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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 1 result

  1. This will be an advanced RP. So, since I did not have a chance to properly have fun with my adaptation of Velvet Crowe's character in a different RP, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, I could find an experienced roleplayer for a casual RP of above setting. The idea behind the RP is to have a story written by both roleplayers. What does it mean? While there will be a general story to follow, its conclusion will not be the main objective of it. They way everything will work is that any player, at any point when not taking part in an event belonging to another player, will be free to introduce plot twists, subplots, events and/or any number of NPCs they wish. NPCs will not require applications and can be recurring, secondary characters if need be. Shopkeepers, travellers, guards, whatever you wish. I always wanted to see how chaotic a book written by two different people would become. For countless years kingdom of Kaldonia shared in peace and prosperity, being one of the continent's main hubs of trade thanks to its central localization and access to sea at its northern borders. People prospered and townships were raised, wealth flew into the nation. Yet, nothing lasts forever. It was painfully obvious to the ruling elite that some of their neighbours had their eyes on the prosperous lands and riches hidden within the king's treasury. The tension built up slowly and friction appeared in diplomatic relations. Kaldonia was doing all in its might to gather allies and keep the status quo for as long as possible. Their strategy was working well, up until the prince was found dead in his quarters, cause of death stated being poisoning. The culprit was found, however he never betrayed who hired him. Sensing the moment was right, one of the two rivalling kingdoms of the west claimed the responsibility for the deed. The king had no choice. The nation was in turmoil and demanded revenge. Sheer peer pressure of his subjects forced him into a declaration of war. It was this, or losing faith of his people and risking infighting within kingdom. Nevertheless, ill prepared for the initial stages of war, Kaldonia sufferred several bitter losses while the two kingdoms, long ready for the eventuality of war, struck with surgical precision into its lands. Still, the kingdom's armies were vast in numbers and were soon sent to the front lines, pushing the enemies back before establishing a foothold. The war has now raged for 5 years, with none of the sides making greater advancements. Rumors said that both sides have recruited and deployed any and all combat specialists, magical users, spies and specialistic engineers to the wide battlefields. Some folk even wove stories of great silhouettes of dragons spitting fires from the skies, giant wolves tearing into enemy ranks or mystical snakes turning their victims into stone. While many of those creatures existed, it was a mystery if any of kingdoms managed to tame them and use them in combat. What was certain, however, was that the lands near Katalonia's border were scorched to the ground, soaked with mystical energies which filled the air with anomalies, making it a natural minefield. The land was now known simply as Forsaken Lands, the lands abandoned by regular folk. Everlasting flames, dead burnt carcasses of now empty buildings, hollowed and withered trees. It was a natural landscape. The war took a toll on kingdom, an influx of prisoners of war has increased the cost of life as well as army upkeep. The kingdom was faring fairly well however. While security within its borders was fairly lax, the border patrols themselves were increased and any newcomers scrutinized. Many were imprisoned even in spite of their innocence, some were actual spies. There were also those who had different crimes on their shoulders, but were accused of working for the enemy faction and thrown into jails as well. While most of the inmates gave in without a fight, there were some too proud and too strong to allow themselves wasting their lives within prison's stones. Two of such characters were currently stuck in one of highest security prisons in the land. And they seemed to have just about enough of this charade. And thus, the story begins... - Basic RP rules follow common sense. Godmodding against fellow player is frankly, prohibited. Against NPCs within reasonable amount. - Standard forum rules apply in terms of gore or any kinds of more saucy content. - Due to nature of RP, controlling other's characters will be allowed in reasonable amounts (if other side does not complain or not want to change it too much). The reason behind this decision is to have the interactions and scenes play out fluid. Knowing both characters at least a bit, one can even guess a few of their replies and it allows the user to keep the flow going. It also allows for interactions like running away and forcefully grabing the other character to run along with them, without artificially pausing the RP and killing the mood in the process, stoping the highly exciting moment in its tracks. - I do expect NPCs to die, however before deciding to eliminate an NPC introduced by other player, do discuss it first if the NPC will not be required anymore. - Characters are absolutely allowed to know things about their own past and know each other, either based on past mutual interactions or, should the be just accidental travellers meeting each other, through gossip/rumours/stories heard about somebody matching the description of the other PC character. This is to ensure fluid and natural interaction from the very start. - Regarding powers - since this is a fantasy setting (elves, dwarves, magic, artifacts, relics, think: any generic fantasy RPG or MMO), PC characters are completely allowed to be stronger than majority of other characters. However, the responsibility not to become an undefeatable character in the universe lies solely in the character owner's hands. Don't start each and every combat with a single sweep eliminating everyone, don't always have the upper hand. Suffer wounds and losses and then if you wish, defeat your opponent, it only helps to keep everything more realistic. - NO characters are omniscient - take notes and hints about what your character could know/hear/see/learn during the RP. If I starting thinking about betraying you your character does NOT suddenly become suspicious of my character and vice versa. We can know that OOC, but IC must be played out realistically. This applies to anything, not only example scenario provided above. - Realism within given setting - IF we decide that the power level of characters is capable of razing an entire village with a fireball, that does not mean you could go on a rampage and not get attention of entire kingdom as a wanted person upon doing this. Think. Figure out the consequences of your actions and how they will affect the future story of RP, as well as NPC disposition towards the characters. - Give me something to anchor my post in - while in some RPs a very short reply cuts it, I would very much prefer more detailed replies in here, even if it means typing them out would take more time. You can do nearly whatever, so don't leave me hanging. I need at least a few points I can choose to base my reply on, so that I feel I am given a freedom of choice on what I deem most important to react to. - At least a certain degree of realism - while getting out of every situation by, f.e., threats and violent solutions is certainly a viable option, it would not only not always fly, but also would make the RP single tracked. I do expect most of the time we might be itching to unleash our characters strengths and simply have fun roaming around with them, perhaps turning everything to ash, however an RP world is open and full of possibilities that would best not be wasted. - Natural interaction - our characters do NOT have to like each other or each other's decisions. This means they might sometimes want to go their separate ways (though it would be best if there was a common goal they are trying to achieve but in different ways). What this perhaps would mean would be a very short period of time where story splits for a very short moment as the two main characters split and go their own ways. They reunite afterwards in whatever the circumstances will feel most fitting (this could usually mean a time skip with retrospective posts afterwards). THIS ENTIRE OOC IS A DRAFT AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. What I mean is that all the ideas are not only not fully fleshed out in my mind, but I also want to take into consideration expectations YOU might have towards it to weave them into the description. If you ever decide to leave the RP, no problem! Considering the characters will most likely be accidental travellers or old acqueintances, you may choose to go your own way. I will then reopen the RP to anyobody else and give them a brief summary of what their character should, could and must know along with any major events that might have taken place. Characters: @Passion Velvet: @Catpone Cerberus Erwin: