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Found 141 results

  1. Well this is my first poem everypony, hope you guys enjoy. The beginning of the end I see the evil in to tend Friendship can guide us The light will show us I can't do this all alone I really need to fix my tone You deserve our help But all you do is complain like a welp This evil is bigger then us We need to work together Only the power of friendship Can help us defeat this tyrant Time to shut him up once and for all But this task is something that is too tall No, we can do it if we work TOGETHER! Let's all celebrate with cider. Hope you guys enjoyed the poem.
  2. Inspired by this by TwilightCircuits, I decided to write about what heroism is. "A Hero" A hero need not be pure of heart Or stronger than a bear. He need not purge his very soul Of fear, contempt, despair. He doesn't need to be the light To battle 'gainst the dark. He need not be a chosen one Or brag like Tony Stark. A brave man doesn't run from fear, He defeats it and moves on 'Cause how can a man fight like a wolf, If inside he's just a fawn? A hero does not stay in light, He carries it beyond, Becomes a light out in the dark; To night, he is the dawn. A brave man knows what he believes, That hope and love are true, And brings this light to those in the dark, To bring 'bout life anew. He fights for truth and mercy, So love can ever spread. He fights no matter what the odds, Even if it ends with a hero dead.
  3. This is one of my earlier poems about taking a defiant attitude towards depression. I wrote it when I was (obviously) kind of depressed. This poem also brings back a bit of nostalgia because many of my earlier poems had a similar structure, in which the entire poem is blocked together in one stanza. Any comments are very much appreciated. "Dysthymia" This here's my old friend Whisperin' in my ear. You see, he depends Upon my despair and on my fear. He tempts me, taunts me, tries me. He treats me all afoul. He keeps himself quite busy. He's teasing me right now. You may look upon this game, this race And think that he offends, But I'll keep smiling in his face Until the bitter end. What do you think?
  4. This is a poem I wrote for a free- write in my high school creative writing class. I really like how it turned out. It was featured in a local poetry event. Any comments are appreciated. "Fear" I am not afraid to die, For it is inevitable, I cannot deny. I am not afraid to live. I will face any challenge it may give. I don't fear monsters, spirits, or ghosts. I don't fear beasts from distant coasts. I don't fear men or their creations. I don't fear wars with distant nations. I fear not horrors written in pages Or those on screens or performed on stages. I don't fear anger from above. I fear the loss of those I love. What do you think?
  5. I don't really have a Christmas poem to post, though I originally wanted to write one specifically for MLPForums, so I figured I'd at least post one that was kind of happy. This is a short poem I wrote for an assignment in my high school creative writing class (I believe it had something to do with rhyme, but I'm not sure). It was featured at a local art event last May, and it has been published in a poetry compilation. "Happiness" What does it mean to be happy? What does this mean to me? It's a question as old as Socrates. Is it to be carefree, Or to see the beautiful, endless sea? Do you have to be a marquis Or hold the city's key? Do you have to have wealth and drink exotic tea Or calculate pi to the twelfth degree? Nay, I say to truly be happy Is just to be free. What do you think?
  6. Here's a poem I wrote with an optional twist ending. "The Truly Hopeless Romantic" Oh, I can't wait to see you! Oh, I love you, my dear! When I'm with you I never feel sadness or fear My passion is endless My heart is so true And all of these feelings are directed at you! Your hair, soft as feathers On some majestical bird. Your lips are just beauty, And I hang on your words. Your mind enchants me And you have love for all things. With you, I can fly, And you are my wings.
  7. Background: Here's a short review of it from WritersInk if you want to read it. Here's the poem: "Waiting" I shall be waiting for you here 'Til even Death dies, The Universe shatters and the lights fill my eyes. I'd dream of you daily If I could sleep with you gone, But, no, I must wait here And sit here alone. I know not the Devil, Or God in the air, Who can make me leave you. Anything I shall bear. Oh, love, I love you. Oh, your soul I shall save, So I lie in the grass To wait by your grave.
  8. All of my life I have suppressed my emotions and tears in the face of tragedy for the sake of others. This is a poem about finally facing these feelings. I think it's one of my best poems. Coping Today I saw What I've always feared. I looked in the mirror, And my mind swiftly cleared. Darkened circles Below sunken-in eyes, Red with fatigue, And blackened with lies. My hair spread 'bout wildly, Face covered in stubble I cupped my face in my hands, Knowing I was in trouble. My soul left to die, Preserved only in words Shared for attention. Oh, it's all so absurd! Today I must face it. I know I must try. So I thought of you, darling; I sat down and cried.
