of finding some band mates! Please only take one of the tabs below and contact me if you're interested.' He spent about 3 hours just flying around and advertising his help wanted signs where ever he could. He sighed as he rested at a bench as his wings were sore from flying all day. He leaned back to pop his back some as he looked around, realizing it was only mid day since he woke up early to post the flyers. "Man, I hope I get some responses back." He said to himself. He rested a bit more at the bench before flying back home, awaiting for his responses.
  10. @Techno Universal @PuddingPonyPal The OOC: The Intrepid was perhaps the most well made, most expensive passenger ship, ever made in Equestria. It was a luxury vessel, complete with all the amenities found in the most fancy hotels and manner houses, albeit condensed a little. It was homely, the interior lined with dark oak panels against vanilla colored wallpaper. There was a distinct rustic feel to it, something found more often in the study of a rich pony who fancies himself a safari or two than anywhere else. At the moment, the ship was tasked with an important mission. One that lead the crew across the great western ocean to the new lands beyond, to ferry nobles from some of the most notorious nations in the world. All for the sake of diplomacy, these infamous individuals were gathered together and provided with the greatest luxuries possible for their trip to Equestria. Fortunately, they weren't the only ones on the ship. A few passengers lucky enough to get a ticket on such a luxurious ship back to Equestria found themselves aboard to act as a buffer between the dignitaries themselves. The crew of course entertained them as well, more accustomed to the hotty and arrogant attitudes. They were already a few days into the trip back to Equestria, a little over halfway home. There hadn't been any official gatherings since they set off, but today all passengers were invited to the central gallery for a wine tasting event. The captain had made sure to include some of the best alcohols from across Equestria to ease the tension that would no doubt follow days of being cooped up in the ship. Even if they weren't much of a wine drinker, it was rude not to go. The gallery was a three story open section in the center of the ship, reminiscent of a ballroom. Small round tables were set up along the surrounding balconies, while the main gallery floor was dotted with glass enclosed statues and busts of various famous figures from Equestria. A few regal paintings, mostly depicting darker moody scenery, took space along the walls just above the luxurious furry couches and potted plants. The chamber was set up in a U pattern along the upper decks, with a large stairway leading to the second in the center. Some of the lesser known passengers had arrived first, sampling some of the wines offered on silver platters by the waiters and waitresses usually stuck further above on the viewing deck, bar, and dining halls.
  11. OOC: @MoTusNua @Mickey Adaptus @rolle @Tilgoreth It was another peaceful day in Equestria. Ever since the Lunar Republic and Solar Empire formed a treaty, things had been way more quiet. The threat of the "Invaders", Unseen threats that could attack anywhere in equestria at any moment, Loomed over all of equestria Ponies where terrified knowing no where is safe from them. The two armies stay separate near their own bases only occasionally going to the other to share data or plans and thoughts. The solar empire had mad base in Canterlot since they had a larger army at the time. Meanwhile The Lunar Republic has rebuilt the castle of the two sisters and made it more suited towards battle and themed to match Luna. Maple Bat sat at the top of the Castle of the two sisters watching over equestria from the distance. The Vampire Fruit-bat-Pony hadn't seen any action in the past few days. She didn't like the Idea of the treaty, Having no encounters with these "Invaders" since they where first talked about she questioned their existence at all. At least the army had time to replenish it's supplies for when the fight resumed.
  12. (OOC: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perpe scratched her eyes, the sunlight was still an unusual sight for her. The trees were always good shade for her, and she had mostly kept movement for night. She hadn't woken up to Mias' buzzing, as Brume had taken him with him to inquire about joining a guild. Perpe smiled at the thought of this, although she was appalled at the thought of human interaction, it must have been her isolation and living with Brume for so long. Beds were uncomfortable to her still, as she slept on trees for her entire life up until this point, so she finds herself sleeping on the floor, or even on tables. Perpe wasn't sure if she even wanted to join a guild, but she did know that she would just follow her heart, and whatever Brume wanted to do, or something mushy like that. Perpe looked around, as Brume had not said anything about what they would be doing for food now. Perpe would be delighted to indulge herself with some raw meats, but she wasn't sure if they would serve that to her without questioning her mental state. The meat was good, it was tender, and fell apart in her hands. Perpe felt the eyes beaming into her with confusion and curiosity, but she didn't care. This was her first time eating cooked meat in her life, and although it didn't feel right, like she was breaking some sort of moral code, she ate until she couldn't eat anymore.
