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Found 1332 results

  1. Okay, this is the OOC for The Blackwater Quarry [ ] The Blackwater Quarry is where ponies work in the emerald mines for their pay each day, kick-mining rocks for fair wages. I'm looking to make it a day-by-day RP of a typical work life in Equestria. There will be plenty of dramatic RP, but I'm certain I can add in some adventure, comedy & romance, if the situation calls for such. I'm rather flexible when it comes to story ideas, so feel free to offer an idea or three - I'm always listening. Anyway, more about the story in general. First, let's read up on the family's history: The Blackwater family has been known for two things throughout the years: Emeralds & BAD attitudes. The Blackwaters have maintained a mine/quarry near the base of the Crystal Mountains for generations; the majority of emeralds in Equestria come from their efforts. The mine sits near a lazy river, which has been blackened with silt from the digging - hence the name Blackwater. Though the work pays well, the family has been known to be greedy, spiteful & self-important, and those ponies who work at the mines have seen this behavior. The family isn't VICIOUS... but lying, cheating, stealing & bullying have been standards of the Blackwater name for as long as ponies have known of emeralds. The Blackwaters will be NPCs, and will be available for interaction from time to time. Shall we meet them? [Art by Vampira Heart] The patriarch & head of the Blackwater family, as well as the head honcho of the Blackwater Mines. Rough, cold & seemingly without a heart, this Earth Pony keeps his employees in line by making certain that everypony gets fair pay - but one mistake in his presence & you're fired. His cuite mark is a pickaxe crossed with a quill pen. Vainglorious & gossipy, Vylia seems too preoccupied with being rich to worry about much else. She's a Pegasus with a passion for profit. Her high-class sensibilities are second only to her capacity for business savvy, and most ponies learn quickly about her slippery ways. Her cutie mark is two necklaces, silver and pearl, looped through each other. The spoiled brat of a foal who is a constant troublemaker. His mother seems to believe he can do no wrong, but he's a nightmare of a youngster, and he KNOWS he can get away with most anything he wants to. The perks of being a rich genius, hmm? He doesn't have his cutie mark yet. The 'black sheep' of the family, which means he's the nice guy. He wants so badly to impress his folks, but he doesn't want to be friendless. He has a good head on his shoulders, but lacks confidence & self-worth. He seems desperate for a friend. His cutie mark is a lump of grey rock, with an emerald sticking out of it. [The Blackwater's portraits by SoulSpeaking] The rest of the crew at Blackwater Mines are as follows: (Picture by Venomous) CHUCK LIST: Gray stallion with black mane and tail - Earth Pony - CM: A scroll with a large check-mark on it Head forepony for Blackwater Mines; the rough and tumble workaholic who takes no guff. (Again, picture by Venomous) KNEE SLAPPER: Purple stallion with blue mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: A purple & blue jester's cap Forepony for Blackwater Mines; a nice fellow, yet an incurable practical joker. (Yet another gem by Venomous) REDD HANDID: Maroon stallion with LONG yellow mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: Twin drama masks, one frown & one smile (the frown is in the foreground) Forepony for Blackwater Mines; the snarky, self-important snob. (Yup - Venomous again.) SILVER STUDS: Light gray mare with orange mane & tail - Unicorn - CM: three silver nails & a silver-headed hammer Head engineer for Blackwater Mines; if anypony can build it, she can. (Venomous did a lot of these for me, y'know? I'm really grateful! Thanks, Ven!) "TAPS": A small dark blue mare with a stark white mane & tail - Pegasus - CM: A steel wagon wheel Pony Express Deliverer / Hauler; the sweet-smiling quarry mailmare. Other than these characters, there will be random workers & staff... and the occasional 'guest' or two. The locations that will be available (to begin with) are: The Quarry (Outside, in the mine, deep mine, barracks, Doc's office & the lunch trailer) - Blackwater Manor (Front porch, kitchen, main hall, pool, study, library & Luther's workshop) - and The Grounds (Inner yard, outer yard, woods, path to town & trolley stop). All I need are players interested in playing their OCs in a work-type environment. I prefer ponies who can write a bit before posting (no "Okay" posts, please). No overpowered ponies allowed, as this isn't about power-playing. Please wait until acceptance before posting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. I'm now just rolling through some story by myself, but folks wanting to join are welcome to post here first - I'm pretty flexible, so after I give you the thumbs hooves up, you can post as you please. [PC CAST] Crescent, the bat-pony = cwhip9 Doc Zinger, the staff doctor = Blitz Boom Scarlet Orange, the kitchen assistant = Emerald Bolt Baroness Carnelian, the socialite = Hazard Time Low Key, the Baroness' protege = Hazard Time Clod Hopper, the slow farmpony = Widdershins Dahlia & Ophelia, the fortune tellers = Hazard Time Blitz Boom, the destructive dynamo = Blitz Boom Love Bloom, the house maid = Flow [GUEST STARS] The Flim Flam Brothers (portrayed by JonasDarkmane)
  2. "...Hmmm...Mmmh...No, no, no--this isn't right, a myriad of predictable ponies prancing around without danger or risk. Nothing overcome!" Discord's mouth fell into an annoyed frown, watching the daily bustle of Ponyville from a lawn chair atop a roof. Tossing aside his tanning mirrors, sitting up, as the inescapable stagnation of Ponyville griped at his heart once more. "Ever since Twiilght became the new Celestia the progress peace and prosperity of this place has been sickeningly predictable, overwhelmingly, nauseatingly..." He fumed. And then, an idea struck him. "...Oh I know what to do~" --- This RP is basically based off the premise that Discord proposed an 'illusionary', as he put it, series of trials for heroes of the land to partake in. Absolutely no risk, but the hardship would be 'very real'. Who knows exactly what the draconequus has in store, but his promise to restore and prevent any and all potential death, injury, only use fake monsters and dungeons--but to a reality shifter, the rules on those agreements are rather loose... That being said, for now, I'm looking for those who would be interested. This is action/adventure if that wasn't clear.