  9. This is a poem I wrote based on the moral from the film, Into the Wild. Forgiveness (Love's Life's Because) You turn on the news; Rape, murder, and hate! There soon comes a point When there's no more you can take. People are Hell, Anyone here can tell. They're mean and they're rude, They fight and they yell. Only power and money Can cause them to care. They're the reason, it seems, That life isn't fair! It's time to rebel! Leave this place behind; Be alone with naught but My thoughts and my mind. Into the Wild I go To escape their great mess. I'm crazy you say? Well, here is the test. I've lived here, alone, Just living and wishing. I'm at peace here, Yet something is missing. Happiness it seems, Is only true when shared. I need someone to love. I need someone to care. I tried to escape, But I've met my demise, Yet as I lie dying The truth fills my eyes. Society is flawed. Yes, that may be true, But for happiness, friends, There's only one thing to do. Forgive them, my friends. Yes, accept all their flaws, Because when you Forgive, you Love And Love's life's because.
  10. I wrote this as a Dialog for Octavia in the image, "Sad Octavia", by"]~shadow-rhapsody[/url] You can find the Image above"]HERE[/url] Since I wrote this as a dialog for Octavia, I tried phrase it to match her accent and speaking style. So, make sure you read this in Octavia's accent so that it rhymes and flows correctly. For those of you who don't know Octavia's accent and speaking style; She talks in an old English accent (kind of like someone from England would have) She also likes to use sophisticated (Smart) words. My dear Vinyl, who could have foreseen my dear friend, how long has it been It seems an eternity, since I've seen your face so leaving the train, I had a quick pace I went to our house, nopony was there I peered inside, but found it was bare I wondered then, what could have occurred you leaving town, just seemed so absurd I searched high, and ever so low wondering still, where did you go I asked around, nopony talked with sad faces, away they walked I didn't Know, I wondered why what had I said, to make them cry Suddenly I heard, a tune I knew I heard it before, while I lived with you I saw a glimmer, a spark of hope at the top, of the grassy slope It came from there, without a doubt the song I heard, the town throughout The sound you played, it beckoned to me I followed it gladly, filled with glee But as I reached, the top of this hill my happiness had, all but it's fill Sadness now came, in roaring seas and weeping now, I fell to my knees For at the top, where your music would boom I found you sleeping, in your musical tomb Kneeling here, for you I cry still I wonder, How, when, and why Now as your song, comes to a close it stops for a moment, then again it goes It made me realize, with the hint of a grin you're alive in my heart, and the music therein It matters not, What, Why, or when but rather this moment, and what's done within So I'll stand now, stand by your side the reach of our friendship, death cannot divide I'll pull out my cello, we'll play a duet the likes of which, none have heard yet You with your beat, and me with my string together we'll make, this sad world sing We'll take their song, so sorry and sad we'll take it now, and make it glad We'll fill it full, with a happy cheer we'll show the world, there's nothing to fear We'll play together, just you and I a final duet, as a lasting goodbye Goodbye to your body, but not your soul it survives through my heart, keeping it whole Now I'm not sad, I cannot lie I'm just so happy, that now I cry For Deep down, inside I know through my music, your soul will flow I play for you now, and with you forever when next I'm alone, shall be never For together we are, our music now one with taut strings, and records spun. I have a bit of mixed feelings about this poem, as in I like it and hate it at the same time. But, I think it's just the fact that it doesn't seen to flow right if you don't read it in Octavia's accent. Maybe it's that I had to change my writing style for this piece. Or maybe it's just all the big words I had to use. Either way, Let me know what you think... _____________________________________ Note to all I have the required permissions to post this image here If you wish to post this image somewhere you must get permission from"]~shadow-rhapsody[/url] Otherwise you could get into trouble for copyright infringement
  11. I made this as a poetic version of the backstory to LethalAurora's piece "Princess Everfree" The image and original backstory are property of ~LethalAurora The Poem is by me ~TemporalTwins The Image and original backstory can be found here In the land of Equestria, long ago there were two royal sisters, of that you know One brought the night, the other the day But one other princess, was hidden away One so sad, with a broken heart for in this world, she had no part One who had, the gift of will but nopony, needed her still For ponies ruled, the Equestrian land and setting it free, was never planned So from the castle, one day she fled ponies watching her, fly overhead She felt so useless, so unneeded her sorrow ignored, so unheeded She flew to the south, nopony was there the land had no will, it was all bare She poured her magic, into the earth she saw it all happen, her magic give birth Birth to a land, where all was free from the weather, to the growth of a tree She brought some ponies, to