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Found 141 results

  1. Why do we cry? We shed tears From the corners of our eyes As if to wash our sorrows from sight. If only those tears Could wash the sorrow from my heart. If I could Look up, Stand a little taller, Reach a little higher, Then maybe I could be there To wipe the tears from her face. So let's cry together And through our tears not see Each other's pure happiness At simply having someone to cry with. So let's cry together And through our tears not see That the tears that fall Never hit the ground.
  2. Want to read another poem I wrote? ...Too bad, I'm posting it anyway. (Criticism highly encouraged!) Choices choices choices Whizzing by now gone Chances chances chances Hope there's more than one An on-rails adventure Going faster than You'd like Growing pains abound Maturing quicker than Is right Choices choices choices Whizzing by now gone Chances chances chances Hope there's more than one
  3. Cold The rain patters on, endlessly dropping down for all to see The feel of the dampness on my skin cannot compare to the depth of the pain within You once were there, to help me see you made me things that before I could not be Why must you leave me now, in times of need But your words, your teachings are my creed The sky is dark, deep navy blue why could I not have passed away too You have left my presence, needlessly and it holds truth that without you I cannot be It is done now, the rain is gone but light will not return until the crack of dawn But without you by my side, it matters not without you, I have no light, all I can do is rot I sit now, here by your resting place My heart beats, at a steady pace I solemnly yearn for the day when we can finally be together again
  4. I wrote a pretty mediocre poem for English class, bit decided to share it anyway I’m Not A Little Girl. By: *cough*Pencilhoof *cough* Yes, My Little Pony. No, I’m not a little girl. The correct term is a brony. Eeyup, They’re all around the world. Yes, I know what FOX news said. The fact is they were wrong. Those rumors have been put to bed. Huh, Can’t keep us down for long. Ghost on speaks on the radio. He claims bronies are trouble. The second one who doesn’t know. Well, Now the fun’s been doubled. Ms. Magazine says she hates it. Says Lauren Faust can’t fool her. Ignorance blocks her from bliss. But We‘re 20% cooler. So media, long story short, I tip my hat, good game! You labeled us just for sport. And, We trot on just the same. LOL told you it was mediocre, oh well, i was tired :3
  5. Hey guys! Looking for some constructive criticism! Choices choices choices Whizzing by now gone Chances chances chances Hope their's more than one An on-rails adventure Going faster than You'd like Growing pains abound Maturing quicker than Is right Choices choices choices Whizzing by now gone Chances chances chances Hope their's more than one
  6. These are all short poems, so I thought I'd post them together. also, most of my poetry that I've posted here has had similar structure, so I wanted to add a little variety. Learn about cinquain's here. Learn about haiku's here. Cinquains: "Winter" Silent I gaze out at The falling snow and rain Beyond the frosty windowpane. Winter. "Spring" Serene, The earth is green As plants begin to sprout While small creatures scurry about. Springtime. "Summer" (Yes, the last line is a reference to Phineas and Ferb) "School's out!" The children shout And run around and play It's time for us to seize the day. Summer. "Autumn" Now all Leaves gently fall, The air fills with a chill And all the schools begin to fill. Autumn. "Love" Love burns Like a wildfire Consuming lovers' hearts. Know beauty as great as the finest art And love. "A Crash" A crash Scent of sulfur The smell of gasoline The sight of glass mixed with my red blood I scream "Love II" Your breathe, Your soft heartbeat, Your skin's sweet, gentle warmth, Your lips, which taste of cinnamon, Are love. "Night II" The dark, Enchanting world; Then soft whispering grass, The crisp Autumn night air, surrounds My soul. "Luna II" Eerie White glow above, Sphere of the dark divine, Fills my cold heart with chilly joy. Luna. Haikus: "Feline Unfriendliness" A silly creature Hiss one moment, purr the next My cat confounds me "At Least it's not a Trochee" (I wrote this after writing a couple Shakespearean sonnets ) Kudos to Shakespeare. Iambic Pentameter Is quite difficult. "Meowsomnia" My cat meows loudly Now, that's a catastrophe! He keeps me awake. Comments are appreciated. I may add more of these shorter poems to this thread in the future, rather than making an entirely new one.