  13. @Techno Universal Mehndi Heart stared up at the sky at the growing grey clouds; her eyes filled with their reflection. She knew what was coming but didn't really bother saying what it was to anypony. She stopped trying over a year ago. Being new to Ponyville she was very conscious about who approached her. She only met one resident face-to-face and it was the strangest pink pony she's ever met. After that, no pony else payed any mind to her. Thats a good thing she usually told herself. Isolation is the one of the things she knows best. She took in a deep breath. Smelling the cold, sweet sent of the future downpour. Ponies around her started walking into their homes and shops preparing for it all. All except her... Thunder could be heard from the distance as the clouds crept even closer to the tiny town. "Tonight, it will rain.." She said to herself.
  14. @Biohazarddallas @Driz @silvermoon15000 @Techno Universal @Star48955 Evenings in Canterlot had taken on an entirely different form since everything started. Daytime was like some grey blur where anything could be standing just outside one's vision, while during nighttime, something could be standing right in front of you, and you wouldn't see it until it was too late. That's what everyone feared at least. Ponies were going missing at an alarming rate, not just in Canterlot, but all of Equestria. Some claimed cultists were responsible, others monsters. No one could link it all together, no one even knew what was going on to begin with. The guards... even the alicorns struggled for answers. Now there were only two options left; venture dangerously into the uknown mystery, or huddle in the dark by a fireplace. --- The Stubby Unicorn was an Inn inside Canterlot proper, just off the main street. It was a quaint three story stone building with wooden frames, and windows only in the front on the first floor. It was big enough to fit plenty of travelers, and it catered in house as well. On the first floor was a restaurant of sorts, a place where anyone could come and go as they pleased. Just lounge about or eat, the owner didn't really mind one way or the other. The main room was a large hall with wooden rafters, and a hot fire pit lined with brick in the center. It cast an orange glow across the booths lining the walls, some under the windows facing out into the nerve raking darkness. Dozens of smaller tables crowded the center of the room itself, while at the back was the bar and open kitchen. The cooks were busy whipping up something spicy for a few of the patrons. Whether or not they came to escape the frightening darkness, to find a place to rest for the night, or simply wanted somewhere to collect their thoughts, the Stubby Unicorn welcomed all who entered through its two wooden front doors. Even to the ponies who had already lost someone to the abominable madness sweeping across the kingdom.
  15. ((Anyone can join by either helping her or being the one who took what she needs!)) Sweet Cake lets out a calm, defeated sigh as she sits beside her vibrant, ribbon decorated caravan. Coming back to Ponyville has always been difficult for her since she has constant memories of her grandfather whenever she returns. It creates a swirling feeling in her mind as if she was pushed around by Fate and laughed at. No one wants to believe her when she insists he isn't passed, but missing. Perhaps with age and fruitless searches, she understands them better. Being closed for the day, Sweet Cake flips her homemade sign on the side door and trots off, hoping to catch up with an old friend of Spice Oak (her grandpa). When she sees the stallion, Toasty Mallow, she happily gallops over to him, a smile growing on her muzzle. "Good afternoon, sir." She greets in her sing-song tone. "I'm here to pick up the harvet pie your sister always makes so perfectly!" She pretends not to see his wince until he speaks. "Oh, sorry Miss Sweet Cake." He says while looking away from her little frown. "I sold my last pie just ten minutes ago. We didn't think you'd be back so soon..." Her eyes grow wide as the world seems to darken for this poor mare. " more pies???" She has to repeat it because she is very shocked. There has never been a time where he has ran out of pies for her. "Are you sure?" She squeaks her question out where Mallow nods solemnly. Well, she can't let that happen. She is going to find the person who took the last one and bribe or just beg for the harvest pie. It means so much to her. She dashes off, squinting her eyes in determination while scanning for anyone who may have it or is willing to help.
  16. @Radience @silvermoon15000 @Drago Ryder @Acnologia OOC: [x] (Two days ago) Princess Celestia was worried, and trying not to show it. All thru the day, she sat alone in her bedroom, desperate to tell her sister her worries but not wanting to disturb Luna's sleep. After all, Luna would need to be well rested for what lay ahead, a task that only she could do. Celestia sighed, and once again, read over the reports she had had from various ponies in Equestria. All had the same theme, more or less, and ranged from casual to panicky, depending on the author. There was a problem in Equestria; it seemed as tho the magic and joy was seeping out of the world. Celestia had already established that it was nothing at all in Equestria that was causing the magic drain; she shuddered once more as she remembered how she'd discovered the true cause. The magic mirror; that was the key to the strange force that was slowly draining the magic from Equestria, and with it, the joy. Ponies were getting depressed; unicorns found that their spells went awry, and pegasi would suddenly lose the ability to fly. Earth ponies found that their strength was failing. The mirror was the doorway to other dimensions, and it was in one of these alternative worlds that the cause of the drain was present; an alternative form of Equestria, for years the sickness infecting it had been self contained, but now it was leaking thru the mirror into Equestria. The only way to stop it once and for all was to send a task force thru the mirror and into this alternative world. This was why Celestia was waiting for her sister to awaken; she was to be the scout, to check out the lie of the land and pave the way for the task force with her power of dreamwalking. Luna would not even have to leave the area to be able to perform the scout mission. She could walk into the dreams of the ponies who lived in this world and discover exactly what was causing the drain, and stop it by whatever means necessary... (Present) The task force had been assembled; two fighters and a healer, and Celestia had sent them messages to inform them that the mission was to start. If anypony was late, then no matter, they could always go thru the mirror at a later date. This was not a mission that would be improved on rushing it; time and care would have to be taken. Thanks to Luna, nopony would be going in blind; a missive had been sent to each task force member detailing what this alternative world was like, but of course, nopony would know what they were dealing with til they actually got there. ~~~ A clearing in the middle of the Everfree Forest. Tents scattered around a wooden hut, the trees around the clearing seeming to shimmer with magic. A blue unicorn wearing a long black cloak with the hood covering her face emerged from the hut. She flipped back her hood, revealing light purple eyes and a mane in two shades of pale blue. Her name was Trixie Lulamoon, and she was one of the leaders of the Resistance. The other, a black and white zebra mare walked out besides her. "Something about this day makes me think, I wonder, will we find the link?" said Zecora to Trixie. Trixie nodded, her face taking on a puzzled frown. "Yes, I sense it, too," she replied. "I can't quite put my hoof on it, but something about today is... different. I think that something is going to happen, out there. Perhaps I should take a patrol out to investigate." "Do as you believe is best, I wish you luck in your quest," Zecora said. "Meanwhile, I the fort will hold, it is not for all of us to be bold." Trixie smiled widely at the zebra mare. "As if that could ever be true of you," she said, warmly, to her friend and comrade in arms. "You, Zecora, are probably the bravest of us all."
  17. Iron mist was a bat pony warrior, walking throught the everfree cautiously, looking out for any sudden movements. Suddenly she heard a rustling in the leaves. She quickly galloped to zecoras house and slammed the door behind her. She had come in the midst of war againts herobrien, to get some special remedies to heal the scars that her army had. She an princess luna had fought bravely alongside a friend of mist's, called techno, against herobrien... link to oc character:
  18. I was busy getting the Stickman HQ ready for deep sea diving. "I can't believe we'll be going down into the sea." I said. As I was busy cleaning up the Stickman HQ, Techno Universal came and looked over all the technology Stickman had on the Stickman HQ. @Techno Universal
  19. Rose jerked out of her sleep and rubbed her eyes with the tip of her wing, then she grabbed her sword and placed it on her back, then she headed out to wait for the bus to come in. Vivus woke up to find that she was alone in her cell, then she quickly grabbed her glasses and placed them on, feeling her personality change. Then she slithered out of her cell and went to get some food, or a pony to warm up with.