  3. (This was made for OC's to talk to one another about their personalities, interests and so forth.) Hello, my name is Happy Heart. I an fairly new to this community and I would very much like to get to know a little more about the people who like to have adventures or simply like to live life. So tell me what you think, ask any questions that come to mind...and probably help me out and show me around a little. Let us begin!
  4. I just got started with V3 and there was one a while ago that was in the makin, but wasn't finished. So I'm debating on making one. With it being my first full control one, be patient with me Rules Keep it PG-13, please Don't try to take control of it. No Gmodding I would like some help with making it, but please, if you need to reference anything from the games, no spoilers
  5. It's winter. The cobblestone roads of Canterlot have been freezing under your hooves; to or from, the main city was far away. The journey would have to be made tomorrow; the winds are beginning to blow hard. The frigid air has yet to begin gnawing at the skin, but the snow peppering your coat is increasing. A sign catches your eye. A start contrast to the environment, a massive black sign hangs next to a door. Double horns are shown, atop a pint of frothing cider. No words, no further advertisement is needed. Perhaps, this will be a good stopping point for now. A warm drink sounds nice. The door is thicker than the sign. Opening it takes a focused effort; a blast of warmth meets the face, and the crackle of a hearth fire breaks over the cluttered chatter of the inhabitants. The smell of alcohol is everywhere, as well as others who's nights have either just ended, or just started. The gruff voice of the barkeep suddenly cuts across the room, drowning out the scattered talking with authority. "Would ya shut the door and get in already?" --- RP link: --- --- So. Lookin' for some people to have an rp with. I guess I have some experience. Looking for the adventurous type, though anyone can have a place in this story. When the rp thread kicks off, the scene will be limited to the tavern, since the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is, so delightful. But who knows? Maybe things will happen.
  6. "The year is 200XX, and the Earth has united underneath the banner of the Dimensional Alliance, spreading messages of peace and unity across the multiverse. That peace, however, is threatened by the evil Advena Empire and their genetically-and-cybernetically modified Xeno Beasts. Deciding that their militaries won't be enough, the Alliance decides it needs a new weapon - the deliberately overpowered mighty automaton of human engineering, MULTIFORCE V. Recruiting five young pilots to control the Multiforce V's powerful components, the war for Earth has begun... ...and if these five can't learn to cooperate, then we're doomed." ------- My attempt at a more action/comedy based roleplay, Multiforce V is an affectionate tribute to the super robot genre of anime, cranking up the ridiculous physics and premise to a comical degree. Taking inspiration from the likes of Getter Robo, Genesis of Aquarion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and others, the plot is purposefully cliche and formulaic: five young men and women are recruited by the government of the "Dimensional Alliance" to battle the mighty God-Emperor Xa'thos and his legions of monsters of the week, known as Xeno Beasts. But in a twist, all the pilots are from different series (again incorporating my love of the crossover), allowing for different kinds of dynamics and interactions. The components of Multiforce V are as follows, made up of five color-coded multipurpose fighter jets (that can transform into sea and land based vehicles depending on the situation): -Alpha Red I (head) -Beta Blue II (torso) -Gamma Yellow IIII (left arm) -Delta Pink IV (right arm) -Epsilon Green V (legs) ----- Character Sheet: Name: Age: Species: Series/Franchise of Origin: Vehicle: Appearance: Backstory: Personality: Skills/Abilities: Other: --- Character Slots: 1. Retthi "Lettuce" Manchot - Alpha Red I - Renegade the Unicorn 2. 3. 4. 5. --- Name: Retthi "Lettuce" Manchot (pronounced mon-CHO) Age: 19 Species: Toon Penguin Series/Franchise of Origin: Club Penguin (yes, I know; but for a silly roleplay, why not have a silly OC?) Vehicle: Alpha Red I Appearance: A small (about 3 1/2 feet) green penguin with a white belly, orange rectangular feet that seem to lack visible toes, an equally orange oval-shaped beak, and eyes that appear to simply be black dots. Backstory: Growing up in a rich family, Retthi always seemed to be the sort to dream big and give everything his all. He grew up utilizing heroes of science-fiction and fantasy, hoping to be like them one day (and as a downside, contributing to his sometimes naively idealistic view of the world around him). Recruited as the leader of the Multiforce V team, Retthi plans to give it his all and be the hero he was destined (or not) to be. Personality: Retthi is the standard hot-blooded, idealistic idiot hero common to shonen and mecha anime...or at least that's how he appears to be. While he is certainly passionate about fighting weekly giant monsters and living out his fantasies of being a hero, Retthi is actually far smarter than he lets on, incredibly crafty, and sometimes downright manipulative in order to get what he wants. Nonetheless, he's still sweet, kindhearted towards most he meets, and is undyingly loyal to the team he's assigned to lead. Skills/Abilities: In addition to his skills in strategy and leadership, Retthi is also a very minor reality warper, able to harness Toon Physics - don't mistake this for blatant OP-ness, though. He is only able to affect the immediate area to a limited degree, and only with the "props" necessary for what he needs, not what he wants (which is incredibly inconvenient at times). Other: If he had a hypothetical voice actor, it would be Max "HotDiggedyDemon" Gilardi.