show them her land they stayed a while, finding it grand But soon they learned, the darker side of the shadows, and what they hide The creatures that lurked, behind the bend were the kind, you couldn't befriend Then one morning, the moon wouldn't go down it wouldn't make room, for the sun to come roun' The ponies got scared, they panicked and fled and left the princess, filled with dread She feared the worst, what her magic had brought that night time eternal, was what she had wrought She thought just then, what if she fled, she knew if she left, her spell would be dead the land would return, to be barren and bare and once again, nopony would care The moon would fall, the sun would rise and she'd again be hidden, to their eyes And so she decided, her mind was set She would now leave, and end this threat She spread her wings, about to soar but something pinned her, to the floor Heavy vines, held her bound a pit appeared, beneath her ground The forest she had loved, she had made and now by what, she was betrayed It had a will, and it knew that if she left, her magic would too A prison was made, extreme perhaps for if the forest died, it would collapse Now she was trapped, by her own creation she could only pray, for her salvation As time passed, her heart began to fade for nopony, had come to her aid As years passed, her cell would relax and she could hear, voices through cracks But try and try, she'd call and yell she couldn't be heard, through her cell as she listened, the voices would fall and soon she couldn't, hear them at all She accepted the fact, nopony would come she saw her freedom, would never be won Now the princess, Everfree is now and forever, never free ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note to all; I have the rights to post the image of Princess Everfree on here. If you wish to use it you MUST get permission from ~LethalAurora Otherwise you could get into trouble for Copyright infringement. -------------------- Also; Comments are welcome I keep an eye on my work and try to reply to comments as needed If you don't comment it makes me feel like my work isn't worth a comment
  12. I came up with this poem for Comrade-Dimitri-Hammer as a caption for his Avatar. Nothing more, Nothing less Through the brightest day, and the blackest night my love for you, is the brightest light I'm here as your guard, so evil beware I'm here cause I love you, my beautiful mare To protect you from harm, I'll lay down my life I'd willingly die, at the tip of a knife And if before my time, I should die I beg of you, please don't cry For if I find myself, before Heaven's gate I'll tell Saint Peter, I have to wait Cause one these days, we'll reunite and on the wings of our love, we shall take flight Together we'll fly, of one heart and never again, will death do us part. ______________________________________ Any and all feedback is appreciated... Feel free to leave your comments and concerns for all my work!!! I love feed back because I can't get better if I don't know what is wrong in the first place...
  13. I came up with this poem when i was listening to a youtube video named, "An Ode to Derpy Hooves". The Track just inspired me to write this... This is the second Poem I have Ever Written. Whether Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo, every step brings something new You bubbly mare of the pegasi, how we love to see you fly Flying, flying ever so high, letting your wing tips graze the sky And from the ground, we watch you soar, our hearts yearning to join you, evermore But from the kindness, of your heart, from the sky, you then part And as your hooves touch the ground, our hearts, once again, feel safe and sound
  14. We made this topic as a single Repository for all you poets out there and for all of you who are, like me, trying to better your art form. Please try to post what your inspirations or concerns are or where for your poem. We'll go first... _____________________________________________________________ We came up with this poem as a youtube post for this video While we listened to this song, we were inspired to write this poem and here it is... Whether Derpy Hooves or Ditzy Doo, every step brings something new... You bubbly mare of the pegasi, how we love to see you fly... Flying, flying ever so high, letting your wing tips graze the sky... And from the ground, we watch you soar, our hearts yearning to join you, evermore... But from the kindness, of your heart, from the sky, you then part... And as your hooves touch the ground, our hearts, once again, feel safe and sound. _____________________________________________________________ This poem was also a Youtube post, but for this video It wasn't as much the video that brought along this poem, as it was the bronies who calmly repelled all the hate posts that surfaced until all the haters had left. They were the ones who inspired this poem. Haters will hate, Lovers will love... Bronies united, fit like a glove... For the Knight of good, to fight his fight... To make the haters, all take flight... On their wings of rage, away they flee... Never looking, at you or me... On our wings of love, so high we'll fly... We'll look down at them, from the sky... And as they hang their heads, ever so low... We'll show them the love, that all bronies know... We'll show them the path, to find their mark... And watch as their friendship, makes "The Spark"... ============================================================================ Constructive criticism is always welcome If we don't know what we did wrong, we can't fix it So please help us out but letting us know what you think of our poetry
