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Found 88 results

  1. So I'm sure y'all heard the news! During the Toy Fair, there was a sneak peek sketch of episode 13 of season 7, and Meghan was also there revealing some news for season 7! That news is Rainbow Dash's parents, and APPLEJACK'S PARENTS! Yes, they're all going to appear in season 7! AJ's parents are going to appear in a flashback scene! AJ's mom was singing a Romeo and Juliet-kind of song! Proof of all this, right here: This is pretty exiciting news! We're gonna see the rest of the Mane Six's parents! Now all there's left is Spike's and Scootaloo's! :3 Perhaps this season we might see them too, and Meghan just didn't wanna mention it, but we'll see! There's still season 8 if they don't show up!
  2. Ever notice how Twilight Velvet looks as old as her daughter, but Stormy Flare looks her age? Let's hear your thoughts!
  3. Now I know there are people that think Scootaloo is an orphan, but Lauren Faust, or Big Jim, somebody... said that Scootaloo's parents are just never around because they have, and I quote "very demanding jobs". What do you think these jobs are if that were the case? Now me, I thought it would be pretty cool if Scootaloo's mom is an EUP guard, and Scootaloo's dad is a nurse over at Ponyville General! It's so ironic, yet so natural! Teaches kids that gender in jobs don't matter! Males can be nurses, and females can be royal guards (something that we need to see before the show ends - mare guards). I hope Scoots' parents appear on the show soon finally!
  4. I noticed this while re-watching Sister Hooves social - they haven't actually appeared again since dropping Sweetie Bell off so they could go on vacation. Yet forever more after that Sweetie is living with Rarity every time we see her in a home setting, and the parents never show up again. Have they been on vacation all this time? Did they run away and abandon their children? (I know Sweetie Bell is a handful and Rarity is high maintenance but that's so rude O: ) Or...are they in such a state that they would be unable to come back (ala the main theory of where AJ's parents have been this whole series).
  5. This is a crazy thought I recently had, wondering how did Pinkie reach Ponyville. I used to think she was kicked out of the farm, but... What if her parents/father were insane? I'm starting to believe that Pinkie got away because her parents were starving her and her sisters. Maybe they got taken to a mental hospital, and Pinkie was left alone with her sisters. Maybe they even snaped and murdered her sisters! The point is, her parents were insane and got taken away, the rock "farm" was closed, and Pinkie wandered into ponyville, where she was found by a young Cakes couple. I started to believe this cause you must be pretty insane to believe you can grow rocks. Looking at Pinkie's farm, it didn't look like if it was actually a mine and they were selling the rocks, so if they weren't then they must have been starving! Well that's my crazy mind
  6. We haven't seen much of the mane six's parents, How about posting what your idea for their parents to be like.
  7. A panel at a recent convention in Poland revealed that a pony many believed to be Rainbow Dash's father is actually not her father, and that the Apple parents are confirmed dead. More here:
  8. Y'know, after looking back into yesterday's entry, I realized something. The only way to truly protect my waifu is under locked contract. That's right, I'M GOING TO MARRY APPLEJACK. Where's the ring going to go? Uh... hmm... have you ever noticed how none of the Earth ponies get married? How come only unicorns/alicorns do? Strange. I don't even remember what happened in Slice of Life. I should really re-watch those... Anyway, just one more announcement before I begin, after Friday, I'm going to be taking October off to recollect and organize my past experiences a bit more. If I do make a blog post, it'll be in my The Archives collection, not this one. This is all strictly theatrical, sarcastic stories that show no degree of assertiveness. So after this week, which will make one month of writing these, I won't be posting until November. I'm trying to make this a "seasonly" thing. So have at that; back to the story. I'm not sure if I said this one already, but I went on vacation this summer to the grand States of the Americas. Yes, it was fine; I had bit of fun. Near the end, however, I was granted the honor of meeting with my brother, who lives further north. Now, I hadn't heard from him in about three or four months due to him being absent from our regular household. Thus, he had no idea of my involvement in any of the fandoms following his departure (FNaF, MLP, blah). So this made just about everything extra awkward for the three of us. Around the first night of our stay, he asks me what I've been up to. Naturally, I told him the truth, beating around the bush, and simply replying, "Oh, y'know, I've gotten into creating music, drawing, graphic design, writing..." He was, of course, impressed. Considering I had next to no hobbies at the