  7. Life seemed to be normal at first. Then one day a group of ponies are at the wrong place at the wrong time and now must leave their home in search for safety. This is an adventure roleplay with six players. Rules: 1. Please only join if you are sure you won't disappear and you can keep up. 2. Don't kill other players. (Small fights are fine.) 3. No Mary Sue characters please. PLEASE! Spots: 1. Me as "Callidus" 2. [Empty] 3. [Empty] 4. [Empty] 5. [Empty] 6. [Empty] To join, please tell me about your character. Questions will be asked if needed.
  8. Pandaren are my favorite race in WoW. Seeing as how much I love the Draenei, the Pandaren really just had to push all of my buttons to knock them from that perch. There are two scenarios involving them I thought could be fun to RP in my most reliable RP community. First contact: You play as a member of your preferred or mained race right after the Pandaren join the Alliance/Horde. I journey to your starting area and/or capital as part of an envoy with the monk class trainers. We meet and just adjust to the other’s culture and become friends. Pandaren Ex-pat: Based on my actual RP experience. This takes place in Pandaria proper. You play as a local pandaren meanwhile I’m a member of the Alliance that’s grown so tired of the war with the Horde that I defect. Only you don’t know about that detail. We befriend each other as I’m trying to lay low and the interesting bits come from the fact that spending so much time with the Alliance has left me out of the loop on some Pandaren (especially native Pandarian) culture and I’m also a bit more hardened than the laid back Pandarian. Eventually the truth comes out and your character has to square the reality that I look like one of you, are one of you, but are also a foreigner at the same time. I think both of these would be fun to play although the first is obviously a bit more casual. It’s just a matter of what you want. Hope to hear back from you soon.
  9. MATRIX LOGIN:SITE: DAKIDAKILOVECLUB:ACESS=APPROVED“I was recommended to this site by a chummer of mine who doesn’t want to admit we’re friends.Running doesn’t leave a lot of room for romance. Plenty of flings for sure. Old fashioned as I am though, that’s not what I’m looking for. No I’d like to meet a woman willing to slow down and talk in between jobs.Common wisdom is don’t shit where you eat, but if real friendships can be formed during the planning and doing phases, why can’t a relationship? Certainly having a fellow Runner as a partner makes more sense than hiding a double life from her.So a little about myself.-I’m a dwarf.-Originally from the Pocono Mountains, currently living in Seattle as it goes. Also spent a couple of years in Hong Kong doing work for Wuxing.-I’m Awakened. Pretty hard to avoid talking about it since it’s how I make my money. I don’t mind talking about what I can do, I just want to lay my cards down right away.-Also raised Catholic. None of that cafeteria drek either. Still practicing. It doesn’t really factor into my preferences for women, just like the Awakened thing, I feel the need to be upfront about it.-Pretty mellow all things concerned. No Neo-Anarchist rants or conspiracy theories from me.As for what I’m looking for. Someone different. Living in my melting pot home country as well as abroad gave me a love of the different.-Different meta-type. (Hey elf ladies. Let’s shatter some stereotypes!)-Different country of origin.-Hell, even if chrome obviously doesn’t jive with me, it does hold a fascination. So bring on the razorgirls, lady deckers, and Rosie riggers.-Changeling girls. Cat girls, bird girls, are mermaids changelings? (Sorry if that's inappropriate.)-. . . Maybe even a shapeshifter if one has Matrix access and sees this. (Don’t shame me!)Anyway, yeah. Hope to hear from some people.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~In-character portion over. An RP set in the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The character I described above is preferred overall but I could make some changes if you wanted. The list of traits for partners above is not all inclusive, just some options I’d like.The idea of the story and romance focused RP would be we’d both meet either on Jackpoint like you responded to the above or maybe we both get hired for a job and hit it off.-Don’t sweat word count.-Third person preferred but not required.-Could take it to Discord now or later.Hope to hear from you.
