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Found 141 results

  1. This is a poem that Kaynah wrote, not me I really have no clue what it means but she insisted that I post it here anyway. Through the field I walk thinking about life the fruit that we wrought. Why are we even here born into this life only to disappear... Yet I feel happiness in my soul Warmth in my heart and in my bones. I'll make the most of this time on Earth however brief By bringing my warmth to others before my soul can rest peacefully. -Kaynah Don't ask me what it means. I have no idea (again). I was half asleep and she just had a sudden inspiration to write a poem, so I took it down. Cheers. Edit: Feel free to comment you know.
  2. The iron roses gleams with a silvery glow Under the sun they sit A site that will make you stare in awe When a plant could shine like this Pick them and bring them back into town Swirling shapes shatter shared space It seems they don't want to leave The fog rolls in out of the blue A great grey shroud gives way Putting them back the fog will fade Making their message clear as day Either appreciate with your eyes or don't come back again Those iron roses.. those iron roses
  3. So. I wrote a poem. I don't do this often. I can't do it often. I blame Otty for this one. Not in a bad way.
  4. So first off, my girlfriend made this, not me, so all credit goes to her for this. Now the actual painting. It took her about 7 hours in all to do the painting and writing. The poem says, Believing that you're great and as powerful as can be, is the very first step in being as great as me. With your mind you can achieve anything that you please, but with magic like mine, it comes with greater ease. So watch and stare in awe, because the magic that you see comes from deep within the Great and Powerful Trixie <3 Again this is by my girlfriend and not me, so I take absolutely no credit for this, I just wanted to share this with everyone.
  5. Here is a poem I wrote (you can write one too if you want :3) As i stare into my own eyes, as i see the lake flowing by, I've mad a legend I shouldn't have, But it makes me happy in the end, I just gave myself a grinning friend
  6. so i just watched part of the sound of music for the first time and i can't get the song my favorite things out of my head. so i thought i could reright it to be pony related! so here it is Opal's white whiskers and Rarity's Dresses Hearts in Spikes eyes when his love he confeses ponyville's houses all sparkle and spring these are a few of my favorite things apple pie Pinkypie Friendship and partys apple trees growing all lushous and hardy Twilight the Unicorn reciveing wings these are a few of my favorite things SweetieBelle Applebloom Scootaloo as well the apple family good cider do sell Fluttershy's birds how they do like to sing these are a few of my favorite things When i'm scared and in the forest When i'm feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad Thanks for reading and possibly singing along if you know the tune *if you want to that is* hope you liked it comment below with sugestions and feedback thanks guys
  7. More water-testing on my part lol; trying my poetry this time: Bore in Ashen Winds by PegaMister (not my real name xD) Her azure wings unfolded And speak to me, she did "Show not this face to others In darkness, keep it hid" No beauty nor perversion No curve nor wing nor eye No lash nor look nor scandal Stay silent, till you die But surely this was music And this reproach her song Spilt lifeblood of the Gorgon No shame nor right nor wrong
  8. For the full effect, this poem is intended to be read in a commanding, dramatic voice with long pauses after each line. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A NONSENSE POEM, AND IS INTENDED PURELY FOR FUN. Hearth's Warming Eve, I used to know a guy named Steve. My favorite pony's name is Applejack, I think I'm about to have a heart attack. When Pinkie Pie begins to jest, Nopony else says a word in protest. If Twilight tries her very best, Nopony else will have a chance to rest. I can't think of a line for Rarity, Rainbow, or Fluttershy, So I'm moving on before I start to cry. I knew not of this pony called Alicorn. Saetan Daemon SaDiablo spoke his mind with Lorn. Nothing warms the soul like a bowl of soup. This little pony done flew the coop. I'm a fan of My Little Pony; you might even call me a Brony, "We must deal with this thang," says Mr. Mohney. Mock and shun this poor old pony if you please, For he will be imprisoned within the Hecatonchires. This poem sounds as if it's read by Zecora, They told me I could be anything, so I became Anti-Form Sora. The Grustrag Three will silence the lamb, Gimmie s'more a that sweet, Zap Apple Jam! On this warmest of holidays, let us rejoice in friendship, Little Johnny-Slow-Poke loves his Fun Valley Flip. We're all of us ponies, no matter which hat we choose to adorn, Let's have a round of applause for every earth pony, pegasus, and unicorn! -- ~Justin_Case001
  9. The Landscape's Mass by ghostfacekiller39 The night sits still around me I crawl out the window, the chilling air hits my skin My feet hit the ground, and I see those city lights looking over the hill Like an angel peeping over a cloud, above from the heavens You don't know it, but some nights, I go to this hill For its overview of the landscape's mass of city lights The beauty of of the pastel neon painting below clears my mind The foggy clouds in my head fade, stolen by the night If you were to capture these elations that I see In the inner-most mechanisms of your mind If you were to understand what I think You'll only smile as your eyes begin to cry The complex feelings of one are all clear The harsh reality itself gone with the night breeze Life itself has a simplistic beauty to it One I can't wait for you to someday see. So, yeahh, I beat a case of writer's block I dunno...I've done better, but I still think this one turned out well. Open interpretation, don't take it literally, though Ughhh...I can't help but think I can do better... Anyway, constructive criticism is always welcome! Just don't rip me a new one, I always try my hardest to output the emotions I feel into these! I've done much better than this...
  10. Deep regret tribute to my Grandmother non my use this without my express permission. Copyrighted: 2/17/14 By: Salazar Slytherin I wish to look into your eyes one last time to share the bound that we have both shared, I am always thinking about you and I am always missing you. O woe is me for i have thought i had all the time in the world to spend time with you, how very foolish I have been to have thought that. I wish to turn back the hands of time and go back and tell you how much i cared about you, I wish to once again be able to look into your eyes. Now as I lay you to rest, I say my last goodbyes and prepare for a future that I must travel alone. Woe is me O woe is me for death has stolen you form my loving embrace , O woe is me owe is me I thought I had all the time in the world to spend life with you. How I miss you for all of my days and I long to see you again in the next life, goodbye and fair well my beloved.
  11. Tsar's poem By:Salazar Slytherin Copyrighted: 2/15/14 If I were to tell you a story would you come hither and take a knee? My words are as sharp as daggers and my tongue as pointed as the common snake but thou shall only hear words of wisdom from these lips. Though the truth shall surely striketh you down , but it's through wisdom we live and learn and not to become the average civilian that society is making us to become, nor give in to the demands of the dullers for the way of the blind man can only lead down a path of destruction. But with a clear and open mind the world is like an open book it only takes the know how to open it. But if you come unto the book like a child then you understand nothing, truth as spilled unto my fellow comrades now take heed and judge me have i only spoken truth upon you or have I have only spoken lies unto your ears.
  12. Does anyone remember the story/poem "The Owl and The Pussycat"? Well, imagine an episode where Twilight's owl falls in love with Rarity's cat. Feel free to share your thoughts on such an episode. Do you think Spike would try to take advantage of the pets' romance for his own crush in Rarity? Perhaps that could make the story's lesson.
  13. The pressure building up, along with the defences, wagging an imaginary war. Both sides look equal, but it never is, with everyone against that accused of being a hor Just because i like pony's, So what if I'm a brony, Its just on the god damn Tee-Vee... Why cant anyone see? Everybody knows but no-one understands, Everyone hates you, even friendship dis-bands, But no-one REALLY understands, ...Why I'm really so sad.
  14. Write a limerick about whatever the user above you posts, which can be anything from an object to a specific event. A Limerick is a poem that has 5 lines, in A, A, B, B, A format. Examples: Here's the topic for the user below me's limerick- The Space Key
  15. I can't tell whether it is a problem or not, But I know it brings trouble a lot. Pain it does not bring for anyone, It feeds from me until I'm gone. Eaten alive I will probably get, By this monster of my mind. If it continues, you can bet, I can no longer be this kind. Nothing but darkness can be seen, With methods to light up this place You won't believe, I am keen, However I still end up in disgrace. This monster inside of me, It just will not let me be, There is no time for me to waste, I must really consider to haste. A friend to talk to is what I require, Get rid of this loneliness is what I desire. But this sweet pain won't let go of me, A misarable fool is what you see. Thus ends my life, hesitation I have none, The one you knew, forever gone, Bear with this burden, bear with this grief, My pain is yours, I received relief.
  16. I made a changeling national anthem here goes... "We know ourselves by the voice... The Voice that unites all The Voice that fills the heart Our Ears listen to the plight The love for which we must fight We know ourselves from the flame... The flame that burns the fake skin To the emerald spark we are akin The flame that burns within we hold The one, united, ancient, bold. We know ourselves from the quest... The quest to purge our taint This journey we bravely take To tame the savage soul To release our form of old." And there you have it... something i made in approximately half an hour you could say... with some breaks to read some online comics. A changeling anthem... I wanted to mention three things in it... first the "hive mind" or "Soul Union" as i call it... Second the transformations, Third the Purpose or at least what i think their purpose is. Do you think i got that right?
  17. There was no smugness There was no hate Or even love It was his fate. Like all the others Who were like him They grew cold Their eyes were dim His heart was gold... his smile was great but like the others It was his fate. We don't know why But we do know how It was his turn To take a bow With tears in our eyes We did wait But unfortunately It was his fate __________________________ I wrote this poem a while ago for LA. We were writing lyrics and I wanted mine to be on my Papa (grandfather) who passed away in 2005. Forever I will miss you.
  18. eightbithoof


    dust that lies upon the floor stirred by breath that flows once more from dreams whose roots have always been dust that never moves again
  19. Brewing up Rhymes From time to time, I’m given to ponder, An alchemist zebra who’s given to wander, The Everfree forest, despite all the danger. Gathering herbs with which she’s no stranger. From potion to poison each she has mastered, Brewing her cures to solve each disaster. With leaf and seed, with stem and root, She crafts oils, elixirs and salves to boot. Long have I wondered in my meditations, Why Zecora would converse - without provocation - With measured meter and couplets paired, Into rhyming verse wherever she fairs. It’s has been in my mind that far in the past, Under a curse Zecora fell, that was cast, By creatures whose nature was whimsy and malice, To discomfit the zebra and disrupt her ballast. Others have said that it’s a game that she plays, A tradition to sharpen her mind through each day. But perhaps the truth is simply that she, Finds joy in language, by waft and by weave. Whatever the case, it brings me a smile, To follow along each loquacious mile, And if I had my way, I tell you true, I would count this zebra as my friend, too.
  20. Hello there fellow bronies, I am in an interesting predicament here. So I have a poem due friday. And I chose do do it on bronies. Basically, it goes like this: Just Because I am a Brony Doesn't mean I........... Doesn't mean I........... Doesn't mean I........... Just because I am a Brony Doesnt mean I........... Doesnt mean I........... Doesnt mean I........... Just because I am a Brony Doesnt mean I........... Doesnt mean I........... Doesnt mean I........... Being a Brony does mean I......... I.......... I......... I........ I......... I........ I need 9 misconceptions about being a brony, and 6 good things about being a brony. I already know some, but would like to know what you guys (or girls) have to say. Allons-Y!
  21. What frivolous pursuits remain The hopes and dreams left unobtained Mar mankind's crypt as irreversible stains Loved ones, hated ones are all the same We are one in the dust of our earthly graves The mortal man must not forget He must submit to death And all that he is becomes forfeit.
  22. My control of our life crumbles away slowly The silence overtaking us I think of all the time we spent together skipping through the fields, nary a worry or care When we first met, love at first sight she was all I had ever wanted Her words sweet like fresh berries, picked right from the bush her beauty unmatched by the greatest works of the greatest artists Her smile warm like the sun, on a cool clear day Her eyes shined green like the crisp forest, in the windy summer air Her love was all I ever needed All I ever wanted When we were together, nothing could tear us apart at least that's what we thought If only we knew then what we know now So now as I sit here on the cracked and dusty floor holding her with me, praying to every god there is That somehow we could pull through and make it past this But I knew the truth, I knew she would not make it I cry for her, tears of sadness at the cruelty of life As I feel her strength draining, it kills me inside I can only wish it would have been me instead that had to go as she coldly goes limp in my arms But I knew the truth, the cold harsh cutting truth Though we may live high as a mighty king, in the highest castle or as a lowly rat, scraping by day by day On what's left behind We may live our life as the most wicked evil to ever come to be Or we may live as the most kind and humble knight Helping all those who come our way, asking nothing in return In the end, we all turn to dust
  23. This a poem thing-y that I wrote. After the first couple lines popped in to my head, I just needed to finish it. It's sort of an old west type thing. Somewhat inspired by The Beatles' "Rocky Raccoon". A long, long time ago In a town that had no name Lived a boy named John G. Johnson A boy who knew no shame One day he ran away from home And his folks were worried sick But Johnny had begun to roam And was getting quite a kick He was 500 miles away In a town that had no name He thought he'd be here to stay In a place that had no shame He was sittin down at a local saloon Havin himself a drink When some old crazy loon Named Jim Lee Teerink Came up to him With a gun in his hand He said "My name is Jim And I rule this land" He picked up his gun And Johnny did too He knew there was nowhere to run He knew this to be true But Johnny boy smacked Jim Right in the face And knocked his gun away from him Johnny thought he could close the case But Ol' Jimmy boy Had some other ideas He picked up John's gun like a toy And he pointed it at John and said "See ya, Johnny" Shot poor Johnny right into the face In a town that had no name I know it sucks, but I had done it, and I didn't really have a reason not to post it.
  24. I've never really written a poem before so here it goes: "Who you see" Who you see is only apart of me that only tries to get through the day, There's a side of me That I hide hidden and locked away, It likes to shout, it likes to rant it loves to tell me everything of what I've done wrong, And tells me that I won't live for long, I keep it hidden in the darkest part of my mind, Wrapped in chains on a steak left to die, It been harder and harder for me to not let it free, Because I hear the rattling chains coming closer to me, They become louder and louder every day, But soon they will stop, once I wither away
  25. Really hoping the title doesn't bring about unnecessary warning points... Here's one poem written in two different forms. Comment, brohoof, criticize, and/or name your favorite barn animal. The clock on the wall is quite shifty indeed. He goes back on his promises forth on his greed. He’ll yell out the hour then, just as you turn. The minutes will crumble The seconds will burn. ----------------------- The clock Selfish and cruel A prank where you’re the fool Addictive to submissive tick tock