  15. Hope Watching the sun set on the forest leaves I know now were all born to be free the moon, the stars, the sky shines bright with all that we've been wishing for is granted on this night The swarm of insects blurs the sky Everything lays down to die the plants, the birds, the silent grass All sleeping for it to pass A small animal crawls out And with audacity decides to creep about For it's deeds are to deep to be true This one animal waits for you I look to the stars for one true answer But all I see is dreams that become a cancer growing endlessly in the sky where all good dreams go to die Last, but not least on this night I see the mighty Earth giving up the fight The last of the animals have been set to stone The cries of things once flesh and bone I kick the stone that's by my feet As the stone awakes and starts to tweet A little bird just born this night Creeping on with all it's might This shows me that there is one thing This has been around since the first being Is hope for a brighter land This is already in our hands...
  16. Okay, so here's something I thought of doing after watching Season 1 Episode 21, the one where they all go to Appleoosa and have conflict with the buffalo. It's about the apple tree that Applejack is obsessing over. This poem does not reflect my writing, do not think I write like this, it was just something fun to do. Nonetheless, enjoy, and tell me what you think. And on a side note: it has a very small joke about homosexuality. I don't think it would offend anyone, but if you decide not to read that's fine. ---------------------- The Ballad of Bloomberg There was a tree named Bloomberg His life was filled with glory. But, his tale's unsaid So lay back in bed and let me tell you his story. When Bloomberg went to Appleoosa, he was overjoyed! He was happy to help With this marvelous exploit. Although he was happy He got a bit sappy When he knew If he were to do This he would have to leave Applejack behind. At least he had his own bed Syke! He had to share with Spike "Hey!" the apple tree Tried to say, "I'm not gay!" But when he looked and saw The young dragon's head He said, "Okay, maybe on Tuesday." The next day To his dismay He was kidnapped! By a band of buffalo Who with he had to go He said one last goodbye To his sweet apple pie Applejack... *sigh* When he was taken He knew he was bacon Just kidding; buffalo don't eat meat But they do love anything sweet. He knew he was safe When he saw their face(s) Spike, Rainbow, and Pinkie This sight, made him want to squee But he couldn't. He was a tree. The next day was nothin' But buffalo huffin' Because they wanted to torture All in the orchard But couldn't; The settlers wouldn't Have any of it. The day after that From where he sat Pies Blocked out the skies. The horrors he saw He could not bear; He watched Pony and buffalo fall. But wait! In the middle of it all A pony and buffalo stand tall. There he knew A friendship grew Between the two At last! This is great! He was planted Into the hill And there he stood, keeping vigil. But when he saw her He couldn't help but bother To become horny (whoops, did I ruin the story?) They hugged their last goodbye Applejack let out an audible sigh. When he shuddered His leaves fluttered Applejack laughed He wanted to cry. So today, when you go to Appleoosa "Where's ol' Bloomberg?" you should say. There, above them all He stands tall On the hill, keeping vigil. But, here's a fact: Every night, he looks for one sight His love, Applejack.
  17. This is a poem I wrote in class less than an hour ago...we were supposed to use a poem by Thomas Lux as a guideline to help make someone fall in love with a word. My poem ended up...diverging from that intent a little bit. I was trying to make it about the word pansexuality, but instead it ended up turning into a mixture of pansexuality and genderqueer nature. I really liked the way it ended up, though, and while I couldn't read it in class due to feeling it was...too personal to share there, I can definitely share it here. Pansexuality. To society, I must limit, choose, pick a side between two stark binaries. There the dull, dim witted men bulging with muscles, or dainty little blushing maidens yearning for a hero. I am expected to be one and to seek the other. Limit my choice of mate. Limit who I am. Even in our most liberal of times in all of history, society says, "Pick a side." I could be gay, or straight, but never a mix. Yet I reject this. To me, everyone is beautiful, desirable. A blushing maiden or strongman might intrigue, but so too can the lithe little poet with his gothic clothes and long, ebony hair. Or the girl who plays football with the best of them, tackling burly men as readily as gender roles. Or even those between the binaries, lurking in a spectrum of gender neither man nor woman, much like myself. A twenty year old wearing their skirt, as they try to wriggle their genitals into a pair of panties, a pair meant for a crotch without the bulk. Or the man, born a girl, who wears a strap-on, simulating that which nature denied them. I see them all, and think, this is pansexuality. This is what it's like. No limits. No simple, binary choices. Just a sea of humanity, waiting for me with the fishing lure.
  18. This is the fourth in my series of poems based on the main six ponies. I already have poems for Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie done, if you want to go check those out. For Rarity, I decided to write a sonnet since it's an elegant, formal style that really suits her. This one is an Italian Sonnet, for those of you who are interested. I hope you enjoy it! Rarity She holds her head with more than common poise, Sophistication coursing through her mane. Her hooves, inside her small boutique, contain An inspiration; overflowing joys. Within the din of Ponyvillian noise Her fabrics meet a master hoof divine; The hoof that helps her friends to truly shine Designing dresses worthy of rejoice. And though they’re not as wealthy or refined As even minor Canterlot elite And Ponyville is no indulgent treat They’re still her friends, and friends are hard to find. And, anyway, she doesn’t really mind Without her friends, she wouldn’t be complete.
  19. ~This is my poem about what MLP is, and what it makes me feel. Do not expect it to rhyme, because it is the first poem I have written in my life. Enjoy, I hope! And also, it might seem a little more like a song because So Many Wonders is stuck in my head...~ Make me think so many things And dream so many pony dreams Talents seem to represent, I'm sure everything is life. Though time is ending Life ever-pending Clock is ticking It can't be. What do I dream When these ponies Are everything I dream to be I guard this poem with my heart Don't let me fall apart I'm sure everything is worth it, You all are many pony friends, Even if my life ends. ~So, do you like it? Maybe I'll write more poems! Maybe on this thread! ...Enough Pinkie personality for me, grr.~
  20. This is the third in my series of poems about the main six ponies. I've already done Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, if you want to go check out my previous work. This poem is like Pinkie Pie; random at first but, once you see what she was really trying to do, it all makes sense... in a way. Sometimes looking back just confuses you more, and some parts can't be explained at all, and... you get the idea. I hope you enjoy it! Pinkie Pie (You don’t have to, if you don’t want to). Pinkie Pie, Winkie Pie Tinkie Pie, too. What do you think That us Pinkie Pies do? At Sugar Cube Corner You’ll come and you’ll see That a Pinkie Pie, proper, Is a Pinkie Pie free. Wrinkly Pie, Stinkly Pie Frinkly Pie, ew Those kinds of Pinkie Pies, Cannot be true. They’re the worst, let me tell you The worst kind of fun When they frinkle McStinkle And assume that it’s done. And don’t forget Grinkie Pie, Frinkie Pie, no. They’re known for their charm Yet with nothing to show. A real type of Pinkie Pie Doesn’t need fluff, She can glow, she can throw, And can show off her stuff. Oh to be a Palinkie Malinkie sublime Is the purest of Pinkies When you give it a try. When the winter is hot And the summer is cold You know that your Pinkie Will never grow old. But Slinkie Pie, Trinkie Pie, Jinkie Pie, yes. It’s those types of Pinkies I know as the best. Their parties are smarties And partly a hoot. They’re the parties for starties And happiest hoof. And Sprinkly Pie, Zinkly Pie, Quinkly pie, cue You’re one in the many And one of the few. The blossoms and rainbows Of Kalamazoo Are your friends and your neighbors Like the Timbuk to tu. Oh to be on the top Of the Pinkie express Is the top of the world, Is the trim of the dress. With the iciest icing And the cupiest cake We’ll do great things together You’d see if you’d wait. Slinkie Pie, Inkie Pie, Blinkie Pie, Trust The life of a Pinkie Is a life with a crust. You gain the enlightenment But not without cost For the friendship you give Is the greed that you lost. Flickie Pie, Pickie Pie, Trickie pie, just If you want to be Pinkie You do you must. Go unto the world My pupil of pink And show all the world What us Pinkie Pies think. And that is a Pinkie Pie Trusted and true. Did you get all of that? Well… I’ll repeat it for you. (Take a deep breath and go back to the beginning).