  20. OOC: -We start in the capital of the Alicorn Empire, The birthplace of Princesses Celestia and Luna, currently ruled by their brother, Emperor Cosmos. We cut to the throne room, where the Emperor is meeting with his top generals for the plans to expand his empire by invading Equestria and beyond- Emperor Cosmos: "I know my sisters, they are soft and weak." General Magnus Carta: "From what our spies and scouts have gathered, their kingdom is very autonomous, it should be easy for my battalions to overrun them. However, there are reports that they have made alliances with Yaks, Dragons, Changelings, Griffons, Abyssinians and Sea ponies, that could be a problem." Herobrien was also in the meeting... HB: Yes my brother is just getting better and better with his defences of equestria as time goes on. But still we're getting close to being able to overpower him! @Theknightofdraconia
  21. I'm looking to run a relatively rules light 5e Ponyfinder game. That said, you are not limited to the races of ponyfinder. You can choose either from other 5e races, or you can homebrew a race provided you follow the rules I give you (for balance purposes). Ponies are the dominant species on the planet however, and the more you deviate from that the more sidelong glances npc's are going to give you. Even humans exist in this world, but their population is VERY tiny. Things you should know about this game. - This is a 27 point buy game. I like this method the best cause it keeps things balanced between the players. -Homebrewing/reskinning races, classes, and spells are allowed, provided you run it by me and I approve it. I'm all for personalizing characters, but only as long as it maintains balance. - This will be run on Roll20. Character sheets and rolls will all be handled on there. (just easier to manage that way) - Discord will be exchanged via pm once you are approved into the game. Players younger than 18 need not apply. Nothing against you if you are, but I'd rather run a game with adults. - Rule of cool in effect. If you can describe how you want to do something and make it sound entertaining, I'll let you attempt it. -Once the game begins, it will likely not be logged on this site, but rather on the Discord and Roll20. Just easier to manage that way. -We'll be starting at level 3 so we can get passed the squishy qualities of the level 1. Provide your application and general character concept below. This is just a prototype version of your character so knowing things like geographical locations and the like isn't mandatory quite yet. What I do want is your characters -Race: You are not limited to ponies, but know that the rarer your particular choice is the more hurdles your character may need to overcome in matters of diplomacy. If you are homebrewing a race, you can worry about the details of that when I give you the method of making it. -Background: Not just the mechanical type of background, but how that relates to who this character is as a person -Class: Class is how we understand them, but not necessarily how the character views it. How did the character acquire these talents and abilities? When did they first discover and employ them? How did they learn to use their spells or techniques? What got them to level 3 before the game starts? How does this relate to your background -Npcs: Your character is not in a vacuum, give me some characters that your pc knows. Maybe they are family. Maybe they are friends. Maybe they are enemies. Get creative. alignment: Your alignment will speak for itself with all the other info. Good characters majorly preferred.
  22. OOC @Techno Universal @Stardust Balance @Superwholock Scripted Scribble was sitting by a bench on Ponyville, reading the newspaper. The only real reason he was reading it was because of that small comic series- Marble Horns. it was written by two stallions and a new page of it was in the newspapers almost daily. And the main topic of it was all about a horror creature named "Slendermane". It was obviously all fantasy, though the series just...stopped. Around two weeks ago. In fact, one of the news on the newspaper was about ponies actually going to investigate the Slendermane, thinking that he was the cause for the comics to stop. But that was just stupid, Scribble would never do such...would he?