time of his release, my improvement since joining the fandom and becoming involved was tremendous on his scales. At that point, everything was fine, until we were all sitting by his stack of movies, where, I shared my personal opinions on the movie, Zootopia (I have nothing against the movie other than one of my friends being turned into a very offensive furry afterward). Following my comment, came a very lax, "Don't watch MLP, or you'll turn into a brony." My heart sank at that point. It didn't come from me, or my brother, instead, it arose from my mother. Luckily, no suspicions came to pass and that was when I learned of my brother's first experience with a brony whom he'd worked with. The guy my older sibling described was your typical, prideful, Rainbow Dash loving brony who wore a pair of rainbow PJs to work each day. All of which sent off alarms in my oxygen deprived mind. Alarms that told me quite bluntly that everything was going to burn into ashes and disintegrate at the will of the Dinkster. So how did I tell my brother I was unworthy? I purposely got lazy. Along my adventures, I brought my fiance', Applejack. (yes, that is how I will refer to her from now on, like it or not) While I do believe I said this once before, the way I told my parents I was a brony was through lazily leaving my toys upon my bed. Luckily everything ran smoothly and my brother took, believe it or not, thirty minutes to realize the orange farm fiance sitting on his couch, patiently waiting for me to return and caress her smooth, sleek, tender, sweet, loving... Did he approve of my bond with such content? Of course not, but denial is better than rejection. No, I haven't heard from him since. (2 months ago) -RealityPublishing
  9. So, what's your headcanon for Rainbow dash's parents now? Now that we've OFFICIALLY seen Fluttershy's family, dash is the pony who's family we know the least about (discounting Applejack's dead parents of course)
  10. So by no means am I new to the fandom. Regardless, I have little pony stuff. I have a Fluttershy poster from a con, Luna sticker, Celestia sticker, a shirt, and SINGLE booster from the ccg. 2 of the 5 are from friends. Only reason I own things I bought is because my mom thought I was joking. So anyway I can't buy pony stuff because my sister told my mom every brony is a clopper/pedophile. My mom is known to beleive everything she hears and/or sees. So my mom gets REEEEEEALLY mad when I try to buy pony merch. CCG, tees, vinyls, you name it. TL;DR: Mom hates bronies. WANT MERCH! HELP!
  11. Were your parents strict with you as a child? Meaning like, would they hit you or punish you for stuff, or just let things slide? Mine were pretty strict, if I didn't listen to them or the teachers just one time, i remember getting my a$$ whooped by my dad(or mom) with a belt like it was a sport. but after my mom passed my dad seemed to just let things slide.
  12. I've wondered how Fluttershy got her name. Assuming parents name their foals right after they are born (as shown in S2 E13 Baby Cakes,) how did Fluttershy's parents know that she would be shy? The "flutter" part makes sense, because she's a pegasus. Or did she become shy because of her name? If you're told that you are shy, it's likely that you will become more shy. I'm looking for an in-universe answer. I know how Fluttershy got her name as a character.
  13. Hia, everyone! The title pretty much says it all. For me, my parents are quite tolerant of me being a fan of the show and being a part of the fandom. I don't recieive much flack for it, for the most part. But their toleration comes in two different forms. My mom doesn't seem to mind all that much, but she has expressed that she thinks I spend too much time with MLP related things. Even still, she likes my OC art; supported me when I put my first story up on fim-fiction; and I feel comfortable watching and talking about the show around her. Despite this, I know my limits. I already know she wouldn't like the idea of me getting a plushie; even if she doesn't express so openly. While she doesn't necessarily want my brother to watch the show; she never degrades or shames him. Generally, she doesn't say anything about her feelings about it and lets him enjoy it. She did make clear, though, that she doesn't like the idea of him getting a MLP t-shirt. On the other hand, my dad's toleration comes in the form of jokes -- really annoying jokes. For the most part, he won't say anything about it unless me and/or my brother bring it up in his hearing. The jokes -- while annoying -- are quite innocuous and I can easily brush them off. But I know he doesn't approve of us watching the show -- especially with my brother. My irritation mainly comes from when the jokes are being directed at him; they seem to take on a different tone entirely. And you can probably guess why. For this reason, me and my brother don't watch the show when my dad is awake or home from work; and we tend keep talk about it at a minimum when he's in ear-shot. So, how about you all? How do your parent(s)/guardian(s) feel about you watching MLP?
  14. Hey guys, I've noticed that each season before season 5 has followed a set formula for character episodes/ Season 2 and 4 all basically have: 1) 4 two part episodes 2) 2 episodes for each of the mane six 3) Two CMC episodes 4) Two Spike episodes 5) Two mane six full cast episodes It appears they are trying to break this mold now in season 5, but there are still many SECONDARY characters that deserve their own episodes. I repeat, this is not for your own dime a dozen "Background characters and LUNA need more episodes", but actual characters that deserve more time. Here are some ideas of mine... 1) Big Mac DESPERATELY needs an episode, as so far we have seen little from him as a character. 2) Shining Armor/Cadence needs more time focusing on their relationship, or they could go another route and show Shining Armor's history with Twilight, and their deeper relationship. 3) Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon need focus on their relationship, and I for one would live for Silver Spoon to at least be redeemed. 4) Princess Celestia also NEEDS an episode. All we have seen so far is the blank, perfect princess and the occasionally bit of fun. We need deeper insight to her character. Give her an episode on her day off, or her struggling to cope with her duties. Just SOMETHING. 5) I would love to see an episode clearing up what exactly happened 1000 years ago. I would love to see something of the REAL Starswirl, in addition to clearing up Sombra some more. He seriously needs fleshing out. 6) Whilst this is already being touched upon slowly, I want to see more PARENTS. We have only had small glimpses at the parents of Rarity, Twilight and Pinkie, but I want to see an actual parental relationship episode, preferably with Rainbow Dash, Twilight or Fluttershy, or just clearing up what happened to Applejack's parents. Do you guys have any ideas? Which characters would you like to see? We could get an awesome thread going here, and I would love to hear your ideas on both what you want to see, and what you don't...
  15. Have you ever been caught "in the act" by your family? I've only gotten caught by my parents. No one else. But, what about you? And there is no judging by the way.
  16. Personally.. One of my friend's parents are super-religious. And I'm a pansexual atheist...yeah, you could see where this is going. Her dad likes to mock me, while her mom thinks I'm a bad influence and wants to separate us from hanging out. My other friend's parents love me, and enjoy how I make her friend happy. And another friend's step-parents think I'm a bad influence and would never let her hang out with me. I don't recall being so awful, but whatever. How about you all?
  17. Pretty much every child since the begining of time itself has been embarased by things that their parents do or say or the old wives tales they still belive that science has proven wrong, it is almost a tradition! Like my dad loves to make negative comments about other countries "I know it is wrong", but he can never get the countries and people that live there right so he looks kinda stupid. he can not seem to understand that china and japan are two different countries, or that India is not really an arabic country that arabs live in,india is india and is mostly hindu i think and saudi arabia is saudi arabia and is mostly muslim. my mom thinks that rain makes you sick, Cracking knuckles gives you arthritis,going outside with wet hair will make you sick, and that locusts and cicadas are the same insect LOL what about ya'll?
  18. So my boyfriend suggested I upload another blog today, so I might as well try to make this a daily thing. To have a way to write out my feelings and all -_- To pretty much give a rundown on my day, started out okay, I talked to my boyfriend and felt pretty happy, and now I'm feeling like crap all over again -_- Today it's the loneliness pretty much doubled. Since it's my mom's birthday I feel extra sad that I can't have her here with me. We never celebrated birthdays, and we never even said Happy Birthday to each other. I just told her I was happy to have her with me for another year...and unfortunately I can't do that this time around :( So today's gonna be pretty rough, with my family doing their own thing and me just hanging by myself on my laptop, I have no one to talk to or receive physical comfort from, something I really need right now But I'll keep going and try to remain strong as best as I can, and just like I always do, remember the good times I shared with my mom. At least she lived to be 44, if only she could have made it this far to be 45... Well anyways, that's my blog for today. Hopefully tonight will be easier, just gotta get through the next few rough hours
  19. When you watch an anime, usually the main character has the following relationship with a parent or both parents: A parent is dead, and main character copes with that in some shape or form. A parent is on "vacation" for the duration of the series The parent doesn't exist. The parent is a stupid character for convenience of the plot or fanservice (I'm looking at Maka's father, a clear-cut example from Soul Eater) So here's an appreciation post to ALL THE GOOD PARENTS IN ANIME I put Sanae and Akio Furukawa from Clannad because they are actually really cool parents in anime. It's so weird because in real life, for the most part we all have some sort of parent figure, whether biological or adopted. Why is it so rare for main characters in anime actually have parents with screentime, I might ask? Anyways, back to the title. What parents in anime are worthy enough to be mentioned here? Put a mom and a dad here. Moms: Trisha Elric (FMA) Sanae Furukawa (Clannad) Dads: Fujitaka Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura) Akio Furukawa (Clannad) Maes Hughes (FMA) Who are the good parents of anime?
  20. I don't care how careful you are, every brony has had this moment.
  21. So in a recent Comicon panel, Meghan and Jason stated that they thinking on how to create an episode about loss of Aj parents. How do you think they should tackle it so it wouldnt stand out too much from the series bright atmosphere? Should they even teach little kids about passing away and death?
  22. Because I'm totally being an insomniac and I can't stop, somepony help me So of the main cast (I'm including Spike in this as well), whose parents would you like to see more of in future episodes/possibly season 5? Or other family as well. Note: you can select more than one answer as well. I figure it would be interesting if the show introduces more of the family back story for some of the main cast, or at least shed some more light on them. I figure it would be easy to weave them into an episode's plot. Doesn't have to revolve around parents and I guess could also include other family relatives as well (I just had parents on my mind at the time).
  23. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the first appearance of Gummy, the color red is displayed, and so are seven ponies. Red is a color, and there are seven colors in a rainbow. Now, there are two colors in Glaze's mane, and in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twi has two eyes, meaning that Gummy worked in the rainbow factory. Now, it takes a trained eye to see this, but Gummy and Tank are both Green, both have two eyes, both owned by Helements of Armory, and are both, in fact, sentient creatures! Coincidence? I think not. There are sixteen letters in "May the Best Pet Win", the first mention of Tank's name, and there are six colors in RD's mane, the manager of the Rainbow Factory. 16 - 6 = 10. Luna was banished for 1000 years, and 10 x 100 = 1000! Luna is Celestia's sister (non-biological) and Celestia was the one who banished her. So, Luna was obviously the creator of the Pegasus Device, and the ultimate overseer of the Rainbow Factory. Gummy's pupil resembles a '1', and there are two propellers on Tanks, eh, thing. 1 + 2 = 3! What's that, still don't get it? There are six Helements of Armory, and each princess, long ago, would've gotten 3 each, which brings us back up two lines, 1 + 2 = 3. So, unless you are stupid or something, you'll understand that Hasbro has been subconsciously planting all these little hints for us to pick up, in order to understand that GUMMY AND TANK ARE CELESTIA'S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS!!! Have I opened your mind to a new world of opportunity? If I have shown even just one pony the light, my work is done, and I can die happy.
  24. In those times when your feeling down or scared, what have your parents said to you that's given you the inspiration or the drive to do something you wouldn't normally do without them to support you? I am terrified of heights, always have been, one time when we were on a family holiday, my dad wanted to go on a roller coaster but he didn't want to go on alone, he asked me and I said no way, It was really high and I probably would have cried. Then he do what he usually does and get all philosophical on me and he said "Feel the fear and do it anyway." I didn't fully understand but for some reason it struck me and I got on the coaster. I don't understand it to this day but I always remember it when I'm scared and I feel fine again.