  21. This is my first poem in a series about the main characters of My Little Pony. I hope you like it! Fluttershy Sunlight Glowing Bright eyes Slowly Open. Something in the forest Is spreading its wings Spreading all the foliage Flowers and things. Rabbits stop And some of them stare Because they can feel That their guardian is there. Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Nurturing the animals, love in her eyes Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Mother to the woodlands, a gem to the skies. Her gentle voice Is like her heart, A simple thing, A fragile art. Fluttershy. Friendship Showing, Voice is Growing Timid. Something in her heart, now, Is softening her voice Whether it’s a burden Or if it’s her choice. But that doesn't mean That she easily bends If she ever has to She’ll stand for her friends. Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Kindest of the ponies, a generous light. Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Shelter to her friends when there’s something not right. And every day Before it’s done Her friends are glad They know the one Fluttershy. She may be the meek one But she’s not low on worth And, besides, I’ll be glad When she inherits the Earth. Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, You know that it’s true. Fluttershy, Fluttershy, Fluttershy, We all love you, too.
  22. This is my first draft of a poem I'll be performing on my YouTube channel. It's about being proud to be a brony. I would love feedback; all constructive criticism and comments are welcome. Thank you, and have a lovely day. Brony Pride Dear Princess Celestia, Commend their persistence in the face of resistance; It takes a beautiful heart, Faithful and strong, To stay true to yourself Beneath a list of enemies that long. Now I won’t lie I haven’t always been an MLP guy, But I think my experience From mild hate to curious has made me delirious so get yourself ready for a serious confession; I am a brony. I am bona fide ponified; No one can stop me And my earth pony side. I may not be confident enough to show it yet But when I am, they’ll all know; I bet I’ll run into criticism, but I won’t retreat For sharing kindness is an easy feat And with my bronies beside me, No one can beat the magic of friendship. We’ll trot into battle on proud hooves Manes billowing in the air And we’ll tolerate the trolls, Patrol the parasprites, Heal the hate and convert it to pure love. Like Ponyta, our hooves are harder than diamonds So let’s get our shine on Like a unicorn’s horn, like an equine dawn. We’ll laugh in their faces Because, no matter what the place is, We don’t need to be afraid. Expect many “Dear Princess Celestia” letters in the future For we’ll teach the neigh-sayers a lesson in friendship They won’t soon forget. I am, we are the personal army of Tara Strong And with a leader like that, you can never be wrong. In short, I am a brony, and not only that I am also very proud. Your faithful student, Book Worm
  23. This is my favorite poem of all I don't remember who wrote this but I shall give credit to him / her for writing this awesome poem..So let me here what you think of this poem which I deeply love.. Moonlit nightmares scar my soul devoured with demonic sighs chained insanity calls unto me acidic teardrops dwell in my eyes. Blood in my veins run backwards As the life inside flows out, My turmoil at its precipice As is my silent shouts. Pulsating echos scream violently from my catacomb heart beat, leather collar suffocates slowly, I am the beast needing to retreat. The cracks in my reality Open as gaping wounds As the walls of insanity grow larger Into an abhorrent and vulgar room. Scribbling distress signals upon a maggot filled tomb rotten tears consume my breath, held captive within a hell hounds womb. Dry stench of carcass occupy the void Dank toxic vapour fills my lungs a frantic scramble to exsist To the drone of the reapers
  24. Welcome again to one of my create-a-poem posts! This time, It's a haiku (hey-koo)! A haiku is a poem that does not have to rhyme. It has three lines. The first line is five syllables, the next line seven, and the last is five syllables again. Make sure it's pony-related. Again, I will post who won on each page. Thank you again for writing!
  25. Wolf Pack by Yvette Yvonne - 1998 Darkness breaks, Moon awakes, Night now brings the stars it makes. Moon beams fall, Light up all, From silvery woods there comes a call. Grayish blur, Shaggy fur, Food is this night creatures lure. Brown deer, Very near, It is brought down full of fear. Deadly bite, Very tight, Every wolf will feast tonight. I really like this one. I found it a while back doing an english project and rediscovered it! (amazing nostalgia feeling) Thoughts?