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Found 141 results

  1. First, a little back story. I was riding my quad through my neighborhood to get to some trails. I was doing roughly 10 MPH (The limit is 20), I was in my lane, trying to stay as off the road as possible. I noticed a speeding SUV come cresting over the hill ahead, the driver looking down at her cell phone (Presumably texting). I flash my lights a couple times, which caught her attention, as she looked up and swerved hard back into her lane. "Grrrr.... I'M SO ANGRY I WROTE A POEM" An Ode to the bad driver: Oh bad driver, in your silver SUV, Why will you not watch for little 'ol me? Can your silly text messages wait? With your Ford pointed at me, I felt I would soon face my fate! Let's take a minute to see how your driving has afflicted this little neighborhood thus far: You've run stop signs, crossed lanes, and Done double the speed limit In that Metal cage you call a car! You see me as a danger, while I ride my quad, not looking for trouble. You are now racing towards me (as I'm on said quad) at 40 MPH from behind your two-ton bubble. Glancing at your phone, typing out your "El Oh El" and your "Jay-Kay", Put your phone away! You're a menace, you are. If it were my choice I'd impound your car! Bad driver, you nearly took my life. You can see how this may cause a bit of a strife. Bad driver I ask of you, If you hit a little kid what would you do?
  2. "The Charge of the Light Brigade" is a poem about the charge of British Calvalry during the Crimean War. The poem itself was written by Lord Alfred Tennyson (Who also wrote the poem 'Ullysses' also one you should look at). For English we had to pick a poem and describe it. I chose to poemception it (that is write a poem about a poem), here is what I wrote: "There is a battle afoot The horsemen rode forward The brigade is ordered out The 600 rode out Obeying foolish orders Their moment of triumph Their moment of death They obeyed their master's whim The Russians shot their guns The Calvalry charged faster as they rode across the open plain The horsemen fought sword to sword, sabre to sabre Brave men died as death overcame them The horsemen not knowing immortalized their name with a foolhardy charge." It's not very good, but I didn't tthink it was too bad for someone who doesn't write much poetry.
  3. If you dress differently than most, you are "confused". If you act differently than most, you are "abnormal". If your desires are different than most, you are "deviant". It is true that there are wrong actions, harmful desires. But Where there is no harm there is no victim. Where there is no victim there is no wrongdoing. What is not wrong should not be judged. Weird does not equal bad.
  4. So I got into this epic poem battle on Youtube... Here is what the youtuber said: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have all this nukes, and their all for you." How did I respond? "Roses are awesome, Violets are bitchin' Take it like a man, and get back in the kitchen" LOL
  5. I just had an out of the blue idea for a fanfiction and decided to write it up. I don't have anything completed yet, but I did write up a sort of poem that will be a driving element for the story. It's not perfect yet but if you want to draw conclusions then I won't confirm or deny anything, just go ahead and take a look. The first with a secret that couldn't be kept, Her family is large, but alone she was left The next with the gift of life after death, She walks the land lonely, unseen by the rest The last with a shock, was born without flesh, The fight for her choice will be her final test Three foals without parents keep truths repressed The weight of their world, with which they have been blessed They set of on a journey for an unknown quest To end life as we know, for worst or for best I honestly don't know if this fic will go anywhere yet, but if it does I will link it.
  6. Come the morning, I am not sure I will be here with you, We Live On. I know not for whom the bell tolls, Yet We Live On. I wish to never say good bye, but feel the sorrow when I can't, Living On. I know not if love is real, for we only find out in the end, Still We Live On. For those who truly love you, truly care for you, shall stand beside you when the good byes are exchanged, And We Live On. We wish to live in the world of happiness, but I only see cutthroats, robbers and fiends. Who shall we trust? No One? Anyone? Who Knows, but We Live On. Is the unknown all we know? Is it something that we should fear? Can We Live On? Or love? And Live On? I say this now because all the plans I make, you make, he makes, she makes, it makes, can be reversed with the simplest derp of destiny. We see ourselves as the mighty trees: The Oaks, Pines, Maples and Willows standing firm atop the ground. But circumstance can be the Gust, Hurricane, or Tornado. Eventually we do break. But we are not trees, because Trees don't know their world. They don't Fear it. They Love it and Live On. Perhaps I don't know anything, or won't know anything. I don't know if I'll see you tomorrow or any other day. But I wish not to be the tree who can't take the wind and snaps, but rather the tree that takes the wind and stays together even when the wind uproots it. And have a familiar stranger see me and replant me. Home? Where is Home? Is this Home? The Birds come back, as do the sun, the rain, and the stars. Are they the same? Are they different? Who Cares. I Lived On. -Anony
