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Found 89 results

  1. In "Feeling Pinkie Keen", the first appearance of Gummy, the color red is displayed, and so are seven ponies. Red is a color, and there are seven colors in a rainbow. Now, there are two colors in Glaze's mane, and in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", Twi has two eyes, meaning that Gummy worked in the rainbow factory. Now, it takes a trained eye to see this, but Gummy and Tank are both Green, both have two eyes, both owned by Helements of Armory, and are both, in fact, sentient creatures! Coincidence? I think not. There are sixteen letters in "May the Best Pet Win", the first mention of Tank's name, and there are six colors in RD's mane, the manager of the Rainbow Factory. 16 - 6 = 10. Luna was banished for 1000 years, and 10 x 100 = 1000! Luna is Celestia's sister (non-biological) and Celestia was the one who banished her. So, Luna was obviously the creator of the Pegasus Device, and the ultimate overseer of the Rainbow Factory. Gummy's pupil resembles a '1', and there are two propellers on Tanks, eh, thing. 1 + 2 = 3! What's that, still don't get it? There are six Helements of Armory, and each princess, long ago, would've gotten 3 each, which brings us back up two lines, 1 + 2 = 3. So, unless you are stupid or something, you'll understand that Hasbro has been subconsciously planting all these little hints for us to pick up, in order to understand that GUMMY AND TANK ARE CELESTIA'S BIOLOGICAL PARENTS!!! Have I opened your mind to a new world of opportunity? If I have shown even just one pony the light, my work is done, and I can die happy.
  2. In those times when your feeling down or scared, what have your parents said to you that's given you the inspiration or the drive to do something you wouldn't normally do without them to support you? I am terrified of heights, always have been, one time when we were on a family holiday, my dad wanted to go on a roller coaster but he didn't want to go on alone, he asked me and I said no way, It was really high and I probably would have cried. Then he do what he usually does and get all philosophical on me and he said "Feel the fear and do it anyway." I didn't fully understand but for some reason it struck me and I got on the coaster. I don't understand it to this day but I always remember it when I'm scared and I feel fine again.
  3. Fluttershy's family has not been mentioned once throughout four seasons. What gives? The parents of the other mane 6 have all been atleast mentioned or seen once. Do you think she even has a family? Are her parents still living in Cloudsdale? Will we ever see them?
  4. After talking about internet restrictions for a particular age demographic here, I think it's fair to say that I'll make a separate discussion on parenting. Given that the majority of users here have parents (Everyone should, honestly), but very few are actually parents themselves, I want you to think long and hard on what it means to be a good parent. I made a small list on what good things parents do: Be a Role Model (Teach kids charity and setup chores) Give Up Vice (No drinking or smoking) Establish order (Show them you keep them safe, set bedtimes, set chores). Explain your rules to them in a neutral manner. Be strict at a younger age, more lenient after 13 (Enforcing healthy habits like eating grapes is better than rewarding with candy which can lead to obesity). If you're too lenient early and then try to enforce rules you'll end up with a rebellious child, which is a disaster. After 13, foster child's independence. You should have taught them about self-control by now, and it's time to teach about online transactions, relationships, make them do their own homework. Be reasonable on discipline. Losing privileges for a week is manageable. Hitting children isn't. Hang out with your kid, do something on days off (like theme parks rides, museums, etc) If your kid has good interests (See MLP), don't stifle it! Keep in mind that your kid can't have the EXACT same interests as you. You can never be too loving to your kid. Basically good parenting fosters empathy, honesty, self-reliance, self-control, kindness, cooperation, and cheerfulness. Benefits include intellectual curiosity, motivation, and the desire to achieve. I had a hard life and was neglected before I was adopted at 6 years old by parents who knew what they were doing. This stuff really did help me avoid the anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anti-social behavior, and drug abuse that comes with bad parenting. Yeah I nagged a lot like the typical child back in the day because of the strict parenting, but I really thank my parents for making me so upbeat nowadays. It'll be interesting to hear from you, assuming that you aren't a parent yet. What do you think makes a good parent? Should a parent be strict at first, and more lenient once a child is a teenager? Is it bad to have too strict parents, or is it equally bad to have too lenient parents? Think about it in an objective way, especially if you're a teenager (Teens tend to dislike their parents the most). And I like to hear from parents too. State that you are one if you're in the discussion.
  5. Hello there. I have a friend and he is a brony. Now, when I buy things I am only slightly nervous, but tonight I am going to get dinner with my father and I don't know how to say "My friend want something MLP Related" He knows that am a brony, but he is very quite about it. So I don't know what his outlook on it is like.... How do I buy something pony realted with my father near by?
  6. I'm sure you've seen it all. From plushies to blankets and figurines to (yes, it's a thing) boxers, pony merch seems to be wide-encompassing. The actual quality and utility of the goods depend not only on the manufacturer, but the user's tastes and preferences. But this is a bit different; I'm asking for advice but I'm not but I am kinda... I received, from my loving mother, two pieces of pony merch that are a bit out of the ordinary: a Rainbow Dash snapback and a pair of Rainbow Dash socks, complete with streamers coming down from the back of the top rim. I don't want to be rude, but what does one do with snapbacks and such socks. I've never worn snapbacks before, like, are they treated like baseball hats, do you wear them indoors? Is it appropriate to wear them at certain times and places? And the socks...this may be me being self-conscious, but I think that rainbow socks with streamers is a bit difficult to explain in the locker room. I have to admit they look cool when the streamers trail behind when you walk. But alas. If you feel like responding, think about if you got these surprise gifts. What would you do with them? Any favorite merchandise? I want to know.
  7. As I sit by the window watching the stars by night Shining so perfectly, a gleam so bright I remember the time they were there Nurturing me, when I was a little filly I remember the time I bucked my first apple tree It was when I was only three Heh, it took me only once to knock all them apples down And I remember the look on their faces...*giggle* But then that day came...when I decided that the farm life wasn't for me So I took that journey to Manehattan to live the urban life, to see what life would be It was different...but I soon learned...that it wasn't right... Then...that life changing moment occured. I saw a that pointed my way....home So I ran back to the farm...and lo an' behold...I earned mah cutie mark... But...that wasn't the only thing That happened that day... A tragedy occured...not one...*sniffle*...but...*takes her hat off and hugs it* parents...passed away...*light sobbing* I never got to spend the time I wanted with them...all...because ...Of me wanting to do what I wanted...*continued sobbing* What was I gonna do now? I had an entire farm to take care of Big Mac...and...Granny Smith and...oh little Appleblom...they need me But how can I carry that burden...on my own? *continued light sobbing* As I continue to look out the window...I see...two bright...shooting stars They...remind me of.....of.....mah....parents...*stops sobbing* I....remember them one day tellin' me that....everypony...must leave a...legacy But...what did they leave me...if...*sniffle*....they passed so soon? They...they taught to work hard and... Never give up no matter what weather we face If...if that's what they taught me then...*wipes the tears from her face and puts her hat back on* That's how I'll leave my legacy "I promise to be the Apple I was meant to be No matter what comes, I will face the weather I will never give up and...*sniffle* be strong...because... an the core...and I... Will leave my legacy for everypony to remember..." ~Applejack A freewrite blank verse poem written by Thunder-Dash Critique is wanted!
  8. Oh Celestia. My Mum thought that there was a key every episode this season. Which there is not. Do you dis your parents for their absent-minded stuff. Like ''MLP is a girls programme i don't like you watching it''? My mum is slightly confusing.
  9. I can't even... So, apparently, this father has left up the naming of his child to the internet, and the results are clear. I'm not sure what's worse: The fact that this guy came up with this, or the fact that his wife is totally OK with all of this.
  10. When I mean young I mean child wise and teen wise, or if you still do I have to say no. The only time I got money from them is when I did my chores and helped my dad and mom. I started then helping other people and getting money from them, and then a job. I never asked my parents for money, why would I? They gave me clothes, food, drinks, shelter, my own room, I never asked them for money if I saw something I wanted, like a toy, or a cute purse. They only got me clothes that I needed, never a purse or necklaces. How about you guys? Yes or No?
  11. I recently saw a post that asks “Do your parents know you’re a Brony?” ( At least to me, that question seems to be inspired from an understandable assumption that people seem to make (as far as I’m concerned) that participants in movements such as The Brony Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”). But that general assumption is not always true (and I for one am gald it isn't). I do believe some people also thought that all participants in The Occupy Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”); but in reality, people from all ages actively participate in Occupy, and I also do believe that The Brony Movement is something for everyone (except of course the more Adult Oriented activities). For example, I do see that some if not many of the shows crew who are married with children (notably Tara Strong) find time to dedicatedly participate with the Brony movement. So, are there any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers on these Froums who are married with children? Or, do any of you on these Forums know any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers who are married with children?
  12. Seriously, if you watch every episode, you'd notice that we never see Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash's parents. So my question is, are all Pegasus who are born from other Pegasus abandoned? The only time we do see a Pegasus with their parents is the Cakes son. Other then that, Pegasus' parents seem to leave them shortly after birth (another good example is Scootaloo, who again, we never see her parents, yet we see Apple bloom and Sweetie Belle).
  13. I am planning to write a fanfic involving AJ's parents. I only have one problem. I can't think of any good names for them. I need a couple of good apple family names, anypony got any? Thanks for any help and the ones I choose will get credited.
  14. So we all have seen them before. The mother, whose appearence is probably based off of previous generation Twilight Sparkle And the Father, who I can't relate to anything I can think of. Their Son and Daughter are now Prince and Princesses. Are they still considered "Townsfolk of Canterlot?" Or are they now a part of Royalty? I mean, they gave birth to the one of the Princes and Princesses for Pete's sake! What do you think life is like for them now?
  15. Hello, my name is Aaron, and today, I'd like to bring your attention to the possibility that there is such a thing as being too open-minded. I've been poring over this for a few weeks now, but I haven't really been able to come to an adequate conclusion. I'm currently living with my father, and you should know that he is a very close-minded person. He's anti-gay, anti-brony, anti-- well, pretty much anti-anything different or unusual. He grew up with a father who was the same way. As far as his Dad was concerned, there were certain things for boys, and certain things for girls. As a boy, he was expected to like trucks, tools, and sports, while his sister was expected to like dolls, jewelry, and hair accessories. If either of them showed signs of straying from these expectations, they would get spanked or yelled at. My father raised me with these expectations as well. He tried his damnedest to get me interested in trucks, airplanes, monster trucks, and the like, but to his disappointment, I was more interested in playing with my sister's dollhouses, and coming up with imaginary scenarios for the dolls to play out. He wouldn't stand for this, so he got rid of the dollhouses entirely, and he bought me one of those toy monster truck vehicles that was just big enough for a kid to drive. It was fun, I guess, but it didn't quite hold my interest for as long as he wanted it to. He would take me with him when he flew his model airplanes too. He would say things like, "This is fun, right? You like this, right?" with obvious desperation in his voice. He would watch me play sometimes when I was a kid, and I could tell that he was analyzing me. He was making sure that I "grew up right" as he liked to put it. He was obsessed with the idea of a "proper" son, one who fit his image, and who would fit in with the world's definition of what a son should be like. Needless to say, I didn't turn out how he wanted. Throughout my life, I liked a wide variety of strange and unorthodox things. Pokemon, TMNT, Nintendogs, The X-Files, Britney Spears, Powerpuff Girls, and last but certainly not least, My Little Pony. That last one really got his nerves in a tizzy. I started liking MLP at 17 years old, and if you know my Dad, that is a freaking sin to him. He tried the silent treatment for about 3 months to try and get me to renounce my interest in the show, but it backfired in a huge way. I came to resent him, and we ended up growing even more distant than we already were. He then resorted to shaming. He'd make comments about how his coworkers little girls adored the show, and he said that I could have little dress-up parties with them, and we would get along great. Way to go, Dad. Insulting me in order to curb my interests. I mean for f*ck's sake, MLP drove a HUGE wedge between us. For months, this shaming went on on, and we grew more and more distant as the result of it. Despite how much I claim to resent and despise my father, the truth is, I still want him to love me. Which is why I have started to consider something he said to me a few weeks ago: "Aaron...don't you think that somebody could be too open-minded? Do you think that might be a possibility? What if you're TOO different? Did you ever consider that? That you like too many things, and that you're too open-minded? Think about that." Now, I am going to ask the same question he asked me partially because I am insecure about my interests when they are getting in the way of my father's love, and partially because I am genuinely curious to hear your answers. Do you think that open-mindedness can extend too far? Do you think that guys liking MLP was ever "meant" to be a thing? Is there certain things that we were "supposed" to do and "supposed" to like? I dunno, I feel like I'm having a bit of an identity crisis here.