  10. NO LONGER ACCEPTING PARTICIPANTS Knowledge of anime required! Hello, guys I am searching for users to take part in a My Hero Academia-themed role play. I am searching for at least three-five users with MHA OCs (one each). The OCs will be attending UA and in their first year in Hero class/course 1-C. This will be taking place where the anime left off (end of season three). If you are interested, post information about your OC using the following template (please, no incredibly overpowered OCs. That’s no fun) Name: Hero name: Gender: Age: Quirk: Appearance: Extra details (keep it short): At this point, I am unsure if I will include canon characters or not. At the very least, I want to include the teachers. I did this with a past role play and it was difficult managing them with OCs. If you have any recommendations on how to more easily execute canon characters, please post them below. My MHA OC: Name: Wolf Hero name: Wolf Gender: Female Age: 17 Quirk: “Wolf” She has wolf ears, wolf tail, sharp canines, has increased hearing abilities, can run faster on all fours than on two legs, has long/sharp nails, has increased sense of smell, and can communicate with all canines. Extra details: When Wolf becomes extremely upset, she turns “rabid” and attacks anything and everything. She needs someone to hold her back and calm her down. Appearance (in her hero uniform): Will add more details/rules soon!
  11. Hi, everyone. I don't actually have any plan in mind right now. I've just been looking over a few RPs lately and I was curious how I would hold up in one. It seems like the posts I was seeing were significantly larger that what I'm used to doing. Maybe some of you can brainstorm with me? I actually have to work tonight, so it would be better to start tomorrow at some point. But I just kind of want to see how I'll do.
  12. Today I have read a fan fiction from 2012. I'm serious. Have a look. Knowledge of this fan fiction is required to understand this RP idea, and there will be some spoilers for those who haven't read Friendship is Optimal by Iceman I would like to run an RP based on this premise, with modifications. There are no humans, real world or EG. Going to the EG world is not possible, for those that even know of its existence This is a simulation inside a simulation. Regular Equestria does exist, and we are all citizens or denizens. The players of this RP will be trapped inside a video game version of the world in the fic, minus the human elements It's just a game. AI Princess Celestia has no desire to upload organic beings into her world. We are just X number of OC characters who are trapped in a video game that is otherwise the same implementation of Equestria Online in this fan fiction. She just wants to keep us here and fulfill our every desire so we never leave We are trapped in an avatar and can be anything we want. We aren't limited to ponies as in the source material. Anthros of Equestria species are allowed While AI Princess Celestia can modify your avatar and the contents of your head if asked, unlike in the source material your real world self is unaffected when we finally escape and return to the real world, because this is a game after all Death might be permanent, unlike the source material. If you die in the game you die for real? Do we want permanent death? Let's say we have 3 lives? Or no death? Speak up about this please Whatever you can do in Equestria, you can do in Equestria Online. All your abilities and skills carry over. Anything else must be learned ingame, and you can't learn something then expect to be able to do it when you escape. The only thing that you can keep when you escape are the friendships and memories you've made We must find a way to escape back to the real world Shenanigans ensue! I would like to recruit someone to play AI Princess Celestia for us. The character is just so well written and adept at manipulation that I'm unable to grasp the vast scope of actually writing her CORRECTLY. Read the story, then you'll understand Full premise: Bolt Solutions Magitek has been commissioned by a mysterious benefactor to create a new kind of video game: Magical Reality It's like their existing Virtual Reality games which project an illusion, but when playing this game you actually enter the world like the way Discord and the others do for Guys Night. He's noticeably perturbed someone else can do this, but doesn't care enough to actually do something about it. Bored of the daily grind? Well now you can grind for achievements and satisfaction in a game with other players, fight monsters, or just be the best cook. Whatever you want, it's your choice. A certain number of ponies (or creatures, you can be any species) have been invited to beta test the game. A benevolent artificial intelligence based on Princess Celestia is the caretaker of this world, and she needs to be tested to be competent before the game is officially released. Unfortunately something goes wrong at the presentation, and the testers get trapped in the game with the creator. Can they escape? Will they want to? So, shall we play a game?
  13. So, as someone who has been RPing for several years now, I've always been fascinated by science fiction stories, particularly those such as Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Dune, etc. I have also been enamored with the idea of the mega crossover. This is a rough idea that combines both these elements into a space opera setting that is a loving tribute to the Golden Age of Science Fiction, set in a far future space-faring empire. SETTING I. The Imperium of the Known Universe The Imperium of the Known Universe is the primary setting of this RP; a feudalistic entity based on Earth and governed by His Majesty the theory at least. In realty, the Imperium is governed by the 13 Houses, a group of socio-political corporations built over centuries via manipulations, business deals, betrayals, etc. The 24 Houses are named after letters in the Greek alphabet, from House Alpha (the highest and most powerful) to House Omega (the least powerful and as such most looked down on). Each House controls one of 24 massive fiefs, which are organized in a geocentric (i.e. distance from Earth) model, and divided into 64 sectors each, totaling 1,536 total worlds in the Imperium. These 1,536 worlds are further divided amongst the Lords of the Houses, their Knights, and so on and so forth. As such, the Imperium of the Known Universe, in terms of government, is very decentralized, meaning that for all intents and purposes, planets are effectively independent entities with differing governments and levels of technology.. But it is also highly bureaucratic as a result, which is either a good or bad thing depending on one's viewpoint, II. Species Because the Imperium is home to a vast array of species, to list them all would be impossible. So, to make things easier, the major species of the Imperium are grouped into 7 categories: Humans, Mammalians, Reptilians, Avians, Plantoids, Insectoids, and Machines. Humans: The primary species of the Imperium. Mammalians: Resembling anthropomorphic animals (or mammals). Reptillians: Resemble anything from scaly humanoids to creatures bordering on the draconic. Avians: Resemble birds. Plantoids: Living plants, they are unique among species for being able to not eat or sleep in the same way others can, a trait they share with Machines. Insectoids: Insect-like beings that work on a eusocial/hive mind mentality. Machines: Living mechanical constructs, the Machines in the Imperium operate on the Third (and Zeroth) Laws of Asimov's Robotics. This is to ensure they do not harm humans or any other living beings unless absolutely necessary. III. Tech Levels Technology levels in the Imperium vary wildly, and are organized as such on a scale of 0-12, with 0 being "Stone Age", and 12 being "Singularity". The scale is as follows: 0 - Prehistory 1 - Bronze Age 2 - Iron Age 3 - Medieval 4 - Age of Sail (i.e. pirate times) 5 - Industrial 6 - Mechanized (think 1920s-1930s) 7 - Atomic (i.e. 1950s-1960s) 8 - Digital (1980s-1990s) 9 - Microtech 10 - Robotic/Nanotech 11 - Exotic Matter 12 - Singularity However, technology is not strictly defined by this scale, and various planets have what are known as divergent tech levels, meaning that while technologically they have a baseline tech level, they have the social structure and adapted technology of another. For example, you could have a world with a tech level of 2 + 8, or a Roman/Greek society with the technology of the late 20th century. Or perhaps, to use an example we're all familiar with, a world with a base tech level of 0, but the social structure and adaptation of tech to a level of 7 (i.e. the Flintstones). As such, the Imperium is a vast palette of cultures and curiosities, ripe for exploration. IV. Character Creation Name: Age: Species: Appearance: Personality: Backstory: Occupation: Other RULES 1. NO GODMODDING. 2. NO MARY SUES/GARY STUS! ENSURE YOUR CHARACTER IS FLAWED, BUT NOT TOO FLAWED. 3. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. 4. THERE IS NO SET "POST TIME", BUT ENSURE YOU DON'T DISAPPEAR WITHOUT WARNING. 5. HAVE FUN. THIS IS AN OPEN WORLD RP, SO FEEL FREE TO EXPLORE THE SETTING ALL YOU LIKE.
  14. I'd like to do an action adventure for changeling characters, both original recipe and reformed ones. Also any other characters who would enjoy this kind of thing It will somehow involve my own character: Chrissy is not Chrysalis, but also is. Please read the profile and watch the videos to understand, then come back to the profile to see how I frame it into my OC. I don't have a concrete idea yet, so I'm doing a thread about whether or not people would like to do this and what kind of RP we could do
  15. Yeah so I really wanted to do an rp so I created this account. Anyways if you’re interested in doing absolutely anything storywise just please let me know. I don’t have any oc’s though, so I’d play as a canon character. But anyone else could play as whatever you wanted.
  16. Currently planning out a Final Fantasy esk Roleplay set in Equestria with Equestria themed monsters and maybe some artistic liberties from the Final Fantasy games. I'm thinking of at most 8 players the very least to get started is 3 or 4 players. I am thinking of it also being it being in the Era of like FF7 or FF12. To be in the Roleplay, you must post here to say your interested and have sent me directly, a Character you wish to use in the roleplay. Extra points for backstory. Even more so if you make it really good and fits into a Final Fantasy style back ground. Any suggestions? Post here or Directly Message me. WARNING Content of this roleplay will be considered Grimdark as it will have violence, alcohol, innuendos in small doses, references in a TV-13 friendly style to stay friendlg for the kids in our roleplay and any who would stumble on it. My rules. 1. Don't be a pain in the flank. Really, it is better for you to not be a pain. 2. Absolutely no OPness at the start of the roleplay. Trust me, it is a lot better when you build up your character to the OPness level of a God/ess. 3. In combat there will be a turn base system like the old FF games. You are free to do anything within reason. I may have you even roll dice from time to time. Or i might just to make it interesting. Also, don't worry if you don't own any dice at all. I'll have a Discord link for the group just for rolling dice. And the dice will be used if we question how feasible an action is. So really a limited amount of it would be used. 4. Be fair for damage and modest for injuries in IC. Simple really. I won't directly state that player 1 takes a hit. I will say, however, that monster A takes a swing at player 1. This way it makes it interesting and adds to your post. I love details! Just not too much to break the rating
  17. THE DREAM-QUEST OF FLUFF'AIATHG It is the longest day of the thousandth year since the banishment of that frail little filly who fancied herself the ruler of the night. Now, the twinkling torrents of the celestial canvas have rearranged the stars and she has been granted her freedom once more. Yet a far darker power used this diversion to pull a long-forgotten city back into the waking world. Thus the Equestrian throne sent its Royal Guard along with brave adventurers into the bowels of the Smokey Mountains to investigate some rather troubling reports. -No playable canon characters allowed -Dynamic difficulty scales with OCs -New creatures and places -Environmental effects -Events and options based on your creature type -A complete yet intuitive magic rework that needs no further mentioning (Goat giveth and Goat taketh away)
  18. RP: What I have so far for Plot: A close to canon setting that gets attacked by the kind of aliens or strange villains the Rangers have to face in the shows (I have only seen English versions and in recent years have not watched it much on Nick), and they kidnap or otherwise incapacitate the Mane 6, Starlight, the Princesses, and possibly Discord. They are no match and all hope seems lost until my character Lektra creates Zords and battlesuits with her talent. These give five chosen Equestria residents the edge to fight the aliens or whatever we decide on. Basically the world has no heroes and we need OCs to step up. They're not dead and can appear in the RP as supporting cast to the Rangers, but they are no match for the bad guy. Ever wanted to be a hero and pose dramatically? Well here's your chance! Rules in no particular order, to be updated over time: Special abilities are fine, but I'd like to have this be more like the Power Rangers where your power comes from putting on a fancy suit and posing dramatically. All the Ranger tropes apply if you know them. So character abilities are dulled or weakened until they become a Ranger. That said, your character needs to have some way to fight before they transform, be it hoof to hoof, magic, or a weapon, but try not to be super skilled at it because these will probably become your Ranger weapons. See below on weapons. Gratuitous or overly graphic violence is NOT ok. By the nature of the RP there will be violence and fighting, but don't describe exactly how you cut something up or how much blood leaks out. Most people just don't wanna read this. It's dead, slashed, burned, damaged, or cut up, whatever, not exactly how and how much damage was inflicted. Move on alright? The owner of the character in question decides how much damage a character they play or an important character takes, and the rules of fair fighting apply. I'll be enforcing those. There will be a second transformation on top of your Ranger form called Super. This needs to be discovered and will come up as needed, if it comes up at all. You can be ANY sentient species seen in the show, or from the comics (With proper reference for those of us who haven't read them), and are not limited to the three pony races and their derivatives. There will be NO Alicorn OCs or OP characters EVER, and in general my decision on what's OP is final. BUT that said, Alicorn OCs modified to not have either the horn or wings are allowed as long as they're not OP. Villain could possibly be one if we decide on it, but there is no requirement for the race or species of the villain and that is completely open to whoever wants to play the villain. Alicorn is actually the Ultra Transformation if we get to that stage, so be prepared to gain wings, horn, or both temporarily. You will be able to design your own Ranger weapon, so make sure your character can somehow wield it. I'm sorry but I do not condone hoof-holding AKA "sticky hooves" so be sure to design a weapon that can be held with the teeth or has a way to be held with one hoof (A handle you can put your hoof into or making the weapon wrap around it for example) if you're not a Unicorn who will use telekinesis to hold your weapon. Your Characters will not instantly know how to use these weapons and will need training, contrary to most of the Rangers shows. Weapons need to be able to reasonably combine into a blaster as in this video reference: Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you have complete freedom on what weapon you use, subject to approval. Try to be creative and original. Once someone chooses a weapon nobody else can use that weapon, sorry. Zords can be deigned by you as well, but also need to be able to reasonably combine into a giant version of one of the races in MLP as in this reference: The same is true for the Zords. Other than needing to be able to reasonably combine with the other players, you also have complete freedom on designing your own Zord, subject to approval. Feel free to make it fit Equestira, or even not. Same rule on weapon originality applies for the Zords too, and everyone needs to choose different Zords. Players MUST be active. If even one Ranger player or our villain drops out the RP just instantly folds if a suitable replacement is not found in a reasonable time. You must be committed to not dropping out. What would happen if you and your new friends were the only ones able to save the world and you decided to leave the group? The team would be weaker, not to mention the Megazord would be lacking a limb. It'd be like the protagonist of a story deciding to not want to be the protagonist anymore. Don't sign up if you aren't sure if you can't be active. Post at least once in 3 days. By signing up you understand that you must stick around, and by dropping out or quitting the forum you will kill this RP. If the RP dies from someone quitting, we all know who's fault it was Please post at least one good paragraph. While I'm not going to force people to obey the Advanced rules and post a heck of a lot all at once, I don't want to see one or two lines of RP text per post. This is not a one liner RP. Colors: Red, Blue, White, Green, and Pink. Lektra is the "sixth Ranger" and becomes the Gold/Yellow Ranger at some point. We could still use Black in place of Green if there's interest, but it's controversial as well as a couple of the other original colors (Red was a standard white guy, Black was an African American, Yellow was an Asian) and been in and out of circulation a lot. It would be nice if your coat or mane color matched your Ranger color, but it's not really necessary. It could be in your outfit, but please have your color somewhere. Red, Blue, and Green need to be males. White and Pink need to be females. When my character becomes the sixth she will balance out the two. I will add a player list as we decide on the missing things, and open non-Ranger player signups as the RP progresses. The only players allowed right now are five Ranger players, anyone who would like to play a canon character to support the Rangers, the main villain who will create or summon monsters to invade the planet, and his or her cadre of supporting evildowers. First come first served! ROMANCE between the characters is fine if kept SFW, but ask the player what their character's preference is before this comes up in the RP. For example how would you like to be a stallion who likes stallions and profess your love to that one boy you've had your eye on for a while and killed many monsters with, only to find out he's into girls or is asexual? Yes, so at least talk to he player first and bring up that you're interested in shipping your character with theirs, please. -------------------------------------- Anyone interested and can help me develop this? Tagging a few people from the old version of this thread in case they might still be interested: @Drago Ryder@P-Jay@whitetiger187@Film Reel@Midnight_Aurora I can think of two people who might be interested in playing the villain, who doesn't necessarily HAVE to lose and could be reformed: @Randimaxis@Kaze Yousei -------------------------------------- Things that need to be decided on: 1. Five players and who gets what color fancy suit! Simple enough! Maybe what they look like too, but we can probably find ponified Ranger art online. 