  7. This is a poem I wrote back before I my poems started to rhyme every time, from the perspective of Death as a response to John Donne's poem, "Death Be Not Proud" which can be found here. And here's my original poem: "Death's Response" Though sayeth that I ought not be proud, That my dominion is meager and small, That my power is short-lived, And under the control of mere men. Though hast presumed my dominion over thee Is limited to thy Deathbed And that thy sleep shall be but a moment. However, that is a lie. I prey on thee when thou expect it not. I shall Punish thee in Life, not Death; My terror stretches abroad from my dominion. It is I who shall eternally live, For Death brings sorrow not to the Dead, But to those they leave Behind.
  8. I had to share this poem by Robert Frost. It sounded like a Sweet Apple Acres to me, even though that isn't the meaning of the poem. My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree Toward heaven still. And there's a barrel that I didn't fill Beside it, and there may be two or three Apples I didn't pick upon some bough. But I am done with apple-picking now. Essence of winter sleep is on the night, The scent of apples; I am drowsing off. I cannot shake the shimmer from my sight I got from looking through a pane of glass I skimmed this morning from the water-trough, And held against the world of hoary grass. It melted, and I let it fall and break. But I was well Upon my way to sleep before it fell, And I could tell What form my dreaming was about to take. Magnified apples appear and reappear, Stem end and blossom end, And every fleck of russet showing clear. My instep arch not only keeps the ache, It keeps the pressure of a ladder-round. And I keep hearing from the cellar-bin That rumbling sound Of load on load of apples coming in. For I have had too much Of apple-picking; I am overtired Of the great harvest I myself desired. There were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch, Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall, For all That struck the earth, No matter if not bruised, or spiked with stubble, Went surely to the cider-apple heap As of no worth. One can see what will trouble This sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is. Were he not gone, The woodchuck could say whether it's like his Long sleep, as I describe its coming on, Or just some human sleep. ~Robert Frost
  9. Chernobyl As the fumes filled the air No one seemed to care They all didn't know what was going on As they piled them in buses to leave their lawns No one understood Though the misconception still stands That they actually cared about the people dying When reactor 4 was melting When radiation pierced the skies Did those people need to die And as those fumes filled the air No one seemed to care They took them away, but were too late The radiation had spread to decide their fate Swollen bodies, and cancers becoming All to real The fumes filled the air no one seemed to care Who can we blame Was it the people Was it the government was it the people in the highest sectors wishing away the people beneath them hooping one day they'd be dead and gone Hoping to rid the life that was Maybe they didn't mean it Yeah I can see it We blame the government for everything what about this The fumes continued to fly in the sky The rescue workers all got caught in the invisible cloud that they had fought Cancerous radiation poisoning at it's finest losing the battle finally ready to lie down and die And as the fumes filled the air no one seemed to care I wrote this for my geography class. I think it's pretty good.