  16. Now I know there are adults here, and teens and the such like myself. However as long as I've been here I can't say I know of any people off the top of my head who are parents. Or if any are here even. I'm just curious frankly. Since i don't know if there are any at all. But regardless maybe if you are here I'll know your a parent after this thread . There's not much reason besides curiosity for this really, so yeah. Are you a parent? And if you are feel free to talk about whatever pertains to parenting I guess that you feel comfortable discussing. Maybe how parenting is, if you like it, what's the hardest part, how many kids you have, and how old they are. Whatever . I guess if your expecting you can also count that. If your not a parent, well then idk, either ignore the thread or um idk I guess as long as it isn't going to cause any issues talk about whatever without straying the topic to if pigs can fly or something... Again just curious but yeah. Hopefully I don't make this only to feel dumb and get 0 people who are parents posting. Oh well, I tried . Ps. (I am 16 in case anyone doesn't know and is curious. I do plan to be a parent in the future though.)
  17. I've been snooping around on some "parenting" websites and you'll never guess what I keep finding when I look into MLP discussions. Parents keeping posting threads how they tell their daughters to not watch MLP. Apparently they're doing this to "protect" their loved ones from us bronies because somehow, we're simultaneously a rape, pedophile, bestiality and LGBT crowd. Those parents keep talking about how great the show is, but we bronies are somehow ruining it for their daughters. I've also heard them petitioning hasbro to start taking down our art and fanfics, even the non NSFW ones. Because you know, little girls are going to be searching for "MLP clop or gore stories." or are old enough to create an account to do so. To you bronies who are parents that watch the show with your children, power to you. And could you please tell your fellow parents that we're not going to destroy the lives of their daughters? Because odds are, bronies have daughters too. Here's an example to say the least.
  18. Just archiving this since I spent so much damn time on it. Hm. While I agree with the general sentiment that it happens in any fandom, there definitely is a larger portion than normal of fans who can get a bit out of hand with their zeal for the show, along with a greatly larger number of people who are into pornographic and violent depictions of the characters than any other fandom I've seen before. There is r34 of everything ever, but there is probably a whole petabyte (exaggerated, but it's probably really somewhere around 350 tb at the very least of it floating around) of violent and sexual content involving MLP. It's just so much easier to find than anything else because it spills into other websites and people make whole groups and extremely popular sites for it. That's a phenomenon that I really haven't seen with any other fandom ever. Does that mean I don't like the fandom for it? No. I have both learned about and developed my own theories of sexuality and to be honest clopping really does not bother me at all. I wouldn't do it myself but it's just a natural outgrowth of at first identifying with the complex personas of characters and focusing that into a sexual attraction, and then later on it become so normalized so as to spread to non-personified characters, just out of sexual preference. Anyone with an open mind and a background in psychology and sociology can see the way this phenomenon develops. What really bothers me is violent content. The double-standard in our society, that's inevitably a product of western christian ideals is that violence is somehow more condonable than sexuality, which is stupid, since sexuality is a normal human behavior and violence is not. The violent content of MLP is actually disturbing relative to the sexual content because violence and representations of it in media are harmful outgrowths of negative emotions rather than possibly harmful outgrowths of normalized or even positive emotions like sexuality. That's where I draw the line, and it is definitely what bothers me as a member of the fandom, and I can see why it bothers parents. Using violence as a method of corrupting the nature of the show, is, in most cases, pretty denigrating to the meaning of the show and kind of pointless, not to mention distasteful in general. There are a few exceptions, where the violence transcends the medium itself, but these are very rare and usually also involve a degree and quality of humor as well, along with an intention of irony and an understanding of its mechanism. (PONY.MOV is a good example of violence that doesn't detract too much from the work itself) Should Hasbro pull C&D on everything because of it? Obviously not. The amount of positive and SFW fanworks are still vast and deep in number and scope so not only is there no reason to but it's also physically impossible. Should parents stop their kids from watching MLP? No, especially not if their kids don't hang around on the internet all that much so they don't even have the opportunity to interact with the supposedly "corrupting" bronies or whatever. But parents are parents. Once you become a parent it's pretty hard to keep your head on straight about anything that could even remotely involve your child, since you have donated your genes to a creation of your physical body that is basically a part of you in someone else. You're automatically going to do everything you can to protect your child(ren) and I won't get mad at people for going at great lengths to do so as long as they aren't harming anyone else in the process. And that's why, at the end of the day, this phenomenon is WRONG. It is insulting to both honest, hardworking, and innocent bronies and pegasisters to assume that either they corrupt the show and all who touch it or that they are "pedophiles" or "hostile homosexuals" or what have you. It is also insulting to the intelligence of the children who they should be instilling the ability to tell right from wrong in. Finally, it is insulting to all of those who have worked damn hard on making this show what it is; the first truly genre-transcending, feminist, and non-essentialist children's television show for both girls and boys, and men and women of all ages who can also appreciate the quality. tl;dr i agree the fandom has more problems than usual but the show is still good and parents who have bad judgment are insulting everyone including their children Source: Parents telling little girls to NOT watch MLP?
  19. So, people have been specualting about AJs parents for ages, but I think I have a pretty good theory on it. The most talked about theory is that they have died. As possible as this is, I have another theory. In The cutiemark Chronicles, we see Big Mac and Granny Smith saying goodbye to Applejack, but Applebloom is nowhere to be seen. We can assume that she isnt born yet, which means that Applejacks parents MUST still be around, but why wouldnt they be there watching Applejack leave for Manehattan? well my initial thought was that they lived on another farm and simply sent the children to help Granny Smith on the farm due to her age when the children were old enough. Then I thought about Apple Family Reunion. Wouldnt her parents be there if they simply lived on another farm or in a different town?Then I thought that perhaps the parents were not dead, but deadbeats. They often have unplanned children who are deemed unable to live with the parents due to a bad location, and sent to their closest relative Granny Smith. They dont attend apple Family reunions because they are the Bad Apples of the family, If I may. Any thoughts on my theory? let me know!
  20. Since every time he's appeared he has a large straw hat on his head, it's anyone's guess if Rarity's father is a unicorn, or an earth pony. What do you think?
  21. The question is pretty plain and simple: what do your parents think of mlp: fim? I can tell you right now, my parents do hate it. My mom thinks the show is absolutley retarded and when ever it pops up in a conversation, the refers to mlp as "them". My dad, being the former quarterback in high school and college, honestly thinks that I am gay for watching it and that I have "problems". As for the show, he hasnt watched an episode yet.
  22. Alright, so a large part of the world is celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow, so why not have a themed topic? (that I don't think has been done before...? well, at least the first 4 pages of a search for 'mother' didn't turn up anything relevant) Let's make a hypothetical situation where one of our six favorite brightly-colored equines adopts a foal. Which of the Mane Six do you think would be the best mother? _________________________________ My opinion below:
  23. Stop assuming things. Much better. Anyway, so far we have seen almost all of the main character's parents and even relatives, most notoriously Twilight Sparkle's and Applejack's, even if we already know what may of happened to AJ's folks anyway. Come t'think of it, Ma an' Pa never came back after gone buyin' cigarettes. We saw Rarity's folks who are not really like the pony fashionista loves to act, seemingly more like a middle class couple who roll their eyes at her acting as if she was some part of blue blood relatives or something, but still there they are, and Sweetie Belle even tried to make them breakfast. Then as a surprise we got to see a glimpse of Rainbow Dash's dad when her hopes of having their version of the Olympics was moved to another city. Sorry, I got something in my eye...sniff... Of course, everyone here already knew about Crescent and Star Sparkle, Twilight's parents who made their presence in that other CMC episode. No need for me to remind you who they are. Oh fine, here. Yes, Pinkie Pie's family as well, and her cute sister Inkie. Wonder why she and Blinkie never made another appearance since fans seem to want them around, especially since they are still in that Rock Farm of all places. Come to think of it, you think Trixie actually talked to them while she needed the money? Anyway, getting distracted. As stated, 5 of 6 have shown either parents or at least relatives, even if it was briefly. So that leaves us the most adorable of said 6 who has yet to introduce ANY member of her family. "Why would you want to see my parents for?" So far every other pony character has been shown their relatives within just more than a cameo, having a reason to be around at that time they were shown, so I guess Fluttershy's parents might be a bit too hard to introduce unless a wacky set of events are needed in order to do so, even as a flashback. Now you may even guess the reason of why may well be that the possibility of her and Rainbow Dash being sisters, after all, Dash came to her rescue when those two other brats were picking on her as kids, and both were in Cloudsdale, but there is little evidence about them being related anyway, even if they