2. Player weapons and how the weapons combine. That's not going to be all that simple, really. 4. Your Zords, how they combine, and what they combine into. 5. Who is playing our villain, what kind of character it is, and their backstory. (Done) 6. Maybe help me flesh out the plot a little and make it sound like a story rather than an idea, once the other points are decided? (Done) --------------------------------------- Character list: Rangers: (Name, Ranger Weapon, Ranger Power, Zord) (Female) Red: Luster, Scythe-Shotgun, Energy Absorbtion/Redirection, Manticore Zord @Denim&Venom (Male) Blue: Clayton, Chokuto Straight Sword, Skin Hardening, Wendigo Zord @Acnologia (Female) White: Dawn, Bow, Ice Magic, Dragon Zord @Drago Ryder (Male) Green: Rocky Roads, Blaster, Speedster, Shogun Timberwolf Zord @Crewman (Female) Pink Plus 2 Males of undetermined colors, to be determined by the players. Genders of the initial group can be changed if really needed, but would prefer to keep them like this. (Extra Female) Gold: Lektra Bolt, Katana Daggers, Lightning Magic, Phoenix Zord @Lektra Bolt Evil: Big Bad @Randimaxis Midboss: Ivory Gust, Longma (Custom Species: )@TBD Cute Troopers, Scouts for King Pandar: @Buck Testa Canons: Twilight Sparkle: @Denim&Venom Discord: @Randimaxis --------------------------------------- Original idea for reference:
  19. Hello, people. I am looking for someone to play as Rainbow Dash. Nothing serious, I just want to have some fun interacting. I would like to have my OC humans (please don't kill me) interact in a Equestria. I am having a hard time looking to RP with someone. Please let me know if you are okay with this. Thanks.
  20. In case anyone on this forum wasn’t aware of it, I love roleplaying. I dedicate a lot of time to it, because it’s fun and creative and helps me work on my writing skills. As something that I love, I want to share the joys of roleplaying with other people, but I know all too well that sometimes that can be a difficult thing to do. Navigating the world of roleplaying can be challenging, and new roleplayers often find themselves facing a steep learning curve. How do you create an original character? What’s the proper etiquette in a roleplay? And what does OOC stand for anyways? To help you all on your journey from newbie to RP expert, we at MLPForums have gathered a team of roleplayers to answer questions, give advice and critiques, and generally help you improve your skills as a roleplayer. We are here to offer advice on everything from character creation to setting up a roleplay to writing posts. Now, let me introduce you to our team of roleplayers. They are ~ [member=Taialin] @Randimaxis @Quill Waver You’re probably wondering at this point how this whole mentor thing is supposed to work. Well, I’m glad you asked, hypothetical readers. All you have to do is post in this thread with a brief explanation of what you need help with (it’s okay if that explanation is “I want to roleplay but I have no idea what I’m doing"). From there, I will match you up with a mentor based on your needs, and you will receive a PM from the chosen mentor who will work with you from there. Simple, right? So what are you waiting for? Post your questions, I promise we don’t bite Note: At this time, we are not accepting applications for the RolePlay Mentor position. This may change in the future if we find that more people are needed to handle the number of requests.
  21. That's right! I'm back, and ready to do it all over again! Premise is the same as last time, your character signed up to participate in a cultural exchange after finding a flyer advertising it. It was just a normal day when you happened to come across a paper. Intrigued by its colorful design you decide to take a closer look, it reads: Do you want to make friends, Explore new lands, and Experience different cultures as well as show others the joys of your own hometown? Then participate in the first ever All Equis Cultural Exchange. To participate all you need to do is write a letter about yourself including the following: Your name, your race, and your age. Be sure to describe yourself, including a picture if possible. And finally be sure to include your location, ability to host a guest in return is a requirement for participation. All ages may participate, children must have their parents' permission to enter. Once you have submitted a letter you will be paired with another of similar age who wishes to share their culture with you. You will have a few weeks time to interact via letter prior to the official exchange, then you and your pairing will each host the other for one week in your respective home towns. You look around at your hometown and think, Why not? End Prompt I'm excited to get this thing up and running again, Link to the last one. RP Threads Midnight Star & Argante Siren Song & Maia Illiad Easle & Daxter Blackwater (The famous one) Wind Surfer & Copper Strikes
  22. Hey y'all, Gloom's back! Its been some time since I've been in a RP and I have a pretty good idea cooking up. Sure it ain't October and past Halloween, But I was hoping that Y'all will be up for a dark and spooky one. I'm looking for 5 others who are up for it. If there are any. I need a dark magic user. Good or bad, players choice 2 worriers Good or bad. and a dark hearted ruler and his loyal right hoof stallion. Here's my idea. Questria, in a time where the sisters were never born. The realm ruled by ruthless king who hide behind a facade of holy and just message. "Dark magic is a blight on the land and all who practice this unholy magic shall be captured and tried for there wretched crimes against ponykind." When in actualaty the king plans to use these dark magics to prolong his life so he can continues to rule the land with a cold and immortal hoof. He commissions to worriers to capture and bring back 2 dark magic users. On being played by my OC Mezra Umbra. A Necromancer. That's what I got so far. I Make the RP post when I have the slots filled. All other ideas that expand on this one are welcome.