  10. My first poem was received pretty well so I figured I write another. Positive criticism welcome and encouraged! Born as a leader But not equipped to be one Taking the follower Down dangerous paths Forging ahead With blind mistakes and follies The pathway scares him But he cannot go back The errors leave marks And create wounds slow to heal Leader warns follower Blood drawn all the same Not wanting this role Yet behind footsteps echo The unworthy leader Feels far too much shame The journey goes on The danger worsens each day Can’t the follower see? The leader is flawed Words fall on deaf ears “My mistakes shouldn’t be yours!” The follower looks up Eyes filled with one thought Undeserved admiration
  11. A poem I wrote recently that basically recounts some moments of my younger years that I'm not proud of. It's pretty personal to me, but I figured I'd post it here since none of you know me in real life. (Also, I've been sober 3 and a half years now. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hard drugs aren't worth it. There's better things in life.) - - - nosebleeds - - - finally you wake up in a parking space behind burger king jacket wet from an oil slick and there are people standing above you some of your friends "christ, i thought you were dead," one of them says but these weren't the friends you were with before "i'm sorry, but please don't tell anybody you found me here. please." "uh, no problem." "are you ok?" "you think you could watch me? make sure i don't pass out again?" "yeah, all right. just follow us." you're sorry to take up any space at all but you aren't really sorry, just scared you asshole the last thing you remember it was still daylight you were on the other side of town starting to come down and you asked for more the two of you did a few more pills then a lot more pills it's the little things six hour gaps in your memory wandering around the laundromat with the fluorescent lights beating on your nosebleeds the listless stares of people around you wondering what the hell this kid's only fifteen he's sleeping in a parking lot? and he's got dilated pupils, nosebleeds jesus, he's shaking, why's he shaking? they make you tell yourself this is the last time this is the last time, i swear i'm quitting all these things you thought you could quit you can quit anytime well you thought you could quit
  12. A brand new poem! I woke up in the middle of the night, looked out my window, and I immediately was overcome with an unusual, but incredible feeling and realization, which inspired me to write this poem. It is nothing like my other work because it doesn't rhyme, doesn't have a clear meaning, and it is true free verse. Despite this, this is one of my favorite and most emotional poems yet. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated very much "A Glossy Night" I lay my cheek down upon frost bitten glass, The clouds up above contorted in sinister smiles, Glimmering moonlight from their watery whisps, As its source stares with an ominous aura. A purple sky for a blood-red Moon, Twinkling stars for a dying street lamp, And a wary nature for my blistering soul, Which is purged up and out of me in horrid relief, Letting go of all that makes me me; Cold and miserable, Dead and alive, Unsure, but determined for failure. I enter a new world of space and possibility, Yet up above this shimmering Orb fights off the night, Holding back all of the howling and calls, Fighting and bleeding, Uncertainty if I will lose my very life. It breathes out ether, Filling my lungs with pain, hope, death, and love, Leaving me a shell of my former self, Yet I will forever cherish every haunting breath. I lie, I faint, I breathe, I exhale warm vapor, Fogging up the forgotten window pane, As I pass away into Peaceful slumber.
  13. Here' s a short, rather sad poem I wrote. Any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated. "Dust" I sit here, alone, Amongst cobwebs and dust. I look around and mourn All those I did love and trust. This house is my tomb As I await my demise; To escape this cold earth And roam free in the skies. Oh, I just want to see you. Oh, I'm sorry I'm late. I'll be with you soon, But for now I must wait
  14. Despite the name, this poem is not about the princess. If you want to interpret it that way though, that' s cool too. "Luna" An eerie glow Through the drifting fog, Above the meadow and the bog. The enchanting guardian of the night Which brings to many quite a fright. A howling fills the chilly air from beasts and creatures everywhere, Praising the glory of the goddess Luna; The entrancing stare of the moon.
  15. "Night" There is a coolness in the air. All the earth fades to grey. But there is a kind of beauty there As the stars begin to play Amongst a field of darkness and the unknown As I sit here, alone. The moon glows eerily above Reflecting the sun's rays, Yet it is somehow more wondrous; Independent from the day. To others this is scary, but to me it seems When I look into the night sky, it is like a dream.
  16. "An Apple of Eden" A cacophonous scream echoes Inside of my head. Outside, I am Memory, Inside, I am dead. I’m full of regrets In this life that I live. I’ve tried, but I fear I gave All I can give. Frustration inside my mind Pulses and grows, Forgetting my pleasures; Holding on to sorrows. I’m sick of emotions And sick of this place. I hate to stare in the mirror And look at this face. The screams that assault me, I fear now are real. I want to be rid of these troubles; To no longer feel. I’m an Apple of Eden Full of things that I hide; And Life’s a knife that cuts me To the Darkness inside. I’m a miserable time-bomb Of chaos and pain, Leaving my family To stand out in the rain.
  17. I'm unique in a twisted sort of way because I have a very vivid, very selective memory. I rarely remember things about my own life and past...unless it is something I strongly regret. As a result, I sometimes cannot get thoughts of the terrible things I've done or experienced out of my mind, and this tends to make me depressed. I wrote this during one such time. "I Want to Forget" I want to forget all the memories that happened at home. I want to forget that I'm lost and alone. I want to be rid of all my mistakes. I want to get rid of all the sorrow I've made. I want to forget my childish rage. I want to forget being hurt and enslaved. I did not want to be hated; I just want to lose this facade I've created I want to forget all the things that I've said, And to no longer mourn all my friends who are dead. I want to forget about money. I want to forget all the jokes that weren't funny. I want to forget being cast aside by my peers; All of their laughing and all of their jeers. I want to forget all these ghosts that do haunt me, But inside me they continue to berate and taunt me.
  18. so I wrote a poem...which I've never done before. I struggle with depression and I just sort of wrote this at random. I know its not amazing but is it at least average? It waits sitting at the corners of the mind always present never tangible It hunts looking for weakness a break in concentration a gap between events It attacks a razor blade its weapon isolation its strategy pain its goal It retreats not in fear but in triumph loathing in its wake a promise to come back
  19. I wanted to write a new poem today, but family issues kept me busy with other things. I decided to post an old one instead. I'm beginning my second semester of university in two or three days so I thought it would be fitting to post a poem I wrote around the beginning of last semester. Unfortunately, it is a sad one. As always, your comments, suggestions, etc. are very greatly appreciated. "I Am Not Well" A pounding headache, At ten-forty at night, Echos the bass from The room to the right. Upon my shelves Books, papers, and assignments do pile. I have so much, But they're not due for a while. My dorm is as empty, As my mind and my belly; With nine meals a week And no company. I am as lonely As a man on an island. All my friends are at home. Meanwhile, I am Stuck here In my own, cold-burning hell. So, as you may have noticed, I am not well.
  20. Greetings Everyone. This is a poem I wrote that took me about two hours to get done. I have to be honest, I'm very proud of myself because despite the fact that I'm a poet my vocabulary is very limited and my grammar isn't the best since I've isolated myself after I lost my friends two years ago. I'll be posting this up on my DeviantART and Tumblr as well. Thank you to anyone who reads my poem and leaves honest comments. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There was a man, a quiet eccentric man. He traveled the world near and far; without a boat, without a car. To moonlit valleys in the inky dark, He journeyed on without a remark. He was in search for a hidden clue What that was, nobody knew. Cloaked he was, with his hood up high. No one bothered to ever ask why. Determined he was to find his way; he would not be sidetracked, he would not stray. The years flew by and I grew older, but he did not, he only grew bolder. To this day as I lay in my bed, I tell the story of the young hooded man who traveled this would with courage in hand.
  21. I was feeling kind of down for some reason, so I felt like posting this. It's a sad poem I wrote at a very dark time in my life, though unfortunately most of the problems I had that caused me to write this never went away. I greatly appreciate any of your comments or suggestions. "I Want/ I Need" I thought I wanted fortune. I thought I wanted fame. I wanted my words in pages, And my artwork hung in frames. I once wanted love; I can’t remember why. I once thought all I wanted Was to be remembered when I die. I was to be a hero, Who had no need for friends, But now all my wishes Have come to a sudden end. Now I don’t want to be wealthy. I don’t want to be wise. I don’t need to save you, Or silence any cries. I’ve lost all my friends. My family is behind. Darkness overwhelms both My cold heart and my mind. Now I’ll sit here in silence; Me and my coffee mug, And though I be a loner All I need is a hug.