  7. Think about it... I sit alone; a man, a stone. What nature calls it’s own.
  8. I almost didn't write this poem because it's so sad. Keep an eye out for the companion piece I'm writing. It adds some depth to the story. As always, comment, criticize, brohoof, etc. When Kindness withers and Laughter dies. Generosity ages, Honesty says goodbye. Magic stayed longer, soon to perish. What good is Loyalty with no one to cherish?
  9. brohoofs are nice, but comments would be most appreciated. Five stood ‘round one graveside Tears in their eyes “Kindness may pass but never truly dies” Four sat ‘round one graveside Near another old plot “Keep Ponyville laughing That’s what she would want” Three knelt ‘round one graveside Their sextet now halved “Death took the one thing She’d have taken back” Two lay ‘round one graveside Near four aging stones “A hard truth to swallow; she found her way home” One cried at the graveside of five dear old friends “such morbid irony by life’s cruel pen” Naught stirred at the graveside save life incarnate words left unspoken dripped upon granite
  10. Here's the "fleshed out" version of the poem I posted a few days ago, which can be found here. As always, comment, brohoof, and criticize. Five stood ‘round one graveside Tears in their eyes “Kindness may pass but never truly dies” Four sat ‘round one graveside Near another old plot “Keep Ponyville laughing That’s what she would want” Three knelt ‘round one graveside Their sextet now halved “Death took the one thing She’d have taken back” Two lay ‘round one graveside Near four aging stones “A hard truth to swallow; she found her way home” One cried at the graveside of five dear old friends “such morbid irony by life’s cruel pen” Naught stirred at the graveside save life incarnate words left unspoken dripped upon granite
  11. These five yards, Under the same sun, Different to each other yet the same to some. The yards argue, Claim each other`s land. Intense rivals fight over useless sand. United with three, yard two wins all, only to turn around and see itself fall. Yard three learns, And conquers all again, Only to fall on the sword Of another "friend." Yard four cleans its sword, and attacks one. Years of pointless war, and both are done. Yard two comes back With untold power. But its instability now has it under a flower. Finally, yard five, waited and thought. It had nothing to gain thus nothing was lost. These five yards, different to each other. sought only for themselves yet they were brothers.
  12. 54 Flaming monkeys at sea They are not beautiful, pretty like me Echidnas fly out of their faces and explode destroying the places The monkeys attack the little critters Eating some avocado-watermelon fritters Flaming Wheelchairs fall from the sky They are not clever or witty as I The town and the city burns to the ground Not a single ATM to be found from the sky, darkened ash falls I am most definitely tripping serious balls As the clock ticks by, slipping away counting up to the very next day I sit there, looking at once was a city yet I cannot feel any pity For I am a robot squid zombie wizard, who can play ping pong and conjure up blizzards Shooting lamp posts out of my hand I sustain myself by eating rubber bands Marco can not play tribes very well It's because he doesn't play much he will tell He doesn't have much tactic to refer to Some line about something should be here, shoe I am very tired, writing this thing the stream's title has a very nice ring I have no idea what I'm talking about At your face I will throw a trout
  13. World without War. By:Prince_Morningstar I tell my dad what would the world be without war? He said..."My son,it would be a perfect place without hate,fear and anger. But the world is not a perfect place so one way or another we must all go and defend our country. But without evil people it would be for a while. For a world is not perfect".
  14. I wrote a poem in this topic It was completely random and I want to know what you guys think. Here it it: Deep in the forest, Caterpillars roam For they must consume the leaves Upon the tall old trees to become the moth they were meant to be But one caterpillar wanted something different He was tired of everybody being the same So he tried the leaves nobody tries And wrapped himself up in a cocoon When he emerged from this cocoon He was a butterfly His beautiful wings shot a message to others Most caterpillars laughed at the colorful epicene wings But some caterpillars wanted to be like the butterfly So they tried the leaves nobody tries And now we have butterflies.
  15. Being sad Isn't so bad As long as you have friends to cheer you up a tad You'll be happy just to know that they care enough Now that everypony's happy And you're no longer unhappy Just join around for a group hug Close enough togerther that your really, really snug Aren't you glad that you're so weird, and that they are too? If you're sad again just remember you have good friends like these~ And that you're not a chicken like ScootaLoo~! *Giggle*
  16. I said I had a random idea in my status, so here is what I put together pretty quick. Posted it on dA and thought I'd share it with you. A day like today: Words are choked as they try to escape my mind A day of silence, a day of nothing but restless thoughts In a world where dreams die, hapiness is hard to find I snap to reality; the high shrill of a bell pulls me into the room A day of clamber, a day of trudging through a rut My body keeps in this path, never straying, never falling away Some find their day coming to an end; that is only for those that find rest A day of unease, a day that has no pauses in its wake I am helpless against these waves of time Setting down my load, aches begin to race across my back A day of pain, a day of anxiety to press it further Some would call me a mess, I prefer just being me My head tumbles unto my pillow as sleep overcomes me A day of light, a day that is now night Thoughts repeat as I drif into a world of fabrication A tremor hits my body, a nightmare of my memories A night of fears, a night filled with unrest These memories are vivid, like the days of their occurance Morning begins; sleep has not entered my soul A day of hurt, a day that pushed onward Keys are always hard to find, always seeming to move The metal is idle until met with life by my instruction A day of choices, a day that is like any other The road I follow is long and lonesome My mind slips once again into thought; my dreams are still fresh A day of wandering, a day to be distracted Eyes wander and tires bend; coming to at the last moment A tree stops the motion, the motion I put into its path A day of harm, a day of moments to regret I see the car, the grass is soft under my touch The road is still as my mind turns into haze a day of nothing, a day of nothing Nobody comes down this road... and they shouldn't Not on a day like today
  17. Cadance is pink, Shining Armor is blue. Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. You've got that extra sense, Like feelin Pinkie keen, Like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Wed make the perfect team. Ill stay by your side like loyal Applejack, Id love you more than apples love Big Mac. You're more amazing than Rainbow Dash, Luna, or Daring-Do, Out of all of the ponies, I choose you. <3. What do y'all think? Could I win a handsome bronys heart?
  18. The poem you never knew you loved, now in blog form! The flick of a thumb A silent wish Sent sailing through the air A flash of silver Bright and bold Into the stony lair It brushed past hopes Skimmed empty wants And grazed by dreams long held Plinked off regrets Crashed into lies And chipped old promises A flash of silver Bright and bold Led on by gravity And when echoed a Tiny splash It didn’t change a thing
  19. "Don't look now, but CamRad18 wrote another poem." "Maybe if we back away slowly, he won't notice us." In all seriousness though, I did indeed write another poem and it's about Discord, sort of. Depends on how you look at it. 10 free hugs and a half used can of Rogaine to whoever catches the irony of this work. The Master of Chaos does as he wants an imbalanced equation brought to life His mind a place filled with erratic thoughts a paradox and contradiction spliced no rule can bind, no law can keep him back like capturing the fog using a net too many definitions to keep track infinity collides with man’s intent the cornerstone of Age, Progress, and Time yet equally as dangerous to their cause a foe? a friend? Intentions he does hide you can’t hope to cajole this ancient god the Master of Chaos conforms for none a living mismatch looking for some fun
  20. Alone I wander this loveless earth, left alone to test my worth. As night falls down upon my head I avoid my chance to go to bed. Silence seems to be my only friend, forevermore until the end. Curious is my breaking heart, maybe all I need to do is play a part. Look at me I beg you please, look at me as I stand in the cool autumn breeze. I write these words straight from my heart, I write these words to play my part. A poet I’ve become in this present time, a poem I write in hopes that it will rhyme. Hearken to me I beg you please; Hearken to me as I fall on my knees. Please don’t go, I don’t mean to offend, please don’t go, all I want is a friend. Alone I am again as my world falls to gray, alone I am alone I shall stay. Silence in my isolation, silence is my aberration.
  21. I had no idea where to post this in the pony art section of the community since it's not as clear as the non-pony art section so I've decided to post this here. This is a short (super short) Story/Poem I came up with today while sitting in a library. I dedicate it to a Changeling group I'm part of on a MLP site called Equestria Forever and hope you all find it somewhat entertaining. I've decided to break it into parts. This here is part one and depicts queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings overrunning Canterlot in Equestria. Part two will come soon (maybe) so enjoy this little intro if you'd be so kind. I'll be posting this as well to my Deviantart page soon. ------- As the mighty queen sits on her throne we wait in Canterlot all alone. Her orders are what we wait for; her orders are what we came for. Disguised and cloaked as a pony none shall realize that we are phony. We walk amongst ponykind, deceiving all in heart and mind. At last her orders have finally come; we await her arrival now to the sound of a war drum. Confusion and wonder fill the hearts of ponykind; the sound of the war drum was the last thing on their mind. The doors swing open and here comes the queen, bringing fear refined and pristine. The roar of the queen’s changeling army fills the morning air, catching all of ponykind off guard and unaware. “Off with her head!” She shouts causing terror and fright; we bend to her orders as we begin to fight.
  22. A golden song The purest snow A quiet heart Forever gone To the eyes But not the soul Regretful thoughts Never heard By the others The onlookers But forever pounding In the ashamed mind What's always forgotten The true tune A darkend past Not always will But truely can Lead to a beautiful future I wrote this poem (Lyric) for a project in English. It's about a book called Hole in my Life. It's actually pretty good. The book I mean. If needed I can explain the poem in a comment.
  23. You twist a knife deep in my soul And bring my heart to bear. You betrayed me, brought me to the ground When I first began to care. You spit on me and spite me, You make my life pure Hell. You've left me here with nothing, But our horrid, painful tale. Please, oh please, just leave me! Oh, just leave me alone! You've wormed your way so close to me, Then you cut me to the bone. So now I'll leave this mess behind. No, I don't love you anymore. It's tragic how I hate so much The one I did adore!
  24. This is a random poem that came to me today while I was taking a shower. I can't really choose when and how poems come to me, they just happen. With my limited vocabulary I'd say this poem came out somewhat well. Forgive my spelling if you spot any mistakes. I may be good with words but my spelling is horrible. If anyone cares to know, I'll be putting this up on my DeviantART account too. ------- As darkness fills my very soul you turn to me and ask where I’ll go. You plead and plead for me to stay but I cannot, not this day. You grab my arm with persistence and force; I knock you down with no remorse. --- You stand back up and grab me again, you beg me not to go for I am your friend. Once more I break your grip and push you away, I’ve told you already, I cannot stay. I make my way to the front door; I turn to see you’re still on the floor. --- You’ve wondered why I acted this way, you’ve wondered why till this day. I’ve been gone for so many years, but not once did you shed any tears. Every other night without a peep, I enter your room and watch you sleep. I miss the days we had together but they are gone, gone forever.
  25. Hey guys! I wrote another poem! (as always, criticism is highly encouraged) The flick of a thumb A silent wish Sent sailing through the air A flash of silver Bright and bold Into the stony lair It brushed past hopes Skimmed empty wants And grazed by dreams long held Plinked off regrets Crashed into lies And chipped old promises A flash of silver Bright and bold Led on by gravity And when echoed a Tiny splash It didn’t change a thing