  23. Canterlot was buzzing with excitement. New portals to Tartarus had opened up less than a month ago, and already they were being explored and taken advantage of. These were exciting times, a new world to explore right outside of the city. Fame, fortune, adventure, all of it for the average pony's taking. The visitors from the cursed land only added to the excitement, visiting Canterlot with just as much awe as those that watched them walk by. Down at the airship docks, one particular ship awaited its passengers. It was a simple vessel with a giant yellow balloon, with a purple wooden cabin spanning the length beneath. Portholes studded the hull, and cargo along with some crew, crowded half the top deck. The other half was reserved for the bridge house for the crew. Yellow sails extended outwards from the sides and on the top of the balloon like fins. "All aboard, for your amazing Tartarian adventure tour!" A tall yellow earther shouted with an air of wonder in his voice. Like all the ponies from Tartarus, he was a blank flank, but it was difficult to tell due to the clothing he wore. The yellow stallion wore a clean and 'fancy' navy blue coat with black buttons, the coat tails parting to allow his purple tail to flow past. His hair was done up in a proper manner, and his eyes sparkled the same color as his mane and tail. He stood on the gangway to the docks, helping his clients board the ship. Two other ponies, more blanks, walked around helping to haul the client's belongings onto the ship. They looked gruff and none to pleasant, barely sparing a word for those they were helping. Oddly enough, they even refused the tips offered to them by the passengers, recoiling back as if disgusted or insulted. Fortunately, there weren't many other passengers at first glance, just twelve not including the crew, so there really wasn't any line to board the ship. That allowed the yellow earther to great each passenger individually. "Ah! Good morning, welcome to the Golden Flea! Are you excited for your tour?" He asked with a smile. "Oh, and uh, your name?"
  24. The air around Ponyville snapped with the soft chill of a coming autumn frost. All across the town ponies were in high gear prepping for the soon to arrive cold season. The market bustles with activity as supplies, clothing, and bits fly across counters to stock up for the coming festivities and weather. Amidst all this activity a new pony lands gently his mane frazzled and saddle bags tilted. Which acted as an odd counter point to his perfectly groomed and trimmed tail. Straightening his saddle bags and shaking out his mane he looks around trying to find a place he might at least trade his books in and grab a meal. As he starts to wander the new town his blue jeweled necklace glints in the afternoon sun. His wings are held tightly to his body belaying the open and friendly smile he put up. In short, this pony was clear a pegasi out of his element in such a busy setting and subtle body cues gave it away. Too many long hours in the country and not enough socialization left their mark on Winter Bolt and he hoped the cure could be found soon.
  25. OOC Thread : The Keep; Inner rooms "Princess!! Wake up!! Its time to start the day!" Raindew waited outside the room of his princess, she was late to breakfast and he knew she got agitated if she didn't eat. He didn't need two grumpy ponies on his hooves after all. Inside the room though, upon her balcony looking at the back gardens sat the mare in question. She looked up to the new hole in the canopy that she was able to open now that the barrier was gone, looking at the clouds that floated on by. It had been a couple of months since the shattering. Only a few weeks since she had introduced herself to the new sovereigns. A lot has been on her mind, and all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed and forget everything. The Tavern "I don't know Orange Blossom I just didn't like the way he looked at ya!" The dapple grey stallion looked at the small mare in front of him like she was gonna slap him, and she did have half a mind to do it too. Instead she trotted off to the back kitchens, angry as a bee whose hive had been messed with. The early patrons of the town could only laugh at the scene they were watching, being used to something like this happening every so often. The dapple hung his head down, embarrassed about it all. The Barracks The purple mare blocked yet another attack from her spar partner. She pushed back and sent him flying. She whipped around and caught the surprise attacker by surprise, flipping him onto his back. "Come at me! Act like you are defending her majesty!" She yelled at them, her eyes flicking all around her as they came back for another round of beatings. The Market Courtyard Busy bodies filled here and there, buying groceries, knick knacks, and other assortment of things. Ponies talked about the town Ponyville that they have visited, some ponies from that very town were here to look at the old wares that this lost town offered.