  23. Note: This would be my first try to create a role-play, so if you can provide me some help, suggestions, or even opinion that'll be greatly appreciated. I am planning on doing a roleplay involving a futuristic version of Equestria. I need members to join and a little help to develop role-play world. Here are the things you need to know:- 1) Equestria's boarder has been expanded and many new locations are added (for example Neighyork and Hayburg, you can also help by thinking for the names of some new cities) 2) Humans and Ponies co-exist (to some extent, there are hater groups on both sides as well) 3) The robotics have progressed to an ultra advanced level, thanks to combine efforts of human and ponies. So, robots are a common sight at some certain places. AIs are used for many purposes, starting from servent, workers, craftsmen, entertainment (in many forms). They haven't created any sentient form of AI yet, but that hope to reach that level in next few decades. 4) The Thrones of Canterlot's Palace aren't have been succeeded to next rulers as Celestia and Luna no longer rules Equestria. They along with some other powerful figures still have their influences on the land, but land is ruled by two whole new rulers. (TBD, if you want you can help me here as well). 5) Magic is still used and even there are devices which works on a mechanism which is a combination of magic and tech. Updates: (If something new popped up I'll post that here)
  24. Since no one is really up for a dark RP, and me still wanting to RP. I'm up for anything. Whatever the other pony wants, I'm game.
  25. In a world where the Tree Of Harmony was never created, and other, Darker means were used to drive the Windegos away, the notion of Harmony never rooted itself in the lands you know as Equestria. Equus is a far different, yet somehow similar place. Three nations have risen up in Equus since the ponies migrated there. Tensions between these realms have never died down, and now War looms around the corner. The Republic of Everfree: the Wild and Subterranean Nation of Everfree are a coalition of Earth Ponies, Zebra, and Rain Deer, along with any who seek refuge from other Nations. There's is a Representative Republic, rejecting any and all who claim autocratic rule. Their military is formidable: The Quarry Mares, stone conditioned Earth Ponies and Zebra whom live off rocks and train their bodies in the Quarries they got their name from, are frightfully strong special forces whom pack the strength of any mech into their bodies. They have harnessed the power of steam, water, rocks, and plants to create a druidic army of steam powered mechs. Their nation is hidden, but their special forces and strike teams are known and rightly feared. Hurricane Legion: A union of Pegasi and Griffons whom have made their nation on an artificially sustained hurricane on the coasts of Equus. In the eye of the massive perpetual storm, the nation capital resides. While under equipped and stuck in older models of combat, the Hurricane legion should not be trifled with. When they go to battle, their entire flying country goes to battle, bringing the Wrath of an unending Hurricane with them. They do not need mechs and weapons of war. They rain tornadoes from the sky, send lightning as intensely as any gunfire, and their flying legions of warriors are a force to be reckoned with. Empire of Midnight: Truly the Super power of Equus, whom the other two dare not strike. The Empire or Midnight, once Unicornia, is an industrial empire of Magitek, and home to an alliance of Unicorns, Dragons, and Changelings. Once ruled by two Alicorn sisters with limited vision, whom squabbled about the sun and moon, they had been usurped and stripped of their magic by the sovereign and brilliant machinations of our Hallowed Empress, Midnight Sparkle. Behind her is the backing of mighty rulers whom once had machinations towards conquering Equus, but now swear fealty to The Empress. Their technological advancements are unparalleled, and it is said that it is only a matter of time before the Empress brings the other two nations to heel. However, unbeknownst to all three kingdoms, a map will soon appear with a group of friends from a very different world. I'd like for this to be an RP with people playing as the Canon mane six and a few other characters like Starlight and Spike. I'm looking for people who can really capture their characters and play how they would behave in such situations. Canon preferred for the main group. You CAN be oc's from this setting, however they need to fit into the world. The Mane sixes group is the fish out of water in this scenario. Character sheet: Name: Gender: Race: (Pony, dragon, changeling, ect) National Affiliation: (Empire of Midnight, Republic of Everfree, Hurricane Legion, ect) Personality: (who are they as a person) Flaws and quirks: (what are strange and interesting things about the character you normally wouldn't expect out of them? An odd hobby, a fanatical love of flannel, anything that will set them apart. What are their short comings?) Specialties/talents: ( what are they especially good at? What are they known for?) Bio: (where did they come from? Who are they? Also add in where they got their flaws quirks and specialties from.) Physical description/image: