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Found 1289 results

  1. (OOC: The Human world hasn't been the same since the last magical outbreak. And now, everything was wasted to ruin with buildings destroyed, zombies crawling everywhere, and everyone fighting for survival. Only time will tell if those left here were really meant to make it...
  2. Link To OOC Post: Twilight Sparkle looked at the three Stallions standing before her and smiled with glee. "I'd like to thank you all for responding to my invitations to come here and help me test out my latest spell on the three of you. I would like to warn you that if something goes wrong, there's no turning back, so if you think you aren't up for it, please say so now and walk away. Nopony? Good, but I'm sure things will go just fine. Now, I'll explain how this is gonna happen." The lavender pony pointed her hoof towards a blackboard engraved in the castle wall with a bunch of notes and mathematic symbols on it. "The spell I'm about to perform will turn the three of you into a bushel of apples. After about a minute or so, I'll change you back. If all goes well, you can turn back unharmed." Twilight's horn started to glow a bright purple when she smiled, Spike standing beside her with a worried expression on her face. "You sure this is a good idea Twilight? I have a feeling this might not turn out so well..." Twilight rubbed her hoof on his head. "Oh, Spike! You're such a worrywart. Don't worry I'm sure I have everything under control, It'll be fine. Now then, once each of you are ready I'd like you all to respond, confirming that you are. I'll give you as long as you want to prepare and then when you're all ready we can begin." The Alicorn proudly stood up with her head held high, as high as her hopes for this spell test. If things went well, it would be fine. After all, what kind of Princess would she be if she couldn't perform a simple fruit transformation spell? Princess Of Friendship? More like Princess Of Failure in Twilight's book. She stood there, patiently and calmly waiting for each stallion to respond, in a sweet, soothing silence.
  3. OOC:émon-rise-of-a-legend/ Blitz sighed as he looked at the map of Medowrue city that he had snagged on the way out of the airport. There wasn't really any need to take a car given the cold temperature, so he just hoofed it "I knew I took a wrong turn somewhere. Why does this guy have a lab in the middle of a city? Most of them are in some small town." He thought to himself. The teen had been standing in the same spot for a good half hour in an attempt to get a bearing on his current location. When he looked up, he noticed that he was in front of a building that looked like a hospital and had a neon pokeball on the front. "I guess this must be the place." He thought to himself as he walked inside, somewhat angry for having wasted the past half hour. It didn't take long for a secretary to intercept him and ask him to fill out a small amount of paperwork. Something about Pokémon types. After that, the teen walked into the main lab. Types chosen: Psychic, dragon, fire, fairy, water, electric, fighting Zelkovia noticed that he had a visitor and gave a small smile to the teen. "Ah, you must be Blitz. I just got your credentials ready." He said, before looking over the type chart Blitz had filled out. After inputting a few numbers in the computer, three pokeballs appeared on the transport pad to the right of the computer. The professor released each one. "Please select which starter you will take and take a seat. The others will be here shortly." Name: - Pokémon: Fennekin Type: Gender: Female Nature: Modest Ability: Magician Level: 5 Moves: -Scratch -Tail whip - - Forgotten Moves: None Additional Information: None Name: - Pokémon: Sandile Type: Gender: Male Nature: Adamant Ability: Moxie Level: 5 Moves: -leer -bite -rage - Forgotten Moves: None Additional Information: None[/size] Name: - Pokémon: Goomy Type: Gender: Female Nature: Modest Level: 5 Ability: Gooey Moves: -Tackle -Bubble -Absorb - Forgotten Moves: None Additional Information: None
  4. OOC: Please don't lock my thread mods Welcome wary wanderers. Take a seat for a moment, and let me tell you a story. It is the story of a mare, one called Littlepip. She once tried to “save the wasteland”. And if you believe the stories they tell, she came very close. Stopping both the Enclave from destroying everything, Red eye from enslaving the world and those mutant Alicorn’s from feeding off of our life. Though people nowadays see her as a liar. She promised to clear the clouds, to bring back the sun. A lot of good that did her. Neither of those things came true in the end. And where is she now? Dead is the most likely answer. We have a few odd balls who still think they can finish her work. Bunch of radical nut jobs if you ask me. Enough of that though, I got a job for you. Interested? "Um...." Quiet Storm hesitated, Knowing full well how shady these ponies are, He wasn't convinced he could trust them. But considering the reason the earth pony was here, Quiet didn't have many options. "Ok......What's the job?" @@Child Of Darkness,
  5. OOC: The day had finally arrived. Celestia's plan for a gathering for everyone within and beyond Equestria had come to fruition. A good section of Canterlot's paved streets and the central square were populated with stalls containing the wares of ponies, griffons, and more. It didn't take much for the curious minds of the citizens of Equestria to converge on Canterlot's streets to see what's new, even the Canterlot elite would admit to have their curiosity piqued. This is the Canterlot Culture Fair. Passing by a cake shop on the way to the center of town, the longma Senlin had his eyes firmly set on the fairgrounds. It was the place everyone went to find something exotic, something special. Though the thoughts of finding an exquisite ornament or two to take home was tempting, he had something... or someone else in mind. He was there hoping to find someone.
  6. OOC Thread A light breeze freshened up the warm summer evening. The sky was clear, starts started to shine as the sun slowly set. The river sparkled as it reflected the coloful lights set up all around the site of the great Shining Star Festival. A crowd of ponies hurried in countless directions, all of them trying to finish preparations before the opening. Some were calm, only a few finishing touches were left to do. Others were panicking, they were sure the remaining half an hour was far from enough to set everything up perfectly. The fact that a crowd of visitors was forming near the entrance, impatiently waiting to finally step through the illuminated gates leading to a week of parties and shows. Lavender Moment walked calmly among the busy ponies. She had already parked the caravan she slept in at the assigned area, and set her magician's tent up already. Since her first stage performance for the week took place only the next evening and she did not have to open her tent for another thirty minutes, she headed off to grab something to eat. She left her hat and her cat in the caravan, so she looked a lot less like the witch she claimed to be and more like just another average pony. She enjoyed the colourful mass bustling around her.
  7. OOC: ___________________________________________________________________________________ The palace guards barely gave the earth pony mare approaching the palace more than a cursory glance. The mare had dark grey fur, light grey eyes, and a dull pink mane and tail in a generic style. Her cutie mark was a single flower, and she carried saddlebags. As she stopped in front of the gates, a guard looked at her as if to ask her purpose, but didn't seem to think her worth speaking to. The mare said, in a nervous, dull voice, "I have an appointment to see Princess Celestia." "Come in," the guard replied, barely looking at the boring mare as she passed thru the gates and on to the palace. Once inside, the mare sighed with relief. As always, her disguise had worked. Nopony ever looked twice at a mare as uninteresting as this. She made her way to the throne room; despite the nature of her mission, she could not suppress a slight flutter of nervousness in her chest as she knocked on the door. "Enter," a voice said from within. The mare took a deep breath and entered. Princess Celestia was sitting on her throne, and looked without surprise at her visitor. She used her magic to close and lock the doors; unusually for her, she was alone in the room. She spoke to the mare. "Please sit down, and reveal yourself," she said. "There is nopony to see; as you requested, this will be a private interview. I would also like you to explain why you are here." The mare sat down in the seat that Celestia indicated, then with a quick indrawing of breath, dropped her disguise, revealing herself to be a Changeling. Then, without any further ado, the Changling began her speech. "My name is Mariposa," she said. "I am one of the high tier Changelings of the Hive. I have come here to ask for help in an important matter. As you know, centuries ago, Discord ruled Equestria. Before that, the race of Changelings were once a peaceful race of ponies known as Flutter ponies. We avoided the chaos that suffused Equestria, til Discord attacked our valley, forcing us to take action and confront him. He defeated us and used his chaos magic to turn us into Changelings, and also scatter the jewels that were the only things that could have changed us back." "Hmmm..." Celestia mused. "The Flutter ponies are forgotten by most of Equestria, now. But I remember them, also that they vanished without trace during Discord's rein. I still need some proof tho before I take your word as fact. Tell me the name of your leader during the time that your race confronted Discord." "Queen Rosedust," Mariposa replied, without hesitation. "Our last leader, Queen Chrysalis, died after the Canterlot incident, and my sister Cicada now rules as regent, as the Hive Princess, Devora, is too young." "That is correct," Celestia replied. "Proceed." "Queen Rosedust and many of her subjects searched fruitlessly for the Irisa jewels to try and overturn the spell," Mariposa continued. "But without any idea of where to look, the searches were soon abandoned and the Changelings tried to live with their new state. Recently however, a traveler appeared at the Hive. He had a book which, by its appearance, had been lost at the same time as the Irisa jewels. He had found it hidden in a cave and had decided to bring it to the Hive. Cicada and I talked it over and decided on one last try to find the jewels so that we can go back to being Flutter ponies. However, we will need help from you in the form of ponies who can accompany me on the search. We have discovered a means of keeping one Changeling intact without having to feed on love, which is why I have come alone, relying on your help." Mariposa stopped speaking and waited for Celestia's reply. She had already decided to help the Changelings; she could not go herself on this quest, but would instead send the ponies she considered to be the best to perform this task. "I will help you," Celestia said. "I will send immediately for the ponies who will accompany you on the quest. Please take your disguise again as it may alarm them if they arrive and see a Changeling." Mariposa nodded and took her pony disguise. Celestia then sent out letters to the ponies who she considered to be the best ponies for the job, giving them a brief explanation and asking them to come straight to the palace. Mariposa waited patiently, hoping against hope that the expedition would be successful, and the centuries old curse could be lifted.
  8. OOC Post: Adam was walking down the street, minding his own business while the cool breeze of the night calmed his thoughts. He looked around for any suspicious elements. You never knew what could happen in this town. He climbed up onto a rooftop and started chilling, looking up at the moon to relax. Adam thought about his dad and where he might be. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming towards him. The puzzled teen looked behind him to find a shadowy figure, and even further away, some kind of device labelled "Equestria Transporter".
  9. BloodMoon dramatically walks into the giant stadium "Who wants to fight me!" He yelled to the sky, "Speak now!" He lay in wait and no one responds... "Someone please come and fight or I'm gonna leave! Come on I'm bored! Did I mention it was to the death?" Several minutes pass "Just come through the door and on my count we fight! You have five minutes to ready thyself.
  10. OOC link: You wake up in a cell on a not so nice bed with the lights flickering who did you get here, what did you do? As the smell assaults your nose you soon realize the place isn't a joke your buddy's would be playing on least that you know of. A speaker box in your tight room go's off, the speaker sounds oddly young but not old enough for you to put a number to the age. "this thing on? helloo? well it looks like your awake good but I do have some bad news for you this isn't a dream in fact I'm as lost as you are right now but don't worry if I can get this thing to work I bet I could help get us out of here. Once you get out meet me in the....the uh.....tell you what ill find you ok? after that we could work out how to get out of here. I don't know what this place is but its sure no holiday iv been too any way From the soundbox a loud door was herd opening another voice "the hey are you doing by that get away!" "oh no, um just playing...." there was a pause then the 2nd speaker just said. "shut him up" you hear what sounds like a scuffle of sorts. "get out of here ill meet you at" the voice box shuts off.....
  11. (ooc A group of black clad ponies in suits shifted through the underbrush of a particularly successful forest. They had been given the mission to investigate the flourishing life of the forest, as it was quite suspicious. There were four of each race of pony, the pegasi acting as ranged units with bows, the Earth ponies acting as tanks, armed with hammers and head mauls, and the unicorns acting as stealth units armed with throwing daggers and tranquilizers. The pegasi found themselves bound to the ground, for the canopy was much too thick, but this helped the Unicorns whom flashed through the treetops using teleportation. On their black uniforms, the E.A.A.E.F. insignia of a target around the two sister symbol which could be found on the Equestrian flag. Far from the source of the power of the forest, it would take them a while, but they would eventually find the source. Amarok liked this place, at the bottom of the lake, webs of frost connecting to all trees around the lake, it was a peaceful forest. He had been there just a few days, but it was such a thriving ecosystem that he had never come across anypony else yet, and didn't need to, because he had been in the lake for almost the entire duration. It was about time he moved on, but he really didn't want to. He shifted on the lake bed, mud kicking up just a tad while he laid down. "Maybe just a little while longer."
  12. ( OOC Link here: "Are you feeling fed up? Are you tired of how the Princesses run things? Are you curious on how it might be if you were in charge for just a little bit? Fear not, O mysterious not entirely complacent being, be you pony or otherwise! You are not alone, there is at least one fellow rebel among you and he's wandering looking for partners and other diamonds within the rough! So come! Come and join those few who aren't exactly satisfied with how Equestria is run, perhaps together we can make a difference. Our formal meeting will be in the Stumble Inn, in Manehatten," The following would be found on fliers doutifuly put up by one stallion, who was now waiting in the said Inn, sitting in the small bar by candle light with a tired grin on his face no really expecting anyone to show up. But even if it was the royal guard themselves he would be more then happy. Meanwhile the rest of Equestria toddled on as it normally did. ponies did their daily routians and all was pretty ok with the world. So the question was could one little flier really do a whole lot to upset such an idyllic place?.... heck if I know but there are those who might... @@DwhitetheGamer, The quiet town of Doppleslaunder, tucked in the swampy marshes of southern Equestria sat rather still, the alsmot rusted train tracks hardly ever used to this far corner of ponydom. The faint sound of flies in the distance could be heard. But perhaps, at this turn of the day, the little town would become more important then a simple name on a dusty map, maybe today something would actually happen
  13. ((Link to OOC: )) Zen Sunflower sighed as her psychic abilities exploded another zombie, "​Oh how I do hate taking the life of other creatures.​", she frowned. No matter what they did, everybody deserves to live. At least, in her opinion anyway. "Ah cheer up, Zenny. It's a mercy killing. We kinda need brains to live.​"​ Deadpan quipped, bashing a zombie's head in with his hind legs. "We should probably check for survivors.​" Zen suggested. And they walked around town.
  14. OOC Post: The troubled pony looked outside of her empty cottage. The wind blew through the nearby trees, but other than that it was silence. The desolate, unhomely place she lived was nowhere near perfect, but it was somewhere to live, that's what mattered. Unsuspecting and afraid of anypony who might pass by her, Disharmonic Fluttershy looked through the window and shed a tear. "Why am I no good at anything? I'm too scared to talk to anyone... This town... You never know what could happen in Equestria... Oh, I wish my family would visit. It's been weeks since I moved in...". A flash of light startled the innocent bystander. Deciding to maybe just peek outside the door, she saw something questionable. Something odd. Something... Scary.
  15. Link to the OOC: *Please read before joining.* It's a beautiful day in Equestria. The birds are probably singing, the sun is shinning somewhere, and you are right in the thick of it. One might say a beautiful day to ask somepony on a date. Will you? ... good luck.
  16. Link to the OOC: A new resort has just opened and it has been called "The resort of love and tolerance" for its acceptance of all races. Changeling, Breezie, animal, Pony all are welcome to the resort of love and tolerance! in fact a few lucky sentient beings have been sent exclusive tickets to this luxurious and welcoming resort!​ can't wait to see you there! Princess Butterfly stood in front of the hotel doors, feeling very anxious about going in. She had found the invite in-between her favourite book that she always borrowed from the library. She was a royal changeling who loved ponies and had dreams of becoming one, one day. She didn't need her pony form and if she was in her changeling form she wouldn't have to feed as much but she felt better in her pony form. Butterfly sighed and sucked in a deep breath before walking into the resort with a practiced smile. As she walked up to the receptionist Butterfly noticed that the pony behind the counter was a bat pony. "Um... I got a invite saying I was invited to the resort of love and tolerance? p-please tell me I got the right resort" Butterfly said before pushing the invite onto the desk. The bat pony examined Princess Butterfly carefully before sighing and handing her a golden key. "4th floor, room 466" the bat pony said before going back to fiddling with her wing. Butterfly ran to the closest elevator and poked the button for 4th floor. She relaxed and brought out a book from her saddle bag to read. She was currently reading 'Snow White and the seven breezies' her latest conquest over the fairytale world. The door pinged and opened letting Butterfly out in the fourth floor. Being the skilled navigator that she was Butterfly eventually found her room in 2 hours. After opening the door Butterfly gasped at how beautiful the room was with its silk sheets and glitter covered kitchen. This room screamed Butterfly and with a high pitched squeal she flew onto the couch and sighed at the softness.
  17. [CANCELLED/ON HOLD] As you walk into the Canterlot Castle, instead of seeing the two sisters, you see...Changelings??? They're everywhere, flying, spinning cocoons, there one... ON THE THRONE??? She seems to be the one giving orders. Chrysalis must be back at the hive. Then, they see YOU. They fly towards you, buzzing their wings, fangs out, but the one on the throne stops them. She glances at you and says, "Welcome, to my throne." ((signup page here: ((Another Note; NO REPLYING TO THE ROLEPLAY BEFORE SIGNING UP AND GETTING ACCEPTED! please :3)) Info: Plot: Changelings have taken over Equestria. Where/When it takes place: About a year after The Canterlot Wedding. In Canterlot. My character is the Changling on the throne, Brianna Fang Lash.
  18. Bloodlines ~Horror Mystery~ OOC thread Sunset Glow ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations Peasant, You have been selected to stay at Bloodwell resort, a majestic mountainside town with a flavorful history. You will get the once in a lifetime chance to experience the finest in dining, wine tasting, live plays, and outdoor sporting activities. You have already been booked and there are no expenses. Everything is covered, because I, Prince Blueblood, am a gracious host. I look forward to your words of praise for my newest resort. -Prince Blueblood By Royal Mandate, if you have opened and read this letter, you are obligated to attend. If you refuse or otherwise do not attend then you shall be imprisoned for no less than two years. Such is my will. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The letter read, and on the other side, the date, time and location for the travel arrangements. Today was the day, and the time was growing near. Sunset had made her way down to the Hotel where the invitation had stated. She'd spent the morning packing her things, and grooming herself for a trip she'd somehow been chosen for. It was nice to finally take time off from her work, though it was extremely unexpected, especially for the company of Royalty. Sunset grabbed the letter from her teeth, and flipped it over to make sure of the time and location, then placed it back between her teeth once she spotted the carriage. "Ah, good, good. I haven't missed it." She thought, remembering the fine print. Despite all of the wonderful things promised on the card, something about this whole thing felt wrong. Almost too good to be true, and yet, it was mandatory royal business apparently, so who could argue with that? She stepped up to the carriage, being greeted by the coach master, who took her letter, and then her bags, and placed them on the roof rack for her. As she stepped into the carriage, the feeling of dread seemed to grow, but there was seemingly no reason for it. She cast the thought aside as frazzled nerves in the face of high society. Looking out the window, she could see others approaching with letters in their possession as well. She was not alone it seemed, that was comforting at least. There was still about ten minutes before the ride left the hotel. She'd planned for a long ride, and relaxation time, so she'd packed her favorite books. Pulling one out she'd been picking away at, she flipped to the page she'd left off and awaited the others to arrive. The ride was spacious, and comfortable. There was lots of seating, and room to move around. Clearly this was no ordinary coach ride, it definitely seemed fitting of a royal excursion.
  19. here is your seat. your order will be with you shortly. thank you. also the exit is over there when you are ready to leave. we ask you be nice and respectful even at the bar. thank you and i will be back with your order. *bows respectfully and leaves to the kitchen*
  20. ( OOC here ) @reader8363, , , @DwhitetheGamer Celestia and Luna stood atop the the specially prepared pedestal, overlooking the streets of Canterlot, and all of the contestants below. Wings flared out for extra emphasis, they stared upward, to look down when the time was right, the perfect pictures of majesty. Everything that ponies below them would be expecting, from the Celestial sisters. "Greetings, contestants!" Celestia, naturally, was the first to speak. "In just a few moment, you will be ushered into the castle, to begin the first part of your sign ups. But first, me and my sister must explain the rules, and the tournament's organization." *She looked to Luna, who spoke up without hesitation.* "This tournament will be divided into four portions. The first, which you will very soon be made acquaintance with, is the signing up portion, where you'll selectively be placed in certain brackets according to your abilities. Next will be the players choice portions, where, for a time, you will be able to choose which opponents you do battle with, to receive points on doing so." "Round three is team matches." Celestia spoke up, and Luna fell back, just as perfectly as they rehearsed it. "You will each be grouped in random pairings for your matches, and points will once again be awarded to the winners. And round four is simple elimination; those who lose in this round will be dropped from the tournament, until one contestant is remaining. That contestant..." "Will have the honor of battling us." Luna spoke out loud, and powerfully, and both sisters cracked their wings in emphasis. Flecks of light spread out from them as they did, washing over those who were watching in a storm of sparkling fragments. "There are but two rules." Both sister's tucked their wings together in unison. "Rule one; no foul play. Anyone found using underhanded means to win or weapons they did not specify before their sign in will be dropped from the tournament. Rule two: no fights to the death, If necessary, you may render a fallen opponent unconscious, but anyone found to have been demonstrating the use of techniques to a fatal end will also be dropped from the tournament, immeadietly. And do be warned...." Luna's eyes tensed, as she shot the crowd a stern look. "We will be keeping watch. But do not fear; so long as you fight well, and fight fairly, you will have nothing to fear." "And with that in mind..." Celestia's horn sparked, as she looked up, firing off a single blast of light into the sky. It exploded above her, painting the night sky alive with fireworks. "Welcome to the 200th official Canterlot Tournament! Contestants, sign up when ready!" Once again in unison, both sisters took off, leading the path into the castle and the signing area open for use. -------- "Pfft. Boring. Why did Benevolence send me here again, anyways?" The brown pony with the elegantly done mane shot a bored glance up at the princesses, disappearing off into the distance, then at the other contestants, even as she walked towards the castle's entrance to sign up. A strange sight, given the circumstances; she looked like she couldn't have been any more than ten, given her body size and voice. Even if she had the attitude for ten adults. "Hanging around with second class low life's just pisses me off; she should have known that..." She sighed in irritation, then shifted her thoughts to the hopeful; hopefully, something would make it worth it, so she wouldn't feel like burning this place down by tournament's end. As she drifted inside, her first thoughts weren't on signing in; she laid eyes on the complimentary snack bar, and floated unashamedly towards it.
  21. OOC: Twilight Sparkle wiped away her tears. "... but I don't LIKE this; isn't there another way?" A low chuckle. "But of COURSE there are other ways, my dear... however, ALL of them ask or a sacrifice that's a bit TOO far out of your league to grant, don't they? Elsewise, you'd have already DONE them." The Princess of Equestria had a LOT on her plate: ever since the Great Catastrophe, she had been in charge. Celestia and Luna both had simply vanished along with the threat they sacrificed themselves to rid the world of, and had left poor Twilight to try to pick up the pieces and rebuild. This had proven harder than anypony had ever thought; MAGIC was almost completely gone from the entire land since the incident, and there was no rest or respite in sight. She and Cadence had been handling the Royal Duties in the interim, but it had been mostly the purple pony herself that did much of the heavy work. Cadence was the one who was dealing with the Crystal Empire still... but she DID have control of the moon, just as Twilight had to take over the sun-raising duties. And even though she had the highest concentration of magic in the entire kingdom... that magic was growing weaker by the month, and Twi knew Equestria wouldn't... COULDN'T last without its' magic. THAT was when the zebra came, and he offered what sounded like a miracle of epic proportions: he offered to bring magic back to the land. Welllllllll... maybe not completely, but at least enough to help Equestria survive. The zebra said he had PLENTY of magic available; he wanted to utilize it for some sort of 'contest', and whatever residual magic was left behind was available to any and all her other subjects. He had promised there would be QUITE a bit of magic, so even the leftovers of this... 'contest'... would be useful. Twilight had heard his proposal, and also what he had in mind for the contest... and it horrified the alicorn to no end. Yet, her hooves were tied; many of her subjects, including her own best friends, had been badly affected by the loss of magic - some, irrevocably - and at this point, she felt as though the entire Equestrian nation was slipping away from her. Desperate times, dot dot dot. Twilight let out a huge, weary sigh and looked back to the zebra. "... as much as it pains me to approve this... this 'contest'... I will do so, for the sake of Equestria. You are cleared to do as you have said, and I will make sure that there is no outside interference." The zebra smiled wickedly. "Very well, then... Princess Sparkle, I thank you for your time, and I DO hope you profit MOST graciously from my little game." He stood, once more donning his fedora and tossing a casual glance at the pony princess. "You and your nation will get EXACTLY what they deserve." As he stepped out of the throne room, Twilight shivered. That's what I'm afraid of, she worried to herself. ============================================== The cider bar had seemingly appeared out of thin air; one day it wasn't there, and the next day it looked like it had been there for years. The sign out from proclaimed the establishment to be "CALYPSO'S", and it looked like it was close to being condemned anyhow: rotten flooring, strangely-stained walls, a leak-stained ceiling and to call the furniture 'rustic' would be an insult to rust. However, one thing alone made this a VERY special place - MAGIC WORKED FLAWLESSLY IN HERE. Unicorns that hadn't had even the dimmest spark in years were able to do everything they had been able to do before the Catastrophe; it was like nothing had changed. Because of this, EVERY unicorn in Equestria wanted in... but they were denied at the door, and were physically unable to cross the threshold. Unless they had an invitation, that was. And only CONTESTANTS got invitations... in fact, it was HERE that all of the contestants were supposed to gather. And gather, they would. Because regardless of the reason or rhyme of the contest itself, which demanded the use of the automobiles that Equestria had taken up after the fall of magic, the WINNER would be granted ONE WISH - regardless of SPACE, TIME or even LOGIC. One wish. WHATEVER they wanted, no questions asked. And with very little magic left in Equestria, wishes were in HIGH demand.
  22. "ring" the door of the bar opens and sarge goes and takes a seat at the bar and starts a chat with the bartender "so any new news sam ?" "yes couch is dead he died of a heart attack" "when ? "yesterday but it was his time he was old" " poor couch he had so much left to do " "ring" the door of the bar opens "welcome to the cheers bar " OOC link
  23. If you want to join, head on over to the OOC page for this RP: Zephyr was pretty sure where he was pretty safe where he had set up; which was actually just as good a spot as anywhere else in ponyville. He went to open the fridge worried as usual about running out of food. "Shot." But this was the hundredth time he had checked for food, and even though he was the only one there he still had ran out. "Well time to got out a get supplies." He picked up his crossbow and walked out the door.
  24. OOC : Cresent the bat pony flexed his wings as he woke up for the night, being nocturnal and living in the woods waking up at night was the usual for him. shambling out of bed he looked at the mirror. Seeing a batpony with a grey coat and red mane looking back at him he wondered what would happen today...
  25. OOC: MANEHATTEN Loud music thumped through the alley ways as the biggest underground rave in all of Manehatten was being thrown. This Rave also has a dark secret that will soon be discovered as sounds of screams filled the air as the rave became a blood bath as the guests were being eaten alive by the demons of the night who feed on blood the creatures were feeding but were interrupted by the door being kicked in the creatures turned their attention toward the door. There stood a light brown mare wearing a black duster, black boots, sunglasses, and around her neck was a crucifix of Faust. "Am I interrupting anything," She said with a smile on her face. The vampires screeched an ungodly screech and they attacked, The mare reacted by reaching into her coat and pulled two pistols out and began firing at the demons each one she shot burst into ashes but soon they got close enough to strike at her but she quickly jumped out of the way leaving a grenade behind which detonated into intense solar light killing most of the vampires in the club except for one. The Mare smiled as she grabbed the shivering demon and put her pistol to it's head. "Now if you do not want to end up like your friends here you will tell me where SHE is." She said as she pointed at the dust covered floor. "OKAY OKAY! SHE is in Las Pegasus, she is in Las Pegasus !" The Vampire screamed. "Thank you," The mare said as she pulled the trigger turning the vampire to dust. "Damn Vampires," She muttered to herself as her cell phone rang answering it. "Moon here I have the next location of my target." "good now you can finish the job," A voice said on the other end of the phone before it hung up. "Well guess like i gotta catch a train to Las Pegasus," Mystic moon said to her self as she exited the club.