happened to be living in Ponyville as well. Now, some have deduced that Fluttershy is based on a G1 pony named Posey, who has the same color patterns as her except being an earth, not pegasus. Here, Faust's early rendition of Fluttershy based on Posey. Still adorable. Posey was more or less a Fluttershy back in G1, a flower child who took care of gardens more than animals, and maybe this was what Fluttershy was about to become, if it wasn't for that little thing that Hasbro lost rights to most characters or something, forcing Faust to redesign everyone as what they are today. Still, there might be a slight possibility that if we do see at least Fluttershy's mother, I would not be surprised if she looked anything like said Posey, but as a Pegasus...maybe. OK girls, you are making this a bit too cute to handle now. So then, we might discuss if this happens, a certain Pegasus filly could have her spotlight as well and could let us all be at rest of thinking she may be adopted. Meh, is all good however.
  24. So, we already know some of the pony's families, especially Pinkie, AJ, and Twi's family, but we don't know anthing about the other 3's. So let's discuss what we think their families are like! Maybe they don't have a family! Maybe the parents live in canterlot, or manehatten. Maybe their brother is one of the wonderbolts! And cannon families: discuss what they are really like. Why did Pinkie's dad own a rock farm? (besides the obvious) Or, do you think BigMac and Applebloom get along? Now go! Discuss pony-family relationships!
  25. Here is a brief step-by-step review of what we were told in the Cutie Mark Chronicles. 1. Applejack is seen off by Big Mac and Granny Smith to live with her aunt and uncle in Manehattan. There is no sign of Apple Bloom. 2. She spent an undisclosed amount of time living with the Oranges which probably ranges from several months to two years at the most. Big Mac already had his cutie mark when AJ left and AJ didn't grow visibly either. Realistically, two years is the maximum amount of time AJ could have spent with the Oranges. Then one day Applejack saw the sonic rainboom and she knew her purpose in life was to return to the farm. 3. As she returns home, AJ is greeted by Big Mac and Granny Smith, but Apple Bloom is still not seen. Because Applejack doesn't like to talk about dark, depressing issues with children, she left a lot of important details out of her Cutie Mark account. Unfortunately, this lack of information has left serious AJ fans to try and figure out on their own what happened. Here are some of the biggest unanswered questions. -When and how did mom and dad die? -One popular headcanon is that AJ moved to Manehattan to escape the grief of losing both parents simultaneously, probably as the result of an accident. Does this make sense? -On the other hand, what if they still alive when AJ moved to Manehattan? Was some kind of familial falling out the reason AJ went to the Oranges? -If so, did AJ miss the birth of her baby sister? -Even if Granny Smith was handling the management side of the farm, how did the work get done? She already looked too frail and Mac was too small to do it alone. The Apples are pretty tight knit so it might be a safe assumption (for once) that other relatives(s) lived there for a time to help out until Mac and AJ were big enough to handle everything by themselves. Another safe assumption is that when Applejack returned, she pitched in with the same great enthusiasm that she does with all else in life. She did everything to the maximum of her cognitive and physical ability before and after school every single day. As the years went by, she gradually took on more and more tasks. Granny Smith and Big Mac were able to balance the books, negotiate sales, and so on in the meantime. But I agree with Kyronea's view that it was struggle for them because business doesn't seem to be their forte. AJ's graduation from school was no doubt a great relief to her brother and grandmother as this allowed her to assume complete control of the farm's management. As an aside, I wonder if there was an animation error at the start of the flashback. Big Mac has his cutie mark but he's not posing to draw attention to it. Maybe he was supposed to be a blank flank at this point? When AJ returns near the end of the flashback, he hops out next to Granny Smith proudly showing off, what I believe, is supposed to be his cutie mark which AJ has probably never seen before.