  22. Hello Everyone! Last night I decided to start writing a grimdark poem since I haven't written anything that involved grimdark content for a long time. I made it a mission to start writing a few (about 2 or 3) grimdark poems before I start working on my grimdark fanfictions again. This poem was a bit short but I've always believed good things always come in small packages. Most of my writing is effected by the music I listen to as I work so this poem below was effected by some dark ambient music I had playing in the background. At the moment I'm working on another grimdark poem that I hope will end up being a little longer. This 2nd poem will be about the decline of Pinkie Pie's sanity. So yes it will be connected to MLP. The poem will probably end up being a bit graphic so I probably won't post it on the MLP Forums. I'm concerned that the mods will view it as NSFW. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poem below. Leave your opinions if you can. I know I'm not a pro when it comes to writing poems so I won't be offended if you don't like my work. [side note: When I post grimdark poems on the MLP Forums the text will be in red since it suits grimdark writing better.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheathed in darkness my heart shall be, never again will it be free. --- Hiding away from my own sin, afraid of the light i’ve always been. --- The empty black sky above my head, intrigued I am and filled with dread. --- My tainted heart beats strong and true, inducing fear only for you. --- The bleeding moon comes in sight, fueled by darkness it fills me with fright. --- As a grin spreads across its rocky face, disturbed I become and quicken my pace. --- As its pearcing glare stares down upon my head, my heart grows weak as I go to bed. --- My heart my heart it has grown weak, a new one I need and yours is what I seek. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit: As I was looking over this poem I ended up adding 3 more lines. To make it easier for you readers to pick out which lines I just added I've colored them in green.]
  23. I was having some weird feelings, coupled with some philosophical issues a while back, and I wrote this. I know that it may be confusing, but it is how I felt. I don't know if I've lost these thoughts or just supressed them, but I don't feel this way much anymore. "Nothing" I'm still in my youth, Yet I'm older than dust. Here is the truth: I'm neither "me" nor "us." You see, I have grown Oh so sick and alone. I've ventured into darkness, And I've made it my home. And somewhere along the way My soul's gone astray Now, here is the message thatI have come to convey: My life has been dimmed And the dream here has died; I'm living on Earth, Yet I'm not alive. Everything in the world that used to mean something Has been shown to me now, And revealed to be nothing. Oh, I'm not depressed, though that's what it seems For all of this nothing also includes me. Now I know you're confused, but please don't get irate. Perhaps to my feelings, none can ever relate. Within loss I've gained peace; A solemn black dove But peace can mean nothing Without hope and love. Oh, I know, I could try to escape, But it seems this dark fate Is within me, innate. My mind is not yours; A blessing, a curse, And as time goes on My thoughts do grow worse. My soul screams out, not joining others And as much as I try, no man is my brother. So it seems that I'm here, Stuck in this void Until I breathe my last breath, And my black heart is destroyed. So I'll just sit around, killing my time And enjoy empty pleasures up here on cloud nine. For now, I just want to fade into sleep Oh, a sleep so deep and also so sweet…
  24. Since I was a child, I've had an odd fascination with the dark and macabre, or "grimdark" as our fandom used to call it. I see the beauty and poetry in every tragedy. As a result, I love writers such as Stephen King, Lovecraft, Bret Easton Ellis, and Poe. I also love horror movies. This poem is about my morbid fascination. "The Darker Side" Darkness consumes the earth As the harvest moon bleeds red. I sit here in the Autumn grass And live amongst the dead. I breathe in the chilly air, Filled with macabre joy, The sweet, sweet scent of sorrow, I've loved since I was a boy. The dark and gloom consume me And I embrace them as my own, Sealed with a bloody banner, Upon the Devil's throne. The beasts of Hell befriend me And serve my wicked soul. Transfixed by death and darkness, My wicked soul is whole. Mankind is shocked, disgusted, Even fearful of my ways, But in this world of misery, I see beauty every day. Now it's time To see this world, See it through my eyes; Join me in sweet misery, Here on the darker side.
  25. A beast in the sky Trashing about Like a never-ending rage An unbeatable force Many have tried To tame this beast By prayer, or by dancing, Or by mysterious rituals Bang! Boom! Crash! Bam! Not even the bravest Could face this beast A flash darts across the sky As another beast rises to power With two beasts raging about Two powers collide One beast strikes Then the other deals a blow One with light And the other with booms Two equal forces Thunder and Lighting Fight a never-ending battle With a draw every time Nature's phenomena All have a purpose To keep this world Going round and round