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Found 1289 results

  1. If you want to join, come here : ---- Journey The road was long and hard. Sheepious deserved a rest. Pulling his carriage, sweat beads rolling down his face, he decided that he needed to rest. But he carried on pulling the carriage that would one day become a legend. The road was muddy and Sheepious had to pull the carriage with much force. He grunted as he pulled, his hooves soaking into the mud on the ground. The carriage creaked as the wheels turned. The only thing holding it together was the adhesive that stuck the main body of the carriage to the wields, and it was already wearing out after 2 months of travel. Sheepious had been sent by the sheeplord of the Far East as an ambassador to Equestria. He accepted willingly, but little did he know of the hardships ahead. He pulled his carriage across rolling mountains, flat, green plains, and muddy, bumpy roads. He could not take this torture. He needed a rest, even though his soldier instincts told him to keep going. His breathing got heavier and heavier. He passed out on the ground, his carriage falling along with him. The last thing he saw was a tree coming straight towards his face.
  2. OOC @@Driz,@@Orange Sparks, @@Hazard Time, December 10, 2071 Near the planet of Jupiter... This part of the solar system was somewhat crowded with spacecraft. Some were trade ships who came from the different moons of Jupiter, rushing to the hyperspace gate in order to sell their wares to other planets. Some were travel ships, taking citizens from the ocean colonies of Ganymede to the dry, rocky desert towns of Io, or like the merchants, to other planets. And among these ships, one lies drifting slowly across the moon of Europa. A black, somewhat dangerous looking ship, about 286 meters in length; with the word "Vega" written on the left side of the hull. This was a bounty hunting ship, and its inhabitants were all experienced bounty hunters, capturing criminals from all over and turning them in to the International Solar System Police for a hefty sum. Yes, the life of a bounty hunter is thrilling, and the money can be great at times... But for bounty hunters, money can run out faster than you think. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Raze stared at the open fridge, a blank expression on his face. He had just woken up from an amazing four hour nap, and he wanted to grab a bite to eat from the living room fridge. And here he was, staring at it. In all its empty glory. He should have been shocked. Angry, even. And yet, he couldn't bring himself to do that. All he could do was stare, and wonder. Wonder where the hell all the food went. There were four people on this ship, and he bought enough food from Mars to last them at least a month. It had only been one week since then. He closed the fridge, and sighed. They didn't have any money either; they had spent all of it on said food and fuel for the ship. It wasn't much either, about 37,000 woolongs (($370)). There haven't been any bounties out either, at least big ones anyway. He had seen one worth 19,870 woolongs for the capture of an armed robber somewhere in Europa, but that was it. He walked over to the couch in the living room and plopped himself down on it. Ugh... when the hell are we gonna actually gonna make some real money...? he thought. If this keeps up... I don't know how much longer we'll last... Just as he thought that, his stomach began to growl. "Tch..." he rolled over. "I'm hungry... I could go really go for some bell peppers and beef right about now..."
  3. (Link to OOC: Deadpan and Zen sat across from one another, sipping coffee calmly. Well, Zen was as Deadpan just kept telling joke after joke. "Well, Deadpan, as fun as your jokes are...we must get more customers in here. When I arrived to help you with your cafe, you were struggling to make end's meat. And that hasn't changed." Zen stated. "Oh...right...that." Deadpan frowned. "Wait, I think I see someone coming!"
  4. Hey everypony, this is an open-world roleplay with me and Chrylestia600. Feel free to join in if you like! And remember, as said, it is an open world RP! That means you can do what you want, be who you want, it's all up to you! Here's a link to the OOC if you wish to join in!
  5. ((OOC: @@BabylonSister And @@Unicorncob Awaken my players! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The sun rises once again, hot as embers and as shiny as gold, it seems like it'll be a morning like any other, and in many ways it will be...But in a place as odd as ponyville, even the most ordinary day can have its share of unusual - some may even say, bizarre, - occurrences. Lately, more and more ponies in this seemingly normal town have awakened a power beyond simple magic: the power to summon a being made from your own life energy, a being who exists solely to defend and empower its summoner, and because it stands by its summoner no matter what, this kind of being was named a [sTAND]! Much like ponies themselves, and while some Stands are used for evil and others for good, there is no such thing as an evil or good stand: only evil or good stand users. As the light - be it natural or artificial - illuminates your eyes and the fresh morning air fills your lungs, you wake up once more and as soon as that happens the universe itself seems to ask you a question: What will you do?
  6. A few storms are brewing somewhere near Cloudsdale. The lightning is blue, strange. As Serenity Cresent flies close by she can faintly make out the shape of an Alicorn flying around and kicking clouds. His mane 2 toned: White and Blue. He flies quickly and hasn't noticed Serenity Cresent yet.
  7. ( 'Among fables scattered through the land, few stand out as legendary. Few and far between, the beings behind the tale are regarded as forerunners to modern-day miracles. And although it wasn't uncommon for their methods to be somewhat unreasonable, one must remember they lived during darker times.' 'A few of them are known as Valran the barbarian, Illem the old stone king, and Alastor the executioner. But they've long-since died from causes unknown, gone missing in their respective area of legend. Their corpses undiscovered, their treasures forgotten. Perhaps, to an aspiring relic-hunter, these are troves waiting to be reaped?' ~Nameless scholar's diary Equestria was as it always was. Sunny, peaceful, full of sunshine and daisies. It was such yesterday, and it would be so tomorrow, but this was only true for towns, cities, and settlements--anywhere ponies had thoroughly explored and colonized. Elsewhere, however, in darker, unexplored territories...Malice lingered. Monsters beyond Manticores, magic beyond corruption, and fables beyond imagination. It only depended on who would prove themselves bold enough to go find them, to discover landmarks and lay claim to new areas...
  8. Sign up in the OOC here: You've landed yourself in the Equestrian Prison. We here don't care what crime you committed, just that you are here, and we won't let you leave until your sentence is over. The prison bus comes to a stop, you're dragged out of the bus and to the entrance of the prison, you could run away now, but that would get you shot. The doors open as you're taken into the prison and eventually lead to your cell the guards leave you to your own thing from there. Zealous Enigma felt slight pain from the push of the guard's hoof as he was shoved into his cell. "Another day in the prison it appears." He muttered, he had been caught so many times that he started to admire the prison cells."Nice, they look better." But this time they actually improved in terms of looks. "Hey!" He turned around and waved at the guard before he left. The guard walked back up to him. "What?" "Can I have a drink?" The guard chuckled. "How about, no?" He said in a stern tone. Enigma had never thought of it before, but this was a good time to try it. "Please?" And what he was trying was his secret weapon; puppy dog eyes. The guard didn't do anything but snicker. "That won't work on me." Enigma made his eyes bigger. "You can, during lunch hour." Enigma walked over to his bed. "Nice to know." He said sitting on his bed. "Now shoo, I got some napping to do." The guard rolled his eyes and left.
  9. OOC: (We'll be starting off in the human world!) It's a mild afternoon in Skyla's neighborhood. The sun's rays felt warm but not suffocatingly hot. Skyla walked through the neighborhood as usual, a grin on her face. She was heading towards the bushes at the end of the lane. The symbol on her shirt seemed to glow with magic, but it was just the sun's rays reflected in the sequins. But, the symbol did have some sort of power. Skyla never used it though, since she could just walk to the portal. She parts the bushes and steps in a small clearing. In the center stood a portal glowing with purple energy. It was set in the trunk of a tree and couldn't be moved. It hasn't been discovered, at least, Skyla didn't think so. Skyla stepped through the portal, feeling her hands and legs turn into stubby hooves, and feeling the wings on her back. She flew out of the bushes on the other side, flying into the clear skies of Ponyville.
  10. OOC: Warrior Cats RP OOC (open for all) ((Dusk. Greenleaf.)) Kitestar bounded up onto the Highrock and called a clan meeting. Cats spilled into the centre of the camp, hurrying from their dens to gather around their leader. Her tail swayed nervously from side to side, as she awaited the arrival of the last couple of senior warriors. It had been a while since she had had to call a meeting. Once everyone had gathered in chattering groups, Kitestar silenced them as she began her announcement. "Thunderclan..." she began. "The dawn patrol have informed that Shadowclan have been scented in our territory." Anxious mumbles rippled through the crowd. Kitestar faltered slightly, then glanced at her newly appointed deputy and picked up where she had left off. "You all must be more alert when training and patrolling, and for safety reasons you shall all travel in groups of at least five. If you spy a Shadowclan party on Thunderclan territory... well, you know what to do," she smiled at her clan and they nodded, vaguely amused. "Chase them out! And if they attack, fight back as best you can and be very careful. Report it to me afterwards." Kitestar dismissed the clan with a flick of her tail. Featherfur returned to the Windclan camp victorious, proudly carrying a fat rabbit and a mouse. He dropped them onto the fresh-kill pile, then turned to his young apprentice as she delivered yet more food to the elders. Today had been a good day for hunting. Moontail slept soundly in her den, then was interrupted by the pitiful mewing of the injured kit she had been taking care of. She sighed, got to her paws, and padded over to the young cat. He gazed up at her, then glance down at the scratch on his leg. Moontail rolled her eyes. "It's not that bad," she meowed scornfully. The wound had almost healed now, but as she ordered the kit to get to his feet he stumbled and limped. "Come on." Moontail said, and she helped the young tom make his way back to the nursery. His mother rushed to the entrance and took him inside the den, respectfully nodding her thanks to the Riverclan medicine cat.
  11. OOC Linkup: Old RP Linkup for backtrack: Electron Wave Storm continued to pass out flyers for nightmare night. As he did so, he started to think back to when he used to dress up for it, "Hm. That was a long time ago. I used to love eating candy, but now, I've out grown that holiday..."
  12. OOC: Live Wire was sitting by Crimson lake relaxing under an old apple tree, "Man how long until I arrive at the new village?" Live Wire asked with a bored look on her face suddenly her stomach growled, "Well can't think on an empty stomach," She giggled as she looked at the apple tree, "Sorry to ask but can I have one of your delicious apples?" She asked the tree and was answered when a large rip apple fell and landing in the grass next to her. "Thanks," she said to tree before eating the apple. *** The Masked King looked at a crystal ball that showed him the town of Cursed Stone. "This town has so much negative energy that it will serve as the perfect place to start my Plan," He said his voice deep and full of ill will.
  13. A sign sits outside the door of a strange store that reads- "Welcome to all! To a world of Imagination and splendor! To a world of journeys and tales. 'All comics 50% off listed price'" The door outside is closed, but has a sign hanging on it saying "open" And a sign above the door that reads "House of enchanted comics" it seems like a strange store to be in canterlot, it's no wonder there seems to be little business. Maybe a new guest can change the shops fate. (Please sign in, if you would so kindly
  14. OOC link : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act I Flame and Frost Prelude page 1 Gathering Strom page 9 The Razing page 19 The Retribuition page 30 Back to civilization page 48 Act II Sky pirates of Equestria Dragon Bash page 55 Blades from Above page 62 Aetherblade Retreat page 74 Mountain of lies page 83 Act III Princes Jubilee Opening Ceremony page 94 Day of Fredom page 107 Clockwork chaos page 115 Scarlet playhouse page 129 Act IV Tower of Nightmares Calm before the Storm page 156 Siege of Nightmares page 171 The Nightmare Within page 196 Act V Eturnal Nigh Dusk page 215 Origin of madness page 225 Escapte to Canterlot page 231 Battle for Canterlot page 240 Witch Hunt page 248 End page 255 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The inn of Dead End.Here is the place that legend of adventurers live,and this is the place where legends are born.The inn was full of all kaind of creature,from snake like creature acrose the changelings to the pony kaind on this cold but suny day.Like evry other day the storys could be heard about all kaind of bright legends from Ryrlock the slayer,all the way to darker onces like Death of bearer of harmony. "I heared they fighted fifty demons!" one stalion started "No no no! You got it all wrong.They fighted five thousend changeling!" the other stalion voice started."Idiots,not a single of you is right.They fighted Demon of Planths and his full army!"mare from acros of inn started.And as this three started arguing at one darker table one Unicorn with cape acros her back drikend cider and smiled at thes " all got it wrong,what they fighted was something that name of was lost in time,on purpose.His name was onli know by Celestia....and not by her own will." Mare started walking to table in midle of inn.She got to the table and got in light,and with it all could see her orange mane."But if you whant to hear full story,il need to start from begining,it was beautiful dawn over 86 years ago,as this legend began......... Act I Flame and Frost Chapter I The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north.Earth ponies and unicorns crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Crystal mountains struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy… Prelude Down rose on that beautiful day,sun started to take over dark and lifeless horisontal of Equestria.King Sombra defeated, Discord trapped in stone,and no chaos or evil on sight.Perfect day. Earth ponies started harvesting big and beautiful crops from this very successful year.Pegasus cleared blu sky from clouds so this day can be brighter and more beautiful than ever before.Slow bris blowed and bright green gras danced in waves.Birds flyed slow and sing loud. And ur heros enjoy this day like it was there last.
  15. Link to the OOC @@xCuddlefish, @@GeneralDirection, @@Windbreaker, @@Orion Caelum, @@Pelate, @@Love, @@Derplight Sperkle, @@Littlecandylulu903, "Top magicians discover portal to new world!" "Have we really made contact with aliens?" "Thaumatologists look for two alien beings -- to bring to Equestria!" The headlines graced the covers of just about every newspaper in Equestria, sending evrypony into a tizzy about this seemingly impossible news. What did these aliens look like? What was their world like? Did they have magic? Were they dangerous?? If so, then how were they going to be kept in check? So many questions floated from inquiring mouths! Some Ponies were fearful, others couldn't help but be curious and excited at the prospect, and there were still others largely indifferent to this bit of news. Regardless of what anypony felt, the press kept churning out article after article of this astonishing story, as it filled their coffers and fueled conversations. Clearly, this was THE next big thing! Ponies awaited news from Canterlot with bated breath as the next headline read, "Alien search begins... By contest sent to their world!" *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Came Colette's furious roar as she watched her titan get fragged for the nth time. She threw her head back in frustration as a triumphant cackle erupted from her speakers. "That was waaaay too easy, Hypno." The voice said between fits of laughter, "Did you even get the warning to, I dunno, eject??" "Shut your hole, Ghost!" Colette shouted, growling--then sighing in resignation. "...Do I REALLY have to do it??" There was the sound of heavy footfalls before her door flew open, revealing another girl who was grinning like a madman. "Yes. Yes you do!" She replied, voice dripping with mischievousness. **** "Welcome back, everyone. HypnØticD here. Joining me today is my jackass of a friend, Pail_Ghost!" Colette said, pointing to the second girl, who was now sitting behind her, smiling and waving from her bed. "Hi, everyone! I'm Madison. I'm the jackass who wrecked HypnØ's shit as part of a bet! And now she must submit to my will!" The girl said sweetly. "Thanks." Colette chimed in bittetly. Since I got my ass handed to me... I have to go to this one site that--" Colette briefly turned to glance over at her friend, who responded, "Bronies." "Bronies, that's right! Anyway, I have to enter a contest that Bronies are going nuts over for some. All Maddie told me beforehand was that there was a shit-ton of pink. Happy. Joy." She said flatly, before she could be seen typing in an address, sighing. **** "Oh my God, Cole! It wasn't that bad!" Madison said as she patted Colette's back, laughing once more. Colette, now had her head on her desk, arms limp and and dangling to the floor as she sat there unmoving. "Shut it, Maddie!" That was easily the girliest site I've seen! I think I'm damaged!" Madison stopped laughing and deadpanned. "...For real?" There was a brief moment of awkward silence before Madison spoke again. "Well, this episode ended on a weird note! Don't worry folks! Nothing a few SCP entries and Metallica can't fix! Colette'll be back to normal just in time for the next video." Madison then paused thoughtfully, bringing a finger to her chin. "How'd it go again? Oh yeah! Thumbs up for more death by girliness 'cause ya lost a bet! And,~ if you haven't done so already, clickity-clack on that big Ø* in Hypnotic's name to subscribe to Colette's channel. You won't regret it! Later, y'all~!" Madison then waved with one hand, and grabbed one of Colette's arms to force her to do the same. "Say bye, Cole!" Madison said, her smile returning. "Rrrrrrrraaaaauuuuggghh... So. Much. Girlness. So. Much. Pink!" Colette moaned, not bothering to lift her head. "Yeah, she says bye!" Madison said quickly. **** "You are EVIL!" Colette said, having finally sat up mere minutes after Madison ended the recording. "Ugh. Maddie, don't make me do that again~!" She added, whining. "Oh, get over it already! You're done!" Madison said, rolling her eyes and plopping down on Colette's bed. "Besides, it's a contest for Bronies! There's gotta be millions entering, so there's virtually no way in hell you'll win. And even if you did, all you'll probably get is some pony merchandise that can easily be sold on eBay or something!" "Fair point. Now let's go get your drums, so I can piss off the neighbors--with Metallica!" Colette responded, already heading to her door. "Yes, madame. You really need to do something about your aversion to all things feminine!" Madison said, following Colette out the door. Neither of them knew how just how wrong Maddie was, however...
  16. OOC: In this world of shinobi, ninja possess what is called chakra; centers of spiritual ppwer in the human body which allow ninja to execute ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. Ninja are assigned missions based on their level of skill and rank. Role Play Start: In the Village of The Leaf, it was an average day. Villagers were out and about as usual while Wolf, a newer citizen and jounin ninja of the Leaf, was on her way to be assigned a mission by the Hokage. She made her way through the village, still becoming familiar with the many shops, restaurants, and other buildings.
  17. (Link to OOC for if you want to join: October 5th 10:05:59 Canterlot, Equestria It was a Dark Night in Canterlot. The only lights were coming from Canterlot Theaters. Ponies filled the streets, eagerly waiting in line for tickets to the brand-new, live-action film called, The Great Canterlot Mystery. Suddenly, bright lights beamed behind the ponies. Everypony turned around to see a shiny, black car. The doors opened, and out walked Dazzle Diamond, the wealthy heiress. One of her servants was carrying a white cat with a diamond-encrusted collar. Dazzle and the servant cut through the line and walked up to the counter. "Two tickets to The Great Canterlot Mystery," She said. "Of course!" The Theater Attendant said, with a shy smile. She looked at the cat. "Um, Miss? I hope you're not thinking of bringing that cat into the theater... I'm sorry, but pets are strictly banned," She said. "Hmph!" Dazzle said. "I'll have you know, 'Miss', that my cat, Sapphire, alone could buy and sell this pathetic theater! And that would be a shame, because it could put a lot of ponies out of a very much-needed job, now couldn't it?" The Attendant gulped. "I-I-I'm... um..." She stammered. "T-Two Tickets it is." She quickly handed Dazzle the tickets. "Thank you!" Dazzle replied, all rage suddenly lifted from her face. She trotted into the theater with her servant close behind. Blueberry Paint sighed. She had been waiting in line since 9:30. "Seeing a movie on Opening Night is overrated, I guess," She said. She was about to fly home when suddenly, all of the lights turned out. Blueberry reached into her saddlebag for the flashlight she always kept with her. She tried turning it on, but it wouldn't work. "I really should've replaced that battery yesterday," She said. Ponies around her began to panic. Blueberry was wondering if she should start panicking, too. Just then, the lights turned back on. Everypony was reassured. Then Dazzle's servant came running out, an alarmed look on his face. "It's Dazzle Diamond..." He exclaimed. "...She's gone!"
  18. [[OOC IS HERE -]] The wind howled as the truck trundled along, bouncing its two occupants as it rolled its way towards its destination. The driver coughed lightly, staring intently at the road, the darkness barely illuminated by the headlights. Looking to his side, he saw his partner sleeping soundly in the passenger seat, which brought a momentary smile to his face as his eye glowed blue once more. "You do realize what will happen if any of them find out, right? Even Engineer ponies from the Ministry of Fabrication have a duty to uphold." The pony sighed, blinking his eye until the voice stopped talking. Lights blinked into existence from out of the darkness, all centering on the truck. Pressing the brake lightly, he let the truck roll to a stop, turning off the ignition as he slipped out, his hooves lightly impacting on the snow-dusted ground. Several soldiers wielding light rifles, the insignia of the Ministry of War proudly emblazoned upon their uniforms, galloped up to him. Saluting, they carefully removed his passenger, one of them carefully lifting the pony onto his back as they galloped inside, a massive steel door closing behind them as soldiers returned to their rounds. Removing his hood, Hirsan shook his head, letting his dark green mane fall where it would, staring at the soldiers with a bit of a questioning look. "So, any reports of activity along any of the borders?" The soldiers merely shook their heads no as their commanding officer entered. "Hunter Colonel Hirsan Keln, as I live and breathe. Captain Apollo. We met at the War Games last year in Valley Forge." Hirsan chuckled, remembering how the Ministry of War had come out on top in the Games - of course, no shock there. The Ministry of War had won it for the last four years. "Let's just skip the pleasantries, Captain. The scouting mission went well. Barrier generators are still running, though they are getting a rather good boost with heat dissipation due to this inclement weather." He rubbed his own body, shivering slightly. His partner, still bundled up in winter Fabricator gear, slumbered on the nearby couch. He shook his head, slowly walking over to the couch. Tapping the pony on the head, he sighed, raising an eyebrow. "Ivy Winds. Hey, Ivy, up and at 'em. We're at the outpost in Beta Sector."
  19. [LINK TO OOC HERE: ONLY THOSE WHO ARE ACCEPTED CAN POST HERE] The winter was always cold, always so forboding. Even when ponies, zebras, Diamond Dogs, and others were driven below the surface following the greatest war in history, the sense of dread always seeped in somehow, causing suspicion to arise when tiny things would happen. Things like hydroponics supplies either going bad or suddenly freezing. Hidalgo knew them all too well. He had lived through them, watched as he tried to follow his quest from Celestia, to no avail so far. However, it was the grand annoucement that drew everyone together that day. The announcement that the doors to the surface would be open soon, and only a select few would be allowed to join the expedition to search the surface for anything usable. "Four scavenging parties sent. Only Rearguard's returned without casualties. There's nothing out there but snow, ice, and Windigoes. What do they expect to find?"
  20. Sign ups: Video games have reached the next level in Equestria. Far after the mane six have lived there life, we find a new technology: Virtual Reality gear. Everyone is buzzing with excitement about the new game, Pony Art Online, which is a virtual experience of living in a medieval type age. Those who just want to have a calming experience remain in the towns while the adventurous ones race out into the feild to level up their character, find new gear, and defeat monstrous bosses. As the servers open for the first time, millions of ponies log in to the new world. Mere minutes after the initial opening, everyone finds themselves in the main square. Confused, many try to log out, but find the option missing. Amidst a rising panic, a familiar voice cackles loudly as the name ripples through the crowd. "Discord." The familiar dragon appears and announces his success. "You are all trapped here in my... Game. You can all see that it has become impossible to log out, and this is for a good reason. Since the mane six have long since died, I've had no one to play with. Now that you all are trapped here, I can have all the fun I want. Feel free to continue playing the game in any way you want, but keep in mind that the rules have changed: if you die here, you die in the real world as well." Gasps rise quickly from the crowd, followed by screams of panic. "But there is some hope for you ponies yet! If you can reach the hundredth floor and defeat me there, then I will let you all leave on your own time. Farewell, and let the games begin!" I cast my eyes down to my hooves, trying to comprehend what just happened. Some dark part of me seems almost pleased, being forced to battle to live. I swallow once hard and breath out, slowing my heartbeat. "Let's get this started." I mutter to myself, heading out to the Fields of outside the Town of Beginnings, leaving the mass of panic and disharmony. I pull out the tiny dagger given to starters and sigh. This wouldn't work. As soon as possible, I'm getting something bigger. I see a young boar turn to me and snort. "And so the fighting begins." I say out loud as the boar charges. I shout and race forward, blade glinting maliciously in the noon sun.
  21. OOC:\ The world we live in is balanced between the forces of good and evil. Heroes and monsters battle for control, with humans being caught in the middle at times. This is the way it has been for millennia. Over time, both sides have become more organized, the heroes being a bit more public about it than the monsters they fight. The heroes developed a class system to determine how powerful one is, based on both physical and intellectual attributes. This is the story of the hero association and those that have joined it over the years. Blitz groaned as he woke to the sound of his alarm clock playing "Everybody wants to rule the world" and knocked it off his bedside table. "Looks like it's time for the hero test. I should be able to make it, though." He thought to himself as he went through his morning routine. The young adult had gone through life without a care in the world and was planning on probably going through college to get a well paid job, at least that was until his powers sprouted. It took him a while for him to develop some semblance of control over his abilities, and even to this day it still seems like they have a mind of their own. Time:12:00 P.M Location: The commons area of the hero association's American Branch. (New York, New York) Weather: Slightly overcast After running the three blocks it took Blitz to get to his apartment, the only thing that seemed to stand out was the Hero association building. "Well, this seems like the right place." He thought to himself.
  22. [ OOC: ] >CRASH!< The fireponies winced as the last wall standing creaked like a rusty doorhinge before it simply tumbled down on itself; they all stepped back, quick yelps between them to warn each other, just in case. It was an absolute mess; the tornado had done more than enough damage to level the entire area... but, in its' out-of-control state, it had simply bounced off from here, as if it were playing leapfrog - except whatever it landed on got demolished. Like, for instance, somepony's home. The errant winds had gotten away from the ponies that had been trying to generate it for siphoning purposes - now, there was only a husk of the house left... and a poor mare who was now officially homeless. One of the firefighters, who'd originally shown up to evacuate ponies, came over and sighed. He took off his helmet, and held it to his barrel. "For what it's worth, I'm real sorry, miss... but there wasn't a thing we could do fer it."
  23. (OOC Version) "It's over, Earth Pony." Kaiba was being serious. He had enough of toying around with this pony, and it was time to end it now. "You were decent for a beginner, but the next turn I make will be the end of this duel, and you will see why I'm not challenged by any beginner duelists." Copper growled in anger. He was running out of options to beat this guy. He's right. I don't have many options. My fate rests in my next draw. Other spectators were watching this duel as well, the Pharaoh, Joey, Tristan, Mai, Celestia, Luna, the Mane Six, etc. Twilight looked at Yugi, "Remind me again if he always acts like this." The Pharaoh nodded. "He's a no nonsense man who is all about himself, except for his little brother. Copper has done well, but he made the mistake of summoning his own Blue Eyes on his first turn." Flashback: Copper looked at Seto Kaiba with keen eyes, looking for ways to beat this man. He had an idea of how to do it. "I draw. Now I activate the spell, Card of Sancity!" He discards 3 cards and draws another. "I discard any cards and draw until I have two. But that's not all. One of the cards I discarded was The White Stone of Ancients!" Kaiba looked shocked. "If you discarded that card, then that means..." Copper Grinned. "That's right. I not only set a face down, ending my turn, but that monster allows me to Special Summon, Blue Eyes White Dragon from my deck!" A card popped out from his deck, and Copper drew it, placing it on his Duel Disk face up, then a dragon appeared and roared out as it was prepared for battle. Kaiba looked infuriated. "How did you get Blue Eyes?!" End Flashback Celestia looked onward at the duel, then said, "I have not an idea how Copper Strikes will beat Seto Kaiba, but he may have a plan to win this duel, he just has to hurry up and do it." Copper closed his eyes and sighed heavily. He put his free hoof on his deck and opened his eyes, drawing his card and looking at it.
  24. OOC: 'One who wields a blade, does so for only oneself. The life of a warrior is not inspired by justice, nor evil, nor moral--but the ambition to change the world. One mustn't allow one's vision to be blurred, by pain nor emotion, whilst one pursues his desires. For one's life is not ended by the pain of death. It ends, once one has abandoned his dream.' ~Griffonstone inscription, before the fall of the kingdom.
  25. OOC thread lies this way. There will be future occasion(s) to join for those who might be interested. *** Tall, snow-capped mountains as far as eye can see. Strong and majestic, their grandeur enough to evoke a sigh of wonder underlined with respect even from those who have beheld such humongous rock formations throughout their entire lives. There is an added thrill in the fact that the wall of stone starts as a semicircle, but then turns aside, availing its beholder a far more captivating view of a seemingly endless valley of rolling hills interspersed with burbling streams and copses of trees, stretching all the way to the horizon, where the earth and sky blend seamlessly. There is a sense of deep peace and relaxation in the air, of being safe and careless. Until hooves thudding frantic breathing rock-like buildings wheezing past all blurred and bleary darkness all around suddenly spacious halls torn decorations smell of death fear and pain and hasty panting almost there it ends with a pair of red irises in neon-green eyes shining with malevolence and impossibly trailing deep purple smoke full of contempt and twisted joy as a mocking laughter rings in the ears sounding almost like a short, high-pitched blowing of a whistle that jolts everyone in the room awake. "Five minuuutes!," came a clear call from outside the sleeping chamber, delivered like on every other day by one of the trainers. By the time the sound died down, all eight of the rookies within said chamber had been wide awake and beginning to prepare themselves for the day ahead, the oft-recurring dream mostly forgotten. It took most quite some time to adjust to those shared, repetitive dreams that were a given to anyone becoming a regular dweller of the Officers' Academy. Even though the superiors admitted to partaking in these irregular nightly spectacles, none was the wiser as to their origin or meaning - or otherwise denied it to the rookies. And that too was an everyday normalcy within this school of war, history and more: there was an abundance of knowledge to be had; assuredly, asking a senior officer, whether in a teaching rank or just further in their training could yield an enormous amount of information on various topics... should the interlocutor deem it appropriate to share such, which never happened. The senior trainees would often tease the younger officers with tidbits of cryptic tales, but without the obviously lacking context or meaning behind names unheard of, understanding these was impossible. Thus partitioned was the young officers' education that they learned what they were supposed to learn and when they were supposed to learn it. Beyond learning, however, the time of the Cadets was largely spent on physical exercise, to the first today's round of which they would be late if they didn't hurry. The dormitory was designed to perform its function and nothing more, so no distractions stood before them beyond a shallow bath of water for the nominal morning ablution and collecting their gear. Except... "Uh, do I train with you again today, Toad?" a beige pegasus with a two-tone blue mane asked of a stout yet short earth pony, at present busying himself with folding his blankets and grumbling about something under his nose. Hearing the question, he turned to the asking mare and gave her an irritated look. "How do you expect to perform at this years history tests if can't even remember the training schedule, airhead?" he asked with an accusatory tone. "You, Midnight, Colenso and Cat are assigned for the eastern wing today. And I will be there tomorrow, so try not to make too much of a mess." With that, he turned back to his task, which promptly turned to collecting and equipping his gear, which for the night he had stowed in a chest standing at the foot of his bed. Thus, he was spared a hurt look and a pout from the pegasus as she muttered "Schedules are boring", then went about preparing herself for the day ahead as well.